Gran Torino (2008) - Drama

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Disgruntled Korean War veteran Walt Kowalski sets out to reform his neighbor, a Hmong teenager who tried to steal Kowalski's prized possession: a 1972 Gran Torino.

IMDB: 8.1
Director: Clint Eastwood
Stars: Clint Eastwood, Bee Vang
Length: 116 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 120 out of 910 found boring (13.18%)

One-line Reviews (467)

I highly recommend it.

Like pouring petrol on a fire to get it started, once we've been over-stimulated with this information we are then treated to a slow burn, as Eastwood allows the film to progress at a wonderful steady pace.

A gripping movie full of suspense and a handful of laughs, Gran Torino is a great movie about overcoming boundaries and what can happen when we let our guard down a little, even for a crabby old man.

) To give Gran Torino a little bit of credit, I these boring talking scenes aren't nearly as boring as I expected.

All in all, this is one of the year's best films, and I would highly recommend it.

This film along with the filmed in the 2000s as ¨Invictus ¨ , " Changeling" , ¨ Million dollars baby ¨ ¨Mystic river ¨ make that the dramatic force of this great director turns outs to be breathtaking and impressive .

Worst movie of 2008.

This film is good entertainment and I highly recommend it.

It is beautiful and worth watching for anyone, especially fans of Clint.

That is bad for Eastwood, since their characters are supposedly what is melting the stony heart of his character, but it is really difficult to see how these two dull teenagers could possibly accomplish this.

It is slow.

Maybe it was even that acting that caused the movie to be uninteresting and not to catch my full emotional affection towards the whole situation.

If you haven't seen this movie yet, I highly recommend it.

But I did find the relationship that arises between Clint and Thao, as well as Thao's sister, Sue, quite touching (if cliché).

Over the past 5 decades Clint Eastwood has been an icon in film making , creating wonderful, entertaining films mostly with a greater ,deeper message .

This story is so absorbing and Clint!

but entertaining, worth watching.

At 78 years old Director and Actor Eastwood is inspiring and continues to do amazing compelling work.


Entertaining Movie, Anticlimactic ending .

colossal waste of time and money .

Alongside the story of Walt, the gang and his neighbours is the coming of age tale of the eager young priest (Christopher Carley), and Walt's failing health.

Then comes the unexpected friendship with the aforementioned young man Thao (Bee Vang).

8) Even Clint's constant growling throughout the movie got tiresome.

It is a slow piece of work with no big moments (until the end) and follows the relationship between an aging old man and a good-hearted naïve young Asian boy next door.

There are a few rewarding moments, and again, Clint's acting and character are superb, but that is not enough to recommend this amateurish, predictable, and pretty unrealistic movie.

It's very solid, nicely photographed, wistful and warming comfort food, with some wry and sharp lines from Clint peppering it throughout, and there are some wild allegorical touches to think about in the odd slow bit (like the whole somewhat formulaic priest thing).

Message is a bit forced, but entertaining for what it is .

I had a hard time accepting any of this film's main players as anything more than thin caricatures, especially considering the bland, straightforward dialog they're given to work with, and that resulted in a major emotional disconnect during the climax.

The result is an absolutely gripping film.

Beneath all the nastiness of this heavy drama, there is a surprisingly compelling level of emotion.

At 78, Eastwood has nothing more to prove, yet he has produced another stunning winner.

The plot flows seamlessly along, fluid and engaging, with characters that are authentic in a way that inspires empathy.

A moral tale then and one well worth watching.

That's why it's so confusing to see he was able to make such an embarrassing, almost amateuristic movie.

And I had enjoyed it after the first five minutes.

You can see also many thrilling scenes and moments .

In fact, the story seems to be reasonable and logical and most importantly close to any situation we might be dragged in real world.

Well it isn't the BEST movie I've seen, but putting it down as the WORST movie?

He is one entertaining fellow.

I think that when a film is directed and starred in by the same man things can get a bit pretentious.

Anyway, be prepared on some slow paced sequences and don't expect an amazing movie.

"Gran Torino" is director Clint Eastwood's prosaic and compelling essay that we are, in fact, a country for "Old Men".

The thrilling story can also be classified as a comedy.

Apart from that, the movie takes on a tour to a different dimension where Clint's performance was mind blowing and i think he was the right guy for that role.

The story isn't memorable by any means nor does it deviate from the archetypical white saviour trope but the cinematic ride it offers is interesting, engaging & mostly satisfying.

But a kid which was a neighbor changed his life in an unexpected way.

This is a film that I think everyone should watch, as the humor throughout the film helps relieve the tedium of the slow pacing this movie uses.

The film doesn't lose on quality because of that, cause it's covered by a touching story, superb direction, and breathtaking lead role by Clint.

terribly predictable.

Sound effects included various background suspenseful music to add drama to many of the confrontational scenes, such as Walt pulling a gun on the gang when they learn that Thao Vang does not want to join the gang, the return of Sue from her brutal beating, and the scene where Walt takes a stand to the gang.

But it was so gripping and intense.

Walter, a Korea War veteran, thinks he can fight violence with violence, and things only escalate from there to an unpredictable conclusion.

Sure you get wisecracking Eastwood, but you also get feed a lot mixed messages and movie cliché's that make your eyes roll.

Literal, simplistic, predictable, manipulative - typical Eastwood .

The plot and the message are painfully predictable and hackneyed, and Eastwood's performance, though powerful at times, brings overacting to a whole new level at others.

So yeah, I got bored, changed the channel and watched 'The Life Aquatic' to try and cheer me up after this horrible movie.

This movie is great because there are times where it makes you happy, sad, and times you're on the edge of your seat.

The story is cliché, uninteresting, cheesy and predictable.

Had it been expanded and drawn out, rather than compressed as it is, it may not have been as engaging.

The most important thing is the way Walt Kowalski left the message for the poor kid who wants to bring change in his dull life.

It's also a kind of urban Western update of "The Shootist" in that Clint's character, although it's never specifically stated that he's dying of cancer but heavily implied, picks a fight with the evil local gang in the hope he'll catch a bullet and go out in a blaze of glory rather than succumb to the slow agony of cancer (just like John Wayne did).

This film could've been way better if they would've put more thought on it considering %70 of the film was actually very enjoyable.

I disagree, yeah it's a low budget movie, but it's one of those low budget movies that is worth seeing it in theaters because of a brilliant performance by Clint Eastwood with a riveting script.

The drama and action were also compelling, as this movie has some really touching scenes, as well as gritty ones.

This movie is long, boring, stupid and a true disappointment.

The plot, combining together Eastwood as a Lone ( and deservedly lonely ) Ranger character and the always faulted premise, "My Enemy's Enemy Is My Friend", has the story line, which proceeds by rather predictable steps, of a common enemy uniting persons whose bigotry regarding each others race would otherwise have kept them apart.

There are some wonderful performances in "Milk" (Sean Penn), "Australia" (Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman), "Changeling" (Angelina Jolie and director Clint Eastwood), and "The Dark Knight" (a riveting performance by "Brokeback Mountain's" Heath Ledger).

Even though this is an excellent film, the ending was predictable and disappointing.

There are a lot of people who love films, but will not watch the Academy Awards because of the long, boring, redundant speeches with everyone thanking everyone.

However, despite narrative and directorial shortcomings, he as a performer more than carries the slack - his triumphant rendition of unrepentant, grizzled Korean war vet Walt Kowalski is endlessly watchable, as each animalistic snarl, grim spitting out of racial slurs and grimace as he reflects on his own waning physical potential are alternatively hilarious, gripping and touching, managing to take a despicable sack of a man and infuse him with gruff pathos, charisma and sly humour to spare.

It was OK, a little slow paced but entertaining enough.

Save your money and your time.

However this appears to be a deliberate attempt to establish a bridge between the crudely enjoyable films of Eastwood's salad days, and the smart and cagey movie that this morphs into.

But, it is churlish to pick on this when you are faced with such a tight and entertaining piece of film-making with a powerful message of redemption.

The storyline is truly engaging throughout, whether it is in the dialogue or the more fast-paced scenes.

If I hadn't watched this at home, I would have walked out.

The premise of this movie also seemed quite intriguing from the previews.

(I won't say how it happens, in case you still want to waste your time on this film)Even the conflict resolution was unbelievable.

It was funny, touching, spiritual, evocative and completely engrossing.

Yet, everything that was there subtle, unexpected, hinted, is here in 'Gran Torino' direct and trivial.

Then low and behold -- the most predictable ending ever.

Here was this unbearable old codger criticising everything, even his granddaughter's clothes, and they are expected to love him?

His slow developing relationship with the Hmong family next door.

It's thought-provoking and exciting at the same time.

He doesn't call for mystery, the one time he did was the average but overrated 'Mystic River,' and as you watch his films you are immersed in the heartfelt stories he brings to audiences.

A great action packed film .

Clint Eastwood's film-making career has led credulity to the cliché that some things only get better with age, showing a transcendent self-awareness and reflective grasp for supremely genuine emotional storytelling and allegorical commentary on America, and the steadily fading beacons of past moral values.

Because at heart, it's just another cliché, pansy excuse at a heartfelt life-changing movie, and I'm sick of the same godforsaken story every time I walk into my godforsaken movie theater.

Coming of age?

Whenever something courageous or risky was about to happen, the lighting was always low and it was directed to Walt's facial expression to make the scene more intense.

i am going to start with that i am a big fan of clint eastwood so whatever he do as an actor or director i like it(almost every time),i am reviewing this movie after watching it fourth time(in five years),gran torino is a kind of movie you can watch it more then once and still going to enjoy like you did it first time,drama which was created by clint eastwood in this movie with all those badass punchlines,emotions,chemistry between all actors and with that heart touching and unexpected climax is simply amazing,clint eastwood have a particular style of building a story with slow and delicate pace and then he will surprise you with mind-blowing climax which leaves you with that feeling for next few days.

In all a cinematic achievement worth watching for years to come.

Gran Torino was extremely entertaining.

The story was compelling and, mixed with the drama was a refined touch of humour; the perfect combination for a pleasant evening.

Having been a fan of Clint Eastwood for many years I was on the edge of my seat when I heard of this film with him in the lead role.

I walked away feeling deeply touched and moved by Eastwood's riveting performance as a Korean War veteran who recently lost his wife and is coping with the fact he lives next door to the nationality of people he fought in the war.

One BIG Yawn - if you wasted your time too, at least warn others.

Pros: gripping story, and has good/funny dialogue at some parts.

The repeated stereotypes that were used throughout the film along with the director's angle made the film complex and intriguing.

The story is mostly engaging with an interesting protagonist, but there are a few moments where it is hackneyed and predictable, which is my only criticism of this movie.

Aside from predictable moments, it is a good film.

Three-fourths of "Gran Torino" is as entertaining and amusing as any "All in the Family" episode except that the bigoted hero indulges in profanity and racism galore.

What this film has is about every cliché imaginable.

GRAN TORINO is a bit too over-the-top and predictable for serious Oscar consideration.

The writing was a little empty and it didn't take a guru to see right through the plot.

Wow Clint must have a very large family to get all these great reviews from a film that is so predictable and so lame in its presentation , or maybe its pity .

So Thao's sister being raped is that scene, how it played out was predictable, and what happened after it was uneventful.

Gran Torino is a dark, yet enthralling drama anchored by a gripping performance by Clint Eastwood and a powerful story that is hard to ignore.

Self Indulgent Drivel .

If you're a fan of good storytelling, well-written dialogue, engaging plot and fine acting then you'd be better off steering clear of this overrated bore.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable movie right up to the end.

I also liked the unexpected end, an example of sacrifice for the welfare of others, which surprises the spectator because the film is quite violent, even the poster seems to indicate that.

It's mundane suburban-American setting with a war-time history background gives the movie a firm background.

First, the images and the cinematography were fascinating because of the different camera angles and movements; you could tell they were well planned to make this technical feature support the mood of the story.

It has no story.

But even this aspect is dealt in a clever and unpredictable way.

The movie is a little longer than one would hope (that is, it ended a bit longer than I thought it should), but it's an effective and highly evocative story of a man's quest for inner peace.

Gran Torino is uninteresting at best and tedious at worst,worse even than Million Dollar Baby,and contains some of the worst actors ever subjected to the silver screen.

On the other hand if you have heard of Fellini, then don't waste your time with this rubbish.

Conjuring up elements of both Harry Calahan and William Munny, Clint Eastwood's Walt Kowalski doesn't quite near the brilliance of his previous creations, but a healthy mix of drama, pathos, and an unexpected dose of wit result in a wholly enjoyable experience.

The Worst Movie...

This movie starts slowly and builds as it goes along to a satisfying and unexpected climax.

While there is some violence there is plenty of solid emotional moments and lots of unexpected belly laughs.

Its awesome, and very entertaining.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

They go to the play book on how to put scenes together and what to do in them that make it predictable.

A powerful and gripping movie.

Gran Torino is up there with Clint's very best movies - Dirty Harry, The Good The Bad And The Ugly, Unforgiven, etc. I sat through this movie with a silly grin on my face, laughing at the "Clintisms", growing more and more involved with the story, and being touched at the unexpected ending.

To some, he is a racist; to others, he is an individual who embraces the American melting pot, both historical and current (and a compelling argument against making racial slurs the sine qua non of racism).

Highly overrated and one of the most boring and worst movies of Eastwood.

A simple and pure movie that is just so very compelling and powerful!

I felt no real, intense conflict; no sense or point in the plot.

Overall, the whole plot line of Gran Torino is an engaging little spectacle.

Gran Torino is definitely a great movie and is absolutely worth watching.

Yet definitely worth watching.

A confused and sometimes infuriating film, but also one that is undoubtedly entertaining and occasionally even touching.

I immediately became immersed in the character as I felt every grunt and moan he made as his character dealt with the unwelcome change of his departed wife and new Asian neighbours.

He got right all the emotions and Walt's strong and intense personality.

He is one dimensional, mono-thematic, and down right tiresome to watch.

Some thing worth watching by all.

Gran Torino is very entertaining, touching and just impossible to look away from.

Contrivances and trite predictability follow all the way to, and especially at, the end.

It's very boring, predictable and clichéd movie right from the first scene.

But the acting was SO overdone, the script was SO cliché, and the characters were WAY too caricaturized, that the story soon lost all credibility.

Drama film is very sophisticated and I expected this result Because the actor and director is a cinematic legend Clint Aasword Influential film makes you cry and makes you laugh, despite the simplicity of the story, but the Aistoord very clever director was able to deliver the story makes the viewer see from this simple grandeur cinematic rich drama characters were carefully selected and were all neat and also the beginning of the film draws you to the events of the end, but despite the intense admiration for the film, there are some spaces of the film Chartni little bored though, but this boredom begins to fade quickly in the last minute the movie I liked in this movie dialogues beautiful rich subtle meanings and eventually affecting most loved film is a moment that shows the car gran torino and how Aistoord (Kowalski) showed interest in drive more of the family and this is what he hurts himself how he did not communicate with his family properly movie his message was very important, which is that we communicate with relatives and family and the friendship does not recognize the difference of life and to help others is an important part in our lives and this is what he did Kowalski in this film.

As the film goes on is loses it touch and drifts away from being a comedy, to end up very cliché-like as I already mentioned.

the writing of some of the scenes especially the racially motivate scenes seem so contrived and there is no creativity in them whatsoever.

The film is way too long and had it just stayed as a comedy I would rank it higher than 4 of 10.

Furthermore this is a must see movie and I highly recommend it.

This was a very impressive movie and I highly recommend it to everyone.

It started off a little slow, but it sped up after a while, and it turned out to be sad,exciting and even funny.

Scott or Jack Nicholson equally understanding Kowalski but taking him into a more strategically-comical or unpredictable patterning).

Mediocre overall, but if you are a Clint Eastwood fan it might be worth the watch anyways.

Overrated and predictable .

The ending is predictable and not emotional considering how emotional and touching it should have been.

Clint Eastwood's character was dull and devoid of any apparent wisdom or subtlety.

Kowalski's racist nature was actually comical (in an Archie Bunker sort of way) but the most impressive thing about Eastwood's performance was how well he portrayed Kowalski's gradual change of heart toward his neighbours, beginning with his unexpected friendship with young Sue (a great performance by Ahney Her) and developing into his role as the neighbourhood's protector against the violent Asian gangs that continually invade the area.

It is a very intense movie with very sad and silent moments.

But when the dry comedic script isn't in hand, the gripping dramatic aspect takes over and it feels just as good.

But in the end, these are small complaints that only poke small holes in the very enjoyable experience of watching Gran Torino.

As cliché as this film is, the ending will leave you dazed and confused, until you start putting everything in perspective.

He scores a stunning performance by showing us a very hardheaded veteran that can make you laugh at times.

The true irony is that in the movie Tao asks Walt if he should watch paint dry, which for a large part is what this movie was like (did that stop me from crying?

I was never able to relax and enjoy what I was watching on screen because it felt old and cliché.

Poor acting, directing, screen writing, producing, and probably gaffing, key gripping, and makeup too.

In recent months of boring and useless movies, "Gran Torino" was a welcome change of pace.

Gran Torino is an unexpected treat—the type of movie that rarely comes along.

The sequences are engaging and compelling throughout.

Perfect characters make for boring films.

The story was compelling and, mixed with the drama was a refined touch of humour; the perfect combination for a pleasant evening.

To me, it is pseudo-art at best, just a day in the life of a grumpy old bigot that lives in a bad part of town does not make "art" and that is all this film is made of, a boring story that could happen to anyone that lives in a bad part of any town.

Why is he such a one-dimensional and predictable character in everything that he does?

g, All in the Family) but it's very tired and predictable now.

The utterly inane and predictable build-up and ending fell jarringly flat, like MDB.

It is visibly present in this magnificent character that figure of "father missing" that there was also Frankie Dunn in Million Dollar Baby, the closeness with another person ends up inevitably determine their own destiny, personal choices (the intense final scene, marked the rhythm of a duel western) arising from the feelings you have for another person, the right and wrong are very thin lines are often difficult to choose and go, and where there is life lies death.

Or at the least a bit entertaining and well thought out.

So if you're looking for a thoughtful, meaningful, truthful romp this is not it, but the film is nevertheless watchable (despite poor acting from some of the cast as has been mentioned in other reviews) and I enjoyed it enough to watch till the end.

It is hard to imagine a duller and more boring film than this one.

It was very strange, because I think it started very good and funny, but ended up awful and as a cliché.

The fact that he gradually comes to accept his neighbours, enjoy their company and supports Thao far more than his own children is compelling and ironic, summed up by the line where he says, "God, I've got more in common with these gooks than I do my own spoilt rotten family.

It was one long, boring, yawn-fest.

powerful and compelling .

dull, plodding, improbable, vague, inane .

His constant scowling and groaning under his breath becomes tiresome and it feels lazy.

This movie is,to put it simply, stunning.

The scene is truly intense and sparks a fair amount of tension and unease.

It's funny when it needs to be funny, gripping when it needs to grip, and emotional without being overtly emotional.

My first ever post on this site has been kept for the biggest waste of time of my life...

Every time a director goes for the movie that is a mix of drama, comedy and possibly an action, he accepts the risk of movie becoming boring mediocre and uninteresting.

There are times where you're not sure where any of this is leading, causing the film to get a little boring and a little tedious.

After the predictable, boring, clichéd tripe that was Million Dollar Baby I risked seeing this as again I was taken in by all the good reviews...

Dialogue, conflict and the acting were all elements that made the movie entertaining.

Still, in this one he seems to be delighting in keeping people on their toes, and there are many things you'll leave with both expected and unexpected.

So misleading and dreary - hopefully the old folk will like it after watching Matlock and Murder She Wrote.

It was that hollow and pointless.

In conclusion, this film is an enjoyable and worth watching even though the ending sucks.

It just gets so embarrassing, you just want to leave the theater and get drunk to simply destroy the brain cells that stored the whole thing, to save you from uncomfortable flashbacks for the rest of your life.

Gran Torino is this intense and amazing character study led by the absolutely mind blowing character of Walt Kowalski created, played by, embodied by Mr. Eastwood.

Pathos, action, psychodrama, comedy, Disney-like social commentary -- they're all in the script -- but in a mixture that is, until the end, trite and off-putting.

It is a hugely entertaining ordeal, and as effective as a film like this permits.

Enjoyable .

GRAN TORINO takes on this ugly issue and works it with such compelling force that just when the audience feels is cannot tolerate any more racial slurs a transformation takes place, opening a window to understanding and perhaps altering the poison of racism's effects on American Family While at first it may look to be another episode of Dirty Harry or "What would a retired Dirty Harry do?

It is the unlikeliest of films, both humorous and thrilling.

He's an engaging character that grows and develops throughout the movie, an interesting phenomenon for such an old man.

Dialogues are unimaginative, repetitive and plain corny and full of mostly unnecessary racial slurs, the characters are completely stereotypical and don't get much depth, many plots seem just pointless and don't lead to anywhere...

The story is completely non-existent, and nothing happens for about the first 90 minutes.

As such, Eastwood's film lacks the tidy trimming of plot his other features demonstrate, starting out strong but quickly lapsing into cliché and unbelievable characterisation, eventually simply feeling overlong, somewhat rambling and lacking of clear resolution and purpose.

This is come to expect the unexpected 21st century Clint Eastwood.


This movie is certainly worth watching and provides good entertainment.

i said in short so id best just leave off with the plot, predictable, predictable and, yes, very, very predictable.

Yes, this movie pushes messages about matters we face today - racism, teenage life, generational and societal divides, political correctness, coming of age, aging parents and selfish children, redemption, etc. These messages are carried in a way that is neither condescending/cutesie-poo or blatantly over-the-top.

"Gran Torino" is greatly entertaining throughout its runtime.

But it masterfully mixes family relations, race relations, intense drama with some well placed humor.

This movie is great in not just one aspect but in many; it has comedy, tragedy, mysteriousness and it has an unexpected finale.

The backdrop to the film is mystic and thrilling as you don't now what's going to happen next, and Eastwood has crafted this brilliantly which keeps audiences on the edge.

Walt, funny, but too predictable to even care about.

One of the worst movie ever.

This action packed film will keep you on the edge of your seat for the next two hours in anticipation of what will come next and keep you silently celebrating as each battle is won.

That is all I will say on this movie as anything more will spoil it, but definitely worth the watch.

The movie was so intensely dull up until the end.

I was expecting an action packed movie with a decent story line to keep my attention.

I went to see the show with my teenage granddaughter and as we left the theater she said "I haven't cried at a movie since I was 11.

His disgust with religion, inability to let go of the past, the horrible things he witnessed in Korea that can't be forgotten, and the destruction of his lawn gnomes all provoke him to set off on a mission of retribution, defiance and principle that makes for an entertaining journey.

They are par for the course here,and while the acting in this movie is truly not that remarkable--though Ahney Her as the Hmong boy's older sister is at least likable--the story and Clint's forceful presence makes this movie funny,human and intriguing.

Still, Eastwood's latest movie as a director (and his last as an actor) is more entertaining than it is educating.

The incredibly predictable interaction is just a bunch of awkward cliché lines thrown back and forth between the white guy and the gang.

Him getting blown away was definitely unexpected.

Eastwood triumphs once more in turning what would otherwise be a simple drama into a memorable, engaging story, using his heroic anti-hero Kowalski as a platform for better written roles for older actors.

In the end Walt again does what he thinks is right and makes the ultimate sacrifice for the sanity of his unexpected new friend.

Don't get me wrong, it's very entertaining, the acting (at least from Eastwood) is believable.

Though this can be seen as a bleak drama, there are plenty of intriguing moments which can raise a laugh here and there as well as an occasional smile.

Clint Eastwood growls and huffs and puffs through this oh too predictable-derivative of the old west-American fable.

He is able to keep the film at a first pace when most directors would have made similar scenes slow and drawn out.

The film seems unsure if it wants to be a coming of age drama, wherein the crusty, set in his ways Eastwood learns a life changing lesson or if it wants to be Dirty Harry 6.

Everything about the film is painfully predictable...

'Gran Torino' is a very smart and hugely enjoyable drama film with a brilliant ending that tops off what is a truly great story.

The movie was fairly predictable, exactly what you would expect from a movie of this sort.

In some occasions he captured my attention, but most of the time he was dull and seemed as to much forced acting.

The screenplay is top notch allowing for some great one liners from Walt and an interesting and compelling story that is sure to interest most viewers who would give the film a chance.

He seems to be getting past the cliché.

but enjoyable nonetheless....

Some of the twists and turns are unexpected, and the way the older generation teaches the young (and the young teaches the old) is inspiring.

The rest of the cast fail to not only live up to Eastwood's standard, but even conventional standards of quality, as Bee Vang as Kowalski's repentant teenage protégé Thao delivers a dull, uninspired performance, making key emotional moments almost laughable, and Christopher Carley as the young, passionate priest continually butting heads with Kowalski fares little better.

Quite simply, I found this film high class and very entertaining.

This time though, I am posting a comment on Gran Torino just because it has yet been released and would love to tell the world to make sure they see this stunning classic in theaters.

Comedy and tragedy mix in equal combinations to create one of the most stunning finishes I have ever seen in any movie that even now still lingers even after the movie has been long over.

A lot of research was made on the culture, unlike some Hollywood movies, which made Gran Torino a much more interesting as well as an entertaining film.

One of the most amazing elements in the film is Eastwood's solid turn as the man who must learn to find a reason to live again, even when this can only be done through the most unexpected ways.

Simply stunning, one of the best in recent years, Eastwood triumphs .

Mr. Eastwood, directed this coming of age film and how all of the characters in the film, no matter how old they are, can change.

Surprisingly enjoyable!

Very well acted, featuring a classic and impeccable direction, a photograph of a dry and beautiful, and enriched with a scathing humor and intelligent, "Gran Torino" is presented as an extraordinary moral fable, engaging and sincere: a masterpiece of form and content that has evaded any naively optimistic hopes in the final with a sense of hope, a message of justice, a call for tolerance.

However its difficult to outright condemn the film as it has good intentions and delivers an entertaining experience.

I left the theater very disappointed; the movie, as many others have said, is boring, predictable and the racism theme is trite.

This heart felt all-banging climactic box-office success has shown that the 'clatter' from the cynic's, believing that he is too old to continue bring to the forefront new and exciting material for the mass audience to experience, enjoy and even learn from.

A slow burn .

I may as well get the negatives out of the way, by admitting that the first 20 minutes or so were quite slow.

Overall the movie was very amateurish and a waste of time and money.

The fact that, despite all its flaws, it's as ably made as you'd only expect from an Eastwood film, makes it watchable and even quite enjoyable.

However I got around about 5 minutes into this film and I had already been bombarded with stereotypes, the old man hating the younger generation, the Koreans and the supposed hatred of them by the neighbourhood, the young white boy wanting to fit in, the young teenagers bored of their grandparents and 'hating' life, them showing other races as being violent, the nagging and over caring priest and finally the young Korean children getting in trouble to fit in.

Then, even when there is a plot, it's a pathetic cliché.

And I found this movie to be plain boring at many times.

In short,the film was a humorous, touching, and intriguing old- school parable about an old man.

even with a transformation, he demonstrates that people tend to be reactive--rather than responsive--and are slow to change (this is particularly true with bias, discrimination, and prejudice), and 4.

Gran piece of pro white patriarchal American propaganda .

Storyline is cliché and unrealistic: Walt balancing the wash machine to make his entry, Thao getting scarred for life with cigarette in his face, shootout at the end, young priest (were they inspired by the ridiculous young priest from 'There will be blood' ?

There are some wonderful performances in "Milk" (Sean Penn), "Australia" (Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman), "Changeling" (Angelina Jolie and director Clint Eastwood), and "The Dark Knight" (a riveting performance by "Brokeback Mountain's" Heath Ledger).

If your going to post "Genius" or "Masterpiece", you better have a lengthy explanation as to why you used such over-used and overly mundane descriptors for your heading.

Overall, this film suffers from too many cliché characters and too many cliché plot points to really be anything more than an average movie.

This sets up the awkward but very entertaining integration.

Some characters are badly drawn (Walt, for example, looks like an ailing Dirty Harry, a repetition of past roles) while others are too stereotypical and predictable (such as the Asian boys band.

OK, could've been a showcase for old bone Clint, but the story's just too thin and predictable, the story-telling is far too hammy.

Walt Kowalski gives everything he has in this action packed film to bring his neighborhood back to the form it was in when he moved in many years ago.

And so the story moves to its predictable finish.

On example of this is the scene at the beginning where the mourning of Walt's late wife is taking place, the images shown in the story-telling evolution is very important, but once you get to know the outcome of the story the initial scenes seem pointless and long.

a very intense movie .

Action : 5/5Gran Torino is a fantastic movie and I highly recommend it.

It's not a bad film, it's enjoyable and you'll love Clint every second of the film.

The music goes in hand with the scenes in the movie making them more enjoyable.

The Man with No Name, Dirty Harry, an assortment of soldiers and convicts and eccentrics, and now, the bitter and isolated war veteran Kowalski, all seem to belong to the same mythology, a very compelling narrative about the limits of heroism, and our perception of the ideal man, the protector and the avenger.

Predictable and Cliché, enjoyable only for the sheep.

This film is gripping, and a tear jerker to boot.

Despite a rather clumsy start this develops into an extremely well made and enjoyable film.

Even more confusing, Clint's son, both of his sons, actually, are dressed in suits and ties, while their sons wear football jerseys and daughters wear revealing clothing.

Gran Torino is a compelling story about Walt Kowalski, a grizzled widower with a proclivity for uttering racial slurs, sipping Pabst Blue Ribbon, and caring for his mint condition 1972 Gran Torino.

How do I cliché thee?

With a great song by Jamie Cullum to conclude the film (which stands as a horrendous Oscar snub, equalled only by the additional snub of the Bruce Springsteen Song from The Wrestler), Gran Torino is a pure gem; a film that both draws unexpected laughs, soft smiles and tears from an audience that is happy to oblige, as well as salute a screen legend in another iconic role that proves even at an old age a dark horse can still kick you in the face.

Rather he is world-weary, bored, weighted down by remorse, disinterested in life, and with no passion for any real anger or hatred.

I watched this film with 36 other people scattered throughout the (mostly empty) theater.

Problems with the movie are that it can get boring.

Thoa tries to do so but is abruptly scared off by the unexpected appearance of Walt and his gun.

Walt's reaction to the news - which was really no reaction at all - was true to life, but cinematically dull.

So while the viewer is expected to make a few leaps in understanding, and this is not perfection, it is in fact, still very good film making and worth watching.

Thao's sister Sue (Ahney Her) is the one who will take Walt with her family, a new culture for Walt and is all part of an extremely entertaining film, now with Walt and Thao doing stuff together, a feel good part of the film (just hilarious how Walt talks with his Italian American pal and that part when Walt brings Thao to the barbershop just like when Thao presents himself with his future boss are just fantastic!

Tao's sister, Sue, (a scene stealing Ahney Her), is spontaneously outgoing and engaging with Walt, and confides to Walt that Tao is growing up without any proper male role models in his life.

The writing in the film is phenomenal, the character development is top-notch, and the story is engaging and significant.

On the other hand, as a whole, the movie is certainly worth watching.

It is just seems so contrived and the theme of racial communication is just shoved in there.

In "Gran Torino" Clint gives a powerful and riveting performance in his best work as an actor.

It does not copy other movies, it is its own and that is why I think I enjoyed it so much.

He also revealed he is a wooden actor and a plodding, predictable director.

He's utterly useless, and the guy playing him is very monotone, doesn't deliver any lines with emotion, and his character doesn't affect Walt in the slightest.

Gran Torino may not have the poignancy of Million Dollar Baby or the confrontation of Mystic River, yet it is still such an engaging and often very funny film because of the central performance by Eastwood.

Sometimes we were laughing so hard that I missed some of the dialog, but that just shows how good this movie really is, and the level of humor was quite unexpected and refreshing.

Of the two main Hmong actors, Ahney Her as Sue I found to be extremely compelling; Sue is, after Walt, the film's best-realized character, and one minor issue I had with the film is how she sort of fades from view as the focus shifts to Thao.

And its the most piece of s**t garbage boring a$$ scene that I have ever sat through.

In short: it was honest, compelling, challenging, and just damn good storytelling all the way through.

This allows Eastwood to galvanize the neighborhood into a merging caring collective which produces an unexpected result.

Don't waste your money .

I'll say again that the acting was pretty dreadful overall, and I'll repeat that the end made it worth watching.

The hero is contrived.

This film is so full of right wing white supremacist pro patriarchy, pro America, pro military propaganda that it makes my blood curdle.

One of the most unexpected endings and I would say this is the brilliant ending to the wonderful movie.

A banal display of gimmickery and staggeringly amateurish acting.

This movie is definitely worth watching for its original story.

"Gran Torino is a grand, enjoyable mess as it veers through racism and revenge with a subtext of satire to confuse the best critic.

The tale is full of heart and you'll leave the theater happy if you aren't one of those boring, elitist types.

Second, the end of the movie was unexpected and added a whole new different feeling to it.

The cinematography is stunning, much like Clint's Mystic River and Unforgiven.

I also thought John Carroll Lynch was entertaining as Walt's Italian friend/barber and the conversation they had together in that one scene in the barber shop was done very well.

As noted in subject line, full of empty, easy characters.

The story is simple and undoubtedly entertaining.

Sue, played by the excellent Ahney Her, is probably the most engaging character in the film.

The movie shows some mind blowing old school class.

But the best acting in the world cannot save a horrible waste of time, which sums up this movie.

I think that is because it WAS predictable and rather cartoonish.

Overall, the movie is weak, but the storyline is compelling and the nuances make it worth going to see.

GT is an humorous and compelling meditation on the themes of ubiquitous bigotry, culture clash, political refugee immigration/resettlement (and, by way of that, US foreign policy) and Old School, Doing the Right Thing (vs today's more commonplace "situational" ethics).

GRAN TORINO in spite of being pretty predictable, it is a heart-felt human drama finding comedy in indifference.

The point is somewhat labored that Walt lives alone, alternately ignored or patronized by his family who clearly find him tedious, while the Hmoung all seem to live in one big happy extended family with granny cheerfully spitting on the front porch.

Overall a surprisingly moving, compelling and a great character study movie with an excellent performance makes Gran Torino one of 2008's best films.

Don't you just want to see the angry, growling old git inevitably get reformed in the most painfully predictable, clichéd way by the most painfully predictable, clichéd characters imaginable, yet again?

Most of the "thrilling" spots are all bluff and NON-action anti-climax.

One of the worst movies i've seen lately .

Very very unpredictable.

I found the film's pacing ponderous, the plot contrived, and the characters portrayed as caricatures or stereotypes.

So as the minutes go by, he begins to care for his neighbours and he becomes the hero of the neighbourhood (long story, go read a real boring review to find out what he actually did) and he realizes that he has something to care about.

It does exactly what you'd expect from a mediocre Hollywood flick and thereby it's very predictable.

The ignorance of the film is unbearable.


Life and death are common themes within the realm of film, with each having their respective nuances and larger than life images transported onto the big screen with a frequency that often leads one to forget such basic, but compelling ideas and thoughts.

In the end, it felt like a pointless movie.

Eastwood's low growling voice and intense stares still have the same potency they possessed when he appeared in A Fistful of Dollars back in the early sixties, and it is this which enables Walt to take control of almost any violent situation he encounters.

Thao doesn't have much of a personality like his sister and his gradual transformation from a shy, detached kid into someone who's hardworking and responsible seemed a bit too predictable.

If this is Clint Eastwood's last film, I can only say that that his performance, in this stunning film, is what legends are made of.

I see about 100 films a year and I can say with confidence that this film had the most on the nose dialog, the most exposition, the most generic and predictable storyline, the worst acting.....

While most people will likely focus on the dramatic events and trite dialog to form their opinions of this movie, I'd like to offer up these thoughts to present a perhaps different perspective that is (hopefully) worth noting.

The story seems to be another tale of revenge "à la Dirty Harry", but has an unexpected twist in the end to a wise conclusion.

I also appreciated the unexpected sense of humor from the screenplay very much.

It makes "Gran Torino" a very broad, surprising and unexpected great movie to watch.

There are difficult/unpleasant moments of gang violence and cultural ignorance, but the relationships Walt forms with his next door neighbors (who are Hmong, an ethnic group in Southeast Asia) are really enjoyable and touching.

The script is repetitive (yes, we get it, you only eat cats.

Started off boring, like MDB.

And, actually, the movie became more enjoyable because of that.

That being said, I believe the slow pacing was deliberate, as the film takes its time to dive deep into the core theme of the film of people having to fight the generational and cultural gaps on a daily basis.

This movie was so enjoyable to watch.

But this movie was so enjoyable just because of Clint Eastwood and some good supporting cast.

It's very slow at first.

Worst movie ever.

GRAN TORINO takes on this ugly issue and works it with such compelling force that just when the audience feels is cannot tolerate any more racial slurs a transformation takes place, opening a window to understanding and perhaps altering the poison of racism's effects on our American Family.

I wouldn't call this a masterpiece yet it is a great movie, a little slow paced but entertaining enough.

It's a touching piece of film and a great coming of age story.

I missed certain suspense and some intriguing elements in this simply unspectacular neighbor drama.

This film stands above the crowd, in a film age of flashy effects and big block busters that seem to be there to merelly to showcase the lastest cgi and special effect technology but untimately leave an empty feeling at the end of the film while you are still searching for some meaningful story.

There were numerous problems that I had with this film:1) The plot and scenes were so predictable, it wasn't even entertaining.

Personally, I thought it a pointless suicide.

Stop making "oh ah" on this propaganda movie industry and do not waste so much natural resources when producing it!

Shamelessly Ridiculous and Entertaining .

This is so far one the worst movies of Eastwood I ever saw and a true disappointment to a fan like me.

The bad: 1) The actual scene by scene flow of the movie is extremely disjointed.

A plodding, incomplete picture that will only be remembered for the single quotable line heard in its trailer.

The acting is horrendous and the plot is so contrived as to be laughable.

Got even more tedious through the middle, most of the scenes being obvious set ups for all the 'emotional, hard-hitting' stuff later on, like MDB.

While there are a lot of intense scenes the color and calmness of Walt make the movie run smoothly and doesn't make the movie seem like it's moving too fast or intense.

Throughout much of the movie Walt is place in a simple wardrobe that depicts the flat and empty personality he possesses.

Over all, a very entertaining film telling a heart-warming story.

The lack of experience of the actors and the slowness of the story brought the work down; it was certainly saved by the ending.

A great film that is occasionally let down by its slow pace .

At times it plays like Lynch's 'Straight Story' with sprinkles of 'Taxi Driver' but the real beauty is in the old fashioned storytelling, something that Clint is a dab hand at, mix that with the modern day context and you have a gripping and enthralling film.

I watched it tonight and i really enjoyed it.

Both have plots that rely on contrived coincidence after contrived coincidence.

Story was predictable and weak.

The good: 1) Eastwoods acting in this movie is very solid and quite entertaining as he growls his way through most of it.

There are so many cliché and unoriginal moments, its almost perplexing how Eastwood ever went from Million Dollar Baby to this crap.

He is compelling, and we have all grown up with this character.

Not a bad movie, just pedestrian, predictable and two-dimensional .

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life.

Touching and entertaining.

And yet, for all of the joy in watching an icon like him on screen, and for some of the memorable scenes that make it enjoyable (oddly enough, since it's not as good a film as it, more enjoyable conventionally than Changeling from just two months ago), its not up to snuff with what Eastwood's done this decade at his best.

This rousing crowd-pleaser is sure to surprise many, through its copious sour humour and pure badassery, while managing to still be an affecting and sombre dramatic entry in Eastwood's long-enduring and wildly successful career in front of and behind the camera.

Bad to mediocre acting and uninspired dialogue left me with a dull scene to scene story, that unwinds predictably.

Eastwood works his magic to deliver a very compelling, totally involving drama that ends on a solemn, powerful note.

Following on from two absolutely solid acts filled to the brim with unique characterisation, poignant, tangible thematic analysis and of course a sense of heart which is definitely not neglected throughout the entirety of the feature; Gran Torino may not be perfect, but it sure as hell kicks quite a punch despite its slow-moving and unassuming façade.

I can recommend Gran Torino with confidence because,although it is not a great movie,I found it very entertaining,interesting and with some touches of honesty.

Paper-thin, stereotyped, predictable, poorly scripted, melodramatic .

Its like watching Bill Murray turn in another performance as bored and sarcastic.

I found the dialogue and characters to lack credibility, and the plot too cliché-ridden to be taken seriously.

Come on, when are people going to stop humouring this boring old fart?

This movie is as formulaic as it gets from the script to the music choices to the acting.

What you're in for is basically one big roller-coaster of emotions that is one of the most suspenseful, well thought out, simply brilliant films I have ever seen.

The movie overall was pretty enjoyable and appealing.

The role of the priest, played by an uninspired Christopher Carley, is bland enough to fit into an actual sermon.

Every now and then he is saved by his director of photography (Iwo Jima, Changeling), but in general we remain forever in the Land of the Bland.

better watch blood in blood out though, not the same concept, but way more entertaining.

His performance is gripping and assured.

Walt's general attitude and behavior slowly changes, after engaging with a charming young girl that lives with her family next door to Walt; Sue (Ahney Her).

A hilarious, thrilling, and sad movie .

Gran Torino is a highly enjoyable movie, at times funny, often moving and worth watching for Clint's performance alone.

In Million Dollar Baby the performances were boring and pointless - and in Gran Torino they are just sad.

This is probably my favorite Eastwood project - it is multi-layered, affectionate, surprising, and thoroughly engaging.

If this is Clint Eastwood's last film, I can only say that that his performance, in this stunning film, is what legends are made of.

The story and direction was compelling.

Though there are a few flaws in terms of narrative, his brutally gripping portrayal of the lead character manages to lay those blemishes to obscurity.

I really enjoyed the subtle nuances of this movie and while it was a little predictable--I knew half an hour in that Eastwood would die and leave the car to the kid--I didn't anticipate the way it would end or Walt's final act, which was really great.

Sometimes sappy, sometimes boring, sometimes unwatchable, it had very few moments of clarity or anything that made sense.

If you want a good, entertaining movie, I am sure you will love this one.

Dumb and Predictable with Amateurish Acting .

worst movie ever.

However, Ahney Her was absolutely stunning and impressive as the Thao's intelligent and level-headed sister.

'Gran Torino' is one of Eastwood's most enjoyable dramas of the decade.

The ending is entirely predictable, even before Walt starts getting all shaven and shorn for his coffin.

the acting was terrible, from the supporting cast to Eastwood himself, characters utterly two dimensional, the plot was simplistic and predictable and the constant comparisons made between Clint Eastwood and Jesus Christ was cringe worthy.

Amazingly, this is a very compelling film.

Three quarters of the way through, I was getting so bored I was just willing it to end.

From the very beginning of the film it is one long string of predictable events.

I usually like to pick holes in movies and dissect the negatives out of them, but in this case I can't and wouldn't even want to, as I really enjoyed it and believe that everything was spot on.

I think this is one of Eastwood's very best movies and I enjoyed it a great deal.

A classic, really entertaining movie with Clint Eastwood .

As the story is very compelling to the audience it drives you in an emotional adventure.

In an era of endless teenage sex comedies, werewolf and zombie movies, and meaningless fantasies, this movie is an admirable departure, and enjoyable in its own right.

this might be the worst movie that I've seen in a really long time.

One Man's Unexpected Path To Redemption.

The subject of "life and death" is brought up quite often, which becomes an intriguing topic.

The ending was jaw dropping and totally unexpected and Eastwood used his own reputation to completely warp your perception of how this movie was going to end.

But it isn't just that, because Clint manages to do a coming of age story as well.

Contrived, Stereotypical, Coincidence-Ridden Tragedy .

There is a progression in his character occurring in a swift and unexpected direction.

Directing is really boring, and it shows in the actors that hurry their lines.

Over-hyped, but very enjoyable .

If he had cast experienced competent actors in the other lead roles -- specifically Thao and Sue -- Gran Torino would likely be a riveting, entertaining and award-winning film.

Get Off My Yawn .

However, the film does suffer a bit from what is, at times, slow pacing.

It's fascinating to see what he has accomplished since he first came to public attention as a robust, handsome western hunk in "Rawhide.

The way that Kowalski embraced not only the cultural difference, but age difference as well showed that he had a coming of age so to speak.

One of the best films to showcase Clint Eastwood's talent as an actor and director, Gran Tarino is worth watching and good ending to a career that has lasted over three decades.

In any case, the film is still well worth watching, even though it's somewhat overrated.

But the movie sags in the middle and feels very contrived, all the characters are one dimensional and the acting is best described as adequate.

Over the years, however, it seems that the message has become increasingly predictable, more boring, and its delivery hasn't improved either.

You have the über-heroic, one-liner spitting main character, the paperboard psyches of the characters, the predictable plot, the pathos, the grande finale ending (with katharsis of course!

That was a beautiful, almost embarrassing, funny "old man" moment that was unexpected and so real.

To everyone's ill concealed embarrassment, Clint barks a tune during the credits -The end-Mix in some truly pathetic acting by a cast clearly let in on a sympathy vote, the worst clichés gathered from Alan Smithee's collective works, The Ultimate Anthology of Prosthetic Plot Points, and you get this yard sale of banality which is Gran Torino.

while i enjoyed it i found it a little disjointed.

He makes the character and movie as a whole believable and also real compelling.

But i felt the ending was too predictable and was too short.

The movie had a slow but fascinating evolution, yet watching the movie more than once in a short period of time may prove to be a unexciting task, as the rate at which the film evolves becomes much slower when the viewer already knows the outcome.

I found the story quite intriguing and many of the moments were funny.

It lacks any real bite, and is fairly predictable.

This movie is in my bottom 5 for worst movies of all time.

(2) The story drags and becomes very predictable about half way through.

How many more contrived scenes with racial slurs and name calling can story-tellers come up with - it began to remind of Crash unfortunately.

The sold out crowd left the theater, some silent, some crying, and others like myself feeling like I had just truly experienced something...

The writing and the acting were trite, shallow and just plain old silly.

Relevant and greatly entertaining.

A powerful performance from the iconic Eastwood, his character inspires and he proves that anyone can come to terms to an unexpected friendship.

Gran Torino is by and large hugely entertaining, and will genuinely keep you gripped throughout.