Grounded for Life (2001) - Comedy

Hohum Score



Thirty-something Irish Catholic couple Sean and Claudia deal with their three children as well as Sean's judgmental father and his carefree brother.

IMDB: 7.4
Stars: Donal Logue, Megyn Price
Length: 22 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-14
Reviews: 4 out of 59 found boring (6.77%)

One-line Reviews (13)

Despite engaging performances by Donal Logue and Megyn Price, this show has a long way to go.

for those of us in our 30's who are raising a family, i am sure you will find this program worth the watch.

" Its target audience is primarily the "contemporary married with children" sect and their offspring (rather than the ratings-intensive, teen to twenty-something audience that govern so much of the so-called "creative" content of contemporary television).

Sean, Eddie, Claudia, and Lily make the series not only true-to-life, but consistently entertaining in the process.

Watching this shows horrible plots, stupid flashbacks and basically just boring people to death is a waste of good air time.

It makes my afternoons from 4-5 PM (and my parents' afternoon) much more entertaining.

And what's most interesting is that each show uses flashback to tell some of the story, so the points of view shift constantly; you're never sure who's got the whole story, which means there's always an unexpected twist in store.

Multi-talented Lynsey Bartilson and Donal Logue (whose credits include the vastly underrated "The Tao of Steve") provide star quality lead performances, while the undeniably alluring Megyn Price and wry Kevin Corrigan offer compelling comedic characterizations that make "Grounded for Life" nothing less than one of the unrecognized gems of its time.

Really , don´t waste your time watching this horrible show

The one and a half episodes that I was subject to watch had overly predictable plots and dialog.

In the meantime FOX better get over their obsession with smart-allecky kids, and start making some shows that are actually worth watching.

I haven't seen every episode, but I still enjoyed it.

Don't waste your time watching this show.