Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween (2018) - Adventure, Comedy, Family

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Two young friends find a magic book that brings a ventriloquist's dummy to life.

IMDB: 5.6
Director: Ari Sandel
Stars: Wendi McLendon-Covey, Madison Iseman
Length: 90 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 24 out of 128 found boring (18.75%)

One-line Reviews (84)

It's fast paced, fun and has a lot of Halloween themed action.

Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween is a mindless yet entertaining film.

The only highlight in this entire cliche-ridden movie is the brief return of Jack Black as R.

The movie has a good history, but the cast is so bored; Slappy is the best of the movie.

Even, their mother Kathy played by Wendi McLendon-Covey was dull.

Everything is as cliche as the Halloween decorations.

Entertaining kids Halloween movie .

So this was just about good, it was a bit too much of a kiddie movie for me but it was cute and very enjoyable and I'm sure they did what they could with it, and as it stands it's a better effort than the first movie was in my humble.

Enjoyable and fun.

Worst waste of my time and money .

Honestly, it was a waste of time for him, especially the past roles he's played that led him to being the legendary comedic actor we know.

Entertaining for kids?

So cheesy, so pointless and the 'surprise appearance' in the film did NOTHING to change that, if anything it made it more ridiculous!

It is a waste of time and money.

Waste of time and Money.

I REALLY loved this movie and highly enjoyable!

It is very engaging and entertaining throughout the whole film.

An entertaining Horror/Comedy by director Ari Sandel.

What I see in Goosebumps 2 - is pretty generic and boring for 2018.

Bought the dvd and mate this film is amazing how comes all the hate its just as good as the first one tbf I enjoyed it more.

It is an enjoyable and festive treat.

The film is a little boring and slow-paced and doesn't really speed up until an hour into the film, where things start getting a little more interesting.

Led by two very entertaining kids, flanked by the always likeable Wendi McLendon-Covey and less so Ken Jeong the movies cast is a solid one.

Waste of time .

Very straightforward, very cliché, and very piecemeal that it feels like an unfinished manuscript.

The plot was a bit slow and not that suspenseful or exciting.

The acting performances are tedious.

The family enjoyed it.


The acting was wooden , the writing lazy , plot predictable and cliche with only one chuckle for King fans .

Uninteresting characters Sub par story Meh villain Predictable ending Not worth watching just watch the originals.

First 40 minutes was good then it got a bit boring once it got into the film I enjoyed the first goosebumps more

It really did have a lot to work on, but funny thing is despite all of that it's hugely entertaining!

Entertaining Horror Comedy .

L Stine (Jack Black), those two have a lot more personality then the rest of the characters, more funny and exciting and crazy too, even though R.

But it is fun and entertaining.

While this installment is childish it is also entertaining and fun.

The actors at times got on my nerves and frankly Slappy as the main bad guy felt boring and I feel he is being over used.

Not when "Sony Pictures," the official propaganda arm of a Japanese Ruling Class still sore about losing a World War Two to the USA which THEY initiated, is allowed to launch one sneak attack--such as HAUNTED HALLOWEEN--after another against unsuspecting American movie-goers.

Every silly cliche and kids-scary-movie ala scooby doo trope was included in a mashup of cheap CGI "monsters".

Any glowing reviews are written by trolls wanting you to waste your time and money or by the Studio staff .

This is a good movie to put on as you do homework, or to have on before you fall asleep.

An enjoyable and festive treat .

Goosebumps 2 has such a feelgood fantasy fun mood & tone to it that IT'S so enjoyable & so entertaining.

The movie kind of dragged on and it was good 45 minutes before anything remotely interesting happens.

) it's certainly one of the more entertaining ones.

Another bland and boring cashgrab .

There are many funny set pieces in the movie that children will find very enjoyable.

) it ran out of steam a little, I enjoyed it better before it got too wacky!

We have magic mixed with Tesla in this intriguing tale set in Wardenclyffe New York.

The story is as cliche as they come and in turn makes it laughable.

The villain of this movie, Slappy, was kind of boring at times and didn't really have any scary scenes which was disappointing to see.

But, it's entertaining, fun to watch, and something you should definitely watch on Halloween.

The actors playing the kids do a good job but they're given the most basic of characterizations and conflicts (complete with predictable school bullies).

Taking my (5yr old) daughter to see this film was enjoyable; and even though it is labeled as a family movie, we both found ourselves spooked at times.

I still think you should still watch it as it is very entertaining and can be funny

Jack Black is in it for the last 5 minutes but is really a waste of time and talent.

6/10 - campy & family-friendly horror that is enjoyable and an improvement over its predecessor

Don't waste your money.

Good Pace: Short and to the point, this movie was a quick, fun adventure that did little to slow the antics down.

This movie is so damn cliched and predictable too.

Just a real waste of time that would have caused you to scream if you would have paid to watch in a theater.

More of a kids movie than the first one but enjoyable since it is so filled with the Halloween atmosphere.

From the get go, you'll be immersed into the adventure at hand, as what can be describes Stranger Things, meets a Disney vibe and is executed well.

While the rest of the cast is quite dull with their performances.

It is predictable beyond belief.

Overall, en enjoyable film, especially for the fans.

Such a step down in this design, Haunted Halloween didn't have quite the spectacular impasses they wanted to bring in, and that left me feeling a little bored in terms of suspense.

Complete waste of time.

The first was enjoyable to watch.

Jack Black's entertaining R.

I was very wary due to none of the orignal main characters was not in the film, but i was suprised that the film was so good , the story was great film was entertaining, you wont be disappointed .

The acting is fine and the Villain is very enjoyable.

However, the originality factor took a little from the adventure I enjoyed in the first installment, primarily at how disjointed this movie felt in integrating all its characters and creatures.

So slow, dragged on, and is pointless.

That's because the rest of the movie was equally uninteresting and left nothing to like or discuss.

The first film was 'acceptable' because Jack Black is worth watching in any film.

Some wonderful scenes: gummy bears coming to life, merging and absorbing a boy; rubber bats flying off and dive-bombing the citizens of Wardenclyffe; model witches dragging people into the sky.

Slow start, fun for the kids .

Although it isn't quite as good as the first, it is still a fun, enjoyable movie to watch.

An entertaining film for the whole family, and it has kid friendly scares just like the first Goosebumps film, and the book series.

(Except for the mom) Well acted, great actors, great visuals, cute jokes at times, bad writing, ruins the first movie (no returning characters or themes, the way the book works is different-no ink and you can read it, he follows the story written instead of his own choice, and that stupid twist at the end), ruins the real story (sloppy never had telekinesis), had to fast forward a lot because of cliche writing and being so bored.

Goosebumps 2 is trying to be just as fun as the original movie which it does have some entertaining creativity with the fun monsters.

I half fell asleep in the last 20 minutes and this movie seemed to drag and the villain never really had a decent motive.