Hellboy (2019) - Action, Adventure, Fantasy

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Based on the graphic novels by Mike Mignola, Hellboy, caught between the worlds of the supernatural and human, battles an ancient sorceress bent on revenge.

IMDB: 5.2
Director: Neil Marshall
Stars: David Harbour, Milla Jovovich
Length: 120 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 215 out of 1024 found boring (20.99%)

One-line Reviews (486)

Worst movie I have seen for many years!!.

Waste of money.

i found it super dull ...

He's a giant bore with intervals of inept comic relief and his sidekicks (Sasha Lane and Daniel Dae Kim) aren't much to write Satan about either.

If I could walk I would have walked out .

Certain scenes drag out while others speed through important character development or any sort of explanation as to what is happening.

I zoned out the first hour with profanity, fighting scenes to rock music, and a boring villain.

Still, it can be exciting to simply enter a supernatural world and observe its inhabitants, all of them used to what they themselves see and hear every day.

Hellboy has decent laughs, and some awesome gore and entertaining action.

What a waste of my time...

This new one had a bland, bad script, way too much darkness and no interesting sidekicks, I really liked the group in the del Toro-movies.

Worst movie I have ever seen .

Hellboy, was AWESOME, KICKASS, THRILLING, angry joe!!!

Hellboy on the other hand was an absolute blast from beginning to ends, very entertaining.

Again cliche'd.

It's like a child directed it, a goat wrote the script and a particularly slow horse made the CGI.

) this movie is shoddily written, disjointed, lacking in wit or any genuine character development, weirdly bad CGI, and a huge let down.

Thought it was entertaining and fresh.

Cosby's script feels achingly disjointed, with a story that falls completely flat on its face and sequences that feel awkwardly Frankensteined together.

Really enjoyed it.

Finally saw a stream of this and was taken back by how much I enjoyed it.

The dialogue is weak at best and just awkward and stilted through the whole film, half the cast come across bored and the jokes fall flat.

Save your money...

think responsibility when considering how best to waste 2 hours of your life.

Its borderline entertaining if u don't pay attention to the plot and awful writing.

Dull, disjointed, tonally unsound, and littered with tasteless violence, inconsistent effects and horrible acting.

) and references that went nowhere (de Toro was especially fond of clocks and puppets, for whatever reasons, as well as trying to associate his pictures with classic Universal monster movies).

But don't rely on it to save the day, from a rather dry scene.

Do yourself a favor and don't waste your time.

Fun and entertaining remake .

It is a 2 hour waste of time and don't bother to spend on it

The film is rendered dull by the lack of action sequences and some subpar special effects.

But that's better than another one like this mindless gore fest with boring characters.

Many of the scenes filled with conflict in the movie were interesting and even exciting.

The story is ok, if a bit unimaginable, but there is a lot of bad and bland lines (and a few good ones from Hellboy: "Quit when you are a head").

It made the action scenes engaging as both fighters are obviously there hitting one another, while not looking cheap and dated when he needs to open his mouth and communicate.

It was a reasonably entertaining romp.

But I enjoyed it and true to the comic style.

) The seer character is contrived; another narrator in the guise of a character that doesn't go anywhere.

The ending action scene actually made me yawn just because I was so uninterested in what was going on.

Yet when a story is so incomprehensibly boring, bolstered by shoddy performances, writing and editing, it's very difficult to find any redeeming qualities.

I dont know this based on comics or not , but i just want to review to this film , the storylone is so bad , the dialog , Its boring.

The motivations, the dialog, the editing, even the audio throughout is just disjointed and off.

only complaint is heavy heavy CGI but that's it, i took it for what it was and really enjoyed it

Worst movie ever.

I genuinely enjoyed it (eventually) and it's definitely worth watching if you liked the first Hellboy movie or Milla's Resident Evil movies.

Some parts may seem a little dated by today's standards but they're still way more entertaining than anything else this has to offer.

The story is rushed, the special effects are sloppy, the writing is cliche, the humor is childish.

Could have been better, but was still pretty entertaining.

Sure its wasn't the greatest plot and a little all over the place at times, but I saw this movie for what it was, an action packed thrill ride meant for the ones that miss the carnage and slaughter.

The screenplay for this film is pretty weak, lots of boring humor, stock story, I enjoy the characters to be honest they're pretty fun.

This movie was so boring it's 2 hours long and it felt like i was dragging on.

Boring .

Worst of the worst movie everrrr .

" Other than that though, the movie was, unfortunately, pretty bland and boring; you could tell how much of it was cut and edited around, leaving no one's vision clearly visible.

Not perfect, but very entertaining.

When there wasn't a gory scene, there was a dead end flashback that only revealed how terribly flat and cliche the characters are.

All of the fights and deaths were filled with pointless gore (like Punisher 2).

I thought it was a very entertaining movie and it seemed like a lot of people put serious work into it.

Then again, while it did seem to be intriguing, by the time I got to the cinema, sat down, and watched it, I felt that maybe I would have had a better time catching up on some sleep.

All gore with no story .

The fact that we got this pointless and bad Reboot instead of Guillermo Del Toro's Hellboy 3 with Ron Perlman is really depressing.

Boring and not fun

Gothic, eerie, and reminiscent of "Silent Hill" at times, the locations the film takes you to are so visually stunning that you can almost forgive how mediocre the rest of the movie is.

Please save your money and time by avoiding watching this movie.

It is completely pointless.

It had all the elements of a decent movie but weirdly was very disjointed.

Absolutely cruciating to watch it, what a waste of time 🤦‍♀️

Boring .

This was a badass movies, now i do admit there were a few small kinks but nothing major, overall it was a pretty enjoyable movie .

They wanted to make it flow by introducing long shots with constant camera movement but this just made it so confusing at times I was unable to tell what is going on.

Kind of sappy but I enjoyed it as much as any superhero movie.

I saw "Us" which was critically acclaimed and it was one of the worst movies I'd ever seen.

Another huge editing mishap is the transition between scenes and the roller coaster of confusion in tone that it coincides with.

I gave this movie a chance and I was bored out of my mind.

A fight ensues and soon we are taken to UK to fight giants in a well shot and actually quite entertaining battle scene.

In the end, I would say it's worth watching as a paranormal action flick.

Boring .

Just a really Good fun movie, well written and very exciting cgi

Also i would like to say that i found Daniel Day kims character very boring.

However, the same cannot be said for every other supporting character as they all felt underdeveloped and one dimensional, in particular Milla Jovovich's Blood Queen, who is yet another boring world domination-seeking villain.

The movie makers went overboard with their R-rating, noisy, fast, chotic scenes, introducing so much gore and profanity that it gets dull.

It was entertaining and good CGI.

If you want del toro's hellboy stay home and dont be a salty hater.. If you want gory action packed fun with a charismatic lead and a shallow plot without too much depth youre gonna love this movie.

I could barely keep from throwing up; I'm sure a few audience members walked out and never came back.

I actually wanted to leave halfway through the movie, but I thought to myself "hey, maybe it'll get better, it only has a slow start".

The storyline in the 2019 was quite enjoyable and felt very much at home in the "Hellboy" universe.

Critics are dull.

poor and dull .

No, this isn't a Guillermo del Toro film, but it is most definitely still worth watching.

If you find this Hellboy reboot entertaining, then I suggest you to waste 2 hours to watch it.

In today's world when average movies or movies that we've seen a million times but in different clothes (I'm looking at you, Marvel) with soooo many forced jokes and bland characters gather so much praise I think that a little pearl like this is a welcome gift for people who want something different from movies.

While it's enjoyable I don't think it has the re-watch value of the original.

Especially the plot is amazing, where small twists are introducted throughout the movie to keep viewers on the edge of their seat.

It was entertaining and I enjoyed it a lot.

After reading all bad reviews, I expected to be disappointed, however disappointment never came, all 3 hours of it's playtime were fun, I'd say even more fun than most other CGI flicks.

Those had no story (for the most part) and were just collections of artwork.

The action sequences were boring.

Characters are often established, then immediately written out, leaving them pointless.

The HELL scenes were shorter than a Silent Hill trailer though they were visually stunning, just too short.

Worst movie ever bad special effects wish I hadn't watched it was expecting a good movie the trailer looked good please avoid

Fun and Exciting (also super gory) .

It was entertaining .

Don't get me wrong, the movie didn't quite hit on all cylinders and it could have been much better, but it was action packed and the cgi was pretty slick.

I think overall the plot is very cliche and a go-to of sorts for superhero films.

Filled 80% of the movie with unnecessary VFX and lacks intriguing action scenes which is supposed to be one of the pros.

Hellboy is fun to watch of course but his two sidekicks who we got instead of Abe (for the sake of polcorrectness ofc) are boring and hardly give anything to the story which couldnt have been solved otherwise.

Entertaing first half..then drags on and on..finish soon ?.. 2 hours..1/2 hour too long..bored now..zzzzz

A gory entertaining HellBoy Flick .

Such waste of time movie .

It was soulless but enjoyable.

The story is lazy, slow and loose.

THE FINAL WORD: My recommendation: If you really want to full-out enjoy this newest installment of this still very entertaining franchise, try to forget you saw the first two films, because you will find, almost immediately, that the two original scripts, plot lines, and characters, have very little in common with this latest endeavor.

Boring dialogue, more father and son arguing scenes, and more fight scenes to rock music.

Go into this wanting an entertaining action packed fun movie and you will enjoy it.

You'd think the action sequences might at least be entertaining, but I found them incredibly dull to sit through.

One big cliche.

What a waste of time .

He is a ok character actor but as a lead lacks depth, and is frankly just boring.

Its disjointed nonsense on screen for at least the run time I could get through.

What a waste of time.

was it just confusing, then that would be an improvement.

The cons of the movie 1) David Harbour does a poor job of Hellboy, no charisma, not funny, dull boring and that is from someone who is bloody brilliant in Stranger Things.

The villans and the CGI work were solid enough but the movie was so forcefully fast paced you never really get a good look at some of the creatures that someone so lovingly created for this movie.

A bit of a disjointed, tropey mess, id'nt.

For me Hellboy (2019) is the worst film I saw in 2019 so far with an uninspired and generic storyline, boring and uninteresting characters, some terrible CGI effects, an awful villain and a humor that don't land at all.

Such a waste of money.

At least Ron Perlmans hellboy was funny, quirky and entertaining, this hell boy is ok, but soooo dull, no redeeming qualities and scar face need a smack in the chops and ghost girl is just plain boring.

another multi culti propaganda .

Worst film ever - rather watch paint dry .

Really enjoyed it.

It's a very tiresome film, leaping around madly from scene to scenes desperately extending its thin plot to make the run time.

What a boring, unattractive visually and disappointing movie!

Hellboy and the other misfits were a fun little group to watch, but were predictable.

Looked slow and sloppy as far as film and execution went during said sequences.

Well worth the watch.

I found the dialog boring and the plot development was so fragmented, it was hard to keep up.

Nevertheless, the story is so predictable and terribly far-fetched.

Another pointless remake/reboot/sequel.

Sadly, this is one of the worst movies of the year, so far.

Found them incredibly boring!!!!!

The acting is decent, the action scenes are thrilling.

Entertaining .


Also her character arc and powers were incredibly interesting and entertaining to watch.

Move on dont waste your time.

This film was a waste of time, the acting is very tedious.

In the end, the story and the characters are the two pillars of any movie, and Hellboy fails to deliver a well-written and captivating adventure, as well as compelling characters.

Really bad, dont waste your time .

The final battle gets apocalyptic only to fall flat and end in very cliche and anti-climatic way.

I thought I would be entertained according to other reviews, but it was a complete waste of time.

Some of the characters are outright boring, the action scenes are poorly developed, so many CGI problems, the ending is so rushed you don't even know what they are fighting for, and it ends so suddenly.

Hellboy's sidekicks are also pointless and have no chemistry with each other at all.

Too many different things happen at a rapid pace, making the film often difficult to follow.

I found it averagely entertaining but quite dull.

Its boring whether they cut some scene or not.

The movie is too long: needless gory, profane scenes to justify the "R" rating, minus Deadpool's humour (ok, it's Marvel budget - it's unfair comparison).

The story was good, felt like the older hellboys with the action packed monster fighter and dry humor thrown in.

Basically, my life is a lot like "Hellboy," as in scatterbrained, mediocre, boring, and dragging on for too long.

The cinematography is staggeringly bland, and the action sequences lack awe and wonder, and feel hideously chopped together and rushed.

I find gore entertaining in movies, so I suppose this could be a con for some people.

And with the scenes pointing to the next movie, I fear we will get more of this boring drivel - not that I will force myself to watch that.

A bit of a disjointed, tropey mess, id'nt?

Its Just boring :( .

True its not up to the level of the previous ones , but it was quite enjoyable considering the budget.

It's fast paced with high energy, interesting story elements, and plenty of monster and demon blood as one would expect from Hellboy.

Really , Earlier two movies were way more better ,really boring 😔

boring I dont even know why they remade it ....

Like the ensemble trio of main characters, the villain; boring and one dimensional.

Flawed as always, but thoroughly enjoyable .

The plot is confusing in some parts and didn't feel finished.

Instead of trying to reboot the franchise, they should have just used Harbour to complete Toro's Hellboy trilogy and then start his own instead of this boring mess.

" It's a movie worth watching if you aren't squeamish and have a penchant for gritty folklore.

This movie was long, tedious, and obnoxious.

This is just as imaginative and entertaining as the two previous films.

This was the first time in years I almost walked out of the theater because I couldn't take it anymore

Outstandingly funny and very very enjoyable.

There's lots of Britishness, cliché locations and language, including some naff swearing.

Just a bad taste of cliche which I myself, didn't expected to be like this...

this reboot i enjoyed it i didn't hate anything about this movie this is something i would buy in 4K i did enjoy movie i seen worser reboots like King Arthur legend of sword it's morel like legend of bored.

The graphics are too fake and the story is boring.

Overall, an entertaining darker version that doesn't lose its sense of humour.

Pure waste of time and money .

I also think they could have reduced the overall time to an hour and a half because it was a bit slow in the beginning.

Since Hellboy is actually fun to watch if you like the genre and has a fast paced, complex story it will become a cult classic eventually.

A sequence involving three giants battling Hellboy in a field could have been an exciting set piece, but is instead presented to us in an astoundingly dull manner, as are most of the action sequences presented in the film.

And then to rush it's way through the second act--that the audience probably would have been interested in if they hadn't rushed their way through it, assuring that, by the time the conclusion comes around everyone is sufficiently bored and irritated enough not to care or really even be amused at what should be the bulk of the action and the most exciting part of the film.

The action components also use the comedy to make for some more engaging fights, and Hellboy makes the effort to help keep action scenes dynamic and different.

The film kind of dragged a bit & could've been shorter.

but this was a torture...

Worst and very worst movie.

Granted the movie is action-packed, but it is boring.

But the script is lousy, it lacks imagination, the gore it's boring, the soundtrack is odd and it's more grit than fantastic.

It lacks the subtle comical undertones of the first, the good, down to earth dialogue and relatable characters, the intriguing story, the fascinating cinematography and anything else that made the original 2 cult classics.

The story is bad, the characters are unbearable, most of the time I can't see what the hell going on because the movie is badly lit plus the CGI looks like it straight out of the early 2000s with stuff like The Mummy, Van Helsing.

And yes, that means in my book, the very slow classics that are so highly praised are sometimes scoring lower than this one.

Enjoyed it .

This movie was so bad that i fell asleep only minutes after it started.

Omg this was the worst movie I ever watched .

I found the movie rather enjoyable, the soundtrack isn't that great, the pacing is a bit all over the place and not all of the jokes land.

But about the actual movie: Just boring, horrible script and exessive violense feeled strange.

Entertaining but dull .

just the same bland, clichéd things from today's pathetic, uncreative Hollywood...

They were far more original, inventive and engaging.

The script was good, it was unexpected.

If you are gullible enough to not have seen Del Toro's versions, chances are, you might find this gore/slug/goo/eye-popper fest marginally entertaining.

The rest of the cast is bland.

A lot of the more tense and jumpier scenes involving zombies or monsters actually were fairly entertaining to watch as it kept you on the edge of the seat.

Whilst I am a HellBoy fan and this movie is true to the comics, I believe that they could have gone at a much slower pace.

The story and the plot is really generic and kind of boring, everyone in the film, with the exception of David Harbour, are just completely wooden.

Waste of time .

If your looking for one of the worst movies ever made...

I did not enjoy nor hate the other 2 movies, they were okay, but cheezy and a tad boring/stupid, this one had my attention the entire time, the actor playing hellboy looked a little let comic bookish compared to the ither guy, which i think for the way this movie was that was okay!

I think this movie stands alone as an entertaining adaptation of the Hellboy mythos and tone.

"The GOOD: The acerbic humorous dialogue between the evil guys and Hellboy are excellent ice-breakers, neatly threaded into the mystical fabric of a somewhat complicated (often confusing) plot.

Do you like films with seemingly endless and tedious exposition.

Worst movie .

Formulaic, predictable and too may f-bombs .

Pretty boring actually needed more story and less boring fight scenes.

Very enjoyable.

My friend fell asleep during this.

Finally, the script felt outdated with cliche one liners and predictable moments.

Right off the bat I would say the story was paced intermediately with tales and information but the movie itself was a fun entertaining watch.

David Harbour and other casts are the only people that was good but an irritating execution of the story makes the film unwatchable.

But if that's all you're watching it for, you're going to be pretty bored for a lot of its length.

This movie is fun, exciting and true to the source material.. FFS, relax!!!

The story is dull, the pacing is haywire, the editing is incredibly sloppy, the comedy barely works and worst of all, the gore....

But it's a red box dont waste your money and see it in theaters.

This movie is an action packed adventure, with lots of blood and good CGI.

The dialogue and plot are boring and predictable;The accents are all really bad and it's sort of distracting; the characters are all unlikeable and one dimensional; and the CGI looks like it had no budget.

Unfortunately a lacklustre attempt at a previously enjoyable franchise, let down by bad CGI and a messy story.

Entertaining movie .

Worst movie ever .

The boar creature was more entertaining than hellboy, and the side chick ...

This movie is loud, charmless, dull, inept and faithless.

Worst movie ever.

I can't find correct words to explain my feeling about this movie, because this is far beyond of being worse, it disquisting, pointless, pathetic, and have very ridiculous scenario, if this is a hellboy movie, what was the firt and second movies?

Add unnecessary and confusing scenes, and you have a disappointing movie.

My only advice to you is save your money and specially save yourself from this gigantic flopshow of a movie.

I've seen a lot of reviews saying this movie is garbage and some saying it's unwatchable, don't understand it.

I mean generally, it was too simple and predictable that what would happen next!

The style for the film has some pretty entertaining action scenes especially in the first part of the film.

A snoozer .

They did really stunning SFX makeup on many of the monsters/Hellboy himself.

Dull and all over the place.

Entertaining with lots of action.

Entertaining .

It's hard to follow.

zzz ....

If you fall asleep in the 70s and wake up now, you maybe impressed by the special effects, and give it a 10.

Action Packed Fun From Start To Finish.

the worst movie i have ever seen...

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Of course there was a lot of nonsense going on and I'm sure there was also a healthy amount of plot holes; my 7/10 is however based on my own system in which I rate a movie on its boredom or entertainment value.

I enjoyed it and it made for some very visually entertaining scenes.

As for McShane, the Deadwood star goes on prickly-father-figure autopilot, adding some grit to pointless confrontation scenes between the professor and his demon son.

Just awful, don't waste your money watching it.

What goes on around him is an unbearable concoction of exaggerated gore, lacklustre CGI, abysmal dialogue and clumsy narrative focus which culminates to form a truly agonising movie experience.

But the movie is still enjoyable and fun to watch, I gave it a 10 to balance out the negativity.

This new "Hellboy" is just bland and ugly...

the film was basicly a waste of time and money.

Strangely disjointed .

A waste of time and money.

And that look is a cliche version of the character.


If for some reason you wanted to see this movie, there will be spoilers:Since April, I have considered "A Dog's Way Home" to be the worst movie of 2019.


Save your money .

I walked out of the theater during the scene with the giants.

Entertaining .

Go watch paint dry or grass grow or Man Utd 2018 season review.

Don't waste your time in watching this, watch the originals.

Massive waste of time, money and talent.

The worst movie I have ever seen.

The positive thing is that this movie is action packed, and if you really like fantasy you will see some creative creatures.

He is very quick witted and snappy with quite a few good jokes.

)Save your time and watch the original two, despite their age they are far more enjoyable experiences.

The story was fast paced, David Harbour was appealing and funny, the gore was awesome, and the ending was satisfying.

Uninteresting characters (although Harbour does a fine job playing Hellboy) and silly story.

At the end of the day, Hellboy is a morality tale, but this Hellboy was just plain boring full of gore, violence, and profanity played to rock music.

save your money for some paint and once applied you'll have more fun watching it dry.

I almost think Del toro put out a mob to slander this movie or something, some of the reviews claim its the worst movie you will ever see lol.

THE GREAT: For me, this latest HB installment was an unexpected left turn into a darker, more foreboding Hellboy Universe.

After all they loved the WORST movie of the 21rst century Get Out.

Generic bland metal that crashes in and drags you out of the scene.

It's entertaining as far as the action and bit of humor and I'm glad they didn't try to remake from the original, (sort of).

It's hard to think of anything redeeming about the film, which is unfortunate because I was very much looking forward to a good, fun, and exciting viewing experience.

One of the worst movies that I saw in my life .

Fun, entertaining, David Harbour is a great Hellboy .

Hellboy's father and the scenes involving him were bland, I think a more unique actor could have been the missing element in that regard.

CGI is okay, but it becomes overkill after a while, and the language isn't there because we all love an R-rated comic book film ala Deadpool, it's just there for pure titillation, and it becomes tiresome as the film goes on, especially from Graham, who must be regretting his contract signing.

And honestly we dont get enough of this because everything has to be a marvel PG 13 movie these days which I'm getting extremely bored of.

The script and story line was a confusing mess which didn't know what it wanted to do with itself and which relied on flashbacks and narrative to at least get some of it's awful story across.

A total bore fest which does not grow on the audience.

Wow what a snooze fest.

Only managed to watch half of it, as I was bored.

it's great for what it's meant to be and that's jus an entertaining movie, wasn't meant to win oscars.

After movie my action loving fifteen year old said he want to leave as well .

There are some really entertaining elements in this film.

The same can be said for the other characters- nobody stands out, as everyone is just a bland, broad archetype.

Sasha Lane (Alice) is the only one who actually portrays a likable character (excluding the protagonist) and delivers a compelling performance.

Milla Jovovich doesn't even seem like she knows she is in a movie, and all the side characters are so boring that the actors were just sleeping through their roles.

The story is worse, the villain cliche, the hero uninspired, the humor is misplaced and the effects spell green screen and unfinished.

It's rather boring and i also think the previous actor made a huge better job as hellboy.

zzz .

Overall it was kind of boring and the soundtrack was very strange, it did not fit.

The story is also really good and unexpected !.

I fell asleep three times and was woke up by my daughter when the movie ended.

It's a boring, uninteresting, forgettable comic book romp.

If you do plan on watching it, make sure you watch the other 2 movies AFTER because they're so much better that you wouldn't want to watch this piece of trite last.

The film was enjoyable to watch.

Pointless characters supporting a pointless script.

Some scenes start too early, which makes them boring.

So many scenes dragged, and dragged, making the entire movie extremely boring.

Pointless movie, Hellboy was just making a fool outta himself and he wasn't funny at all.

There was a mother and her young son sitting several seats down from me and as soon as Hellboy gored a giant, they left the theater to not return.

Some scenes are rushed to the point they become hard to follow and you miss out on key exposition, while others grind the story to a screeching and jarring halt, giving you a strange sort-of whiplash effect.

Snooze fest .

Sorry for the long review, but please go out there and spend a measly 12$ to support this awesome entertaining movie!

It was the worst movie I've ever seen do not wast your time

The 2004 version with Ron Perlman was more entertaining and had a much more enjoyable storyline.

Something to fall asleep too.

The dialogue is forced or corny and the plot is predictable and boring.

After seeing trailer was expecting a disappointing movie but hells bells its really quite entertaining.

This film is so enjoyable!.

As enjoyable as the 2004 Guillermo del Toro "Hellboy" movie...

But having actually watched it now, it felt like it dragged on way too long, and the plot was all over the place.


In some scenes I feel like it's rushed, thus make it confusing.

The movie was great people giving it a 1 or 2 star clearly not fans of the comics this is true to that art form very gory, very funny and very entertaining the only thing I'd say it missed the mark on was making me care about the sub characters other than that, I look forward to a sequel.

the last movie I remember I wanted to leave the theater before the movie finished was Shyamalan's The Last Air Bender...

If you are looking for a movie to watch with action, lots of effects, and predictable outcomes then look no more.

The last minutes felt like watching a confusing mix of x-men with avengers.

There are many pointless elements like the fight with the giants and Hellboy's right hand.

Easy to enjoy, absolutely entertaining.

Its Just boring .

They should have held out to complete the del toro trilogy as this was a colossal waste of money.

However I can comment that the script is just so bad, with very cliche lines and moments.

Really Enjoyed it!!!.

They focused too much on trying to make it completely like the comic books and seriously forgot that pushing too much into a movie is going to make it confusing and unwatchable....

I loved hell boy but this is rubbish, no story, just jibble jabble.

This has been getting some negative reviews by the critics but I have no idea why, it ticks all the boxes to what a Hellboy movie should be, it's fun, enjoyable, dark, good storyline and awesome gory action.

Even the action scenes are boring.

way too much Gore, horrid CGI, stupid monsters, cliche storyline.

Hellboy's entrance and the scene with his friend, was entertaining.

That being said, I still found this version to be enjoyable and the gore and violence saved the movie in my opinion.

Some pointless characters.

And this same "feel" comes off with the absolute worst and pointless dialogue ever witnessed in a movie.

As I said before, the visuals are frequently quite fascinating to look at thanks to the wild world established by Mignola's comics.

bit two cliché for me.

It was bland like an over boiled cauliflower.

Save your money

Worst movie of the year so far.

Waste of my time and money .

What to say - i really like it, cause it feel much more entertaining than the latest avengers or xman movies.

Waste of time .

The movie runs a bit slow as I found myself pausing more often than I typically do - for me personally this is indicative of a flick being slightly boring or not catching my attention completely.

The only other movie I've ever wanted to leave early for was Dumb and Dumber To.

Every new encounter should be thrilling and universe presented in more real world science way.

Though a bit confusing in other areas.

Unnecessarily gory and predictable action.

It's also surprisingly boring in the middle with too much reliance on exposition.

I watched the 2004 and 2008 versions, it was better than 2019 version, but still it was worth watching.

Boring and messy .

Absolutely fantastic, fun, and exciting.

4) CGI, I never knew I was going into see a B movie Video Nasty, I don't mind gore but that's obviously the only thing the director though he could do with this film, it gets really tedious by the end.

Do something productive with the 2hrs 39seconds of your life you'd waste watching this boring crap..

5) The action, pretty basic stuff really, not much different to driving miss daisy, oh wait it was dull as I have now blanked it from my memory.

David and Milla have engaging chemistry.

The movie is boring and honestly bad.

Mila Jovovic plays the Villain The Blood Queen and she is so bad it is funny, the dialogue for her is just terrible and she really is one of the most boring antagonists of all time.

Most of the film is built upon extremely expository scenes where other characters explain things to Hellboy and that's just tedious and boring.

To any people rating this movie with less than 6, please consider that 'Us' is still rated above 7.0 and it was the worst movie of the year :) so remove the bias and political correctness and maybe actually watch this movie before rating because titles like 'Hereditary' and 'Us' are rated way better and aren't even worth 1/10 ;)

Dont waste your time...

I did notice several Eastenders cast members which did nothing for the story, why you would remake a good film fill it with c grade actors, awful CGI, and pointless dialogue is beyond me?!.

Don't waste your precious time with this garbage.

This is one action packed, gore packed and humor packed film with monsters, creatures, shapeshifters, witches, fairies, demons and king Arthur and somehow, everything works!

Let's start with the positive david harbour was a great pick for hellboy he did a good job despite given a very bad script, Ian mcshane can do no wrong in any movie even though he mainly dished out exposition, the blood queen was awful, the plot was all over the place jumping one thing to the next it didn't flow very well it was a disjointed mess, the cgi is terrible, pointless violence and a ridiculous amount of swearing they both felt over used trying too hard to earn an R rating overall a very very disappointing movie that could have been something great because hellboy actual look was pretty great, here's hoping if another reboot happens it doesn't end up this way

It's fast paced jumps scene from scene, I also feel like there is needless use of bad language just to let us know its R rated.

Hellboy has everything you need for a good action-oriented movie to be entertaining and avoids most things that make so many action-oriented movies boring and exhausting to watch, like bad characters, bad dialogue, forced jokes, badly told story.

Soulless lifeless dull af boring cgi action flick .

But it was one of the most entertaining movies I have seen in a long time.

Bad, but Entertaining .

But it's in Andrew Cosby's desperately plot-obsessed screenplay too, which contains some great, fun ideas but constantly undercuts itself with painfully banal dialogue and minimal character development.

But overall quite damn entertaining and it has personality.

I am sure it looked wonderful on the storyboards and perhaps the early CGI cuts were exciting...

Basically don't waste your money, don't waste your time at all.

I wasn't expecting it to be good, I just wanted some cool action and a quickly paced, entertaining superhero film.

The story makes no sense, the characters are all boring and unlikeable and the effects are AWFUL!!!!!!!

It's incredibly dark and fascinating.

Watching paint dry .

The plot is crummy , the jokes are to predictable, the acting is the worst part , it's as if they're reading from an autocue.

I managed the first ten minutes, a waste of time, thinking only 'why?

My first instinct was that the Perlman fanboys were out to hate the movie even if it was good but having watched it i see that the plot is dull and the editing is all over the place.

The story is so confusing because there is like 5 different story lines.

This movie is waste of your time.

Formulaic script, cheesy dialog, bad acting (Oddly enough none of these seemed to really matter in the first two films, both of which I rated at 10 Stars!

In all, I think there is only one scene in the main body that I would consider not really fitting, but since the characters are all fantastic and the props well done, I simply enjoyed it as well.

This is a crazy, gore-fueled action packed fun fest from beginning to end!

What a waste of money.

First off, the plot is confusing jumbled mess of a story that can't decide whether it wants to be Dark and Edgy or fun and comedic like the original movies.

There is no story and there is no excitement and the film is dedicated to children

One of the worst movies I've ever seen .

Even the actions is really boring.

In an effort to be "true to the comic," the makers forgot that you need to make a film that is compelling.

I thought this movie was Great But it's more for 14 year olds even though it's R rated it's action packed gory and fun at Times

It would've been quite cool having a slow, sitting in the bar talking for 10 minutes.

3) The story line, dull, boring and apparently thrown together by a blinded folded person playing darts.

It was a slow movie, poorly planned and unnecessarily gory.

Hellboy is mighty while being snappy with oodles of wit, and Harbour nails down his devilishly fun persona.

The protagonists were dull and predictable, the antagonists were unmotivated and lame, and the story was filled with plot holes and a confusing flow.

But in continue nothing happened.

Overall it is super entertaining and there are some great metal moments.

Featuring such random interludes as giant hunting, Nazi era flashbacks, Jovovich's evil plan for ultimate destruction and bizarrely a resurrected Merlin, Hellboy has a lot of ideas and components going on that Marshall never wrangles together into a cohesive whole and while the capable director knows how to handle an action scene or two, most of Hellboy's big set-ups and set-pieces take place in a lethargic and enthusiasm free environment that stems mostly out of a bored looking cast, tired and heartless sets, sub-par CGI and over the top violence that feels more forced than natural in the modern age where adult focussed comic book films are a sub-genre unto their own.

The story and characters are disjointed, nonsensical, and very forgettable.

Really bad CGI and tons of pointless gore.

Already underrated beyond belief, Neil Marshall's Hellboy adaptation is a visual blast full of ballistic action, malevolent monsters, and exciting fun throughout.

Problem here is that people are comparing to to the other versions, but on it's own it was one great entertaining ride.

And, so, with this "Hellboy" reboot, we get the swaying camera, long-take fight sequences, to rock music, instead, and a slew of references to seemingly-irrelevant material: to Lewis Carroll's book "Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Saw There," to the King Arthur and Merlin mythology as remembered through other movies, to Leni Riefenstahl filming the Nazi scene we've already seen another version of 15 years ago, and a Jekyll-and-Hyde type creature (he even injects drugs) who is an utter bore.

There was a ridiculous amount of exposition that just bored me that kept coming from characters (particularly Ian mcshane, was probably 80% of his script).

Milla Jovovich seemed bored by it all and was a little lame as a baddie whilst Sasha Lane seemed totally miss cast.

The only bright spots that can be found in this film are David Harbour, which completely embodies the role and gives a wonderful performance (the rest of the performances are pretty bland), and most of the hand-made make-up and costumes are beautiful to look at and are extremely believable.

Something gory and enjoyable.

But tonight I was bored and thought what the heck I'll give it a chance.

The credits scene was completely pointless and stupid.


Even the music reflected this - great soundtrack but disjointed cuts.

Visually it is breathtaking and flawless with really good casting and acting!

I tried to watch more but also the acting was just so bland.

The build up of all the characters was so bland that we couldn't really care about any of them.

Well, I fell asleep.

Another disgusting multi culti propaganda based on lies acc to statistics

Unfortunately very messy, still enjoyable.

Are their really this many pretentious hipsters amongst us?

David Harbour puts in a respectable performance but his talents are wasted in this pointless remake!

B-Movie like CGI, boring narrative, poor acting (can't stand bad British accents) the pig with the scouser accent was probably the most annoying character i've ever seen in a film..

This kinda sucked, in the movie, things is happening all the time, constant action and even so it feels like nothing happens because it's so extremely mainstream.

Boring, messy and felt quite juvenile.

THE LOW-DOWN: Hellboy, a cult comic creation dreamt up by Mike Mignola, is a fascinating meditation on the eternal 'nature vs.

It was entertaining, gory and had amazingly creative demons.

She was totally predictable and boring.

The storyline is boring.

I know that they've put in two post-credit scenes, but I was so bored I didn't feel like watching them.

Thoroughly Enjoyable .

This film looked extremely exciting in paper: great team behind the camera, great source material, outstanding casting choices.

Waste of time.

Some good humour and action was spoilt a little by a slightly disjointed script.

The action is pretty entertaining though.

The story here is a mess, the music chosen is so predictable and wrong, and the rest of the cast just muddles along....

Top ten worst movies I did not finish watching in forty years!

"The film did have a few entertaining aspects.

This is not only the worse part of the series, it is the worst movie that I've seen in the last years, not deserving even 1 star unfortunately.

So when they start to express themselves this is where it gets really confusing.

It was waste of time unlike the last 2 sequel's 2004 and 2008 it was way greater than this waste of time

So if you really want to enjoy this movie, it's best to leave the previous hellboys out of your mind, and that should be the mindset anyways because you should always enjoy the movie for what it is, not compare it to other movies.

First time in my life I fell asleep in the cinema .

Very hard to stay awake...

Honestly he bored me and i did not connect to his character or his powers at all and his relationship with the characters felt very forced and unnatural.

One of the worst movie I have ever seen Why you should remake the move ???

Don't waste your time!

Don't waste your time on this nonsense

So after 1 week later i have finally seen the movie and to be honest im kinda iffy on it, i mean its definitely better than the first two for all the gore and good effects for a hellboy movie but most of the movie is kind of boring and pointless.

The action scenes are hard to follow.

The film was entertaining & pretty good watch!

My favorite fight was the end battle, which held more of the adrenaline-fueled insanity that makes me fist pump in excitement.

Review: This movie is boiling cauldron of confusing.

Such a waste of time...

I endured though because there are very few movies I've walked out of.

Milla Jovovich, who is not a bad actress at all, offers such an over-the-top display that only comes off as cliche, cheesy, and the complete opposite of menacing.

Now the CGI was over used and some writing was alittle sloppy but I thought it was well cast and still entertaining.

It's a lot darker, akin to a dark fairytale and I really enjoyed it.

Was expecting a really bad movie because of the critics and low rating on here, but it was really entertaining and glad I went to see it.

I thoroughly enjoyed it like I enjoyed the 2 before this.


The plot is uninteresting, the dialog is amazingly poor, miscasting is a norm, and it overall makes it feel like a chore to watch the movie.

Bland, flat, and pointless, Hellboy 2019 has no real reason to exist other than to fulfill some contractually obligated clause to renew the series licence.

This has to be the worst movie I have seen this year and the worst movie I have seen in a long time.

Very Enjoyable R rated HellBoy.

Enjoyable .

The story introduces us to the lovably insane Hellboy very well with an incredibly intense set of opening sequences, and immerses the viewers into his world very effectively.

This film is boring and badly done; everything that they aimed for, just comes crashing down.

For me this was a total waste of time watching.....

Was it entertaining?

The story makes no sense, the characters are all boring and unlikeable and the effects are AWFUL!!!!!!!

To sum up, dull, boring, rubbish, tedious, no chemistry, poor direction, very poor story line, really really badly thrown together set of scenes.

And the movie frequently writes itself into ridiculous corners that it quickly and lazily solves with contrived deus-ex-machinas, giving little satisfaction.