Green Eggs and Ham (2019) - Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Hohum Score



An animated series based on the popular Dr. Seuss story "Green Eggs and Ham."

IMDB: 8.4
Stars: Jillian Bell, Adam Devine
Length: 26 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-Y7
Reviews: 4 out of 51 found boring (7.84%)

One-line Reviews (15)

Despite it's small share of forced, producer-influenced gags which has difficulty melding with Dr. Seuss' world, I was really taken aback at how wildly creative, emotional, funny and unpredictable these writers and animators transformed a one-note narrative for the better.

It's absolutely loveable and funny and extremely enjoyable.

Later I found out that some of my friends had also seen the show, and explained that all the scenes I skipped were pointless after all.

Enjoyable as it blends the well known writing of Dr. Seuss with a more contemporary style of writing to connect with a younger generation that's new to Dr. Seuss' story.

The story, though clichéd and predictable in many ways, is nonetheless extremely well-told, engaging, and heartfelt.

I love the beautiful animation, the voice acting is stellar, the story is fun and fascinating, and had some unexpected twists, and the characters are very lovable and interesting.

This show starts out promising, but within the span of its opening episode it quickly loses the charm and the spirit of Dr. Seuss stories, eventually settling into a humdrum rhythm of sitcom gags and trite cliches: the overprotective parent and the spirited child (see Finding Nemo), the taciturn bad guy and the uninhibited sidekick (see every bag guy in every Disney movie), the odd couple (see buddy cop movies, see anything between I Love Lucy and Stanley and Laurel and probably others before them).

on the other hand, the plot is drawn out and bloated, while the moral it's trying to teach simply amounts to "bad man is bad" and "good friends are good", and to top it all off, some of the most inconsistent characters I've ever seen.

The characters are all so entertaining, like Michellee and E.

Great for kids as well as highly entertaining for adults and you all will fall in love with the characters.

Deffinately worth the watch.

The introduced characters of EB and her mother are designed nicely, but are so boring.

The story was enjoyable to follow.

Can't see this one becoming a classic, but it's not offensive, just very very boring.

If you can forgive that it bares very little resemblance to Dr. Seuss and overlook a few issues, it's an entertaining road trip adventure that's sure to entertain kids and the young at heart.