Good Omens (2019) - Comedy, Fantasy

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A tale of the bungling of Armageddon features an angel, a demon, an eleven-year-old Antichrist, and a doom-saying witch.

IMDB: 8.2
Stars: David Tennant, Michael Sheen
Length: 60 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 47 out of 465 found boring (10.1%)

One-line Reviews (144)

The combination and simultaneous flow of multiple story-lines was done by someone not very skilled and the end result is messy, convoluted and hard to follow.

No amount of CGI, stunt casting, or provocative anti-theology can redeem this overwrought, overstretched, puerile waste of everyone's time.

Slow throughout expected better from TP and NGAlthough actors give it their best shot still not worthy of the hype

Very Entertaining.

I haven't read the book so knew nothing about what this mini series entailed but I love David Tenant and he along with Michael Sheen carry this series they are both fabulous but I found it to be old, flat, un inspiring and underwhelming I even fell asleep during each episode which I never do.

So boring!

Clever, funny, and totally enjoyable .

This series is so entertaining, I had to binge watch it.

I kept watching this series hoping the next episode was the one where it stopped being unwatchable.

The storyline is intriguing and the characters are greatly written and performed with the highlights being the two stars David Tennant and Michael Sheen they are instantly likable and improve the show.

Dull .

Characters uninteresting, lots of over-acting, not sure how anyone made it past the first episode.

It was adorable and sweet and funny and exciting and I just couldn't stop.

So, the intrigue for the start of apocalypse is good and denote a huge similitude with Adams Douglas stile (in a very good manner), the evolution of the sequence of events is fluid and engaging and when it's come to the end ...

its pretty goddamn stupid like they could've removed the f bombs and made it tv-pg that would make a lot of sense i gave it a 5 because i enjoyed the first 2 eps then it got boring also why the political bs?

We have to sit through all their ridiculous, crappy movies, at least shows like this are fun, witty and entertaining.

I definitely think it's worth watching, especially if you enjoy british TV and humor.

However, if you can't stand the constant rifting nonsensical banter between my usual favorite stars, you're in for a rough & yawning time.

The witch character was pointless in the show too.

I think it's intriguing.

My wife and I actually ended up having some intimate fun during this show as we knew that around the 20 minute mark we were both bored out of our brains.

These storylines begin in episode 2, but they are very entertaining and it is very obvious that they will all converge towards the end.

Most scenes play out for far too long, certain scenes are unnecessary and some scenes that should have dramatic weight to them simply do not because of the tsunami of narrative problems this show has.

While there is some slow parts and some confusing parts that could have been hashed out better.

Very enjoyable.

I fully hope they make a second season to this story line, I feel it has earned one, while it may be hard to follow up the end of the world + young anti-christ....

John Hamm was boring as heck.

The overall plot is average, and the length of each episode necessitates that the story be told in the slowest possible manner.

The first couple of episodes are relatively slow but enjoyable.

I couldn't get past the first fifteen minutes, the dialogue felt stiff and very boring.


With Frances McDormand's voice of God, Jon Hamm's Angel Gabriel and exciting Queen songs I can count on you for many more reasons.

doing the soundtrack, so with that you get a British masterpiece called Good Omens and well worth the watch.

You would have to be a slavish fan of Gaiman (or maybe Harry Potter) to get off on this formulaic show with its stereotypical characters.

The jokes are not just unfunny, they are taking way too long to be delivered and they are delivered badly on top.

Stunning adaptation .

Enjoyable on every level possible.

The main problems are the meandering boring story-line, and the comedy vacuum.

Good Omens is a fast paced story, full of twists and absurdity.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and do recommend watching it, I'd just recommend other Gaiman works more, like "American Gods".

They are such a great pair of opposites and that really shows every time they are together; it was always exciting whenever they discussed and argued on behalf of their separate sides of the moral sphere, and it was always so sweet every time they helped each other out, showing that both sides have their own moral ambiguities to deal with for nothing about morality is uncomplicated.

It's just so subtle and smarty written that it is unexpected and you do not have the TIME to laugh at the jokes.

Totally unBiblical but extremely entertaining.

Brilliant casting, thoroughly enjoyable - from a true fan of the original .

Did not think I would like this as not a fan of Terry Pratchett's books, but I can honestly say that I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed it.

Yet the show feels pretentious, the humor isn't really fun, it isn't a hysterical satire that works on multiple levels...

Glad others enjoyed it more though.

Just very enjoyable to watch.

It's mostly boring, tedious dialogue that is neither engaging, nor interesting.

The director had interesting storie and amazing actors and somehow he make the TV-show unexpectable boring.

Great cast, beautifully filmed, but oh so boring.

It seems as if many of you guys enjoyed it and thought it was funny.

Please don't waste your time.

Not only did it introduce me to the wonderful writing of Terry Pratchett, but it was such an entertaining read I couldn't put it down.

I agree with other reviews that this falls in the vein of 'A Series of Unfortunate Events', 'Pushing Daisies', and 'A Hitchhiker's Guide'; if a quirky, poignant tale that flawlessly blends epic storytelling with engaging, three-dimensional character is what you're seeking, look no further!

Just stunning, breathtaking ride to the end of the world.

His vision for this telling is frivolous and trite even as he's hamstrung by a budget that can't afford costuming and VFX that match the story's needs.

Great cast, disjointed storytelling .

But i find it so slow, I would much rather watch 100 repeats of the IT Crowd The pacing and story line hard to follow, maybe needs a laugh track.

Over produced, cliché'd english stereotypes , pretentious crap

Don't waste your time.

I highly recommend it.

Only from the quirky minds of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett can come a story about the end of the world that is at the same weird, brilliant, enjoyable and heartwarming story.

The story is highly entertaining and well paced, with entertaining twists.

Waste of time.

Corny, boring and cringy with soft waft of stale smell.

Some scenes just seemed to be dragged out for no reason.

Also the show was insanely boring, I pushed through 4 episodes and every single time I became easily sidetracked with my phone.

I read the book a few years ago and enjoyed it greatly.

Messy, surprisingly boring, thankfully short .

The leads were good but supporting cast were lackluster, dull and forgettable.

Slightly more enjoyable than it is annoying so i say its worth a watch.. The ideas were also just dumb.

Enjoyable, funny and exactly how I imagine Neil Gaiman's writing to look.

Definitely worth watching, it's so well made.

This is comedy at its best: intelligent sense of humour, engaging plot, crispy dialogues and decent acting.

But my husband and I both found it as entertaining as all get out.

Predictable, boring plot with a plethora of overacting banter, I want my 6 hours of life refunded please.

It's only 6 episodes so I thought it would be packed with storyline, but strangely it still felt drawn out and dull.

Most of the tweaks added to the story and made it that much more engrossing.

Mildy unwatchable .

I think the biggest disappointment was that they really wanted the confrontation with the kids at the airbase to be epic and awesome when it was really just boring, mediocre and anticlimactic.

A cliche that is a bit flat .

Maybe and a BIG maybe it does get better but what a massive bore to start with and have no patients to "wait to see if it gets better".

Thoroughly enjoyable .

This show would be dull, boring and overwritten if it was American.

From that perspective, Tennant was predictably entertaining, Gatiss' subtle Peter Lorre impression hit the spot, Willbond was frustratingly underused, and though I enjoyed the Smaug reference Cumberbatch's cameo itself was a big nothing.

It is also rather dated - as obvious as it is that these two celestials are into each other, there are just some subtle (yawn!

My husband read the book, and he was flabbergasted at how they took such an enjoyable story and turned it into an unenjoyable show.

Clearly it was Sir Terry Pratchett who gave the book its humour and Neil Gaiman simply fluffed out the book with the more mundane and humourless pieces judging by the absence of some of the books most iconic comedy hooks...

After watching the trailer for this I thought like most people I'm sure that it looks like a good show, my partner who loves most British shows sat with me and she said after 30 mins, this is rubbish, I was so relieved, what a waste of time and effort, do yourself a favour, do not invest any time into this rubbish TV show.

Still all in all worth the watch.

Their delivery is amusing, engaging and convincing.

Funny, charming, and just a little dark it was worth the watch so much I binged it in one sitting.

Engaging from the start I just wanted more and more of the story.

I have found that many of the series created by the pay to view sites have been pretty mediocre, but, although I felt it took too many episodes, I found this to be entertaining.

Worth watching it .

Why are there so many good review's for this boring, horrible show?

All the things that happen along side the main story - despite they are part of it-are boring af.

Crowley is given the task of placing him with his human family, but due to some confusion (and his apathy) the boy ends up growing up in a small Oxfordshire village.

Their act gets old after the 2nd episode, and by episode 3 you'll be wondering why you even got into this sad, trite boring sack of fecal material in the first place and wonder how could it possibly go on after episode 4?

Boring most of the time.

Reckon I've been reading and watching media for too many decades this is a yawn .

I really wanted this to work, but something is off, How I know is that i keep falling asleep.

Boring and predictable .

Can lag a bit but the two leads make it very enjoyable watching.

One of the most creative, entertaining shows in recent memory.

The story was all over the map and in and out of history and just hard to follow.

I found the antichrist himself super boring and his whole plot felt lame.

well I can't even remember now because I was so bored by the scene.

Once the whole idea of what is going on is revealed, the rest becomes fairly predictable, and the ways angel and demon are behaving are so cliche, seen many times in British comedies....

The "Boyhood" of comedy fiction movies - boring, not very clever, way over-hyped .

I hate it because it's incredibly, deeply, crashingly boring and nobody thought to tell Douglas Mackinnon.

Their acting was flat, uninspiring and at most parts dull.

It had a very "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" vibe and was enjoyable to watch.

It was fresh, funny and enjoyable.

Irreverent yes, but in an entertaining way...

Episode 1 was painful and I love so many of the actors but this was a brutally boring watch...

However, when things started getting out of hand, the show got predictable.

Star studded, sublime acting, gripping story.

Good actors and Production but really cheesy, child and predictable, you know what is gonna happen and nothing deep content...

Great show, very entertaining!

It's hard to follow.

This type of British humor was groundbreaking in the 1970's with Monty Python, but feels dated and tiresome now.

I'm astounded by the number of people who found _Good Omens_ to be "boring" (it's not) or "incomprehensible" (it's not, unless you have the attention span of a gnat or the IQ of a low-grade moron).

So many fantastic reviews but it was not for me, in fact my wife and I had to turn off just before the end of the first episode.

It was very cliche, not funny, and just lame.


Regardless of reading the book or not, very enjoyable indeed

Anyway, thank goodness for something worth watching.

Good Omens was delightfully entertaining!

Fascinating view on goods and evil in combination with aristocratic & deep sense of English humor.

The pacing issues stop the show from reaching the top tiers but it's a highly enjoyable run.

A two hour movie stretched to the point I am bored to point I cannot finish the series.

So while it is worth watching if you have nothing better to do, it is by no means an epiphany, and you might find yourself better served by the less hyped, less two-line review heavy competition.

Funny and quirky this show is super entertaining.

Still I enjoyed it throughly seeing the world come to life and you can tell they worked hard on this, hopefully we can see more shows coming soon.

Star-studded, but dull.

It gets better further in but in the early part of the story, it feels a little drawn out and dry.

Everything was so obvious and dumbed down, and apart from David Tennant and Michael Sheen (who are absolutely brilliant) everything feels forced, bland, dull.

It does have nice performances by Sheen and Tennant and the Damien substitute, but the story is as predictable as a CSI installment.

Not very original, tries too hard, awfully predictable.

Delightfully Entertaining .

I suspect some aspects could be confusing to those people.

Because this series is too shallow to be really fascinating.