High Tension (2003) - Horror

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Best friends Marie and Alexia decide to spend a quiet weekend at Alexia's parents' secluded farmhouse. But on the night of their arrival, the girls' idyllic getaway turns into an endless night of horror.

IMDB: 6.8
Director: Alexandre Aja
Stars: Cécile de France, Maïwenn
Length: 91 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 99 out of 568 found boring (17.42%)

One-line Reviews (393)

The whole scene where the guy walks through the house killing people was intense.

If you're in the mood for blood, gore and confusion (the actors are sometimes dubbed in English and other times have subtitles), then High Tension is the movie you need to check out.

A disturbing and compelling film- Absolute class.

Very few dialogues n fast paced action.

High tension is got to be the one of the best slasher movies i have ever seen..Why??Here is my answer1) The atmosphere from the beginning of the movie till climax is highly intense which will really scare the sh*t out of you2)Every scene is slowly performed and so cleverly done that you will fall into the depth of it.

The director definitely won me over with this one and I highly recommend it.

Two young women travel to a dreary looking farmhouse to study for important school exams.

It's that intense.

I was on the edge of the couch for the duration.

This was the worst waste of money I have ever put in a so called "splat-pack member's" pocket.

As someone who finds gore very tedious, it's a difficult film to engage with for me.

The dubbing was horrible, the plot was hackneyed and predictable and the majority of it was lifted directly from a Dean Koontz book called "Intensity" (is he suing?

Coping out for a clichéd twist, all the pain and uncomfortable moments that went by were muted, feeling cheated and empty that you were given a lack luster twist, that in hind sight doesn't really work or explain so many conundrums it creates.

The alternate titles don't give us an alternate ending, and as a result I'm given reason enough to recommend you save your money.

Too confusing.

The acting was very good, if you like being on the edge of the seat I'll recommend you to watch it!

Despite all the nice things that people have to say about this film, the "plot twist" in it makes it an utter waste of time.

There are several scenes that are just exquisitely suspenseful, and it's violent and gory in exactly the right ways.

It had me on the edge of my chair all the way through, but one must point out that CONFUSION comes into play here.

This film is a complete adrenaline rush.

Talk about an adrenaline rush!

First of all I do have a weak spot for thrilling / scary / tense movies and I tend to watch all that I can get hold of.

It ends just like ever other trite MTV-laden garbage plaguing us these days.

Still, despite this hokey and contrived ending, High Tension is an effective and creepy thriller.

How any studio would finance and distribute this kind of pointless and retarded spooge is beyond any wild imagination.

For us, the trope was trite, and this unfortunately colored our lasting impressions.

Maïwenn Le Besco is awesome here as Alex, she was intense and pulled of a very emotional role perfectly I really liked her.

*********SPOILERS*********** This movie was confusing on so many levels (not Fight Club confusing, Donnie Darko confusing).

All else shouldn't waste their time.

) above the usual tedious crop and makes this film more thought-provoking than you might expect.

Despite the title of "High Tension" a lot of scenes are drawn out and plodding and this tends to cut most of the suspense.

A waste of time .

The movie goes through many long periods of boring uneventful crap.

Ah well, I'll give a vague statement, and say you can save yourself and make it a great suspenseful movie by stopping the movie when the leading lady is done swinging her weapon.

As Alex sleeps, Marie gets bored and plays with herself.

don't waste your money or your time.

When I first saw it the movie was a bit confusing.

Cecile De France is a riveting young actress; rarely is terror conveyed so palpably.

Every action is so utterly predictable that it becomes a game for groups of movie-goers to see who can call the next "twist" first.

His demise is one of those grisly numbers that you just know is far, FAR more intense in the uncut version of the film!

I was terrified throughout most of "High Tension", but at soon as I walked out of the theater, I realized I'd hated it more than any other movie I'd ever seen.

It is about as intense of a film as I have seen in quite some time.

Unfortunately, she is interrupted by an unexpected visitor.

(Believe me, I know) However don't also expect too much because sometimes the story can be rather slow at times, which is why I couldn't rate it any higher than 8 out of 10.

This film is quite a thrilling ride, filled with gore, stylish visuals, a great soundtrack with music that pulls the tension in tighter around you.

As unexpected as it is, there are clues throughout the film, starting w/ the opening, Marie explaining a certain dream she had, etc. What Aja was able to do here is much like what Tobe Hooper did w/ THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, in that he captures convincing, unbridled insanity on screen.

It was a very intense movie, with an awesome plot and great gore effects and acting.

Thrilling scenes, great gore, you can really feel the tension!

The film creates a big adrenaline rush and you'll find yourself rooting for the main character...

The directing and cinematography sparks a little interest, but the screenplay is so jumbled and confusing it almost gives you a migraine.

This second feature by Alexandre Aja (The Hills Have Eyes remake, Piranha 3D) has made a film where your nerves and guts will be shredded and shaken, you'll feel so unbearable and uneasy about the whole experience that you'll wonder what the hell is going on.

The final twist (the hero becomes the baddie, so exciting) isn't new either: "Tenebrae", "Phobia", "Angel heart", etc. You name it.

Don't waste your money .

I expected a splatter film and I got an adrenaline pumping thriller with the added bonus of pure horror.

The twist was so utterly ill-considered and impossible that the movie simply crashed at the exact moment it was revealed, instantaneously rendering everything up to that moment meaningless and valueless and everything that followed pointless noise.

People complain that the acting is bad and the ending is confusing.

It's weird but by not making the audience jump, Aja creates something much more unsettling, something that keeps you on the edge of your seat constantly.

In conclusion, I highly recommend you check out this film because its got some really great gore, nice direction, great gritty feel and heck its just an awesome suspenseful film.

This movie will have you on the edge of your seat.

A cliché.

And I get a stereotypically butch lesbian (cropped haircut, smokes, thumb ring, hoodie, and muscles) who ironically has a disappointingly weak swing and bad ideas and easy-flowing tears, so it really ruins any chances for her to succeed as the "cool tough chick" she's meant to be compared to her look, which seems like a contrived vision of the (casting) director.

Anyway, HAUTE TENSION remains one of the most thrilling gore movie ever made, and the acting is over the top (...

Empty shell of a movie.

As mind boggling as that is there's a whole bunch of scenes in the movie that are equally mind boggling.

As of late directors seem to finally have found a way to combine explicit violence and thrills, so that it's actually entertaining to watch.

Anything other than rehashing that most played-out and trite of plot devices.

Alex is dragged to the killers truck and Marie finds a butchers knife in the kitchen and manages to hide in the back of the truck.

I have been tired of being let down by 'horror' films over the years, each one released just eats away at your faith of ever seeing something worth watching.

The twist is not bad by any means, if a little trite.

There really isn't much more to say, but if you want to watch an extreme french horror movie then this is the best you can choose, much of the material in the film I do not agree with, the sexual content is too dark, and the violence is too extreme, but unlike the others this one really did keep me literally on the edge of my seat.

The movie is well acted, and certainly intense.

This brings about so many questions that go unanswered simply by the way it goes about including the twist simply to ensure a successful unimagined twist, as there's that phone call at the gas station getting made, how the car crash happened or what the gas-station attendant was looking at being just several of the unanswered and utterly confusing questions this leaves.


It is extremely dull and pointless, and should definitely be skipped.

Very suspenseful and horrifying, no wonder why they called it "High Tension".

Halfway through I was bored with the 1 dimensional characters, nonexistent dialogue, and half-hearted attempts to scare the audience.

Though it descends into total implausibility, 'Switchblade Romance' is a gripping, visceral horror film that manages to keep one step ahead of the viewer.

When the only entertaining parts of a movie like this are the few gory scenes of sadistic excess (witness a decapitation by bureau and the chainsaw through the car windshield), you end up feeling dirty after watching it.

I do have to say, however, that the end of the movie seemed very predictable to me.

In short, don't waste your money on this film.

Still, given the other 80% of the movie is extremely suspenseful and effectively brutal, this is a small flaw.

Definitely worth watching for any horror fan out there.

Sad that such a crazy, well-done cat and mouse thriller had to cop out and have such a trite ending.

The plot twist is okay (otherwise, there would have been so many plot holes and obvious errors that it would make the movie ridiculous), even if it is very predictable (I figured it out almost immediately).

I also found the score annoying and the whole movie just unscary and boring.

If I didn't love the score so much, I'd mute the film because the imagery is so intense you probably wouldn't need sound to enjoy this.

" However, this movie was intense, even though it was made 2 years earlier, I enjoyed it very well.

As for the film itself, this French fare about two girls who go back to the homes of one of the girls for a weekend of study and relaxation only to find themselves under attack from a serial killer is sometimes confusing, and much too obvious to be as effective as it would like to be.

Thrilling and versatile...

Just because its spoken in a pretentious language and is filmed slowly to maximize tediousness, doesn't make it qualify for high art.

Finally I'll mention that theirs some quite stunning photography throughout the film.

It successfully combines several 'cheap' scares with more drawn-out suspense building sequences.

Switchblade Romance is pure style, and a complete adrenaline rush.

Overall, a well shot, enjoyable and stylish (though far from groundbreaking) little film.

), but it was very poorly acted, jumbled, confusing and the characters were as dumb as a sack of hammers.

They are supposed to keep us on the edge of our seats and shock us.

The ridiculous plot twist managed to be predictable and incredibly homophobic at the same time.

It is certainly intense, sure to cause many a boyfriend's arm to be squeezed.

That said, the story then turns to a slower pace and you find that it's mixing the suspenseful thriller in with the moments of full on horror, and it's done so well.

Really enjoyable slasher horror, with guts .

In fact, when Marie was hiding in her room from the crazed serial killer I was on the edge of my seat.

Just saw this at "Midnight Madness" at the Toronto Film Festival, and I rather enjoyed it.

At the conclusion of this film, the viewer will undoubtedly notice that the story that "unfolded" is not consistent with the facts, and that the confusion that was generated was neither sincere nor appropriate for this kind of film.

This director should be dipped in acid, skinned alive, burned at the stake, his limbs sawed off, buried alive, tortured and mutilated every imaginable way possible, and the list could go on and on for being such a disgrace to film-making and a disgrace to humanity for polluting the minds of sane, mentally healthy people with this pure utter sick snuff porn fantasy propaganda.

As I said, for those who are serious fans of horror, like myself, the ending is predictable.

The movie was also fairly fast paced.

come on, this was a good try at being a good horror movie, but seriously, too slow and clique for me.

I hope that the fact that it is a French-made movie doesn't turn off the jaded American horror fans, because HIGH TENSION is more suspenseful and gruesome than anything U.

it was intense and i was yelling at her a lot offering my two cents, although she did most of it before i said anything (except just stealing the truck from the service station when he went to pay, ironically).

It is this orchestrated whirlwind of fright that makes this movie so enjoyable.

Cecile de France's physical performance is stunning, the fear on her face, the tension in every limb, the breath rate, the pain, everything, and the sheer madness that Maiwenn's character endures is perfectly conveyed by the utter despair she is able to convey even with a gag in her mouth most of the time.

I think it is pointless to talk about the story for obvious reasons.

An Entertaining French Slasher Film .

So I will mention the inconsistencies and confusing concepts this movie made.

The biggest criticism is that its a very simplistic approach that Aja has taken, with very limited character development and next to no real plot.

Though it has some flaws, "High tension" is a thoroughly enjoyable and nasty piece of works, with fine acting (kudos to Philippe Nahon as the slimy killer), good direction and a great, sick twist ending.

There's quite an array of weaponry in the film also, from the plain and simple switchblade, to much more exciting weapons like barbed wire, various guns, an axe and, my personal favourite, the chainsaw!

The film had been really tense and gripping up until that point.


So this is a good one if you like suspenseful movies with lots of blood.

Haute tension pleasantly combines all those elements and when you think the solution is near, the pre-ending gets an unexpected turn (scheming, although if you recall all the prior scenes, you would realize some improbable moments; not liked by many viewers).

It is just a really disgusting gross out bore, and several scenes are really over-the-top sexploitation cheap and low down for the sake of shocking the audience.

The movie's boring concoction of pathetic 'running and hiding' sequences only serve as a prologue to a twist so pathetic it will have you laughing out loud!

Unlike this film where it's just ew look how gross, pointless, and disturbing and let's see how senseless and illogical the movie can become especially by the end.

Another way of confusing the audience to no avail of tying in this to the ending.

Very boring.

I'd have to say the first 40 minutes of the movie are the most intense, "high tension", and scary than in any movie I've ever seen.

It is definitely one of the most goriest films, with unexpected turn around!

It was completely pointless to the story.

A refreshing breeze in a time of predictable remakes and boring ghost stories .

In short, it is a very good and enjoyable horror movie.

It is one of the best thrillers I've seen in years, and it's cliché-defying.

The police check a video tape which puts an unexpected twist on the killing spree.

Irregular but intriguing .

Despite the much debated possibility of Marie and the killer being the same person,the movie as a slasher flick was definitely entertaining.

The violence is visually stunning, with Alex's parents suffering particularly brutal deaths.

There is one scene in a public washroom that had me on the edge of my seat and grabbing the arm of a stranger, a guy, sitting next to me.

"High Tension" is one thrilling and horrific gem that shouldn't be missed...

This here proved to be quite the fun and highly enjoyable slasher effort.

Recycled clichés in a barely entertaining order .

The title of "High Tension" is very appropriate considering that it keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the whole movie.

I'm not sure whether the screenwriter was just being stupid or lazy when he threw in the so-called "twist," but in any case, he basically took an already stupid cliché and made it even more stupid.

" Though audiences would have enjoyed it more had the "killer" just been real and Marie went after him to save Alex and to avenge the murder of Alex's family, it was still worth the 91 min.

Also, some clichés do not work here: the car that won't turn when it needs to has been done to the bone and here, is just a boring hat trick.

Found it very gory and gruesome fitting for a horror flick, but seriously, it moved a bit too slow, and there were way too many plot holes!

As, I previously mentioned the film has a lot of style and it is very intense and I was quite enjoying it.

If I take the name out of the equation however the movie is quite intense and gory enough to be classified in the horror genre.

Her character at times seems so empty and alone and like there is so much going on with her and she portrays fear and terror and at the same time strength and brutality nearly all at once.

Tedious .

The dubbing is distracting, and every cliché imaginable ever used in a horror movie is unleashed like it was the director who was breaking ground.

don't waste your money .

After seeing Darkness, Nameless, Crimson Rivers and now Haute Tension, I shall never expect a riveting horror movie made in Europe.. ;) Haute Tension starts OK, gets even thrilling, then it kind of stumbles on itself.

This is quite a film that was very exciting to watch.

Every action was predictable.

worst movie of this decade .

The reason why, is because I really bloody enjoyed it.

i trust we'll be seeing the attractive lead characters in future movies and the director and writer will be back to lay some more equally entertaining stuff on us...

I felt the film, though predominantly clichéd, did manage to avoid becoming tired, its suspense was taut and relatively unpredictable.

There is no plot for there to be holes in - we are now seeing Marie's delusion entering its end game.

The characters are more than engaging, the plot is a simple slasher with a dark twist, and what the best thing about this movie is the ending.

Other than that, it was suspenseful, scary, and it literally had me hooked the whole time.

High Tension well directed by Alexandre Aja(3rd work here) using score in a smart Way is Lively suggested to empty stomach's audiences.

One is better off with Ringu or other foreign films than wasting time with a very boring movie with a bit of graphic violence.

Reading reviews that claim "this is the most disturbing horror film I've ever seen," or "one the grossest most intense horror films I've ever seen" really do not represent this movie.

High Tension certainly packs a punch and had me on the edge of my seat all the way through.

For most of the running time this film works purely on eager energy but in the last act, when the director has wrung out everything he can from the cliché-ridden script he chucks in a stupid, ridiculous plot twist that completely contradicts everything established in the opening act.

Things that normal stupid slashers wouldn't take into account, he does - and with breathtaking suspense.

Its ambitious approach is a refreshment in this era of trite and warmed-over horror film efforts.

In spite of it's lack of substance, this movie will have you on the edge of your seat and begging for more.

And why did this movie waste so much of my time by showing me Marie sneaking around the house so the man wouldn't hear her?

Alexandre Aja put a French twist on the main characters in the film with 2 young females being the focal point rather than the usual mixture of 5 or so male / female teenagers who go camping / or to a family holiday home / or who get lost out in the middle of nowhere and all the other cliché's you can think of.

Several times I felt like I was close to falling asleep and/or doing something else with my time.

An intense horror movie with a twisted plot ending that made no sense .

High Tension, starts off really good and it has a lot of style and it is very intense.

The director knows every slasher cliché in and out and creates excitement by avoiding all of them.

What is so threatening about a big fat old man who is as slow as sin and doesn't even act mean?

The suspense well had me on the edge of my seat haha, all about that chainsaw bit.

The killings are brutal and graphic, yet march along at a predictable pace.

I highly recommend it!

Scary, gory, exciting, it was working.

This film takes us to a 85 minute travel of boredom.

Its final trick is so cliché that I almost stopped watching there.

The ending is great and totally unpredictable.

Definitely don't waste your time trying to figure out its completely nonsensical plot.

The ending actually redeemed itself by having a very intense scene.

The sound treatment is ridiculous, the acting very bad (except for Cecile de France, but even she is far from what she can give), the picture taking and framing is crap, every single cliché is present...

I have become tired of the horror film genre being turned into fillet'd bodies all over the place and I actually want a movie that is suspenseful.

The last scene is still impactful, though, and the ride you take to get there is thoroughly rewarding and gripping.

Anyway, as most people have heard, the film incorporates a twist toward the end which defies logic and makes you want to beat on the writer/director for not having enough b*lls to leave well enough alone.

I thought this movie was inspiring, original, and 'intense'.

Obviously, certain characters had intelligible motives, and when you learn why, all it does is make you realize how empty the main character's 'motive' is.

There's a bit of a car chase and a lot of other stuff that's really drawn out and not interesting - by this time I'm hitting fast forward with a vengeance.

Claret shoots around the screen with regularity as the killings begin and whilst the film includes plenty of cliché's and references to other movies of the genre, they are done purposely and are included well.

It took its time to build its suspenseful sequences and I loved that about it.

The duel between Marie and the killer didn't really work for me; in fact, I found it a little boring.

The film itself is somewhat entertaining but also at some points becomes a bit boring.

The rest is a pretty gripping cat and mouse game that will probably have you by the edge of your seat.

All of the dialogue is pointless and does nothing to further the plot, nor it explains what type of people the characters really are.

Without giving anything away I'll just say that the film has a twist ending which adds a certain level of sophistication to it, but at the same time it's a cliche.

Out is now the formulaic Craven-esquire comedy that dominated the 90s following Scream and the film really does bare its teeth in a blood soaked frenzy leaving the corpses of a young family in its wake within the first frantic half an hour or so.

There are no jumps for the hell of it, just quality tension building as intense as anything that you'll find in the original grudge or ringu as François Eudes' electronica headf**k gnaws away at you and builds with each scene.

Well, seemingly a thousand years later, the Twist Ending that was supposed to make it interesting came along, but I had spiritually walked out by then.

Overall, the film was worth the watch, I just didn't like the ending.

High Tension is a truly unique and intense horror experience .

The movie succeeds at creating a suspenseful setup; and that's all the viewer will get out of it.

Add me to the "angry" lynch mob and please don't waste any more time considering whether to watch this or not.

This is a film that delivers the pure, breathtaking suspense and sheer terror that the title "High Tension" promises.

Well this film is worth watching.

Interesting but confusing .

Cliché defying?

There's some of the most wicked and unpredictable kills and the movie moves at a fast and a furious rate.

It really is a rush of adrenaline though, and will keep the viewer on the edge of their seat.

Or you can take it for what it's worth and appreciate a good horror movie that keeps you sitting on the edge of your seat.

Watch 75 min and then turn it off before it gets muddled down by some appropriated americanized climax and you will have seen one of the BEST, most intense horror films ever made.

I was so into the characters and felt for them all and was on the edge of my seat and shouting at the TV for most of it.

I wanted to turn it off with the murder of a 6 year old boy.

I think the movie might have been even better (and more plausible upon re-watching) if it didn't try to be quite so clever, but I still enjoyed it quite a lot the first time that I saw it.

Confusing reviews .

It was very, very intense, with great blood and gore effects, and good suspense.

This movie is by far the worst movie of the year so far.

It's the perfect car for Marie to steal and chase the Killer in: as edgy, fast, bright colored as the Killer's truck is dingy, slow, dull, gritty.

A disgusting foreign horror movie, well worth watching .

com hail this movie as one of the best horror movies of the year - must have been a slow year - or, maybe its' the fact that the movie is advertised all over their site?

Interesting But A Little Confusing .

I could waste a lot of time dressing up this comment and all that...

It was pretty slow paced, and I found myself looking away from the movie and going on my phone a lot.

When you have no story and no appealing leads (ie no-one to care for), you can't have any suspense.

Nowadays though, I don't really care for violence without substance (don't get me wrong, I still love 'Ichi', but in retrospect I found the Guinea Pig Series rather boring).

Great acting.. No complaints, I totally enjoyed it.

It made the film all the more exciting.

A fast paced and tightly edited, the gruesome violent deaths are handled with such extreme flair you'll forgive the final 10 minutes where the plot goes up in the air and you will be left feeling wtf?

After all, it's a week later, and I am still haunted by the gripping realism of many of the more violent images, which will make the murders from both IN COLD BLOOD and HELTER SKELTER look lame by comparison.

Possibly the worst movie I have ever seen.

It is at this point that the confusion sets in.

the film keeps its audience on the edge of their seats from the very beginning and does not relent until the last shot is over......

Most thrilling movie of 2004 .

The ending was a twist which many may not like, because I didn't, but the movie really grips you on the edge of the seat throughout.

However the slow end and bad ending almost ruin this movie.

What made the screening even more exciting is that director Alexandre Aja and his silent screenwriter Gregory Levasseur were there to introduce Haute Tension and they did a quick Q&A at the end of it.

A Short, Enjoyable Horror Movie .

High Tension is an adrenaline junkie's wet dream.

And if the terribly disjointed surprise ending is a sign of innovation and art I really fear for the future of movies.

This intense film follows the relationship of two females, Marie and Alexa, who decide to take a vacation at Alexa's parents country house which is eventually invaded by a big stomping weirdo in coveralls that seems to effortlessly slash everyone he comes across with no remorse.

A lot of the film reminds me of Italian horror; the suspense is riveting, the music is the best since John Carpenter, and it makes no apologies with the amount of unrelenting bloodshed and extreme violence which mainstream Hollywood tends to stray away from.

But the nature of the thing is that we invest in real time, the present moment, absorbing a world as it happens, with no layering whatsoever and clear boundaries until miraculously reversed in the end, when it makes no sense for how we have experienced time.

This movie is genuinely creepy, edge-of-your-seat, roller-coaster, thrill-ride entertaining.

The flick starts off slow and steady, and right when the viewer settles into the laid back exposition, *knock knock knock*.

There are some stupid moments that reflect the contrived flaws from the low-brow slasher films of the 1980's, where characters never seem to do the right thing if survival is an instinct they are supposed to possess.

HAUTE TENSION really lives up to it's title, the whole film is suspenseful and tense (for lack of a better word...

From the very start this movie is inferior and boring.

The beginning of the movie on the American version seemed dubbed and I fell asleep almost a few times from the poor acting and dialog.

Neo-horror but a good old bore .

but, that's where this movie takes a nosedive into the world of extreme boredom.

It succeeded ok in a gore aspect and really capturing a horrifying atmopshere/ambiance, but due to the poor plot and drawn out scenes, wouldn't STRONGLY recommend this film by any means.

Keeping the viewer on the edge of the seat was done brilliantly in my opinion and I recommend this movie to any horror flick fan.

While certain amounts of tension build up to something predictable happening, for the most part, this is not the case.

There are a lot of unexpected surprises that I can not spoil here.

High Tension is certainly worth watching.

This should have been 10/10 for the pure unashamed gall of the movie but, because it fizzles away to a dssapointing cliché, only 6/10 I'm afraid.

Worst movie ever!!!!

There's nothing much here you haven't seen before, but "High Tension" is still an entertaining hour and a half.

One would have found it unusual for French cinema to be the one to revitalize the horror genre which has become hackneyed and trite in Hollywood (so many want to refer to it as psychological thriller).

Perhaps this explains why Marie's acting during the murder and kidnapping often seems a bit fake: it's totally contrived to try to justify her true identity as le tueur (the killer).

This film has a good feel and look to it--dark, suspenseful, creepy.

But really a bigger part of the tension comes from the extraordinary contrast between between the cool, relaxed, careful, measured workmanlike conduct of The Killer, and the trembling, high-strung, adrenaline-pumping, anxiety-emoting, pace of Marie.

A genuinely tense and gripping film .

A tedious, one-dimensional game of cat-and-mouse with an ending that stretches believability beyond the snapping point.

The last 20 minutes of the film was very confusing.

Lots of confusion there.

There were many intense scenes (the convenience store axe kill, the kid hunting, the car chase, and the final confrontation with Marie against herself) and many shockers (the throat cutting, the stairwell head crush, the oral sex with the severed head), plus the story itself was very good as well...

The story throughout is fascinating, with first class plotting, and a wonderful twist at the end that fits wonderfully.

Then, out of nowhere, the plot twist sets in and the movie went from "Good, but typical" to "Truly cliché-defying, superior thriller" in a matter of 10 minutes.

You are on the edge of your seat as the hunter goes through the house room by room in search of his next victim, and you appreciate the cleverness of having the roles constantly reversed whereas the killer and Alex seem to take turns chasing each other.

Ho Hum.

It's all about being haunted by the squeaks of the killer's shoes on the floor, the labored breathing as he walks up the stairs, or the dull sound his bloodied scalpel makes when he wipes it off on his overalls that play just as important role in this as anything else in the film, and it works absolutely marvelously.

sorry for the spoiler to come - you've been warned - but too many films rely on a 'twist' at the end and my god, these twists bore the pants off me.

Now, "High Tension" on the other hand, if you can dismiss the lack of story, lack of characters (everybody casted were just bodies saying words, not characters), has TOTAL INTRIGUE during the scenes no matter how ludicrous they may later be in hindsight.

Save your money, this one's not worth it.

With its unadulterated brutality, this movie cuts through years of mundane horror movies I've witnessed over the years.

There's some of the most wicked and unpredictable kills in horror movie fandom, and the movie moves at a fast and a furious rate.

Save your money and save your time.

Although I will be the first to recommend this one to gore hounds, as there are some pretty intense kills, the best being the staircase and the dresser, and ill leave it at that for the people who haven't seen it.

it was scary, it was gross, it was entertaining.

Highly suspenseful .

It wants to be a psychological terror film in the vein of See No Evil or Friday the 13th ( or whatever ), but it only comes out as a confusing, badly made film.

In fact, I thought that the extremely slow, methodical and deliberate actions of the killer contrasted with the desperate tension that you as the viewer associate with the scenes of brutality was a great way to draw you into the movie.

Really good movie in my opinion, an intense thriller with good acting and very good directing that keeps you on the edge of your seat for most of the movie.

High Tension follows two young college friends, Marie (Cecile De France, from the Around the World in 80 Days remake) and Alexia (Maiwenn, the alien opera singer from The Fifth Element) on their weekend of unexpected horror out in the country.

From the moment the switchblade wielding maniac first appears right up to the end credits this film will have you on the edge of your seat and chewing your fingernails until you bleed.

I regrettably saw this at the theater and walked out of it angry.

, there's a bare minimum of tedious setup before the 'fun' begins.

Below are possible explanations for the scenes which brought about the most confusion.

I was completely immersed with these two ladies fight for their lives.

Haute Tension is one of those films that keeps you on the edge of your seat, especially when the killer is in the same room as Marie.

It's the most viscerally brutal film I've seen in quite some time, After a plodding exposition, it jolts the viewer into a juggernaut of terror, where almost every scene is so full of (ahem) tension.

Overall, the movie is artfully done but predictable.

The film keeps you on the edge of your sit for the most part.

As many others violent movies like Man Bites Dog or Seul Contre Tous, Haute Tension gives 90 minutes of nihilistic violence, floods of blood, high tension (that's it :)) and an unexpected ending.

It is here that the movie follows more of a formulaic pattern as Marie is able to hide her presence from the killer and proceeds to try and rescue her friend.

What a boring, predictable movie.

Despite a seeming barrage of gore, the movie itself is expertly paced, alternating slow suspense with slick cinematography and editing.

But for viewers that like their horror films intense and unrelenting, you'll be satisfied with High Tension.

Lynch's twists, if they can be called that, are also trite in the light of day, why they work so well is that we try to do their mapping from inside the world being mapped; suddenly we're thrust in the middle of sex with a partner we only know as a character, so that the intimacy feels all wrong and dangerous.

It's only worth watching if you want to see how to totally butcher a twist ending into something that makes no sense at all.

Utter waste of time and money: Even on TV, you are better served changing the channel.

Worth watching, if you like such films and have no prior knowledge of the end solution.

Although very disappointed overall by this film, I still think it's worth seeing (if you're a fan of the genre), because even with its fatal flaws, it's still more exciting & scary and well-shot than most horror movies out there--which is why it's such a let-down when the last part of the film comes along!

Slow start and terrible acting bring this movie even further down.

A rush of adrenaline .

Gruesomely intense.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen .

I can count on both hands the number of films I have seen in my lifetime that scared me or at the very least made me sit on the edge of my seat.

Finally, after all that terrible, terrible "horror" garbage we've had to put up with, there's finally something worth watching (and unsurprisingly, it's from a different country).

Exactly what the title promises , "HIGH TENSION" , intense stuff.

' situation, which indeed makes them a thoroughly engrossing, if life-sapping ordeal to watch.

After what seemed like a slow start, the tension picked up to were I was strung wire tight, as was Cécile De France (The Spanish Apartment).

I know when I do that during a movie it's just plain out boring, and this film was boring quite a bit.

The film over-all was very exciting and thought provoking.

It was brutal, exciting, scary...

However, be ready for lots of clichés and predictable plot devices.

The Tension between the two is what really kept me on the edge of my seat ...

Some revolting "old bloke" with a sinus problem appears out of nowhere, wanders about a house and slashes a couple of people - tho he takes AGES to do it and bores everyone to death anyway.

The Killer is always slow, careful, methodical, almost always emotionless.

He gives us lots of haunting imagery, intense suspense, and an atmosphere of impending doom.

The second one is more intense, and you just want to tell her to stop!!

It was enjoyable, a work well done.

High Tension is really full of adrenaline and the performances by the 3 main characters are splendid.

Truly mind blowing bold experience, a real masterpiece...

The scene where she first encounters him was probably the most suspenseful scene in a movie I've ever seen.

Some of the kill scenes are so intense that even a seasoned horror fan such as myself squirmed a bit in my seat; I even let out an involuntary "whoa" more than once.

When you think about how minimal this genre is (for more than one hour, it's about slashing bodies and surviving), you can expect how dull this movie is.

what an adrenaline rush this film was to a jaded horror film buff.

But this movie delivers blood and suspense and is very entertaining, which is what movies are made for: to entertain.

The movie ignores the increasingly tedious and done-to-death American teens in peril conventions of Halloween and Friday 13th in favour of putting a flashy European spin on proceedings.

Exciting, gory and horrifying all at the same time AND all the time, to the very last moment.

'Haute Tension' starts out as one of the most intense horror films of all time.

There's an intensity, distressing and excruciating panic when Marie is hiding from the killer and at times unbearable.

Overall, the movie was quite entertaining up until the "twist," though it was still respectable after studying each "cause of confusion.

It takes a while to realize what exactly is happening as the film "High Tension" comes to its gripping and surprising conclusion.

Overall, I found it to be one of the most entertaining films that I have seen this year.

Worth watching if you're a horror fan looking for something a little more intelligent.

It's all just too predictable from here on out.

Why would the swing be empty just after Marie sees Alex naked in the shower?

I expected this to actually be a good, fun, suspenseful horror movie.

The Severed Head The scene which seems to be the cause for most confusion, involving the severed head, indicates that Marie was already at Alex's home and that she and Alex didn't arrive together; rather, Marie arrived in the truck separately.

They are started to bore me now.

Boring and absolutely contrived .

On the one hand, it does cause the viewer to think back over the movie a bit and adds a considerable layer to what really is mostly a suspenseful and phenomenally gory straight up slasher.

Major letdown and waste of time.

Had I been in a cinema i would have walked out and demanded my money back.

I watch a ton of horror movies and this one is very gory and suspenseful.

Grisly, intense, and shocking to the extreme.

Simply put, Switchblade Romance (to give it English release, and better, title) is a pure adrenaline rush throughout.

But the ending really really hurt this movie to the point of making it a 80's slasher cliché.

This movie delivers blood and suspense and is very entertaining.

Pointless Slasher Flick .

it has some tension,and some suspense and their are a few scenes that will get your adrenaline rushing.

The twist ending borderline ruins the entire film, as it has to be one of the most pointless, idiotic and unbelievable twists in film history.

For most of its run time, High Tension might just be one of the most intense and suspenseful moviegoing experiences of my entire life.

I found it extremely non-scary, overly stylized, and ultimately unwatchable.

I would give this movie a 6 out of 10 for the simple reason that IT IS a really good movie, the only thing that sucks about it is that it contradicts itself WAY TOO MUCH and its really confusing.

Night barely settles in when there is an unexpected knock on the front door and a truly vicious killer begins to rain hell on the idyllic country home.

There is no message to be had from this film, nor are you any better for seeing it.

I knew something unexpected would happen when the serial killer knew Alex's name.

The last ten minutes of the film were so confusing and muddled I had to think about the ending for a few minutes just to make sure I understood it.

I love the whole grainy feel of this film and all the dark and dull colors that litter the screen during all the scenes save for the first few.

If your planning and watching this, save your money and buy the book.

despite a slow fairly boring set up, once this movie got going,we were on the edge of our seats...

Near the end of the movie, there is a sudden and unexpected twist in the plot.

Impossibly Intense .

If you're looking for some bloody fun, good scares, intense sequences, brilliant score, good acting and a simple storyline this is for you i really liked it a lot.

Jason", "Halloween 1 & 2", "The New York Ripper", "Battle Royale", "House on the Edge of the Park", "Perfect Blue", "Just Before Dawn", "Evil Ed", "Stage Fright", "Opera", "Saw", "Saw II", "Demons", "Cemetery Man", "From Dusk till Dawn", "Last House on The Left", "Scream", "Scream 2", "Wrong Turn", "Terror Firmer", "House of 1000 Corpses", "The Devil's Rejects", "Kill Bill", "Caligula", "3 Extremes", "Men Behind The Sun", "Prom Night", "Terror Train", "Bloody Birthday", "Scarface", "House of Wax ( 2005)", "Ghost Ship", "Motel Hell", "Dereanged", "The Funhouse", "Henry: Portait of a Serial Killer", "Dawn of the Dead ( 1978 and 2004)", "City of the Living Dead( a.

and unclear, confusing ...

Why the hell the director decided on this stupid, pointless, banal unoriginal ending is beyond me.

How cliché.

He gives us lots of haunting imagery, intense suspense, and an atmosphere of impending doom.

Bottom line: If you like gore for gore's sake and/or cat-and-mouse suspense, you might find this reasonably entertaining.

Being un-pretentious was one of the motives that drove the French New Wave in the late 1950's early 1960's with directors like Goddard and Truffaut.

But are the actors the ones good enough to transmit you their fear and despair and create the thrilling environment this movie required and very few others are able to get.

Nevertheless, Aja's execution will keep you on the edge of the seat and probably, asking for more.

Explanation for the High Tension-ed and highly confusing ending .

If you're like me, a person who's become desensitized to most gory or 'scary' films, than I would definitely recommend this one, because unlike so many other movies with similar plots, 'High Tension' is so incredibly suspenseful that I literally could not relax while watching it in my bed.

I will admit some parts are pretty creepy but over all it is a waste of film, time, and money.

Bloody, intense, psychological terror.

The film boasts a substantial amount of gore, but manages to escape being dragged down by this.

It's very suspenseful and very gory...

Slow and clique .

If this kind of thing bothers you, then save your money.

Just swerve them,, let them go and watch Jeepers Creepers or White Noise.. rent/buy the video .. check into a farm house on a stormy night, make sure your alone and switch off the lights and prepare yourself for a disturbing roller-coaster ride of terror, thrills and fright with an evocative and abstract soundtrack packed with guttural moans, unworldly booms and electrical hisses Its simply a masterpiece of horror especially the first 30 mins...

On an overall scale, High Tension had the opportunity to become one of the finest films of its genre & it very well might have achieved that by concluding its story on a predictable note rather than gambling with what eventually backfired in the end.

The characters are uninteresting and unappealing (and the two female leads alarmingly unattractive), and there is no one to route for.

This is a true, non-cliché thriller.

You can tell from the opening dream and the strange, left-field visual style that this is a movie coming in from somewhere fun and exciting.