Hannibal (2013) - Crime, Drama, Horror

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Explores the early relationship between the renowned psychiatrist and his patient, a young FBI criminal profiler, who is haunted by his ability to empathize with serial killers.

IMDB: 8.5
Stars: Hugh Dancy, Mads Mikkelsen
Length: 44 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-14
Reviews: 51 out of 388 found boring (13.14%)

One-line Reviews (270)

Part of what makes this show intriguing is wondering when Will Graham will "catch on" to Lecter's "game".

Mads Mikkelson's acting is one-dimensional, so boring it's almost lethal.

I was "good show" most probably you will find this crap enjoyable.

His pretentious mumbling irritated me all through the series - shame David Tennant didn't get the part.

Sorry but Hannibal made me want to run to a shrink and find out why I would waste so much time on this series.

Deliciously intriguing....

Visual Masterpiece and Gruesome yet compelling story .

The dialogue is amazing, the visuals are perfect, and the action is pure adrenaline.

I actually thought the second season was better than the first; an overkill of unbelievably extravagant murder scenes and an annoyingly clairvoyant Will Graham left the first season feeling cheap and contrived.

Note to director: delivering dialogue in a soft mumbling monotone does not equal sinister!!

The psychological chess game that gets played throughout the first two seasons can be tedious for some but I enjoyed it, adds depth to the story.

He's absolutely riveting as Hannibal.

Then there's the utter confusion, the warping of space/time that Einstein would've been proud of witnessing.

Okay watching all 39 episodes in a row was not healthy but it made me want to watch more of this ambiguous, ruthless fascinating creature.

Mads is riveting...

Overall the show, while dark and somewhat disturbing at times, is entertaining and enjoyable.

So I was surprised when I found something unbearable.

Very stale and monotone.

Opportunties missed, yet engaging...

Don't Waste Your Time .

Naturally, the series does not follow the canon established by the novels due to the ownership rights relating to some major characters, but the series is none the weaker for it; indeed, it lends the show an element of unpredictability that keeps you on the edge of your seat, even if you are familiar with the books.

The opening 6 episodes roughly are still great to be honest yet seem to have swayed too far on the pendulum losing some quality as it seems the influence of David Lynch essentially took full effect with episodes largely consisting of isolated sequences of snails just existing or somewhat pretentious metaphors to show progression.

She plays the character, who's supposed to be a psychiatrist much like Hannibal mind you, in a extremely monotone, nasely, sultry way that you want her off the screen as soon as she comes on.

Season 2 was the most fast paced,filled of thrilled moments,Season 3 was a bit slow but series finale was the most unexpected and a beautiful ending.

The premise is fascinating and a refreshing change from the murder mysteries we find on TV these days.

As long as the series will not suffer from the problem of prolix and pleonasm, as so many American TV series do these days, and exercise restraint in furthering a series just because it is a cash-cow I will find this show intriguing for some time to come.

Each episode was more boring then the other, I fell asleep in every episode I watched.

Gripping twists and turns that keeps one guessing.

All in all the show is very entertaining if you're in the mood for something dark and mysterious.

It is quite fascinating and highly entertaining.

A friend recommended to give "Hannibal" a shot, citing it as a thrilling, captivating, atmospheric show.

Highly recommended it you're looking for a clever and engaging physiological thriller.

Amazing performance, crazy scenes which comes by surprise, very unpredictable storyline(for me) and dialogs that will stay with you long after the episode...

if Hannibal the series continues in the same dark intense passage it will have plenty of fans amongst the persons who likes a dark intellectual crime story/Kevin Dasman - Freelance reviewer

Such understated yet intense acting, putting his cold, impressive facial features to such fascinating use -Mikkelsen gives a simply magnificent performance.

Self indulgent, shallow and pretentious .

The direction is fascinating and the imagery is magnanimous.

It makes no sense, it's extremely slow, and the hypnotizing sounds make me fight not to fall asleep.

What is always compelling about Hannibal is that he always is in control.

It's really fascinating and the script and dialogue between he characters, although a bit pithy, is really well written and just clever as heck.

HBO have taken the predictable protagonist character of a man who is isolated from the world (even going so far as to give him a mental illness); a man who sees the world 'differently' and therefore this gives him a gift of solving crimes (House, the Mentalist, Gil Grissom in CSI, Criminal Minds).

Absolute stunning visually and brilliant writing.

And there-in lies what makes 'Hannibal' so fascinating.

Very intense, not a moment of dullness, smartly done with great cast, just wish Mads Mikkelsen would speak a bit clearer, had some trouble understanding what he was mumbling.

Few murders now and then and a lot of mind and hand twisting between 2 main characters, but pointless gruesomeness was really off-putting.

Hannibal became boring, the end was absurd and still boring, I actually watched the timer on how many minutes were left and just wanted it over.

Gillian Anderson seems to be there because she's got nowhere else to be - not a slight on her acting, but her character only serves as a pretension partner for Hannibal in lengthy, poetic, uninteresting discussions about psychology.

The beginning of each new crime or episode is usually exciting because of the unusual nature of the crime, the flood of visual and audible imagery that accompanies it as well as the suspense that is brought to the screen.

It is by far the most twisted and gripping romance of the 21st century.

I have literally lost interest in this show, it bores me to sleep...

I put up with the pretentious pseudo-philosophy, and random tenseness, because it was all part of the glorious, glorious ride.

I would say that the tension, as well as chemistry, between the two of them, is what makes the show so gripping.

This "Prequel" to Silence of The Lambs got off to an okay start, but quickly revealed itself to be nothing but bad, formulaic dialog and excessive gore.

I am having trouble finding a starting point since there is very little (or even nothing) that I didn't find of my liking in this most excellent melting pot of quality acting, thrilling cinematography and a plot to match.

These series are underrated it deserves at least 9+/10, every single episode is entertaining, the characters are fantastic specially Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham.

I had a couple of times where I missed a couple minutes because I fell asleep.

(That and the slow mo symbolic sequences scattered through the main "plot".

Definitely worth the watch.

They try to be so smart, look at our snob killers, our pretentious cooking, annoying sounds, some little opera here and there.

Luckily the show got back on track for the thrilling second season finale.

It's drops like a bomb and crashes and lo and behold that's what happens here, it's just stupidly unrealistic, muddled, confusing physco bable trash, I just wanted it to end, please go away Hannibal, it was sleep inducing nonsense, really I'm baffled at who could have enjoyed watching this, it really is that bad, I'm in disbelief at the garbage we get to watch these days, and Hannibal sums it up especially series 3, I can't stop laughing at how ridiculous it was, shocking.

I hope that the show stops because its a waste of Viewers time.

So much symbolism - maybe it was me but I thought once again that it was lazy, confusing and trying to be too clever and failing miserably.

* The plot is very confusing.

To all those acclaiming and applauding this snooze fest as the next best thing in intelligent Television, there is a little voice calling from the throng...

But what really stands out in the show are the brutal deaths and fascinating (serial)killers.

Hannibal is visually interesting, and stunning...

Pretentious art and engaging suspense .

The slow moody scenes take some getting used to.

Boring, corny and unoriginal .

" So not just a Shark, but a toothless, predictable Shark to jump.

Hannibal that stars Hugh Dancy, Mads Mikkelsen and Laurence Fishburne in the lead acting roles - is a intense dark thriller that keeps the viewer nailed to the seat, puzzled and bedazzled by the beautiful and gory scenes.

The relationship between Hannibal and William is one of a kind, romantic in a morbid, fascinating way.

'Hannibal' is one of the most breathtaking, incredible, smart shows I've had the pleasure of encountering.

The dialog tries desperately to come off as some genius level, poetic jousting between characters, where every line is a verbal riposte with deep philosophical implications - but it just sounds banal and pseudo-intellectual.

I keep playing games on my phone to pass time as it is boring to watch.

Series 2 was gripping from the start and moved a lot better than series 1 (in my opinion).

I'm pretentious like that.

Gillian Anderson is a fine actress and her Du Maurier character a good idea, but what was with the slow talk?

I already feel bored, and my question already is: is that all, folks?

It is dark, suspenseful, thrilling, and sophisticated - so much so, that it cannot be compared to any other show in the genre except for, maybe, the Bates Motel.

Oh, so very, very boring.

Different but fascinating.

The way Will's psyche is presented in the show is visually stunning and holds a plethora of symbolic interpretations.

Some were good, some were awful and some were quite enjoyable.

The show itself is fascinating.

But while Kira and L's battles of wit was quite fast-paced, Hannibal is a slow game, the long game.

We find ourselves completely immersed into a world that is haunting on many levels and that is why this show works.

I have watched this show twice so far, and the second time was just as exciting and thrilling as the first time, or even better.

big fan of Mads Mikkelson who is stunning at the psychopath.

The entire atmosphere that is generated is what makes this so gripping.

Just surfing on the internet/IMDb came to know about this show and the moment i watched it ,the DARK atmosphere of this Show had me on the edge of my seat,The Mads mikkelsen is terrific ,This is one of my favorite shows easily.

The Bad: Notice i said crime in the "Good" above as the crime is interesting the solution to find the criminal is utterly bland.

Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen SHINE in this stunning adaptation of a cult classic .

The brutality is worse than ever, but has been accompanied by a breathtaking beauty, featuring artistic shots of ancient cities and buildings, almost classic paintings, or art-interventions, when the story is unfolded.

Pretentious and vile .

Something different, fascinating pictures and characters ( Hannibal LEcter first of all).

The second season started really well but has suddenly had a lull for about three episodes now and I hope the story picks up soon.

In fact Paris Hiltons 'My new BFF' is more realistic and her most recent work 'The world according to Paris' is both more intelligent and more thrilling then Hannibal the TV show.

The two main characters, Hannibal and Graham, who are being set up for a frenemy bromance are annoying at best and boring at worst.

I would recommend this to anybody who was interesting in an enthralling, exciting, intelligent TV show.

As an actor, her poker face and slow articulation made me want to slit my wrists every time she was on screen.

I would like to thank Fuller and the rest of the crew and cast for granting us with such a show with such advanced (and beautiful) cinematography, superb acting, and an intriguing relationship with the two main characters especially.

A surprise character that grew throughout season 2 was Gillian Anderson's Dr.Bedelia Du Maurier an exciting character which will most defiantly be playing a crucial role in Hannibal's narrative in season 3.

It is a stunning show, an excellent acting (Mads Mikkelsen is nothing less than brilliant as the title character), disturbing murder-of-the-week episodes, and the source material is so abundant that the show should have quality material for years.

In a perfect world, eating her leg is an act of compensation for the adrenaline vacuum that Hannibal left her when he ended the chase by jumping off a cliff.

While shows like Dexter turns murder into science, Hannibal turns murder into art and it is fascinating to watch.

It's extremely slow, the music and sound effects are(the least you can say)hypnotizing and annoying and make you fall asleep every episode, the story is also far fetched without any suspense.

Then, the story is compelling, the BRUTALITY is tempting, the Music is fascinating, the elegance is inspiring, the cooking is appetizing ...

Firstly repetition of dreams while often stunning became a little tiresome and my word there are a serious amount of serial killers in this area!

Maybe I should just begin by saying that Dancy (portaying a most gifted but also haunted special agent of the feds) and Mikkelsen (portaying Hannibal) deliver upon us some gripping performances.

After a great series of scenes and plot development we often have these drawn out navel-gazing scenes that ruin the momentum.

Pretentious clap trap dressed up as serious Television.

Absolute pretentious crap .

The most promising and exciting game of Cat and Mouse on TV I've ever seen.

Dull, slow and increasingly pretentious.

Two episodes in and I'm admiring this curiously crafted, visually stunning (and very risky) program.

This is a work of art in every way, from the awe inspiring cinematography, to the fantastic directing, the chilling sound design/soundtrack, actors performance, dialogue, editing, brilliant art direction.

There are tons of shows that have fantastic acting and engrossing stories.

I can see why people like this show and have no complains for them but based on my opinion, this show loses its pace early on and gets really boring.

With well written episodes and talented actors, makes each episode fresh and thrilling.

at times watching Hannibal is almost like watching art, there are so many breathtaking shots throughout the show that i am going to remember years from now.

The episodes constantly kept me on the edge, surprised and shocked me.

pretentious garbage .

Hannibal had a slow start.

My verdict: 'Hannibal' offers gory thrills along with amazing images, fascinating characters and an outstanding cast.

In spite of the gory nature of some scenes, the literally breathtaking cinematography transforms them into surreal sensuous/sensual paintings that you would want to see again and again.

For those who love this kind of dark,intense even sometimes heavy mind games and moments on TV this is your cup of tea.

The cat and mouse play between him and Hugh Dancy's Will Graham is a thrilling joy to watch; the conversations between the two are an example of surgically precise writing where every word counts and could - literally – be a concealed weapon (the writing in general is top notch, especially the dialogues).

Hannibal is an interesting and engaging series that explores the minds of both Hannibal and his patient Will.

it is worth watching, for many reasons.

The acting is superb, the visuals are stunning and the story lines are intense.

It's not "Saw" or "Hostel" mindless gore, it's a Francis Bacon oil painting, structurally wild, disturbing and intriguing to study.

A compelling performance, truly disturbing and on par with the icy demeanor of the true Satan, Hannibal Lecter.

It is so intense, cunning, creative, profound, Words are not enough.

I would advise skipping episode six, series three, as it's just a compilation of clippings and a complete waste of time.

this is just boring and stupid.

The last episode of season 2 was great, very unpredictable.

The stunning, devilish imagery also never disappoints.

It's dark, eerie, raw, disturbing, intriguing and suspenseful.

Bad acting from all, like high school theater, pretentious, pathetic, bland, empty, emotionless, would-be intellectual gibberish.

It is artistic, gory, entertaining and very clever.

Mads Mikkelsen delivered a stunning performance as Dr.Hannibal Lecter.

Overall mind blowing.

I watched the first few episodes of series 1 and thought it boring and fake.

Godawful writinglaughably bad charactersincoherent dialogue and storylinepathetic, pretentious nonsense from start to finishgore and violence for the sake of gore and violence (just like equally godawful Game of Thrones)etc etc etc etcLiterally anyone who considers this ridiculous, embarrassingly levels of terrible tripe actually "great" (as the typical tasteless trolls of IMDb have predictably come out in droves to voice as they never fail to do) well......

Poor acting, lazy writing, uninteresting and unlikable characters, superficial instant psychological mumbo jumbo, self serving psychedelia and shock...

Too much dreaming (lazy) terrible sound quality, awful video with dull uninteresting backgrounds, once again was it saving money or tying to be moody?

The visuals are evocative and classy, softening the relatively abundant gore, though the cinematographer may have been a bit too in love with slow-motion close-ups of splashed liquids (no, not just blood).

It is definitely a slow burn, perhaps a little too slow for my taste, but the most annoying aspect for me is the choice of actors for the main roles.

A bit slow moving .

All visuals, no story.

It is beautiful, slow, exquisite film making.

Not only does it become a slight bit full of itself there's little substance, the timeline is a mush and at times parts predictable with and ironically so the pace of a snail finding it hard to keep interest in the early stage I slugged through wanting for an end, longing for it even.

It's stylish, flashy, and the cinematography is stunning.

There is simply no story other than: how strange the killings are and how twisted the protagonist feels.

he impress, gives a fascinating mixture of vulnerability and force and the result is special.

I am not the most cerebral guy out there, and I'm the first to admit it — but I really feel that there were some goddam compelling examinations of themes like sociopathy, the sanctity of life (or a sociopath's inability to perceive it), mortality, grief and bereavement, God and morality, and forgiveness.

It's visually stunning.

The violence is as been said, stunning while at once, not at all gratuitous.

Mads is fearfully intense.

Over the course of this season, I lost more and more interest because I could not bond to any of the characters because I think they are all too predictable and shallow.

Visually it was compelling and dangerous.

Will knows, but let's himself be immersed into it all for the sake of the greater good.

Too boring to continue watching this series while there are so much better ones.

The first half steered toward acid trip territory, and while it was still exciting to watch - in a semi-lurid coffee table book sort of way - it was evident that the series had lost its direction.

Hugh Dancy is compelling damaged goods.

The build up in each season is slow in the first half and then accelerates in the latter half.

Dr. Lecter is little more than a cultured manipulator who plays gruesome games out of boredom.

I started out enjoying Hannibal thoroughly as a psychologically rewarding take on the character, and the prospect of an engaging cat and mouse game between Will and Lector.

While it all connects back to the primary story of Hannibal and Will Graham, it often seems like a distraction, a waste of time.

This makes for very boring stuff.

I'm serious, don't waste your time.

the whole show consists of loud music, water drops, a bull with horns and talking, so much boring talking.

Dark, exciting series.

Season 3 finishes off just as strong as the second season by delivering breathtaking, gory moments, comedic value and a strong ending that leaves you with questions.

Making Chilton go through what she should have, felt forced and contrived.

For me, this is another 'magic detective' drama with a serial killer cliché.

However unlike 'Breaking Bad' it doesn't have bad season finales, the ending to season two of 'Hannibal' was the most unpredictable moments of any show, not to give anything away though.

After such an intense season I'm really eager and excited to find out how they continue the story in season 2.

Fascinating psychopathy at its finest.

Dancy plays Will Graham as teetering on being broken, and his chemistry with Mikkelson is thrilling to watch.

I think they are just relying on the name that Anthony Hopkins built for them now as there is no story.

It doesn't engage me, it constantly takes me out of what is happening by having me question their production choices, it constantly bores me with inane, never ending dialog and the biggest crime of all, it DOESN'T provide any scares or thrills.

I cannot really say whether it's to be attributed to the actors, or the writing, but luckily they don't detract much from the cat and mouse play of Hannibal and Will, a suspenseful high stakes game.

Mads Mikkelsen portrays Hannibal Lecter in a stunning performance, and Hugh Dancy gives a better perspective on the character of Will Graham.

Deciding to focus the show on the Will / Hannibal relationship is quite entertaining ...

The first season started slow, a lot of what happened, happens on a psychological level and Hugh and Mads play it wonderfully.

The story is intriguing and well done.

Let's break it down:Acting: Phenomenal all round, Fishburne and Mikkelsen are master strokes of casting, Hugh Dancy is brilliant also, but I feel these two make for a stunning mentor relationship akin to the Angel and Devil on Dancy's shoulders pushing and prodding him along.

Best thrilling series .

Hopefully Hannibal will keep getting renewed so we get a chance to see Bryan Fuller's exciting plan for the show come into fruition.

May you waste your time.

Overall I believe this is one of the most exciting series I have seen.

You are perpetually on the edge of your seat, dragged from terror, to horror, to anger, to disgust, ...

But for me, it's one too many of these clichés, it is too predictable, and I'd want to punch each character in the face for being annoying if I cared enough to dislike them.

While the subject matter is gruesome and intense in nature, it is surprising how beautiful everything is.

What is always compelling about Hannibal is that he always is in control.

The constant psychological battle between them is fascinating to watch.

Hugh Dancy while his American accent is occasionally slightly off is perfectly cast as Will Graham, here Dancy delivers an edgier more unstable and immersed Graham.

i was expecting so much more from this but its a huge waste of time.

Cinematic, intense, dark drama .

I loved everything about it, the acting was superb especially Dancy and Mikkelsen, the imagery haunting, the sets were beautiful and the dialogue and the themes absorbing.

That was always the initial hook of the series, through Will, but it took a whole new level this season -- enough to be just utterly confusing and, honestly, less fun.

The show really focus on Hannibal's and Will's journey and their fascinating friendship.

NBC has turned the plot into a dull and predictable procedural.

The writing, music score and all other aspects combine beautifully to make this a very compelling series to watch.

Atmospheric, subtle, textural and engrossing .

it's just visually and musically appealing, and casted with great actors with bland across.

Don't Waste your time .

Bad, pretentious script with unrealistic comic-like dialogs, Which leads to: Bad directing.

it has to be the most boring show I've ever watched.

However, this all changes by the sixth episode where the series becomes so intense and so riveting that I would give put the season up there right with Dexter's first season.

The characterizations are boring too.

now to finish the ten lines let me recap again and again and againVery intense, not a moment of dullness, smartly done with great cast, just wish Mads Mikkelsen would speak a bit clearer, had some trouble understanding what he was mumbling.

Often leaving me on the edge of my seat, with the lights firmly switched on as the dark and emotive scenes unravel.

Though still staying true to the aesthetic fingerprint of the show it is generally more fast paced and has a more obvious sense of direction and development.

Suddenly the character Hannibal stops being interesting, he becomes mundane.

Scully didn't necessarily make him seem any more intelligent, as she was pretentious and over the top as well.

The acting is as good as it gets in television or film and the story is very engrossing.

The use of color and tone is evocative and intoxicating.

Don't waste your time on this piece of junk and LMAO at how desperate NBC and companies are to create fake reviews, although I shouldn't be surprised consider the millions of fake twitter fans for Gaga and Bieber.

It's a shame that the series was already in its death throes when it finally found a tone and voice that was a perfect balance between pretentious art and engaging suspense.

This show was a masterpiece in that it was a visual visual art form with quite unexpected writing and plot twists.

The startup is a challenging, slow paced and surreal introduction to the final season.

Gripping series, looking forward to season 3.

That being said all in all it is a very entertaining, very gruesome, and very intense show.

Boring .

In contrast to the turmoil and savagery of the proceedings, there are long shots of stunning locations and meticulously crafted sets gorgeously, perfectly lit, masterfully composed to speak as loudly as any dialog.

as exciting for adults as a Saturday Serial was to you as a kid.

And boring.

Intelligent, visually stunning, mesmerizing series .

He acts bored and indifferent all season-long, which, in turn, bores me to tears with such a flat affect.

This series promises to be incredibly entertaining.

His sophisticated and stylish portrayal is captivating and very unpredictable.

Graham talked about tasteless but finds the "sausage" very exciting.

It's boring and terribly slow.

Season 1 of Hannibal was really gripping and it's definitely my favorite of the newer TV shows.

Hugh Dancy as Will Graham is the stand out for me, with an excellent intense performance.

Plot- and character- development in Season 2 is excellent and makes for very compelling viewing.

Breathtaking and endlessly smart .

The show is going nowhere and it's boring and the gore is pointless and disgusting.

Highly recommended it if u are looking for a clever and engaging physiological thriller...!!

I have enjoyed it very much and I hope that the writers will write with more care and detail when they're showing off Will's gift in action in the following season.

I like the relationship between them, I like the way the series are created ( hallucinations, slow motion, etc.). After watching the end of season 3 "Hannibal" has become my number one show and my appeal for everyone, who likes the books or the movies, is to give it a try and enjoy one different but fascinating version of Hannibal and his twisted mind.

Fascinating .

Season 1 was both engaging, exciting and I loved every minute 8.8/10 ~Reel Time Reviews

Intriguing Reboot .

It was interesting to see how the Book and Movies were referenced and subsumed, enough to make me go revisit them which was an enjoyable indulgence.

Hugh Dancy, who plays Will Graham, is so vulnerable, so on the edge, and completely convincing.

Enjoyable until Season 3 .

Graham's character is fascinating and so unique in television.

So far, 'Hannibal' has been deliciously intriguing and entertaining.


The way the series presents Graham's actual immersion into his empathetic imagination will soon become repetitive and annoying, so I hope future episodes see a lessening in its use.

The fascinating concept of the show, coupled with appropriately-placed cliffhangers, proves to result in a flawed mess of a half-decent crime drama.

now to finish the ten lines let me recap again and again and again Very intense, not a moment of dullness, smartly done with great cast, just wish Mads Mikkelsen would speak a bit clearer, had some trouble understanding what he was mumbling.

This allows Bryan Fuller, the show's director to create an intricate and mesmerizing relationship between the shows leading characters, which in turn makes for an even more thrilling story arch.

Intense, graphic, compelling.

I was immediately hooked when I saw the first episodes of Hannibal, recognizing that this was something quite different than most, often pretentious series about killers, cops and violence, or mysticism, for that matter.

While none of the characters are who you'd want to spend time with, they're certainly entertaining to watch, and the stories are entertaining as well, given how well-trod the entire genre is.

It's fascinating to look at, yes.


That keeps you interested but the story itself is sometimes a bit too slow.

In its first two seasons, Hannibal is a visually stunning, disturbing thriller with decent actors and an unnerving soundtrack.

I just feel like these dramas are being cranked out to entertain the bored.

The music and sounds become a lot more eerie and horror-like, scenes that involve Will hallucinating a "black deer-like creature" have a very full on and intense sound to give a sense of danger.

Season one was needlessly contrived, the dialogue isn't quite as smart as it thinks it is and the whole third season, though well executed and not without original minor plots and embellishments, is still basically a remake.

Though visually stunning as always I found myself growing tired of the forced and sometimes over- pretentious dialogue that seems every bit surreal as the visuals.

Yawn .