Happy Death Day 2U (2019) - Comedy, Horror, Mystery

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Tree Gelbman discovers that dying over and over was surprisingly easier than the dangers that lie ahead.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Christopher Landon
Stars: Jessica Rothe, Israel Broussard
Length: 100 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 67 out of 424 found boring (15.8%)

One-line Reviews (247)

With Tree facing the same scenario but with many changes, the characters are the same yet completely different and it keeps things intriguing.

Just like herself in the first Happy Death Day, she shines a light of hilarity and fun in this entertaining sequel.

Dull and Unnecessary .

Even though it is definitely the avarage hollywood movie, it is pretty enjoyable.

This one was more about the morality of tree's character on choosing which path to choose instead on figuring out who the killer was - let's face it that had to be way more predictable this time.

Was a good film,i enjoyed it wasent scary ddo reminded me of scream.

The twist's are laughable cliche .

boring .

It's an emotional rollercoaster with decent acting and an inventive plot, but much like its repetitive story, it has lost its freshness and frequently feels disjointed.

The revelation of the existence of the reactor, originally intended to provide things with an alternate energy supply but instead creates the access point to enter the separate dimension, manages to offer up a somewhat compelling and rational meaning to start all over again once they realize this is happening.

Happy Death Day 2U is overall repetitive and redundant.

The acting was not Disney Chanel worthy, the plot was hard to follow (because it made no sense).

Very enjoyable !!

Make a simple story, enjoyable and exciting.

The ending was a bit much but overall it was a really fun and enjoyable movie, better than the first in my opinion.

While the film's increased gags and added element of sci-fi does take away from any tense or suspenseful moments like we saw in the previous film, this film is fun, it's brainless and the film knows it's not to be taken too seriously.

Very predictable!

Though some parts of his setup are clever, Landon's execution turns almost maudlin in the third act, with drawn-out goodbye scenes and Hallmark-y life lessons that fit uncomfortably in the kind of cheeky genre pic that might (as this one does) try to make us laugh with a montage of its protagonist's flippant suicides.

I do think the pacing was off a bit by going more comedy/sci-fi.

Enjoyed it very much.

Wayy different vibe from the first movie.. I watch this expecting the same exciting storyline as the first movie.. This sequel is so boring I stopped watching after 15 minutes

There is not much to comment on the script because it is empty and superficial.

Taken together, the two films are lively parodies of the standard, cliché ridden horror genre.

I really liked the first movie - I didn't have any expectations for it, and it still took us to a very enjoyable ride.

It is soooo gooood I enjoyed it much!

I went to see this movie I must admit it's pretty wild there's plenty going on that's for sure there's a ton of horror action comedy really really a fun enjoyable movie so much here for young and old I recommend that you go see this movie

Worst movie of 2019 so far :(

All in all don't waste your time you may lose a brain cell or two.

Boring .

The other characters were not written well, the "relationship" between the main character and her love interest were cliched and dull.

All of the movies he has produced has been entertaining.

I thought the original HAPPY DEATH DAY was a mildly enjoyable spin on the slasher movie, the GROUNDHOG DAY of its genre perhaps.

This movie was fun to watch and I enjoyed it.

"Happy Death Day 2u" is an enjoyable movie, a good enough source of entertainment.

Besides those cliché scenes, the rest of the movie is a comedy.

Worst movie ever!!.

The first Terminator movies were fun because they were exciting action movies that used time travel as a plot device.

It was more exciting , more terrifying and more fun.. I didn't want it to finish.. We see new characters here and they are great actors like old ones.. You definitly should watch the first one before see this .

I found this film to be highly enjoyable!

An enjoyable film .

Just as entertaining as the first one.

Found this one to be a bit of a bore and thought the attempts at humor were missing the mark.

Waste of my time.

The problem is that Landon is unable to seamlessly merge them together, creating a disjointed film in the process.

As enjoyable if more than the first.

It is a fast paced movie without any dead weight and I paused it for every pee break which is something I don't normally do.

It did take some nice turns and was a bit predictable but still enjoyable.

Boring ending!

The story is also mind boggling and not in a good way.

The unique concept of the movie is executed terribly and it feels boring when the movie constantly revisits places over and over again.

It was entertaining spending an hour and 40 minutes no big deal.

But that is understandable because it is quite a mind blowing concept or theory anyway.

It sure did prove to be completely unpredictable.

Even with a predictable twist, the journey there kept me at the edge of my seat.

Which can be boring at times.


Clever twists and legitimately laugh-out-loud sequences (*cue Paramore's Hard Times*) make this genre-bending sequel more enjoyable than the first.

This movie is beyond s*it, it's basically if you took 'The worst movie ever' and combined it with 's*it' from the street and mixed it all up good and nice.

Entertaining, fast paced, and really funny.

Uninteresting with a great lead .

It was a bit confusing, even though they did try to explain why tree's death was happening so many times.

The first movie was fine but this one is just a waste of your time.

Though some parts of his setup are clever, Landon's execution turns almost maudlin in the third act, with drawn-out goodbye scenes and Hallmark-y life lessons that fit uncomfortably in the kind of cheeky genre pic that might (as this one does) try to make us laugh with a montage of its protagonist's flippant suicides.

The film focuses more on the time loop machine than having suspenseful moments when the killer is loose.

Apart from some suspense at the start it gets ridiculously repetitive and annoying.

Written and directed by Christopher Landon this is an engaging Science Fiction/Horror Comedy.

The scientific elements for this film made it dreary.

The beginning and end of this film are very enjoyable aspects, but the second act almost completely lost me, due to the repetitive nature.

Rating 8.4/10 Surprisingly entertaining !!

The cast is the same but this time you're more familiar with the characters so it's more enjoyable.

The film tries to combine so many different things that it becomes a boring watch real quick.

I would still say the original is better because this one is lacking enough scares and killing scenes to be as thrilling.

Boring .

Worst Movie of the Decade .

It's not as funny, scary, unique or surprisingly entertaining as the original, and if the returning cast didn't deliver strong performances, this would be one of the worst films of the year.

wherever.. I guess the screen writers got bored and wanted to see some skin.

Happy Death Day 2U is intensely entertaining and hilarious.

The characters were quirky, the plot was surprising, the thrills were gripping, the jokes were humorous and the acting was emotional.

The film does get a little bit boring through the second act.

Watched this on a plane and really enjoyed it.

It's still an enjoyable movie i just hope if they make a third one they don't try to make a whole bunch of new ideas without compropising a lot the whole film.

Poorly executed Slapstick comedy and sci-fi elements that weren't present in the first film, make this pretty unbearable.

The mystery was enjoyable, especially how you get thrown for a loop right away.

) it became very entertaining and a very enjoyable movie.

Picking up where the first one, a surprise hit, left off, Happy Death Day 2 U blends horror with Groundhog Day and adds in teen stuff to make it highly enjoyable for all ages despite its hard pg-13 rating.

I really enjoyed the first one but this one is nowhere near as entertaining.

The director does a good job making the scenes that are repetitive still feel exciting.

Watch the original first, and cap it off with this enjoyable piece of fun!

There were some entertaining moments.

There are some good unexpected plot twists for the avarage moviegoer.

Too slow!

While the entire cast's game performances added up to an entertaining whole, lead actress Jessica Rothe's all-in performance was the revelation.

Terminator Genisys, on the other hand, made the time travelling aspect the central point of the plot and, as a result, was a big disappointment with a totally confusing plot.

It did remind me of a particular movie series, in regards to the killer, so that was an enjoyable nod.

Amazing, entertaining.

So, a worth giving 10/10 as it is intriguing all the time with good peaces of love and comedy in the middle to ease your brain from being completely whacked.

Fun, with a few jumpscares, but also predictable .

All the characters done their roles and I am looking forward to see more of Danielle on the big screen, I got bored with Tree now.

The sequel was disjointed & felt pointless, none of the Back To The Future or Sci-Fi was ever mentioned in the first film, so the sequel had no reason to be made as the event in the alternate universe don't add up to the events in the first film, bloody confusing!

In the end, Happy Death Day 2U is a fun continuation to the story that was set up in the first film, but it ultimately becomes very repetitive.

While the story and dialogue is sometimes pretty cliché, the jokes are awesome and Rothe's performance is genius as ever.

More complicated,More thrilling and more satisfying.

Complete Waste of Time .

And yet the first movie was too predictable.

A complete, enjoyable, very fun movie, fantastic for a sequel!

This movie was waaaay too boring than the first one.

The bad: Confusing story line & not clear at which time it took place in & how it connects with the first film.

Decent and entertaining, not worthy of high praise .

a frightfully clever & entertaining sequel .

Sweeping, exciting, amusing, wise and sexy all-in-one.

Wouldn't sit down and watch it again hence why it gets a 6 but I enjoyed it as a one off, nothing else to watch so I'll give it a go kinda movie!

The plot is very hard to follow and the First and Second act have a completely different Protagonist .

The story is cliche and garbage, all of it is explained and forced on except non of it makes sense and there are like 20 plot holes for every minute of screen time.

This sequel to Happy Death Day continues the tradition and steps up the challenges for the unlikely heroes resulting in a mixture of entertaining and bloody humourous moments for everyone to enjoy.

This second installment is still entertaining with some good and sweet moments.

It was so boring and slow and terrible acting I almost fell asleep

Entertaining .


Where this film falls short of the first, is the fact that the repetitive nature of this story begins to wear thin.

It just was fresh and entertaining.

First - something brave,original and funny turn into boring, confusing, multiverse time-travel movie.

Happy Death Day 2U is a tedious, unnecessary, and strange continuation of its 2017 predecessor.

The reason for the time loop just ruined everything and it was ridiculously cliché and predictable.

Unexpected .

She is a fantastic actress and is perfect for these films, which by the way are brilliant and so entertaining.

"Happy Death Day 2U" is entertaining and lighthearted.

I enjoyed it a lot and, if anything, it is as good as the first.

The second dive surprisingly brought some emotional punches into the fray and was very heartwarming (potentially tear jerking) in unexpected ways.

Such a shame, the first was great - this replays the premise of the first (after a tedious first half hour), then flips around with multiple plot holes and unfunny skits until a final reveal that means nothing due to the incoherent timeline plotting.

Also, after a while the big reveal becomes predictable.

Highly enjoyable sequel .

That's the best thing about both of these films, they are so fun and entertaining.

And I'm warning you, don't ever try to watch the predecessor and its sequel back to back, you'll get tedious.

It's no horror movie, but it has a few (a bit predictable) jump scares.

Thankfully, I managed through the "will this ever end" and managed to see, what was otherwise, a quite enjoyable movie.

Went to see this movie last night with my friends we were so bored of it we just started talking for most of the movie this movie is too repetitive and u can guess what's gonna happen in the end not worth the watch

I watched it a second time a week later and enjoyed it again as much.

While it's not a necessary sequel and has lost some charm from the original, it remains solidly entertaining throughout and is therefore still recommendable.

Boring with TERRIBLE humor.

Unfortunately, the repetitive nature of the plot eventually takes its toll, and the final act really labours the point, taking its merry time to wrap up proceedings in a not too tidy fashion.

Don't waste your time.

Much of the movie was laughable for the wrong reasons and just generally dull.

The beginning is also very bizarrely structured and introduces an element to the narrative that makes zero sense at all in the wider story, which is very confusing upon reflection.

Waste of time!!.

Guys just don't waste your time.

It saddens me, because the first film was so great and so fun, this one is so dead and boring.

There's a lot of decent stuff to watch at the moment, don't waste your time on this junk


More intense, more hysterical, harder, faster - and more innovative ways to die really.

A waste of time and money...

Too predictable!

The allure of the 1st film is lost in the shuffle and there are sequences that are as cliché as they come, especially in the scene where they try to make it scary.

If you enjoy reading my Spoiler-Free reviews, please follow my blog :)Jessica Rothe leads the follow-up to Blumhouse's surprise 2017 smash hit of riveting, repeating twists and comic turns.

One of the worst movies I've ever watched .

The other enjoyable element here is the rather fun and tense stalking scenes.

Still impressive writing, directing, acting and entertaining.

Can't wait for the third, AMAZING Extremely worth watching

So many unexpected twists and turns, such a great movie and great spinoff!

This movie was very entertaining and i would recommend it to someone if they want to be on the edge of there seat the whole time while laughing there butt off because it really is a comedy thriller.

The reason they made it too complicated I think is to make it different from the first part and to make it unpredictable.

The 3rd act is dragged out so much it feels like it's 3 hours long .

Happy Death day was an unexpected surprise.

Really by far the worst movie in a long time.

Save your money and order brazzers premium for a month instead.

But, once Tree finds herself repeating her birthday again in an alternate dimension, the story finds its footing and remains just as enjoyable as its predecessor.

It was a good one , intense I definetly enjoyed it , was funny as well .

Very entertaining!.

Confusing pile s#!

Thoroughly enjoyable .

Quirky and funny with a great cast of characters, it's an enjoyable and entertaining film.

Worst movie You could possibly make .

I love movies based on the theme of "expect the unexpected".

Surprisingly Entertaining.

One of those efficiently lazy sequels that by turns bores you to death and induces chuckles.

Having really enjoyed the first movie in this series, I was pleased to find this one just as enjoyable.

Awful, waste of time.

Luckily, the flick is just as entertaining as the original - in the moment, at least.

There is nothing entertaining about this movie, it's just a waste of time and brain cells.

This film is flawed but it's so nut's to the point that it actually entertaining, like the first film Tree Gelbman find her self thrown into the same situation as before only this time thing's have changed and the rules are different.

A solid sequel to a good film that let's itself down with a boring sciencey timeloop subplot and a cheesy overly romantic ending.

Acting is pretty solid through the film, the explanation to Quantum Mechanics is explain well for people that have no clue about it, although there are areas of this film where the plot is weak which I noticed because I know a bit about Quantum Mechanics, Other than it's an entertaining film dare i say a little better then first film.

Don't get me wrong the idea behind why the sequel happens is great but the actual story, the confusing story itself was just too much.

As it was in the original, Jessica Rothe delivers an assured and enjoyable performance, even managing to stick the landing during an emotional scene or two; also like the original, the supporting cast does little more than carry the load and deliver the occasional quip.

The plot is the same , time loop , die, wake up again , this was a barely geniune idea of a plot in the first movie but the script was genius ,,, the script in here was even in a higher intense level of action/drama and the comedy was much more noticeable with more funny characters "the guys in the lab" so it looked richer than a usual sequel would look.

I was bored within the first 5 minutes, and by the time it was over, I wanted my money back.

Enjoyed it.

So overall, I will say that even though this was bad, I was pleasantly surprised by how entertaining it turned out to be.

Not as good, but still fun, funny and just overall entertaining

The other component that did not quite work for me, was a few moments where the comedy was forced on the audience, a little too drawn out or grandiose for my liking.

As well, the series of encounters in the hospital where he continually gets into confrontations and chases through the different rooms and hallways offers a sense of fun about it featuring plenty of exciting action with her crazy schemes to kill herself and the tense stalking.

I would score it higher, but there wasn't a lot of blood and kills, however the comedy, silly twists and amazing character development made it worth watching.

More funny and entertaining .

Everybody knows it wont be as good as the first one and it may not make a lot of money, but they all seem to enjoy making this and that's what makes it entertaining for me.

Whilst I did have issues, it was enjoyable enough for me to recommend.

Objectively speaking however, this sequel is entertaining, funny and quirky as it offers one hundred minutes of popcorn cinema that is quite easy to digest.

Sounds messed up, but it was very entertaining to watch.

The arc was as cliché as anything: "bad girl misses death mother and grows on selfdestructive behavior, then falls for a good guy and ends a good person", so the movie depended on extra things to be great: the imaginitive deaths; who's the killer mystery; the funny situations from the groundhog day and the jokes....

I hope the 3rd instalment be good and more thrilling.

With Tree facing the same scenario but with many changes, the characters are the same yet completely different and it keeps things intriguing.

Overall, the movie does over explain the plot and can be cheesy at times; however it is a very enjoyable movie that you can watch without having to worry about it not meeting your expectations.

Those who love multiverse and time loop movies will find it very entertaining.

This film is more exciting, unique, more funny and entertaining with all its theoretical physics.. More tense because the more confused who is actually evil.. Already impatient waiting for the sequel (again)..

She was funny, expressive, terrified when the occasion called for it, and engaging for the audience.

Don't waste any time out of your life to watch this, just as bad as the first one

Luckily, then, the film is genuinely entertaining once it gets going and you can almost completely ignore the plot holes in service of having a good time.

unwatchable .

Why would anyone even waste their time on something if they are going to sprinkle non-musical s*it all over it later.

First film was brilliant, second was unwatchable because it was so bad.

It's in that old repetitive "Dejá Vu" soap opera with a lot of clichés to fill the plot.

Worth watching!

But most importantly it was just boring and I never got in a connection with the movie because there were so many things happening in a short period of time and the plot didn't really progress anywhere so after seeing her wake up for the 21st time with I just walked out to buy some more popcorn since it was the only good thing that evening.

The characters are all really engaging and the cast do good jobs, helping with the overall investment.

Fast paced.

An enjoyable movie, unless you just want to see the usual slasher-horror .

It does slow down a little bit.

A sci-fi horror full of fantastic performances, engaging characters, excellent writing, and genuinely hilarious humor along with quite a bit of heart that blends several different moods and tones with one another flawlessly.

I liked first movie, but this one felt boring.

This sequel, while not as intense as the first, still was highly entertaining.

IMDB raiting 6.5 My raiting 8 I watched first part couple of months prior to this one and enjoyed it very much.

Rubbish, pointless, doesn't really make sense to be honest.

The 2017 original flick was a refreshing surprise because it took a different concept and mixed a bunch of genres in an unexpectedly entertaining way.

Happy Death Death 2 U may be enjoyable to you if you like the first one.

I was honestly expecting this to be a stupid sequel, but it was just as engaging as the 1st, with some totes lols deaths thrown in (did somebody say 'sorority girl in a wood chipper'?

Happy Death Day Too is a thoughtless cash-grab that is-I guess-serviceably constructed but, frightfully weak and banal.

Just made an account to say how bad this waste of my time movie is .

Extremely funny whilst exciting tense and keeping you on the edge throughout.

But this second one is pointless, veers off the original theme and honestly after watching it, felt like a complete waste of time.

This movie was really a thriller comedy I feel like with all of the jokes and all of the intense scenes with all of the dying.

I thought it was going to repeat itself and going to be boring.

Amazingly entertaining.

I was right this movie is beyond boring, with new addition that explains things that should have remained unexplained.

It was exciting and kept you thinking the entire way through.

The movie itself is good enough, entertaining, easy to watch.

The movie does keep moving at a steady pace and most of the characters are entertaining (even if they aren't particularly engaging).

It was very entertaining which is what movies are made for right?

Worst movie I've ever seen made no sense what so ever !

Out of all possible scenarios they chose to run with the time-machine plot line interjected with family/boyfriend drama which just dragged for far too long.

It was scary, funny, charming, intriguing, touching and had a killer twist ending to put the cherry on the cupcake.

It is better than I expected, and I enjoyed it.

This and the first one are genuinely so entertaining and I have nothing bad to say, the cast is so charming and not a single minute is wasted.

Loved the ideas and a had a great time with quite a few laughs, too, though it was suspenseful as well.

Average - boring at times .

None of it seemed very realistic, it was confusing, the acting was below par.

That's definitely a script issue rather than to do with the actors for the most part, as the repetitive (grounddog day) structure of the film prevents them from achieving any kind of character arc.

It was entertaining and had a decent number of funny moments in it.

A mouthful, I know, but the film itself was pretty confusing at points.

The storyline is also pretty predictable at some point.