High Life (2018) - Adventure, Drama, Mystery

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A father and his daughter struggle to survive in deep space where they live in isolation.

IMDB: 5.9
Director: Claire Denis
Stars: Robert Pattinson, Juliette Binoche
Length: 113 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 98 out of 207 found boring (47.34%)

One-line Reviews (233)

Such a sci-fi slow movie is acceptable only if there is a good background, an imaginary world or a future world to imagine.

But overall it's disappointingly mundane.

Don't waste your time.

Eventually what I got was a uninteresting snore fest.

He also moves as if on earth, rather than with the slow movements of someone in a weightless environment.

This is one of the worst movies EVER!


Boring .

The collection of reprobates and downtrodden astronauts here are as uninteresting as they are unqualified for the trip (what agency, private or public would entrust such a critical exploration?

"High Life" (2019) was very tedious and boring movie.

Tedious and boring .

All in all it was more boring than inspiring and I would not recommend it, especially not to sci-fi fans as the sci-fi elements here are not really used in any interesting way.

Boring and far-fetched .

Save your money and watch grass grow for an hour and a half.

After a hour of muting and severe boredom, I finally turned it off!

no plot, no character development, no impressive production design - Nothing!

Unfortunately, it also had a sleep-inducing effect on me.

Extremely boring and wasted 106 minutes of my life.

Boring, makes no sense.

Waste of time .

The villainous doctor Dibs played by Juliette Binoche is pretty boring as well, barely giving you any motivation to dislike her or even support her.

Boring and pointless .

A lot of people complain that the film is "too slow" or "nothing happens".

Pretentious..a good technique sometimes it's not enough..a wasted opportunity.

Boring, slow and somekind of acid trip.

Ignore all the negative reviews for those claiming it is just too artsy.

It is a slow human drama, and if you have the patience it more than pays off.

The slow pace let you get a feel for the monotony of these characters experience, and for me, the moments our main character spends alone with his baby harken to the very real isolation new parents face, and the hyper focus on the daily tasks was lovely and humbling.

"High Life" is a total bore.

I was sucked into this pretentious, pointless bilge by the high Metacritic rating.

But, the rest of the film slowly plods on, seemingly devoid of any real stakes or direction.

This is an ugly, boring, convoluted movie without a single milligram of charm.

Uninteresting, unpolished, boring, pointless.

Rough slow burn .

About movie- it supposed to be something new and different with those sex parts, but it ended boring and stupid.

Most likely out of boredom.

It's up to you if you want to waste 2 hours of your life, but if you do, you'll probably be bored.

Told in vaguely non-linear shreds of time, "High Life" begins with a series of plodding, quiet moments between a father and his infant daughter, before splintering into the past and future, exposing the sources of the characters' current situations by the means of their pasts.

Another hack, mistaking long, dull stretches of nothingness and shoving your face in miserableness as art.

Pointless .

I give this film credit for being a piece of art, as opposed to being a generic, formulaic, unoriginal piece of dross, of which there are so many.

I won't get that hour and 53 minutes back, and it would've been better spent sleeping, or playing with an empty can.

It's like a stereotypically tedious filmmaker's idea of what an "arthouse" project should be - self congratulatory, shallow & though it portrays itself as "meaningful", the more accurate descriptive is "superficial".

Meh if you like sci fi and can stand the slow burn, try it.

Terrible movie all around, waste of time and money.

Its one of the those films you're either going to get it and be on board with straight away or you're be bored for most of the entirety, which I can understand.

What drives this movie, and saves it at times, is Pattinson's quietly intense performance.

Unnatural writing and flat performances, taken alongside wholly absurd imagery, make the viewing experience uncomfortable (unless considered facetiously, in which case the movie becomes thoroughly entertaining).

With that being said, there ARE a handful of very intense scenes that I was not expecting whatsoever!

I thought the black hole and things around it were stunning.

This is what I got from the film and High Life nailed at being an open film with various interprations and intriguing themes.

As for me, that fact has definitely not been enough evaluated in production, possibly because of small budget - the colors are too gray-like, frame is not wide enough, exterior is boring and exposition is not attracting.

Total pretentious rubbish .

By and large, High Life is an original, fascinating film that's worth watching, with solid performances by Binoche and Mia Goth and anther truly outstanding performance by Robert Pattinson in the role of Monte (it was the highlight of the film, watching Monte -- a criminal with a conscience you might say -- grow into the role of a loving father with a needy infant, despite his own desperation).

The movie is boring and so pretentious you ask yourself how it got distributed.

and then the audience is redirected for 80-90 minutes through a confusing, somber, and slightly sickening display of base instincts unfettered by logical thought or fear of consequences.

Odd but intriguing .

If you enjoy life, don't waste any time on this rubbish.

I found this film to be badly acted, badly scripted, uber slow and going nowhere.

Garbage: weird and pointless plot, cheap set, cheap acting, dumb ending.

When High Life started I saw a beautifully lit and shot movie, and when I saw Robert Pattison outside reaparing the ship while talking to his kid, I thought I was in for a fantastic slow building space drama.

*SPOILERS AHEAD * Soooo boring!

Just a waste og time .

This was a severely failed attempt of a pretentious experiment in shock and horror cinema for the wannabe artsy-fartsy crowd.

There is no story.

Claire Denis was able to realize her compelling vision with adequate financial support and star power.

A movie lover with the patience to understand that as you approach the speed of light, things slow down, become confusing, and relativity becomes a black hole to some.

There were a lot of intense, brooding, mysterious scenes...

Waste of 2 hours of my life.

Slow and strange and surreal .

This movie was horrible, and boring from first minute.

The story is confusing and the slang for non-Americans hard to understand.

The most promising scene of High Life shows Pattinson throwing corpses from the inhabited spacecraft into empty black space.

However, the characters are, for the most part, pretty bland, with each one given too little to do to be able communicate any kind of personality.

The characters are 2 dimensional, boring and feel like NPC's, most things shown were utterly pointless.

It very slowly paced, and that is not a problem - the problem is that it shows a story which is difficult to understand and even more difficult to care about.

There are a bunch of uninteresting and/or annoying characters that hate each other and wouldn't survive in any situation for a long (or even short) period of time, so what's the point of sending them on a mission that lasts years?

It was lazy, pointless, ugly, and stupid.

Directing was pretty poor because at the running time 1 h 42 min this movie dragged beyond beliefs - i managed to watch the entire thing in like 6 or 7 times - it is that poor.

"High Life" is what you'd get if you asked some Tumblr addicted, pretentious teenage college students studying BTEC theatre studies to make an ensemble arthouse feature film with a production budget which could only afford to cover a trip to IKEA (ooohhh gel lights) & the graphics look like the visual effects artists from Interstellar have been bribed to recreate their animations under the promise they'd be gifted with a packet of hobnobs & a half chewed Polo mint.

A slow paced, disturbing and boring science-fiction drama.

I think I'd actually rather watch paint dry.

Soooo boring .

As we left the theater, my friend said, "When I go to a movie, I at least want to have a little fun.

As sci fi it fails, looks very cheap, almost cartoonishly so, and any psychological exploration is worthless considering how contrived the entire situation is.

Slow, no plot, and ending was the worst.

I would probably be bored in a lot of scenes if it was not for him.

The pacing was ridiculously slow and anyone with A.

Thoughtful but boring Sciencie Fiction pic that takes place beyond the solar system in a future that seems like the present .

The original Solaris is a great example of how slow cinema can work really well, and can also be really boring.

The only redeeming qualities were the amazing score throughout the entire film, the cinematography, and the stunning visuals - the rare times when shown.

How ever sometime it is more boring that intresting.

High Life is a slow moving science fiction film.

Add to the fact that despite this, the film is still slow moving with a lot of unnecessary time taken to establish a scene.

Don't waste your time.

A bit like this spaceship that moved on steadily deep into infinite and empty outer space.

As well as evocative , cold and adequate photograhy from Yorick Le Saux and Tomasz Naumiuk : cinematography: Poland location .

Confusing and unnecessary .

A nasty and confusing Sci-Fi experience .

This is one of the worst movies ever made.

But then, he seemed to go off the right path and signed on two horrible movies, this godawful "High Life" and the weirdest pointless "Damsel".

Don't waste your time as it's not worth it even when free.

nothing happens .

Claire Denis' High Life, depicting death-row inmates on a miserable eight-year black-hole mission to harvest its rotational energy for a hungry earth, is a painfully slow dance with eroticism at its most basic.

As a result, while I was taken aback by the visuals, atmosphere and striking likeness to Solaris, I really found myself struggling to engage with the film's major themes through the opening two acts, with the story taking too many liberties with its more provocative and arthouse-style ideas early on, and giving little focus to developing those main dramatic themes in a more engrossing manner.

I can see why some viewers might see it as slow moving and possibly offensive.

A complete waste of time.

Juliette Binoche is a good actress but some of her line delivery was overly monotone for some reason.

Usually something really exciting happens then they do that.

I'm getting bored.

Horrible, boring movie.

What a waste of time, not worth watching.

Some shots feel "off" and some 'disturbing" scenes pointless.

The movie which I thought about while watching this was 'Human, space, time and human' - these two are very similar, but the last is more boring.

While the first 20 minutes or so set up an amazing cerebral experience, with a great performance from Pattinson, it quickly desolved into try-hard symbolism that is not just hitting you over the head, but also frustratingly hard to follow.

The pacing though was a bit off and I found the film to be quite boring at times.

Very slow, very weird, "artsy" and "intellectual" in the worst ways .

Now, slow cinema is always one of the most interesting genres out there, because it requires the very best in directing, acting, screenwriting and everything else to keep you engrossed at every moment.

boring, boring, boring....

This "film" is incredibly boring and pretentious.

Was looking for to a cerebral experience but had to fight to stay awake.

boring and pointless .

You don´t enjoy it throughout (it´s slow, full of hard to watch moments and boring) and you keep watching to see what happens at the end but nothing happens at the end.

Robert Pattinson (Twilight fame) delivers an Oscar nod worthy performance & is so instrumental in making this movie as intriguing and interesting as it is.

"High Life" is raw, authentic, darkly haunting, full of mystery, and intense performances .

The main actor is dull and mostly just mumbles.

It is still highly slow and not very engaging.

Worst movie ever .

One of the worst movies I think I have ever seen.

While Denis's ponderous event film certainly does feature large portions of its rudiment focused on Robert Pattinson's Monte trying to take care of his space vessel and his young daughter Willow, High Life is most certainly not the film it may first appear to be thanks to Denis's wild vision that looks to tackle some of the big existential questions about life, love, procreation and survival under the guise of a cerebral science fiction experience.

Pretentious and pointless .

The lousy excuse of constant acceleration to explain the gravity on the ship, only to announce that the ship has started to slow down without any loss of that artificial gravity.

It was breathtakingly awful, with no plot or character development to speak of.

Everything is inside, in a grey, boring motif.

The sad thing was that I was hearing mostly negative things about the film and how boring and pretentious it was.

Robert Pattinson (Twilight fame) delivers an Oscar nod worthy performance & is so instrumental in making this movie as intriguing and interesting as it is.

If you're looking for a super slow flick with a wailing baby and a muddled story line with no payoff at the end, then you should give the High Life a watch.

The very simple and pointless story had a very open, lazy and unimaginative ending.

Intelligent , adult but dull Science Fiction film about a complex and hard plot set in deep space outside , at a solar system in which a group of criminals accepted a mission to become the subjects of a human reproduction experiment and specially starred by a stranger passenger whose sperm was used to inseminate the young woman who gave birth to her .


Joined by supports that includes Andrew Benjamin, Mia Goth and a very game Juliette Binoche, High Life is a downright odd and confusing affair that includes a room with a very adult orientated toy, shocking acts of violence and an occasional splash of visual brilliance as Pattinson (whose post Twilight career continues to surprise) holds his head above water and anchors the film around him in what is an times intriguing film that's too cold and bizarre for its own good.

Lived boring life somewhere in space, ok reached that black hole and?

Even an old and decidedly silly film like "Dark Star" handles the theme of dangerous ennui and boredom in a lowfi space setting much better.


I had to ffw somtimes on this one .. I cant remember seeing something this boring Some scenes that def.

Incredibly boring.

Long periods of silence where nothing happens.

But I found is an intriguing, unusual and origianl "space movie" that kept my attention from start to finish (ah, yes, that ending...

Given the film's innovative storyline - a group of criminals are sent on a suicide mission into deep space - and the undeniable talent of lead man Robert Pattinson, all the pieces were in place to create an intriguing character study, exploring the mental strains such a hopeless fate could have on people.

Mundane .

It´s a waste of time .

What a waste of Pattinson's talent, truly pointless.

When translates into a boring film.

Boring and goes nowhere, then ends....

The primary cast all delivered in their respective roles: Pattinson effectively channeling the ex-criminal who seems to have found some sort of peace within his very bleak fate, Mia Goth is completely volatile and unpredictable while maintaining some charm within her mystery, Juliette Binoche was quite hypnotic while effectively slowly eating away at your psyche.

The premise was interesting but the pacing is all wrong, even if you can appreciate slow movies and the acting is not saving the bad writing and directing choices.

The casting was a waste of talent, and I'd avoid this film on their resume, as their bland and pointless characters were far from artistic - or even necessary.

Of course it's going to be "slow" - there's only so much you can do up there.

However, as intriguing as that may sound, it's a deceptive overview.

Who can make a movie when there is no script.

I think there is a good portion of it where just nothing happens.

The movie is weird and confusing with a terrible ending.

This was a huge waste of time.

The acting is the strongest point but the set looks cheap, the story is strange and it's as pointless as the mission they are on.


Despite this film harbouring the potential to have been something great, it wastes that potential due to it's painfully slow pace, aimless plot and dull characters, who are given nothing to do throughout the film.


There is no plot line to speak of particularly, the characters are boring and seem to have no presence or direction and I couldn't care less what happened to them twenty minutes into the film.

Nevertheless, High Life is a fascinating film that fits right into Denis's oeuvre.

A perfect waste of time.

When I was watching it, I felt so boring and it almost made me fell asleep.

Absolute waste of time .

If you think you have a "worst movie ever" in your list, give this one a chance; you'll be surprised!

Nothing happens.

Further, due to the non-linear story, when it does get around to some action/drama, which is about mid-way thru the film, when the other characters enter the story, it feels very disjointed and hard to follow.

With stunning visuals from beginning to end, as well as excellent directing, the film holds a piercingly unsettling atmosphere throughout, furthered only by the disturbing nature of many of its themes.

Overall though I really enjoyed it, although I can appreciate why someone wouldn't like.

Save yourself from 1 hour and 53 minutes of the worst movie you could imagine.

Its runtime is less than 2 hours although it feels a lot longer than that due to the films pacing which is very slow.

In short, I won't use the words captivating, fascinating and the film title in one and the same sentence.

It's bloody boring and up its own arse like the director.

On the whole, there's certainly a lot to say about High Life, and I am delighted to say that it's a bold, audacious modern take on slow cinema.

It is a slow and boring movie, with too many scenes about a baby, and not much science fiction.

This film moved super slow making me want to watch to see if it had a plot twist ending.

I cannot understand that we can make movies as boring and meaningless.

Do not watch it unless you like convoluted, pretentious nonsense!

Pretentious, disgusting, boring.

It's an extreme slow burn with a low concept story that is exactly what common A24 viewers come to expect.

I think it is a bit too long and even though I normally like slow-burn type films, this one is too slow.

The movie is erotic, confusing and It takes you to confussion and makes you feel awkward .

Stunning, provocative masterpiece .

This was a painfully slow boring movie that didn't make a great deal of sense.

In addition, the sexual perversity of some scenes ends up being weird rather than intriguing.

The film's highlight comes in the form of an intense scene depicting an attempted rape, which proves to be disturbing and harrowing to watch.

Pretentious garbage .

Worth the watch

An often nasty, irksome and sometimes daring feature, High Life is a unique ride that fails to justify its confusing and hard to understand motivations.

Robert Pattenson gives a subtle but intense performance proving he has moved way beyond his adolescent Twilight days and into the vortex of a great film actor.

With the exception of Juliette Binoche, a megawatt screen presence, completely compelling whenever she's there, pretty much everyone else is mediocre at best.

I'm a sci-fi fan but even the dialogue in this movie was uninteresting.

I really cannot recommend this movie because it's really boring and I am not saying that the pacing is to slow for me, I am saying there isn't any pacing at all!

Fascinating and challenging .

It is the most confusing creepy psychopathic film with no subtantince at all.

But it's still boring.

Pretentious twaddle .

Those critics are helping to sell this filth and got me to waste my hard earned money on purchasing this crap via online for like 15 bucks.

Visually breathtaking and stunning cinematography.

Fascinating Concept - Slow, Boring Execution .

No story line whatsoever with the most anticlimactic ending.

This was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

"High Life" is one of those rare movies that has many positive elements - good story and screenplay, great and intense performances, visually appealing, and brilliant direction.

Waste of time .

However, in slow cinema, an atmospherically striking movie isn't enough, and while High Life does more than enough to intrigue in its first ten minutes, that eeriness feels like it's all style over substance as the first two acts unfold, a problem worsened by the film's gratuitous and unnecessarily graphic use of sex and violence through the first half.

DickAnd you thought 2001: A Space Odyssey was slow.

If you want to know how boredom feels translated into physical pain, go see this one.

This movie was so slow it was painful to watch, and you never got a payoff.

The movie works only as a metaphor of the universe: empty and meaningless.

Super slow and boring.

It's raw and gripping, you stay all the time involved in it questioning yourself specially at the ending, it doesn't spoon-feed you.

There is no story at all along with no ending.

That's all that I got from a 100 minute boredom.

Denis carries over from her Trouble Every Day and Bastards a darkness and psychosexuality that make here for a disturbing and intriguing study of loneliness and hopelessness.

Thought-provoking and slow-moving Sci-Fi movie set in the deep space , outside the solar system .

Many will complain that it's boring -- and it is -- as there's hardly any action, drama, or suspense.

Boring & OH SO SLOW.

High Life is raw, visceral, gripping and indelible.

Especially the middle of the film feels very slow and the story seems a bit stagnant.


because i fast forwarded over the baby scenes and the scenes where absolutely nothing happens, i got it does to about 20 mins but still found the story pointless and boring.

I won't bother re-iterating what other people have said about the movie, the plot (or lack thereof) and the pointless one-dimensional characters.

Intriguing SF .

This film is trying too hard to be 'deep and thoughtful' = boring and pretentious.

Unfortunately it was a boring, confusing mess.