Hereditary (2018) - Drama, Horror, Mystery

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After the family matriarch passes away, a grieving family is haunted by tragic and disturbing occurrences, and begin to unravel dark secrets.

IMDB: 7.3
Director: Ari Aster
Stars: Toni Collette, Milly Shapiro
Length: 127 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 317 out of 1000 found boring (31.7%)

One-line Reviews (650)

The film is extremely slow to start with and only really starts getting good an hour in.

The story is rubbish .. just don't waste your time searching for a good horror mot.. unfortunately, there is no good horror movie writers in the past 15 years unfortunately

Charlie loses her head.. yawn.

Many stupid ideas that are so cliché that is makes the movie feel like a pun.

A complete waste of time .

A Complete And Total Waste Of Time.

For some contrived reason the mother forces her 16 year old son (who looks 30) into taking the 12 year old daughter to a party.

This film likewise abounds with foreshadowing making it wholly predictable, which just might be the point.

Yes, it's slow.

I must say not many movies gives me the chills, and I laugh at many horror, sci-fi and mystery combination movies and I tend to sleep afterwards really peaceful, but this one, gave me chills, kept me on the edge, freaked my mind out and ended up causing me a struggle to go to sleep ...

Might possible be one of the worst movies ever made .

Got so bored after half an hour that we gave up on this film.

This movie reminds me of House of The Devil, another slow burner type of horror movie which was really, really good until they ruined it in the third act.

I found this movie slow boring There is no chill scary scenes I've seen far better horror movies than this dud

A pure waste of time .

Stunning build up, disappointing climax .

The movie was really slow, it was boring, and I found it very depressing.

A lot of gimmick but still felt empty.

Boring .

Don't waste your time .

I was pretty bored through most of it.

Slow, boring, overly dramatic draw outs leading up to pretty much nothing.

Review: After reading some good reviews about this film, I finally got to watch it and I must admit, I did find it pretty boring.

A pale, anti climatic overly drawn out tale of....

Slow start towards a weird ending .

This is the worst movie I've ever watched, oh well along with Mother!

Fortunately, I waste spend anything except time of this one.

If you want a dramatic horror movie, go watch The Babadook, if you want a monster horror movie, go watch The Ritual, if you want a supernatural horror film, hell maybe even watch Oculus,This film is downright boring, a complete waste of time.

Totally boring film not even scary was just stupid anymore.

I've seen so many slow paced movies in my life which I've thouroughly enjoyed.

Toni Collette is riveting and due an award for her performance.

Another point of emphasis is the soundtrack, it is breathtaking, it is like on the same level of it follows with how good it sounds, and it actually makes you feel the emotions.


I commend Toni Collette on her acting but the whole movie was extremely slow and the ending was a bunch of nonsense.

Slow going for the first hour with not much to be scared about apart from 'Charlie's face.

What an absolute waste of time this was.

But I found a lot of it to be slow rather than suspenseful, and was left wanting by the ending.

Boring and overhyped .

Incredibly boring, dull, monotonous, no fear or terror or horror at all, just boredom .

Emotionally you are dragged back and forth.

Good but slow.. .

Two of the people seemed to have known what this movie was going to be and walked out of the theater calmly.

It moves slow(just like VVitch).

But the writing was plodding and there was no character development or exposition as to any reason that lay in any of the family members' actions.

When flanked by the contrasting elements of realism, bizarre horror is much more compelling and believable.

Boring and just dumb .

The unbelieving husband is the one that fries.. yawn.

Waste of time However the first half an hour was engaging but after that long and drawn out

The technical aspects work in tandem to deliver an experience that's as unique as it is unforgettable, be it the dollhouse aesthetic of its set pieces or the slow, menacing camerawork that helps establish a sinister atmosphere that's absolutely relentless.

Slow pacing with heavy and dark atmosphere.

A horrible waste of time .

I think it would've made an excellent movie about loss, grief, and the confusion they invoke.

Scary, exciting, entertaining.

Don't waste your time or money.

The definition of a waste of time .


Toni Collette gives one of her best performances; what she does with her face and voice are sometimes astonishing, whether it's struggling with indecision when she meets Joan or full-bore hysterics when her daughter dies, everything about her character is legitimate.

Boring and worthless.

Painfully slow and the story line has been done before.

Though It has slow pacing and a lacklustre final act ; it was affective as a whole nonetheless!


Dripping with pretentious dialogue and art film long shots with background music, a first year film student could do better work.

Enjoyed it (as one can enjoy a horror movie) .

Its slow and boring and just not scary.

This movie is boredom.

Then they are just driving around in the car the next day like nothing happened.

The beginning starts off strong and keeps the suspense going (besides some overly drawn out scenes).

It's boring predictable and so slow....

What a waste of time.

I did enjoy the suspense and slow pase story telling of the first 2 acts of the movie.

Really boring and meaningless movie.

I shall phrase it differently but similarly: this is one of the most smartly crafted, effective, well-acted and deeply unsettling horror films of recent times (I would even urge you to proceed through this review with caution, despite it being light on plot details, because it's just that original and unpredictable).

Enjoyable and delirious.

It's just kind of a confusing slog, and it's disappointing because I wanted to be disturbed.

However she cannot save a staid formulaic story, banal even.

Modern, intelligent, suspenseful, well acted with a great score .

The film is just as much a psychological horror, a tragic yet thrilling exploration into the darkest depths of the human consciousness.

This movie took unexpected and shocking turns throughout and it is genuinely creepy.

Slow like molasses .

This movie is super shallow, super nothing telling, absolutely boring all the way through, acting is really bad, it's so bad it made me laugh out loud at plenty of times where I should've been scared.

Possibly the worst movie I have ever seen.....

A deliberately paced first half precedes a thrilling second half.

But it sure is entertaining.

Just horrifically boring.

The pacing was a teeny bit slow at times, and I saw the basic plot as soon as Annie met the seance lady for the first time in the carpark, but it was just an awesomely entertaining ride to watch it unfold.

For some reason, it's very hard to tell a good thrilling story and keep it under 100 minutes, let alone 90.

Yawn .


And yes it is pretty and has good actors, but it was just sooo boring.

Sometimes i forgot i was watching a film and as cliche as it sounds, i genuinely stopped believing i was experiencing a film, i was completely transfixed and it was amazing.

A slow burn to a sputtering end .

It was drawn out for no reason and failed to deliver on scares.

This was one of the worst movies I have seen in.. A very very very long time..

I spent over two hours watching a simple tale play out at a snail's pace and became very bored in the process.

A slow burner that fizzles out.

The entire movie was just too random and confusing.

He was bland and he could have been played by anyone.

Some scary / creepy moments but too slow.

If you watch it blankly you will think what a bore movie with no scares and nothing.

The way the story went from slow motion to the fast paced morbid death of a character takes the audience by surprise.

Long dragged out boring ass scenes like the car, some of the house scenes.

Literally nothing happens.

Honestly one of the worst movies I've ever seenI'd give it ZERO stars if I could

Some of the emotional scenes were gut wrenching, and over all, the lead roles were solid and intense.

Sorry, this was long winded, and there's enough reviews on here, but I figure one more opinion from a film fan who loves suspenseful and supernatural horror could't hurt.

Gripping, slow horror and backed by great performances.

This movie was slow and stupid, and the ending was just plain silly.

Movie is quite slow, alas.

It slowly creates its own story ( too slow for me) and it builds a tension, something that will go under your skin with all this drama...

This is fairly engaging .

But in hindsight it was just a waste of time.

That is one of the most boring, self indulgent and plain stupid movies ive ever seen.

Soooo boring, i almost half of the movie fall asleep watching this.


Don't waste your time.

Don't waste your time.

Bored movie, too spinning around story makes me sick.

This is a stunning horror debut for Aster, 7.8/10

Slow boring horror wanna be movie.

This movie is absoulte snorefest.

Predicable, tedious, oddly un-scary, all in all an awful film.

The strong suggestion of a psychological history and the suspense of wondering whether it's all in their heads, the flow of time that leaves out all the mundane and only gets you in the main characters' head space, the supernatural tropes (I won't go into, because that's just spoiling and it's obvious when you see it).

Pretentious Tripe....

The first half of the movie was a bit slow gloomy and filled with creepy scenes ,, then things get more jumpy and crazy missed up scenes .. and what's more important and in fact amazing is that the real whole story was not fully understandable up until the last 30 minutes ...

This movie is plain boring, many things left unexplained, and the end sequence everyone calls "harrowing" is far from it.

Waste of time, it's all about satanism stuff.

This is the kind of movie you will sit back and think «wow what a waste of time, 2 hours of my life i'll never get back».

Slow and predictable .

Waste of time .

Family Secrets Destroy a Family Already on the Edge .

Boring .

Slow and sometimes atmospheric.

The movie was very slow to develop and the course of haphazard events led up to a vague ending, the son could have died earlier in the movie along with the daughter, the fact that it dragged on with trivial filler just made it worse.

The ending was weak and predictable.

The whole atmosphere or the slow pace.

Worst movie ever!!

Worst movie ever!!.


What a snooze fest.

very slow and agonising - so disappointed for Toni Collette .

The philosophy of Satanism was least unique after all, because of the over rotten use of the idea by all the characters just as cliché.

It is just very very confusing.

I am bored

The story (plot) of this film is terrifically terrifying, gripping, Disturbing, and dreadful.

Disturbing, intense, unique and just a work of art.

The slow, stealthy pace at which the drama unfolds instils darkness of its own while its eerie score is so aptly intertwined with its brilliant sound design that it turns many segments into a blood-curdling scenario.

It's dragged out, overhyped and anyone claiming this to be terrifying must have the disposition of an abused puppy because nothing in here is remotely disturbing, scary or nightmarish.

I had to try not to fall asleep the entire movie because it was so long and drawn out with nothing happening the entire movie and a crappy ending.

But the plot is very interesting and entertaining.

However, nothing happens in this film, not a single mention of any investigation, no police, no detective, nothing at all...

Possibly one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

This is Rosemary's Baby territory and I found it gripping.

Slow burning, unnerving intelligent horror.

Horror driven by the story itself and not a jumpy ghost scense as usual, a bery thrilling progress of events and unbelievabl acting.

It's not a movie i guess, complete mess, wanna waste your time like me?

60 minutes in and I wanted to leave.

After that nothing really makes any sense, and it all becomes very predictable (a seance, really...

The climax had Krista and I on the edge of our seats.

The movie has a slow burn methodical plot progression that builds suspense and creates a feeling of dread.

No one wants to watch that; it's lazy, sexist, annoying and almost impossible to act well, because it's so contrived.

but then is a fest of cliche, very obvious and I discovered miself laughing with some scenes that appears to be the looney toons.

This movie is slow throughout the first hour and a half of the movie and doesn't pick up a faster pace.

Charlie is the most contrived of the lot, and it's not because of the reasons provided by the movie.

Stunning sound design abounds.

Excellent reviews are rather confusing as there are many better horror or suspense films out there.

Oftentimes it insults your intelligence, has nothing happening, and you're left sitting there thinking "well, this ending better be fantastic, otherwise I just wasted 7 hours of my life".

I expected some unexpected finale - it just ain't there people.

Some good acting, strung together oddly, not horror, not fright night, boringly satanic, save yourself & skip it.

This movie is long and boring.

With frequent jump scares and thrilling music which accompanies these scares, plus with the morbid and horrific gore and inhuman movements constant keeps your eyes glued to the screen out of fear.

DRAWN out.

It's a scary movie, no doubt about that, but it's filled with little details that makes even the cliche-horror-scenes original and unexpected.

This one started a little slow, until the first WTF moment and then it kept the tension, jump scares, and twists running full speed.

It turned out to be very run-of-the-mill, and I was expecting after a 2 hour movie that was so unique that it'd have something different and unexpected about it too.

2+ hours boring film .

Boring ,weird , it made no sense at all ,bad acting and horiible special effects.

No storyline what so ever.

Mom crawls on the roof, saws her head off.. yawn, yawn, yawn.

But then something completely unexpected happened, and the execution of the film, after that, drastically improved, until it went right up my alley for intrigue.

Boring and sadly expected .

Truly one of the worst movies ever made alongside Get Out.

It's a long drawn out kind of scary.

Complete waste of time.

How do you create a suspenseful but ultimately pointless, run-of-the-mill movie?

It's too long, cliched, and boring.

The ENTIRE first hour of this movie is so slow and boring that I almost fell asleep several times.

Then a colony of ants appear in a dream sequence in a lazy 1970s-horror-movie way, and from that point on the film falls back into a more predictable territory: after the ants come the flies, the levitation, and the blood signs on the walls.

It starts off pretty slow and at times, the viewer may wonder where exactly this strange plot is taking him.

What a waste of my time that I won't get back!!!

I'm sure the filmmaker reads these reviews, so take note to give the audience subdued horror than predictable.

Starts Promisingly - Then Dives into Formulaic Horror Tropes .

The acting was terrible and the movie was slow paced.

Hereditary is a drawn out drama, that attempts to become something scary in the last 10 minutes or so, and fails.

If I was in the theater, woulda walked out.

Bad story, slow agonizing pace, and no pay off.

The only reason that you would leave the theater early for this movie is because you realise early on that it's complete and utter crap and want to get a refund.

It's a definite slow burn of a film, at times a little dull, but it all leads to something quite unsettling and explosive in its own intense way.

This is A Phenomenal suspenseful movie , very eerie, about apparitions and spiritual events took places at dr.Graham's house , guess it's hereditary because it all started from their grandmother or even before who knows!

A lot of people here said its a bad and boring film; I'd like to know what they would consider a "good" horror film!

Very boring movie.

Entertaining, visually satisfying and perfectly acted.

This movie is a tedious and boring joke.

Everything was so easily cliche I just couldn't stand any of the characters.

Confusing crappy ending .

It is probably one of the most unsettling movies I've seen in a while, and for a film that is more of an artsy fartsy movie, it is quite entertaining.

Definitely worth a watch, but temper your expectations and slow down.

The ending is a bit boring after all, especially compared to the continous tension, which the young director maintained till the end (absolute good point).

Its the worst movie of my life.

To me it felt more like a psychological thriller that took me on a harrowing journey through grief, depicting what the mind is capable of when you suffer the unbearable loss of a family member.

It literally seemed like every scene was drawn out at least half a minute more than it had to be, and by the end, I was more anxious because of another drawn out scene than I was by the actual story/plot.

Not scary at all, just confusing parts.


The use of slow pans, long stationary shots and silence throughout the film ratchet up the fear factor beyond what's expressly shown on screen.

Hereditary is a throw back to the good old days of slow burn, psychological horror.

DONT WASTE YOUR TIME one of the worst I've ever seen.

The story is idiotic and the revelation at the end was pointless.

Go watch paint dry instead.

I can't praise this movie enough.. brutal, crafty, original, eerie, compelling.. just brilliant and utterly disturbing and terrifying.

Very slow start.

Heredity is entertaining, visually satisfying and perfectly acted.

Boring, boring boring, 5 minutes of the Exorcist, really stupid and predictable ending .

Waste of time!!.

But the main cast (father, mother, two children) carry this movie like real pros, after a slightly slow start, straight to a terrifying climax.

It's just long and boring.


If you do like me and read some 'big' critics before embarking on a film, you can end up reading things like this: "a sensationally scary debut feature by Ari Aster, is unhappy in ways that Tolstoy could never have dreamed", or "this horror flick can be so shocking and dismaying, so genuinely upsetting in spasms and spurts, yet at the same time so madly entertaining"Do not be fooled fellow imdbians, with more than two full hours, this film has you yawning for more than 60 full minutes before something happens.

The sound in the movie perfectly built tension that helped carry the film during some of its slower moments.

If you choose to be tormented, buckle up for long, drawn out scenes that fail at building suspense (the fast forward button is a lifesaver).

This weird light thing was pretty pointless and could've been redone in a better way with a new idea, and this one scene with the little girl where she sees the dead grandmother in a burning field in broad daylight and no one else noticed around the house.

Such a boring and non scary movie I just can't comprehend all the reviews stating how "gripping and terrifying" this movie is.

Sooooooo boring!!


One of the worst movies I have watched.

It's a slow-moving movie and I am fine with it.

Some of the most intense and scary scenes I have ever seen.

It is rare to see a film that presents such a brilliant combination of both gripping drama and chilling horror throughout.

The story was dooming for the family, and could've been told in a very different, more 'exciting' way.

Boring, boring, BORING.

The negative comments are mostly to do with pacing and it seems that a lot of viewers found the slow pace tedious.

Pointless, Cliche camera work, No plot whatsoever.

Really unsettling, and intense .

Seriously, what a waste of my time.

The worst movie I have seen in 30 years of going to the movies.

I have watched that many movies over the years and that many horror movies in particular I tend to get bored with them now as I find there is nothing new to offer so to speak.

I had no notion of where the film was going for at least the first half and it kept my attention throughout, even though the pacing is much slower than a typical horror film.

Very slow paced movie.

The only con for me was the confusing ending and other bits of confusion during the movie leaving me a bit lost in the plot.

What a waste of time...

It's certainly absorbing, and for much of the run time there's a pervasive sense of creeping dread, with the occasional well-executed jump-scare.

Super slow and non sense.

what a terrible waste of money...

a totaly waste of time.

It's the worst movie I've ever seen, I do not recommend it to anyone

Scary, suspenseful where it needs to be, shocking where it needs to be, in near-perfect balance.

But I do see why its gotten some good reviews, it pretentious.

Don't waste yours, or your money on this trash.

Has to force myself to stay awake...

Definitely worth watching if you're a fan of true suspense/horror minus the ridiculous blood and guts in today's films.

I really, really want to scream PEOPLE PLEASE DON'T WASTE YOU'RE TIME (not money - TIME) ON THIS!!!!!

this was so boring.

It meets expectations and is worth the watch .

The negatives: slow at times and THEND!

The movie only really started aka became entertaining 40 or so minutes in.

A real atmospheric slow burner with a finale that pays off big time, this is a real modern classic and a must watch for any true horror fans.

Spine tingling, slow burner.

What a Waste Of Time .

The conclusion is intense and it really leaves you thinking.....

If you happen to prefer slasher flicks like Hills Have Eyes or The Texax Chainsaw Massacre, this movie is obviously a total waste of time.

This film is totally a waste of time.

The intricately woven plot, the stunning visual and visceral body elements, and sublime performances (Collete especially heartbreaking and real) all add up to the best horror/dysfunctional-family drama/mystery of the year.

It's basically a sad drama that is slow and mostly uninspiring.

Hypnotic and intense throughout, the brilliantly executed Hereditary taps into the ghosts within all of us .

I would call it a 'slowbore' because it was really, really, really, really, really, boring.

A little boring graphic headcuttings and a comfy lil mass at the treehouse (what a pathetic church) will end the movie.

This was one of the worst movies I've seen in a long time.

This is not a particularly scary movie, it's kinda slow and even boring.

I had to stop watching more than once out of boredom.

Very slow.

Some just won't get it, just like some find Shakespeare boring.

This waste of time and money in the cinema forces me to that!


The entire first half was super boring, the second half picked up a bit.

Don't waste your time, hugely disappoitning.

Don't waste your time watching this movie.

Aiming for a slow build, its style is characterized by long silences, subtly altered colors, a gliding camera, and a muted soundscape overrun by heavily ominous, atmospheric music.

Maybe it's time Hollywood stopped churning out so many rehashed boring horror stories and put more energy into unique well written ones.

Modern audiences may find this movie a bit slow.

This is the worst movie I have seen in my life.

The negative reviews being "boring" come from the 80% of the population that now is trained to want fast paced "Paranormal Activity" style jump scare BS.

The rest of the film is so unique and original that it's rather glaring when this cliche pops up.

Not at all scary, the film felt disjointed and in the end I was left feeling sorry for the talented actors that took part in this.

Thrilling, exciting and keeping you on the tip of your chair or even looking away.

It came across as contrived and was just trying too hard.

There were some really good parts, confusing parts, annoying parts and just weird let's.

Very predictable, weird as hell.

It was gripping and intriguing and as always Toni Collette gives an incredible performance.

So boring!

Overall I would say it's a too long bore fest.


I think that would take some INTENSE therapy and some time off of school/work.

For a horror film to keep you guessing is quite a feat these days and for it still to have frights and shocks definitely makes 'Hereditary' worth watching.

It's incredibly slow and boring and not in the good way.

As a person who never gets scared by a fright flick, this one plays as a very engrossing and truly scary film showcasing events that are paranormal.

Long, slow .

Absolute waste of time.

It's basically two or three disturbing images separated by 10 or 20 minutes of bland acting and poor plot devices.

Worst movie ever!!!!!!.

The mystery around it, the slow moving pace, the dreadfulness surrounding it, make it (or as I stated above break it for some).

So boring we almost fell asleep in the theater.

When I watched the description, it promised me so much feelings, turns, excitement, but it delivered a boring story.

So the times where the movie is rather slow, you still feel engaged.

Not scarry at all, in the whole movie nothing happens.

He masterfully embraces the gruesome and chilling sensations of slasher horrors like "Scream", "Friday the 13th" and "Saw" while delivering squeamish supernatural spine tingling thrills from movies like "The Conjuring", "Sinister" and "Insidious" combining them in this concoction of out right fear and very, very enjoyable film.

The ultimate in 'slow burning' horror .

This was major league boring.

The movie took way too long to tell it's story.

Last 20 mins made me so sick I could barely continue but at the same time I wanted to know and I wanted to watch, leaving me completely immersed in their world.

The cinematography is very good, but the pacing can be a bit slow in the beginning.

I am definitely a horror genre addict however this film reminds me a lot of the intense emotional feelings I felt watching insidious.

I felt kinda bored.

Somewhere in the middle I thought I'll be disappointed, but it all came to it's place and it's definitely worth watching.

I'll insert my critique as I try to explain this movie, which is extremely formulaic: a creepy event happens that's supposed to scare the audience (but never quite succeeds), followed by 20-odd minutes of boring filler.

re-defines slow burn .

Waste of time .

Ari Aster consistently develops the characters and continues a complex but understandable story line all while providing intense fear.

I'm hard pressed to find a film that so perfectly sets the stage of an emotional, atmospheric plunge into a suspenseful, lonely hell.

Worst movie ever .

It was definitely a slow burn, and an emotional one at that.

Watching long stares, seemingly unending scenes, as well as repetitive scenes which only seem to be running over ground we have already watched more than once are not really my jam.

Don't waste your time watching this Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man

Hereditary is a special horror movie, very different with a distinctive combination of forces, which combines the emotion of pain of loss with the terror of the unknown and unexpected, showing us truly raw and disturbing images.

Boring too long Dont waste time .

Awesome actors (Byrne and Collett were oustanding as always), though Alex Wollf delivers a very flat and dull performance.

The end was so flipping ridiculous it made the slow burn wait a waste.

Are you Bored?

A very slow start from the first hour.

The storyline is absurd and confusing, even for a horror movie.

But I truly think Hereditary is a great movie that's chilling, intense, and full of surprises.

boring .

Though I already read the review on how the movie is a slow burn, I just couldn't believe how slow it was.

An absolute bore.

Such a confusing ending...

The positives are that the pace is relatively quick; there are some enjoyable jump scares; and regardless of its logic, the ending is unpredictable.

Enjoyable enough until the ending .

In Charlie's pivot role, the young Milly Shapiro shows a fascinating presence.

One of the most boring movies in long time.

It is worth watching and it will keep you guessing while on the edge of your seat.

The whole movie was intense and crazy!

But such is the slow-burning set-up, the very convincing performances and the assuredly weird direction (from Ari Aster, who also wrote this), that the resultant filmic experience is so much more.

The sequence of events leading up to the ending are both riveting and truly horrifying.

During a big part of the film, both the characters and us, the spectators, we will not know what is happening or what is going to happen, and it is partly this intrigue that keeps us all moving forward with the story despite what slow it may seem, the last act being the most intense, almost as if they saved everything for the end (even with some pretty horrid moments scattered throughout the film).

Waste of time!

Highly Entertaining Until The Bad Ending .


The first half is some of the most intense and darkly disturbing scene setting and character introduction you will find in any film, and the second half is just one wildly terrifying scene after another right through the horrifying climax in the attic.

I waited far too long to do so.

(The story occasionally seems to slow when events should be accelerating.

Biggest waste of money in a while.

The foreshadowing, the unbearable tension, the incredible acting, or the terrifying and unpredictable plot.

Completely waste of time .

Waste of time .

It's pretty intense at certain parts and really sad surprisingly, making this is pretty good movie on it's own.

Dont waste your time.

An ultimate waste of time.

Disturbing and enjoyable nonetheless.

This is the Best Horror Movie I have seeined in recent time..Thrilling and Very Scary ...

Her descent to madness was slow and building so well that her behavior at the end was very abrupt and ultimately unconvincing to me.

Saw this film with my teenage kids and it was without question one of the dumbest, non-scary, pretentious, horror movies that I have ever seen.

Finally, something worth watching!

The only thing that I can equate this film with is when Axl Rose delivers a stunning vocal performance only to "f" it up in the end by holding notes too long and sounding utterly ridiculous.

This movie started out well enough, I am okay with the slow burn thing.....

Some parts were so slow that towards the end I got to thinking "Ok apparently the director just ran out of ideas and decided to drag each scene out way longer than necessary.

As much as I love this film, there is one corny old horror movie cliche that prevents me from giving it ten stars, and that's the old book that explains everything, with illustrations no less.

Boring .

No story what so ever.

Overall, I found the whole film highly entertaining.

Better those things than predictable slashings and special effect blood letting for gores sake.


The film's frequent bumps and turns are already disturbing enough without the terrifying injections of supernatural elements, making for a tense and gripping film throughout.


The acting is insanely over the top, the plot was just plain stupid, it dragged on endlessly while all the while appearing to go nowhere.

It was dumb, slow, and boring.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

When I watched the description, it promised me so much feelings, turns, excitement, but it delivered a boring story.

As for negatives, some of the teen's dialogue feels very trite and generic, which is odd considering how excellent it is everywhere else.

Aside from it's mildly drawn out scenes it has it's stamp in cinema as a emotionally intense family drama/Thriller that'll leave your hand cusping your mouth in attempt to hold back the sigh of astonishment.

Mostly boring with an absolutely stupid reveal.

Acting from all is breathtaking.

Horrifying and Thrilling .

Average horror film or a compelling drama.

If you're in the mood for something long, drawn out and a little different in terms of horror, then it's definitely worth sitting down for.

Bad story, bad explaining, long and dragging on way too long, bad character creation (not the fault of acting).

The director create a unexpected environment in his work.

When this movie started I found it really slow.

All that painfully boring lead up for that!

Maybe I was too generous with 4rating but I went with friends and we gotta good laugh at the ridiculous overdone "scary scenes" which was just awkward and pointless.

Waste of time.

It loses one star because it is a fairly long and often boring movie.

The only thing that I liked was that the old boring husband was set on fire!

What a waste of time.

I know that so many people dislike this movie, and whatever, it's their opinion, but it's probably because they either were expecting something else, got confused/found it boring or just didn't care enough to think about.

The acting was good, but the film itself was boring and I laughed far too much at what was meant to be a psychological horror.

During the first and the second acts this film commits the worst sin of entertainment: it's BORING, because nothing interesting happens until last 30 minutes of this flick.

Then, pretentious director/writer Ari Aster decided he would use the last 9 minutes of his film to turn into what snooty film snobs call a "masterpiece".

Throughout the film we watch the lives of intriguing people with there own intergrule backstories, and then we have Peter who appears to be a stereotypical edgy highschool student.

It's a thrilling 127 minutes and it deserves in my opinion 10/10

Unique but predictable, stereotypical horror .

Could of been good, very boring storyline and acting .

It was good, I definitely enjoyed it more than my family though.

Alex Wolff in particular was astonishingly good after the unexpected car accident that shocked me so intensely that I literally froze, and paused the film to contemplate what just happened.

Anyone that touts this nonsense as being 'modern horror genius' etc, is a pretentious Tesla driving shill, who loves the smell of their own farts.

It seemed like this was the slowest movie ever.

HEREDITARY was the WORST movie I've ever seen, waited the whole time for it to get better, it did not!!

This was boring.

It was your waste time..and the story is bored.

So, in order for this to happen, there had to be decapitations, crawling on ceilings, random sitings of dead people, self hurting, and a pointless torching of dad.

What a waste of my life.

Waiting, waiting, waiting for it to get scary, weird, thrilling.

It starts slow....

Due to the slow pace of the film, you are waiting for something to happen.

Even though she (unexpectedly) left early Milly Shapiro who portrayed the little girl of the family was also very impressive.

Performances are all great but Toni Collette is quite simply breathtaking.

I didn't like this movie a bit, at one point it gets boring and I don't understand why they consider it horror when I didn't get scared even a second.

A complete waste of time and overrated to the point that it becomes laughable.

This is fairly engaging but the rather drawn out beginning and first half with its stop/start manner had me thinking I was watching some multi part TV series where the writers were only too aware this was something they needed to spin out.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable watch for any horror fan and Ari Aster is definitely one to watch as a writer and director in this genre.

Gripping is the word.

So slow.

Creepy but unrelatable and very slow .

This was a fascinating performance by one of my favorite leading ladies.

This movie is a slow burn and the visuals are simply amazing.

Loved this film, was freaky as hell something different from the horror genre really enjoyed it

I could hear one woman behind say as she walked out "i can't anymore, this is too much.

This was one of the most boring and senseless movies I have ever seen.

Scenes tend to either be visually empty or far to visually dense and distracting, with few examples of middle ground throughout.

Its overrated and actually boring.

Hereditary's main stand out point is it doesn't rely on cheap jumpscares to work, it knows how to build tension and mood in a mature and smart way, using slow shots and a truly remarkable soundtrack.

It's also rare to watch a movie that's entirely unpredictable from beginning to end, and for that reason alone it's worth a watch from serious movie watchers as well as horror fans.

Boring to the bone and without any sense at all.

The beginning was interesting but just found it too long and slow to keep my attention.

Boring and uninteresting .

There was also very, very little significant character development for anyone, which I found disappointing as some of the characters had potential to be very engaging.

if you have, then i hope you enjoyed it because i certainly did, horror films like this are the ones that truly make an impact, there were so many moments of shock & just pure tension, and i really enjoyed the story and the way it all unravelled, it didn't need to say or do a lot, and it didn't, it was a clean and spectacular cinematic experience for me, and i can't say enough good things about it.

It was such a cliche, third class horror movie ending.

Too weird and too slow .

Instead of in your face gory effects and jump scares (which I do enjoy as well), this movie slowly lulls you into a place where discomfort and emotional dispair slowly seep into your subconscious.

As the fear increases their relationship deteriorates and their characters become more and more intriguing.

All of the actors were excellent and convincing, some of the scenes were a little slow (thank you fast forward), and some were shocking, sad, and pretty creepy.


Promising, gripping and emotionally truthful - let down by an unsatisfying final act .

I was so bored and if it was in a cinema would have walked out.

At that point, they accomplished - using a very common element of horror movies - raising many questions, turning the movie for me to total confusion.

good slow movie .

Those that think it is boring were probably looking for a different type of movie.

Literally one of the most boring horror movies I've ever seen.

Nine out of Ten intense stars.

slow and methodical at the start and then after a huge jump moment it gets really weird.

The best way to describe the tone of the movie would be monotonous, which also makes the pacing of the movie feel very slow.

Strange plot with holes bigger than the grand canyon and just a bit boring.

It's super intense and well made, genuinely creepy and unsettling.

HEREDITARY is a deadly serious, slow-burning horror movie that comes across as a mixed bag overall.

Don't waste your time.

Slow and predictable.

Boring .

Random and confusing .

Very similar to the witch where at first its slow, then it slaps you in the face with crazy imagery.

The plot and the way the story goes is good but it might bore you...

He did so well and made the movie more gripping, just like Toni.

The first thirty minutes made me wanted to walked out because of boredom.

Don't waste your time.

I find this movie too boring...

This movie is plain BORING, there is almost no horror in this film.

Worst movie, I've ever seen (besides killing of a sacred deer) .

This movie is a slow burn.

If you are looking for a film to fall asleep to yeah this could be for insomniacs to cure them.

I was even bored having to recollect the movie.

Intense, horrifying, amazing actors and good cinematography.

I'm only giving it 3 stars, because of the acting from the two leads and because of the cinematography, which is also really goodDon't waste your time on this crap.

The movie is slow.

Instead it's an extremely intense drama about death within the family and the mom losing her mind over everything that's happening.

The movie has exactly one good scene and all the rest is just boring as hell.

Waste of time .

When I say that nothing happens I'm understating the movie.

One of the most boring movies ever .

One Of The Slowest Movies In The History Of Horror .

An incredible work, with a slow and accurate development.

Whilst Hereditary's conclusion is initially confusing and a lot to take in, a quick Google search puts the pieces together and makes one even more appreciative of Aster's carefully constructed plot.

Slow tedious and dull .

A slow-burning horror that focuses on real-world themes such as family, guilt and grief.

For most of the run time, Hereditary seems like a family drama of a very intense nature.

So slow, really had to fight to stay awake.

Captivating Story, Thrilling Scares .

Great acting, wonderful scenery and thrilling atmosphere.

Worst movie ever.

The acting is great and the story something fresh and exciting.

Don't waste your time, this movie was slow and terrible.

By far the most amazing scene is the end, and I watched it five times because it's so unexpected and inhuman, so completely dismissive of the struggles of the characters who suffered for it to happen, that it earns authenticity simply because the story has been divorced from any human expectation of a positive ending.

I really enjoyed it.

Certainly it's very predictable as in the camera angles give away when something is going to happen.

I almost walked out on this movie I was so very disappointed.

Waste of time and money.

Seriously intense.

Stunning Atmospheric Suspense .

This could have been a great movie, but it's just a slow, boring waste of time that escalates into something way over the top.

This movie was so suspenseful and really creepy.

This movie is PAINFUL to watch, agonizing, a slow burn.

I also feel like the film could do with tightening up just a tad around the second act, where I think things slow down just a tiny bit too much which temporarily takes away from the unbearable tension.

The rest of the movie was incredibly boring and absolutely too long.

Waste of time .

Instead, I found it unoriginal, boring, and over-hyped by "casual" horror fans.

Boring actors.

Half way through I had to put my phone down and was fully immersed in the movie.

What a waste of so many people's time.

Hard to follow and with too little substance

However, the movie could have been 10 to 20mns shorter, I think it would have helped the rhythm, which feels kinda slow and dragging in some points.

Instead of a well written horror flick I got something with endless boring dialog and actors than were terrible.


Don't Waste Your Tine & Money .

The movie was well shot and the sets were amazing but overall the plot was lacking, there was zero excitement and it was just boring at times.

In all honesty this is the absolute most boring horror movie in the history of human cinema.

Finally, they kept using the horror cliche of the character slowly turning around.

The constant rush of fear and confusion keeps your heart beating fast the entire movie.

The movie is boring from start to finish.

Don't waste your time.

Still, I think this film is entertaining and will satisfy most horror film fans.

I'd heard and read reviews that spanned from "best horror movie ever" to "complete waste of time".

Basically what it comes down to is maybe I'm just dumb, but I found this movie to be very difficult to follow and ultimately I felt that it demanded too much from the audience in order to piece together what was REALLY happening in the movie during the first screening of the film.

I have not seen such bad acting for a long time, apart from one or two minor and not particularly scary jump scares this movie is boring, predictable and just plain weird, and not even in a good way!

Queue the confusing plot points.

Then, in my opinion, it is diluting itself to justify the lousy and laughable end to which we are doomed, making me wish that all the characters (for being so bored) die painfully and quickly so that it ends already and to go home.

I love horror movies and maybe today was just the wrong day to try to watch this but I was just sooooo bored with watching this movie.

The movie does not start badly, it is entertaining and a good story is expected.

Terribly over-acted and the storyline just went nowhere...

There are some interesting and disturbing surprises, the acting is great, and if you like Rosemary's Baby - a slow burner without a lot of gore etc. you may enjoy this one.

Slow and boring .

The plot is boring and too slow.

Maybe this is about hollywood satanists jerking off to their lil boring mass and trying to make fun and mock the audience at the same time.

The Bad:One thing about this film, was that the ending was definitely unexpected, in a bad way.

As I watched this movie I was having one of the most intense cinema experiences of my life.

Then five minutes of Exorcist style horror scenes and a really stupid and predictable finale.

A really stupid, boring, demonic and obviously esoteric and occult movie with clear antichristianic message.

Yes it's well acted, because it has a good cast but thats all, nothing scary just a bit arty farty, might work as a play but as a movie forget it, i was bored and couldn't wait for it to finish which took oh so long, Sorry for being negative

A bit slowly paced.

Perhaps the film occasionally gets slightly wrapped up in exposition, but it still manages to be consistently compelling, helped by a stylish and sinister execution.

Complete waste of time .

Just make your movie needlessly long with lots of boring long-ass shots and above all needlessly 'mysterious', by giving out the information in an almost ungraspable way, so you just have to watch it 3 times or go read on internet before you can understand this basicly pretty simple story.

Absolutely not scary (very, very far from it), boring and with an ending close to ridiculous.

Watch paint dry instead .

If you want to see a real horror movie this one is a waste of time.

Movie was way too long with too many boring scenes.

Don't waste your time.

The movie is suspenseful and builds on the relationship between the family members.

So many different elements of horror just thrown in and absolutely no plot.

It's a slow burn, and the second half of the movie is not quite as good as the first, and does get a bit generic (although I thought the ending was pretty damn good honestly.

For example I very well noticed the symbol on the pole by the road, but why make one part of the "summoning" so super complicated and insanely random, other than just for the sake of making a shocking and unexpected scene.

The plot was incredibly bland and predictable, even leaving out the paranormal stuff.

Slow paced boring movie .

Is there a more worse/intense word than Disturbing!.

This was a complete waste of time and utter garbage.

One of the worst movie I've seen in a while.

This movie felt like it dragged on for 5 hours.

I consider it the worst movie I've seen this year.

Hereditary is a slow burner of a horror film that concentrates on the drama surrounding a family dealing with grief and psychological issues due to their families past.

Personally, I was more disturbed by this, because it was completely unexpected.

One of the worst movie.

The only times I opened my mouth was to YAWN.

I'm only giving it 3 stars because of the cast and their amazing actingPro's: amazing cast, good first 20 minutes, good actingCon's: confusing, no real plot, bad writing, incredibly slow after the beginning of the movie, the paranormal effects where pointless and not scary

I'm all for movies that take their time, but by the 4th long slow pan I was bored and done with them!

This was by far the worst movie i've watched this year.

an utter waste of time!!.

Boring and Ridiculous .

Slow burn but this film will not disappoint horror fans looking for something smart, unique and intense.

The main actress was incredible as a mother on the edge of a nervous breakdown, little Milly Shapiro did an excellent job as well as the others.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen.

It was also very slow for no reason.


Total Waste of Time .

Sometimes too slow-paced, I was completely absorbed by this movie even in the slowest segments.

Great start to a film but it fell off suddenly at the end with a dumb and confusing ending.

Its very boring and drags on.

What a waste of time .

The acting, directing and soundtrack are mind blowing.

Everything, from the cinematography to the musical score, made this feel so psychological and intense!

I spent 2:10 h of my life watching the most uninteresting, boring, nonsense movie.

Also - waaayyy to slow for my taste.

It's uncomfortable, pointless and confusing don't waste your time.

waste of time....

Slow .

I don't ever plan on watching it again and to anyone that has not seen it, don't waste your time and money.

It's also a terribly slow film with an enervating soundtrack in the background.

What a complete waste of time.

It seemed like a riveting and quality piece of horror that just turned into the worst kind of B horror imaginable.

The evolution of the characters is truly a slow train coming, brilliantly timed and performed.

The script is bad and to be honest most of the acting is bad and boring.

I loved the suspenseful score.

Despite the slow pace, the film progresses in a manner that provides satisfaction.

Absolutely terrifying yet fascinating.


It's completely slow and not scary at all.

It's a real slow burner, but still worth the watch, just not something you can watch over and over.

There was a moment when I asked myself "wait, is this another slow turn shot from behind?

Don't waste your time.

I waste my time and really disappoint.

That was the biggest waste of time ever.

The amazing actors and acting that made me uneasy the whole movie as if it was happening for real, this person who made this movie definetly knows how to make a horror movieit would be 10 stars but the ending was not good in my opinion and the husband being a bit too much skeptical,and about the ending he should of gotten dragged in and back on his bed when he got knocked out from the fall lmao!!

Got so bored your mind's wandering?

What a waste of time.

This intense and compelling horror film has it all as it follows the ultimate dysfunctional families descent into madness.

If pointless violent scenes are rated over 7, there something seriously wrong with people rating it that high.

If you care about all those things more than just entertainment (and I'm not bashing the latter or whatever preference you may have), than this movie will have you on the edge of your seat ...

It's a boring concept, no unique storytelling, it could have been so much more if there was a bit more thought put in it.

A slow drama?

It is first of all a very gripping emotional tale about how a family of individuals cope with heartbreaking events.

2 hour BoreFest .

Watched the first 23 minutes and nothing happened.

This is the type of film that is engrossing and likely gets even more effective after a second viewing when you pick up on all of the smaller elements.

Definitely recommend but this is a movie that is very intense and will stick with you for a while.

Big waste of time watching this.

It's better to spend time with someone else or watch some comedy rather than sit and waste your time.

This was boring.

There are many twists and unexpected turns in this film and when the dust settles, the viewer is left retracing their steps and questioning their everything they just witness.

The pacing is too slow.

It was a waste of time and no one should ever watch this garbage.

Great acting and production, but the story and characters were just boring.

Inbetween each of these scenes are a very slow story telling.

I was on the edge my seat through pretty much this whole film, I was really into what was going on in the whole atmosphere of the movie, and was really interested in what would happen next.

Seems like one of those movies that people rave about because they think it's a high brow horror film when actually it's just a pile of pretentious rubbish.

Formulaic dross .

Overhyped, slow paced, horror film .

Contrived plot, tedious pace and no real scares.

The movie is very slow, and the story is not strong enough.

impressive performances and absolutely brilliant direction, well thought out and constructed script, made perfectly to give terror to the audience and be unpredictable, all i can say is that it is undoubtedly perfect

Formulaic .

The sotry is stupid and boring so I recomed to not lose you time watching this movie.

I think most are hokey and predictable.

Most boring, slow film I've watched in ages .

Horror genre tends to be rather formulaic and offer very repetitive "in your face" tropes to set the mood and I'm actually okay with this, because I enjoy a conventional flick as much as the next guy, if it manages to entertain and get the job done.

It takes way too long to get going.

SPOILER ALERTThe only time the movie was interesting was when the daughter died but even then it was pretty slow it felt like I was watching paranormal activity and just waiting for something interesting to happen.

slow .

Lastly, this movie is boring.

It was a long slow journey towards a disappointing end.

A complete waste of time...

At worst, you'll finally take that oath you've always wanted to stop wasting time on interchangeable, cliché filled basics that only stand out for not standing out in anything.

Both fascinating and repellent at the same time.

Besides the utter lack of an actual plot, interesting or even likable characters, a music score, decent not over-the-top acting, its biggest flaw is the unforgiving slow and motionless pacing, I can't even begin to describe how boring this film is, honestly you'd be more entertained by watching dough rise.

Creepy, taut and gripping.

That Movie Was Too Boring and...

Up there in the top ten worst movies I've seen.

Should've had a better back story at the beginning then maybe it wouldn't have been so hard to follow.