Hairspray (2007) - Comedy, Drama, Musical

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Pleasantly plump teenager Tracy Turnblad teaches 1962 Baltimore a thing or two about integration after landing a spot on a local TV dance show.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Adam Shankman
Stars: John Travolta, Queen Latifah
Length: 117 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 48 out of 413 found boring (11.62%)

One-line Reviews (238)

Apart from the unquestionably impressive song and dance numbers, the film also proves a rousing success in capturing the look and feel of the sixties in a particularly vibrant fashion.

She really was endearing and entertaining and had me from the moment she rose out of the bed and sang Good Morning Baltimore through the entire film.

I yawned through out the movie and I got really really bored.

I grabbed my niece's hand and we left the theatre an hour into the movie.

Very bland in tone: not what you're looking for in this material.

I enjoyed it greatly, and in most part for the performances.

Comparing the two movie versions is pretty much useless (Waters' film wasn't a musical after all, and it had a far slimmer budget), but beefing up the (supporting) characters of Velma Von Tussle and Motormouth Maybelle was pointless (except to showcase Michelle Pfeiffer and Queen Latifah, respectively, in these roles).

A very entertaining movie with high messages to watch with your family.

This film was a lot of fun and contained some entertaining songs.

It was actually very surreal watching John Travolta and Chris Walken slow dance - something I would never had imagined seeing.

too cliché.

I truly enjoyed it.

The jubilant dance numbers, Marc Shaiman's catchy music and Scott Wittman's snappy lyrics are performed with bubbly abandon by each and every cast member.

And it's a very enjoyable movie where you feel plenty of positivity exuding when the end credits start to roll.

As I left the theater, there were only two songs that stuck in my mind.

The humor was banal and timeworn and not very funny.

Easily one of the most entertaining movie experiences of this year or any year.

The catchy songs, flashy costumes, and colorful sets also help to make a very enjoyable musical.

Imagine my surprise when I really enjoyed it.

The finale has a somewhat contrived result in the naming of Mis Teen Hairspray for the year.

Between John Travoltas horrid performance and the fact that they cut out literally half the songs this movie was boring to watch.

He is a much more engaging performer The real eye candy is the impossibly gorgeous and talented Elijah Kelley.

This is a musical, but it is so humorous and entertaining that you forget the actors are singing sometimes!

This film just won me over with it's music, charm and overall entertaining nature.

The song and dance of this film makes it enjoyable to watch.

Briefly, I just came back from the film after seeing it with my wife - she loved, I found it enjoyable!

What we have now is a funeral dirge ballad during a race protest, an off the wall bollixed pseudo-affair between two of the characters, the dropping of great songs from the stage for stupid and pointless production numbers that make you cringe, an underused Michelle Pfieffer, an overused and out of place Christopher Walken, and one of THE MOST embarrassing performances ever captured on film by John Travolta in his ridiculous attempt to tackle the role of Edna Turnblad.

Link Larkin (Zac Efron) had every girl in the audience on the edge of their seats with his cool James Dean attitude and his attractive physical features.

James Marsden (terrific and captivating in his role), Queen Latifah (stunning and beautiful, outspoken, really great role), Zac Efron (bound to become Hollywood's latest 'It' boy and a really talented singer and dancer and actor, Elijah Kelley (terrific performance and had great chemistry with Bynes), Allison Janney (just hilarious in her small cameo role and had some great physical comedy), and Jerry Stiller who is just one of those guys you smile at when you see him show up on screen.

Travolta detracts from an otherwise enjoyable enough musical .

One nice change was made to the finale, but generally the song's impact is dissipated by dialogue interruptions and pointless, unfunny slapstick.

But all the good guys are so unquestionably good and all the bad guys are so unquestionably bad that there were times I simply found it kind of boring.

Exuberant and incessantly enjoyable .

I really REALLY enjoyed it.

Christopher Walken was an unexpected surprise and he was very funny as well.

everyone is normal/dull, even drag queen mother, john travolta (who wanted mom to look real) so why not get a real woman?

All the musical numbers are enjoyable.

"Pacificer" director Adam Shankman, a former stage choreographer, keeps things humming throughout this PG-rated nonsense with its predictable ending.

) While no one would accuse Hairspray of occupying the upper echelon of movie musicals, it's an entertaining diversion, which is about the most anyone could hope for from something ultimately spawned in the mind of John Waters.

The music itself is mostly quite dull, and seems to rely largely on existing 50s music with new lyrics (and the new lyrics don't do the old songs much justice).

Once you get over John in a fat suit and just decide to enjoy it is a truly enjoyable ride.

I simply enjoyed it a lot, despite that musical isn't my favorite movie genre.

From the rousing opening number "Good Morning, Baltimore" to the dancy, flashy, fun finale "You Can't Stop the Beat," Hairspray is first and foremost a movie that will make you want to get up out of your seat and dance in the aisles, singing along with the terrific cast.

Its boring.....

please do wait for the curtain call as you would just feel the enthusiasm of the audience and how they enjoyed it.

It's one of those movies when you're on the edge of your seat and not blinking as you watch it.

As a friendly advice I would say : don't waste your time watching crap like this one.

I left the theater with a big smile in my face, cheered and entertained, wanting to dance, thinking that the money I had paid for the ticket was well worth it.

It's so foolish, boring and innocent that, like many other movies, don't worth to pay the ticket.

Regardless of Glamour City's lack of originality, this new Hairspray is a glitter-rama of song, dance, music and the battle over racism, and it fills the screen with enough enjoyable moments to make it a film worth your while.

Fantastic Film, Very Enjoyable!

There are some things I really didn't care for in the film, but, I must say, the film's young cast, to which I attribute its enormous success, makes it well worth watching.

The hard-edged, provocative and unconventional dialog has been diluted to the point of bland.

While this is Baltimore 1962, the film is plagued with the worn out cliché that black students make up the majority of detention room attendees.

His one-note performance became tedious and I started to dread the scenes he was in.

This is a very entertaining movie.

Her engaging smile cheer up everyone.

Completely engaging with the audience and breaking through all the talent of this film, Blonsky is a talent to watch in the coming years.

The film is too genuinely wholesome and outright entertaining to generate much contempt, and even though the plot may stumble on occasion, the film whips by at such a steady clip, fueled by universally superb singing and performances by the cast that it is near impossible to avoid being caught up in the infectious enthusiasm of the production.

Entertaining musical.

My cheeks were hurting when I walked out of the theater.

She is absolutely stunning.

I had barely even noticed that the entire movie had passed and ended: It's just so engrossing and so fun, you don't even notice anymore, you just want to hear more songs and see more dance numbers.

Just as these kids are about to dismiss Tracy as just another accommodating white girl, she impresses them, especially Seaweed (TV actor Elijah Kelley), with her own snappy dance numbers.

This was a really enjoyable movie ...

This is the worst movie I have ever seen.

The Most Entertaining Movie I've Ever Seen In My Life .

) While no one would accuse Hairspray of occupying the upper echelon of movie musicals, it's an entertaining diversion, which is about the most anyone could hope for from something ultimately spawned in the mind of John Waters.

Boring and embarrassingly bad .

I dislike Zac Efron, however, and think his casting was a corny mistake which dragged the film down a little.

It was boring so I stopped the DVD and watched something else.

The intense and sometimes bitter rivalry between TV networks is well portrayed.

It is lighthearted and fun which makes for an enjoyable viewing experience.

She looks stunning and creates a good villainous foil for Blonsky.

The story itself is very enjoyable.

I've seen it twice, and enjoyed it just as much the second time.

I have never walked out in the middle of a movie in my life.

This film does both, in this stunning romp of a musical, set in the gritty city of Baltimore in 1962, before integration of the races is completed there.

John T is a bore again.

It seems that teenagers would especially love seeing the characters break out of the bounds their parents and society are setting them, but actually I wonder it wouldn't be a little too formulaic for them lacking in emotional depth.

I went to see it on Monday, and it ended up being a rollicking fun bubbly romp with no strings attached, dance-a-licious from beginning to end with perfectly cast, perfectly campy, and perfectly enjoyable from beginning to end.

cute, entertaining and a great movie musical .

Even though the singing pictures seemed awkward, Tracey's mother sounded like a man from the start, and the front part of Tracey's hair changed color not far into the movie, I found this movie entertaining and worth seeing.


Comments about the fun he had with the fantastically fascinating Christoper Walken loosened me up enough to think "What the heck" and so I went.

Especially during the march, which I believe was the most intense moment of the movie because of the emotions the characters showed through their faces, and the song.

With the history used, the director of Hairspray made the movie very entertaining with a deep, historical background of the past.

"Hairspray" is a glass overflowing with boring characters, cringe inducing songs, and a story that is told in such a slow and boring way.

Save your money and wait for it to air on HBO or SHOWTIME next year.

At its very rare, though still thoroughly entertaining worst, the film buckles under the weight of obliging to slow balladry and heavy handling of the mature racism theme it had previously dealt with in such eye-opening, well meaning jest.

in a time of CGI effects and mind boggling plots, it's a relief that once in a while, a movie comes that you would just simply enjoy and makes you want to scream for joy!

entertaining and enjoyable .

Zac Efron gives a stunning and outstanding performance as Link Larkin , and he made the part his own !

) Very enjoyable and worth seeing!

It was enjoyable enough, mostly because of the songs by Marc Shaiman, who made the South Park and Team America movies so fun in addition to scoring many other films.

Michelle Pfeiffer and Amanda Byrnes also enjoy themselves and Nikki Blonsky makes a stunning debut.

The musical numbers (and there are a lot of them) are absolutely stunning.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable movie and the casting selection was excellent.

We all left the theater thoroughly unimpressed this summer.

Amazingly funny and entertaining .

All in all, the film is entertaining if forgettable.

The music is enjoyable and fun.

It was just very funny and extremely enjoyable.

I've heard people say it's the most "lame" and "corny" movies of all time and I've heard people say It's got the best music of all time and both of those statements are true and together they make a very entertaining movie.

His constant energy was so entertaining.

In the teachers lounge, instructors are engulfed in cigarette smoke wearing the dullest suits and hairdos imaginable.

Blonsky, Travolta, Bynes and co. deliver believable and comically sound performances that dazzle and delight when coupled with the stunning music and choreography.

Too "American" and shallow, but with strong performances and entertaining .

It's a breathtaking musical that will bring a smile to the most Gothic of manic depressives.

Enjoyable .

I don't really like singing, and dancing is kind of pointless to me.

That cast is largely responsible for making this film the exhilarating success that it is, and the fact that the casting is unpredictable and strange makes it all the more thrilling that it works.

I was surprised at how dull the choreography was in general; I don't remember that problem from the stage version.

Also Amanda Bynes who played Penny, it was very entertaining to see how the relationship between her and Elijah Kelley, Seaweed grew stronger.

Still, from beginning to end this is a very enjoyable movie that you will never regret watching.

I can understand why they turned it into a musical, but the film musical was far too long winded for me.

The movie is entertaining with its music and humor.

I have seen the John Water's film lots of times and have enjoyed it.

Such an unflinchingly feel good film might be the sort to stir up contempt in some of its more jaded viewers, but Hairspray always seems so brightly genuine that it avoids syrupy cliché, culminating in a satisfyingly touching film.

As per usual Hollywood affairs are for the moron masses, so this loses the appeal of the Waters film but still the fat girl is a great actress, and it rips enough off the original to make it enjoyable.

It's distracting and pointless, not to mention seeing a guy dressed up as a fat chick has NEVER been funny.

All in all, fantastic music, cinematography and production design make for a very enjoyable night at the movies, FAR more than I had expected!

Every musical number is visually stunning.

It's vibrant, engaging, loving, positive, and it even manages to wear its mission proudly for those who are in need of a helping hand and some moral support.

Dosen't matter, it's still enjoyable), Michelle Pfeiffer (perfect as the ice-cold beauty who can't let go of her past), Christopher Walken (always good to see him dance, which I've enjoyed since watching him on "Saturday Night Live"), Zac Efron, James Marsden (a hoot as Corny Collins and now the second X-Man-after Hugh Jackman-who has great vocals), Amanda Bynes, Elijah Kelley, Queen Latifah (Loved her in Chicago, love her here), Brittany Snow (perfect contrast from one '60s dance role of Meg Pryor on "American Dreams" to here as Amber Von Tussle), Allison Janney, and, in her very first performance on film, Nikki Blondsky as social crusading optimistic dancer Tracy Turnblad.

A Complete waste of time with terrible actors.

That Michelle Pfeiffer can play as well a nasty woman, that John Travolta can be a convincing obese wife and Christopher Walken can play himself (boring) as usual.

The costumes, the set and the story were exciting, colourful and down right perfect, i really have never seen a movie as flawless as this, i think the fact that i've seen it three times already when it's not even been open for a week says it all!

im giving it a fair 2 out of 10 it was that badwaste of money and time one of the WORST movies I've ever seencomone u idiots at IMDb what is this bulcrap 7.7 ???

The movie overall was very entertaining and fun to watch.

First, Nikki Blonski, Zac Efron, Amanda Bynes, Christopher Walken, and Elijah Kelley are all absolutely stunning, great voices and great acting.

James Marsden has a stunning voice that you would never expect to come out of him.

Well-intentioned but clumsy and predictable .

This turns out to be the most enjoyable and engrossing movie musical I can remember.

This version despite all the good cheer and a surprisingly good performance by John Travolta felt at times long and repetitive.

Having seen Hairspray just hours ago, I have to say: This is one of the most entertaining movies I've seen this year so far!

If the parents are zombies, the white kids mostly dull pastel with the exception of Tracy, the black performers are the most colorful lively performers in the movie.

Fans of the Broadway show may miss a couple of songs or object to some (generally unnecessary) tinkering of the plot line, but this is mostly a very entertaining and effervescent adaptation.

An entertaining musical with contagious music .

Add to that the various period/social overtones, and you get a fun, relentlessly entertaining musical with a heart AND a brain.

These include, of course, hairspray as its advertising sponsor, a token "Negro Day," in which the local black population shows off their fascinating dance moves, and a prejudiced and vain former Miss Baltimore producer, hysterically portrayed by Michelle Pfeiffer.

While she is escape from polices, the dance contest called "Miss Hair Spray" starts… Over all this plot is a light, entertaining movie; on the other hand, it is thought-provoking through racial discrimination.

Yawn .

What follows is fairly predictable and unoriginal.

Hairspray is one of the most enjoyable movies I've seen this year so far .

When she led that march, she was riveting.

The cast did a fantastic job, (especially John Travolta and Amanda Bynes), and the movie emphasized a very important point (integration) while keeping the movie upbeat and enjoyable.

This would probably be a bright and entertaining musical if one of the lead characters was not so horribly miscast.

The downside - it dragged a bit at points, even with the dance routines.

It opens with an absolutely stunning song by newcomer Nikki Blonsky ("Good Morning Baltimore") and then continues with an equally stunning performance by the same actress (playing the lead character Tracy Turnblad) and it just continues on at a frenetic pace that will leave the viewer almost exhausted with (a) a lot of laughing and (b) just the contagious energy level of the movie.

This was the absolute worst movie in the history of film.

It's plain fun, it's entertaining, it's uplifting, it's filled with laughs, great songs and great dances.

Bland remake without the period feel of the original .

They all fill a valid role and are enjoyable and likable by probably all demographics (No one seems cast simply to draw a certain fan base).

In the original film, all of the characters - even the bad ones - had some amount of humor or nuttiness that was really enjoyable.

Chicago had the cynical look at lawyers that is popular even today, the fascinating look at murder and betrayal, and a whole cinematic courtroom feast while Moulin Rouge has the eternal bittersweet love story and a truly psychedelic musical visual banquet.

I'm boring myself writing this, almost as much as I was bored as this trite, superficial yarn unfolded on screen.

Amazingly Entertaining .

I think I'll watch any copy or remake, at least for a while, because its fascinating to have one movie folded onto another.

The test audience I was with enjoyed it, clapped a lot, cheered and seemed to be having a ton of fun.

Dumb and formulaic, but very enjoyable (the fat girls is great) .

Some movie critics may comment on the formulaic nature of this 60s throwback.

The songs in this movie are great however some in the beginning dragged on for a little bit longer than they should have.

I hope everyone who saw that film enjoyed it.

I though it was very charming and entertaining.

As for the adult cast, that is actually where the movie's only problem resides: while the cheerfully evil Pfeiffer and musical veteran Latifah have no trouble merging with their roles, Travolta and Walken show a little discomfort at first, both needing a couple of scenes before they can perfect the transition from "amusing" to "irresistibly funny" (the scene where the two perform "You Are Timeless To Me" together manages to be entertaining and oddly touching simultaneously).

The only slight complaint I will make is that, although they were meaningful and went with the plot, the slow songs seemed to bring the mood down.

The Miss Hairspray contest was entertaining.

I hate to be so critical, but Hairspray was probably the worst movie I've seen.

Unfortunately, it was quite tedious when compared to the original with Divine in the role of Edna Turnblad.

Blonsky tackles her role with ease and puts forth a vivacious and entertaining performance in the role of Tracy.

Entertaining musical.

Chicago started the trend of bringing back movie musicals and it was definitely stunning, even cinching Best Picture...

Michelle Pfeiffer is also very entertaining and plays a great villain.

This should be put amongst the greatest musical movies of all time as well as being voted amongst the best and most entertaining movies of the year.

It has no script, no sense...

This film is probably more suited for girls, but this film was quite entertaining and had some great songs.

It's very entertaining.

the story was totally enjoyable, the plot incredibly convincing.

Totally engaging, excellent new songs, captivating choreography, great clothes and a beautiful variation on the original.

Entertaining Movie.

Probably the most entertaining movie I've seen all summer and just so much fun.

Either all the songs are fast, or if they are slow they are full of sight gags, making this a great movie for kids, adults, and men and women.

Good) very catchy songs, mostly good acting Bad) Travolta ripping off the robe, some boring parts, some dancing parts

Enjoyable & entertaining .

Nikki Blonsky gives a pretty nice performance for a newcomer as Tracy Turnblad, John Travolta is a very pleasant surprise as Tracy's fat mother, and we generally have entertaining performances throughout the whole film.

Of course, musicals are primarily pure entertainment and not learning vehicles, but in this case the emphasis on gloss is disappointing because the source material, the 1988 "Hairspray", managed to be thoroughly entertaining while slyly slipping in quite a bit of social commentary.

So, it's an enjoyable film - a little slice of 1960's ethnic attitudes and tension.

This movie takes a fun and enjoyable path on educating people of the horror of discrimination of African Americans.

Since I was accustomed to the songs and knew the feel for the movie it was even more enjoyable the second time.

The family really enjoyed it and throughout the film were smiling and laughing at some points of the film when john Travolta was dancing we and most of the audience where in hysterics This is a very funny film and put together very well I will be watching it again when it comes out on DVD.

Hairspray is socially conscience and very entertaining.

I enjoyed it very much.

This is an enjoyable film for the entire family.

John Travolta was very enjoyable as Edna, and it looked like he enjoyed is role!

Powerful, Enjoyable move!.

The rest of the characters lacked the intense quirkiness of the original.

Now this leads me onto the King of Smug himself…… he was actually very enjoyable to watch, and was clearly enjoying himself playing this character as much as the audience enjoyed watching him.

Hairspray is generally quite an enjoyable musical with some great song-and-dance routines and little of the awful clichés that dragged down High School Musical.

The movie is good in all the areas of controversy, better when it weaves in the singing and the dancing, and at its nostalgic best when it becomes a simple coming of age in the 60s flick.

I absolutely loved it , and even if you don't get round to seeing the film , the soundtrack is fantastic , and i would highly recommend it.

Michelle Pfeiffer was quite good as Mrs. Van Tussell - Christopher Walken - boring.

I have watched the older version of Hairspray before, and in my opinion, this version is more entertaining.

Yet, even though this "Hairspray" is immensely enjoyable on any number of levels, we still miss some of the trademark subversiveness that Waters brought to the original (Tracy's being thrown into "special ed" classes at school, for instance, has been summarily dropped).

Usually Im not used to watch musical films, but this one was surprisingly entertaining.

If this the common mindset towards the musical, that it is to be judged by large on the quality of the music rather than its technical achievements as a film, devices such as character development can often become pedestrian and tedious as the audience awaits the next spontaneous burst into song and dance.

) But he's entertaining, though not nearly the centerpiece I think many thought he would be in this film.

100 percent worth watching!

I felt the pacing was off.

In her first movie role, Nikki Blonsky plays her part with such compelling energy that you can only cheer along.

Next to being a wonderfully entertaining film, 'Hairspray' also brings forth some issues such as acceptance, tolerance and integration of people no matter their gender, race or sexuality.

Of course you have to know that the singing in a movie like this is going to be spot on, and they definitely don't disappoint in that department, I adored all the musical numbers whether they were fast and fun or more slow and sentimental.

But while the racial tension is not overlooked, it is not allowed to overshadow what is, at its heart, a fun and enjoyable musical.

It is a joy to see so many talented actors collaborate to such tremendously enjoyable effect.

Even though I usually can't stand musicals, I can say this movie is extremely entertaining, hilarious, musically fun and surprising.

Fun to watch, specially Pfeiffer, and Travolta who play two different but equally enjoyable characters.

The candy colored costumes and thrilling choreography were so enjoyable, and even the more serious parts of the film (though there are very few!

Hairspray is a rousing triumph, and the best time you'll have at the movies all year.

You can Appreciate amazing coreographies, beautiful locations enjoyable songs and a beautiful message.

Let's just cut to the chase--Travolta turned a big, brassy, campy character like Edna Turnblad into a cowering, slow learning, knuckle dragging mental defective.

It seems that the dire state the planet is in at the moment has given way to a host of soft-centered, enjoyable family films.

For someone like myself, that's pretty exciting.

well i was BORED 90% of the time.

Take away all the repetitive and thoroughly boring music and the frantic dancing and you have a racist screed.

Her stunning performance of !

Despite predictable storytelling director Adam Shankman is given convincing 1950's art direction.

Don't know if thats true, but smells like propaganda stuff from a mile away.

This intense stylization allows "Hairspray" to exist in a never-never fantasy land where centuries of racial prejudice can be wiped away in the blink of an eye, and we never question the plausibility of it for a second.

well, it IS entertaining.

I started to watch this, and actually walked out.

One word can describe these characters: boring.

Personally I thought all the songs were catchy and entertaining.

extremely entertaining.

that goes to stage and then back to the silver screen suffered somewhere along the way to make it uninteresting.

Throughly entertaining from start to finish.

And the story really is quite predictable from there.

This was the worst movie I've seen in a long time.

And from there the movie was crammed with hilarious scenes and unexpected parts.