Hancock (2008) - Action, Fantasy

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Hancock is a superhero whose ill-considered behavior regularly causes damage in the millions. He changes when the person he saves helps him improve his public image.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Peter Berg
Stars: Will Smith, Charlize Theron
Length: 92 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 95 out of 619 found boring (15.34%)

One-line Reviews (486)

Unexpected development .

but can say that when leaving the theater thought it was enjoyable.

I would watch the movie again; it's kind of entertaining -- until Mary reveals her superhuman powers.

The highlight for me was Charlize Theron, who looks so gorgeous and stunning in the movie that I can't quite put it into words.

The movie is at its most entertaining when Hancock is being an asshole, flying through the air with a whiskey bottle in hand, toying with a car full of criminals, or throwing a washed up whale back in the ocean or a little kid far into the air.

Also Hancock was changed to the "I do only good things" hero - he lost his cool and charm, and become a boring flying around guy.

And here we come to where the film goes up in flames as everything up to this point has been thoroughly enjoyable, because now we find out Ray's wife Mary also has powers and that Hancock isn't the only superhero on the planet.

So, I would like to say that if they ever want to do sequel they should look for another director .. nothing against Mr. Berg .. but he's not up to the job .. Finally, I would like to say it is enjoyable .. and fun .. and also a happy ending .. So, 8/10

apart from that hancock is average cinema-stuff, a little dull, even boring at times.

Even though I knew going in that the movie was a "Whitey saves the Negroes" premise I was willing to overlook that to see an intriguing treatise on what might happen if a superhero was, as (far too) often stated in the movie, an a**hole".

I saw Hancock over the summer and was on the edge of my seat throughout almost the whole movie.

Even though I did not find the twist satisfying, I believe that it is still worth the watch for most of it.

Everything in the film is, nevertheless, completely entertaining, given the fact that Will Smith is a winning actor who understands what the audience wants, in any genre he's doing; and because Charlize Theron is beautiful and we can't take our eyes off of her.

They create very interesting characters and the movie is very entertaining.

First part where we see Hancock character is developing and trying to get better, and the second part where things become very cliché and boring.

It has Will Smith in the lead role and as a producer; it's an action picture with a lot of adrenaline and visual effects; it's, and this is never a little fact, a superhero movie.

Horrible film, one of the worst movies ever made .

The basic premise of this film is a fascinating one that really has never been explored in mainstream films: what happens when a bona fide superhero ends up being more trouble than he is worth?


Hancock is an entertaining and a surprisingly good superhero movie.

Story=Simple; Exciting=No; Smith=Still Good;Enternatining=Kind of, yes; .

They were kind of pretty obvious and others were unexpected.

To sum it up, 'Hancock' is very entertaining and a good enough flick.

I'm a fan of Will Smith and an even bigger one of Charlize Theron, but still this movie seemed like a waste of money and time.

It was directed by Peter Berg (The director of "Friday Night Lights") and this is, by far, his worst movie.

The first scene after he is out of prison is breathtaking.

Entertaining, and original in that this superhero is quite flawed.

I thought Hancock was a stunning movie with many chilling surprises.

It was a nice addition to see Theron in a role like this, just imagine Aeon Flux but more intense and funny at the same time, she seems to be perfectly fine for the role, as compared as what people said.

In fact, I wasn't even planning to see the movie, but the mall was so boring that I decided to the flick anyways.

"Hancock" is inventive, fresh, and completely entertaining.

I enjoyed it.

The first sign that something was wrong was the visual feel: much of the movie had kind of a dull lighting and contrast.

Usually when I see a trailer for a new superhero movie, I think it will be just another one of those cliché good vs.

The finale becomes dark and violent, but I personally enjoyed it.

An enjoyable, fast-paced, 'popcorn-loving' movie .

The story-line is messy and linear, and the intended twists, forced and predictable.

There are bad guys, of course, who complicate matters, but the resolution of this story feels messy and contrived.

It was predictable the entire time.

When I saw that both Will Smith and Charlize Theron were in a film with a very entertaining plot I have to admit my hope were high.

Smith, Bateman, and Theron really deliver in this totally unexpected and unconventional movie.

Thus, the most entertaining portions of this film occur as Hancock tries to learn the delicate balance between being a role model and still being "cool" at the same time.

As for Smith, his drunken wise-ass act is arguably his most purely entertaining effort since Men in Black (the first one, obviously), and surely the only reason a sequel has been announced.

Ignore the negative reviews, Hancock is Great and UnExpected .

The action scenes are overblown and try to distract from the fact that there is NO story or plot or character development.

I got bored of the good hero that always does the right thing .

The first question being: did it waste my time?

After watching this movie, I came to conclusion that some movies needs no story or plot if they have sufficient CGI effects.

Not too much cgi, which I hate, although a lot of action shots, which are unexpected...

In my opinion, there need to be more movies like the Saw series that defy the Hollywood cliché of happily ever after.

With the first half passed what has been presented is an entertaining urban superhero movie which comes dangerously close to having already shot its load.

Entertaining blockbuster with brains .

Could Have Been Better, But Still Quite Entertaining .

For lack of a better word, the movie became just plain dull!

There was nothing in this movie that surprised me, other than Smith's wisecracks, which were about the only thing that were enjoyable.

I doubt, as popular rumor states, that there was chemistry between Smith and Theron because it was like watching paint dry on screen.

HANCOCK is occasionally astounding but mostly mundane.

A very enjoyable summer action flick .

Its entertaining and has a slight twist half way through.

"Hancock" it's so bad that makes "Watchmen" look good (Well, actually, not, because both are awful films, and both were some of the worst movies ever made.

There is a similar confusion with the genre itself: comedy, more dramatic at times, "adventure" parts, ...

Overall Hancock is the big average movie of the summer, while funny and witty, the movie is also dull and sluggish.

The goal, and a noble and exciting one it is, is to rip the superhero out of the sky, strip him of his glory and send him hurdling toward the earth.

Both thespians help make this an enjoyable movie that adds a little bit of character development and likeness to their characters.

There is no plot, who ever produced this film is a total moron.

Enjoyable Antisuperhero Movie .

It all leads to an ending that turns depressingly talky, uninteresting, and just leaves a lot of loose ends.

Hancock, boring?

I enjoyed it, and I don't care if you didn't.

Many critics have labeled the film as being unequal and disjointed and I would have to say that I agree.

The best part of this movie for me was the excitement and build up in the most exciting battle scene i saw...

The movie starts off in one of the most intense action scenes in the whole movie, it also lets us understand clearly who Hancock is.

Hancock has a very bland setting.

Will Smith doesn't really salvage the movie, but helps to make it somewhat bearable and entertaining here and there.

Unexpected and totally unexplained plot elements and character motivations, confusing mythology, mediocre action sequences, and an unsatisfying conclusion just killed this movie.

It's nicely foreshadowed and stunning when "the truth comes out.

"Hancock" is good and quite entertaining, there are several reasons to see it.

It was horrible, completely unwatchable.

"Hancock" is an enjoyable popcorn loving, fast-paced action flick.

However, as the film continues, the substance somehow gets a little too repetitive.

Still her opening scenes are pretty painful and bland to watch.

I was lucky enough to go to a pre-screening of Hancock last night and I really enjoyed it.

I enjoyed Hancock, and more importantly my 11 year old son enjoyed it.

You can think of them as part of an uninteresting whole or you can give them more credit.

I enjoyed it for what it was which is a fun, mostly fast-paced popcorn flick.

I would have preferred NO effects to these incredibly fake, pointless ones.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a funny enjoyable film, leave an hour into it.

The directing style of this movie is fairly unique, because instead of still cameras and slow panning to the sides, it is fast- paced, and action-y.

It had me on the edge of my seat (literally) and crying tears at the romantic scene between Will Smith and Charlize Theron.

The script is cliché ridden and formulaic,and the "happy moon" ending vomit inducing.

It was funny, sad and exciting.

In a slow Summer of movies, its worth a viewing.

"Hancock" is still an enjoyable action picture, even with its flaws.

It's nowhere near perfect, but Hancock is still quite enjoyable and it might make for a good watch if you ever see it on television and have some time to kill.

That's when it becomes lame and unwatchable.

Worst Movie of the Summer .

I am all about turning off my brain and just enjoying a good summer movie, but this movie is not only laughable, but boring!

Dialogue is snappy and the three lead characters are all developed very well.

The film dives straight into the action and flies along at a blistering pace, a trait now inherent with one-to-watch director Peter Berg, who seems to have perfected his intense hand-held style that served him so well during 'the Kingdom' (2007).

But later the movie turns a boring and senseless drama, which is not good.

Not great, but fairly entertaining .

In summary then, a silly plot compensated for by a film that is genuinely exciting, funny and for the most part very entertaining.

it was just so unexpected.

I first watched the movie expecting it to be a total different one from the other superhero movies, i was seriously bored of the invincible guys.

Charlie Theron was stunning through out the movie and Jason Bateman was oh so charming.

Don't Waste Your Time .

I just saw Honcock 2 night at a sneak preview and I must say that that I enjoyed it very much.

Pointless, humourless, emotionless movie .

It comes off as more-so amateurish than being intense or realistic, and it definitely doesn't fit the kind of movie it's meant to be placed in (i.

If only they had focused exclusively on his slower transition as a character...

Please don't waste your time with this Hollywood tripe.

A Breathtaking Performance from Will Smith and Charlize Theron, Please Read on.

left with an empty feeling .

Smith's character reforming from alcoholism in MANY drawn-out pitifil reform scenes fundamentally betrayed the movie's original light-hearted romp feel.

Opens with snap, energy, and the kind of silly humor you'd expect, and Smith manages to be engaging even while portraying an unlikable character, but eventually it becomes tedious and redundant as the slim story ingredients get pushed beyond their limits.

The events of the second-half are entertaining, don't get me wrong, it's just once the first-half has passed, it feels as though the rest of the film was mindlessly thrown together and it feels awfully rushed.

Will as always does a great job, Charlize Theron was fantastic as always and the film offered something new which was funny and entertaining at the same time.

You can pretty much guess the story from the trailer, however the movie is far from predictable; a man with super powers who is depressed wants to help the world while society shuns him.

Either way, it is an enjoyable film, just don't expect to laugh out loud and split your sides....

DVD includes five entertaining featurettes.

Smith is sort of likable as the anti-hero, but it is mainly the special effects that stop this film from being boring, and making one or two giggles too.

The gods of the ancient Greeks had lots of imperfections, and a superman who sleeps on a city bench in a grungy watch cap with an eagle on it, grumpy and reeking of alcohol, is intriguing.

This is a loud, boring and insipid film that does not know whether it intends to be a comedy, action movie, or action comedy.

Yes, the movie is entertaining……somewhat.

And the climax fight scene also left me disappointed, along with the confusing end to it.

Nothing that's going to blow your brain, but still fun and anti-cliché enough to be a fun summer movie.

I enjoyed it for what it was which is a fun, mostly fast-paced popcorn flick.

They make it worth the watch.

About 30 minutes in, this movie had me on the edge of my seat stuffing my face with popcorn.

I went to see it on the 4th, mainly because the trailers looked entertaining and because I enjoy Will Smith.

I saw the movie tonight and enjoyed it a lot so here's my take: Pro's:Good special effects (even though there not all done) Excellent hour and fifteen minutes (the movie is probably 100 minutes in length if I had to estimate the pacing in that time period was spot on) Good combination of humor and action (I'd say more humor though say in the vein of Beverely Hills Cop, which had a good mix of humor and action) Will Smith nails the character (even if the character goes through a number of sudden changes out of nowhere) Even though there weren't as many action sequences as expected they all were pretty memorable especially a fight between Hancock and another superhero (I won't spoil it)A really good twist that I didn't see coming at all (when you see it you'll understand) Cons: The villain wasn't fleshed out at all in any way (they really didn't need to have one in the first place and could have changed a few of the last scenes)The last 25 minutes shifted more into a drama and didn't totally fit the character of Hacock of the first hour of the movie Charleze Theron didn't have much to work on for the first forty-five minutes besides not liking Hancock The relationship of Jason Bateman's character, Ray and his wife Mary isn't fully fleshed out and the chemistry isn't all there (towards the end Will Smith has better chemistry with her and there scenes together are juicy and easily the best parts of the last twenty five minutes) Overall I'd give the film an 8.5/10 because it was an innovative look at a superhero other then all the Batman's and Supermen we're given a truly conflicted character who isn't fully invincible.

It was entertaining, took a unique take on the superhero thing, and didn't have an overt number of huge gaping plot holes or completely blithe dialog.

Granted, it could've used a few more scenes to add more depth, like when she's reminding Hancock of their long-past adventures they should've had her narration run over some foggy-memory type of scenes playing out their troubles in Sumer, and Greece, and Brooklyn, and Miami, etc. But overall I enjoyed it.

Hancock was a pretty exciting as well as interesting movie.

Its at most mildly entertaining, mostly just bothersome.

Really entertaining.

I expected it to be thrilling, funny, and smart; I didn't expect it to be equally as moving, creative, and sweet.

As a result, the film feels like two different films, neither of which is especially compelling.

It was incredibly dull and its ending sucked.

He leaves in a dodgy trailer and finds alcohol more exciting than fighting against crime.

Another example that you can put the biggest names on the screen but with no script it fails.

The special effects are really good and it has a really good rhythm which makes the movie enjoyable and it never bores you down.

And have you seen just a fair share of super- hero/action/comedy movies you will be left with a empty feeling of spending an hour and a half of your day when the bits that you thought were funny are all stuffed into the trailer!

The interest of that premise was that perfection is boring.

Save your money for The Dark Knight.

The reciting of the impressions by Mary Embrey of Queen Elizabeth I, the Huns or JFK, or even the 80-year-old cinema tickets of Frankenstein and chewing gums, looked simply pointless.

Essentially, I believe it was a careless waste of an original take on a formulaic concept.

The story was so bland in this movie, and so forgettable.

I watched the film and thoroughly enjoyed it, it didn't make me think too much, it made me laugh enough and it passed the time......

I watched Bright (disappointingly boring), and then on a whim, I watched this.

Peter Berg's Hancock is hands down a very different summer blockbuster than we have come accustomed to in the last couple of years, but this plus other ingredients make it a very enjoyable action film.

I thought it was very entertaining and had a solid, original story.

It's a very entertaining start.

Despite its edginess and some bad language even younger kids will find it enjoyable and funny.

Maybe we enjoyed it because we did not expect much and were entertained, it was a more fun super hero (charming Will Smith), and aside from the last scenes in the hospital, kept the good spirit including the final Moon Ad.

"Hancock" gives its title character a complex and involving origin story, one that spans centuries, and somehow involves Embrey's pretty wife Mary (Charlize Theron), who certainly harbors some interesting secrets of her own that are very engaging themselves.

I felt this was all rather unnecessary and kind of defeated the lighter, more enjoyable tone of the first half of the film.

This movie deserves a good 10/10 for comedy and 10/10 for intense violence.

And this, faithful superhero fan who walked into the wrong movie, is the complex funny intriguing tragic conundrum of HANCOCK.

There really isn't another performance to note, and part of Hancock's weakness is that there are really only three main engaging characters.

so bland.

Everything in this movie is boring, the history doesn't make sense etc...

Worst of all, the best scenes were in the trailers, making them more entertaining to watch than the actual thing - I almost asked my friends if they wanted to walk out.

When Hancock has to take out criminals, it's more comedic than entertaining.

Both of which were key to making this movie entertaining, and he delivered.

Hancock is a very entertaining movie.

The premise of Hancock is unique and in fact, welcome in this age where formulaic superhero films are far too readily produced by Hollywood.

that they would take if somewhere wonderful, but of course it didn't happen and I was left mad, empty and knowing that there would be a sequel.

Now, if you haven't seen this, the new dynamics aren't particularly valuable on their own terms, but coming after we have been lulled, coming after what is essentially a childish setup — it petty darn marvelous.

But as the so called plot twist happens, the story diverts into this crazy pile of confusion.

Just a stupid slow lame movie .

It was as if the writer, director and producer got together and thought of the most cliché thing they could in that situation.

But even if I watched this movie just for CGI effects, it still turns out to be ridiculously boring, because all a movie need some sort of story or plot which is missing here.

Give it some slack this was entertaining and underrated .

The problem is once Hancock starts getting into the groove of becoming his own brand of superhero like the greats I listed earlier, it starts to veer of into an unexpected and unwelcome twist.

The premise is reasonably original and the first half is fairly entertaining, in a brain dead, Friday night sort of way.

These poor attempts to give "depth" to the story simply don't add-up with the starting context, which is very snappy and funny indeed: the "disabused" hero, fallen into alcoholism and neglect, and his love-hatred relationship with society.

A big part of what makes this movie entertaining is Will Smith.

Obviously I didn't hate it, hence the 6/10 rating, but it was also dull and boring in some sections, only livened by Smith's electric presence.

This is one of the worst movies that I've ever saw, along with "Alone in the Dark" and "The Game Plan".

Hell, it was hugely more enjoyable than Watchmen, which I gave away after one viewing.

Great beginning, boring ending .

An entertaining summer flick....

But the film tries to be more intelligent than that which some people might feel is boring.

His character is immediately engaging and and brings the the audience into the story through his all too human fallibilities.

The chemistry between Bateman and Smith was wonderful,until the unexpected plot twist in a negative direction, derailed this dynamic duo.

Smith and Charlize Theron are terrific together, and the plot line is surprisingly intriguing, once the film finally gets around to it.

The script for this was written in 1996 which makes the film all the more intriguing knowing just how many directors were cycled through before it finally went into production (11 years later!


Great fun, entertaining Summer film sans CGI characters .

" "Hancock" is compelling, exciting, and FUN.

As long as you go into the theater with low expectations, I think it is an entertaining ride throughout.

This movie is entertaining in that sit back, turn your mind off and watch a movie way.

I have seen Peter berg's The kingdom which is intense with big gun shootout in the end.

Will Smith struggles from time to time, obviously an effect from a tone-deaf script, but is his usual engaging self.

He's talented no matter what he does, and in that regard, "Hancock" is enjoyable.

To sum it up its more then you think, unexpected pleasure with a resolution where a goddes gets her normal life and a God gets to be the hero he has to be.

Nothing against the Fresh Prince personally, but let's be honest, the majority of his films are little more than pointless big-budget popcorn-fests.

Biggest disappoint was the plot (or lack of plot).

I really like the good special effects and it was an excellent around 100 minutes movie worth watching.

" Thank god the film was over otherwise I would have left early!

The back-story to Hancock is fascinating and the twist in the tale propels the story into its final act just as you may be beginning to wonder whether it has run out of steam.

This is probably one of the dullest Superhero movies you will ever see & I very much doubt anyone that sees this will ever want to revisit it again either.

It can still be entertaining, just maybe a bit more than the usual superhero garbage out there that becomes forgettable as soon as your rear end is lifted off the theater seat.

It is a good film that is worth watching.

The finale comes rather abruptly with one of the most surprising, confusing finale that is what ultimately ruins Hancock.

disappointingly disjointed .

Just a smart creative entertaining movie with a solid ending.

If you're looking for a decent superhero film with laughs see Hellboy, if you're looking for a dark, chilling superhero film see The Dark Knight and if you're looking for a boring, arrogant, overdone superhero film see Hancock.

In other words, it's hard to see a sequel with the same kind of villains being engaging.

it's not epic or anything,but i found it enjoyable.

I have mixed feelings about the ending, but I still enjoyed it.

The action scenes, while entertaining and original, were not long enough to engage the audience like say, The Incredible Hulk, nor were they as jaw dropping as those in Wanted.

A hugely enjoyable superhero movie offering a unique take on the genre, not only through having the hero be an alcoholic, homeless, antisocial liability but also because of the unexpected level of emotional depth it reaches.

SGI are breathtaking.

as though nothing happened!

The storyline was compelling although not enough time was given to fully maximize the potential of it.

The film has no soul, from the very start to the ending credits the film feels empty.

The special effects were also amazing and really intriguing, it really meshed well with the action sequences.

Only problem is that in all the excitement that the movie builds up over the first 45 minutes, you are left with a bland script that a 14 year old could have wrote.

Always comic, the movie has silly musical montages and there are comic touches in a lot of situations but the actors are –when it comes to drama- well directed, focused (specially Jason Bateman); and if I don't tell you anything else is because there's a story worth watching and the way things unfold is natural and not at all definitive.

Don't get me wrong; I don't hate it, it is sometimes funny, sometimes clever, and occasionally enjoyable.

I would consider Hancock something like a mix between Spider-Man and The Incredibles, then garnish with a little Will Smith and it makes for a fairly entertaining movie.

The prison was a very boring place and it wasn't even a very scary one.

The movie started really well and the storyline was intriguing....

They are not great, but they entertaining.

Smith is always fun to watch and he'll always be a crowd pleaser, even in this film which reduces his character's edge to mere banality.

It turned into a different movie halfway through and got really boring.

Directed by Peter Berg, "Hancock" deserves kudos for at least attempting to inject some new life into a genre that seems well on its way to cannibalizing itself out of existence through tiresome repetition and massive overkill.

Instead of everything being rendered in a kind of drab reality, why not go with bright colors to enforce the more fantastical elements of the story.

A boring and jumbled mess...

The film itself is entertaining.

Ray decides to try to repair Hancock's relationship with the public, but his decision comes with a lot of unexpected consequences.

i saw a press screening of HANCOCK this week and I enjoyed it.

The humour is snappy and spot on with some great delivery by Smith although it is just a bit too sparce and I feel more could have been put in to the script without the danger of it becoming comedy farce.

It is rather boring on her part as her character isn't in the least interesting.

The concept of the down-on-his-luck superhero trying to regain a little acceptance appealed to me – the alcoholic, foul-mouthed superhero John Hancock (Will Smith) fumbling and stumbling through life and causing general chaos was pretty entertaining for the first twenty or thirty minutes.

Please attend this movie with an open mind, as the concepts within this film can be a little confusing.

I felt cheated somehow as if the movie promised one thing and delivered another oh to be fair I enjoyed it quite a bit it just was not what I expected it to be.

The tone was definitely more R than PG in parts, but it was enjoyable none the less.

The movie turned out to be very entertaining and the perfect movie for a hot humid summer weekend, it was funny, entertaining and had some great action sequences.

The film does start off convincing and entertaining and comical than once Hancock finds about the truth about Charlize Theron's character, is when the film goes downhill.

Most Hollywood movies these days tell you the whole story in the trailer, making the film rather boring when you have watched the trailer first.

I expected this awful drawn out corny plotted film.

I was hoping to see another entertaining movie from Will Smith.

That about sums up my disappointment in this mildly entertaining an utterly forgettable film.

I won't reveal it here, but when it happens, you get the feeling the filmmakers needed something to keep the movie moving, but it's too contrived and doesn't really work, and is also never really resolved.

The city has a love hate relationship with Hancock, because he stops crime, but only because he's bored and likes to cause unnecessary damage.

The action scenes, while entertaining and original, were not long enough to engage the audience like say, The Incredible Hulk, nor were they as jaw dropping as those in Wanted.

The movie was great and entertaining in the beginning because it mixed super powers with the real world.

don't waste your time and money .

The movie is very entertaining with lots of action and unusual special effects.

This is an intriguing departure from most superhero movies.

The action scenes are exciting enough that they make up for some of the film's low-points during the second-half.

okay, that was my comment on this movie, i hope you enjoyed it.

It's entertaining and I actually plan to see it again.

And I really enjoyed it.

Smith is okay, not one of our greatest actors, but for the most part entertaining in most of what he does.

Even Bateman and Theron, who are supposedly stuck in boring supporting roles, give truly charming and funny performances (now, who said Theron can't do comedy?

This is a brilliant movie its funny, action packed and probably the best movies I've seen in a while.

the film then gets even worse when she says she's his sister and then gets totally pointless when she admits to being his wife.

Overall though this was an entertaining way to pass an hour and a half and it is fun despite its flaws.

Hancock is action packed from beginning to end, one of the best Will Smith films of all time and the best film of this year...

Towards the end, it gets so boring, unconvincing and lame -- it becomes genuinely intolerable and impossible to sit through.

It was entertaining, took a unique take on the superhero thing, and didn't have an overt number of huge gaping plot holes or completely blithe dialog.

The plot is threadbare and totally predictable, and it's really only a minimalist vehicle for the special effects, which are also predictable (and violent and repetitive).

Once again the time and effort was put into wowing the audience with the special effects, which are quite remarkable, rather than entertaining with a strong story and developed characters.

Also, the movie was pretty predictable.

All the talent is underused and again bland performances.

Hancock was actually a heck of a lot more entertaining than I expected.

It was boring, not funny, full of bad language and a pension for repeating a particularly offensive word over and over, by children as well as adults.

Will Smith seems terribly bored in the film.

They create very interesting characters and the movie is very entertaining.

Action packed comedy with fulfilling special effects.

Overall, Hancock is a very entertaining movie...

overall its enjoyable and maybe a good date movie more then anything else.

well, first of I didnÂ't like the directing, it was way to shaky and confusing for this kind of movie.

No doubt the main objective of the film is to entertain the masses, and it does this considerably well, maintaining an intense pace throughout and adding more twists and turns than would normally be found in a film twice its length.

The drama and the emotions are compelling, heart-tugging.

All in all, a very entertaining film, don't listen to the bad critics, because you will miss an opportunity to see a great film !

"Hancock" sucked and it was a complete waste of time.

Though Hancock is by no means an exceptionally great movie, it was entertaining and worth the money.


I loved it, intense violence and a little surprise at the end.

But it becomes way too rare that a Hollywood movie can be as entertaining as, say, it'd been ten years ago.

Entertaining, nonetheless.

I just saw it and, and I really enjoyed it.

I can totally recommend this movie because you will have a very entertaining time with it.

It will make money nonetheless, but the fans deserve better than this predictable, mediocre film.

Despite the good strong start on this year's summer blockbuster films, Hancock is one of the most mediocre and least entertaining of all.

Boring and rushed in appearance and execution, Hancock gets a D+

The costume design was very bland and the set design was very generic.

The story is slow and without the lead of Charlize - oh beautiful Charlize, this mess of a movie would flop.

Well, from the looks of it, Smith also guarantees you at least a mildly entertaining film, which is what we get in his latest movie, Hancock.

Hancock (a surprisingly engaging Will Smith) is a hard-boozing, hard-living modern-day superhero who has fallen out of favor with the public in Los Angeles.

Intriguing superhero movie with an interesting twist .

Aeon Flux was a perfect demonstration of this, but worked out better because well the character she was playing as was in general monotone anyways.

Overall, if you're looking for an intelligent, but still entertaining, 'superhero' film, then this is one to check out.

Hancock is an entertaining flick.

The ending, while perhaps predictable, slightly silly, is excellent in my opinion.

Hancock is most definitely DIFFERENT in it's last half - it drops off the comedy significantly and introduces some fascinating superhero mythology that is almost like an ancient Greek myth in its context.

Even lighter was Hancock, the least accomplished, but certainly most entertaining blockbuster that came by in that period.

Unfortunately once we hit the jail scenes onwards the movie hits a snag, while it does have its dark humour streak but Will Smith's sharp tongue alone cannot gloss over the fact the movie is going absolutely nowhere at an incredibly slow pace.

But that wasn't the worst thing about this stupid and worthless movie, the worst thing about this stupid and ugly mess, it's that the plot is so boring, stupid and irritating, that I couldn't watch the whole thing.

The only criteria for a blockbuster movie is that it needs to be entertaining.

The scenes in the trailer take place within the first 30 minutes, while the next hour is a well developed story involving superhero origins, complicated relationships and some intense action.

Lazy, confounding, irritating, and quite boring .

Was this film enjoyable enough to watch a second time, or a third?

It is a very promising premise, but the writers Vincent Ngo and Vince Gilligan along with director Peter Berg seem to lose their bearings half way and allow the movie to take one of the most bizarre and wholly boring twists in any Hollywood movie this year.

In short, the film feels inconsistent in content and the most enjoyable elements are the few action scenes and the performances of the main cast.

Don't waste your money on this one.

The comedy, which many had expected to be the bulk of the movie, is well-placed and effective, though an overabundance of joking at the beginning makes the middle (which housed long stretches of drama) seem drawn out.

He meets a PR agent who hopes to turn that around, with an unexpected outcome.

But overall, we laughed, we empathized, we left the theater happy and talking about the subtleties.

Again, in the second half that I'm not going to talk about here, the movie shifts into high gear, resulting in one of the more entertaining movies of this decade.

And: snore - boreHate you.

But, like I mentioned before, Hancock is an enjoyable movie.

Hancock is your typical summer-action flick; it contains fast-paced, exciting scenes, a lot of comedy, and a great twist in the plot.

Worth watching!

But the plot was so boring...

Worth watching movie full of fun and action!.

Not only are there twists throughout, but they are highly unpredictable and start to expose themselves within the first 30 minutes.

Clichéd but entertaining......

Enjoyable, entertaining.

I would not even recommend it as brainless entertainment because it was rather boring.

If it had been anyone but Will Smith I might have walked out .

Though it wasn't a terrible film, I enjoyed the laughs and the action was thrilling, it just wasn't executed like the way it should've.

It began with a great mixture of comedy and action, follow up with a slow not-too-interesting mid-section of the movie, and end with a love story finish.

The concept of the story was just so uninteresting.

As Hancock undergoes his transformation thanks to the help of the PR man he saved, a totally unexpected twist is thrown into the mix which gives the film its third act just as it's beginning to look like its going nowhere.

It was very fun and entertaining to watch.

Luckily for him it sucks, which means he merely makes any scene he is in unwatchable.

Regarding the "Vince" who is responsible for Act I and the first half of Act II - I look forward to even more engaging stories to come from them in the near future!

The cast, Will Smit and Jason Bateman, did an excellent job for their performance as i pretty much enjoyed it.

Good entertaining film .

It shifts from a light, action/comedy to an intense drama.

This movie is watchable and even enjoyable.

Do yourself a favor, even if you love Will Smith, and save your money.

Also I thought they dragged out Hancock's rehabilitation a bit too long, he was much funnier when he was being bitter and that was too short.

And so, this heavy story ends up being fun and entertaining, even breezy.

It takes a bold, fresh approach to the hackneyed & trite superhero genre and challenges its audience with some truly original and unconventional ideas and plot twists.

Charlize Theron looks stunning and her acting isn't that bad.

This movie was a pleasant surprise, and the kids really enjoyed it, ages 6 and 10.

However i wouldn't say thats a negative, as the film was good from the off, and had some mind blowing stunts.

The storyline was compelling although not enough time was given to fully maximize the potential of it.

And then there are movies like Hancock, wherein there is no message worth telling, and all the talent involved is beaten into submission by an oppressively useless script and the greedy leeches who produced it.

Hancock is bored to be the only rescuer of humankind and is lonely.

The movie is OK until Charlize Theron is revealed as another superhero and then it well & truly jumps the shark, with an awful CGI fight across the city & pointless storms that are never explained.

Theron looks bored much like Bateman and although she gets some action scenes of her own it doesn't much matter.

Jason Bateman is funny and compelling as Ray.

And it's hard to imagine Will Smith in a boring film!

This film is by no means faultless, but in terms of blockbusters, particularly superhero blockbusters, it is unpredictable, inventive and, bar a sugar-sweet ending, far removed from the formulaic plots that generally clog up the summer schedules.

There are positives, Will Smith for what he had to play with was as usual entertaining to watch.

Directed by Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights, The Kingdom, The Rundown) made an entertaining action/fantasy/drama that has plenty of often dark comedy as well.

Very entertaining movie.

Is a complete waste of time?

Hancock - A very entertaining and fresh look at the superhero genre.

It's certainly boring.

But hey, its entertaining, its got some great laughs and its definitely worth a try.

Still, while it lasts Hancock is an entertaining and somewhat amusing ride although a lot of the jokes either miss the mark (such as the repeating 'pass' at the rehab) or are just not that funny for anyone aged over twenty.

This movie was simply unwatchable...

The beginning was great - funny, and unexpected.

Imperfect heroes can be quite interesting if their story makes them lovable or compelling.

This takes up the first 20 minutes or so of the movie and is actually pretty entertaining.

The movie itself, very good summer movie but its repetitive.

This is a story of a bored demigod (Will Smith) who, for unknown reason, acts as a policeman, sort of.

"Hancock" it's a horrible film, absolutely boring and annoying.

Hancock is an enjoyable superhero film with a twist, as the superhero is often drunk, sleeping on the streets or is causing more damage to the city than the criminals that he is chasing.

If you have not seen it yet, make sure you do, it wont blow you mind or be on your top 10 list but it will be very enjoyable.

Don't waste your time...

The twist is definitely unexpected and fun.

but it turns into a suspenseful, action packed superhero movie with substance and suspense that had me and my friends at the edge of our seats, and at one point, holding our tears in.

Real predictable.

Will Smith shows us a hero who is just like you and me hiding his confusion and hurt behind his actions and attitude.

It couldn't decide whether it was a drama, a comedy, a science fiction movie, etc. Basically what you saw in the trailer were all the "momentous" moments of the movie, everything else was just boring filler material.

Even movies with the generic angel / biblical mold such as Constantine and that Christopher Walken movie have been more exciting, with superhuman characters clashing for supremacy.

The twist works for a minute, but then it falls into something extremely uninteresting.

It becomes boring (superhero sits around in jail = fun movie?

It is an original idea, it's action packed, funny, possesses a sound cast, it is infested with special effects and, generally, has that "blockbuster" feel about it.

Its just a pointless film.

I praise Hancock for being a fun, anti-cliché movie with some crude elements to make people like me smile every now and then.

Don't get me wrong; I don't hate it, it is sometimes funny, sometimes clever, and occasionally enjoyable.

Hancock was a pretty interesting as well as entertaining movie.

Some of the simple action-stuff can be really entertaining.

This is an entertaining film, thanks to nice performances by the principal three actors and great special effects.

And I enjoyed it, everything about it.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

Rushed conclusion but an intriguing departure from most superhero films .

I give this film a 3 and a ##Boring## !!

what we have here is a comedy popcorn flick that turned into a boring drama just as it was getting interesting.

Although I would agree that the numerous bathroom jokes were childish and detracted from the film, I feel that the negative reviewers lacked the maturity and sophistication to see that, seeing as how most superhero films of late are spoofs, the makers of Hancock chose a spoof of those spoofs as an entertaining and attention-diverting backdrop on which to paint a portrait of love.

It goers by very slow.


I guess if you're bored and you feel you need to watch every single summer blockbuster to stay involved with pop culture.

This was one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Very entertaining .

That is what makes his transformation - and the reason behind it - so very engaging.

And yes, this movie is quite entertaining!

The action scenes are exciting, there are some real 'laugh out loud' moments, and the conclusion of the film is wonderfully bittersweet.

Unorthodox superhero becomes somewhat orthodox and boring .

It was wholly predictable that this Will Smith film would receive mixed reviews upon its release last year.

Its entertaining, its funny and its heartfelt.

Right from when a kid wakes up Hancock to have him stop some robbers and Hancock completely tells him off, it's funny and enjoyable.

This movie sucks, it's such a waste of time and the actors' talent!

That said, his work is simply ignored in the second half of the film where he is relegated to an extra who hangs around to execute a fairly predictable plot device.

Many have suggested that the twist in the middle of the film is completely unexpected, and it is if it is the first time you see it.

A waste of talent, and ultimately a waste of time .

As I write, the first part of the film is actually really entertaining with a lot of fun and Smith carrying -in a good way- the film.

To me the movie is intense in various ways so it really pulled me into it and it have action in the beginning and end and nothing whatsoever that irritated me I just sucked the whole thing in and it was a great movie.

The Jason Bateman character was likable and also enjoyable to watch, well up until the third act when he frittered away to a cardboard cutout.

The special effects are quite intriguing.

Yet, it has a simple and fun tone to it that makes it pure popcorn flick material that is altogether entertaining.

The first half was entertaining.

It has an intriguing premise in that the highly charismatic Will Smith plays a reluctant superhero whom everyone hates - and he hates everyone - for the damages he cause every time he comes to the rescue.

Unfortunately where they go from there was boring and comes from a more conventional and hokey kind of superhero movie.

Hancock is a very entertaining movie .

But has it went on it became a seriously unwatchable melodrama of trying to explain why Hancock is so special, and it didn't explain itself enough to the point where you don't even care anymore.

If you are looking for some action movie with special effects, dont waste your time or money on this flop with no story line its just a bunch of scenes and they cant even hold the camera steady.

The super-hero story is underdeveloped and therefore somewhat ho-hum.

Charlize Theron – who I usually do not look forward to watching due to her often pretentious and dour portrayals of late – seems to be having the most fun on screen that I can remember, and low key comedy maestro Jason Bateman continues to forge a reputation of becoming quite the scene stealer, ala Bill Murray.

Jason Bateman, who played Michael Bluth in the excellent comedy series plays here a very boring and uninteresting character, and everything from this film is boring and annoying.

Hancock was gripping, heartfelt, and totally unexpected!

Aspects of all three are here all mixed together in a very uncertain manner, the first half of Hancock is far more enjoyable than the second with Hancock a depressed hard drinking superhero who gets a rough ride from those he seeks to protect while the second half of the film introduces this huge twist that comes from nowhere.

Then, it picks up to an exciting and heartfelt climax.

The beginning of the film is extremely boring, when Hancock is put into prison, but when he gets out, the film becomes as i said mildly entertaining.

Personally I love Will Smith, I think he is both a great and versatile actor and also very entertaining.

It's choppy, and at times rather heavy-handed, but it sure is fun and enjoyable.

Plot: A drunk and homeless superhero named Hancock (Will Smith), that only fights crime when he is bored or bothered in to it by a kid.

Hancock began life as a good idea and with a very intriguing premise; it bills itself as the alternative superhero film by aiming to show that the Superhero can be humanized.

As for the story, it is fast paced and takes an unexpected turn in the second half.

Though there is no clearly defined villain, it could be argued that Hancock is his own worst enemy, the film boils over with an exciting and effects savvy climax that offers one of the better finales of the summer season.

This is a great summer movie, its fun and entertaining and that's all it is, go see it.

But, when we reach the scene when we discover there more than one person who are gifted with unbelievable strength, it becomes tiresome.

And for those who reckon that the Hancock trailer had shown its hand, for once I thought that a trailer barely, and I mean barely, scratched the surface of what surprisingly was a thoroughly enjoyable story, which will take its stand proudly amongst this year's line up of comic book/super hero movies.

I know it is strange, but this could be easily the worst movie ever made: The plot was lame, the characters were annoying and irritating, the especial effects were poor...

This was very entertaining from start to finish.

I was nicely surprised to find this a very entertaining movie, start-to-finish, about a reluctant super hero who winds up getting an attitude change for the better.

Enjoyable stuff.

The script does so many contrived turns that it becomes a little hard to believe, even for a summer superhero film.

While the first half of the film had been very much enjoyable, the last half hour or so drags, with the comedy running sparse and the storyline running thin.

Entertaining .

With the caliber of Oscar Winner Theron and Nominee Smith in a superhero movie by Director Peter Berg, something compelling and special emerges.

Intriguing superhero story with a novel twist.

And there are too many scenes that are repetitive (how many times can Hancock smash into things/destroy them, without getting boring).

But what really ruined this movie, other than a bad script, robotic-like performances with monotone dialogue, and over-done F/X, was the jittery camera work.

But when it is in every other scene and it is so that I can count how many zits are on the characters faces, that becomes unbearable and annoying.

The chemistry between Will Smith and the great Jason Bateman is excellent and I enormously enjoyed it.

Phew; the story gets tiresome after that!

Very enjoyable and in places really funny.

They start with a very angry fight in the city which is there all of a sudden, it seems very pointless.

Charlize Thereon adds a necessity to the romantic side with an unexpected twist and turn performance with a juicy underlining secret and vibe that every scene with her in gives the plot a much needed boost.

The will Smith explodes onto the screen in his first superhero film I think this action packed comedy from director Peter berg this is 1hr 42mins on unrated version on blu Ray.

This movie was much more intriguing then other super heroes movie.

There really isn't another performance to note, and part of Hancock's weakness is that there are really only three main engaging characters.

There is an unexpected twist in this movie which I enjoyed, though, perhaps, it did have some continuity errors.

Who needs acting and emotion and WRITING AND ANYTHING THAT MAKES A MOVIE WORTH WATCHING!!!!!!!!!

Luckily for HANCOCK, the film is still somewhat enjoyable thanks to the strong performances of all its leads.

Hancock An Enjoyable Film With Flaws .

The laughs are big, however, and the film entertaining, so as a popcorn summer tent-pole, Smith will most definitely deliver some big numbers, even though he's going against that cute little Pixar robot.

Given a much better script Smith could have made this character stunning.

That Has Only Led To Some Of The Worst Movies Out There.

While I admit to not expecting much from it in the first place, I did enjoy the film on the whole…but, at the end of the day, it is all pretty bland and not sufficiently quirky to live in the memory.

Otherwise it's so formulaic, it's depressing.

The worst movie I have seen this summer, the worst of Will Smith's career, and one of the worst this year.

It seemed cliché, in a sense where it takes from other superhero films.

He has a different style with unexpected attitude and a theme song or a special background music would have helped in establishing a strong image of Hancock in to audiences mind.

My sons (18 and 12) and I found "Hancock" to be very enjoyable and never boring.

I allso felt that the script was very empty, they could have builded more on the character of Hancock instead of showing of effects that doesn't even look good IMO.

So, by the end of the film, I just thought "Hancock" was superficially entertaining with only a few moments of truly redeemable good times.

Unfortunately he pretty much becomes pointless near the end, in fact its his absence towards the end that really impacts on the movie.

What follows is an unpredictable story about love and possible redemption.

It is surprisingly intense and deserved more screen time.

The second question is: did it waste my money?

I just wish we had opted for 'Ten Empty' instead.

This whole background base of Hancock whilst initially intriguing finds itself lost in clauses too deep to claw its way back, with an unbelievably cheesy ending.

And the explanation that Theron and Smith get weaker when they are close to each other seemed kind of disjointed.

It had laughs, limited but nice effects, eye candy and a simple but engaging enough story that I didn't check my watch once.

A movie too dull as sci-fi movie...

In other words, this movie verges on the brink of outright banality.

"Hancock" it's a complete waste of time, and it is one of the worst movies ever made.

The tale of origins is pointless nonsense and completely unnecessary given such a promising premise.

Basically the ideas and realizations of 'SUPERHERO' are dissected and studied, while at the same time the movie is entertaining us with cinematic skill.

It has several entertaining scenes and dialog.

It would be good to watch this in cinema, you get to see some thrilling action rushing into your way.

Overall, despite Bateman's valiant attempts to save this turd, Hancock is half-cocked with with too many vague, uninteresting ideas, uneven acting, boring action scenes, and quite simply the worst origins for any superhero.

Also - when Theron turns out to be another "superhero" I thought that was VERY predictable.