Goliath (2016) - Drama

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A disgraced lawyer, now an ambulance chaser, gets a case that could bring him redemption or at least revenge on the firm which expelled him.

IMDB: 8.2
Stars: Billy Bob Thornton, Tania Raymonde
Length: 60 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 92 out of 555 found boring (16.57%)

One-line Reviews (266)

A total waste of time.

Luckily, he is not the only one - William Hurt, Nina Arlanda, Molly Parker, Mark Duplass - they have all interesting persons to play, and dialogs between Billy and them are often wise and entertaining at the same time.

The plots for all 3 episodes are very confusing.

It was thoroughly predictable, there were a lot of sub-plots that went nowhere, and the dialogue was not that good.

Season 2 is Absolutely Unwatchable .

trite all the way around...

Season 3 is super boring!!

I hate the dream sequences and LSD trips in season 3, however, still a very entertaining season.

A waste of time .

to waste camera and plot time?

Still I give it a 6 because it was entertaining and most of the people watching it will go through the whole series.

Huge waste of time and talent .

But it was still suspenseful.

The first season was incredible, you're always on the edge of your seat, and the characters are SO well rounded.

The most intriguing new character introduced is Marisol Silva, who is running for office as mayor of Los Angeles.

Secondly the ending of S1 is just absurd and pointless.

o well, worth the watch.

It's a great substitute for something to watch at night just before bed as it does a great job of helping you doze off, much like any good hypnotic drug would do.

Season 3 is weird and a waste of time .

I found the story progression to be a bit slow at times.

Just entertaining.

I did find "Goliath" to be very involving and entertaining.

Season 2 was waste of my time .

The pacing is extremely slow and "reflective".

Season Two ReviewFor both seasons 1 & 2, the strength of the filmmaking in in an engrossing character study, good suspense, and outstanding location shooting in the Los Angeles area.

Season 1 is amazing and entertaining throughout.

Slow, full of fluff, boring flashbacks, etc. Fails to live up to season 1's success.

pretty much unwatchable.


Bad lighting and way too slow .

Season 1 was amazing and thoroughly entertaining with a great cast.

OK, the washed up drunk making a comeback is a cliché.

Exciting plot, unexpected characters returning, and bringing closure to some story lines left slightly unfinished in season 2.

Slow and comfortably, paced out til completion.

I've watched the first 2 episodes, and I feel the plot line and story to feel a bit contrived and formulaic.

Season 2 was just a pointless mess from a very deranged mind(s).

Worth watching.

super trite beginning Billy Bob as a down and out lawyer who has to be talked into helping out...

None of it was believable, all of it was predictable, and the music and acting was sub par.

OK, so it's very formulaic.

Season 2 is so bad, it's a complete waste of time!

Great storyline, enjoyable characters (William Hurt as a guest star was a major plus).

The courtroom battle is well worth the watch, but so is the intense build-up.

The dialogue was slow and didn't seem to have any real sharpness in the rhetoric.

The entire season was, ridiculous and predictable.

Going after a land baron and corruption, the story is interesting, Dennis Quaid is compelling as the main antagonist, the acting is sharp and the dialogue witty.

Excellent lead character CAN move the show all the way through awkward (and predictable) plot.

His presence carries you through a lot of otherwise boring scenes.

I myself enjoyed it greatly!

Towards the middle of the series, there are definitely a few episodes that are somewhat redundant, with repetitive scenes and unnecessarily long moments.

Worth the watch if you're bored.

They are silent but they take the basic decisions: guilt, damages, etc.Yet this justice system is absolutely unpredictable.

Series one was a 9/10 but Two was so slow, episode 7 was a complete waste of time and the final episode was also rubbish.

Of course but backstory really wouldn't have had done more than add episodes and dragged it out and to what end?

beautiful and engaging.

I thought the third season was the most entertaining of the three.

To add to this intense drama, Billy has an estranged wife, superbly played by Maria Bello and she is still working for the firm he lost.

Season 3 gave me a headache it was so boring.

A compelling story, intriguing and believable characters given life by excellent actors in a technically flawless and narratively compelling show.

Story is contrived and confused, script erratic, only think that saves it from the Delete is the very high level of acting and dialogue.

From start --- the opening scene in the bar where Thornton asks the bartender where she went to college immediately grabbed my attention --- to finish, Goliath was smart, gripping and surprisingly fast-paced.

So I do think season 1 was worth watching.

What a waste of Amazon's money and my time.

The first two seasons were well done, compelling, dramatic and we'll written.

you are going to really enjoy this well done, tight, suspenseful and superior series.

Somehow it's slow and boring and the acting is weak.

Intense Television .

The story line was muddled, crazy & uninteresting.

This is very unfortunate because at least for me season 2 was as good or better and maybe even more compelling up until that unsatisfying ending.

In the final court room scene, Billy gave this ho-hum and incredibly patronizing summary to the Jury.

It's boring.

Season 2's story is so lax and difficult to follow.

Season one highly enjoyable, season two was utter tripe...

Lots of pointless unsatisfying nonsensical romance on the level of a dumb soap opera that doesn't even tie in with the main plot.

There were many scenes that dragged on and on long after there was any need to.

Mixing William Hurt's Two-Face/Crazed super villain thing, and the heart of gold hooker with a talent for the law, the hard-nosed moonlighting Realtor/lawyer, and the various displays of massive power imbalances are very, very compelling.

Intense .

It is disjointed and pretentious.

The freakish villains, debased and repugnant, and the lame, ineffectual "good guys" along with an inane plot where the grand finale is beyond depressing means that this waste of time should be avoided and I truly wish I had read these reviews before spending 8 worthless hours watching this big lot of nothing.

Could've played ugly, could've played stark, could've played nasty or just plain boring.

Just didn't have the turn of events, or unexpected incicdents.

Storyline is at times difficult to follow and other times is laughfully stupid.

season 1 was entirely boring.

Very Entertaining -and isn't that the goal.

It started well, despite the cliché story of "a burnt-out lawyer who used to be successful, and then lost everything and became a drunk".

Script was simply terrible and sometimes hard to follow.

But then we are dealing here with social problems like prostitution and that is at times pathetic, at times shocking, at times uninteresting (we could do without some of these episodes).

The mechanism of the explosion and the materials used to blow up the boat would still be a subject of an intense investigation.

Bring back I would like more episodes****it's a good entertaining show

What happened to the intense courtroom drama of Season 1?

Everyone good bored in the writers room?

I thought I was going to see another lawyer/mystery drama and I got garbage completely disjointed.

The story is gripping, Thornton plays the flawed hero to perfection.

Who cares, just don't waste your time!

What "brilliant" writer decided that boring water rights would make a good story??

Season 2 was a waste of time.

I'll give it another couple of episodes and perhaps the story will be so engrossing that I will be able to overlook the clichés.

It was an intense and exciting story where we also got to see our main characters in different states of character and how they responded to them.

But other times they are too afraid to touch him and so they are being dragged by him in court.

If viewed as a surreal TV Series - it works like a long, disjointed dream.

The juicy and exciting moments were cut into inconsistent fragments that didn't give as a clue not answer any of our questions.

Season 2 is like a different show, right off the bat, episode 1 is just unwatchable, retarded premise and D list acting from A listers just mind boggling.

It was hard to follow and at one point I found myself bracing for the next repulsive scene.

The acting was superb and the story was riveting.

But overall it was still enjoyable.

Riveting story line, great acting .

There were some scenes that were just totally out of place and confusing.

the 2 episodes (yes I fell asleep watching) with Laruen Thom had me awe struck, in how can they possibly be serious.

I don't know, but season 2 is an epic waste of time, talent and opportunity.

The story was engaging and showed real potential until near it's end when those playing supporting roles overcast a Grey shadow over the main characters while the story began to wane.

Thornton is still enjoyable, the cinematography, .

Unbelievably gripping.

Best to ignore the sometimes trite writing and concentrate on the actors, most of whom give compelling performances.

They build up the story with some twists in the middle, but in the end Billy is completely empty handed in fact, just delivering an emotional speech, and that sways the jury, again like in an odd mediocre movie.

Slightly too predictable .

The second season is everything opposite the first, dreadful writing, disgusting humanity on display, and an absolute waste of time.

The film is mainly worth seeing for the engaging Billy Bob Thornton in the role of Billy McBride.

If you found HBO's Kelley-drama Big Little Lies pretentious, overbearing, and lethargic, you'll dislike season one.

Billions leading lady is worth watching alone, Billy Bob is one of the best actors out there (see Fargo first season).

Season 1: great, Season 2: yawn, Season 3: hot mess .

the first episode was relatively good, from that point on, it's a mixture of confusing narrative again, a lot of lysergic scenes which was little explanation and adds little to none to the story arc.

Beautifully acted, superb dialogue, gripping storylines, attractive film work.

There´s almost no court work in the second season, but the suspense is thrilling in all episodes.

Anything with Billy Bob Thornton is worth the watch .

It's a boring mess.

The amputation scenes were to frequent, drawn out and very disturbing.

Fast paced drama without car explosions.

Season 2 took a turn to the weird, which I thought made it more engaging and fascinating.

Disjointed, implausible and outlandish.

It was probably the most contrived plot setup I have ever seen.

" Billy Bob Thorton was brilliant, and the supporting cast were chock full intriguing, interesting and unique characters.

Boring as hell.

Each episode is exciting and makes you want to keep watching.

Disjointed, badly written, very very often boring.

One of the things that made season 1 so compelling was that it all felt realistic - like something that really could happen.

The screenplay was still a bit ridiculous but seemed to be quite watchable, even it's so one-directional predictable.

This is an entertaining winner for certain.

a truly suspenseful and rich legal drama series .

The writing is mostly compelling.

The first series is enjoyable.

Big banner but waste of time.

Season 1 had quirky, interesting characters, great acting, a plot that allowed the personalities of Billy and the cast to develop along with it, and a riveting courtroom drama to finish up.

First off, the series is riveting.

Every interaction is boring, there's almost never anything on the line, so you can always predict exactly what will be said.

Cliched bad guys, a boring, washed up plot, a romance with zero chemistry, and enough crocodile tears to fill a hundred bathtubs.

It is still worth watching if you have nothing else to watch otherwise it can be easily skipped.

But I've changed my rating from 5 to 7 out of 10, since it's still kept me interested to watch along even it's so predictable.

In season 2 Many Situation is so silly and story line is so boring.

total waste of time and talent on season two .

I want more drama, more unexpected or unpredictable things to happen good and bad.

The cast in this adventure are a tight knit group and each delivers a compelling performance.

Season 1 Very Engaging; Season 2 Out to Lunch .

Gripping and unpredictable .

And there were a number of unexpected twists and several explosive scenes early on.

Law), which have been variously entertaining, thoughtful, and topical.

It was dark but enjoyable and highly entertaining.

Here is a quick summary:Dialogue - AwfulStory line - Disjointed and almost uncomfortable how it flows.

It is hard to follow even as you binge watch since many episodes start with, 'six months back', or '18 months back' and so on.

Engaging story that didn't make the finish line .

The star power of Beau Bridges, Amy Brenneman, and Dennis Quaid (in his most interesting turn in years) all in unexpectedly quirky roles makes it more engaging, the chemistry between Thornton and Nina Arianda is still there, worthwhile subplots are bubbling along underneath, and Illeana Douglas as an empathetic barfly round it out nicely.

After finishing this series it felt like a total waste of time watching it.

It's smart , funny, sexy , thrilling and will keep you on the edge of your seat

In what may be his slowest, most mumbling performance to date, William Hurt plays Donald Cooperman, one of the two Goliaths that Billy fights.

Season two provided an equally enjoyable plot, with Paul Williams turning in a great turn as an expert on the LA underbelly.

Mind Blowing Good .

very much boring .

Don't waste your time .

Season one was a well written drama, engaging characters, which was quite intoxicating to watch.

They start with a great cast: Quaid, Bridges, Douglas, Brenaham, Greene, Sullivan and Dunne; but the story is predictable and uses a prism of drugs to create suspense.

I enjoyed the first season, hands down great work, however the second seasons was a slow down to a let down.

Season 1 of Goliath was fantastic and fullfilling - a splendid retreat from so many awful and unwatchable crap.

Billy Bob Thornton is absolutely perfect as the protagonist, and William Hurt is compelling, nuanced, masterful as a more villainous type- don't wish to give too much away.

This season went nowhere slowly!!!!

First 2 seasons were great but this one is boring and ridiculous.

Still, the eight segments of "Goliath" were compelling drama.

In the third season, new showrunners (David Kelly is now an executive producer) Jennifer Ames and Steve Turner had a couple of aces in the hole - the first two seasons were pretty good and so the show was able to attract an all-star third season cast: Dennis Quaid as a billionaire central valley landowner, Wade Blackwood, who is stealing the people's water to enrich himself, Amy Brenneman as his somewhat psychotic sister, Diana, Beau Bridges as their all-too-careful uncle, Wheeler, Graham Greene as a Native-American shaman Littlecrow who runs the casino owned by Quaid and, finally, a return visit from William Hurt as a ruthless (how trite, really) attorney, Cooperman.

"Goliath" was a little predictable, okay, a lot predictable, but each episode was very intense and well done with the exception of the last couple of episode where the series seemed to lose some energy.

The story foundation is compelling.

Bored and bedbound I decided to see what season three might hold.

I gave it a 9 and really, really enjoyed it!

Kelley's season 3 is an amalgam of his many chatty legal TV series, as well as David Lynch Twin Peak's slow dreaminess, and Tarantino bold music and shocking mayhem.

The music sticks and in a way celebrates Billy Bob's loneliness (cliche ++).

gonna waste my time with some other series that really deserve my attention and my timw

This program is an engrossing legal tale, steeped in intrigue and some serious personal drama.


This is a very engaging and highly entertaining first season.

A very entertaining show that's at the top of my personal list.

This is an engrossing series with some flaws that keep it from being the premier show that it should be.

And while for example Damages (with Glenn Close) offered thrills and shocks, and other quite classic legal dramas offer a somewhat sentimental and (not really entirely believable) but profound emotional pull, or bring a sentimental tear or can be quite humbling and lovely, Goliath is purely entertaining and winning, and profound; it's just beautifully done.

Wow, season 1 was very good and highly entertaining.

All in all, though it's entertaining and better than many other TV fare.

Highly recommend it if you like lawyer kind of drama.

Where Shakespeare's great characters have fatal flaws, Kelley's have tiresome quirks.

Watch the first season, enjoy it, and don't waste your time on season 2.

This show is awful fo so many reasons, too many to enumerate- Don't waste your time, like I did.

There are many weird scenes and strange stories mixed in with the main plots that are a waste of time to watch.

Very entertaining!.

Every episode was well acted and well written and the characters were compelling.

Thornton is enjoyable in his adapted "Bad Santa" character.

A drama that focus on a lawsuit with no- big-deal case, but it just turned out to be so contrived, clichéd and childish.

He scripted compelling characters into a well paced legal drama.

Boring Billy Bob ....

What a waste of my time.

I have to say, and it takes a great deal to draw me personally into series like this, but this is danged well worth watching all 8 episodes for Billy Bob Thornton.

A clichéd screenplay is something close to a path that is predictable.

Season One was fresh unique intriguing suspense-drama writing.

Very Intense .

Predictable storyline, let's hope we never have to see a season 3.

It is bland and empty.

I then skipped to the last episode where many main characters were left for possibly to likely dead and left satisfied that, bored as I was, I didn't waste any more time than necessary on it.

But I reregistered with IMBD just to say six things, as the Goliath season 3 was so entertaining:1) Billy Bob Thornton (as Billy McBride) is perfection in acting as the low-key, intelligent, introspective, and filled-with-regrets attorney.

Big banner Good actors but story line is waste of time.

Casting of 5 similar blondes made grasping the characters tedious at first.

The first season of this show was mostly fun, engaging, entertaining.

The story moves at a snail's pace and even with the actors the show has at its disposal, it does not enhance the story.

Story is slow moving and drags on for ever.

Season 1 was fantastic: a gripping well told and well acted story.

However, the storyline was a bit boring and didnt care much for any of the characters.

It's also a very, very SLOW show.

Don't waste your time.

Worst Waste of Time...

I categorized this series as "Waste of time" .

Season 1 is awesome, don't waste your time on season 2 .

I certainly hope that season 3 will be more exciting and end badly for the terrible duo.

The entire premise of the series was lame and cliched, making the show completely predictable and unbelievable.

Season one runs at a good pace with enough twists and turns to make it worth the watch.

Season 3, like 2, was a, at times very annoying and literally sleep inducing, chore to watch!!!!

I found it very entertaining.

No story line, lot's of loose end.

Season 2 was spiraling down in quality, first few episodes were good but from middle of the season and up, everything starts to fall apart.. filling episodes with little substance and with confusing narrative, a couple of the episodes felt like fillers to justify to have a long enough season.

Pretentious, overlong, overwrought .

The story was well thought out and cleverly scripted the whole first series was a pleasure to watch I have just started to watch series 2 and it looks like it is going to be equally entertaining!

I can agree with the others here that the first season was probably the most interesting one (on the edge of the seat).

It left me feeling annoyed and empty!

The writers resort to extreme violence and over the top implausible plot twists to manipulate emotions from the audience - shock disgust fear boredom - rather than provoking or moving people with good writing as they did in season one.

Oh boy.. Where to begin.. Season 1 was intriguing, interesting and expertly executed.

It's just uselessly dragged.

I am an attorney and relish an intelligent and suspenseful legal drama.

For some baffling reason, in season 2, the writers turned to dark, plodding, over the top violence, and worst of all, the show lost its identity and sense of humor.

On that boring unnecessary trip to Mexico, Billy later becomes a hostage of her brother a cartel boss.

Season 1 was worth watching.

It's an interesting and engaging show with EXCELLENT acting.

This was all a little much, with the writing sabotaging a first-rate cast capable of riveting performances.

For the uninitiated, seasons one and three are solid all around-compelling stories and quirky characters with great acting.

But, overall, Season 2 was a letdown from the compelling first season.

First season was slow but enjoyable once it got going to where it wanted to.

This compassion too was unexpected.

This is such an enjoyable, suspenseful, and sometimes frightening series.

Whereas the first season actually has several episodes in court, the second season almost has none, choosing to spend time in very weak politic machinations, and amazingly dull cartel violence.

No relief, no success, horrible events that can't be undone or redeemed, like multiple innocent deaths, for way too long.

Great cast and stories are compelling.

The story is fast paced, feels real and authentic, the cinematography is great, actors are cast to perfection.

Absolutely mind boggling .

Even Billy Bob seems to have lost his zip, as the actor probably didn't know what his character was doing, or why he was having to utter such brainless and mundane lines.

I'm finding though it's all a bit disjointed (carrying on from about the last three episodes of s2).

The story was riveting and so intense all during he hostage time in Mexico!

For me in a good entertaining way.

S1 was so intense, the theme song alone was was pleasure to listen to, loved the characters, felt so bad for Britney and still I wanted Billy to forgive her, stop getting drunk and show those ivy leaguers who he was...

What a waste of time.

Season One ReviewThis eight-part series was an engaging drama, and it was filmed with some excellent shots of Los Angeles.

Show really have excellent cast and it's completely engaging.

After liking the other series so much I found this one totally absurd and boring.

Gripping stories (season 2 did get weird).

Waste of time .

Tiresome watching Billy drag on a cig every 5 seconds.

Season 2 is suspenseful throughout, which cannot be said for season 3.