Harriet (2019) - Action, Biography, Drama

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The extraordinary tale of Harriet Tubman's escape from slavery and transformation into one of America's greatest heroes, whose courage, ingenuity, and tenacity freed hundreds of slaves and changed the course of history.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Kasi Lemmons
Stars: Cynthia Erivo, Janelle Monáe
Length: 125 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 30 out of 279 found boring (10.75%)

One-line Reviews (100)

An overall fine cast and compelling story makes this one of the year's best offerings, and certainly a contender for it's share of awards in due course.

My favorite scene is Tubman's first escape, because a thrilling scene follows where Tubman jumps downstream into the river rather than get captured.

I want to add all cinematic aspects of this work, especially the acting ensemble, score (which included both gospel and folk music of the period), costumes, are appropriate, this is a well-made film, well paced and evocative on so many levels.

Due to this, I felt the runtime and was left desiring the thrilling rescues that follow.

Ho Hum Harriet .

It felt so amateurish to me and the rest of the movie then proceeded to feel similarly amateurish, cliched and predictable.

Worst movie I've seen in nearly a decade.

It's propaganda of the worst kind.

Inspiring and compelling .

This was a really fantastic movie, and I highly recommend it.

This could have been a great movie if only it had some decent actors, a decent budget and some decent music, I found it boring and hard to put my phone down while watching it, in the end I gave up.

How do you make a movie about what would have been some of the most dramatic, heart pounding situations in human history, and make it boring?

This movie is boring as heck man .

its a entertaining movie and it confirms there ain't no god listening to your prayers.

It's propaganda of the worst kind.

I highly recommend it!

It either comes off as far too cliche, mundane, or basic compared to everything else in the movie, making it that much more (painfully) noticeable.

The direction, music score, and tone did feel like a straight to tv movie which felt a little uninspired or cliché for this type of historical film.

) Other than that, it's well worth watching, supporting and sharing.

Bland script.

So while this film may not be perfect, it's well worth watching.

It's like these intense moments were just the seasoning on a burger, rather than the meat, leading to flat ended plots that were a little boring to say the least.

We're all used to seeing Third Reich resistance movies that involve extrarordinary idealists hiding from and tricking the Nazis and their collaborators, unexpected sympathizers, false papers, narrow escapes, and, in the better ones, a smart and motivated villain who understands exactly what he's doing and believes in it.

I sat on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next.

It's certainly not re-inventing the biopic formula, but it's undeniably engaging.

Maybe what is needed is a Ken Burns style documentary so that the temptation to have cartoonishly cardboard baddies, scenes of singing Harriet, and heavily dramatized and fictional scenes for the sake of checking all of the 'Biopic Cliche' boxes can be resisted.

That's where yours truly comes in and thus Robbie K is here with another review as we check out:Movie: Harriet (2019)Director: Kasi Lemmons Writers: Gregory Allen Howard (screenplay by), Kasi Lemmons(screenplay by) Stars: Cynthia Erivo, Leslie Odom Jr., Joe Alwyn LIKES:The Recreation Of History The Cultural Songs The Dialogue The ActingDISLIKES: Pacing is Off A Little Too Montage Moments Other characters to be integrated Weaker Antagonist Characters The Vision Piece Of The Puzzle The Action Component or lack ofSummary:Movies continue to prove their abilities to act as windows into different worlds, and in this case the budget they have is impressive in recreating the troubled times of our countries past.

Its slow paced around halfway in.

I really enjoyed it.

Informative and entertaining .

Sadly, the montage approach was used where only small segments took the form of the rescuing scenes and intense moments that was a little disappointing to be honest.

It is fast paced, well acted, well written.

This movie is boring in so many ways.

Mind you, there was some creative licensing involved, a character or two inserted to move the story along and add tension and drama, but this movie is well worth watching.

This omission also leaves the film feeling trite and small, not dealing with the harshness of slavery nor the emotional turmoil of the principle characters in the story in a way that feels true.

I found it very interesting and at some points, intense.

Bogus Propaganda .

Frustratingly Formulaic, Irregularly Revelatory Biopic of a Hero .

Wow very suspenseful .

Don't waste your time.

Unfortunately, Writer Director Kasi Lemmons (EVE'S BAYOU) spends a great deal of the film showing the actual, accurate events of Tubman's tale, so much so that it suffers one of the most deadly of sins in filmdom - it drags into boredom under the weight of it's own earnestness.

Unfortunately, being based on a true story makes this entirely predictable.

The film felt very formulaic, and some of the early scenes felt very staged.

Many parts made me cry, while other parts had me on the edge of my seat.

Still, the cinematography is stunning, and the film never drags on, it just keeps moving forward.

Incredibly moving; beautiful and intense .

For one thing the pacing feels a little off for me, starting out slow and meticulous at the set-up, only to go fast in the journey to freedom, before going slow once more.

Amazing, inspiring, exciting, accurate .

And the movie just displays this incredible story so beautifully with a very well written screenplay, stunning camerawork, great directing, and superb performance by Cynthia Erivo as Harriet (who got 2 Oscar nominations for best actress and best song).

I walked out of the theater feeling very unsatisfied and I didn't really fat anything out of it.

Another fictional character acted by Janelle Monáe also plays into this needlessly trite cat-and-mouse scenario.

However what you have is an apologetic and entirely boring biopic.

The direction can be a little slow and play like a straight to tv kind of movie that belongs on a history channel.

Everyone in the theater enjoyed it.

Probably, because it was interesting, suspenseful, exciting, moving, and well acted.

One of the worst movies ever made.

The cinematography is very bland and has no style to it and as a result, it looked like a tv show.

It told Harriet's story in an emotional, thrilling, and inspiring way - as it should be.

Loosely based on the facts, the film continually contradicts reality, even if it remains rousing entertainment.

A formulaic mediocre film for a woman that deserved better!

It is a compelling drama.

Cynthia Erivo commands the screen as best she can, but she's fighting against a dull script and plodding direction.

Like I said, there was some pretty intense scenes.

The use of music and sound throughout the film makes for a thrilling and somber piece of work, all needed to truly tie the film together.

Erivo is excellent, and this is a very powerful and intense film.

It is worth mentioning that you must be interested in American history, or else you will truly remain bored during its two-hour runtime.

It was engrossing, and shows both a spirit within us that will be free, the feet to carry it out, and what will fight in so many ways to keep that down, dominate and control, keep the riches of the status quo they've found on the backs of people for generations.

Cynthia Erivo had performances that were at times spectacular and other times bland most likely due to an average script and direction.

Like is empty .

This film would work better in a theater, but we saw it on the small screen, where it worked well enough to be enjoyable.

This is the worst movie I've seen in a long time.

However, the gifted Erivo (a Tony winner among other honors) quickly draws the audience to Harriet's side as a caring and resourceful future leader, a Nina Simone's "Sinnerman" perfectly supports a rousing montage of Underground escapes.

It certainly was engaging.

While entertaining, this movie is powerful!

This movie accurately and powerfully tells Tubman's gripping story.

The Final Bill: Even though you know how Harriet's story goes, this movie is suspenseful and deeply inspirational.

Adding some pizzazz to her life to make a film more intriguing and exciting is hardly new or surprising.

Harriet was excellent and I highly recommend it!

What a boring piece of movie.

From the get go we get boring, lame acting that you'd see in a high school production of a play, and while the story is good, it just never really gets that exciting for me.

The way her visions appeared in the movie was compelling: a mix of what was going on inside and outside of her mind, and connecting to real events with a minimum of exposition.

It's a nice motif employed by Tubman and other African Americans to signal each other, and Erivo's Oscar-nominated song "Stand Up" is fine, but the picture's score otherwise is a hackneyed travesty of overblown trumpeting and emotional signalling for how the spectator is expected to feel as the picture relentlessly moves from one point to the next in the equally formulaic biopic plotting.

The cinematography, too, while including a lovely moment, say, when Tubman reaches out towards the Sun when she reaches freedom, is mostly bland, with the most obvious set-ups to achieve pictorial beauty regardless of narrative and stylistic considerations, and, if all else fails, the camera resorts to resting on Erivo's face.

After all the hype I was looking forward to something engaging about a heroic protagonist who deserves to be better known, this is not the film a woman of her stature deserves.

Don't waste your time .

A thoroughly Entertaining movie.

it has a compelling true story and all the other aspects of the film seem relevant to accuracy.

I have seen far worse examples of fiction and formulaic production smothering the facts.

I recommend this movie to people who like to see boring submissive slave movies.

An Inspiring Tale That Suffers from Uninspiring Dialogue .

I truly enjoyed it and I will go back and see it again as it was inspiring & captivating in my opinion.

If the film were called something else, and you didn't spend the entire time comparing it to some encyclopedia (or Wikipedia for a lot of you), would you have enjoyed it?

I enjoyed it and would highly recommend.

Trite score.

I saw it because I was dragged to it.

I loved it and highly recommend it!

On the flip side, the musical direction that worked well was the singing - that was stunning.

Well made film with a great soundtrack, brought down by a formulaic story.

It's definitely worth watching.

I just got back from seeing Harriet and thought it was a very moving, intense, emotional, triumphing film about the brave and courageous Harriet Tubman.