Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (2004) - Adventure, Comedy

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A Korean-American office worker and his Indian-American stoner friend embark on a quest to satisfy their desire for White Castle burgers.

IMDB: 7.1
Director: Danny Leiner
Stars: John Cho, Kal Penn
Length: 88 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 31 out of 324 found boring (9.56%)

One-line Reviews (105)

This film was just too predictable, and not really well written.

A lot of unexpected cameo appearances were pleasant as well.

Granted, NPH as himself was an inspired touch and I got a kick out of the Wilson Phillips sing-along but besides that it was just a lot of clichés and pointless diversions.

I highly recommend it.

Very funny, very entertaining and I've never heard of a bad reason to have Neil Patrick Harris in anything.

I loved Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle and highly recommend it, don't take it seriously, just have fun.

And just to be on the safe side, there's also a mind-numbingly banal love sub-plot.

The movie kept me mildly entertained because it takes place in and around the area where I used to live in New Jersey, and because both Cho and Penn and very engaging and fun to watch (though Kumar is written wittier than Harold).

The problem with most recent bake movies is that they've been terribly unfunny, with brainless characters stuck in humorless, bland situations.

The "threesome" encounter with Lianne (the stunning Malin Akerman), Freakshow's wife, is hot and hilarious-- more than the trailer tease which is good.

I saw this movie for the third time and enjoyed it again.

By far the worst movie I have ever seen.

The characters are basic but enjoyable, and this is most likely Neil Patrick Harris's best role; as a drugged out version of himself.

Cho is kind of bland -- maybe a part of it his character though.

Watching it again now, I found it very dull.

My girlfriend enjoyed it though, so I'm sure a lot of women will be able to look past any sexism or to realize it's all part of the film's unique perspective.

Though, I liked the ending, I thought it was pretty decent but still predictable nonetheless.

In closing, you should only see this movie if someone else will waste their money on it, or you don't have something better to do.

It's a highly entertaining tale of two stoners trying to eat their dream food: White Castle.

I have to say, that watching my semen soaked currency dance around the toilet bowl is exponentially more entertaining and more thought provoking than this 90 minute commercial for White Castle.

The worst movie I've ever seen .

Entertaining .

The film is smart, entertaining, Harold (Jon Cho) and Kumar (Kal Penn) make a great duo and have a great screen presence with one another and the film is very unique and also has quite a bit of good satire in it.

Worst Movie ever, made.

The casting really helps the script in this regard because both Cho and Penn are likable men who are easier to have an interest in that your atypical cliché of the white stoner.

The delivery is funny and the chemistry between the two is superb, making funny situations all the more enjoyable.

Yeah it's entertaining alright...

Save your money and buy a hamburger.

this film is great some bits are cheesy bit overall enjoyable I'm going to watch it again when i get in :D.

Neil Patrick Harris made a funny and unexpected scene in this movie which is most of the reason that I liked it.

This is one very enjoyable movie.

What's left is an entertaining movie about two guys on the road for some hash and some breasts.

A visually stunning, intellectually rewarding film .

Sadly this was a mix of two things, outright hilarity or sheer boredom.

The simplicity is what makes Harold and Kumar so enjoyable.

Of course, it didn't stay in the theatres long enough, and for a good reason; it's an idiotic journey, a waste of good time.

The tale of their journey through the midnight world of convenience stores, Ivy League parties, and unexpected encounters on the highway is brilliantly put together and superbly executed.

The journey that Harold and Kumar took us along were crazy and entertaining.

He was not being creative, but instead repetitive, and it hurt this film.

sorry i know stoners should dig a stoner adventure, but i was pretty damn bored there for quite a while.

"Harold and Kumar" starts to run out of steam in the last third as the punchlines and gags begin to slow down and the film starts trying to tie up all of its loose ends.

This is pretty much the worst movie ever made in the entire history of sex-comedies.

Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Howser) makes an appearance playing himself, showing that he's a game player when it comes to engaging in a little good-natured ribbing at his own expense.

For such a seemingly low-budget movie, this was surprisingly funny and entertaining, and it never bored me or gave me doubts.

Bored with the routine they set off to White Castle restaurant for burgers and are involved in one mishap after another.

The story tells of two stupid guys on an incredibly boring and dumb trip to White Castle.

Yawn .

This is a fresh, original, and satisfying comedy, and though it is nothing of a brilliant production or a cinematic masterpiece, there are plenty of the elements here which constitute for a barrel of laughs and a genuinely entertaining experience at the movies.

I have seen many comparisons to "Dude Where's My Car" which is one of the worst movies i have ever seen.

Everything is pointless, doesn't fit anywhere and is super unrealistic.

I didn't know what i would think of it, as i am someone who doesn't support drugs, but i just found this movie hilarious and entertaining.

Add to that toilet humour that is sure to thrill anyone under the age of 12 and you've got a recipe for boredom on my part.

Perhaps the music is entertaining enough to hold one's attention to the very end.

While this movie DOES have it's juvenile moments, it's also filled with some REALLY clever ideas and lines that made this one extremely enjoyable.

The only bad thing about the movie I reckon is that at times it does get a little boring...

Some examples of dumb scenes with unfunny and crude humour I though are: Harold and Kumar at Princeston with these two British girls using the bathroom playing a game called battlesh*t (it was unfunny and just gross- even for this film), a guy named Freakshow with gross scabs and bumps on his face who happen to pickup Harold and Kumar along the way, an appearance by Neil Patrick Harris (wasn't that funny, just predictable), a ridiculous jail scene with a sophisticated black guy speaking about his life in prison- not funny stereotype, a scene with Harold and Kumar riding a cheetah and getting stoned with it, and few more silly and dumb things.

Also, the film was so predictable, which added to its blandness.

This week I have found two relatively entertaining ways to throw away fifteen dollars.

For those of you who are looking for a movie that is funny and entertaining, "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle" will be a perfect match for you.

I highly recommend it.

Two stoners on the quest for some White Castle burgers encounter a number of frivolous obstacles that slow them down to their ultimate target.

Easily boring and predictable for someone with a decent IQ who expects to laugh his head off.

Really enjoyed it, unique...

Well, as I said, on my third viewing, I still enjoyed it a lot.

I think one of the reasons why people find this movie so entertaining is precisely because these racial stereotypes are broken, and people are surprised that a movie that doesn't have anglo-saxon-centric actors can in fact be hugely entertaining.

, but it turned out to be entertaining and, although it had many moments of stupidity, it also managed to bring in many moments of humor that were actually thoughtful as well.

), and a cheetah, and you've got yourself the perfect recipe for pointless laughs.

Unfortunately for them, the journey to find the nearest White Castle is filled with random and unexpected obstacles, including crazed raccoons, escaped cheetahs, and deformed rednecks.

The thing with Liane and NPH passing by with the stolen car makes this movie very unpredictable.

The language was unbearable- I was embarrassed to sit next to my wife while we watched.

If you're going to make a stoner comedy, at least make them do some funny things, instead of a pointless and way too drawn out quest to get a burger.

The Ultimate Late Night Boredom-Buster .

Nevertheless, I thought it was a very entertaining and oddly inspirational story, at least to the "young people" it was marketed to.

This comes at the cost of having a disjointed and silly overall plot.

Bottom line is, don't waste you time or money to see this movie.

Two guys going on a pointless movie end up in all possible situations during their quest for white castle.

)The film ended on a good note that really set up a sequel that I think was well deserved, only when it finally arrived it was pretty obvious that they were unable to capture whatever made the first film such an unexpected hit.

But this is actually quite entertaining.

Bad script--predictable and extremely amateur.

Quite entertaining .

This movie is enjoyable only if you don't try to take it seriously.

And so the simple trip for a couple of burgers begin but neither of them could have foreseen a night involving racist cops, hang-gliding, a deformed man with a stunning wife, emergency surgery and Doogie Howser himself – Neil Patrick Harris.

Thoroughly entertaining nonetheless.

seen, bland and NOT funny.

Issues involving stereotypes have become areas where directors and scriptwriters explore; and in the process, engaging audiences to either develop, reinforce or challenge generalizations that were imbedded in our culture and society.

Okay, you did have the classic Stoner Movies of the 80s and 90s, including Bill and Teds (which, while they are clearly stoners, doesn't have them smoking drugs), and these days you have copious amounts of marijuana appearing on our screens, but the whole concept of a couple of drug users going on a trek to get some food can be a little dull – and this is basically what this movie is about: two stoners go on a quest to get some food.

) But there are some enjoyable sequences, such as Harold's semi-animated fantasy with Maria.

Forget all the reviews that say, "This movie sucks" or "Don't waste your money.

It seemed to rehash the American Pie films comedy, and just tried to make this more crude, sexual, and thrilling.

), but for the rest of the world, I believe, it should look like one of the worst movies ever.

While not as funny as the Cheech and Chong films, Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle is very entertaining.

Basically stoner teenage friends Harold Lee (John Cho), who works as a stock analyst, and Kumar Patel (Epic Movie's Kal Penn), a medical student, live pretty uninteresting lives.

Yawn, I nearly fell asleep during this movie, it was so dull and boring!

This movie was just too crude, offensive, stupid and often times tiring to me to be entertaining.

) made an enjoyable, silly light comedy that turns into a surprisingly well received comedy by the critics.

Also its jokes were lame and unfunny, and the dialogue wasn't clever, just uninteresting.

Perfectly enjoyable and appropriately stupid, "Harold and Kumar...

As expected it was predictable and ordinary given this genre of teen comedy flicks.

Biggest waste of life, I want my money back .

All in all, this is a decent diversion that always manages to come up with some great bits of business and is anything but boring.

that movie was funny as hell i highly recommend it it could make me laugh whether i had the munchies myself or not, and if i did, i'd go to white castle - product placement was never better, its true, you can't beat white castle!

Still of course the movie is perfectly entertaining to watch if you want to have some silly crazy fun without having to think too much.

The only thing I will say for it, is that they keep each of these to a minimum in every situation, and it's worth watching, to get to the almost unbearably funny parts.

Completely predictable and unoriginal jokes.

A clear contender for the worst movie ever made.