Goodnight Mommy (2014) - Horror, Mystery, Thriller

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Twin boys move to a new home with their mother after she has face changing cosmetic surgery, but under her bandages is someone the children don't recognize.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Severin Fiala
Stars: Lukas Schwarz, Elias Schwarz
Length: 99 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 58 out of 173 found boring (33.52%)

One-line Reviews (155)

While the chaotic climax reminds me of M Night Shyamalan during his good old days, it is the build up that is fascinating.

Goodnight Mommy is a rather subtle film that builds in both intensity and weight to a cleverly crafted, if somewhat predictable, climax.

How to describe this?.. is the slowest, obvious, not scary, not well filmed, not good actors, no good plot not good at all film I've ever seen.. and perhaps.. the worst film ever filmed.. even 1 star is way too much.. From the fist scene you can guest the plot.. there was too many films already with same plot (other were excellent films.. sorry to even mention them with this crap).

Really this is a bad bad bad boring film!

Most Predictable Horror Movie I've Ever Seen .

Pathetic, awful and senseless, the movie is awfully slow and does not have any logic.

Good movie, but with predictable plot .

Some pretty well done use of limited computer/digital effects and it's well shot but these assets cant overcome the first timer-ish pretentiously slow pace and for a film with what could be a jarring premise it doesn't explore much of the real heart of basic idea.

It pretends to much more than that, even so a predictable twist ending firmly snaps the extended rubber band back to pulp territory.

The performances are intense.

I am a huge fan of horror films, and this one is not a good one, I understand that some people like this kind of movie were the silence is everywhere, is very predictable, my wife and me realized everything that was happening at the first 25 min of movie.

It got very repetitive during the third act and seemed to drag out so the film could be at least 90 minutes long.

If you figure out the plot twist the film seems to just drag itself out making the film boring after its few early scares.

The characters are flat and boring, the acting is flat and boring, the storyline is flat and boring, the scenery is flat and boring...

Goodnight Mommy is exceedingly slow and dull for the most part.

First of all, we should accept that this movie extremely flowing and intriguing.

The tight screenplay is very well-written, building tension in right pace and disclosing the truth in an unexpected plot point.

I've just seen other reviewers commenting on the "twist" but literally within the first 5 minutes everything becomes so transparent that you wonder if it's even worth watching.

She has been helplessly rendered to revealing to her children only a mummy-like mommy looking back at them with empty eyes, one who ceaselessly scolds them through pursed lips, often times as she is at once bodily abusing them.

This movie is both beautiful and very intense.

Overall, "Ich seh, Ich seh" is a slow burning thriller drama with some creepy moments which Eli Roth would definitely approve.

Just like last year's the Babadook, it's interested in a lot of the same themes, But, unlike The Babadook, it's also so hard to watch that it stops being very exciting or entertaining.

Exceedingly slow and ultimately disappointing movie with no real purpose.

There is virtually no music only for the opening and then for only half of the end credits, fade to blacks, lots of what's intended to be portentous silence, and lingering shots on empty rooms, and then a kind of silly leaps of logic to turn the film into torture porn.

This film has it all, no story, no background story that are usable, mindless things, animals, gore, and no ending that gives even the slightest meaning.

Almost no one understands that the woman is indeed not their mother, which is quite an unpredictable plot twist.

Decent but ultimately predictable .

It makes some of the torture scenes very confusing because, while hard to watch no matter what, there is part of you that feels for these boys — you can feel their loneliness, their betrayal, their deep sadness.

Some of the signs are written off as necessary parts of her recovery process, but I definitely got the impression that she was deeply sad — the shades are all drawn, absolute quiet is demanded, no visitors, ordering a year's worth of frozen pizzas, unexpected snaps of rage, and one scene in particular where she fakes being asleep when one of the twins tried to get her after the doorbell rang, or when she rushes to get her bandages back on upon the twins returning home after playing outside.

Spare your time and do not watch this flawed, pretentious piece of wannabe-art-house.

Apart from being a slow, psychological thriller that leaves ample hints of its final reveal throughout the film, this is also a very good portrayal of the effects of loss and trauma.

Yes, there is some skillful cinematography in it, but it serves only to make beautiful things look ugly: not only do all characters look ugly and evoke no sympathy at all, but even the landscape and the house look dull and ugly.

Powerful, dramatic, engrossing film.

Anyway, most of the scenes in this movie try to show something sinister with long drawn out actions and suspenseful music, along with some sound effects here and there.

The premise, from the start, is intriguing: twin boys, living in an isolated home, face their mother returning after cosmetic surgery and don't believe she is who she says she is.

This is the single worst movie BY FAR that i have ever seen in my ENTIRE life!!!

Even the screenplay is bad (there are like 5 pages of dialog in the entire film) End is VERY VERY Predictable and is a copy of another much Japanese Film.

The directors handle both subtlety and violence incredibly well, resulting in two entirely different but equally enjoyable halves.

Much like a piece of wonder bread, this film is spectacularly bland and predictable.

Masterful, genius, sophisticated, gruesome, engaging and wrongly defined.

There is no story and no character strength left.

The film is annoyingly boring.

There is even a plausible psychological explanation for why this family ends up in such a bloody mess and makes our own family look boringly normal.

But the slow build-up kept my interest and it definitely paid off in the end.

Take out that twist and this movie becomes utterly pointless of course, so it's all based around it.

Psychological horror in this movie works until it all goes downhill in second half where the whole movie becomes way too predictable, including the twist they're aiming for.

GOODNIGHT MOMMY is a slow and unpleasant horror film from Austria.

A Nice Slow Burn...

I finally watched Goodnight Mommy and I actually enjoyed it...

Atmospheric, chilling at times, but utterly predictable .

And just because of the praise this movie was getting, i was hopping for something different & exciting.

It sets a very nice tone and had me excited to see a dark/stunning story unfold.

Lets talk about the positive point: Well acting wise the child actor is very good and so is our lead actress and that's the only good thing what I find about the movie As for the negative point there are so many firstly the movie is damn slow,seriously a big yawnnn.

Chilling, intriguing, unsatisfying .

I do admit that the film was spoiled for me because of this, but I still enjoyed it immensely!

I believe what the error was, and this just may be my own personal feelings about it, but it seems like they worked SO damn hard to build this very eerie and frigg'n awesome MYSTERY where we the audience genuinely do NOT know for sure what the hell is going on, and then after constructing this great suspenseful atmosphere, in the last few minutes they basically throw ALL of that completely away for some unpleasant and TOTALLY unnecessary elements that I feel really just don't mesh or tonally follow with what went before.

This movie definitely has that artsy, slow paced, mellow feel to it, which i absolutely loved, you can clearly see the distinction between Hollywood and foreign films here, it was not overly dramatic as opposed to Hollywood films of this sort and had a good steady pace, which sadly got ruined a bit towards the end.

Cleverly crafted if predictable .

I highly recommend it.

It was done in away to cause a little confusion on the part of the viewer.

I found it so compelling, even scary that I had to stop the movie once to regain my composure.

But The Babadook managed to be more engaging although its special effects were crude.

An eerie and foreboding horror/thriller that makes your skin crawl but not enough to make its many faults truly worthwhile, Austrian film and festival darling Goodnight Mommy as directed by duo Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz is a slowly paced and menacing experience that wastes an intriguing premise in a slow burn that will likely be remade in the coming years with an upped ante and hopefully equally creepy twins.

Those long and very intense shots of the two boys practically deprived of emotion faces are absolute highlight of the entire experience and while in the beginning I was not sure the boys were actually acting or simply had no idea what they were doing, near the end when some more dialogue is present, they do show the brilliance of having fulfilled the part to perfection.


Switching characters roles at the middle of the movie was unexpected and brakes with the movie standards we got used to in horror films.

What I really got was a slow and predictable movie with no twists, no creepiness, and no payoff.

The intriguing trailer, blessed with superb editing, got hardcore horror fans majorly "excited" ...

But prepare for long hauls of nothing happening on-screen and payoff being dull.

My other half fell asleep after half an hour and his snoring was more entertaining than the movie.

" I kept falling asleep, hoping for a surprise ending and was totally let down.

This makes Goodnight Mommy extremely boring to watch, despite the wonderful performances and good photography in the film.

(Yawn) ...

That said, it has a kind of slow-mo, can't-look-away sense of impending doom that you just have to stick with, despite its slow pace.

It was too long and too drawn out with little to no point in the ending.

It's pretty clear what happened and they will go on till the very boring end.

" I've never hated a movie before, but this one was just pointless.

Decent psych-thriller w/boredom .

As the boys come up with some seemingly compelling evidence (including an old photograph of their mother with a near-lookalike) the film almost works up a decent sense of ambiguity and uncertainty.

Whoever edited that thing make the music scarier, the action more intense, and that is just simply not what the film is about.

This is the single worst movie BY FAR that i have ever seen in my ENTIRE life!!.

But this movie just went from boring to bad, at an excruciatingly slow pace, with absolutely no scares, jumps, or anything to make it fit the title of horror.

This is the single worst movie BY FAR that i have ever seen in my ENTIRE life!!!

The slow pacing is a great fit for a light horror/suspense title, the directing is good enough and there's absolutely nothing wrong with any of the acting performances.

If the makers had have been more careful with the script and position of the three main characters, this could have been a lot more tense for the audience, rather than them waiting for the predictable reveal.

I found this too predictable and too gory and sadistic to be considered a movie of quality.

The dark, dreadful ambiance is right on mark, the story is engaging for the most part, it handles its genre tropes quite well and although it fails to bring anything new into the world of horror, it still makes up for a chilling cinematic experience.

If you want an unexpected end, this is your film.

Haunting, powerful, stunning.

Ich Seh, Ich Seh starts out as a basically constructed remake of The Other- with an homage to Franju's evocative classic Eyes Without A Face.

Based on the trailer and glowing reviews on this site, I expected a creepy and twisted story that would keep me on the edge of my seat.

Reviewed by: Dare Devil KidRating: 4.5/5 starsDark, violent, disturbing, and engulfed with a palpable sense of dread, "Goodnight Mommy" is a treat for psychological horror aficionados who not only love the wool being suddenly pulled over their eyes, but also enjoy being taunted with a narrative that's as unpredictable as it's unpleasant.

We, of course, find out why later on, but I thought it was an interesting view on how isolating and confusing depression can be, both for the person suffering from it and those who are close to them.

Besides it, the pacing is slow, the build up is filled with useless actions and exposition shots.

Slow, predictable, sadistic.

I saw boredom .

" There is an abundance of visually stunning darkness and violence in this truly disturbing film.

While it was interesting, it was predictable and I personally figured out the surprise twist ending about a third of the way through.

However, it failed by one of cliché's of film industry.

As I mentioned, the truly disturbing images and scenes are few and far between — this movie relies more heavily on an implied, psychological type of horror — but the ones that do exist are intense.

The twist ending was very predictable as I guessed it 5 minutes in.


In fact, it's a miracle that such a slow moving piece can be so absorbing, a quality that can be traced to the brilliant performances from the small cast (especially the creepy twin boys) and a brooding atmosphere of being cooped in a small house full of darkness, insect infestations...

I guess what I am TRYING to say in my stumbling, lame way, is that when you start out and take SO much time slow building and slow burning this kind of eerie Psychological Suspense Thriller, you just DON'T change the TONE so drastically in the last act of the film.

Where to start; no story development, no character development, no screen writing, no plausibility = no respect for the viewer's time, intelligence and/or taste.

It's a slow film that requires patience (doesn't really sound like a horror at all does it?

Do not go into this movie looking for horror, gore or fast paced action, this is a different kind of thriller, and not that bad of a watch, if you are tired from classic Hollywood horror and action scenes!

And the film is so slowly paced and 20 minutes too long it's almost a total loss at points.

The acting was good and there are some scenes that make you tilt your head to the side and utter a WTF - but other than that, I felt this movie was boring, boring, boring.

Beautifully shot, so the slow pace and sober atmosphere of the first half are engaging.

Apart from those few scenes, there is a lot of slow moving development, and as beautiful as well choreographed as they may be, it still failed to deliver the spooky horror I was hoping for.

However, at points, the film feels tedious and prolonged for no good reason, but this is generally coupled with some very intense sequences which involve a strong stomach to watch.

Absolutely stunning film, for fans of beautiful art horror.

For example directors Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz have "done a Kubrick" in the final shot: it is far too long, it breaks all the cinematic rules, it makes no sense and then (in the hands of competent direction) it makes complete sense!

The most predictable film I've seen in a long time.

But still an intriguing horror.

If you don't possess a lot of patience, then you will have a hard time getting through this one, due to the very slow buildup.

It also creates this uneasy, mysterious, and suspenseful mood throughout the movie and it also is heavily Psychological.

Goodnight Mommy is a film that will, for several days, let the viewer immersed in questions about what happened there.

The ending completely ruined it, which was made all the more infuriating because the set-up was intriguing and they could've done more with it - the atmosphere was handled pretty decently, and it did have my attention until hit the fan - instead of just lazily phoning it in.

It's incredibly unsettling, creepy, and eerily silent and at times a very suspenseful and disturbing film.

The only problem was the editing, it was a little slow for the first half.

Overall a very solid and engaging movie that leaves you guessing right up until the end.

That the boys start to imagine things about their so- called mother becomes a valid point as the story moves ahead with a snail's pace.

I can't get into details without spoiling it, but it is just pointless.

Sensitive topic of loss with predictable twist .

She lurks like a monster in dark shadows and in reflections, and it is as chilling as it is beautiful, I enjoyed it immensely.

I thought I would enjoy this as I love creepy horror films and the critics reviews were really positive but this film just bored me.

In another, we only hear a torture scene from the boys' room, the shot centered around a walkie-talkie on the shelf.

There is a torture porn scene that make the movie unpleasant for someone who got the twist from the beginning.

Well Worth The Watch .

A Austrian psychological drama horror that might not suit everyone just because it is a little bit on the slow side for the first half in particular and is then merely suggestively unsettling than a full on scare.

It is stunning body horror, and puts most other films to shame with its cinematography.

Goodnight Mommy is a very predictable "horror" movie that falls flat early in.

Worst movie ever, try not to watch .

whatever happened to good old movies, even slow movies can be fun and entertaining, this one just isn't!

Very little happens most of the time and the initial tension becomes predictable tedium.

It is so boring I switched it off in the middle and watched it to the end later only to prove my first impression of it.

The pacing is slow, so it won't be for everyone, especially ''those'' horror fans - and you know who I'm referring to.

For the lovers of mystery this is a must see, even for the arty lovers because the slow movement of camera and flick.

Intense and thoughtful .

But it's an entertaining little pastiche with a slight touch of originality.

Terribly dull until the final moments.

In the conclusion, it is good movie, but fairly predictable.

Don't waste your time.

Gripping portrayals of the twins is what will entice you.

Just one of those movies where nothing happens the entire time and all of a sudden the movie is over!

But overall it was just too long or too slow a wait for the inevitable, and I was restless throughout the last, plodding half.

Relentlessly tense, but predictable plot with great atmospherics .

It's predictable in some ways and though I admit it's not a bad film, I hate it so much

I usually like long and drawn out movies that have an ambiguous ending, and that's what I was expecting out of this movie.

Underwhelming and somewhat predictable .

The setting of a lakeside house is not only beautiful, but it also creates a sense of isolation and quietness that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

It was just so disappointing because even though as another reviewer here said (along with the rest of his grandiose, clichéd, and painfully pretentious review...

Nice to look at but slow march to illogical torture porn .