Gremlins (1984) - Comedy, Fantasy, Horror

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A boy inadvertently breaks three important rules concerning his new pet and unleashes a horde of malevolently mischievous monsters on a small town.

IMDB: 7.2
Director: Joe Dante
Stars: Zach Galligan, Phoebe Cates
Length: 106 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 15 out of 283 found boring (5.3%)

One-line Reviews (143)

The story line, characters, and even the setting are so enjoyable that a plot isn't even needed.

It was an enjoyable classic to say the least.

Looking back it's funny as this is a comedy horror but it's so well done and engaging it's unreal.

So it is definitely a movie that is quite worth watching if you haven't already seen it.

Zach Galligan is an engaging Billy, and it's a shame that he never really went on to bigger and better things: his co-star, Phoebe Cates, had a run of moderate success before marrying Kevin Kline and becoming a full-time mother.

In fact, I enjoyed it more then than I do now after re-watching it.

It is just an entertaining film and there is nothing else to it.

Enjoyable 1980s Non-Sense .

When I read reviews that state this movie is predictable and one dimensional I remind myself that idiots that make comments like this must've forgotten that from start to finish the movie is presented as a ghost story.

It's entertaining and slightly scary, especially if you are a kid.

Haunting, shocking and exciting are three ways to describe the score here.

The first 30 minutes range from good to bad, I found the characters boring.

The film is entertaining all the way through, and very intense in spots.

Too intense for little kids, more for teenagers, young adults and adults.

Entertaining mess .

It's a film worth watching any time of the year - in fact, it came out in the summertime despite its holiday setting.

Gremlins is certainly one of the most consistently entertaining Christmas movies.

It is engaging even if it gets silly at times and the material is strong enough for an adult audience while also providing lots of film references for those that get them.

As mentioned, the first segment is still entertaining.

With a clever storyline and well crafted animation this horror/comedy makes for an entertaining 1 1/2 hours.

" The movie gives the impression of a brainstorm, or a jazz session--not all of the ideas work, but there's so much going on it is impossible to be bored for a second.

(Possible Spoilers)This film is brilliant, throughly enjoyable and definatly worth watching again.

The cute and cuddly Mogwai is fun, the nasty and ugly Gremlins are entertaining, and the spoofs and in-jokes in amongst the sometimes scary moments make this a great alternative to the feel-good Christmas specials, a great black comedy fantasy.

Daft, but enjoyable.

This includes the 1994 comedy All Tied Up, starring the stunning Terri Hatcher.

**1/2 out of ****Being someone who was scared witless by this film at the age of six I still think it's amazing that Steven Spielberg and director Joe Dante got away with releasing what I believe to be the most violent, gruesome, mean-spirited(and entertaining)kids movie you're ever likely to see; its beaten only by its nutso sequel THE NEW BATCH.

Nonetheless, I see a little merit in it as some of it is cute and entertaining.

Check out my "Left-Wing Propaganda in TV & Cinema" list for more on this.

There are many slow parts throughout.

That's when angry parents started walking out of test screenings...

This is a brilliantly made film, that's funny, and actually had a few suspenseful moments, plus the comedy was brilliantly done!.

The ending inevitably has the showdown between Billy and Stripe, which becomes a gripping fight for survival in a department store.

Those of us who enjoyed it as kids back then can now "appreciate" its subversive nature – at least people that are clueless naive liberals in search of the millionth movie to feature an anti-Capitalist message.

It really is the best little monster attack type film, and you even root for the Gremlins themselves, because of their enjoyable pranks, stupidity and by far their laughs, it just sticks in your head.

Violent and thrilling for a PG movie.

This is great fun enjoyable movie for whole family to watch, the most of it is comedy that is bit of Drama in this movie with Billy Girlfriend who dose not like Xmas because something bad happened to family when she little girl on Xmas day, which is little sad.

despite its faults, it is still enjoyable .

Whichever, it is a fun, entertaining and imaginative film.

In summary this was an amazingly good movie, I loved it, but the gremlins slaughtering humans and the intense suspense are too much for young children.

While this movies first 20 minutes are a bit boring, once the story and absolute fun insanity begins you'll be having such a good time that the run time of the film will completely slip by.

The whole thing might have worked as a campily over-the-top shorter film, but there's not enough substance for a full-length movie, and after a while it grows tiresome waiting for the gremlins to be defeated and the movie to end.

Gremlins is a very good film though I think it is sad at times but it is funny and very entertaining!

It has the perfect balance of horror and humour to make it an engrossing and even thought provoking film which most people will remember long after the film has ended.

It perfectly balances the amount of humor to horror, never tipping the scales too much in either direction as this movie flies by, an enjoyable 90-some odd minutes.

Funny, entertaining, scary and NOT for children .

I remember thinking how scary it seemed up front, but all in all this was a entertaining film.

The movie was entertaining and very funny in the process, my brother's first girlfriend was frightened by this movie, my brother?

Gremlins is one of those somewhat predictable 'feel good' films made by big studios & at what it sets out to be Gremlins succeeds & is a very good film in it's own right.

I especially liked the gremlins, they were fascinating.

Cates looked stunning in it as well.

All in all, silly it is, but it is clever and consistently engaging.

It's just fun and exciting to watch.

With the help of Gizmo, and gorgeous workmate Kate (the always stunning Phoebe Cates), Billy sets out to destroy the gremlins.

Overall, it's not a bad flick, and the invention of both Gizmo and the eventual Satan's little evil fiends, was worth the watch.

However predictable it is.

Re-watching Gremlins after many years, I found myself a little bored with the opening of the picture.

This movie was a huge hit in the 80's and it's still by today one of the most entertaining cheese movies.

Hoyt Axton is also ineffective in a stiff, monotone performance as the hapless inventor father, whereas Francis Lee McCain gets to add some beef to her role as typical American Housewife with one of the movie's best scenes as she defends her house, most notably the kitchen, from the Gremlins.

It is so predictable, the minute you hear the warnings of gremlins not liking light, not to feed them after midnight and never ever expose them to water, you just KNOW all those things are going to happen.

) Overall, this film is entertaining, very 80's, a little scary, and pretty funny.

DVD has two entertaining commentaries tracks by the cast and filmmakers.

Cheesy uninteresting film .

But, generally-speaking, this is a gripping piece of entertainment, worth a look if you're a monster movie buff or a connoisseur of the cynical.

It's a good time watching the gremlins wreak havoc; those ugly bastards are surprisingly entertaining (the bar scene in particular).

Despite that issue, it's a entertaining film nonetheless.

), and Kate, Billy's new girlfriend (played by the stunning Phoebe Cates).

This is what I can say is clever, quirky, and very entertaining.

Gremlins is not the most artistic movie ever made, but it is most definitely entertaining.

Give me the sequel instead, where the comedy is much stronger and the story more engaging.

It is an entertaining, witty and mischievous comedy.

The flow of the plot is painfully cliché, up until the end where things are pretty unpredictable.

The beginning of the film cleverly sets up a super-bland Typical American Town out of Frank Capra; we get to know the local eccentrics (Hopeless Inventor, Spunky Housewife, Dense Sheriff, Miserable Old Rich Bitch) and the generic teenage dreamer Billy, who is presented on his birthday with Gizmo, an ultra-cute Furby-like creature who communicates in monosyllabic squeaks.

The main cliché being; no one believing that there is such a creature, until they see it with their own eyes...

But those two are the two that make this film enjoyable.

This movie was follwed by a terrific sequel that threw the horror out the window and made no denial to being a flat out comedy, and one of the smartest and most entertaining ever.

Followed by an equally as entertaining sequel.

Excellent and highly enjoyable effects by Chris Walas and his team, Goldsmiths' irresistible score including that "Gremlin Rag" main theme, and numerous in-jokes and visual gags add to the fun.

Comparing to it's peers, The Goolies, Critters etc seems a little unfair, the story is sharp, fast paced and is carried by all the actors.

Funny, entertaining, a little scary.

Gremlins is an entertaining horror/comedy for the entire family.

But nonetheless, "Gremlins" is a thrilling, cackling funny little holiday-themed fantasy-comedy film.

I enjoyed it for the most part.

It is not a very good film, but there is just something about this film that makes it watchable and enjoyable.

It is "Good Vs Evil"This film is not for small children, In fact the violence is so intense that it ushered in the PG-13 Rating.

Enjoyed it .

But really, it's the evil Gremlins who make this movie entertaining.

Gremlins has to be one of the most chaotic, entertaining, mesmerizing, adventurous, revolutionary, charming, fun-filled films of the past twenty years.

This is a brilliantly made, wonderfully wicked horror comedy, in equal parts intriguing, funny, gross, touching and scary.

It's incredibly entertaining throughout, an invaluably re-watchable experience that, essentially, keeps getting better and better every time you see it.

The script is funny and inventive, and the story growing from a very simple idea is engaging and delightful.

) 'Gremlins' is a cute film, and it's still funny and enjoyable to watch.

All of it works in favor of the movie as it plows along with its entertaining tale of pesky and petulant creatures running amok on Christmas Eve across a small American town, displaying a surprisingly grisly and gleefully mean-spirited edge along the way that keeps the stakes high.

Entertaining and loads of fun.

Overall though this is an enjoyable horror movie for younger audiences.

Besides that, though, the film is pretty bland and not one that I would opt to watch, even in my dullest hour.

"Gremlins" is one of the wildest, most incoherent films ever to become a hit, but the style that sometimes makes the movie difficult to follow fits the subject--we in the audience literally don't know what to expect once the title gremlins are spawned and get loose (as we know they will).

Classic and influential, and what's best, it's still entertaining to watch even after all these years.

The lead actors are young but entertaining.

But overall, Gremlins is extremely entertaining.

I highly recommend Gremlins to fans of family comedies as it a entertaining film too watch with your family.

Nonetheless, I still think it's one of the better comedy horrors, well worth watching and one I'll happily watch again.

Gremlins is infectiously funny and effortlessly entertaining with its blend of cutsie charm and comic book horror.

The proud owner of a restless spirit and a tendency to rattle the gearbox at the slightest hint of a lull, the film can be splendidly unpredictable, charmingly sweet and morbidly profane, sometimes all within the same scene.

" Entertaining family orientated fantasy horror.

An exciting 80s monster movie for the whole family .

Just boringly bad.

The concept of the Gremlins themselves being so intriguing and fun, and face it, Gizmo is one of the cutest creatures in cinema history.

The film is entertaining for all ages.

If you over-analyze, it can get confusing.

Still, it's really entertaining and it has all the cool clichés.

Lively, entertaining monsters- connected to the legendary gremlins in the mind of a veteran of World War II (Dick Miller).

it has a bunch of extra story lines that have no effect on the main story, they are a huge waste of time and detract from the fun of the gremlins.

The pacing is off(I was bored throughout most of the film and was half-asleep when it was done) and uneven.

It's not a great movie really, but it has some entertaining moments and did well enough to "spawn" a poorer sequel.

The jokes are tired and dull, and repeated into endlessness...

But it has as big a fan following as the original in some respects, for those who favor goofy, pointless cash-ins over original, hysterical movies.

i enjoyed it so much that for the past months I've been looking for the film on video which is rather hard to find when you consider the film came out 17 years ago.

Very compelling, an extremely touching ending with a great speech from the old Chinese man and touching speech about why Phoebe Cates doesn't like Christmas.

The humor is dull and repetitive.

The reason though that the human cast are so bland is that any personality would detract from the real stars of the show: the Gremlins, who remain front and centre and tongue in cheek for the last hour of the film.

The one caveat I would offer here is that for real young kids, this might be too intense, what with the ugliness of the gremlin creatures and the nasty violence they bring to the story.

Silly but a very clever and engaging film- succeeds in both comedy and horror .

exciting, compelling and touching .

He is so bland that if he didn't keep moving you would lose him in the wallpaper.

With some beautiful scenes in it, both this first encounter and the 1990 sequel are films worth watching.

I think the creatures look good, the Mogwai are cute and makes for an enjoyable film.

This isn't the popular view, but this film is just sour; the illogical plot dealing with the "rules" surrounding the gremlins has been mocked even by those who are fans, I just found the mayhem to be too intense and mean spirited, ruining any enjoyment that the story desperately tries to muster.

The characters were a little boring, despite some of their quirks.

Sure, "Gremlins" is a cheesefest with some neat f/x and campy music but you have to accept that this movie is entertaining and makes you chuckle.

Lots of fun to watch, just an enjoyable mindless movie.

It's vividly violent, often shockingly so, but still touts a wild sense of humor and an unexpected knack for sentimentality.

Gremlins still has its share of flaws, including unevenness in the narrative and occasional sequences that boil over into nastiness, but on the whole it is an enjoyable movie.

These creatures are perhaps the funniest and most entertaining little ghouls I have ever seen.

Although it has a very silly premise, there is something compelling about Gremlins.

Although "Gremlins" may not have quite the polish of Spielberg's own directorial efforts, it remains an entertaining movie more than 30 years later.

And like most of those movies, the characters in that small town are bland and generic, with only Hoyt Axton seeming like a character you'd actually want to know better.

It is pretty fast paced.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

The gremlins are so cool and entertaining to watch, all they want to do is live it up like crazy and consume and wreck everything in sight all at the cost of sweet humanity, and lord help you if you get in the way of or become a part of their warped concept of fun!

A small cinema nearby showed this last night, it was the first time I have watched this since I was a kid, and the first time ever in a cinema, and enjoyed it a bit more now than I did then.

Gremlins is a highly entertaining film from the eighties.

The creatures look real and behave in an interesting/amusing rather than predictable way.

This movie is very funny and enjoyable to watch.