Grease (1978) - Musical, Romance

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Good girl Sandy and greaser Danny fell in love over the summer. When they unexpectedly discover they're now in the same high school, will they be able to rekindle their romance?

IMDB: 7.2
Director: Randal Kleiser
Stars: John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John
Length: 110 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 35 out of 390 found boring (8.97%)

One-line Reviews (119)

Engaging musical about friendship and memories that will remind viewers why "grease" is the word.

A fun and exciting movie for everyone!

)The music is fun and everybody is throwing themselves around having the time of their lives - but this just a set of pop video's linked by a plot that seems to want to get in every 50's teen movie cliché it can think of.

A superb movie enjoyable by everyone .

but it was a youth phenomenon and a smash hit with my generation, and for some reason i ended up going back to the movies three times to see it (mostly dragged there by other kids).

While the plot is a little iffy, it somehow pulls through probably because of all those entertaining dance/sing sequences.

It is always predictable the moment when they start to sing.

With quality songs and stunning choreography throughout, Grease is full of style, culminating in the finale which as i said - is happy ending mode on speed.

Well worth watching.

And notwithstanding the driving off into the clouds satire at the end, why does an empty-headed strutting jerk like Danny get the girl because she has tossed her lot in as a tarty leather-clad T-boy groupie?

Starting from a very simple script, we see the typical tough boy, Danny Zuko, (played masterfully by John Travolta) and his problems for combining his fame with his love for Sandy (played masterfully by the adorable Olivia Newton-John), with an agile rhythm, fun, unpretentious and really enjoyable.

Thoroughly entertaining from beginning to end.

But even when your plot is predictable, all you need are catchy songs and memorable lyrics.

Tedious and predictable complications ensure.

Travolta has made a career of looking comfortable in ridiculously contrived circumstances, and as Danny Zuko, he's perfectly believable belting out an angst-drenched torch song in front of an animated hot dog jumping into a bun.

"Grease" is a movie that i can watch over and over again and it's still entertaining.

THe least enjoyable song and dance number was "Beauty school Dropout" because i thought it was an unneccesarry detour in the movie.

maybe the worst movie what made in 70s.

rock'n roll, clothes, hair style,dance moves, cars, and even slang.. i really enjoy watching and recollecting memories out of this movie than a dull documentary one..2- musical:some of the best songs ever composed and performed were introduces in grease 1 .. actually the soundtrack alone is a very interesting masterpiece.

The acting is great, with the whole cast appearing to have a very enjoyable time making the movie, which adds to the whole 'fun' feel of the movie!

Lots of fun for all the family, very enjoyable...

That's kind of pathetic when you factor in at least two yawn-worthy songs (about 6 minutes) and the film seems less of a musical and more of a chore.

As a movie, this story doesn't offer anything new, but it's still entertaining and you care about the characters which I find matters most.

I really don't know - Grease just has this amazing quality that makes it watchable, ridiculous yet somehow believable, and most of all, downright entertaining!

Also there is a nice compelling story in general, even if it is slow in spots.

There's a great mix of songs too; slow and very fast.

Set in the 1950's California this entertaining musical not only has good songs that go with it, the movie also has some funny parts as well.

It reflects that short period of exciting sexual frustration and freedom that society soon inoculates us against until we rediscover it somewhere around our mid-50's.

Overall this is a thoroughly enjoyable musical that has sheer nostalgic value and I'd undoubtedly like to see it time and time again.

The cast is just so likeable and the dance routines so enjoyable, that you've just gotta go with the flow.

Watching "Grease" for a painful third time, I almost walked out.

In terms of achieving its goals – entertaining the audience, rocking us out, and putting a smile on our face – Grease does exactly what it says on the tin.

This was a very entertaining movie and could be watched for years to come without losing any of that value since the main concepts are relevant to any time period.

This iconic musical/dramedy is campy, but kinetic and all-around entertaining.

She just plays her as a bore a little too much.

This works well as a nostalgic swing into the 1950s, with a sweet love story, there are mild elements of the dramas teenagers face, but more than anything there are plenty of toe-tapping songs to sing along and dance to, a highly enjoyable romantic musical.

In a way, it's very confusing in the discrepancy between how cool Tavolta is in contrast to his suck up cronies, who are as nerdy as can be.

in an unnecessarily boring way where you realize what the whole point of the movie is at the end.

Kleiser has a good sense of focus and more than likely this film would have seemed rambling and pointless without him.

Enjoyable .

Grease is a very enjoyable movie and, unlike the Sound of Music, where they break into song so often that it gets irritating, Grease is really good.

If you get bored, don't stop until you find the great "video" located near the end of the film - the "You're the One That I Want" duet performed by Newton-John and Travolta, driven by a pulsating bass line, is a terrifically sexy pop fire-starter from 1978.

It's a testament to the original musical's songs and the stunning vocals of Newton-John and Travolta.

Phony situations, lazy plotting, forced tension, pretentious drama and most of all a naive and ignorant knowledge of teenage culture at the time combine to make this the perfect 'false nostalgia' film (ie.

Overall, this is a great movie that is hugely enjoyable to watch, and if you haven't seen it already (where have you been for the last 20-something years??

Danny is 3D, he can be loving, self obsessed, a saviour and a winner, whereas Sandy to me is just a bore.

The songs are all well staged and enjoyable.

Even though the overall film is entertaining, the theme presented is controversial for teenage girls.

Highly energetic and enjoyable adaptation of the hit stage musical sees "summer lovers" Danny (Travolta) and Sandy (Newton-John) re-united for the last year of high school.

What makes this movie enjoyable are the song and dance numbers.

Worst movie of all time .

Enjoyable and adorable .

Capitalizing on the tidal wave of Eisenhower-era nostalgia pervasive on both big and small screens at the time, it manages to be stridently artificial and mindlessly entertaining at the same time, although it still boggles the mind that it has had such an afterlife, including sing-along versions playing at art-house movie theaters.

Young Stockard Channing, looking the same but younger, provides some "bad girl" bite and spite to offset the bland Olivia Newton-John.

Entertaining movie .

I guess if you like the whole nonsensical feeling of musicals and the bland white bread humor of Americas Funniest videos you would probably like this movie too...

Probably the worst movie ever .

HSM and many others may have a great commercial success for kids, but its Grease which truly makes a cheesy school musical enjoyable for the whole family.

Boring .

Most of them have failed miserably to try and hide the lack of plot or horrible acting, leaving them as cinema failures who only the eight year old girls will like.

I have tried to watch it a few times before, but always found it leaden and predictable.

Each song in this movie is catchy and easy to remember the words to; therefore making the movie even more enjoyable each time you watch it.

it's always there..eventually. it's amazingly entertaining movie, regardless dancing sketches which are not thoroughly done and/or dancers' movements which are not so synchronized .

So to summate: It is junk - it made millions - it is camp - it cemented Travolta a star - it is cliché - it gave Newton-John her fifteen minutes - it is silly - it made film soundtrack history.

The most popular movie musical of all time is an entertaining film with enough fast numbers and thrills to keep you occupied.

I don't know what inspired me to see Grease but one day I just thought 'I want to see Grease' so I hired it, and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I really shouldn't waste the reader's time because they all know the story.

So overall this movie is enjoyable and gets 8/10 in my books

The frequency to which these performances are embedded into the narrative were well paced, despite the slower and less memorable second act.

As far as musicals go (a genre that, I'll admit, I'm not a fan of), this is one of the most entertaining offerings, particularly because it doesn't take itself so seriously like so many modern musicals do.

The music is catchy, the actors are pretty good and the story behind the music is also entertaining..


I highly recommend it.

This film is amazing in the way that it can get everybody up and dancing; you should have seen and heard our rousing rendition of "You're the One That I Want", it was beautiful.

25 years later and it,s still worth watching.

And near the end, John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John dazzle and electrify with the snappy, pulsating sounds of "You're The One That I Want" ...

I didn't like it as much as you did Nirmal, but I enjoyed it like you for the songs, happiness and for the fact that there are no unnecessary twists.

I think that the ending was so cliché.

Grease stands as the greatest of all film musicals as, while possessing the requisite laughs, character, romance and song; it is also ironic and self-aware, which puts it way ahead of turgid and dated bores like "Carousel" and "South Pacific".

The subject is entertaining but the end is too predictable there is no real suspense.

There's basically no story structure, the film is episodic and really kind of plot less.

On the other hand, the movie is excruciatingly dull even skipping the sung parts.

Yes it may be cheesy, yes it may be predictable.

That part makes the whole movie worth watching by itself.

As entertaining as the dance, song, cheesey sketches, etc. etc. are, the ultimate message of Grease is a bit disturbing.

I'm not into musicals at all, but grease is unique and stands the test of time, and just overall fun, entertaining and deals with serious issues in a fun manner.

It was just plain boring.

Well, I was a tween in the late 70s, when pop culture was boring put flawlessly promoted, so people my age were force-fed bilge like "Grease" and swallowed it whole.

Otherwise it is fun, colourful, but totally empty.

Second, the comments regarding sending bad messages was bit confusing.

The songs, save for the obscenity-sprinkled "Greased Lightning," are pretty bland and sound like overproduced cover versions of 50's R&R, plus, the musical sequences in the film are utter yawns to a generation raised on the jump-cut editing of MTV.

I suppose it's a mildly entertaining movie of generally brainless drivel (50's greaser stereotype rebellion), with a few catchy tunes.

However, don't waste your time on Grease 2, which was a huge disappointment.

It's just a formulaic love story set in the 50s around a bunch of high school students (most of which, incidentally, appear to be at least in their mid 30s -- some, like Riz, look about 50).

The only confusing thing about the film is that Sandy (played by Olivia Newton- John) always tries to end her relationship with Danny and she still keeps on going on back to him I mean if you are going to break up with somebody just do it.

Like most musicals, Grease tells their audience the story through song engaging the audience.

Capitalizing on the tidal wave of Eisenhower-era nostalgia pervasive on both big and small screens at the time, it manages to be stridently artificial and mindlessly entertaining at the same time, although it still boggles the mind that it has had such an afterlife, including sing-along versions playing at art-house movie theaters.

Combining the great performances and script with the perfectly synced dances and beautifully sung pieces only makes for a more enjoyable experience, especially with a musical nut such as myself.

empty-headed 50s pastiche .

Directed by Randal Kleiser (The Blue Lagoon, Flight of the Navigator, It's My Party) made an entertaining Comedy/Musical set in the High-School teenager life of the late 1950's.

The story was idiotic and boring.

Randal Kleiser's Grease is a very entertaining high school all the way from start to finish, the movie tells the story of a good girl named Sandy who falls in love with a greaser named Danny over the summertime and then find out that they both are in the same high school.

For a musical it is tolerable, even if it has virtually no plot.

Entertaining, silly and cheesy/goofball late 70's "classic" musical about (supposedly) 1950's high school students.

Enduringly popular, always fresh and fun to watch, and a real sing-along favourite, Grease is vastly entertaining if nothing else.

Easily one of the worst movies ever made.

For me it's just fun and enjoyable.

This movie is a must see for a slice of 50's pop culture, a truly enjoyable musical, and doesn't take itself serious at all.

YAWN… John Travolta (really) swinging Olivia Newton-John through the air?

Grease was a musical we did at my high school, and it'sjust a quality production that's hugely enjoyable.

With two of the best songs - "You're the one that I want" and "we go together" back to back with some stunning choreography and a real sense of chemistry between the energetic players, the ending leaves you feeling good - the happy gas is so strong it even makes the car fly into the sunset at the end!

On the whole "Grease" is an enjoyable film.

I have watched this movie over and over ever since i was a little girl and i still cant forget this movie, its so enjoyable.

There are some groovy dance moves here and was very entertaining to watch, just like the film itself.

John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John lead a great cast of characters as Danny and Sandy, and its simply entertaining from the word go.

Enjoyable musical with great cast .

Iconic & hugely entertaining.

One of the best (and most enjoyable) musicals.

Tiring music numbers and dull characters (except for Stockard Channing who steals the show as the leader of a group of would-be tough girls) make this one a tough pill to swallow.