Hesher (2010) - Comedy, Crime, Drama

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A young boy has lost his mother and is losing touch with his father and the world around him. Then he meets Hesher who manages to make his life even more chaotic.

Director: Spencer Susser
Stars: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Devin Brochu
Length: 106 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 21 out of 103 found boring (20.38%)

One-line Reviews (63)

Each and every character is made of cardboard and all are given mindless, cliché-ridden dialogue with plenty of 'pensive' time in between lines (with those glaring looks where the viewer is supposed to guess what the character is thinking) because the script writers have no idea what it is they're attempting to accomplish.

Nevertheless, all was this was exciting to follow, as the screenplay had a few predictable moments only, most of it (the ending incl.

This movie was so unique and entertaining.

, but still it was a waste of time - I should have watched the landscape instead, passing by the window.

It's difficult to sit through the entire film because the story is so disjointed and disappointing.

Sad, Weird & Disturbing, but Powerful, Intense and Memorable .

I get that they were trying to make a movie about a father and son and how do they live after the death of his wife/mother, but this movie was long and the most boring movie I've seen in a long time.

A captivating and engaging story, and certainly time well spent.

The premise has been done before but the direction of it all makes it a film worth watching.

Brilliantly acted with a stunning performance by the kid T.

Generally, cliché script and directing and some good musics make this movie watchable.

The lengths this gentleman was put to was intense.

In short, "Hesher" is a disjointed film featuring disconnected characters.

It makes one think, how could this be that enjoyable.

Hesher is undeniably entertaining in the strangest of ways.

A very good coming of age film with some top jokes and physical comedy.

And for that fact and the other acutely indie traits (gorgeous actress uglied down, "real" settings like crappy homes, crappy surroundings, crappy van, crappy stores) that make this film feel too contrived and feel like it is trying too hard for me.

His assistance may not be exactly what was expected, but it is helpful and does make for an entertaining and thoughtful movie.

Gordon-Levitt's character's actions are funny but confusing: They're inconsistent with reality, well beyond plausibility.

A waste of time and talent .

His only light comes from his connection with Nathalie and the moment they share together are intense.

I'll encourage such a good movie with an 8Interesting, very well shot and acted, good story, nice grip, becoming concept, funny, moving, intriguing, smart, all in all a very good film.

Hesher played by Gordon Levitt Smith carries this movie about crudeness, recklessness, sadness, humor, adrenaline, rock, darkness, and great story telling.

I recommend at least a go with this movie, it offers a scent of new in a world of cheesy stereotypes, fishy propaganda and boring clones mostly from Hollywood.

Don't waste your time .

total waste of time.

So random and unpredictable you never really knew where it was going, or what was going to happen next.

Pointless Exercise in Vulgarity with Little Reward .

Not that I personally have got anything against metal music or it's fans, but this movie seemed to me as some sort of counter-propaganda - which makes it even worse because of it's diapositive discrimination: if it is important to brush up the image of the metal-music-guy by displaying a long-haired metal-berserk who looks like Jesus having fun destroying other people's property, then what picture of such people do we have in mind – and does this movie change it?

I'm a glass half full type of person but the filmmaker strikes me as a glass half empty type after watching this film.

One could do many better things than watching this total waste of time that tells us - in an as stupid as senseless manner - platitudes we already know.

So if you like drawn-out, intently vulgar stories about what happens to the unintelligent when they get depressed, knock yourself out.

In some movies this is called for, and adds to the direction, but in this instance it was absolutely pointless.

Spencer Susser's first feature-length film does a masterful job of taking a subject which could have been a jumbled mess of confusion, but instead meshed it into an affective and very entertaining story.

2) The movie should at least flow in an enjoyable way.

I absolutely loved this movies message and highly recommend it.

I don't understand how Natalie Portman accepted to participate in this awful movie, if you ask me, don't waste your money, its not even worth your time.

But other than that, "Hesher" is one hell of an entertaining movie.

I'm an Indie film lover but don't waste your time.

What a waste of my time .....

The whole cast does a great job, so my intense dislike of this movie has nothing to do with them.

Pretty much every second scene had some pointless vulgarity, whether it be explicit sexual descriptions or extreme swearing.

Offbeat, engaging film .

The "little reward" I hint to in the title is a cliché moral that is revealed in the end.

Even though the storyline was mildly predictable, scenes still left me with my jaw dropped .

Much to the confusion of TJ's severely depressed father and sweet-hearted grandmother, Hesher makes himself right at home and begins having an immediate effect on the crumbling household.

Save your money!!

On some way, that is an appropriate description of the film; but leaving that prejudice against artistic pretensions aside, Hesher is an excellent movie with a fascinating screenplay whose narrative force validates the presence of those actors, at brining them roles which are worthy of their talent.

Now you may take my implication that this is a movie about angels as a bunch of pretentious bull-crap.

breaking stuff, or conversely a slow and quiet dramatic and emotional scene such as when T.

I found this movie to be ugly, ridiculous, and pointless.

Joseph Gordon Levitt is amazing and so under-rated as an actor – absolutely riveting.

But, I feel Natalie Portman's role is a little underwritten and her performance a bit bland.

Entertaining movie with a great ending.

A minor quibble in an otherwise offbeat and entertaining film.

Pretentious Spencer Susser got lucky.

Hesher really has a bit of everything, but let's just say it's highly entertaining.

That's what I took from the film and enjoyed it.

First time writer/director Spencer Susser shows how comedy can be found in the most unlikely places, and takes several unexpected chances with his daring script.

I did snicker here and there and tried to like it but it was hopelessly pointless and full of drivel.

That being said Hesher the movie feels disjointed, at times the movie's is too ugly and it leaves a bad taste that makes it hard to rebound for the laughs.

It was hard to see a young boy have his life get worse, confusing and more complicated by the day.

A fascinating and highly recommended drama .