Grey Owl (1999) - Biography, Drama, Western

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The story of the life and work of the Canadian fur trapper-turned-conservationist who claimed to be an aboriginal North American.

Director: Richard Attenborough
Stars: Pierce Brosnan, Stewart Bick
Length: 118 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 8 out of 58 found boring (13.79%)

One-line Reviews (41)

I would suggest reading up on the story of Archie Grey Owl and watching a YouTube video of baby beavers with something maple syrup flavored instead of subjecting yourself or loved ones to this snore fest.

People who see this movie as slow or plodding or dull really need to take a week off and watch it several times until their short attention span mind comes to grips with the possibility of being involved with a cause or even beautiful story in a beautiful place for no other reason than because it isn't hurrying to make the points you so emphatically need it to make in the short time alloted.

I didn't care about the story, Pierce Brosnan's character was dull, and the entire movie was a waste of time.

The story was, on the other side, quite boring; To my eyes it was a love story in the woods just like Titanic was a love story on a boat.

Great job by Brosnan; be patient if you're bored .

And what is more fascinating than someone so successfully reinventing themselves?

If not, you'll likely be bored to death.

) Though the storyline is fascinating, the movie drags and tends to put people to sleep, repeatedly.

What ensues is a rather eventful, yet somehow boring series of relationship highs and lows, culminating in Archie finally revealing a great web of lies to his dear Pony.

The second half, however, becomes more compelling, as the truth about Belaney is slowly revealed.

I saw this picture on a plane and was so bored I wanted to jump!

I enjoyed it thoroughly, although got a little restless in parts.

I decided to read up on him before I watched it and one of the things that I found was a fascinating article by Attenborough himself.

Indeed, the vast and (in that time) unexplored territory of Canada helps to compose the stunning beauty of the landscapes picked up by the motion picture camera.

When this film came out in the cinema it looked a bit dull and I, like many others, decided not to bother with it.

Interesting true story, but extremely slow paced.

I found this film to be intriguing.

After viewing this film I saw that Mr. Brosnan did good in portraying Grey Owl however the film itself was rather bland.

Had it not done so, he might have been an even more compelling character.

The scenes of nature are beautiful and, at their best, resemble one of the younger Attenborough's documentaries but the film does suffer from occasional instances of slow pacing in its first half.

For all you philanthropists, naturalists, conservationists, ecologists, or any back woodsy types will surely find this movie fascinating.

Certainly, it is not an action film like the Bonds, nor is it a great epic biopic like "Gandhi", and it may indeed seem boring to those who were expecting it to be either the one or the other.

To some, this may be too whimsical, to others boring - for me it is a gentle, well-told tale and perfect for family viewing.

Made me want to read more about this fascinating character, which means, the director fulfilled his purpose, and the film was a success!

A very good biography of a fascinating man.

Good central performance and lovely to look at but rather plodding in the telling .

This isn't Annie Galipeau's fault, as the script is asking her to be stubborn etc etc. I really do hate the cliche stubborn woman who 'bravely' battles the elements and determinedly refuses to 'turn back', annoying the heck out of the main character, when really she should have stayed home and knitted.

Overall though the film is simply too empty and plodding to really hit the spot.

How to make history more boring.. .


A half-forgotten but fascinating figure .

I found it to be similarly riveting and heartfelt as 'Rudy' and 'Awakenings'.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable film which raises many interesting points about conservation even if it does skim over some of the more awkward facts of its protagonist's life.

We viewed the vcr and found it to be fascinating.

This slovenly regard for detail detracts from what otherwise might have been an enjoyable film.

Richard Attenborough has done us a service by helping to revive interest in this half-forgotten but fascinating figure.

If you are looking for an action packed movie about Canadian History, Grey Owl is not the movie for you.

Worst Movie EVER.

Charming in its own way and with a fascinating tale to tell, Grey Owl never quite gets fired up in the same way as historical rivals like Braveheart and Titanic.

Brosnan does a good job as the native American with a hidden past and the photography is stunning.

Although he did portray Grey Owl to the best of his ability since he resembled him quite well in the film, it was just the film itself being dull.