Halloween (2018) - Horror, Thriller

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Laurie Strode confronts her long-time foe Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: David Gordon Green
Stars: Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer
Length: 106 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 223 out of 1000 found boring (22.3%)

One-line Reviews (534)

Davies to recreate and provide a thrilling soundtrack, Jamie Lee Curtis is fantastic (Laurie Strode's plot is well written and wonderfully acted) and there are certain sequences including Michael Myers returning to town and wandering through peoples houses that are just expertly crafted.

The soundtrack is absolutely stunning.

Smacked full bore in the face with a crowbar?

) and despite mining every horror cliché known to man (ALWAYS look in the back seat when you get in a car!

It's stupid,predictable, repeating the same old story,bad acting,same story over and over again!

I remember thinking after I left the theater "BEST HORROR MOVIE EVER!

And it's boring too.

It may be a small spoiler, but i'm not going to reveal what actually happens: there was a moment that they were trying to do something like a twist, but it was just introduced and then the film chooses to not follow it up, so it's forgotten very quickly, so it was pointless.

I didn't mind the film, but it is so predictable and boring.

The synth music surrounded by the very dark sounding electric guitar and bow instruments (I'm pretty sure it was maybe a violin) creating such an intense atmosphere and every piece of music fit with the film very well.

Compared to them, this movie is bland and uninspired.

the rob zombie remake was at least edgy and "sharp", while this was cheesy and dull.

No tension, so predictable .

I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Worst movie ever.

The story is so disjointed that it seems very rushed and feels like it was made just for the heck of it without any thought put into the writing

This movie made me go to Google and type in 'unpredictable movies' just to find a piece that would help me get better after such an unnecessary sequel.

In this movie, Karen felt too normal for somebody who went through an intense paranoid, apocalyptic survival uplifting.

I recommend anyone who is a fan of Halloween, or just someone wanting to watch an entertaining horror movie, to see it.

Everything in between in terms of average and downright waste of time Halloween films are erased.

A completely predictable rehash of the original with bad acting and dialogue.

I was extremely disappointed with this very dull sequel.

Overall, Halloween is a dull, no where near as good as expected reboot with very little going for itself apart from a official and unwanted sequel that I really don't want to watch.

The use of long takes were cleverly implemented to help with the flow of certain scenes and keep the viewers engaged and immersed in the film.

Despite all this to respect and how exciting the opening is, I found myself a bit bored as the film went on.

And again, with the Electric Guitar and Strings, it fit perfectly and made the scene one of the most intense in the film.

There is only a long first act and a short third act in which the victim and victimizer confront each other for yet another cliché Halloween ending.

The cinematographer, Michael Simmonds, uses many typical angles and slow pans.

The writing of the two main characters were approached in a compelling way and I feel the 40 year gap between this movie's story and the original film's story (1978) helped in a brilliant way.

It's just so slow.

How boring.

Great for a Halloween fan.. but I feel a bit empty .

As predictable as you like.

Predictable to pain, weak jump scare scene, no story, one-dimensional and oblivious characters, and the end is totally anti-climatic and virtually meaningless.

Story for this film wasn't terrible but the final execution could have at least been decentIt was incredibly bland and didn't even feel like a Halloween movie (Halloween as in the holiday), and to me it had all the entertainment value of watching paint dry.

What a waste of time .

Formulaic, slow and boring.

here, however, there is no worthy mise-en-scene at all .. and it's not as if Gordon Green and McBride and company even came close to successfully replicating the tight, taught, suspenseful, black-world starkness of John Carpenter's original ...

Not a single scary moment in this childish, dopey, and predictable piece of absolute garbage.

This Halloween has a strong footing in realism, some of the death scenes are quite vicious, and I rather enjoyed it.

Dull as dishwater, 2 out of ten

It baffles me because many of Gordon Green's films are tense and compelling.

Some scenes are intense and have that classic, slow suspense tone to them.

Boring and predictable .

a pointless twist that means nothing.

Laurie Strode's role is soooo annoying and all the movie is so focus on her that this movie should be called "Jason's sister" haha Jamie Lee Curtis is an amazing actress but this role doesn't suit her, looks and sounds over pretentious in a failed attempt to embrace the psycho role of a sister that is not even important for Halloween and should not be more important than Jason.

David Gordon Green's 2018 film, Halloween, is a thrilling horror production that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Entertaining at best .

Very dull.

HALLOWEEN is the latest reboot/sequel to the John Carpenter classic, and that it manages to be an enjoyable, adequate watch says a lot for the way this franchise has been driven into the ground.

Very intimidating, gripping, bloody, intense and great performances.

Slow .

It was sort of predictable in a lot of ways, although the last 15 minutes were admittedly satisfying in other ways.

This is one of the worst movies I have seen.

At times I even found it boring.

Terrible, predictable and simply awful.

The buildup was slow and atmospheric and I enjoyed the fact that he didn't start killing right off the bat and 10 people per minute.

Highly enjoyable and engaging reboot .

The film's use of non diegetic sounds allow for intense suspense.

The scenes are cliched, predictable, and insulting to the viewer.

I do not understand the hype surrounding this movie, it was very slow paced, the characters were terrible, acting was mediocre at best.


But then, unlike the slightly overrated Haunting of Hill House, it used all that build up for a great, bloody and scary horror movie, including a riveting conclusion.

Worst movies of 2018 .

After stumbling past absurd plot holes and lapses in logic, the climax will leave you with the same satisfaction you get from a meal of empty calories.

It's returned to the original roots of the first film and the result is an engrossing thriller with plenty of action.

Yeah there were some good ideas i wish there had been multiple writers to scratch the dumb ones like the doctor and weak way they presented him removing the aura of supernatural villain to boring minded simpleton who stabbed a few people

Michael Myers looks scary and some Of his kills are intense!

Just too boring!

After a string of ho hum sequels to Halloween from 1978, 1981 was one of my favourite sequels.

other than that, it was just a snooze fest with cliche & irrelevant scenes.

Michael Myers was a saving grace, a character that is hard to get wrong but was put in a boring string of predictable situations that felt too safe to be remotely fear-inducing.

Boring slow dumb .

Overall entertaining sequel that jump started the original franchise back to life.

The story is the furthest thing from engaging I have witnessed this year, and offers nearly nothing outside of the most surface level plot we already know of Halloween, which is already as minimal as it gets to begin with.

I watch this Halloween 2018 movie it felt like story line was so different and boring I almost fell asleep to it.

It's actually, without a doubt, the worst movie I have seen in 2018.

It might be the worst movie of any genre ever made.

I struggled to stay awake.

Boring .

Having Carpenter and Jamie Lee Curtis was great for marketing, unfortuantely any true horror fan or Halloween fan will leave this movie feeling empty.

Overall, the movie is a thrilling sequel to the original Halloween (1978) that I would rate as an 8/10 due to its impressive ability to keep the audience engaged throughout the entire experience.

Although if the reports of the ending being changed due to the unexpected popularity and interest in the revived series is true (and it certainly seems so when you re-watch early trailers) then I can at least understand why it went down the way it did.

Very Long, Muddled, and Mundane Movie .

It's a mostly by the number's slasher, with more focus pointed towards dull teens getting murdered instead of the trauma of Laurie Strode and the damage it has done to her life.

Like all true fright flicks the characters make questionable decision after questionable decision, but after watching this movie, the only question I had was: why did I let me girlfriend convince me to waste my time and money on this trash.

Pretty entertaining and well made .

Bunch of cliches, awful dialogues and cheap and predictable situations.

The story and the development of characters are very dull.

The opening of the movie is very eerie and the music and setting help the scene, when two podcast investigators visit an aged and derranged michael myers at smyths grove where he has been incacarated for 4 decades , they try to talk to michael but as usual he is dormant , only an evil side way glance when his old shatner mask is held in the air with onlooking patients freaking out provoking the serial killers escape , the begining of the movie sets up the tone of the film , but apart from the ending been quite entertaining the middle part goes of the mark with meaningless subplots that just seem boring and dont seem to blend in with the tone at all , the murders are cold and grisly and the content is quite graphic ,the acting by jamie lee curtis playing an old laurie strode is on par in this , its believable and moving , whilst other cast members arent as engaging.

I am painfully bored with this theme from the very first Jason movie.

Enjoyable slasher and a worthy sequel .

The movie overall was good but the ending felt dull, the original won't be beaten.

3 Point for acting One of the worst movies ever.

but after watching this I was very pleased that they have flipped my opinion and they have brought back the thrilling Michael Myers to how he should be.

This New sequel however is another predictable piece hollywood garbage.

A Waste of Time .

Very enjoyable .

the worst movie ive ever seen please find another job .

Don't waste your time with this one.

This slow old man got shot once by Jamie Lee Curtis early on and walked away like nothing happened.

The only thing I can compare it to is the worst, most formulaic, most forgettable horror movies of the 80's...

Along these lines, her daughter Karen (Judy Greer) is portrayed as dismissive and in her own way very damaged by the intense fear and paranoia that her mother has never been able to let go of.

also, his way of doing it is boring enough, so one should come up with some sort of a reasonable background maybe?

This movie is really exciting if you can get beyond Michael's captivity given the evens of Halloween 2 never happened.

I really enjoyed it and would describe it as more of a thriller than a horror.

Overall, it was a good movie and worth watching.

It's quite stupid in all honesty and probably worth watching for Jamie Lee Curtis although she has bizarrely turned into some kind of Sarah Connor character.

ANYWAYS, it digs all 9 Halloween sequels from the grave, it then learns from its mistakes, studies their flaws, understands it's failures, but then it acknowledges the mark that all the films left on the franchise, this movie then begins to take elements from EVERY sequel to what made them good or at LEAST watchable, and pumps it with adrenaline mixes it in a bowl and adds its own future for it.

Had potential but as soon as you clue on to the bratty motivations of Carpenter it will bore you to tears.

Before I get into the negative part of my review I wanted to make it clear that I really did find the film enjoyable, despite the many issues it has.

unpredictable, which is good.

The acting in this film is excellent and the dialogue is quite fascinating as we are reunited with the classic town of Haddonfield and its' new generation of victims to be.

But he sure provides something unexpected.

The bad's included the boring and dull style of the film, the dialogue and lazy characters that I couldn't give a crap about.

Literally the worst movie of all time!

Pointless .

This remake is just a boring movie with no scares just a guy running around going 'stabby stabby' to people no scares, no atmosphere just boring

A thrilling experience.

Predictable and boring .

It's a shame then that when watching this film after the fact of these praises and success I found Halloween a shallow and consistently frustrating experience (filled with some of the most glaringly dumb character decisions of the year) that fails to create any real frights around its wince inducing gore and utterly predictable plot line.

The biggest problem with this film, is that it never get's on, it's very similiar of Halloween movies that have been made in the few years back, just lame and boring.

Pointless remake.

If you're not a fanboy or girl of the Halloween franchise, you're gonna want to sit this one out because I'm literally watching the movie right now and it is BORING.

Curtis's performance is one of the few enjoyable aspects of the film and I am glad they included the same actress with the character from the original.

bored; good horror intalls fear; people are too scared to look at their phones, too scared to comment 'he's pretty strong', 'don't kill the baby', she's hot', 'he's just standing there' etc. Dear Malek Akkad, JohnCarpenter and others involved: STOP FLOGGING THIS DEAD HORSE!


Sadly, they have also left the ending open to the possibility of another pointless sequel!

History begins to repeat itself in the thrilling remake of Halloween, the 2018 version.

Halloween (2018) is a satisfying throwback to the classic slasher, that avoids falling into the overly cliché instances that have been carved by this subgenre of horror.

Dont waste your time.

The movie is filled with cliché scenes and the characters are as stupid as can be.

Irritatingly predictable and uneventful .

All this makes for an entertaining time.

Beautiful and Entertaining .

Way too slow in the beginning, way too fast paced at the end .

To make matters worse, Curtis' Laurie is pushed into the background a bit too much and we're stuck with a group of all new characters who are either poorly drawn, boring, unlikable, or a mix of all three.

John Carpenter returns to compose a stunning new score and resurrects his iconic theme to accompany the opening credits that pay a perfect homage to his original film.

Long drawn out scenes, many made no sense.

I fell asleep 3/4 through it and never finished it.

None of the film makes any sense, the characters are so dull you'll walk away 'thinking who was that again?

The film had a number of slow scenes.

For me, it just dragged.

Definitely it is a worth-watching movie, a good plot and it's entertaining, it has a lot of murders but the movie ends very fast, you stand there waiting to something special happen and nothing happen.

Just an entertaining Mainstream-Movie .

a waste of time .

Some scenes were just confusing and a bit illogical but overall I think it was a exciting and somewhat terrifying experience watching this.

The Boogeyman presence from Myers is a fascinating part of the story and whenever 'The Shape' is on screen, it is interesting seeing what he's going to do next on his relentless killing spree.

Reverential to the original classic, it made for some entertaining reactions in the sparsely populated showing I attended: I imagine if seen in a packed auditorium on a Saturday night (or perhaps tomorrow night!

I got bored.

She searches the house in a scene so long and drawn out I feel mad that I didn't bring my nail polish.

This is absolutely one of worst movies I have ever seen.

Directing was pretty solid - this movie barely dragged and was pretty entertaining from start till finish.

There are some great scenes in the movie, and the last half hour is pretty strong, but everything is ultimately ruined by the subplot with Michal Myer's supremely uninteresting psychiatrist being fascinated with his patient.

A typical slasher with all corny twists and dull moments.

Michael Myers is back to being something to fear and this is the most competent and enjoyable injection in the series since Season of the witch.

Why use the most boring prison escape situation you can choose from?

As the finale comes around, the stage is set for the ultimate face off between Laurie and Michael and it culminates to an absolutely riveting finish that's up there with the best moments of the entire franchise.

Character traits are very boring like most ordinary murder movies this film is normal

Dull, slow, barely telling something new..

Don't waste your time watching this

That also makes the middle portion of this one leading into the finale feel way too sloppy and disjointed as it deals with the revelation that he's come back to the town as there are so many scenes going back-and-forth to the various figures in his way which really feel jumbled and disorganized as it tends to go through some rather confusing moments.

The first 20 minutes are absolutely boring.. Then when good stuff should happen, it's over too quickly, storyline barely built up to anything.

While this does serve the plot, it also is a bit illogical, if she truly was that PTSD ridden she would not have remained in such close proximity to where her former assailant was housed, and Curtis performance ranges From excellent to disjointed in some scenes.

Don't waste your time .

I actually found it quite boring and predictable.

Now that I've said all that, let me finish the final scene of this movie (only because I'm extremely bored with nothing else to do).

this movie could of ended 30 times, but was dragged out with the pursuit of a walking man, and one police car.

Very boring and predictable.

Slow, boring and lacking surprises.

So in short when 'Halloween' delves into it's adult characters and the series rich mythology it's outstanding, you just have to endure some cliche teens getting cut up.



A waste of time and money .

This film is slow.

Boring and overrated.

A very enjoyable movie to watch while halloween is taking place irl.

I was bored.

Although every scene is completely predictable, it's entertaining to watch in theaters.

It actually uses the tension and the slow burning first part to keep the audience on the edge of their seats just to literally explode in the final act.

This is a movie filled with bland characters, awkward dialogue (some of which was pointlessly humorous and had no place in a horror film), and a final act that we all saw coming about 15 minutes into the movie.

Worst movie ever .

I found the first film enjoyable and Rob Zombie's 2007 reboot breathed new life into a fairly standard central character.

The one unpredictable scene and it's for the worse not better!

But when I left the theater spooked it was for different reasons than I had hoped.

The cast was absurdly bland, as were the characters, some actually painful to observe.

It's fast paced and never is boring.

The worst movie I've seen .

The story is awkward and contrived, and the characters make every poor decision possible.

This was the 2nd worst Halloween movie ever pacing was to slow horrible acting not the least bit scary didn't feel for anyone who got mudered how Michael escaped made no sense since he was in shackles and behind a metal locked door with someone with a gun on the other side to many slow extended scenes no character development and the strood family were boring waste of my time will never watch this ever again

There was no scares, no plot, rather poor acting and an even worse script.

It's hard to follow a classic and there will be a lot of hate for this film just because of that.

Boring and pointless.

Many reviews point out a raft of story flaws, characters who go missing, changing pace of film, poor wrtitting etc.For me it was just confusing, lacked the horror experience and was left dissapointed with the film.

This is a "Halloween" for the age of franchise filmmaking: tiresome mythologies and mind-numbing backstories based around likable actors and characters, scary monsters turned unkillable terminators pitted against tough, crafty (super)heroes.


The film focuses too much on new and uninteresting characters.

Halloween 2018, a "senseless fun" movie that focused hundred percent on women's power, setting aside the men who ended up doing nothing in the movie but dying in grotesque ways, thus having no impact on the story of the film, jumpscare in some situations were well introduced but in the course of the story is repetitive and reaches a point are "forced", Positive point is the nostalgia of the movie soundtrack that makes you shiver From a horror / suspense movie to an action movie, terrible choice.

Everything was predictable.

Acting was okay but otherwise a very blah film with very little scare factor as very predictable.

Save your money!

The kills are boring and honestly don't even look well done more rushed and stupid.

Season of the Witch was like a Tales From The Crypt (1989) episode, it was unique, dark and fascinating, everything that the Myers movie aren't.

Even if some viewers may find the humour out of place, I enjoyed it.

Enjoyable finish to a long series .

Was way too predictable, minus maybe one or two short scenes.

Credit also goes to James Jude Courtney who stands in for Castle in the more intense physical scenes.

An obvious and comically written "surprise" antagonist drags this movie down into the pits of horror movie cliche, completely predictable deaths and THREE last girls included.

It was the same but different and unexpected.

MM was not spooky, the kills also looked pretty boring (imho).

The sequences felt out of order somehow and things were drawn out too much.

For me, this means the much hyped dismissal of the sister/brother angle from the earlier sequels was a waste of time because for all that, it still seemed all about Myers coming after Laurie.........

Backed by modern day horror kingpin Jason Blum, this intriguing move has turned into one of the year's biggest success stories with Green's film (of which he co-wrote with McBride and Jeff Fradley) igniting and the box-office across the world and receiving its fair share of glowing reviews from critics, who have heralded in this new slasher as both a return to form, a career highlight for Jamie Lee Curtis and an intense look grief and trauma and how that defines our lives.

Halloween isn't perfect though, I have a little flaw with it, and it is killing two people for no reason, maybe the old woman (as we saw in the trailer) because he wanted the knife, but it's very similar to a scene in Halloween II, when he killed an elder woman as well to take her knife, still it was very well directed, as soon as this was about to end, he enters a house to kill a woman for no reason, he just kills her, so this scene is wrong but the music with the amazing direction made this scene entertaining!

The original movie is cited as being an effectively suspenseful horror film and fully bringing the slasher sub-genre into the mainstream.

Bored me.

But after watching 15 minutes of the movie it simply became to predictable even if you never watched Halloween before never heard of it ..it would still be a major let down !

Nostalgic, recognizable and very intense!

But if you, like me, have watched all ten films that preceded it, this is just additional pouring sand in the desert, because almost everything this film brings has already been seen, which makes it extremely boring.

I feel like I'm watching a really dated film that is trying to be ironic but comes across sarcastic and tiresome.

The movie keeps you on the edge of your seat during the whole movie with the non-diegetic music that was used.

Don't waste your time.

First, every death in the film is completely predictable .

Derivative and boring.

There is a twist of a sort, though I'm not sure even if that's what it is since it is immediately tossed out, thus all together pointless.

Bad but in a laughably enjoyable way.

A bit of an insult to the original film, however a mediocre bit of brain out entertainment if you're really bored one evening.

I mean, literally BORED!

Every single killing and scary moment was predictable, you knew every one of them was coming.

Last, if a sequel to a movie is going to be utter trash, SAVE YOUR MONEY MAKING THE MOVIE!!!

Michael's classic slow walk/never getting hurt was a little dramatic in this movie.

Intense and not for the faint of heart, I would highly recommend Halloween to all Horror film fanatics.

Had no story line.

A great ending, but a boring movie .

I mean it was good when the bus crashed and from then on but it's just slow.


Repeatedly, through the movie, you see scenes in which you naturally expect something bombastic to happen, but it never really does, therefore, you feel empty and wondering when the hell something worthwhile will happen.

Flavorless, joyless, dismal, and abysmal waste of time and money .

Even the majority of the violence is uninteresting or not shown at all.

This whole sister/brother angle has gone on for far too long and has made the franchise stupid.

Very predictable slasher that maybe went a bit too much with the original formula that even the scream movies made fun with back in the days.

The screenplay is pretty intriguing too - the way Michael retrieves his mask, the historic second encounter between Strode and Myers in a classic home-invasion scene, and the climax - all are written keeping the original in mind.

It's confusing.

Finally two great points that need to be addressed: all the great little easter eggs and nods to the original, and the stunning score by John Carpenter himself!

This movie, this story, was predictable and boring.

It may be it was lost on me because I rewatched the first film the night before and found the thrills way too predictable as a result.

Because of these two flaws, Halloween isn't perfect, but entertaining, and it did some stuff way better than the first one: the performances, the pacing of the movie which this one was more fast-paced and the breathtaking moments.

Better than all the other sequels but the film falls flat in intervals , and feels a bit contrived.

No suspense, no gore, totally predictable scenes, worst slasher of all time.


There are some good points in this flick that make it worth watching.

Here we have a director with a good reputation (David Gordon Green; "Joe", "Pineapple Express"), and the respectable lead heroine Jamie Lee Curtis, coming forward with a pretentious promotional campaign stating that their new film is a direct sequel to the almighty 1978 original.

"Halloween" is a boring, obnoxious mess.

Worst movie that I have ever seen!

There seems to be only so many places films in this genre can go, and while this one is serviceable, the direction it takes is predictable and not all that satisfying, at least to me.

An unusual amount of time is dedicated to Laurie's uninteresting granddaughter and her even less interesting friends at a school party/rave, whereas this time should have instead focused on Laurie herself.

Absolutely BORING...

Enjoyed it, but needed to slow the pace down, even Myers at 61 seemed quicker in his stride than he did 40 years ago, felt like I still needed a reason for his need to kill, without the sister thing it felt empty.

All in all an enjoyable experience, would reccomend.

Boring, not scary at all and doesn't make sense 90% of the time.

But as with Myers himself, the film is rather banal.

Gripping, well acted, exciting, intriguing.

Don't waste your time.

Although not very scary, it is entertaining.

While it was interesting to see the film challenge that taboo, the kill was so random and pointless it came off as tasteless.

Even if you know what is going to happen it is still 10 times more exiting than this snore fest.

The negative side in the film is that there is excitement but many of them can be predictable.

Quite dull .

The stories within the stories are pointless.

This movie is boring, only the last 15 minutes worth your attention.

As things progress and the inevitable happens, things start getting incredibly intense when the bloodshed and unhinged obliteration by Myers kicks off.

How on earth did this movie get so high reviews,, Its boring, it goes on and on, the acting is awful in places, it was like watching the first Halloween movie with different actors in it.

What a complete waste of time!

The script, however, is very mundane and contains too many cliches and bad twists.

Slow and predictable.

Sheer waste of time.

Dull and Devoid of Suspense .

Really fun to watch, was more enjoyable for me than the original.

This to me is just mildly entertaining fan fiction.

I am still just thinking of watching it again it was so enjoyable to me.

Pointless .

One of my most anticipated movies in years ended up being a fun, yet rather empty, viewing experience.

Aside from the forgetting/ignoring it was a reboot thing, the movie had several plot points that simply went nowhere, and it had a stupid twist in making Michael's doctor evil (one of the plot points that went nowhere).

I must be honest went into this with an assumption that it's just another slasher dragging it out for more money and being totally predictable.

Pure cliche in every scene and terrible acting and dialogue choices...

This movie is on point scary and enjoyable.

Predictable .

Myers was his usual terrifying self but it was ruined by everybody being so completely dumb and predictable!

" My brother and I made fun of it as we watched to keep from getting bored or angry.

Michael Myers takes slow, measured steps.

Boring and unoriginal .

The dynamic of Laurie and Michael's lives was really fascinating and adds depth to the plot.

It has a pretentiousness to it that is misplaced by filmmakers who claimed to have love for the material, yet have only produced what I'd consider to be weak, predictable fan service.

The ending also left the film feeling quite pointless and unneeded after all of the anticipation.

I've seen all of them, and they're all fun (or at least enjoyable) in their own ways.

The direction by David Gordon Green wasn't anything spectacular, with some interesting scenes, such as an extended tracking shot while Myers enters the neighborhood, interspersed among a slog of very typical and uninteresting reverses, medium close-ups, and janky edits.

I think it's actually a very disjointed and unfocused film.

This serves as a solid and highly enjoyable entry in the series.

Boring & a slap to the original franchise .

Overall this was an entertaining movie with a great performance by Jamie Lee Curtis.

I found at least three quarters of it about as boring and worthless as a horror blockbuster can be; I wanted to walk out really badly.

There was no story line her except for the same old crap that all of these horror movies have.

The "homage" ploy recycles old material, the rest is empty space making blind stabs in the dark at random.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and am glad to see Halloween get the sequel it deserved.

Dumb, yes but entertaining and will make a go-to movie at Halloween.

This movie sucked so bad, it's unwatchable.

All in all this is a pretty entertaining and well made movie.

Please don't waste your money.

Next we waste some time with Allyson and her friends.

While it was somewhat funny I feel like humor shouldn't be mixed in with a horror movie because I'm not looking for a moment of relief, I want to feel anxious and be constantly on the edge of my seat.

This film also portrayed violence in an entertaining way such as the bathroom kill scene where Michael murders the two reporters.

Super predictable, time to close the book on the franchise.

Waste of Money.

Yes, it is simply boring!

It was your typical Halloween movie but set in the modern day, I found this one more enjoyable than the older ones.

I feel sorry for Michael Myers ending in such a boring movie.

The story line is formulaic and has nothing new to tell.

Such a lazy and predictable movie .

Very worst movie.

Save your money don't go see it in movie.

All other sequels, or reimaginings, I have found incredibly tedious.

waste of time

It had some tense moments and some entertaining character beats.

Because they are not, however, it simply becomes gratuitous and rather pointless to spend time with disposable characters purely to show us a bloody kill or two.

And in some weird twisted part of my mind that's buried deep inside, I actually enjoyed it because this is the Michael Myers we've all been waiting for.

I suppose it leaves it open for another, Micheal is obviously not dead, and the granddaughter with the knife was intriguing.

It wasn't a bad movie, in fact, it was pretty entertaining.

There were some very cool scenes at the assylum and the bathroom scene was pretty intense.

Waste of time .

A lot of the movie just drags on, and most of the story lines that are set up either aren't very interesting (like the subplot with her granddaughter) or just don't go anywhere (the knockoff Loomis) There are good things here, so check it out if you're curious, but for me, a lot of it just felt pointless.

If you simply do not like it, that's fine, but it is FARRRRRRR from "terrible", "awful", "boring" or "the worst".

Another selling point for me going into it was the fact that John Carpenter did the music, but John Carpenter's music was so bland and cliche it was barely noticeable.

It's hard to imagine true fans of the series and horror fans in general don't find this movie to be, at the very least, enjoyable and engaging.

Enjoyable film, worth a watch if you like horror or if you don't.

Quite enjoyable, I was glued the whole time

Halloween was absolutely riveting!

I'm all for nostalgia, but this was so boring.

Even with all that, Michael Simmonds' cinematography, no holding an arresting track record, means several engrossing frames, sequences like the recreation of POV murder flashback, the aforementioned finale, Laurie madly shooting, the atmospheric opening sequence and even the nostalgia-packed opening credits are a big win as for the forgotten entries, representing 78's through a modern eye that, aesthetically, belongs to a great, appealing horror film.

pointless, underwhelming .

It's boring.

Maybe they should've used all the time given to the pointless couple of podcasters that start the first act.

Waste of time .

Lacks the exciting simplicity of the original.

Sometimes I think the actual jump scare that u get within is just the unexpected obnoxious sound effect.

Brillant acting, brilliant film, loved it so gripping and scary at times would recommend

This was the biggest waste of an hour of my life that I'll never get back , this had so much room to be scary as hell and it just wasn't.

A friend of mine fell asleep during the movie and our group was laughing a lot because of the dumb decisions and the foretelling of the next scenes.

It's not gonna find its place in lists of legendary horror movies, but it was damn entertaining.

So many pointless plot lines that went nowhere and a stupidly obscure "twist" at the end that I'm not sure I get.

It's become repetitive.

Horrible And Predictable .

If you're a die hard fan of the originals - this version won't satisfy your expectations but, never the less, it's still entertaining to see Michael Meyers killing people in his signature stoic fashion.

In this umpteenth alternate timeline for the series, the filmmakers have opted for a complete do-over, ignoring every thing after the first movie in favor of a more tonally similar direct sequel, and the resulting movie hovers close to ho-hum at best.

Awfully boring movie seen hundreds of times in different type of slasher movies.

It sucked, dont watch it, dont waste your life or 2 hours on a movie that should have been a blockbuster that truly sucked balls.

Michael Myers is by far one of the most heart pounding horror villains, and he is so utterly unpredictable in this film that it kept me constantly at the edge of my seat.

Palm trees in many scenes, no story development, sloppy/dumb storytelling.

Very boring.

In terms of sheer pre-release hype this may have been one of the most gripping titles ever.

From start to finish it's gripping I'm pulling you in to its characters and its plot, taking the franchise back to its roots and back to its creator John Carpenter's original vision, everything from it's incredible soundtrack it's many Easter eggs is why Michael Myers and this story is the godfather of Slasher Horror, I believe it's best installment to the franchise since Halloween 2 and will reboot Many other classic horror franchises, it's appropriate that the original slasher movie should being the

Boring one .

I Got Bored .

Worth watching on the 31st.

waste of time.

Michael has been in intense psychiatric wards or the past forty years and inevitably escapes like we knew he would after seeing his mask by a journalist.

Boring, zero suspense, completely unlikeable characters every single one.

it was so dull and boring I could literally take my grandmother in to see it, and she hates horrors!

It's stupid and it's boring and has not one worthy scene of note.

The whole "say something" conceit didn't really track for me, but Halloween 2017 is a well intentioned, layered and balanced horror film, dealing with real world issues woven between the slow moving freight train inevitability of Michael Myers.

This movie is boring.

Intense .

This movie is being really Over-Hyped don't waste your money or time it's not worth it.

I enjoyed it...

Michael Myers is supposed to be a regular man who has aged for 40 years since the original event, yet this slow, plodding, old man goes on to kill a bunch of people including the police force, with ease.

After that, the movie is a borefest of boring dialogue until Michael gets his mask.

I don't waste even waste my time to complete my review for this disaster!!!

Amazingly boring.

It's not scary, there's no story, I couldn't care less about the characters, the acting is really bad, no atmosphere, nothing.

Horrible and confusing .

I found it boring personally.

only rated 3 waste of money and waste of my time!

Very predictable, not scary, almost laughable.

What a waste of time .

I found this utterly dull from start to 80 minutes in, when my body gave rebelled and fell asleep.

call for help, you wouldn't go take a look at night on an empty dark road.

The film has its nice suspenseful and scary end act.

A somewhat empty return for the slasher icon.

The acting is stale and honestly boring, even with Jamie Lee Curtis putting at least some effort into her character.

Short Take: Despite some good scenes here and there as well as a compelling showdown between the main characters and convincing acting by the lead, this movie falls tragically short of what it attempted to do, which was recreate the glory of the original Halloween and become a solid conclusion to the Saga.

There's a way to do horror in a manner that is compelling.

An excellent performance from Jamie lee curtis & an exciting new Halloween atmosphere makes the new Halloween a very very good movie.

I'm a huge Michael Myers fan and have waited a long time for this reboot and I feel it was the worst movie ever.

It's worth a watch but it won't blow you away something fairly standard, predictable.


Just when it should have ramped up, they threw in a completely pointless plot point that literally did nothing for the story, apart from make it go on for longer.

The opening scene and credits were intense and very refreshing.

Pacing is off.

Halloween (2018) uses a lot of closes up shots that make the viewer felt uncomfortable and a long take scene that fulfills thrilling and beauty.

The script does have a few laughs but any fears that David Gordon Green and Danny McBride might have made a parody film can be allayed, though I do think it crossed the line from homage to cliché a few times.

Entertaining Nostalgia .

This movie is more intense and the scary parts of the movie are knowing Michael is a killing machine and can strike at any time.

It's just literally the worst movie.

Much like the original, the final act is the strongest and most intense part of the film, and the final result is mostly satisfying.

The answer, it is going nowhere.

The film surprisingly had what I thought was a decently entertaining story line with the grandmother and her experiences.

Laurie Strodes family were pointless, penis jokes.

Halloween is very entertaining, I loved it and I'm gonna give it an A!

Stunning Sequel With Disclaimer .

(Except for "Halloween 2", that's a classic)(No, not the Rob Zombie "Halloween 2", the one that followed the original Carpenter version)Anyway, there's also the character of Strode's granddaughter, who is a babysitter and has some boring and charisma-less friends.

But personally I enjoyed it.

But the film is far from scary or suspenseful.

There were also many opportunities where he could've been finished off, but they dragged it out by having the Grandma do stupid things.

Jamie Lee Curtis has returned, but gets nothing to do except play a fearless action hero, which make her Laurie Strode a strangely uninteresting character this go around.

Pretty much predictable for the horror movie watchers.....

One of the worst movie that I ever have seen.. I really don't understand how can this movie have that good rating and reviews.. A movie totally without logic, pretending that Michael is overpowered immortal superhero.

It was boring(due to most of the scares were shown in the trailers), the writing was lackluster and some of the actors were dull as hell.

That's right, 40 years have gone by both inside and outside the fiction, and Laurie Strode, our unpredictable scream-queen, has prepared for the inevitable caged in memories; armed to the teeth, she's ready to get an end to this long-time nightmare once and for all.

No suspense, no tense screens, just very mundane.

A lot of the kills are pointless and brutal, very much out of sync with how Myers operated previously and worst of all - were more reminiscent of what I saw in Rob Zombie's celluloid catastrophes that sadly marked the series.

her character was boring, irritating, and just lame.

Basically this whole movie is pointless.

The movie will keep you on the edge of your seat in horror fashion style and at the same time makes attempts at comedy, which is a little confusing.

The three generations of Michael Myers hunters (except for Laurie) is also completely lifeless and dull, and the sherriff, who seems to be the only characters genuinely motivated to stop Myers out of sheer virtue and righteousness, is not given enough time to become the hero he deserves to be due to a stupid plot twist that leaves the viewer shaking his head in total negligence for the screenwriter and director, who did everything to shoot themselves in the foot.

The acting was subpar, the plot was boring, and Michael lacked his...

Suprisingly enjoyable - a delightful homage .

I don't mind a good slasher flick, but where the old ones had aged and had permission in their time to follow what's now considered cliche and predictable, the newer ones don't have the same privilege.

Halloween (2018) is funny but it is all, at least Laurie and Michael face to face was a thrilling moment.

Part of what makes a great suspenseful horror film is having characters we fear for instead of sacrificial lambs getting gutted.

The movie was predictable because too much was shared in the trailer and then it was also predictable because you could always tell what was about to happen I'm not sure what the people who are giving this film 8,9,10 rating or 4 out of 5 stars were watching but surely we haven't watched the same film because what I saw was not good.

The people are so dull and boring and don't do squat.

Pointless/Plotless .

Crazy mental institute was quite an intense scene to watch before the classic Halloween title rolls with a modified version of the brilliant John Carpenters soundtrack showing the crushed pumpkin slowly putting itself back together.

The soundtrack was milking the main few notes of the original with a bunch of added sounds, but it was never out of place, just a bit dull.

The whole "teenagers at school" theme has been done to death, so that became tedious after a while, and the way that Mike Myers was just roaming the streets murdering people, was completely ridiculous.

If you add all that to how disjointed this film felt it's a huge disappointment.

Very predictable movie, plain murderer, the film is not particularly suspenseful, In short, I was not very connected.

If there is one thing that sticks out throughout the whole film it's sound design, and as a horror film, (especially one with such a slow creature,) it is required to be excellent throughout the entirety of the movie or the viewer will relapse and become an average cynic again.

And the ending was very anticlimactic, and sort of a yawn after all of the build up.

Overall it's an enjoyable movie.

It retains some of that 70s 80s flair and style and unfortunately also the slower pace.

It had uninteresting characters.

Boring and unoriginal .

It links in to the first movie well (which if you think about too much had again plot holes) and give a thrilling ride.

For me the biggest flaw was the 3rd act - it dragged, dragged too much, so the culmination wasn't all that epic.

I fell asleep .

Every other character other than the grandmother, mother and granddaughter were pointless and these 3 characters were borderline pointless.

The first scene where the investigation reporters were taughting Michael with the mask and it got very climatic I thought here we go this is gonna be good and then cut to the old school style opening credits I enjoyed that they kept with the original film and kept that connection but from there it went downhill very fast, the film actually got boring I was bored.

boring .

So I'm sorry; this is not being pernickety about small detail, this is saying that this is a shallow film where the vast majority of the plotline is blindingly obvious and thoroughly contrived, thus robbing the film of any build-up or tension.

Worst movie of horror I've seen in a long time.

If it's boring it's a total waste of time watching it.

I nearly walked out.

Plus it gives a good break in between the intense scenes!

I tried to suspend my belief and get immersed in a slasher flick and I maybe could have if the one line by the millennial "5 murders isn't that bad" that made me think how much things have changed since the 70's.

Entertaining flick.

Lame waste of my time .

For example there was a scene there Michael just enters random house kills a woman gets a knife and leaves like nothing happened, it was brilliant, exacly how Halloween movie should be.

What's going on the screen it is terribly boring and makes me feel nothing.

And for this we are grateful, as Jamie Lee Curtis tries to bury her past once and for all with tense and action packed results.

A vicious, violent & vengeful delight that delivers on the promise of offering an enjoyable, entertaining & mostly satisfying ride, it scores heavily on nostalgia and is solely steered by the original cast.

The scares are genuine, the action and atmosphere nerve-rackingly intense.

Michael Myers has no reason, by the movie's own rules, to have interest in Laurie Strode yet Laurie has spent her entire life preparing for the encounter which only comes to be by some contrived plot twist.

What's more frustrating is i was wondering why that was during the film; I think ultimately I didn't find it particularly scary, the jump scares felt a bit predictable, there are some really misplaced humourous scenes that just detract a bit from the spooky vibes (apart from young Jibrail Nantambu who is pretty great in his cameo appearance) and there is a twist around three quarters of the way in which was just kinda silly and didn't need to be there.

The return of the classic sound track helped build the atmosphere and kept audiences on the edge of their seats.

Though cliche and cheesy, Green works his best in this festive and spooky thrill ride.

This movie was worth watching.

Enjoyed it .

Predictable, with no serious plot, random killings (well that's the point) and no mystery.

Very intense, very scary, great movie.

The whole movie was so unbelievable, unnecessary, and pointless!

Honestly a waste of time and money, and a disgrace to the franchise.

After all, none of them were that great anyway, but one would think that, if a filmmaker was going to do this, they'd have something more in store than a bland, suspense-free greatest hits collection of the discarded sequels.

This is great Halloween movie since the original, I loved the theme song by John Carpentar, very intense and creepy, this is movie was so much better than Rob Zombie Halloween Remake.

Don't waste your precious time.

This movie lives in a little universe where the other sequels don't exist, however, there are moments within this one which tell the audience these sequels are recognized and that can be confusing.

Forty years later and the remake of Halloween is just as thrilling as the original.

But this is really getting boring; there just aren't enough fresh ideas to justify another Halloween movie; this is a cash grab.

This isn't really a Halloween movie, it's a just a bit lame and predictable, nothing new or exciting happens, you can see the ending before you even start watching.

But, one of the most intense elements of the movie is the music.

I'm sure you're all familiar with the cliche's.

The jump scares were predictable and you knew when they would happen because every single one of them were in the trailer EVERY ONE!

It had cliche upon cliche.

It's a complete waste of your time and money.

They made such a big deal about this film I really thought it was going to be something special, but all it turned out to be was complete waste of my time.

Still, there is tension in the relentless killing, and the scenes at the accident site with the child, and later in the bathroom with the couple are suitably gripping.

script and dialogs are boring and full of cliches.

Save your money.

You can feel the evil and power that The Shape possesses throughout, and the kills are on a different level of brutality this time around, and are built up brilliantly in every sequence by dense suspenseful atmosphere captured immensely with supreme camerawork similar to Carpenter's original vision.

So Boring .

Even the sequels (except the abysmal Busta Rhymes one) are more enjoyable.

It's the one of the worst movies of 2018 and the worst halloween movies series , is not even horror it's make me feel sick and he killed her sister in one of the halloween series so how she is still alive

The reporter journalist people in the beginning were pointless.

The scares are lacking, the characters unconvincing, the development dull and so on.

As far as cheesy horror endings go, I enjoyed it.

That makes things confusing.

Even though we are accustomed to the use of suspenseful music, such as in Jaws as well as the original Halloween, it still has the same affect whenever Michael appears on screen.

The opening scene seemed promising, as Myers resisted the gaze by us never getting a good look at his unmasked face, but from there we get just about the most boring camera perspective imaginable: the usual, hapless unrestricted variation untied to any character or intelligent aesthetic--shapeless.

Disappointing and totally predictable!

Review: This is yet another one of those typical, predictable horror movies, were you can tell who is going to be murdered right from the beginning.

What does make this film worth watching is the direction.

2: Confusing, lifeless plodding story.

This movie keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the film with some unexpected twists and turns.

These scenes here are quite fun, ranging from the first attack at the remote gas-station where he takes out the two doing the TV show on the case to the rampage across the town taking out the stragglers around town setting up the big rampage at the end where he comes across the babysitter in the house and then leads him back to the trap-filled house at the end which has some rather enjoyable straightforward stalker action for these types of scenarios.

This yawn of a movie is a disgrace and shouldn't have been "dedicated" to Mr. Aqqad anyway, poor legend is turning in his grave.

Boring movie .

It is scary, suspenseful and has a lot of references to other movies in the franchise.

The film is predictable right from the start and the attenos attempts to make it scary fail.

but pry not cause I hear they're making a sequel (because of course) so he pry found a way to get out of the basement and escape (eye roll & yawn).

Why did the makers of this movie link this so heavily (see Jamie Lee Curtis) to the #metoo movement and include one of the worst movie endings in history => where 3 (!

I wonder if the ambiuous ending means that we will get H60 in 2038, at least that one may be entertaining.

Other than that, this was a enjoyable film.

a slow and painful death!

But if you've seen the other 10, this is only going to bore you to death.

Totally pointless and over-rated .

The pacing was off, the characters were mostly forgettable and not scripted memorably, few striking one-liners to take home here, let alone any memorable scenes.

One of the worst movies ive ever seen.

Plenty of Horrible Millennials worth watching get slaughtered .

Worth watching if you like the Halloween Series.

Except for deluded fans of franchise this movie is exciting same as going to visit your elder parents at retirement home and having "fun" so if you are not fanatical fan don't bother watching it, you will die from boredom.

I pride myself on being hypercritical to every aspect of a given film and not just giving 1 star because I got bored or didn't absolutely love it, like I see some people do.

Halloween (2018) was an unexpected hit, I went into the cinema with low expectations due to the previous instalments which for me destroyed this franchise created by horror mastermind John Carpenter those forty years ago.

Halloween: H20 (1998) was better, at least it got the Halloween vibe and was entertaining.

Predictable, boring, shouldn't have been made .

Waste of time, rubbish acting, rubbish storyline , rubbish horror 👎🏾

Judith Myers gets merely an obligatory mention from the villainous and utterly pointless Dr character, who is synthetically injected into the plot to provide an absurd and disastrous twist by himself turning homicidal - presumably out of obsession with Myers - only to end up the next victim himself mere moments later!

Don't waste your time people, you'll just be amazed with stupidity.

The film seems disjointed and you don't get a sense of these characters so therefore you feel nothing towards them.

Waste of my life.

Save your money and wait for it on Netflix.

It's a completely waste of time.


Honestly the only compelling scene in this entire film was the banh mi-brownie discussion.

Absolute waste of time .