Greatest Events of WWII in Colour (2019) - Documentary, History, War

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A series of colorized archive footage of important events during World War II.

IMDB: 9.2
Stars: Derek Jacobi, James Holland
Length: N/A Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 11 out of 84 found boring (13.09%)

One-line Reviews (24)

Nonetheless, it is a very good looking documentary and is entertaining to watch without thinking too much.

Fascinating documentary.

And do still watch it even if you are because it is an enjoyable series.

Inaccurate propaganda .

However, the big aerial fight scenes depicting German He-111 medium range bombers and Bf-109E fighters engaging Spitfires over London, are actually re-enactments from the 1969 historical drama "Battle of Britain.

While this isnt the first time it has been done it still makes thr viewing experience all the more gripping.

The second issue was the charge of Poles on horses against tanks was German propaganda.

Unbelievable piece of propaganda .

Fascinating .

Boring and not interesting .

This series seemed to have a left-wing propaganda lean to the script.

A fascinating narrative of the most interesting events of WWII .

Has subtle liberal propaganda .

The way the show details the events, the strategies, the beautiful footage, interviews, etc was gripping and I binge watched the show over 2 days.

" I thought maybe this would be some cheesy colorization of old B&W footage, but instead it was one of the most compelling and interesting works I have ever seen for its British-influenced documentary style.

It's intense, well-paced and there's a lot of colourized footage to look at as you take in the narrative.

It's beyond stale and boring.

Fantastic and Riveting Telling of Events .

Unfortunately that leads to confusing material and the lack of credibility in the whole message.

Allied apologist propaganda .

Propaganda .

It is not particularily in depth, but it's a decent watch If you're just looking for something entertaining.

I stayed up all night long watching this - much more engaging than the typical war documentaries that put us all to sleep.

Leftist propaganda (yes, again...