He Was a Quiet Man (2007) - Drama, Romance, Thriller

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An office worker inadvertently becomes a hero after he saves a woman's life.

IMDB: 6.8
Director: Frank A. Cappello
Stars: Christian Slater, Elisha Cuthbert
Length: 95 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 16 out of 87 found boring (18.39%)

One-line Reviews (61)

The opening minutes are the film's most intense, and any scenes that follow struggle to match their excitement and watchability.

The soundtrack leaves a little to be desired, and some of the cgi is a bit fake looking, but on the whole this is a character study that is well worth watching that, while leaving an ambiguous and somewhat dystopian ending is well worth checking out.

The film work is stylish and stunning at times.

If a viewer will feel outwitted by all of this, the cause must be ascribed to the director of the work, Frank Cappello, who also scripts, produces, and composes some of the songs for a thoroughly engaging film that has moved from production directly to its DVD release, although expanded distribution for theatre showing is ostensibly in the offing.

And very entertaining in a dark comedy way.

(read more) trots on in a slow, almost surreal pace as a shooting in Bob's office changes his life by connecting him with his fantasy girl, Vanessa, who was wounded and becomes paralyzed.

The cinematography is equally effective and the ending is shockingly predictable.

Basically, the ending ruins any possibility of this being entertaining or enlightening.

Regardless, the film on the whole is very good and I'll give it a second viewing which IS saying something considering its' subject matter and dreary tone.

Christian Slater plays against Type and does so with intense, uncanny Verisimilitude.

I quite enjoyed it.

Cappello has a good grasp on his subject matter and probably intended the rather slow movement of the film to underline the 'ordinary' situations that in a flash become extraordinary.

Great movie - enjoyed it greatly and enjoyed the soundtrack.

That was a nice little touch - the fish mirrors Bob's wants and desires and subconscious, and by doing that we're given further insight into Bob's clearly demented but fascinating mind, as well as one critical moment of foreshadowing.

"He Was a Quiet Man" is perhaps the most original and unpredictable movie I've ever seen.

The film's worst crime may be never allowing us to particularly care for Bob (or anyone) as much as we did for D-Fens in Schumacher's film, yet even despite its relative superficiality, He Was a Quiet Man remains a thoroughly entertaining, inventive and quirky film that will have nihilists the world over utterly dumbfounded (myself included).

The character development is intriguing because there exists a sense of deception and injustice even through times of perceived happiness.

Here is a movie to watch if your looking for a movie that will make you think, from the start to the end to will be thinking, it's sorta of a mystery of sorts that makes you wonder what is real and what is not, like is this a fantasy/day-dream or is this reality at it's finest where the main character keeps you on the edge of you seat it's very intense and you must figure the plot out as it's not cut & dry is he a hero or a day dreamer, is what you see real or fiction truth or liars, this movie is one movie you'll enjoy if you like a movie that makes the viewer a part of the script.

Then, one day the unexpected happens.

this is also seen by the cars going fast, i think this shows that he is being left behind going slower then everyone else because he has no charismatic qualities.

The sad truth is that the only colorful and interesting thing in his life is his homicidal and suicidal anguish, the held up energy and intensity that dramatically contrasted his drab and introverted appearance, until one day, he let it all loose, in a sort of unexpected way.

*** BE AWARE OF SPOILERS BELOW ***After you ve seen 50% of it or so you think it's pretty common drama, quite predictable and possibly happily ending one.

Absorbing Drama Leads To Vivid Climax.

He Was a Quiet Man never remains comfortable, constantly fidgeting and posing new questions for both ourselves and Bob to consider.

Now, the ending is a bit contrived, especially after the impressively organic stuff in the middle of the picture.

At the beginning, Mr. Slater does a fine job portraying the dull worker, really very convincing, but then his character becomes very repetitive, all the time showing the same facial expression, which makes you start to hate him.

Slater gives an excellent performance of the schizoid loner on the edge and it it becomes possible to genuinely empathise with his lot.

The effects used to dramatize Bob McConnell's sense of isolation and loneliness were intriguing.

With a truly creative story and a couple of engaging and image-busting performances, He Was a Quiet Man is a welcome relief from so many films that aren't nearly as clever as they think they are.

I highly recommend this film, for it's message, as well as the great job that the cast and crew did to create an enjoyable movie.

He Was a Quiet Man is enjoyable and perversely charming.

) The evolution of that relationship was fascinating in itself to watch.

It contains some interesting ideas, and some interesting sequences; but overall it's effect is deadening and dull.

Reality plays far better than conjecture, so the confusing conclusion was out of place.

Paranoiac Bob Maconel (Christian Slater), after years of plodding at tiresome white collar toil in a relentlessly tedious and encubed office job for a large corporation, has amassed an enormous amount of distaste for a good many of his fellow wage slaves, as a result planning to dispatch them, using a revolver that he has hidden within his desk.

And doing that was a win on my part, because this movie was entertaining and so well-told by director Frank A.

This movies was very compelling.

The only reason I couldn't give this a full 10 stars is because of the fact that it may be a little confusing to some, due to the fact that it is left very open-ended.

The whole thing is pointless.

So while the film experience itself was a torture, it did lead to a peaceful state of my mind in the end.

Surreal at times, dark humor and fascinating camera work .

Stripped down to its basics, this film tells the oldest, hoariest cliché of them all: he awoke to discover it was all a dream.

However "He Was A Quiet Man" is more reminiscent of a few other recent derivative (thus banal, hackneyed) works such as "Jacobs Ladder", "The Machinist", "Fight Club", "Twelve Monkys", and "The Sixth Sense"--just to name a few of the many, many other movies of this sort.

The film's examination of the way in which humans operate is not intricate, and verges on syrupy at times, yet what is most entertaining about He Was a Quiet Man is its surreal spirit.

This innovative production value with a new fresh look together with an intense drama script come together to make this one of the best movies of the year.

It deserves so much more because although the Story maybe a bit familiar and its Twists not as Fresh as they used to be, it is still a gripping Psychological Study that is Timeless and Relevant.

However, as it erodes into a moderately uninteresting mixture of forced melodrama and surreal visuals, the film loses any intensity that it might previously have possessed.

Cappello's film is a little unnerving, but very compelling and worth a look.

It is just so gorgeous on so many levels, it has a very intriguing plot, and a twist at the end that leaves you with a very shocked brain.

that a human mind is capable of creating such intriguing plot - so terrifying and captivating this movie is.

Intense themes of alienation, lust, power, anger and confusion are painted with broad and overlapping strokes in this powerhouse of a movie.

Our above peers love to hang the tag-line "surreal" on every movie with special effects, has a dream sequence, or let's face it, anything that qualifies as introspection these days (yawn).

An office drone that is ready to administer his "justice" to all those who refuse to accept him, when an unexpected twist occurs that leads him down a different path.

i found the ending predictable and half way through i was hoping it didn't end the way i knew it was going to, and at that i thought it ended too quickly and left too much still open for thinking.

were so preventable.. and the aftermath of them is unbearable.

It is remarkably gray and dull especially when being surreal.

This movie is a wonderful example of those movies that start very well, promising, then after 10 minutes start to go nowhere and at the end are completely pointless.

Only one reviewer "got it": ppmaker from Russian Federation----------------SPOILER ALERT---------------------- It's worth watching the directors comments on his alternative endings to see what the ending he used means, and what the other endings he considered could have meant.

Slater and Cuthbert are great and the story takes you unexpected places .

To his mind, Bob has adroitly fabricated an impending moment of homicidal truth, as justified through his voice-over narration that is heard during the film's outset; however, a stunning occurrence in his office completely obviates his plan, turning him into an heroic celebrity rather than a mass murderer.

The story revolves around Slater, he has a very mundane life and is treated like a piece of dirt by his work colleagues.