Henry Poole Is Here (2008) - Comedy, Drama

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Henry Poole moves in to a house in his old neighborhood, to spend what he believes are his remaining days alone. The discovery of a "miracle" by a nosy neighbor ruptures his solitude and restores his faith in life.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Mark Pellington
Stars: Luke Wilson, Radha Mitchell
Length: 99 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 22 out of 74 found boring (29.72%)

One-line Reviews (54)

Very predictable.

The most enjoyable and heartwarming film I've seen .

Luke Wilson is such a bad actor here, you don't know if he's sad, or angry, or is he in pain, or bored.

This film is simple propaganda, is a wasted of time for intelligent people who believe in science, who don't believe in sobrenatural men like Jesus Christ.

Unless you're a Bible banger or have some secret love for Jesus, save your money and your time.

This story is just so empty, and i'm angry at myself for waisting my time at watching this.

Religious propaganda-Yes .

I don't find the film preachy because I think the viewer is the only one who makes something preachy but it is predictable, slow moving and without a lot of depth considering the content.

For me, the film was a predictable affair.

This is a sophisticated joke, very dry and subtle to deal to a little girl and it suggests that he's respecting her intelligence.

The key theme of 'Henry Poole Is Here' is hope, that even at the worst of times when everything appears pointless, hope can make that much-needed difference in someone's life.

Towards the end I was beginning to laugh out loud in the cinema at the predictable happy every after ending, it seemed almost like some kind of spoof or wind up it was so corny".

The fairly simple journey the film takes, and the rather profound journey that Henry must take, are slow, thoughtful, and meaningful.

The music becomes even more tear-jerking, the story-line starts going downhill in a predictable direction and you quickly get tired of looking at all the long shots of poor tormented individuals.

George Lopez gets top billing for a very small role that is virtually pointless.

It is enjoyable for all ages so go see it.

The acting was top notch, I liked all that character interpretations, the soundtrack was full of Dylan and U2 (can't have faith without good music, after all) and, even if somewhat boring, it was a decent film.

Please, people, believe me, this **** was made for one only reason in mind, it's not art, it's not a reflect of the real life, is propaganda of a organization that needs your money, your time, your lifestyle and your freedom to choose what you want to be and do the rest of your life.

It quickly gets pretentious and very fake.

The whole thing descends into nauseating, saccharine, formulaic cinema.

There's no doubt this is a beautiful film, one that is lovingly shot and sympathetically cast, however it sits smack damn in the middle of the road between being a wonderful, heartwarming tear-jerker filled with poignant life lessons and a rather average, overly slow, wannabe lesson on the power of faith.

Since I'm not religious, I think I'm able to criticize the movie's failure to represent all aspects of intense belief.

The only setting for the film is this man's house and backyard and it's just boring to watch.

I agree with all the other comments here that call this movie far-fetched, treacly, hard to stomach, etc. It may begin with the air of something different, something unHollywood, but soon it reveals itself as Hollywood all the way, with a predictable plot, stupid sentimentality, brainless deference to religion (oh, faith!

Going in I knew very little about the movie, which starts out intriguing enough.

There were some quirky stylistic elements and the soundtrack had the likes of The Eels and recent Bob Dylan, but the movie was heavy-handed, sentimental, unbelievable (on multiple levels), and predictable.

He is so dull you might start counting the hairs on his scruffy beard rather than listen to the inane dialogue about all you need is hope, why don't you believe in God?

Though I do not believe in God, I did find this movie powerful and extremely enjoyable to watch.

Towards the end I was beginning to laugh out loud in the cinema at the predictable happy every after ending, it seemed almost like some kind of spoof or wind up it was so corny.

Through out the story you don't get any explanation, the dialogs are empty, the characters are boring, the music is irritating.

This is a slow, purposeful movie with a strong spiritual and even a religious side to it.

After Luke Wilson's character moves his scant possessions into a bland suburban LA house, bought for its proximity to another house not for sale (even after offering "whatever they wanted"), he notices a curious mark on the newly refurbished stucco exterior.

This is a movie about living in the present (if anything this is Zen, not at all Catholic, the basic tenet of Catholics being: suffer now, get a prize later..), about how even misguided people may have positive feelings, how death in a predominantly Protestant culture like the contemporary USA is something people are unable to deal with, how the "good neighbourhood" tradition and customs may occasionally appear empty of meaning.

You're just waiting for something to happens and then, nothing happens at all.

The summary: Not especially bad or good, but essentially a waste of time.

All that is enough to rate this movie a waste of time.

Catholic Propaganda .

Absolute waste of time.

Slow and sulky music fills in every scene and your standard myriade of sad run-down characters appear.

Well rounded great acting by the ensemble cast makes this one man journey toward redemption pretty engaging to watch.

That people can touch a wall and essentially nothing happens?

Pretentious before it gets even more pretentious .

If you need to be uplifted with a message of hope, and you can stand the boredom, give it a try.

But it is a good example of how a film can be moving, entertaining, and just a plain good movie without promoting or recklessly using drugs, sex, cursing, and other crap like that.

as a feature, the movie is quiet slow(and thats the main reason i can not give it a 10 or even 9)and in no way will appeal to someone high on adrenaline wanting action for example.

I love Luke Wilson's slowness, letting emotion flow between his words.

And while the story is intriguing, it's muddled by too many characters that sometimes detract from the film's theme.

A terrific little movie that is what movies are all about: takes you on an unexpected journey that's well worth your time.

The main character is extremely predictable and no one ever enters the film who really gives it any meat and potatoes.

Sorry, this one I stole from one of the reviewers, but it says exactly what I felt: "The whole thing descends into nauseating, saccharine, formulaic cinema.

, the frogs in Magnolia), but the most cliché one possible.

I think this should be a summer sleeper, but at the NYC theater I saw it during "prime time" it was basically an empty theater.

The story: Damn, this was predictable.

Religious propaganda-Yes.