Good Boys (2019) - Adventure, Comedy

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Three 6th grade boys ditch school and embark on an epic journey while carrying accidentally stolen drugs, being hunted by teenage girls, and trying to make their way home in time for a long-awaited party.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Gene Stupnitsky
Stars: Jacob Tremblay, Keith L. Williams
Length: 90 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 64 out of 500 found boring (12.8%)

One-line Reviews (152)

This movie was just pointless and boring.

"Good Boys is sporadically funny, but it quickly falls apart due to lazy writing, wonky plotting and repetitive gags...

This is formulaic to the extreme.

No not really, I found it boring and unfunny.

The Stream: A predictable, raunchy comedy aimed at tweens.

Hearing six graders swear constantly is funny at first but the film overused that joke to the point where it became boring and irritating.

All three are likeable, funny characters with well written, compelling character arcs.

Comedy doesn't have to be a good story, It can be as stupid and plot-less as anything.

Great coming of age story from THE Seth Rogen !!

What's indecent about the movie, however, is that it's utterly formulaic.

Good Boys is one of those movies that you can see once and you have the urge to see it over and over again, the storyline was not only very adult and very filthy, but it was very entertaining to where I was laughing for the whole 90 minutes.

Def worth watching .

It is entertaining from the very start to the very last word spoken.

Because this movie is made for neither I think..the jokes are clearly made for adults, while there are situations only a kid can laugh, because they are "childish" and for me tedious to watch.. Superbad was fun, ok, this one, isn't!

Awful movie, boring story, one or two funny scenes.

This movie feels discombobulated the comedy feels great at times, but then it instantly goes to sad right after which makes it feel more disjointed and broken.

Good Boys manages to balance hard-R comedy, with a heartfelt coming of age story.

Williams, Brady Noon LIKES:Good Pace Cute Surprisingly Deep Good Acting Some Great writing at times Funny Decent Use of Cast StoryDISLIKES:Lazy writing A Little Too Aggressive For Me Predictable Some Forced Dialogue Over Board On The Trailers AgainSummary: Looking back at the movie, this was a tall order to try to succeed in putting adult scenarios in the hands of kids.

at least it's more entertaining than Booksmart .

There are some jokes that don't land and the first third isn't anything more than, I suppose, 'quaint', but the picture gets moving as it enters its second act and its generally good vibe creates an enjoyable viewing experience.

Disgusting propaganda .

I look at this as the third installment of the "raunchy teen adventure comedy and coming of age take".

He just brings such a good energy to his role and he is a very likeable person and his character was very entertaining to watch.

This movie is so bad The acting was bad, the story wasn't entertaining, the "jokes" were all clichés and the plot was insanely predictable.

It is simply a funny raunchy tale about coming of age.

This movie is really bad, really cliche, and beyond stupid.

Good Boys is sporadically funny, but it falls apart due to lazy writing, wonky plotting and repetitive gags.

But comedy has to be entertaining.

They deliver their lines in a humorous and entertaining way.

The movie delivers a more or less dialogue, with funny bits and overall corny and predictable storyline with a boring plot.

Maybe it is not as funny , but still worth the watch if you liked the other two.

So obscenely aggressive in promoting its agenda that I think (I hope) people will finally wake up to the Hollywood propaganda.

The fact that 3 males were chosen as protagonists rides along the "boys will be boys" cliché (had girls mirrored some of these same vile behaviors, the film would've damn-near been blacklisted.

It's a pretty standard, raunchy R-rated are romp with big laughs but ultimately a predictable plot.

89 minutes of fun , silliness and enjoyable script.

The plot has a coming of age story while being in familiar territory with another comedy movie.

I enjoyed it.

This movie features three friends at one turning point of their lives through a lot of unexpected fun moments.

This was the worst movie I've ever watched.

Rest is just pure boredom..

And the best part was this kind of tone stayed consistent throughout the whole film as well as developing on more sweet heartfelt coming of age kind of tones and issues.

It is a good story because it is entertaining, touching and relatable all at the same time.

The film coasts along relying on the innocence and ignorance of kids as it's template for cheap punchlines, and it quickly grows tiresome despite an occasionally chuckle-worthy line.

They're like children who frequently curse or otherwise act provocatively because they got a rise out of someone once, but they're too juvenile to realize how easily tiresome such humor becomes.

This is literally the worst movie I've seen in my life .

The good boys gone bad/caught in a bad situation sub-genre of comedy is nothing new but thanks to a likeable collection of young stars and some solid laughs, the Seth Rogen backed Good Boys is an enjoyable comedic romp that showcases the doom and gloom around big screen comedies is far from correct.

It was too predictable in my opinion.

That it went the 'friendship-message' route (in the end) was pretty clichéd and predictable.

I know that previews are supposed to highlight enough of the film to get your ticket money, but this movie was completely EMPTY outside of them.

Of the finest films you have seen in this year really very funny and fascinating especially Max very shine in his role

These kids find themselves in one ridiculous scenario after another, which makes for a very entertaining time at the movies.

They keep hitting the same few jokes into your head throughout the movie, and it becomes a little tiresome.

Worst movie i've ever watched.

A relatable coming of age story .

Don't waste your money.

Also a good coming of age story.

The worst movie in 2019 I wish if their worse than 1 to give them, not suitable to kids or family a lot of cursing and swearing and the language don't fit for kids I wish if they can delete it from the history that how bad it is

Stupidly funny in places which makes an otherwise OK movie well worth the watch .

The jokes fly quickly and mostly land in this coming of age story.

Worst Movie I've Ever Seen .

They need tips on their first kiss, google provides some entertaining answers.

Very fun and enjoyable.

This movie was like watching paint dry.

I enjoyed it.

This had the possibility of being a cute coming of age movie, instead it's full of filthy puns and overstated sexual innuendos.

It's surprisingly tasteful at times and wrapped in a cute atmosphere as the naivety of the three boys manages to dull the blow that comes with the adult themes in this movie, which worked for me in terms of adding a new spin to freshen things up.

This movie made me laughs from beginning to end, but it was empty laughs.

Then Max, who has a crush on his classmate Brixlee, snags an unexpected invite to a party, and not just any party, a kissing party, and Brixlee will be there!

Yes it very much is, but the humor misses quite often, They try and make it funny every moment, but it gets kinda boring.

Got bored .

Total waste of time.

Coming of age comedy, raunchy adventure.

There should be more films starring young kids, it seems to be a rather efficient and appealing formula, but of course to make it work you need a good script, a good mixture of actors and overall an engaging story.

They deliver their lines in a humorous and entertaining way.

And delivers a very funny,entertaining and sweet comedy that brings a new wave to comedy.

Wife and I went to a mostly empty matinee and laughed our .. bottoms off.

Stupid plot, so many plot holes, one of the most worst movies I've ever seen

I really enjoyed it and would buy it on Blu-Ray.

Had no story line, rushed scenes, I mean...

The jokes were great & the story was engaging!

A simple coming of age movie with some laughs along the way.

Don't Waste Your Money or Your Time .

And has I sat through this movie I found myself very entertained by it, the film proved to be an enjoyable misadventure after another.

Good Boys hits all the notes you would expect and hits all the predictable beats that you would find in most of these comedies.

It's a total waste of time.

Total waste of time I don't understand how can someone write this worst class movie.

Only once have I ever walked out of a movie, and this trash nearly became the second one.

Boring crap.

The convenient store scene, the swing scene, and the teenage girl scenes I knew were coming and left me feeling bored after how much I had already seen them.

It's funny I'm saying this, but this was a coming of age movie.

I do not understand why this movie has a low rating because honestly, this movie is very entertaining and funny and its one that is worth all the money you spend for it.

I found the film to be pretty enjoyable & fresh!

Learning about sex is part of coming of age, after all.

The story is contrived and far fetched.

Frenetic adventures, broken drones, stolen drugs, kissing parties, fights in frat houses, all comprising humourous situations present in the film, aided of course by the engaging relationship these boys have with each other, the Beanbag Boys, who do everything together and are inseparable, a fraternity that familiar can only be conveyed by great acting and believable rapport.

It's a summer afternoon at the movies, light comedy and some early coming of age, no heavy drama.

However, it has some predictable moments due to it's similarities to other films, especially Superbad.

I enjoyed it alot.

I can gladly say that the humour is improved upon since Sausage Party, and rather the main joke throughout the movie is that food is swearing, Good Boys manages to keep the swearing kids from becoming boring and repetitive by putting them in all kinds of hilarious scenarios which keeps the movie fresh and entertaining.

Perhaps it's the journey of friendships, growing up and the general feel vibes that make this film more enjoyable than just all the crude and crass jokes.

While the film does have jokes, the method of how our laughs come can feel repetitive.

It totally fails as a comedy, offering nothing new in the way of presenting humor, and when it tries to be a Stand By Me ripoff about "coming of age" themes it fails miserably.

Good boys is the coming of age movie everyone should see..

Waste of money.

In an age where the female lead comedy or the man-child filled bromance comedies are the hot property in Hollywood, Good Boys focus on the awkward tweenage years brings something fresh to the table, that while certainly not appropriate for the age group it represents, offers up everyone else a comedy that feels both fresh and familiar, enjoyable without ever threatening to become overly memorable.

The Big Screen: Nevertheless, some big, unexpected laughs and nice chemistry between the main leadsThe Final Bill: The tweens the movie is about may get a kick out of it.

A little too long and a bit too much swearing, but humorous and enjoyable throughout.

It combines the confusion preteen boys have about sex (and I was reminded if misinformation given to me by older neighbor boys) with coming of age.

The whole movie is really entertaining.

It was actually funny but I hated its ending it shouldn't end that way it is just 2 predictable

Well written, wish my 6th grade year was that exciting.

The jokes which the makers solely relied on throughout the whole movie get so repetitive that the film's purpose gets ruined.

Relevant as it was, the typical plot falls left me a little bored, waiting for either unique comedy or a deep scene to save me from the chaotic adventure.

Surprisingly funny and intense!

If anything it's a raunchy coming of age comedy.

Simply a confused over the top coming of age story.

The film has a coming of age story about three close friends that do everything together.

PROS:The Three Leads Are GreatGene Stupnitsky's Solid DirectingThe Joke Hit More Than MissSome Funny Adult CameosThe Friendship Is HearfeltCONS:The Bland VisualsThe Plot Is PredictableIt Could Of Done More With The Premise

Best way to describe it enjoyed it for what it was .

In the beginning, it's constant laughs with dialogue, but as the movie progresses, it becomes stale and mediocre, and it would rely on the coming of age storyline as the leading hook of the film.

A great comedy with good laughs and likable characters, as well as a refreshing story with a lot more depth than you might expect at first, it's a surprising but most importantly thoroughly entertaining watch right the way through.

It is a joy to watch Lucas and Thor while Max, the "main character" is actually pretty boring (and to think, he is the only child actor who has already made a name for himself in this movie).

Its a very adult themed coming of age film between three friends who have to deal with growing up.

Fortunately, it avoids the latter throughout, impressing with genuinely funny comedy, three great central performances, and a story that - while pretty much another rehash of Superbad - has got a little bit of heartwarming depth to it, making Good Boys a genuinely enjoyable and often really sweet watch.

This is what it's like coming of age, growing up, and trying to figure things out and the hilarity of misunderstanding adult things.

The worst movie in 2019 waste of 1 and a half-hour of your life .

Who Knew Coming of Age Could Be This Funny.

One of the worst movies I've seen in a long time.

Let me start by saying this is an entertaining movie.

Would most definitely watch it again if it was to come on the TV at home and would recommend it to anyone who finds silly films entertaining - thoroughly enjoyed!

Tedious .

This might be the worst movie I've ever seen.

Don't waste your money to watch this.

Don't waste your time.

Despite some repetitive jokes and an over-reliance on putting its oblivious heroes in icky or dangerous situations, Good Boys more than lives up to its name.

Good Boys manages to balance hard-R comedy, with a heartfelt coming of age story, even with all the bad stuff they are doing, the film never loses sight of the fact that these are really nice boys.

It's a coming of age comedy film at it's core, take it for what it is.

It goes through the usual coming of age film motions so its not a very original effort.

It's an enjoyable comedy film.

Basically everything was predictable, again thanks to the trailer.

I think this is my lowest rates movie on here and the only reason I'm writing a review is because I'm bored on the ride home.

But apart from that I really enjoyed it.

Let me begin with the fact that I am Hungarian so watching an american cliche movie is not promising too much.

Then I finally got a chance to see it and It's one of the worst movies of 2019.

I enjoy a comedy movie as much as the next person, but this movie was so bad that I walked out after half an hour.

Don't waste you time or money........

The one thing I would nitpick about is that the movie is too long.

So the cliché moments quickly fade away, even though I might add it has a different vibe because the film deals with pre-teen kids when the majority of movies when these clichés take place are those of full blown teenagers.

Mildly funny, kids seem to young and was pretty boring this movie was over hyped

This movie was not as Funny as I thought it would be, but still Entertaining.

Today's movie decides to analyze that, but in a different light that hopes to be entertaining while touching at the same time.

It's a well made entertaining movie .