Good Time (2017) - Crime, Drama, Thriller

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After a botched bank robbery lands his younger brother in prison, Connie Nikas embarks on a twisted odyssey through New York City's underworld to get his brother Nick out of jail.

IMDB: 7.3
Director: Benny Safdie
Stars: Robert Pattinson, Benny Safdie
Length: 101 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 24 out of 158 found boring (15.18%)

One-line Reviews (156)

It's very entertaining and well acted.

I won't give any more away but have to say the film is thought provoking, exciting and fast paced.

"Good Time" is an ironically titled, intense and intelligent crime drama.

What can be perceived as boring, space fillers, turns out to be effective and concludes in a very pleasing space.

But I wouldnt waste my time again.

It's The Safdies' at their peak, and may be one of the most oddly enjoyable rides I've seen in a while.

And the directors do a terrific job to keep things tight & gripping until the very end.

The frantic pace, ludicrously rousing music and color scheme will make your eyes bug out and your hair stand up.

The Safdie bros have definitely hit the bull's eye by making "Good Time" intense, unique, quirky, and entertaining.


The movie is good, the happening is placed in one night and the atmosphere is intense and desperate.

Directed by Ben and Josh Safdie, the crime film has actor, Robert Pattison as Constantine 'Connie' Nikas embarking on a nighttime insomnia acid trip through New York City's underworld in an increasingly desperate-and dangerous-attempt to pay off, the bait to get his brother, Nick Nikas (Ben Safdie) out of Riker Island, after a botched bank robbery.

We fall asleep with my wife 3 times in attempts to watch this over rated piece of...

The most gripping movie I've watched in a while .

Plenty of action with unlikely outcomes, enough twists to keep the story interesting and entertaining to watch.

But, his performance here was riveting.

The realist sensibility and superb synthetic soundtrack keep every beat fresh and exciting, though, so that, while they do seem somewhat coincidental, they always come across as wholly necessary and all-encompassing, the only thing occupying both the characters' and audience's mind.

This movie somehow took the edgy anxiety of a waking nightmare, bottled it up, and put it on the screen so you'd leave the theater in a cold sweat.

The story is very entertaining as it is a rollercoaster of events.

Certain parts of the story also started becoming a little predictable.

This review of Good Time is spoiler free**** (4/5)ELECTRICITY PULSATES THROUGH the night-time streets of New York in Josh and Benny Safdie's latest Good Time - pulsing in stunning greenish glows across the drone camera or the glow of white shirts in ultraviolet light to the lights coming from cars speeding down the street.

The whole film feels like a panic attack; thanks to the tight and intense camera-work, Daniel Lopatin's throbbing score, Robert Pattinson's another brilliant performance that recalls the great Al Pacino in "Dog Day Afternoon", and not to be forgotten is Ben Safdie (who also co-directed this film with his brother, Joshua) as Pattinson's mentally challenged brother.

It's stale & empty.

I hated it because of the intense emotions you feel, and that's the best thing a movie can do.

Intense crime drama .

Pattinson is proving to be a compelling actor.

Some of them, really works, like the beginning, but the shots to the face seem to get tiresome, as the movie went on.

Connie's character, by design, might be the biggest asshole ever put to film, but Pattison makes him like a full-fledged human being rather than a cliché.

Every second is intense and interesting.

This movie is as gritty and gripping as you can get.

Yet, every moment is exciting.

One of the worst, laziest, illogical, empty films I have EVER seen.

Featuring a no- nonsense plot and jam-packed with textured visuals, slick editing & synth score on top of Robert Pattinson's smashing performance, it is a thrilling ride from start to finish.

It's well made, breathlessly paced and so realistically acted that we feel like you're right alongside the mad dog characters running around seedy NYC, but you have to be willing to go with it's often strange and unpredictable flow, as well as tolerate some unpleasant diversions.

Polished in documentary-esque filmmaking, there are several close-ups zooming on the emotion immersing the characters, fast-paced running scenes and to top it all off is Daniel Lopatin's creepy, evocative grand slabs of retro-futurist keyboard synth that will be bouncing around your head for ages.

Thrilling Achievement .

The story is gripping, leaving you on the edge of your seat, waiting to see what Connie's next move will be.

If you like a weird flick of the darker confusing directionless incomprehensive hopeless lives of mentally unbalanced people this is the movie for you!

The plot never stops to catch its breath, forcing main character Pattinson, who's acting blew me away considering his past films, to constantly adapt and evoke an engaging fight and flight response from scene to scene.

Otherwise , a deja-vu of clichés and an unpleasant waste of time !

The movie is a bit boring and the story-line lacks interesting events to happen and a lot of non logic stuff f.

You wouldn't think it would work, but there's something some hauntishly thrilling about it, with an undertone of humanity that made it really effective.

It's so visually intense that I almost had a headache watching - no, I confess I apologize, I did - as the brothers Safdie mean to put the audience totally on edge: Connie has one motivation above everything else, to keep his brother safe.

They worked masterfully to set the tone and keep you on the edge of your seat.

Holy in god, what a pretentious ending about rehab and therapy.

Unique, intense, frenetic, nail-biting.

I had heard good things about this indie thriller and found the film suspenseful and enjoyable showing a life that doesn't always receive the spotlight.

The Safdie Brothers' newest film is a bleak, unflinching tale of a career criminal (Pattinson in the most intense performance of his career) who furiously objects to his mentally deficient brother's psychiatric treatment and blithely coerces him into helping him carry out a bank robbery.

The directors, brothers Benny and Josh Safdie, pull off an intense night of thrills against the backdrop of New York City.

In a nutshell, with its stylish soundtrack, the movie is a pretty fun thrill ride, and is absolutely worth watching.

An edge-of-your-seat, uncomfortable, intense crime thriller with Pattinson spearheading it sounds awesome.

Compelling portrait of psychopathic bank robber with filial obligations lacks obligatory twist ending .

The opening scene provides the movie's blandest color scheme, but it's serious and compelling and important, so pay attention.

A thrilling, neon-drenched subterranean madcap odyssey anchored by a superbly nervy Robert Pattinson .

Uninteresting story-line .

From there, the movie leaps fearlessly into a techno blasting, adrenaline surging, rush of mayhem and terrible decision making.

What a waste of almost 2 hours of my time.

Pros; Great visuals, interesting story, saddening ending, amazing performance by Robert Pattinson, and good overall actingCons: Slow pacing and an overlong runtimeOverall Rating: 7.0

Sure there are some aspects that are kind interesting, but in the end I just got bored.

Watching this disturbing, violent & gripping story unfold, is truly captivating.

I'd definitely recommend this movie for anyone looking for an indieish, artsy movie with an exciting and gritty story.

Bleak, Chaotic and Endlessly Fascinating .

It's entertaining through and through.

Uninteresting story .

Loud, violent, all closeups and menacing pretentious music unrelated to the action.

I enjoyed it, and don't care about reviewers that scored this the lowest possible.

Watching the suspenseful opening robbery scene, I enjoyed the film's pace and the sequences are great.

What a waste of money.

There were many plot holes in the screenplay, dragged out scenes, too slowly paced and no proper resolution or climax to this film.

Exciting, frantic crime thriller with great style and just enough realism .

Not gritty, just cruel & pointless.

The first 15 minutes you think this is going to be a very thrilling movie but boy what a waste of time.

I wouldn't say this is an entertaining movie in any way.

The pounding, pulsating techno/synth music perfectly complements the unusual tone (almost noirish, and bordering on comedic), feverish pace, and fascinating visuals throughout.

The title is supposed to be ironic, but Good Time is one of the most enjoyable experiences I've had this year.

I enjoyed it more the second time

I also remember his bland work in Twilight.

Overall, Good Time is a captivating and intense crime thriller that proves blood is thicker than water.

From this moment on, we are flung into an unrelenting adrenaline ride that hasn't felt so exhilarating since 2015's Fury Road.

worst movie ive seen....

What also must be credited is the unrelenting pace of the film, living up to its cheeky title through constantly escalating stakes, a thunderously exciting electronic score and a plot that keeps throwing delightfully absurd and insane twists to keep you constantly engaged.

When I go to a movie the first question I ask myself is, "was it entertaining?

All of the pieces that put this movie together results in a thrillingly unpredictable experience that never feels like a movie.

It was so bad it becomes funny and a little bit entertaining.

See Good Time if you're up for an intense crime thriller.

Jennifer Jason Leigh's supporting role was intense as well.

Everything the characters do seems pointless, ill thought out, and doomed from the start, robbing you of the hope they'll somehow win, as you realize you're watching a losing battle.

Waste of time

Good Time delivered a very engaging and nail-biting story line.

well overall a total flop waste of time and imo i cant understand why people here gave a good rating.......

Unwatchable .

I give the movie high marks for its direction by the brothers team of Benny and Josh Safdie and the visuals on the big screen are stunning; it's just that the story is a little weak.

There were so many close-ups, I had to leave the theatre a few minutes before the film ended because the headache it gave me became unbearable.

There are some rare movies that could take this negative situation and twist it into something surprisingly fascinating.


Good Time is a film, much better than I expected, one of the best of 2017, the story that seems simple is very good and exciting, has twists and surprises, Robert Pattinson is excellent, and each film erases his image in Twilight, in this film he does an act that deserved a nomination for the best actor in the Oscar in my opinion, if he is indicated I would be very happy, Ben Safdie that besides acting is also the director of the film, he sends very well, and the The rest of the cast is great, the film's photograph is a bit gloomy, with a dark and 'dirty' color palette, the film has a great start and a sensational and electrifying ending, Good Time is a great, worth a lot.

Pointless writing, terrible screenplay and awful score = pointless toxicity that left me feeling sketchy, stale, empty and cold .

I found it to be incredibly intense and gripping while also being extremely overwhelming, as it was intended and as it should be.

It constantly keeps you on the edge of your seat with its ridiculously fast-paced style.

Here the Safdie brothers (whose previous film was Heroin-infused drama Heaven Knows What) have crafted a superb heist thriller basking in well-written characters (Connie is endlessly entertaining) and is restlessly taut in the dramatic storytelling particularly with the love Connie has for his brother.

"Good Time" is an entertaining, inventive thriller film with Robert Pattinson, who seems to have truly cast off his "Twilight" image.

Some viewers will be turned off quickly, and those that stick with it will be rewarded with an entertaining crime thriller featuring Pattinson's best performance to date.

The piece is never predictable and properly pacy, with a definite sense of style that seeps into every situation and marks the overall story with a tangibly 'loose strand' feel, a kind of vibe that pushes tension and suspense into the most mundane of misguided moments that feel just disconnected enough to be true-to-life.

It was very amazing to watch, as the film really had this tonal shift in a very key moment of the film after which Good Time played somewhat like an installment of the Hangover series unfolding in a most breathtaking and beautiful cityscape.

I found the story, written by Josh Safdie & Ronald Bronstein, to be confusing and downright with intent nerve-wracking too messy.

It's difficult to call such a film "entertaining" (which is my main criterion for assigning a grade to a movie).

The film's aesthetic is extremely engaging with stunning aerial shots and Daniel Lopatin/Oneohtrix Point Never's electronic score fitting it all perfectly, even among the proliferation of electronic scores since 2010.

Funny, delightful, and full of adrenaline, it's a film that needs to be seen.

An Erratically-Charged, Frenetic, Disjointed Neon-Rush .

While there were some original dramatic moments and situations and Pattinson was compelling in portraying his character's manic energy, the film as a whole was extremely unpleasant.

Robert Pattinson has steered very clear from his Twilight years to give us an impressive resumé of independent films that have scrubbed off his Cullen brand and moulded him into a compelling actor.

Poor film boring story felt like I was watching this in zoom more so many close ups

It was raw, edgy, and intense.

It's worth a watch, it's gritty, fast-paced and intense.

A gripping tale of depravity and corruption .

This is a riveting performance by Pattinson as we follow him through the slums of New York city slowly digging himself into an inescapable hole.

One of the most enjoyable experiences I've had this year .

A very odd series of events will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the movie too.

Yet beneath it there's an intriguing family narrative, in their 2009 debut Daddy Longlegs they focused on father-child relationships here they shift their focus to a fraternal one.

This is a dark, dreary film bereft of light and hope.

It's as if the script intentionally throws a curve ball at him every other five minutes or so, you see him encounter unexpected blunders, mostly of his own doing as he's winging it from one cluster- mess after another.

waste of time .

This is a loud, boring, nonsensical movie.

An incredibly fun, suspenseful thriller where I was on the edge of my seat the entire run time.

It starts off very fresh and thrilling, as two brothers rob a bank.

It's a very generous 3/10 from me as I had a Bad Time watching this pointless toxicity that left me feeling sketchy, stale, empty and cold.

The cinematography is electrifying, and the balance between wide landscape shots and claustrophobic closeups is constantly gripping.

Boring Movie .

But, I'd say it returns to telling the story of a empty vessel brother sociopath (the mentally "right" one) who goes off the rails in his convoluted sense of righting his brother's life.

I noticed his talent in "The Lost City of Z" already and now he gives another fantastic turn this year, far far away from the boring shallowness he started his career with.

This is one hugely entertaining calamity after another as Connie Nikas (played by the wondrous Robert Pattison) tries to get his mentally challenged brother Nick out of Riker's Island after the two of them rob a bank.

Intense and Enticing .

Sure it's different, but pointless and unreal.

A dark, dreary film bereft of light and hope .

Boring, nonsensical, gratuitous and complete waste of my time

I say dont waste your time for this movie.

gritty and exciting .

The pacing and the editing and score in particular are very original and intense.

On a superficial level it works because it's filled with adrenaline that not many films carry and that allows it to be thrilling and entertaining.

You never have a clue what's going to happen next, and that's what's so fun and exciting about it.

Good Time is an exciting, pulsating, modernised noir/New Hollywood thriller that deserves a lot of praise for its terrific suspense and Pattinson's bravura turn.

Its uber-fast pacing keeps you engaged, the writing is excellent and realistic, Pattinson is unbelievably good (best actor worthy), its style and visuals are marvelous, and the story is raw and exciting.

When you have words thrown around like "A thrilling, neon-drenched subterranean madcap odyssey anchored by a superbly nervy Robert Pattinson" and a "thrilling ride" and half the review titles sound like wannabe Eberts, something must be up.

The pacing is a little slow and the runtime is overlong.

Making excellent use of available resources and well aware of its limitations, Good Time makes every single minute of its runtime count and is intense from its opening moments.

In "Good Time" Robert Pattinson shows what he really can, and I go so far and almost compare this performance to a young Robert De Niro, It was just intense, honest, full of emotions and power.

Then there's the pointless writing...

The plot is generally predictable and repetitive.

Entertaining throwback to crime films of the 70s & 80s .

It's a raw and engaging window into the desperation of a single-minded, violent and slightly sympathetic loser.

This film uses a b movie set up to hammer home an emotionally riveting story ladened with social commentary.

Good Times delivers a gritty, low-production movie with an exciting and dark anti-hero character who must navigate a criminal underworld to make things right.

The film; however, does slightly struggle around the halfway mark as the pacing became a little slower and I started to question what the film was doing.

Worth the watch and worth your time, this film is by far one of the most impressive and saddening films in awhile and can be watched countless times without you getting bored.

I Love Unpredictable Movies.

Every moment could be his last and danger comes from the most unexpected of places, be that by coincidence or by his mistakes, which makes the flick a thrilling ride from start-to-end in a more domestic kind of way than usual.