Happy Endings (2005) - Comedy, Drama, Music

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Happy Endings weaves multiple stories to create a witty look at love, family and the sheer unpredictability of life itself.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Don Roos
Stars: Lisa Kudrow, Steve Coogan
Length: 128 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 18 out of 81 found boring (22.22%)

One-line Reviews (51)

You have these pretentious characters so well defined and then you stick bud in their hands, those people would never drink bud, not those characters.

Gyllenhaal is also one of the more complex (in the intriguing way) characters and she draws the widest variety of emotions from the audience as she crosses a fine line between sincerity and deception.

A Refreshing, Enjoyable, Different Movie .

The movie is a little depressing and makes one think that life is pointless if you don't fit into the perfect cookie cutter life(perfect wife/husband/children/house) The only person to save from this mediocre life is Jesus.

Kudrow's pathetic performance aside, the movie was simply pointless.

This is actually quite a intriguing movie and the three subplots were interesting for the most part.

It seems the critics has seen all these characters and situations before but what they've failed to grasp is that quirky, ironic, and painfully funny moments are what make indies worth watching and the more familiar the better.

Great movie but a bit confusing at the first time that's why I give "Happy Endings" just 8 of 10 stars.

This leads to unexpected revelations that backfire on Charley.

Interesting and intriguing film with bunch of different topics .

I was expecting something different but entertaining.

The movie itself was fine, entertaining, smart, and explores a lot of good issues.

If you like entertainment that takes you away from the formulaic layout and typical dialogue that you can see coming, this will not disappoint.

The movie was very self-indulgent from the shoddy hand-held camera work to the disgusting titles that consistently come up like some sort of phone commercial.

The only reason I'm not giving the full ten stars is that a couple of plot point moments seemed to go by too fast, but it's just as possible that I was too slow for them.

Writer-Director Don Roos contributes a mature, but yet, wickedly entertaining screenplay and construction to the film.

This is by far the worst movie I've ever watched.

Boring .

Sure the three subplots aren't connected very closely, but it's still a pretty intriguing black comedy with pretty good performances.

A waste of time and money...

Happy endings starts out really slow.

Some of the other story threads are dim (a couple of which center on gay men turning their homosexuality on and off like a light-switch), but Kudrow's work and Tom Arnold's natural, easy-going presence keep the film absorbing and often appealing.

This one is too long and too choppy and too difficult to follow with all the visual interruptions of sidebar words to be his best work.

Jason Ritter (the look-alike son of the late John Ritter) plays Otis with the right amount of confusion and anxiety.

But OK, entertaining movie if you have nothing else to do, good actors, blah blah blah, they should spend money making more of these, and so on...

In a way, Happy Endings reminded me of Sideways but was far more compelling.

This movie simply put, was entertaining.

A fantastic actress who's never gotten the due she deserves, definitely a film worth watching.

His characters are quirky, both bigger than life and pathetically dreary, and cross the lines of the expected borders of types: Roos is one of the few directors who consistently plays the 'minority groups' (gays, lesbians, African Americans, Hispanics, etc) as simply other characters on the playing field of life.

The characters are uninteresting and the script is a dreary bore.

Don't waste your time watching this, go to the zoo or something.

"A more unbearable film than Gigli.

May include spoilers, but the intent is to show the complexity and confusion.

Most of the dialog was confusing, implausible or just lame.

this movie was the worst piece of contrived @#$% i've seen...

Everything that is wrong and awful and boring and headache-inducing about mid-2000s films is encapsulated in this lackluster enterprise.

It was very touching and quirky and I highly recommend it.

I found the various relationships, partnerships etc. to be fascinating.

Every cliché you see in this film was done better by other films, from the gradually intersecting multiple character story arcs to the free-spirited young girl to the pre-twitter explanatory narrative panels that give you a glimpse into each character's life.

There were one or two surprises, including several totally unexpected plot twists, and that's always good too.

Most notably: Maggie Gyllenhaal as the opportunistic Jude, Lisa Kudrow as the contrived Mamie, Steve Coogan as Mamie's gay half-brother Charley, and believe it or not that damn Tom Arnold as the lonely rich Frank McGee which Jude takes advantage of so she can join the club of "Me and Mr. McGee".

Unexpected, intelligent, engrossing.

" The slightly bloated "Happy Endings" isn't quite up to the level of its actors or Roos' "Sex," but it's never less than engaging, entertaining -- one of the best things you're likely to see this summer.

It is a disjointed collection of scenes involving several people, most of whom have absolutely nothing to do with one another.

One has much the same experience with Happy Endings that one has with I Heart Huckabees - one is amused, and almost intellectually stimulated, but then one realizes that nothing is really going on, that all the effort is for naught, and that's when the yawning starts.

It all sounds complicated and sometimes feels quite erratic, but Roos makes the film intriguing to watch.

Standout performances by Lisa Kudrow, who once again shows that she's one of the most underrated comedic actresses around, and Maggie Gyllenhaal, who invests her gold digging character with unexpected humanity.

In her mac users paradise and empty apartment with just a table in a mac for some god dam reason she decides to leave the box for final cut pro standing on the table on display for the whole of the movie.

We're coming to a place in American cinema where the cerebral ideas of film theory can now be brought to cineplexes, where intelligent yet entertaining films can find audiences that don't want to be talked down to, where cinematic language of shorthand, short cuts and elliptical description is being used to create a new rhythm of communication.

The movie is riveting, cute, original, and most importantly, almost completely unpredictable.

There are many sub-plots that can confuse a person at times, however, the film is worth watching and it was nice to see Sarah Clarke, (Diane) "24" TV series who played a gay gal in this picture and is a very sexy gal and I hope to see her in more future films.