Gretel & Hansel (2020) - Fantasy, Horror, Thriller

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A long time ago in a distant fairy tale countryside, a young girl leads her little brother into a dark wood in desperate search of food and work, only to stumble upon a nexus of terrifying evil.

IMDB: 5.4
Director: Oz Perkins
Stars: Sophia Lillis, Samuel Leakey
Length: 87 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 85 out of 198 found boring (42.92%)

One-line Reviews (200)

Very boring and the lighting is terrible.

What we got was a forgettable horror film that was boring.

A waste of time .

And I complete waste of time.

Unfortunately, this makes the movie feel slow and pointless.

Gretel and little boy bore you and the witch to death and beyond.

However, this decent concept fell flat, which made for an uninteresting story.

Wildly Entertaining, haven't seen a movie released theatrically this well done.

Worst Movie of 2020 so far...

A unique take on the classic story, with some confusing plot elements .

Movie was extremely slow paced and never picks up at all, truly dreadful and waste of money.

In conclusion, don't waste your time on this horror movie, cause it's nothing new and not well directed.

Read the negative reviews and you will see a long stream of "too slow", "I fell asleep", "didn't make sense", "not scary", and various other criticisms which typically plague these kinds of movies.

Artsy, but boring .

The movie is simply dull, performances are worse than bad, the story has nothing to do with the original piece of literacy art, plus the exchange on the character names for the title, looks like some feminism black hand put their 5 cents there tooIt's a shame, because the same plot (wich, i repeat, has nothing to do with the Hansel & Gretel fairy tale except for a twisted miss use of the character names) with good performers and not so boring development could have been great (and with a different title, of course, not some reworked famous fairy tale work of literacy just to make money off the fan base)

While yes, the first hour is a bit slow, it does a fantastic job setting up for the finale.

Waste of my time and money .


one word: boring .

just boring.

This is by far the worst movie I have seen in many years.

Worst of all it's boring.

It was boring and not scary at all Hollywood is on a downhill and the feminist agenda is taking this world to nothing good even movies !!

More pretentious long drawn out exposition in the vein of A24 "horror" films though mostly just Dull drama.

However, this movie dragged in the second and even third act to the point where the audience's patience will be tested.

I was hesitant on seeing this as this director's movie "I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House" bored me to tears and is honestly one of the worst movie i've ever seen.

The story of Hansel and Gretel has always been one of my all-time favorites, and it's so breathtaking to watch.

Slow start, amazing finish .

Why was this script so shoddily put together to make a film with no storyline?!

A predictable narrative with slow pacing is (almost?

The story and flow of events was very boring to me.

Gretel and Hansel attempts to elevate the classic fairy tale but ends up suffering from a narrative that is more convoluted than compelling.

My boyfriend fell asleep 3 times.

This version is so surreal and unexpected that I found it fascinating.

On my anniversary,hope that story as good as it was but start with boring and plain plot until i decide to leave with many unsolved issues and many inquiries in movies.

The movie is more of a fantasy movie and has an intense hypnotic vibe that makes it very unique.

It's a super captivating film production-wise, but it lacks some emotionally compelling storytelling, especially in the last third of the narrative.

Empty feels like the correct description for the writing in the movie as well.

I found myself falling asleep waiting for it to be over!

The film starten good for me: An intriguing background story of a twisted evil child.

Visually arresting, slow moving, and so many unanswered questions.

Don't waste your time .

The film was dragged out so long I felt it could have been condensed even further into a 25-35 short YouTube film.

It started out weird and mildly intriguing, settled into weird boredom, and finished with some mild satisfaction that was too little too late.

However, audiences simply want to be entertained, and the purposefully slow pacing won't help, so I do understand if this group has an adverse reaction to this adaptation.

Muh feminism mixed in with good old fashion Boredom.

There is much to be appreciated from the films oddly entrancing visuals to the strong performances from Alice Krige (Sleepwalkers) and Sophie Lillis (It) and the complex but intriguing subtext about a young girl coming of age especially in today's society, harnessing her power and deciding what to do with it.

) that felt distracting and confusing...

It Is a coming of age story and if you look at it that way it is a decent movie.

Gretel and hansel is a film about story that we saw being filmed a lot of times and this one doensnt differences itself from previous adaptions,only difference is swap of our characters names in title,the best thing about this film is look of it,entire cinematography looks visualy great and pretty but also creepy in same way,also actors also did a good job in this film expecely actresses from it ,but all of that acting and look of film didnt help it in a bigger picture and to become another predictable horror with some lousy scares and not so intersting story,and the worst thing is that in a few years we will get another gretel and hansel film or they will change line up names again thinking that changes anything in a filmaking aspect

I wouldn't waste my money going to the theater to see this, wait until it hits DVD or a streaming app.

A boring movie with great lighting and sets .

Of course you also have to be accustomed to a slow pace.

This movie was beautiful, dark, and suspenseful.

Only thing it, it makes the story suck and slow.

I'm not gonna say don't see this movie, but I will say that if you REALLY want to see it, I recommend you wait until you can rent/stream it to save your money and potentially time if you decide to turn it off.

It's boring, not scary, and just generally not very good.

You need relatable characters and a compelling story, and unfortunately this one has neither.

Wow very slow paced.

I don't really recommend guys to see this film because it is obviously boring.

One walked out, the other fell asleep.

One of the most boring movies I've seen in long time .

I can appreciate the feminist nod that the writers were trying to incorporate, and the creative spin on setting and design (plus, I always adore an imaginative twist on a classic story) but something about this movie just felt more empty than I would've liked.

During the movie, a couple of people left the theater.

Boring movie, totally different from the original story.

It was very boring, confusing and not scary at all.

I think I fell asleep a couple of times.

The most obvious one is the pacing, the whole second act and part of a third one is moving quite slow, sometimes to the point of annoyance.

I immediately fell asleep 15 minutes in and I woke up hearing my friends complaining about this absolute garbage can of a movie.

The storyline is boring and all messed up.

Even though it was slow and hard to keep up.

It's shot like an independent film so that for me is a breath of fresh air, for the people that are more use to today's Hollywood style that is fast paced quick editing style, Disney Star Wars and Transformers films you are not going to like it.

Most of the movie is just silence and shots of the two kids in the forest, with random confusing details.

Like that film this one has a slow burn style and handles the supernatural aspects subtly until the films climax.

It is a slow burning psychological thriller, that needs a certin level of tension, suspense and character development to succeed.

Unbearably Boring .

Beautifully scenes, creepy and slow paced, interesting master and apprentice relationship.

It is the worst movie I've seen in a very long time.

We all know the story and this offers a very dull portrayal of the the old tale.

not a horror what so ever , i nearly fell asleep watching ......

Its spooky, mesmerizing imagery and music coupled with a simple and intriguing storyline make for a movie that's easy to get sucked into.

This is my first review in a very long time so I figured let's get real with this movie: It's slow.

Technically very captivating, but lacking compelling storytelling.

Nothing is clear you don't even know what's going on in this movie, waste of time.

Just very pointless.

It is slow and gets boring quickly.

The movie is boring and not completed in any way.. Most of the scenes are very mediocre.

The first act of the film goes by very quickly but the rest of the film is very slow.

If that doesnt sound remotely enjoyable for you I dont reccomend this film.

A number of aspects of the movie went nowhere and ended at strange moments.

It follows the same tired and bored formula that overrated films like The witch, hereditary, blackcoats daughter (same director).

So upsetting to watch a movie begin with great potential then 20mins later the storyline turns into one big cryptic Snore!

Gorgeous cinematography, wonderful ambient drone like score, methodical framing of shots and a sumptuous spooky cerebral fantasy world that is absorbing and yes this film is going to belly flop at the boxoffice and go on to become a cult hit years from now much like Ridley Scott's Legend...

Maybe we missed something, me and my friend walked out rather disappointed after watching this movie.

That way, as GRETEL & HANSEL unspools and you're fighting to stay awake in one of those new, ultra comfortable plush reclining theater chairs, you'll be able to empathize perfectly with the challenges facing title heroine "Gretel" throughout this film.

Yes it's slow paced.

A cure for insomnia .

Wait for it to go to tv and use to fall asleep.

I give props for a psychological dive and realistic portrayal in the film, but this Grimm's Fairy Tale is a little too sleep inducing and bloated for my tastes.

Gretel and Hansel are exceptionally vulnerable and you can feel it throughout the film, that kind of tension remains and you know the final battle is about to take place right as either one of them or possibly both is about to be put in the oven, oh the tension, but in the mean time the pacing is slow and creepy, while Gretel is being taught...

It also spoils (well, it heavily hints) the connecting dots to the second half's mystery, turning that half too predictable and, to be completely honest, a tad boring.

Boring and dreadful .

It's nice to be able to sit with the unanswered questions raised by the film, and it has built a vivid and beautiful world that lingers with you after you leave the theater.

Just the story was very slow moving with an ending that was over in seconds.

Boring, Confusing, and Plain

All these low scores must be given by people who like Teenage I jumped out my seat no plot type having movies!

Most of the scenes were absolutely pointless.

A very enjoyable watch and Sophia Lillis has promising acting career ahead of her

Boring and my 1st movie i leave the theater .


If you are tired of predictable fare and uninspired Hollywood films, go and see "Hansel & Gretel".

This was by far the most boring movie I have ever seen in my entire life!

Zzzzzzzz .


Incredibly boring .

This movie was so miserable, nonsense and boring that it was slowly killing you, your money, your time and your excitement.

Slow, atmospheric, with little to no jump scares and a real "witchy" feel.

A dreadfull and simply boring story .

The witch's cellar looks like it came from a different movie, but it works because it's so unexpected.


Such a waste of money.

The end unfortunately was painfully predictable.

This movie was way to slow we couldn't even wait out the interesting part.

Bad film with some good intense scenes.

So boring.

A couple people around me were falling asleep in their seats and I would've too had I not downed caffeine prior to the showing.

I took an 18 minutes nap, i couldnt bear it sorry Supeer boring

Boring and Not Scary .

This is a beautiful film from start to finish and yes its very slow paced and not the kind of film that should probably not be playing at the local megaplex theater...

It is a slow burn horror movie which is more of a drama than a thriller where paying attention to the dialogue is important.

May be one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Unfortunately, 'Gretel & Hansel' lacked in characterization, which is what made its group of main characters feel more uninteresting than they should've.

I was bored and it was pleasant way to spend the evening.

What a bore .

"Gretel & Hansel" tried to put me out again but I was determined to stay awake and torture myself.

The movie is really really boring and even though it is only 87 minutes it feels like a life time.

First movie i ever considered walking out on or falling asleep to.

Don't waste your money or your time on this one, I wouldn't even waste a redbox rental.

It's intense and is the only thing that causes some scenes to have some sort of tension.

Don't waste your money.

People like to toss around the "slow burn horror" phrase a lot and I like those movies too if and only if it actually pays off well in the end and, you know, actually heats up...

I don't know the ending because we walked out with under an hour to go.

That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Overall, it is an alright movie with the simple basic premise of the original tale done like a slow burn indie-style drama movie with very few actors.

Oz Perkins frames this film as a coming-of-age story, blending horror, fantasy and drama through suspenseful mood of a constant menace hiding somewhere behind the scenes.

Slow burn adult horror adaptation of a classic story .

Tremendously enjoyed it.

Save your money and avoid this film unless you just need some pretty woodland scenes to look at.

Confusing and very boring .

The characters were uninteresting to me.

Stay away from this movie and save your money.

It definitely feels drawn out and short on plot as it just kind of sets itself up towards the predictable revelation.

This movie is visually one of the most stunning things I have ever seen, and it is full of great dialogue as well.

The Zombie: Pointless World War Z character, and how did the hunter not know it was in the house.

it's very uneventful and ends with such dissatisfaction.

Forgettable Bad Movie, Terrible Uninteresting Characters .

I was so bored and confused though the entirety of the movie.

Definitely worth watching and I will see this film again.

Quite literally the worst movie I've ever seen .

Yes, there is some general eerieness early, but by the end, you feel empty.

I wanted to like this film because of the story and dark atmosphere but the film felt so padded and was dull for most of the time.

However, the film had a lot of potential but it ended up being boring and confusing

The overall pace was too slow.

Waste of time & $, sat through this entire disappointment of a film in hopes of it getting better with no luck, far from a horror film.. Avoid at all COST!!


It's very dull and boring and I wouldn't recommend seeing it.

This movie had no arch to the story I was confused throughout the majority of the movie, I understand that actors/actresses and the the movie production team wanted to tell a story but this movie was bland.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the sister and brother, who's acting is two dimensional, characters are flat, and expressions bland.

Just went to see it with my daughter and we both really enjoyed it.

Waste of time and money!!!!


Wildly Entertaining .

Snooze fest .

I will kill you with a dull spoon .

This had to be the worst movie I've ever seen in my life.

It was a constant fight to stay awake.


Boring movie .

So slow!

A slow burner.

A different film that successfully marries its plot and characters' development with its breathtaking setting would be Ari Aster's 'Midsommar.


The beginning of the movie was promising, but then it went nowhere.

It's like they're trying to copy every single art house horror cliche of what's popular today from A2...

Don't waste your money.

It begins as a movie with a terrifying atmosphere that progressively fades to become a boring tape.

Waste of Time .

Im a fan of his, so that could be part of why I enjoyed it as much as I did.

Don't waste your money.

To enjoy this movie, you must be willing to think, and think rather hard-not because the plot is so muddled, but because this film caters To people who already think deeply about social dilemmas, suffering, coming of age, and that insubstantial sub-layer of existence which most Hollywood films wrap up in a nice bow and hand to you, so you, the viewer, have little work to do.

Gretel and Hansel is a teen "horror/coming of age" movie that is shallow.

Boring just Boring .

Just a typical January movie, but this one is just sooooo boring.

worst ever movies and don waste your money and time there sorry for director

Very boring.

But the storyline was boring and the editing was horrible.

Yet, this artistic nature really took away from the story for me and left me with a boring, bloated film that missed the potential the trailers painted.

I even fell asleep.

The plot is thin, the acting is okay but theres nothing there, and the overall movie was a bit boring.

What a waste of time.