Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008) - Action, Adventure, Fantasy

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The mythical world starts a rebellion against humanity in order to rule the Earth, so Hellboy (Ron Perlman) and his team must save the world from the rebellious creatures.

Director: Guillermo del Toro
Stars: Ron Perlman, Selma Blair
Length: 120 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 62 out of 367 found boring (16.89%)

One-line Reviews (365)

" Indisputably, "Hellboy 2: The Golden Army" surpasses its entertaining 2004 predecessor as a slickly-made serio-comic science fiction epic that pits its fireproof, scarlet-skinned protagonist against adversaries more audacious and outlandish than in the original.

It was fast paced, entertaining, and over all a rollercoaster of badassery.

"Hellboy II" is even better than "Hellboy (2004)", but both of them are worth watching.

Stunning Brilliant & improvement on original.

It was a visually stunning, fantasy action, adventure thrill-ride that can only be described as....

A Hurtful and Obnoxiously Cliché Movie .

Selma Blair's 'Liz Sherman' bursting into flame every once in a while, seemingly randomly, seems contrived.

Del Toro shows a great visual flair that is hard to match, and the action sequences are highly engaging, though it's a shame his film had to come out in a season over-saturated by visual effects everywhere.

2004's Hellboy was mostly a dull, plodding movie.

Since the pace of the action is too slow, there are too many awkward dialogs, romantic scenes that do not add anything to the movie, and misplaced jokes, it fails in every aspect.

outside of the plot holes and cliché beyond cliché twists the characters are just unlikeable in this one and the music score is an abomination, compared to the score of the first.

It's the best action-adventure I've seen this year, more entertaining and satisfying than Indiana Jones 4, Iron Man, Hulk 2 or Speed Racer.

As a work of visual creativity, the film is wonder of weird creations that are fascinating and inventive.

I'm not saying the first was bad, I just found myself bored a lot easier at times.

It deserves to be seen first and foremost for del Toro's unleashed imagination - the Golden Army rulz indeed, by contrast with the terracotta cohorts from the unwatchable "Mummy 3".

In the first movie there was almost nonstop action, in this one I was fidgeting the whole movie waiting for the scenes to move along.

" (cliché #3) It doesn't help that "Prince Nuada", for all of his ass-kicking, uses freakin' EXPANDING SWORDS and SPEARS to do his dirty work (apparently, his supernatural, technologically advanced circumstances are afflicted with the very thing that afflicts so many fantasy films and anime: namely that in the future, swords are the lethal weapon of choice, instead of oh, I don't know -- maybe GUNS?

Mildly entertaining .

It's amazing how stunning make-up and effects can be enough to turn the likes of Hellboy into an interesting and attention-grabbing film.

Impressive effects, empty story .

It was a shame to watch these terrible action sequences take place amidst such breathtaking sets.

I could spend some time watching the film again and dissect what was so bad about it but the then I would have to watch it again and I was bored watching it the first time.

i would have found this movie more enjoyable except for the simple fact of it was way to long.

One of the worst movies I've seen, total trash.

There is a fascinating plot, and enough story development left over for a third film if del Toro fancies it.

The original Hellboy is far superior to this and a lot more entertaining, if they tried to flesh out the characters in this sequel then to me they have failed and introduced worse ones.

If you enjoyed the original Hellboy I suppose it is worth watching but otherwise don't waste your money.

Visually stunning.

Hellboy 2 is such an exciting movie, visually and mentally.

I like all the good guys, and they're more alive and enjoyable to watch in this sequel.

This delayed sequel to the above average 2004 comic book offering Hellboy comes complete with the same director in the shape of Gullirmo Del Toro and with him, his distinctive, quite awe inspiring flair for visual design and prosphetic make-up.

Now as much as I enjoyed the first Hellboy it did have its flaws namely its predictable plotting.

Like Lucas, GDT seems more interested in showing off his imagination than he is interested in telling an engaging story.

I must say that this film was even worse than Hancock (which, before this film, was the worst movie of the year in my book), at least in Hancock we got good acting and a good opening.

Abolutely One of The Worst Movies I've Ever Seen .

But even the action scenes lack fluidity and movement, opting instead for a slow, blow-for-blow which lasts usually about five to ten minutes, making them rather plodding and unspectacular.

It's hard for me to figure on it being any less than the predecessor; on the contrary he's made it with a level of ridiculous impact in the regular action-movie sensibility, and with touches of romance and humor that are staggeringly good and entertaining.

Still there was enough in here that was fairly predictable and by the books.

Hellboy 2 is yet another film with summer fever, the symptoms of which consist of adrenaline pumping and jaw dropping special effects, imaginative designs, snappy dialog, and plots and characterizations not worth the ink that wrote them.

Centered around the evolution of Hellboy (Ron Pearlmen) and the government agency he works reluctantly for, the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defence, Hellboy 2 is a beefed up version of Hell Boy 1, with the Russians and Nazis's from the first being mercifully replaced with a stunning array of unimaginable creatures from a world within ours.

Hellboy 2: The Golden Army is at once an altogether superior sequel as well as a highly entertaining standalone adventure movie.

The movie started slow.

This movie ranks in the top five of the worst movies i have ever seen.

If you want to see a Hellboy with a great sense of humor, an entertaining soundtrack, an evil villain and if you like Del Toro Movies you will like this.

the length ended up making it boring.

All in all, Hellboy is a fine visual piece, but rather a dull film.

Itis highly impressive and again visually stunning.

Great story, intriguing characters, and excellent special effects!.

Likewise, the del Toro produced cliché-in-a-house movie that was The Orphanage made me lose all hope del Toro had any potential.

It's such a refreshing break from all the other tiring clichéd video-game reject villains who's conquer the world purposes get to be tiring and repetitive.

OK, the visual universe is amazing, the CGI effects are flawless but that movie is awfully empty.

But once the film gets going it is an exciting adventure.

It of course helps that the main character is very enjoyable.

Last night I was lucky enough to get a free pass to see this and I enjoyed it so much, I'd pay to go see it again.

The whole dynamic that was Prince Nuada was breathtaking.

One appearance by the shape-shifting villain as a three-headed dragon and so much for the fascinating potential of Chinese dragon lore.

") But the real flaws of "Hellboy II" are in its utter banality.

Hellboy was a little predictable but the characters made it worth it; this was just so formulaic it was sad.

While it was not fully up to par with the 2004 "Hellboy" movie, "Hellboy II: The Golden Army" is in itself an entertaining enough movie.

Much like "Pan's Labyrinth," this movie will capture your attention with its stunning and bizarre creatures.

It's still very entertaining and quite funny.

But, thanks to del Toro, it's fascinating to look at and it's briskly paced.

This film was surprisingly better then the first and was more funnier and much more action packed; I watched it yesterday and as its December the Christmas spirit lurks in my heart and this film for some reasons feels perfect at this time of the year.

It may have an apathetic plot that only serious comic book enthusiasts will really care about, but the audience were hopefully smart enough to know what to expect and enjoyed it accordingly.

Beatuful in its details and mysteriously engaging quirks, filled in with a mix of Hollywood action and fantasy.

This oversight destroyed the character for me and left a rather dry rendition in it's place.

So I can talk about my flatulent dog who is far more entertaining than fish guy or just meander about other things till I test my line count again.

The drunk singing was amusing but, as no development had been put into Abe and the princesses attraction, was pointless.

So many films like this are dark, heavy and plodding...

Directed by Guillermo del Toro (Blade 2, Mimic, Pan's Labyrinth) made an extremely entertaining action/adventure/fantasy that has offers plenty of awesome production designs, great action sequences, terrific CGI effects and it is often very funny as well.

The film is never boring, always entertaining and a complete experience.

During a languid lull between explosive action scenes, our to love-sick heroes are seen (and heard), after consuming God knows how many six-packs, singing along to the background of the sappiest of the sappiest love ballad, Barry Manilow's "Can't smile without you".

I haven't mentioned some filler stuff, and the less said about the "German Smoke Being" Johann Krauss, voiced by Seth McFarlane the better, as he is lousy and largely pointless as the supposed counterpoint to Hellboy.

Those who over-rated this movie, perhaps prefers a predictable conventional flow of the plot.

As in PAN'S LABYRINTH, Del Toro populates the world of HELLBOY II with some truly fascinating and intriguing creatures.

But this film was just flat-out more entertaining.

Sorry, but this movies takes a wrong turn at the very beginning with a confusing opening show Hellboy as young and ..dare I say..dopey looking kid with no clue.

An enjoyable followup .

All of this is realised with a stunning array of state-of-the-art special effects, making the film a feast for the eyes, while a keen sense of humour helps to ensure a good time even when the narrative is treading water.

I will say this of all the summer fodder, so far, Hellboy was the one I found the most entertaining.

Trolls in NY (yawn) .

As for the newest member, a tin-plated throw-back to Robby the Robot, with a terrible German accent, he was about as entertaining as Jar Jar Binks!

Beautiful to behold but the average plotting and characterisations balance that out to make a solid and entertaining blockbuster .

No such luck with "Hellboy II", whose star basically phones in his performance with (with one exception) little more than an embarrassingly unlikable and dull routine.

He listens with intense fascination as he learns of the tentative truce that was reached between the humans and the underworld, sealed by the separation and distribution of the Royal Crown of Bethmoora, the holder of which achieves power over the Golden Army.

Both love interests in the film are extremely boring, Del Toro seeing it fit to give them the most clichéd and hackneyed lines in the book.

This filmmaker knows what he's doing, and it's thrilling to see him work his, for lack of a better word, magic.

Most of the dialogue is dire and amateurish and some of the main scenes in the movie are totally pointless.

What you should do: write the film corporation and demand your money back for a defective waste of time.

Bad dialogs, boring romance scenes, and misplaced jokes, sum up this movie.

- Simple, have him take the piece and instead the Abe betrayal bit, it becomes a much more exciting race against time.

I don't know how this movie fared at the box office or the critics, but I enjoyed it and I wouldn't mind seeing it again.

This wouldn't be a problem had del Toro spent half as much time developing a story worth being told, but as it stands, 'The Golden Army' rings resoundingly empty.

The story starts very promising but then goes on predictable and linear.

This is the name from several stories of the early 20th century fantasy writer Lord Dunsany, where it is a great city on the edge of a desert, fallen into desolation.

) The always-tedious Jeffrey Tambor, freshly unemployed from the mercifully-canceled "Welcome to the Captain", was in WAY too many scenes playing, essentially, Jeffrey Tambor.

Well the little lady dragged me out to see the sequel (isn't it supposed to be the other way around?

The prince other than some of his moves being copied from darth maul, was VERY entertaining and worth waiting for between other scenes.

The music was very unexpected.

Only toward the very end, when the golden army is awakened, does the action drift toward the mundane.

Thank God for Guillermo del Toro and his attempt- and passion for the franchise to still make the movie a visually great and entertaining one to watch.

I had seen the earlier Hellboy movie, enjoyed it, and I enjoyed this one.

But,I can recommend this movie because,as I previously said,it's entertaining.

It was smarter, funnier, and as visually stunning as anything you can expect from either del Toro or Mignola.

Fell asleep, is boring .

This was a compelling story about Prince Nauda and Princess Naula, twin elves that hold the fate of the world in their hands.

Its both heady and entertaining in a way that Wall-E isn't.

It's not only sheer beauty, nor is it only painstaking details, but there's also ingenious imagination on which these stunning visuals build.

In itself an enjoyable movie, the whole fantasy flavor just didn't sit well with me.

I liked the first Hellboy movie, it was quite fun and entertaining, so I had some positive expectations towards this movie as well.

The story is interesting, the characters intriguing, the action is constant and again the visual effects are sense tingling.

Too Predictable, week characterizations , week script & several scenes just makes no sense .

It is action packed and very funny (great slapstick), and as far away from the brooding and dark comic book hero as it is possible to go.

There is a difference and mixing the two is just confusing.

Very enjoyable.

And while it is not a bad film it is still nothing new, or exciting and I probably would have had more of an experience seeing one of my own movies in my collection.

For me the combination of evil occult-seeking Nazis, monstrous Lovecraftian gods, and a blue-collar, half-demon monster hunter was just too much exciting material too resist.

This definitely out did hell boy 1, i enjoyed this film for the intense characters that were truly out of the ordinary.

While people say that a movie is bland for having unsurprising events, I say that they are sadly mistaken.

The characters are terrific, the action sequences genuinely thrilling, the comedy hits the mark (it rarely did in the first film), and the visual design is at times among the most original and unique of anything I've ever seen.

For being not as serious and more laid back, the movie is more entertaining and better by a notch or two.

And Selma Blair, always engaging, doesn't let the magic falter for a moment.

His movies are consistently visually evocative, which makes a good movie even better.

This one was still very good and i still enjoyed it.

The direction was stellar, the action scenes were well choreographed, the creatures, though pointless to the story, were very cool to look at.

Like the first it is still entertaining and fun to watch.

In conclusion: avoid this piece of s**t at all costs, don't waste your time, money, sanity or even bandwidth.

It's also a fascinating movie in that we get to see more of the world behind the veil as Hellboy - still played beautifully by Ron Perlman - and his team have to infiltrate the fey world and meet its various inhabitants in order to prevent global destruction by Prince Nuada (Luke Goss) and the eponymous Golden Army.

You'll also find the scenes of contrived emotion, blatant unfunny humor, truly weird in jokes that take center stage, characters acting out of character, illogical occurrences, and the surprisingly mean spirited bits of this film which haven't gotten any better with repeated viewing.

It was a fascinating way to see these films; giving us the opportunity to directly compare and contrast them and analyze why one succeeded and the other failed.

As entertaining as many comic book-to-film adaptations are it is a rare event when one can call one of these films a true artistic achievement.

Now, that sounds straight forward and a bit clichéd, but for anyone who's seen it, if you ask them about it, they'll tell you how fast paced and colourful it appeared.

I'm telling you right now, the creatures in this movie are so visually stunning, the work that was put into this film was absolutely incredible and I have a whole lot more respect for Guillermo del Toro for his work, he really knows how to keep the audience's eyes on the screen.

BUT, in between the buzzkills, there are some seriously stunning visuals.

To me the whole thing was a mess,from the story,the pacing,the acting,the directing and the ending which again was thrown together like the rest of the story as well as very predictable.

--------------------SPOILERS:-------------------------The Abe/Prince Nuala romance was stupid and sudden and utterly pointless; Abe was useless as a member of the team (why was he even there??

Entertaining if Idiosyncratic .

The only saving graces of this movie were the really stunning special effects, from the costume and beast designs to the snazzy and well used CGI.

Guillermo Del Toro directed so you know it's action packed and Ron Perlman was born to play the title role.

The Golden Army are intriguing to see in their mechanical forms along with other creatures like the Angel of Death, Wink and the Tooth Fairy (not what you think it is).

Yet none of this ever becomes overwhelming, confusing or over-the-top.

The script was painfully predictable and completely unengaging.

The success of the franchise will undoubtedly produce a third movie but a warning to anyone who hasn�t seen this yet: don�t expect the unexpected.

Ron Perlman does the bad-ass thing and quips well, Seth McFarlane (yes from Family Guy) gives a very comical German accent for Krauss, and Jeffrey Tambor offers a few comedic bits but the rest of the cast is pretty wooden, Selma Blair being the biggest perpetrator as she holds a glum and bored look on her face through the entire movie.

Entertaining sequel to the first Hellboy from 2004.

Of course, it isn't without its issues and, like its predecessor, it's only truly engaging to a certain degree.

The plot was so utterly unengaging and dull that even the fantastical creatures could not reignite my interest in what was going on.

The plot is dumb, the acting plodding, the special effects not so special (and there's lots of them too), and the main character is a joke.

He uses that in a very visual way and he uses special effects when they are needed - all bundled in a very enjoyable package.

but I found it to be VERY entertaining!!!

Also, the twist at the end of the movie was super predictable.

The film is entertaining throughout, has a great use of imagination, some fantastic action sequences, great characters, and everything else you would wanted in a summer blockbuster!

The DVD comes with a subbed, informative and entertaining director's commentary track, notes he made, often with video clips, and a bunch of featurettes.

However, Hellboy 2 was arguably the worst movie I have ever seen, topping even films like King Maker and Envy.

The inclusion of Liz's pregnancy was fearfully predictable and cheesy.

Visually the characters and scenery are visually stunning.

I enjoyed it way more than the first Hellboy.

It could have used some editing, but it's definitely worth watching.

That being sad, the antagonist was one of the most boring villains I have ever seen,even more boring that Sauron.

The Angel of Death itself was stunning and the scene reminds us that despite his hero status, it is still his destiny to "bring about the end of the world".

It makes it more enjoyable and interesting.

It is however a stunning visual experience.

The story itself was uninteresting and the jokes were horrifyingly boring and stupid.

He's a fantasist in the purest and most enjoyable tradition, where he's so passionate and in love with these characters in worlds like Hellboy and his masterpiece Pan's Labyrinth that one has to believe in his belief of this world, and not in any naive sensibility either.

With the lag of good sequels lately, I have to say I enjoyed it more than the first one.

And running on empty is what "Hellboy II" is, from the get-go.

The monsters are something amazing to behold, creations to stick with you long after you leave the theater.

Hellboy is funny, action packed and enchanting in equal measure.

Hellboy 2 defiantly has the action, the special effects and the visuals which makes the movie well worth watching.

For me, though, I found "Hellboy II" to be a fun, touching, exciting, and visually thrilling experience.

Some people give that word another meaning, "predictable".

I mentioned in my review of the first movie that I was disappointed by the villains who became uninteresting after a while.

Lots of visually stunning monsters, lots of fights including sword fights and some off-screen deaths.

Whereas Pan's Laybrinth did have a compelling story and characters you cared about, these aspects are sadly underdeveloped in Hellboy 2...

The plot is basically copy-pasted from Lotr and thereby equally dull, and the plot as well conveys the platitudinous sensibilities of alienated and grief-lecherous weirdo's, who identify with the freaks in this movie, Yes Freaks, because that what The Hellboy characters this time have truly been reduced to.

I was entertained through the entire film and I enjoyed every minute and in the end I was left with a big smile on my face for how great this sequel turned out to be, but here again, I still think it is on par with the first because of how the first was so perfect at setting up the story from the comics and how amazingly entertaining it was as well, with all the great performances that the second had and just when I put the two films together, I honestly can not decide which is better.

But after the backstory’s been told, the audience craves something exciting, a tale that makes sense and doesn’t run counter to what they know about the characters.

His relationship with Selma Blair is progressed in this film and, unlike the first, hasn't been cut to shreds by a moronic film studio, leaving Guillermo Del Toro to do what he does best, creating brilliantly visual and exciting films.

Rock'em, sock'em rousing entertainment all around.

I'm thinking: superheroes (and heroes in general) SHOULD NEVER BE IN A RELATIONSHIP ---at least in movies because it leads to the most boring dialog and crap you don't care about.

It's plagued by the flaws that the first movie also had, and it's got serious consistency and tone problems, but the stunning visuals and obvious creativity make up for a lot.

On a visual and set design level, Hellboy 2 is absolutely stunning.

My Take: An elaborate set of imaginative creature effects and the always interesting lead character make the show worth watching.

From director Guillermo del Toro (Blade II, Pan's Labyrinth), the first film was worth watching, and I was surprised in a way at the time to see that there would be a sequel, and it was rated four stars, I had to see why.

Hellboy 2 is probably a lot better than the previous hero films of the summer because it's makeup and visuals are outstanding and almost cry for effects Oscars and there was a good deal of humour, personality and even edge to these characters and the story, which made it more than just a cliché of these type of films.

A wonderfully thrilling fantasy!!.

beautiful, stunning creatures, the brilliance of del Toro...

If you liked the first one you will most likely like this one it is worth watching.

But the sardonic, 'blunt instrument' Hellboy is there to keep it all wonderfully grounded (unlike the lofty, dull, eye-candy fests such as Lord of the Rings and other pompous, self-important epics).

And in charge of those robots is one "Prince Nuada" (a name straight from Fantasy Films Central Casting) -- a parricide and regicide who nonetheless takes the time to lecture Hellboy about the earth's poor, fragile environment (cliché #2) and "you're a freak too, why are you helping humans who don't like you?

Plus, his briefly mentioned backstory was a waste of time.

However, it is one of the more enjoyable escapes of the summer.

And yes, he looks absolutely ridiculous and follows the proud cliché of being a whining "my daddy never loved me" archetype.

Hellboy two is an unexpected surprise as it does something rarely done in movie franchises these days and that is to be better than the original;this is the case with Hellboy Two as it takes everything you loved about the original Hellboy and amplifies it.

A little sappy, but still visually stunning.

Nobody cares because he is so tedious to watch.

Don't get me wrong, it they could make it work --if the dialog was snappy and clever --I wouldn't mind.

I found this second Hellboy to be too long and too tedious.

Except for the fast paced action sequences which I can forgive.

The film is action packed and fast paced.

Certainly better than many films out there & well worth watching.

Right off the bat I can tell you the action in this movie is a whole lot better, it was more intense and was a lot more fun to watch.

It was just boring.

However, this film falls short past the realm of visual creativity, creating a story that is poorly paced and executed, characters that are for the most part tiresome, and action scenes that lack motion.

Its so predictable you could just watch the trailler and leave it at that.

There's sword/fist fights that are fast paced, deadly and are fun to watch.

Then there's of course Johan Krauss, a German psychic inhabiting an empty diving suit, who joins Hellboy's team as its new leader.

This movie ranks up there with Fantastic Four 2 and Batman 4 as one of the worst movies I have EVER seen in the movie theater.

Over all if you haven seen these underrated superhero flicks do it ,you will see that they are enjoyable at the very least and to the fun out there of The Hero from Hell, gross fingers and lest hope the Del Toro has not lost his style.

"Hellboy" is one of the most entertaining films that I've ever saw.

Guillermo del Toro makes this movie enjoyable with his humour and the usual over-the-top fantasy.

There was a feeble attempt at making the villain half-way noble as well as a stupid gimmicky twin sister and side-romance that bored.

I've watched this movie about ten times, primarily because there's nothing else on but also because it's such an entertaining movie, even on repeat viewings.

His mix of fantasy with reality makes this film enjoyable, exciting and a beautiful work of art.

The story was nice (sadly, a bit predictable), and worth the ticket price.

Del Torro has proved himself to be a director worth watching and I look forward to another original project like pan's labyrinth because if he was able to make a cheap action sequel into an artistic movie he can do real magic with a real script.

Watching this film was a chore- it seemed forced, cliché-ridden and redundant.

More entertaining & action-packed than the first.

They're as good as the best Indy 4 action scenes but here you get a whole movie full of them (an early scene involving little man-eating creatures is coincidentally similar to Indy 4's most exciting scene).

I especially found the last part of the movie breathtaking, the awakening, partial destruction and the self repair scene of the golden army (the steam locomotive sounds!

I thought the first Hellboy was a boring waste of time.

) and I guess I'm glad because I thought it was considerably more entertaining.

This one was bland and didn't show enough of hellboy and focused on comedy and things that didn't matter.

Some of the characters are pretty inspired - mainly Krauss, with his "ectoplasmic schwanshtucker", the trio composed by the versatile Doug Jones, and the elven twins - still, I can't not wonder: what will Guillermo do, when the world will grow bored with his thread-thin chinless, nose-less and palm-eyed (or, as here, wing-eyed) humanoids?

) All in all, "Hellboy II" may be one of the best films of the summer, and definitely one of the most entertaining.

very entertaining .

Hellboy deserved a sequel, and many movie goers such as myself were looking forward to seeing this movie, but just from listening to the audience as we left the theater, the public is very disappointed.

Del Toro has left open some exciting and ominous plot threads that foreshadow a darker, apocalyptic third chapter.

However, his narrative, while also imaginative, relies too much on clichés and his characters are listless and tiresome.

he's gotten so intensely boring).

Guillermo Del Toro paints his prettiest canvas yet by creating the most visually stunning movie since Pan�s Labyrinth.

It is too contrived here, especially when introducing Hellboy and his manic-depressive firestarter chick, Liz (still Selma Blair), in a stagey couple-fight that makes us feel dirty.

Fun and entertaining movie .

Overall an enjoyable movie, though not as good as the first one and a bit more far fetched (like a demon from another dimension who likes cats and candy isn't already far fetched enough).

The fights are better and more thrilling and the monsters are way cool.

I fell asleep many times during the First Hellboy.

This is a cause for rejoicing as del Toro, one of the real treasures of modern cinema, can be trusted to be left to his own devices and, here, he creates a really entertaining, popcorn, blockbuster which is everything that "Indy IV" wasn't.

Visually stunning and surpasses the first Hellboy by far .

Hilarious, action-packed, emotional, visually stunning.

Thrilling sequel based on Mike Mignola favorite cult comic book creation in which Hellboy has to face again dark forces and weird creatures.


The Golden Army itself was breathtaking.

dumbed down characters, blah "love story" dragged though great action with lord of the rings fantasy.

Visually stunning.

Mind-numbingly derivative and predictable .

The plot was intriguing, the acting was very good, the makeup and sets were fantastic, the visuals were very impressive, it was well directed, and the action/fight scenes were very exciting and well done!

The story though slow at times, is pretty solid Ron Perlman does an excellent job as Hellboy again.

The script is very formulaic when you boil it down, and it occasionally hits points that make little sense.

But as it stands, Hellboy 2: The Golden Army is limp and forgettable, buoyed by little more than few surprising twists and a stunning visual arsenal.

Hellboy remains the most intriguing comic character to reach the big screen.

Frankly, any plot that relies upon heroes waiting until the last minute to do the most obvious, sensible thing, is already running on empty.

The movie also was much more character driven with that enjoyable Hellboy humor, Hellboy/Liz/Abe Sapien love life, also nice that I never got the feeling it was being shoved down my throat.

This is a sequel done right, happily expanding Selma Blair's role, making quirky use of Seth McFarlane and generally offering an entertaining comic book movie.

I've felt rather sorry that he didn't succeedAll in all, a very entertaining movie by Mr. del Toro, the best choice as director for the upcoming Hobbit movies, I have great expectations.

Then like the first Hellboy film, this is extremely enjoyable, fast paced and definitely I would like to watch it again.

With great characters to make the movie more enjoyable, action fans will be pleased with the action scenes and there is a wide range of realistic monsters.

Most likely he could only be more boring if he were played by William S Macy.

The transitions between laughs and borderline melodramatic moments are too abrupt and confusing without any time to recover from one before going to the other.

As for the action, it's stunning.

It was funny, exciting, and filled with awesome visuals.

While visually well made it is still a pointless exercise with an army of screenwriters that were far from golden.

If you had never seen the comic, 2004's Hellboy was a fast-moving and funny introduction to the tough-talking, cigar-smoking title character and his fictional world—a world in which a multitude of supernatural forces, some of them malign and jealous of humanity's world domination, are constantly watched, monitored and occasionally battled by Hellboy's sponsor, the US government's "Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense.

Just as good, if not better than the first, definitely just as funny and even more action packed...

While I enjoyed the first film, I found it a little flat and drawn out in places, whereas this is an absolute romp from start to finish.

It bored me while it was destroying and now it's boring me while it's dying!

Big let down, dialogue was trite and storyline very thin .

This, from the man who would, two years later, direct the visionary, gripping and inventive "Pan's Labyrinth" was a disappointment, even though it seemed to be part of the man.

Where Hellboy (2004) movie was cartoonish, but fun and enjoyable mostly due to the curmudgeon titular character, Hellboy II plays out on a grandeur scale.

Well, Hellboy 2 is still an entertaining action movie...

The movie is disjointed and lacks continuity from the original.

but this one was one of the worst movies ever.

Overall, the picture is an entertaining one.

More Exciting Than the First Hellboy.

Every single interaction in this movie was beyond cliché and I couldn't decide whether to laugh at or cry because of it.

A fantasy in comic-book disguise: beautiful, exciting and fun .

outside of the plot holes and cliché beyond cliché twists the characters are just unlikeable in this one and the music score is an abomination, compared to the score of the first.

and it just gets to the point it is stale and bland.

With skin the color of hell's red flames to match his horns and tail, Hellboy shouldn't be so damn compelling or likable as the center of attention.

The sequel of Hellboy had it all - it was funny, imaginative/creative, action packed, and had a little romance .

As for the action, it's stunning.

Please, for the love of God and all that is holy, why was this unimportant, uninteresting and downright inexcusable character allowed any screen time?

You can make a good movie based on a comic, for instance Sin City and Constantine were great, but this is just a waste of time.

Guillermo Del Toro is one of the most exciting directors in Hollywood these days and Mike Mignola is arguably the most talented artist/writer working in the comic book industry.

At least, it is conventional and predictable in terms of romance.

Marco Beltrami doesn't return disappointedly but Danny Elfman doesn't let us down, delivering a thrilling score.

Visually stunning, a much more intricate story than the original one, several truly laugh-out-loud funny scenes.

mind-numbingly derivative and predictable .

The elves are fantastically constructed, Johann Krauss's ectoplasmic self is entertaining, and The Angel of Death is the coolest thing about the entire film.

Guillermo del Toro is a genius, the film looks absolutely stunning, the sense of humour (almost reminiscent of Sam Raimi's) is spot on, the fantasy elements work brilliantly...

As with many fight scenes, one can easily zone you out for a bit; but fights with spears and swords in the climatic scenes were really fascinating.

The fights are fast paced and furious and there are quite a few of them within the film.

don't waste your gas money to see it, more expensively, in the theater.

Along the way there are highly imaginative sequences woven throughout the film that are simply stunning to behold.

It bored me while it was destroying and now it's boring me while it's dying!

This is the worst movie I've ever seen.

Highly imaginative, but highly dull.

An enjoyable ride, all-around.

When he's on screen it's very exciting.

It really left us feeling empty when we left the cinema and I definitely would not want to see Hellboy 3 anymore should that ever come out.

This film is immensely entertaining from beginning to end, I can tell you right now.

A stunning achievement.

An endless array of pointless dialog trying desperately to advance the story.

My recommendation is that this movie is a waste of money.

The clichés, the copy/paste story that has been used on every fantasy work from Mythago Wood to episodes of the dead cartoon Chalk Zone, the boring war scenes .

I just want to start off saying that I thought the first Hellboy film was an amazing accomplishment, complete with a sturdy story, stunning visual effects and acting that didn't go overboard like most comic books films.

The characters develop in tiresome, by-the-book ways.

Like most (if not every) Del Toro's films, Hellboy 2 it's a visual masterpiece, the creatures and realms are just great and realistic, although at moments (you'll know when) the film gets a "Men in Black" feel, with that being said, I got to add that the action sequences are top notch but there is a moment where the plot drags for quite sometime, and the the balance is lost, is still "a must see film", just don't see it on the midnight showing, or if you are too tired, because you will somehow get bored or lost, specially if you are not a fan boy, the ending was very interesting, although the last minute seemed somehow not the best way to end the film, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did...

I found it to be so stupid and boring that I could not stay awake while we watched it.

Overall Hellboy II: the golden army is a bigger, more action packed, and better movie than the first.

Visionary director Guillermo Del Toro isolated the use of CGI to correlate with the make-up and costume design of the monsters and the outcome is visually stunning.

Certainly entertaining.

An enjoyable "popcorn" type flick.

Still I manage to put up with 50 minutes of this piece of crap, but then I started thinking, life is too short, do I really want to waste another hour of my life which I can't get back?

Mid way through the movie I fell asleep for about 20mins.

I am not a fan of DeL Toro movies, i hate Del Toro Movies including the first Hellboy, but this second Hellboy was a quite entertaining movie with a good performance of Ron Perlman that is the only reason to see this movie if you want to get fun with Hellboy played by Perlman, i recommend you see this, in general the movie is good, with a very fantasies visual effects.

It's actually Prince Nuada who seems to have the most interesting and compelling role in his attempt to redeem the world from the disposable and resource consuming race of humans.

It gave the whole experience depth, creating something worth watching again.

The "Troll Market" scene is astonishing and the high-speed acrobatic denouement between Hellboy and Nuada in a cavernous city surrounded by enormous golden mechanical beings and massive rotating cogs is just breathtaking .

Cut out the fantastic visuals and epic storyline and this would've been good as a cheesy, generally entertaining film that doesn't have to make sense.

It was as if everything was slow.

It isn't perfect, but you will enjoy the fast paced action, with Ron Perlman's wit and humor keeping you going as the story unfolds.

One Of The Worst Movies Of I Have Ever Seen .

Moderately entertaining, Hellboy 2 is not a movie I would see again and I believe it could have been much better.

The strategy here is obvious: discriminate from a dozen other summer movies by providing a more engaging character and more imaginative creatures.

The fight scenes are spectacular and very entertaining.

An action packed story with thrilling fight sequences beyond your wildest and violent dreams.

bored the hell outta me.

I can recommend it because it's fairly entertaining and does a good job at pleasing the fans.

Everything is bigger, louder, more action packed.

Without the insanely boring, pointless scenes that Pan's Labyrinth had, and with much more focused action, Hellboy gave me hope del Toro can use his potential.

There were so many inconsistencies that the entire film seemed strained and disjointed.

basically a waste of money n time.

While I wouldn't consider the first Hellboy a bad film but let's face it, that one had its fair share of "Bad Things That Shouldn't Be in A Movie" but still I enjoyed it especially because of the dual blade wielding Nazi masked man Karl Ruprecht Kroenen.

Like there was at least one moment of the film that genuinely made me feel something other than boredom and the beginning wasn't completely awful.

Long, Predictable, Boring .

They even end up in Ireland in a part of it at the Giants Causeway in Antrim.. This big red guy and another blue guy walking through a big green Irish field.. just looked so ridiculous and stupid, there's even a singing scene in it that lasts for about 3 minutes..Avoid at all costs your very life may depend on it..Don't even watch the trailers, if you do stumble upon them turn them off immediately for the boredom it ensues may kill you instantly.

Visually, this film is fresh, exciting and imaginative, with some dazzling creature work and smashing action sequences.

) I was pleasantly surprised, and I highly recommend it.

It's filled with thrills to put you on the edge of your seat, it packs a much greater emotional punch than almost any movie of its type, and it has a ton of laughs as well.

The added humor makes it a breezy and enjoyable watch, despite not being as close to the tone of the source comic.

It had the clever mix of science fiction, fantasy, horror, action and comedy that made those movies such entertaining blends.

Del Toro delivers yet another stunning epic action film, filled with satirical humor, unbelievable effects and spellbinding fighting.

Visually Stunning.

The visuals, as always, were stunning.

My husband liked this, I fell asleep .

He has created some of the most fascinating creatures that traditional Hollywood doesn't have the guts or inclination to ever assemble.

I imagine it will entertain and charm many outside those circles as well with its fantastic action sequences, engaging characters, and wonderful sense of humor.

It the kind of film you can arrive late for get some popcorn, go to the mens room, watch 5 minutes then fall asleep for the rest of the movie snoring loudly and you would still get the plot.

Had the intense action not drenched us a few times in Hellboy II it would have another star.

The plot of "Hellboy II" is predictable and its characters even more shallow than the first film.

M/24/Detroit - This was a very entertaining movie.

As for the plot, it is very repetitive.

Not to mention the poor acting, the abundance of 2-d characters, and the there were multiple times when the solution was a no brainer, but it took the characters way too long it figure it out.

Then a rousing conclusion as we have a rare comic book movie that has a very good final battle.

Overall, a visually rich & entertaining movie; another very good comic/superhero adaption this summer.

the film was good enough and very entertaining and some genuinely great moments (Abe and Hellboy's drunken love song, the battle with the beast in the streets while Hellboy balances a baby.

I can understand that yes, many of the characters in the film were introduced in the first film but the fact that no time is spent on defining them, their personalities or motives means they all appear flat and uninteresting.

Instead expect a plethora of stunning visuals accompanied by a healthy dose of tongue-in-cheek humor.

The most intriguing creature appears in the third act.

Sure I enjoyed it immensely, I though there were a few quips that needed more further explaining.

For me this was the most enjoyable adaptation of a comic since probably X-Men 3.

The most disappointing aspect of Hellboy II: The Golden Army is how linear the story is, just how predictable & routine it feels as everything feels old & without any significant twist's Hellboy II: The Golden Army is nothing more than a straight forward build-up to the final showdown between the hero & villain.

Was he going for an entertaining movie or a serious take on the subject of Hellboy?

Poor writing lead to bad dialogue and some very uninteresting scenes including the action sequences.

He has an incredible imagination and he knows how to convert this into visual stunning sequences.