Harold and Maude (1971) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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Young, rich, and obsessed with death, Harold finds himself changed forever when he meets lively septuagenarian Maude at a funeral.

Director: Hal Ashby
Stars: Ruth Gordon, Bud Cort
Length: 91 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 43 out of 317 found boring (13.56%)

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Maude is the complete opposite of Harold and that's the reason that she took an interest in him as if she knew that he was an empty void needing something to cling onto.

I started it with very low hopes and by the end I was stuck looking at the stunning masterpiece.

An enjoyable film with just a bit of an edge.

Harold and Maude is supposed to be about the value of LIFE, but it brays that the vastness of the living world is doltish, empty, and fit only for mockery.

Harold is a bored, self-indulgent, spoiled brat who treats everyone like an inferior.

However, despite its unusual plot, Harold and Maude is an entertaining movie with lessons on life and living it to the fullest, friendship, and love…if you can get past the 60 year age gap between the two characters.

To be terribly cliche, it made me laugh and it made me cry.

Of course it seems trite these days because every indie film has copied the same mantra into sexier, younger characters that go about life-affirming journeys into the vast unknown.

In this fascinating and most unusual screenplay from the writer of the feminist fun-house Nine to Five, Colin Higgins tells the story of young Harold (Bud Cort), a depressed existentialist who's only passion seems to be staging his own death and attending funerals.

Some of the jokes like Maude's driving & eccentricity & the suicide attempts were amusing initially, but drummed home a little too much by the end that they got dull.

If you think Harold and Maude is boring, slow, preachy, whiny, precious, and dated, don't give up.

While the real world is complicated, confusing, engaging, fun, tragic, and a thousand other things in a million shades and variations, Harold and Maude bitterly divides the world into two, perpetually warring camps of Maude vs.

The film maker's craft adds to the content to make the movie one worth watching.

More than a friend or lover, Maude infects Harold with her carpe diem attitude, freeing him from the inner demons of boredom and self-pity.

They got a bit repetitive though.

In short, compared to contemporary film, crude, banal and slow and boring is how I would describe it.

Most of the things he does in this film are very entertaining though.

H&M celebrates that spirit, and while I grow a bit weary of Ruth Gordon's unrelenting girlishness and Harold's hollow-eyed deadpan, they do remain unique and compelling figures.

Though it is mainly driven by its original premise and compelling plot, there are many dramatic and a few cinematic elements used to aid in character development and setting establishment.

Maybe if he got a job and became an active participant in society he wouldn't find his life so empty.

The supporting performances are rich too, especially those of Vivian Pickles as Harold's pretentious mother (her French is hysterical) and the always priestly Eric Christmas, whose speech near the end might be the movie's single funniest moment.

That is what separates art from propaganda.

Harold always wears nice, dull-colored clothes that show seriousness.

Seriously Iv'e Enjoyed Harold and Maude.. Its a Film to be enjoyed completely from beginning to its intense Ending.. Wonderful Piece Of Film.. What makes this a must watch, well there are so many aspects to be considered from acting to the story everything is beautiful about Harold And MaudeIts Charming and Uplifting.. Do Watch and Own a Copy of it cuz this needs to be Watched and shown to All cinema lovers.

It's not the last time it's happened, but what I found fascinating about the psychological interest the character of Harold (Bud Cort, dead-pan to the point of inertia sometimes), is that we see really what is going on inside Harold's head in the midst of the actual scene as it's playing out, subjectivity in the guise of objective, cold shooting.

It begins pretty slow and it wasn't exactly my cup of tea.

The underlying messages in this film lend it an important bite that lifts the film from enjoyable to important.

The Story Revolves Around Harold who Stages Suicide and attempts couple of times, his Life Being empty and then enter Maude a 79yr old woman shows Harold something he never dream of that is life and everything that follows.. Film is Rich in Cinematography and Shot Very Well.

Anyway, more power to those that find it entertaining.

H&M is funny, engaging, and can teach you things.

My favourite quote in the movie is:MAUDE: I think much of the worlds sadness comes from people who are this (she holds up the small ordinary flower in her hand)MAUDE: But allow themselves to be treated as that (she indicates all of the other flowers of the same species around them)I give this a rare ten because it is beauty in a movie so intense and concentrated that the only thing you can do is laugh while crying.

Bud Cort and Ruth Gordon were one of the most fascinating"movie couples" they were born to play their roles!.

It's totally predictable, only to serve as melodrama and get an emotional reaction out of the audience.

When Maude is finally introduced it's both funny and intriguing.

Despite being listed in AFI's top ten romantic comedies of American film history, this movie is simply boring and the creators have done their best to add even more annoying characters, say Harold's disabled uncle, to the legion of other annoying creatures in order to make us pause the DVD player and rush for aspirins.

Harold and Maude is a pinched and bitter view of the world, and as the movie proclaims that the main character is growing and deepening, the movie gets increasingly parched and empty.

Tired of formulaic Hollywood love stories?

Unexpected - a hidden gem of macabre quirkiness .

A must see movie, a classic and intense movie .

The performances are very bland and entirely meaningless.

In particular, the opening scene, which was suspenseful and very well done.

It's contrived.

In an ending reminiscent of a personal favorite, Jules and Jim, Harold and Maude is a breathtaking portrait of two different individuals and their perception on the temporary state that life is.

"Harold and Maude" is not the usual comedy, it is very dark and yet engaging and captivating.

At least 90 percent of sequels are a waste of time and money, and often detract from the original.

The highly improbable story is entertaining enough to let anyone dismiss the flaws of logic--a suspension of disbelief that must be had in order to enjoy the wacky tale of how two people from opposite viewpoints (not to mention different ends of the generation gap), meet and fall in love.

The music of Cat Stevens was also a major dramatic element that helped to set the mood of the scene based on how fast or slow the specific song might have been.

Bored and desperate for love and attention, young Harold dwells in his own misery and tries to bring everyone around him down along with him.

Harold, whose life is so deadly dull that he fantasizes about death as a release, is finally confronted with the real thing.

Perhaps the movie (unlike Maude) is not ageing well, but I found the film tame, uninteresting and not funny.

He is a loner and bored with life even though he hasn't truly lived it.....

Was it incredibly intriguing as a film?

It was definitely worth watching and it should be more popular than it is.

In fact, I may be the only person who really enjoyed it a first time around.

But that's what makes this movie great, and well worth watching.

The ending was unexpected though, which added to it.

Cort is brilliant with his almost completely expressionless performance as the depressed young man given a new lease on life, and of course Gordon is lovable as the old free spirit who lives life to the fullest and proves you can find love at any age, also worth mentioning is Pickles as the wonderfully snobbish, bored and ignorant mother.

Being only in my mid-teens at the time, it made for compelling viewing.

After her time in the hospital he felt he shouldn't let it get him down, because Maude had changed his life and he learned to not be so depressed, and to live life on the edge.

The whole message of the movie, if any, fails the mission because it wraps an empty box in a pack of toilet papers with some writings on it patch-pasted from random pulp magazines of 70s.

The scene that takes place between these two intervals is shocking, very unexpected, and unconventional.

I wanted to buy it but it was too contrived .

Dark elements aside,entertaining enough.

The story revolves around a bored, lonely, and disenfrachised young man who is obsessed with death-so much so that he stages mock suicides for his mother's (with whom he lives alone) "amusement" and attends funerals for people he has never met.

The movie starts out very strange, and very slow.

Soon I found myself immersed in a surreal world that was at once the most subversive and compassionate thing my ten-year-old self had seen.

The only character that is even remotely enjoyable is Vivian Pickles as 'Harold's' Mother.

Overall,the film had just enough entertaining elements to get a thumbs up from me.

We're just supposed to think that they find each other fascinating and beautiful because no one else in the film is bearable.

It's so classic and quite funny - thoroughly enjoyable.

A very interesting relationship, intriguing characters that we really start caring about.

It was a mind blowing expirence for me watching it for the first time.

The relationship and its evolution create an interesting and evocative story that keeps you entertained through the entire film.

With his barelywhispered, understated acting style, Bud Cort was so intriguing and bizarre.

Harold and Maude is a breathtaking, wonderful and imaginative look at life and love!

Of course Ruth Gordon is excellently cast for this role and together her and Bud Court make a dynamic and engaging pair.

Harold and Maude: A Wild Ride; A Must SeeHarold and Maude, directed by Hal Ashby and released in December 1971, is a quirky story about two unexpected lovers.

A lot of this is boring and uninvolved especially the melodramatic stuff and the majority of the scenes with Bud Cort and his mother.

The ending of the movie is the culmination of a warm and exciting journey that the audience has followed Harold make and felt as though they were apart of, and the way he handles Maude's death is a closing scene that is sure to stick on minds and hearts of all kinds of viewers.

It's Hal Ashby's quirky black comedy about a strange rich boy named Harold, played by bug-eyed Bud Cort, who is so bored he stages trick suicides to annoy his uncaring mother.

Harold was pretty well done, but I thought the character of Maude was kind of cliché - the spunky, non-law-abiding old lady with free-love tendencies.

She makes Harold's life exciting and he soon finds himself falling in love with her.

But it's so cold and bland, so, simply, I didn't care about anything.

From Harold's unexpected antics - "sucide attempts," his mother's ignorance towards a son who would love nothing more than some attention from her, some bad blind dates and then there's Maude.

The age difference between the leads is a clever conceit and the movie is mildly amusing, but it is also ponderous and heavy-handed.

Cat Steven's soundtrack is a gripping and essential compliment to the film as one would recognize Simon and Garfunkel alongside The Graduate.

RUTH GORDON and BUD CORT play their roles straight, he with an expression of angelic innocence and a rather blank stare, and she with her customary skill at portraying zaniness with an air of eccentricity that is engaging.

A true unexpected pleasure, "Harold and Maude" is surprising and charming throughout, with enough dark substance to mark it out as truly unique.

You rent The Abyss instead or something like that.. I knew it had a good reputation but I always had the feeling that a movie with Harold and Maude as a title could only be boring.

Hal Ashby directed (in wistful spirits) and the Cat Stevens songs, though repetitive, give the film a whimsically melancholy feel.

Overall HAROLD AND MAUDE is too clever for its own good but an entertaining watch.

Oddly entertaining .

The strangeness of their friendship is what helps make the movie so funny and entertaining.

I haven't much else too add, other than the fact that this film is pretty much a waste of time.

Boring .

Overall I enjoyed it enough to where I think I will remember it down the line, and perhaps even rewatch it with a different attitude.

Their relationship, obviously, is the subject of the majority of the story of this highly entertaining film.

This film is only the third feature film that Alonzo has worked on, with many of his previous work being in televisions and documentaries, ergo his lack of experience held the film back from being too pretentious or clever.

It is an extremely dark comedy which matches the generation it was made in with Nixon still in office & the protests of a Vietnam War that still dragged on when it was released.

While it may not be a conventional love story by any means, it is engaging, passionate, and oddly believable.

(A joke needs an audience or it is pointless.

On the other hand, it deserves a 1 for ickiness and its trite expressions of "live life" philosophy.

There is plenty to love about this film, the slower pace and the lampooning of easy targets, the 'gung-ho' military uncle and the fetishist priest for example.

Weird, but fascinating.

Hmm, I would have liked this transition to be more on the slow side rather than a rushed up thing.

For those who expect formulaic romantic comedy, this is not for you.

Harold is stunned upon meeting his polar opposite that one can enjoy and find such fulfillment in a temporary state that appears so pointless.

Just as the music of Cat Stevens is laughably inferior to the intense, passionate, vibrant music of the time, like Marvin Gaye or the O'Jays or Aretha Franklin or Van Morrison, so is Harold and Maude an empty shadow compared to the truly great movies about alienation and struggle and injustice of the late 60s and 70s.

Whether you fit in this parallel universe or want to visit is up to you - but it dragged me in for its ninety minutes.

I got so bored of this film that I stayed bent over on my desk showing plumber's crack for the whole class period in hopes that a hall messenger would walk by and get a hairy surprise.

Harold (Bud Cort), a college age man, is bored with life in general.

His strengths at keeping Colin Higgins rocky, predictably unpredictable screenplay in check is also a plus.

He ensures that the house that Harold lives in feels empty and melancholy.

And the subject is so basic and every-daily that it is fascinating how fresh the movie is even to this day.

Of course the late-60s/early-70s were all about questioning traditional values, freeing the mind of old, artificial boundaries, and exploring new ways of living, and Harold and Maude both embodies that ethos (being a movie that breaks out of the filmmaking box, both stylistically and subject-matter-wise, from start to finish) and satirizes it by taking such currents as the sexual revolution and draft dodging to stunning extremes (and setting them against oppositely extreme, caricatured figures representing establishment culture, to great comic and ironic effect).

OK, now everybody remembers the scene in this movie where harold and maude are sitting on the edge of a pier overlooking the ocean.

This is a comedic yet strangely beautiful movie that anyone can relate to, I highly recommend it.

Delusional, escapist, no plot film .

When I first heard about 'Harold and Maude', I thought it seem like it would be an awfully strange and disgusting movie that I was easily going to hate, but I sat down with an open mind and found it to be (like I said) pretty fascinating.

Maude have the same interests and she likes to LIVE (on the edge) the last years of her life.

The lighting was very intriguing.

Overall, Harold and Maude is an entertaining and unconventional movie, which teens and adults alike can enjoy.

Myself being a young adult and unhappy with my life and flirting with death many, many times and to have found love in the most unexpected places, this movie hit home.

Instead, they dance around plucking flowers while Cat Stevens drones on and on about his dreamy nothings.

This film defies description, but is thoroughly enjoyable.

If you wanna be trite, be trite; cos there's a million ways to be trite, you know that there are.

Bud Cort captures this character in an emotionally gripping way by somehow appearing to be the most content miserable person on the face of the earth.

As he is forced to meet the suitors that his mother arranges for him, his mood always reflects boredom and carelessness about the entire situation.