Gothika (2003) - Horror, Mystery, Thriller

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A depressed female psychiatrist wakes up as a patient in the asylum where she worked, with no memory of why she is there or what she has done.

IMDB: 5.8
Director: Mathieu Kassovitz
Stars: Halle Berry, Penélope Cruz
Length: 98 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 100 out of 379 found boring (26.38%)

One-line Reviews (280)

Slow down!

Accept it as a scarily entertaining film and one of the best genuine horrors around at the moment.

Very scary but a bit predictable...

A great start, twisted but predictable, totally fine .

Every move was predictable.

I love movies which are very suspenseful, and a little bit of horror mixed in for good measure.

Gothika is the story of Dr. Miranda Grey, a psychologist at some sort of prison, the best they have in fact (cliché #1).

Sadly, the film as a result is rather uneventful, with too much time spent on aimless wanderings through ill-lit corridors and too little plot to carry it through.

This film is unpredictable as the answers are revealed.

Gothica although I enjoyed it at times, really didn't make the most of what it had which is: Real A LIST Actresses/actors, an intriguing plot and some superb camera direction.

However, given a solid cast and high end production value, those who are into the genre, may enjoy this critically slammed flick about a woman on the edge.

I enjoyed Halle's good performance in spite of the somewhat predictable storyline.

But, honest to god, this movie was a predictable, boring rehash of every horror cliché.

The plot of this movie is too simple and boring, and the twist ending seems forced and desperate.

This is a fantastic movie to see if you like suspenseful, thrillers Halle does a fantastic job, the directing is on par.

The ghostly scenes have a threatening, intense edge to them and feel unnervingly realistic, putting us right in the hot seat with wide eyed Berry.

I you want to get bored, try this.

Predictable plot and many superfluous scenes that don't fit in with anything really, and plenty of dramatic music don't add up to much.

This movie steals from The Sixth Sense, What Lies Beneath, The Ring and Dragonfly yet I really enjoyed it despite its unoriginality.

And the very end was fairly predictable.

It almost goes some way to redeeming itself too, but by this point you'll either be asleep or simply too bored to care what happens.

The storyline, with it's "twist", is oh so very cliched and predictable, with no real thought put into any scene.

Robert Downey was bland.

What a predictable film, like any horror film....

The whole film is a little bland & dull as it's very grey without much colour.

This is stunning at first.

The build up in tension is often slow and weary and by the end of the film you know when the next clang or crash is coming in each such scene.

I enjoyed it!

Towards the end it does get pretty predictable.

Ultimately, the film does not work and the conclusion betrays the basic premise, making a lot of things seem contrived and unlikely.

But in the end it's somewhat predictable.

There are moments of real confusion, a good atmosphere developed (ever been around or in a real mental institution?

The `scares' were contrived.

Visually moderately appealing, the movie's plot took a turn for the worse about 2/3 of the way through and the final few scenes let it drop off into yawn-inducing territory, I'm afraid.

She looks to the left, to the right and behind her in an attempt to get some bearing on a ghostly image of a girl she last saw moments before her initial black-out – eerie and unpredictable stuff.

I enjoyed it and found discussing it was worth the time spent watching this movie.

Probably most enjoyable to people who actually believe we can be possessed.

There are some predictable parts, and the ending is not as powerful as the begining.

There are long scenes of slow moving uncut sequences.

This film is an unpredictable imaginative horror film that is both truly disturbing and thrilling.

This movie might be somewhat entertaining if you have not seen a movie in this genre before.

this movie is worth watching.

The sound is nothing special, but the score is chilling enough to warrant the suspenseful effects it builds.

Halle Berry walks around the movie with a constant look of boredom and seems to be phoning the role in, Bernard Hill looks as if he just wants to get back to New Zealand to do Return of the King and Charles S Dutton is just not believable as Berry husband.

All that matters is that this movie has some great thrills which had me sitting on the edge of my chair.

Clever storyline, good performance by Halle Berry, a frustrating watch, but very enjoyable

This might sound interesting, but the film fails to deliver the mood of the horror film and everything (scenes) seem so cliché and boring at times.

But still the plot was flat and predictable.

Just make sure you leave early.

Cool,suspenseful music throughout the movie and well done environment(rain,blue lighting,Flashings lights) Overall a pretty good movie,I like it even more than The Ring because it's easier to understand the end.

" Tipped off by John Ottman's music taking a few tips from James Newton Howard's score for "The Sixth Sense," that's just one of the many predictable elements of the movie; it goes from quiet and dull to overwrought and dull, and makes absolutely no sense whatsoever right up to and including its climax and ending, with plot elements seemingly chucked in because they could be chucked in, and some really annoying direction to boot.

The only remark I have is that it is too bad that the storyline was just a little predictable.

Maybe I read too many books, but the true antagonist's identity was too formulaic.

All in all a film well worth watching.

One of the better scenes involves her, alone in the cell, being tormented by strange writing that appears on a glass wall in front of her with no one around to do so, followed by an intense scene by voices from all around trying their best to unnerve her.

Halfway through the film i guessed what was going to happen (husband and the sheriff being the sex pervert and murders), it was unsurprising and boring.

Halle Berry on the edge of sanity.

It was ,however,somewhat predictable.

It was very predictable and a little quick.

Towards the end, knowing that everything will be okay, in this typical Hollywood trash, the mind has no regard for anybody's well-being, as boredom has long before set in.

It is in my opinion better than The Ring (very good story, but too long, drawn-out and not well done) and certainly much more thrilling than Blair Witch Project (cheesy, nauseating and ridiculous).

There are reviewers here who say that this movie was worth watching and then there are some who say that it's a waste of time.

This switcheroo aspect was the most fascinating for me personally, having known people who've been committed and the frustrations and indignities they endure in that anything they say or do is simply taken as further evidence of the conclusion that's already been reached about them.

Overplayed, dull and predictable .

For the first three quarters, it was typical ghost-work, predictable in parts, and boring to a degree.

Same old Hitchcock effects over and over, nothing innovative, absolutely predictable.

Suspenseful at times .

Then the next predictable sub-genre drops into place with a thud: the spirit who can't rest.

Even when a dead girl appears in the middle of the road on the night of Barrie's fateful drive home-- a ripe 'Ring' moment if ever there was one, perfect for slowing down the pace and letting the creepy stuff rise steam-like-- the incident is dashed off in a mundane flurry of cell phone fumbling, spectacular car crash and well-worn special effects flash.

The plot twists were extremely predictable as well.

She works well with Downey Jr who turns in an enjoyable performance.

The bottom line: save your money.

thrilling and exciting...

It was psychological and was also thrilling.

Anyway, this movie was so bland and predictable, there ain't nothin' here that you haven't seen before in a hundred other, MUCH better horror films.

It gets very boring.

Keeps you in suspense, on the edge of your seat.

Thrilling and suspenseful .

And at the same time, this movie has the REAL IMPERTINENCE to demand to be taken seriously, which is undermined in a fragile and audience-begging way, namely by those teenagers' wondering about the supposed "mystery" of and inside psychology (an abuse of an academic subject, even completely mixed-up together with the whole other and whole different subject of super-naturality in order to arouse an emotional response from the audience: structurally equal to any kind of propaganda whatsoever) and about the main "Who-done-it"-question constructed until there by the movie, where she begins to remember.

It takes Gothika forty-five minutes to get beyond the information we learn in the trailer, and just as the movie begins to look promising (with an entertaining escape sequence) the major problems begin to arise.

Save your money .

To the contrary, I just about fell asleep a couple of times.

Actually, this uninspired horror thriller seems to be a possessor of better films, THE SNAKE PIT, THE SIXTH SENSE, and WHAT LIES BENEATH (just to name a few), and comes up short with laughable, muddled disclosures and plot holes, and empty with scares and logic.

gothika is full of repetitive scenes that are plain tedious the plot is ludicrous and totally unbelievable the fact that greys husband is also a doctor at the same institution and incredibly a secret killer and torturer of women is a complete nonsense to the plot, likewise the local police chief has the same recreational hobbies and ravishes patients inside the hospital is too much to take it is indeed absurd on the viewers physce to accept the plot in any form.

The whole theater stayed on the edge of their seat until the very end.

A complete waste of time!

apparently to keep the film going and to distract the viewer from how pointless and nonsensical the film is.

" cliché.

But for now, don't waste your money on this.

You will be on the edge the whole ride.

Given the concept, Kassovitz could have made a very engaging film.

Some of the characters seemed downright pointless when all was said and done, namely Robert Downey Jr. and Penelope Cruz.

The story is not only flawed and filled with plot holes, it also is predictable and you can see the end twist coming from miles away (at least I did).

Gothika was entertaining; it was fun, scary, sinister and spooky.


I really, really enjoyed it.

Halle put in a terrible performance where screaming seemed to substitute for acting, the plot line suffered all of the ridiculousness outlined above plus about ten other glaring faults, and the filming used every cliche to try and "scare" us that I could see every moment coming around the bend.

Well made flick that delivers the goods, I wasn't terribly scared, but my hot butt was on the edge of the juice stained lazy-boy chair till the movie expired.

Prediktika, formulaic-ka...

The movie is just intriguing enough to hold your attention and no more than that.

Gothika is a colossal train wreck, a movie about a haunted asylum where absolutely nothing happens.

Confusing .

This movie had no plot.

The film is a little drawn out too, I'd have liked to have seen it as a 30 minute Tales from the Crypt (1989 - 1996) episode rather than a full length feature.

Complete waste of time.

She ends up becoming an inmate in that very prison when her husband is found brutally murdered and she is the only suspect (yawn, cliché #2).

Great horror, so-so mystery, but well worth watching .

although the story was ok and had lots of potential, it felt like they tried a bit too hard to frighten the audience, and in the end, the film was very predictable with no real surprises.

So yeah, it was full of some pretty predictable 'ghostiness'.

Tedious asylum horror from Dark Castle .

The overly contrived ending.

Worth the watch.

I have read many reviews that seemed to think Gothika was a waste of time.

All in all, it's not perfect, but it's definitely worth watching.

And when she almost hits a truck, her unexpected reaction is neat.

Embarking on this journey through reality and the supernatural life, you'll be on the edge of your seat until it's all over.

With intriguing characters and original plot, this movie delivers the thrills and chills and will keep you entertained throughout.

It also utilizes the typical cliché cues of thunder and lightning and red herring musical cues to provide scares.

The ending was predictable, Halle berry was over the top.

But most of the movie was a boring, predictable mess.

Also-to many overlong chase scenes-I'd have liked to see the chase scenes shortened by perhaps 10 minutes-just 10 MINUTES-after awhile, though I was interested in how it all turned out, it was impossible for me to stifle a yawn or two.

what a waste of time.

But, what made up for the film is the fast-paced plot, surprising twists, unpredictable story and thrilling sequences.

In other way, the directing of french Mathieu Kassovitz is creepy and chilly,he knows how to do it for thrilling the audience.

Having said that, one still has to admit their product is formulaic and familiar to a fault.

Any horror flick set in an asylum just has to to be cloaked in workable atmosphere to be effective, and this one is positively dripping with it, hence the evocative title.

This is what is the real evil of our time which might sound conservative - In fact, the opposite of it is the truth and nothing but it: As a 'Goth'-chap, I like feelings of the kind of really-not-feeling-comfortable-or-at-home-at-all very much, but I dislike and condemn all that is only evil and/or gruesome "just like that", with no reason for this at all, with no sense, for a good example national socialism which is a modern form of the absolute, absolutely not in the slightest 'fascinating' form of evil - people nowadays have got no idea about what the evil really is and how quick and commonly it can arouse and be summoned before our very own eyes and in our very own garden, they, and mostly young teens, are often misled by the clichè of the fascination or the 'cool'-ness, the mysteriousness of the evil, and many of those who even intellectually preach sorts of half-built, mostly fashist-back-grounded satanism even might use the confusion about what is really evil and what only is defined as evil by society for their own purpose, because society is stupid enough not to be smarter than them!

Boring nonsense .

All I can say is that the film is definatly worth a look just leave before the contrived silly ending.

While I truly enjoyed the movie, I have to say that I did find the ending to be a little too predictable.

But I wasn't ready to face something so terribly poor, boring and offensive.

An entertaining evening at home.

This ghost-story has an excellent atmosphere and photography, and the initial two-thirds of the story is really intriguing.

Nevertheless, the movie remains sufficiently enjoyable for what it is, and it may be a good watch for horror lovers on a rainy Friday night

Dutton) death, and the semi-predictable end; this movie did not disappoint me when it came to chills, thrills, and plot twists.

Which means we're left watching one boring scene after another waiting for Miranda to figure out what we already know, and waiting for the music to periodically stop so something will jump out.

The horror-movie 'jump' sequences are rather predictable and the film as a whole has a feel of going nowhere.

This would have worked if the mystery in the film was stronger than the psychological elements, but unfortunately, the mystery felt dull and predictable making the last half hour of the film almost painful to watch.

At the end of the day Gothika is all rather pedestrian big budget Hollywood flashiness with little substance, just about worth watching I suppose.

Its a lot better than expected and worth watching as long as you can overlook a simple plot.

There's no change-up to what has happened, the pattern is the same and it leads to boredom as it goes along due to the non-change.

I found this film engaging enough to actually see it through to the end.

Was the storyline predictable?

YAWN - how lame.

The bad news, however, is that the script is weak and incredibly predictable.

But the makers keep on the main road, for better or worse, and show a perverse preference for their cliche over mine.

Waste of my time .

), but director Kassovitz and his actors do a credible job in making this film entertaining and suspenseful.

Worth Watching!

Once you figure out that the ghost is good and not evil, the reason why is pretty obvious and the rest of the plot unfolds in a very predictable way.

Fairly suspenseful psychological shocker...

The acting is cheesy and uninspiring.

Yes, it's a little stunning that Dr. Grey has been placed in her own Institution, considering that would most likely NEVER happen in real-life circumstances.

Personally, I enjoyed horror films better back before everyone was obsessed with doing the whole "torture porn" bulls**t, and actually put some effort into making their film suspenseful.

Overall, the movie was very much worth watching and keeps you engrossed to the very end.

I really liked how it kept you on the edge of your seat.

A total waste of time and money.

Unpredictable story and it's good to see Halle Changing roles she is a very widespread actress, doing a bit of everything.

Overall Gothika is an entertaining film that plays with your mind.

"Gothika" isuber-predictable, and the climax actually made me giggle a little.

then emptiness, and at last: waste of time .

For a movie that took itself seriously and presented a good product for 75% of the viewing, it was so unbelievably disappointing that when a potentially riveting resolution was in everyone's sight, it was simply left by the wayside in one of the greatest sell-outs of all time; a sell-out to camp and abject stupidity.

Scary, but predictable...

But after all, it was mildly entertaining, solid craftsmanship from everybody.

Why does the director waste so much time on shots of people running through corridors?

Everything seems to have been there already, the general premise (shrink put in a sanitarium), the story ("What Lies Beneath") and those plenty cliché "shock" effects.

Otherwise, save your money and wait for the rental.

Especially after watching the contrived ending, I wish I'd walked out after spotting the mike.

" This is a serious waste of time and you'll regret listening to any of the reviews here that even try to rationalize why you should watch this tripe.

Great beginning but gets predictable in the 2nd half .

But, the film is still mildly entertaining, even though filmed with an irritating bluish tinge in all of the hospital scenes.

In my eyes, she seemed a little contrived and weak.

This movie was very predictable.

Granted the whole scenario on the absurd side, but it's intriguing enough to keep you captivated and that's what counts.

It has an engaging supporting cast,in the shape of Salma Hayek and (managing to stay out of clink long enough) Robert Downey Jr,as well as a tense,well-written script with enough consistently entertaining thrills,spills,twists and turns to make this most pleasant surprise all the more enthralling to the end.

It was scary, exciting, nailbiting, thrilling!

This movie is heavily inspired by the brilliant asian horror movies the later years, especially The Ring inspiration i feel shines through in this movie, but it does it well, and it's not a remake, so that is okay, what these movies all have in common is that they are very good at keeping the intense feeling, the suspense, where you are constantly expecting to jump up your seat.

This is a very thrilling film.

This is quite possibly the worst movie that I have ever paid to see in a theater.

The movie was suspenseful until the last 20 minutes, after which you knew she was in no danger.

The problem stems from the fact that it is obviously derivative and, as such, cannot escape from its influences and it just ends up contrived.

Even Catwoman was worth watching just to see her, and I will support that with a good review.

However, the cinematography is at it's most compelling when it is not trying to manipulate the audience's emotions.

She has a mundane swim with scary music to feed off your tension monitors and then leaves, saying a quick see you tomorrow to the night guard and goes home in a pretty humdrum fashion.

1st watched 4/19/2004 - 4 out of 10(Dir-Mathieu Kassovitz): Scary, but predictable Halle Berry ghost movie that pulls the viewer in with the soundtrack to the point where you are able to start guessing and guess right when the assault on the senses will come.

was it a bit slow for me or did it go too fast that I missed something?

I was really looking forward to this movie, it had a thrilling storyline, great trailer and talented actors.

The first half is scary by using great sound effects, beautiful shots and suspenseful plot.

I hope that in future projects (and I do very much want to see future projects from Dark Castle) they slow down, allow themselves to focus, and prove what really is possible in this extraordinary medium.

There are some elements that are hard to follow (I didn't realize that Grey was possessed by the ghost to kill her husband until I read an IMDb comment).

6/10 It's still worth watching.

From my point of view the ending was too predictable and the whole story with the husband is cliché.

Dutton) and (Penelope Cruz) Gothika was a very enjoyable film, strong and powerful thriller flick with great twists and turns and makes you jump in all the right places.

The cliché that doctors don't listen to their patients' starts us off on this goose chase when Berry's patient Penelope Cruz claims the Devil is repeatedly raping her.

Even if you can't figure it out, the scene where it is revealed that this person is the villain is so drawn out that Halle Berry is definitely the last one to figure it out.

rather dull if you ask me.

Unexpectedly predictable .

The film is slow.

This is a very strange thriller that will keep you on the edge of your chair.

"But, my dreams they are as empty, as my conscience seems to be.

Received opinion has it that "Catwoman", for which she won her only Razzie award, represents the nadir of her career, but in my view she has made several films far worse, and far more deserving of a Razzie, than "Catwoman", which I would place in the "enjoyable nonsense" category.

Indeed, the film is at its most intriguing when it is preoccupied with the irony of its setup, and at its least compelling when it is focused on the silliness of its supernatural elements (which I will not iterate here).

Fresh textbook trite.

it is just and enjoyable scary movie.

Riveting Psychological Thriller.

Which means we're left watching one boring scene after another waiting for Miranda to figure out what we already know, and waiting for the music to periodically stop so something will jump out.

this is the first movie i have ever walked out on...

I was ready for a horror, expected some nice cliché, lights going out, creepy locations, some originally-model-looking chicks pretending to be a scary ghosts...

The supernatural plot itself seemed awfully convenient and even contrived when it needed to be.

* This movie started out slow, at first.

boring .

Berry gets a workout in this supernatural thriller which is about 80% scary/suspenseful moments and 20% story.

I for one am a horror movie junkie and if it scares me, its scary, and how was this movie predictable?

Highly predictable hokum that will contain no surprises for those who have seen 'What lies beneath', which by the way, I feel is a superior film to this one.

And it's a suspenseful yarn ready for retelling with or without a post modern twist.

Most of the credit for making this film entertaining is solely because of Halle Berry.

), so unless you do not need a warm and cozy place for 2 hours, save your money or go watch 'Identity' once again instead.

The story is the most predictable and boring ever.

The first half of the film is actually pretty good for the most part, but the second half, which includes the very non-supernatural explanation for the events, is sensationalistic instead of interesting or suspenseful.

I was bored rigid watching this movie.

Entertaining ghost story with a bit of climax trouble .

But was it reasonably entertaining and fun to watch?

Nevertheless, `Gothika' is quite intriguing.

what a bore .

But loses its way into what's traditional and predictable after.

Penelope Cruz also has some intense and funny moments.

The suspense is lost in the confusion.

It was nice to see Penelope Cruz star in a horror movie and she gave a riveting performance.

it doesnt have the same amount of plot twists as some other films such as sixth sense and can be pretty predictable at times.

It's outrageousness--that someone so accomplished as Doug or as boring as the sheriff could actually be sadistic and violent is part of the message .

However, it's a pity that he made it for the that section of Hollywood fans who like pretentious crap.

Then there are the dark and murky corridors and flickering lights, along with the obligatory suspenseful music.

This is just mediocre crap, so I wouldn't waste the time or the rental fee if I were you.

i really enjoy this movie even it's twist are predictable.

The film ends in confusion and leaving the viewer feeling cheated at the unsatisfactory 'climax'.

), a long speech to explain everything for everybody (stuff of trite TV shows !

Gripping Tale Has A Profound Effect .

Despite the cliché title, the occasional plot clichés, and all the negative publicity generated by critics, I found this film to be surprisingly entertaining, intelligent, and disturbing.

After about six of these it's just boring.

Uninspired and Pointless .

Also, the story in itself is both painfully predictable (I solved the mystery the moment Miranda picked up Rachel's picture and learnt of her death) and confusing.

It keeps you on the edge of your chair from the first second until the last one.

Unfortunately, the empty conscience of the writer and producers servicing WB digital cameras don't seem to care.

It was really predictable and also the pathetic attempts to scare the audience were just plain hilarious.

I thought the reason I had fallen asleep through the first attempt was because I was tired but that was obviously not the reason because the second time I watched it I also started to doze off.

second,the movie is genuinely scary at some points and overall a thoroughly enjoyable popcorn flick that you may want to watch with your girlfriend over the weekend(i bet she wouldn't wanna sleep alone after this one)....

Utterly predictable.

Nothing different, nothing original, very predictable.

This movie is a gigantic cliche.

It's sodding confusing.

That they take place inside the mental facility is just as good, since it allows for some atmosphere to come from the place and make it a really interesting and enjoyable location to get some scares from.

I enjoyed it a lot, and 7.5/10 is what it gets from me.

)and predictable.

If you want to have some fun and just loose some time this it's the one If you are trying to see a good horror or suspense movie don't waste your time

Sufficiently scary and entertaining.

This movie bored the hell out of me.

Has A Good Story and Twist, But Got A Bit Boring At Times.

A dreary and uninspired entry into the "Psychological Third Act Twist Thriller" genre, this one was only saved from distribution by Nu-Image or Troma by the presence of Halle Berry, who may have the worst taste in projects of any actress ever known.

Yet the film is engaging enough with enough thrills and chills to keep it going although you kind of guess what the dark secrets could be.

Graphic, confusing, unsettling, and certainly not for the squeamish.

It's boring and it feels way too long, even for a running time of an hour and a half.

After boring the viewer to death with its first hour, the film does start to pick up.

Painfully slow, for at least the first hour.

Ho Hum.

Too predictable .

You are quickly put on the edge of your seat and you stay there till the end of the film.

Starts off reasonably interestingly then descends into a cliché ridden mess, with one of the most ludicrous endings I have ever seen.

Halie Berry has outdone herself in this movie .. a very unpredictable background adds more flavor to the movie.

Another so called scary movie, that is just plain dull.

This is a movie that is psychologically thrilling and will keep your attention from beginning to end.

Intense Psychological Thriller.

This film also has many intriguing twists from the beginning to end that hold the audience's attention.

in fact, the film was very enjoyable.

My only reservations of this movie are the predictable ending and that Robert Downey Jnr is massively underused as her co worker.

This movie is void of predictability or any formulaic format, which makes it such a refreshing thriller.

Even in spite of the sadly transparent and derivative plot, "Gothika" manages to remain compelling and even somewhat engaging.

I don't understand the people here who are saying this wasn't a good movie, not scary, and predictable.

Halle Berry stars as a psychatrist who during a dark and stormy night (this cliche is appropriate for this movie) sees a woman in the street, blacks out, and wakes up in the psychatric ward she works in as a patient accused of killing her husband.

So, if you don't buy into apparitions or ghosts, ponderous music, heavy handed sound effects, and the usual spooky movie blue tinted noir cinematography, you'll, like me, find yourself fast forwarding through the filler to get to the meat of the story.

While the basic premise may be sound, Gothika is formulaic and predictable at best, trite, hackneyed, and boring at worst.