Good Luck Chuck (2007) - Comedy, Romance

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In order to keep the woman of his dreams from falling for another guy, Charlie Logan has to break the curse that has made him wildly popular with single women: Sleep with Charlie once, and the next man you meet will be your true love.

IMDB: 5.6
Director: Mark Helfrich
Stars: Dane Cook, Jessica Alba
Length: 96 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 40 out of 158 found boring (25.31%)

One-line Reviews (91)

The movie is funny, cute, sexy, fast paced, and never takes itself too seriously.

Take it for what it is- a predictable but enjoyable raunchy comedy.

Even so, this is a good diversion for a slow afternoon, and it's one that's sure to make you wheeze and laugh at its ridiculous nature.

Good laugh, but predictable .

Good Luck Chuck is the yawn inducing result of the latter.

The sex scenes went on for way too long, to the point where it felt like they were just trying to take up time by saying, "oh look, now Dane is banging this hot girl in this position, oh wait, now in THIS position!

Yes at times it was predictable and cheesy, with a lot of breasts and stupid lines about sex.

Another cliché example of a movie going into the "completaly far-fetched" category, when it could have been avoided by just telling the truth.

Not too high because even the good stuff was mostly predictable).

This was a waste of time.

And I know they wouldn't because this is a sucky movie that is boring, disgusting, lazy, poorly acted, and very unfunny.

The movie just is surprisingly funny, in fact I burst out laughing at least five times properly in the movie and I was smiling for the majority of it, although the scenes with Dan Fogler, who plays Chuck's friend, did start to feel very tiresome and more irritating than anything else after a while.

I don't know how she does it,but Jessica Alba seems to star in the worst movies possible.

mimic him makes his whole persona even more unbearable.

If you have grown up and are an adult, I wouldn't waste your time with this tit flick.

Helfrich never really allows him the opportunity to cut loose, but maybe he wouldn't have been so boring if he was given some interesting or witty lines.

--leaves him empty and unfulfilled.

It's a bit heavy on the gratuitous nudity during the really awful and pointless sex montage scene.

First off, Wedding Crashers, although not perfect, was a funny and entertaining movie.

After the second sex montage we couldn't take any more of the filth and walked out.

This is the worst movie of 2007.

The only exciting thing about this film is that you get to see Jessica Alba in her underwear.

one of the worst movies i've ever seen .

Lately I have seen many romantic type comedies that are all trying to out do the good old predictable romantic comedies with vulgar displays including showing a woman's nasty unkempt private area (The Heartbreak Kid).

Sure he gets a chuckle here and there, but he mostly looks bored.

I mentioned that the movie was typical and when I say typical I mean every romantic movie cliché possible was used.

His character is unlikable and annoying and Fogler's performance makes him nigh on unbearable after a time.

' Overall, the movie is generic and predictable.

While this might sound intriguing, it is nothing of the sort.

Exciting and funny .

Actually the gross out best friend, is really gross, and really not that great a friend, but the unnecessary pulchritude, which wanders by constantly, is certainly entertaining for the guys, and probably the women also -- the ones who like to read Playboy, and not for the articles.

Cut to literally a hundred predictable mini sex scenes on split screens with Dane getting down with hot chicks who only want him briefly for his...

In between, I nearly fell asleep from boredom!

Dane Cook and Jessica Alba are engaging as Charlie and Cam, Jessica Alba has quite a lot of fairly funny slapstick, much of what happens is quite sweet, and Jessica Alba in skimpies is always welcome.

It is good, fun and very enjoyable.

I have seen a lot of movies in my spare time, but this has to be the worst movie ever!!!

He was funny, charismatic, and visually enjoyable to watch.

OFFENSIVE MATERIAL - PARTIAL LIST IN ORDER FROM MOST TO LEAST OFFENSIVE:STU CHARACTER: I realized that I was bored with him about half way through the movie, and grew to detest him about 15 minutes after that.

When the movie should have ended it drug out far too long to beat a dead horse.

At least 8 people left the theater during the movie.

So, in general, the film is too long, too clichéd, too moronic, too poorly made and too badly acted to be classed, in my opinion as a film that deserved to be made.

If you're a guy and you want to connect into this 'fantasy mode' for a bit, this could be worth watching.

Very predictable .

There is a scene that comes telegraphed with Charlie and his receptionist Reba (bold Ella English), but the effect is totally unexpected when Reba says, "… Imagine I'm beautiful.

In the end I'd say it's a waste of time and unless you're looking to see Jessica Alba in underwear, don't bother with this one.

Full of clichés, with such bland dull writing, it makes you wonder who gets paid to write this stuff.

Good Luck Chuck was probably the worst movie I've seen in a long time.

This movie is definitely worth the watch and worth the money.

But this movie, well, is just another lame attempt to come up with an "original" story line for a tired romantic comedy cliché.

But it has it's funny moments and I enjoyed it.


Packing in excessive nudity, pointless scenes, unnecessary crude humor, and predictable physical humor in a matter of 90-something minutes, this film flounders from the beginning, flops mostly throughout, and begins to reek towards the climax and the ending.

Funny, sweet and enjoyable movie...

Don't waste your time on this movie; go out and watch a more decent romantic comedy, like "Music and Lyrics" or "Wedding Crashers", something that is actually romantic and funny.

It's a pretty enjoyable movie.

Anyway, this movie doesn't have a plot good enough to entertain, it's predictable, it's used material, it's just boring, nothing interesting about it.

waste of time .

" Director Mark Helfrich expertly incorporates unexpected romantic elements in this hysterical sex comedy.

The Worst Movie I've Seen in a Long Time .

If I thought it actually was enjoyable to a sizable portion of men beyond those 2 groups, I would give serious thought to having my Y chromosome removed.

While the idea for the plot was somewhat interesting, the movie was actually very predictable.

Combined the bring a fast paced, twisting and surprisingly fun plot.

The comedy is supremely stale and endlessly predictable.

the road to banality leads through Chuck .

This is among the worst movies I've seen since...

I almost hate what I'm writing here, because i really like Dane Cook, but this was a snooze fest.

This movie was unbearable!

Still this is a pleasant surprise of a film and is sort of worth watching.

Its worth watching more than one time.

) There were long stretches in this film that lacked warmth, charm, laughs, anything that makes the romantic comedy experience enjoyable.

I found myself more bored than anything after awhile, and I lost almost all interest late in the film when it turns from a raunchy R-rated sex comedy into something else entirely.

The rising plot is quite exciting and comes to culmination right in the end of the movie.

This is by far one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

If it stuck to that formula, you could at least come away with a basically enjoyable, fun "date movie.

I understand this movie was supposed to be stupid, but it was so stupid that it turned out to be excruciatingly boring.

The rest was semi funny, but enjoyable jokes.

On the one hand there's the Cook-Alba pat, predictable, formulaic romantic comedy.

waste of time, unless you are horny and wanna see tits.

She's bland, boring and lifeless.

Obviously the eventual outcome of this movie is predictable that they hook up and even the horrendous best friend gets himself a girl as well.

Maybe the reason "Good Luck Chuck" fails pretty miserably is this, although I'm no expert: instead of maintaining a fraction of the realistic and clever characterizations, situations and witty jokes of these better comedies, director Mark Helfrich and screenwriter Josh Stolberg elect to litter their film with boobs, tedious slapstick, loads of unfunny and rudimentary jokes aimed at obvious targets (sex with obese women), an ending involving a person chasing down a departing romantic interest at an airport (yes, really, again) and, of course, more boobs and slapstick.

Fine setup nearly destroyed by predictable story telling and insincerity.

(One unrelated note here, I was confused how we watched the entire movie and there was only one laugh, everyone was obviously bored, no less than five people walked out and still when it ended a few morons clapped?!?!

stupid movie & waste of time .

Sure the movie does have its flaws, it is way too long and there are some moments that aren't funny and just plain disgusting.

Good Luck Chuck ends up being like the best friend in the movie: crude, offensive, unworthy, pointless, and just all-around an annoyance.

The premise was so completely overdone that after 15 minutes into the movie I was completely bored with the idea.

And I thought it was definitely worth watching and the money I paid to watch it.

You can meaningless sex which is empty and shallow.

Worst Movie of the Decade .

And the scene in the park where he throws frisbees at all the passerbys is boring.