Hitch (2005) - Comedy, Romance

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While helping his latest client woo the woman of his dreams, a professional "date doctor" finds that his game doesn't quite work on the gossip columnist with whom he's smitten.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Andy Tennant
Stars: Will Smith, Eva Mendes
Length: 118 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 57 out of 391 found boring (14.57%)

One-line Reviews (261)

As romantic comedies go, this is pretty mundane.

The plot is very thin and goes to the conclusion that you always knew it would but yet somehow it is still enjoyable.

", I watched and got surprised that it was truly enjoyable.

Very Entertaining, Funny, Pretty Original Story .

Even if it's a bit too long given the forgone conclusion, this entertaining romantic-comedy is both smart and funny (a rarity for today) without relying all on slapstick, and TV's sitcom King of Queens star James is hilarious.

But the outcome is just a boring comedy and a completely dispensable movie.

Albert's dates with Allegra Cole were just as entertaining.

) In any case, if I may imitate Smith's Hitch and offer my male readers some smooth advice: when you're dragged to see *Hitch*, say to your Better Half, "Hey, that was pretty good" after the movie is over.

But as with most romantic comedies, the plot's formulaic - boy meets girl, boy loses girl, and the endings are usually cop-outs and happily-ever-afters.

Actually, it was because of my curiosity when most of my friend said to me that, this movie is worth watching, even for someone who doesn't like this kind of movie.

Hitch has too many cliché love plots, the chemistry between actors are bland at best.

but Enjoyable .

Mendes could have done better, but as a bonus, she looks stunning in practically every shot.

But, alas, the movie also has several boring spots, particularly when Hitch and Sara (Eva Mendes)are attempting to connect without spending the night together.

One of the primary ways in which I found Hitch to be typical and predictable was in its score.

I didn't understand why she was getting so mad at Hitch towards the end, something real weird and confusing.

I enjoyed it.

entertaining .

Another product of formulaic Hollywood cinema.

Not "laugh out loud comedy", but it's enjoyable.

As far as plot goes, it's predictable.

Having said that, Hitch does sag in places, notably the too-drawn-out repartee between Smith and Eva Mendes.

From exquisite directing and acting, to the incredibly witty and entertaining characters, this movie is a blazing comet in the dull, dark sky of modern movies.

I was expecting a crap movie, but I actually enjoyed it.

Hitch is the perfect formulatic date movie that brings a charming cast and hilarious situations together into an enjoyable popcorn flick that will not disappoint.

Enjoyable light entertainment .

Hitch is a safe yet funny and entertaining romantic comedy.

118 minutes is too long for a predictable story and it does take a toll on the audience.

Thoroughly enjoyable .

I've watched this film many times and enjoyed it.

Well, that may be true (it is high concept), but the actual movie is the most delightful surprise to all you romantic-comedy connoisseurs out there; it's HILARIOUS, the situations are fresh and unexpected and the writing is fantastic (for a high concept comedy; let's be honest about what we're dealing with here).

It is a mediocre romantic comedy with many tedious, trite passages.

Fast, enjoyable comedy that will leave you feeling happy.

Worth watching.

I certainly found it worth watching and was moved by the breakup/retrieval situation, always a winner in movies.

It may seem sad but i was in tears of laughter throughout, which was unexpected and totally worth the ticket price.

The good thing about it is that, even if you fall asleep in the middle, you will still understand pretty much everything.

Overall it was a decent movie with a couple good laughs even though most of the movie, much like every romantic comedy, was extremely predictable.

I liked learning about the decisions about soundtrack, especially since I enjoyed it so much.

The plot line was very original and entertaining with that twist of a romance.

But I'm not finding fault - this film addresses timeless, current and real-life dating issues, and it redeemed itself with a hilarious ending scene to what is an enjoyable flick.

It is an entertaining romantic comedy, the kind of lightweight movie you could watch to unwind after a long hard day at work.

The people who prefer to slam this movie are either those who must take the opposing viewpoint regardless, or only enjoy dark movies and must have been dragged kicking and screaming to this one.

As for the plot, it can definitely be labeled as something engaging for that it places you in the shoes of most of the characters with their different perspectives in life.

In fact it is pretty mundane as movies in general go.

It's a powerful combination that helps me overlook a movie's shortcomings, of which Hitch has a few: it gets too sappy at the end, it's predictable, it's formulaic.

Overall Hitch is enjoyable formulaic fun which is helped by some good performances.

This was a movie that, at the end, I thought "Now that was an enjoyable 2 hours!

It seems one of the characters always has to leave town and there is usually a predictable last minute chase.

Despite Smith's undeniable charisma coasting through this arbitrary by design screenplay by novice Kevin Bisch (and it shows with some dreadfully leaden sequences that deflate most of the air out of the otherwise occasionally entertaining flick particularly in its final act) and able support (even Valletta is surprisingly good) that alone cannot save the oddly hostility percolating just beneath the surface for a star vehicle.

The story is very predictable but is entertaining for Will Smith and the other actors occupying the major roles.

I highly recommend it.

But the real problem is the script,where the first half is excellent,but comes apart where it grinds to a halt during the film's tedious second and final acts of the movie.

I also thought the cinematography was quite boring and unimaginative.

Definitely worth watching.

I found her as boring as I found him interesting.

I was yawning.

Worth the watch.

That's way too long, even for a good romantic comedy.

But overall, I enjoyed it.

All in all I found Hitch quite entertaining, the actors did a good job (I will be looking out for them in other movies) and Hitch is a film that I am very happy to have in my DVD collection.

A mediocre romantic comedy with many tedious passages .

Like for example One Fine Day which I found reasonably entertaining and with a certain charm (mainly because Michelle Pfeiffer is stunningly gorgeous), this works thanks to it's two leads and some engaging side characters.

Commentary is great, and enjoyable.

Very Entertaining .

I actually found myself on the edge of my seat, wanting him to get the girl.

i really enjoyed it and some of the events in the movie actually happen in real life so its funny to see the comparison from in the movie and then in actuality.

There aren't any huge laughs, any unexpected moments, anything even remotely original.

This film was very entertaining and had the theater laughing consistently.

As the rest of this film goes her character is again a very formulaic and very much not interesting character.

Well, for the most part, "Hitch" is pretty entertaining: Smith, James, and Mendes shine, Hitch plays it cool in giving advise while wooing women himself, and if you're into shtick and slapstick, it never fails to deliver.

It's a generically banal if wholly high-minded romance flick.

While Hitch is no exception to the boy meets girl, gets girl, loses girl and regains girl, routine, it is fresh enough to be an entertaining and breezy enough way to pass some time.

We enjoyed it, you will enjoy it.

Hitch started out funny, clever and very watchable, but turned predictable and boring.

Entertaining and sweet, yet frustratingly formulaic and tepid...

Hitch is the definition of how funny and enjoyable Rom-Com should look like-- without regarding your age or gender.

I enjoyed it a lot.

In that same vein, the movie is predictable in many ways, the most prominent being foreshadowing through the characters' past experiences.

But when things devolved into some horribly predictable romcom trope with the obligatory stupid misunderstanding and all the other obligatory stupid stuff that comes with it, every promising aspect dissolved.

When the film looks like it's going to stretch it's legs outside of the comfortable rom-com cliché, it sits back in safety and just turns into a bore.

" Several humorous scenes liven up the predictable plot, especially the 90%-10% kiss rule.

Hitch was predictable and scorn-worthy.

"Hitch" is a unique romantic comedy that I found completely enjoyable.

Packed with humour but an accurate ideology gets the film started in the right way, exciting and realistic and also very funny.

The ending is very long and drawn out, more so than the usual formulated Hollywood movies.

From start to finish, Smith rises above the average comic script to make "Hitch" an eminently watchable and entertaining film.

The move has it's extreme moments of cliché, it has it's moments of fun too and although few laughs, when some like Smith try to be funny, you can still smile if only a little.

But the irritatingly predictable, unoriginal and really quite dull storyline holds the film back.

My instincts usually tell me that film like this will be predictable, annoyingly frothy, and sentimental, although able to raise the occasional smirk.

Lots of story flaws and some sloppy character development of course, but I left the theater feeling good.

In the end, Hitch is an enjoyable romantic comedy and one of the funniest films I have seen this year.

Wow, I was really surprised that this movie was enjoyable.

Eva Mendes is kind of bland, I suppose she does OK without taking much attention away from Will, which probably was the plan all along.

I found it entertaining to watch Alex Hitch pick up Sara Melas.

But it was also two hours that made you sit in your seat, become immersed in the characters, and smile.

Entertaining, funny, catching from beginning to end.

However, as with all romantic comedies, you know exactly what will happen, but even allowing for this it all feels rather contrived and corny.

The sub-plot which centres around Hitch's most challenging project, an overweight accountant called Albert who fancies a celebrity, is just as compelling to watch as the main relationship between Hitch and Sara.

In other words, boy gets girl, boy loses girl, boy wins—well, you should know by now where this overlong, but frothy, formulaic fodder inevitably takes audiences.

This is perhaps my least favourite genre with so many trite and formulaic films that all have the identical plot.

That means wide variety of people could see this, but if they have any taste, they will be bored and restless.

He is OK, I suppose, but it takes more than one solid performance to make a movie worth watching.

When the two male leads are doing their comedic parts, the film is enjoyable and when it's being truthful, it feels genuine.

An enjoyable watch indeed, Hitch combines the Hollywood glamour of Will Smith and Eva Mendes against the comparatively lesser-known acting talent of Kevin James and Amber Valletta to amusing effect.

Just as we know Perry Mason will win the case and Jason will kill a bunch of teenagers, we know that the handsome man will get the beautiful girl after around ninety minutes of painfully contrived obstacles.

An enjoyable, old-fashioned date movie.

Enjoyable, multi-watchable, laugh out loud funny and possibly educational if you pay attention.

Their coming together and consequent falling apart is entertaining enough; the energy and punch that infuses that first conversation they have at a local night spot at a table sadly only as good as it gets there and then.

Occasionally, you find one that goes against the norm, that tosses in unexpected twists and ends unconventionally.

Good actors, a witty script, and an engaging plot are a recipe for an entertaining movie, which is what Hitch is.

The movie itself was entertaining and mostly original until the last 15 mins when evidently the screenwriters couldn't figure out where to go, so they just closed their eyes and picked from the "every predictable Hollywood romcom" barrel for the final act.

Entertaining love story.

Thank you to the makers of this film for coming out with something purely entertaining, and not more repeated crap.

"Personally, I found this all rather dry.

Hitch was a movie with a rather predictable plot/story line.

Possibly taking a page from Mel Gibson's What Women Want, the movie plays out like a better than average sitcom with an ending that although seen from a mile away, is enjoyable in its journey.

Yes, it is very predictable and kind of cheesy.

Valletta is quite enjoyable in a smaller role while faces like Arkin, Donovan and Rapaport fill out the cast list despite not having a great deal to do.

Ho Hum .

On the other hand, I have had many entertaining hours watching and rewatching this film so thank you Andy Tennant.

Entertaining and romantic, and this film combines those two very well.

It sucks because I like the guy from The King of Queens, but Will Smith is just doing crap now and is just another cliché' black actor like Martin Lawerence doing dumbed down corny ghetto humor.

As Rom-Coms go it's up there as a classic, however at points it's a cliché love-fest.

"Hitch" is smooth, I hand you that, but the formulaic code by which the implausible proceedings unfold, makes the whole damn thing very irritating.

As for the extras on the DVD, there were a couple of run of the mil featurettes and boring deleted scenes that were rightfully left on the cutting room floor along with your typical gag reel.

yet entertaining.

The dialogue and music in this movie is witty and just plain entertaining.

In "Hitch," a predictable script and some surprisingly uninspired acting bog down an interesting concept.

Just watching Smith deliver his lines about "making all the right moves" is entertaining.

kevin james stole the show and has been horribly under-used in banal sitcom land.

My husband really enjoyed it also.

)enjoyed it.

This is overdone, predictable, and embarrassing.


But other than a couple of fairly enjoyable little parts, as it is I felt like it was a complete waste of time.

Well, this is a relaxing and entertaining movie.

A lame summer comedy of sorts that only leaves the dull minded laughing while I get stuck falling asleep in theaters.

Don't get me wrong, "Hitch" is certainly not without its share of amusement and entertainment, but it feels too grounded, too conventional, and too innocuous, that it never elevates itself above its obvious premise, and truth be told, like such blockbuster comedy concepts as "Bruce Almighty" and "What Women Want" fails to cover its fruitful premise in a fulfilling way, amounting to nothing more than a romantic comedy that is clever in ideas, yet formulaic in execution.

While the final 10 minutes wrap the movie up nice and tidy, the movie is enjoyable as a clichéd dating film, with beautiful scenes of the streets of New York (NYPL, Pastis, Central Park, SoHo, Helmut Lang store, etc.). The soundtrack could have been better, though it wasn't distracting either.

And those 20 minutes aren't anything spectacular; in fact, they're rather mundane.

Enjoyable though his persona can be, the joke is starting to wear thin.

If you want to grab a snack and watch a funny film with friends, I highly recommend it.

However, on my most recent watch I enjoyed it the least.


His performance stole the show, and his budding relationship was much more interesting than the jaded exchanges between Hitch and Sara (quite tiresome).

I found this to be a very engaging, funny film.

This film did have some entertaining moments.

This movie definitely had it's high points and funny moments and i'm sure you girls will love it, as a guy i just found it entertaining.

In fact, this entry seems to be just a tiresome exercise for Will Smith to prove that he has the charisma to play a romantic cardboard character following the path of Meg Ryan.

While the plot is somewhat shallow at times, there are a few sparkles that make this movie worth watching.

I got dragged into this tongue-in-cheek "ha-ha" flick and unfortunately enjoyed it despite the so-so acting.

" No to both questions and because of these elements, the film nearly runs aground in this pointless subplot toward the end.

That interaction is pretty ho-hum and almost incidental to the story.

Predictable rom-com .

Innocuous Drollery Amounting to Formulaic Date Flick .

For starters, this film runs way too long for a romantic comedy.

"Hitch" is a thoroughly enjoyable little flick with good casting and solid production value which makes a creative foray into the tired old romantic comedy genre with very pleasant results.

The city is appealing, the premise is intriguing and the acting quite wonderful.

This movie is definitely very entertaining and enjoyable.

It's enjoyable in parts but just oh so predictable.

But the basis of this movie contains the same drab formula that every other predictable "feel good" chick flick has, with the exception of this one was much longer and dragged on and on.

"Hitch" can be entertaining if you watch it without expecting anything from it.

Thanks to Andy Tenant's direction, the film has an easy pace, and while predictable, the comedy has some winning moments.

this movie is so predictable .

There is absolutely no sex in this movie, although there may be some comments, and every moment of it is enjoyable.

Enjoy the film up to that point (like I said, the presentation itself is entertaining enough to warrant your time).

Welcome to Bland World .

A friend dragged me to see this and I was really really not looking forward to it, even though I've a bit of a Will Smith fan (more of Men in Black and Bad Boys, the originals not sequels).

That's the predictable romance covered; and because it's a different genre, the script doesn't make an effort to give us a whole lot of laughs, either.

if nothing else, guys can go see it for her :) Over all, I think this was definitely worth watching.

One can understand why some people think this film is a valid and even enjoyable way to pass time.

All the pieces come together and the film, as I said, is surprisingly entertaining.

Those seeking "cinema" with its art theater sensibilities will may not find "Hitch" particularly engaging, but if you're looking for an entertaining movie that's funny and charming, you won't be disappointed.

With an excellent first hour, with slick comedy and likable characters, Hitch tails off into the cliché side of relationships towards the end but still generates a feel good motive to make an enjoyable funny romantic comedy.

Though Hitch has its moments, it is really nothing more than a mind-numbing romantic comedy, with a predictable storyline.

Using a script that uses every cliché from the myriad other films that tell this same story gimmick using females in the Smith role of date doctor, this movie limps along with silly dialogue and pratfall type of comedy, all of which could be forgiven if there was a magical chemistry between the two top stars to make it click.

While Hitch has a new concept, it too tends to veer off into the predictable.

I really enjoyed it and would definitely say to watch it and enjoy it, Will Smith was funny, fumbly, nervous, sweet and just a simple guy who got hit by Love.

Hitch is a good movie with an enjoyable and heartfelt story line,as well as a good cast.

Entertaining Romcom .

I am glad that Jennifer Lopez didn't get the role of Sara Milas as I don't think it would have been as funny, and the chemistry wouldn't have been - perhaps - as entertaining.

Moderately entertaining comedy--a bit unsatisfying .

It's trite, it's simple, it's clichéd, it's predictable ...

That's turns out to be especially calamitous, because with the exception of Ms. Mendes, an amiable and underused comic actress, the supporting performances are surprisingly bland.

Take a date to this very enjoyable romantic comedy, and you could learn a thing or two.

I found myself increasingly puzzled as to why "the date doctor" was being assailed instead of being hailed, further confirming men's confusion and predicament with falling in love with women.

The characters all do surprising and out of character moves throughout the film, which is very confusing and distracting.

funny, entertaining and well worth watching - its difficult to express the feeling it leaves you with.

Anyway, she'd like me to add that it was completely predictable, unoriginal, and we couldn't stand Will Smith's constant drivel.

He really did great in this movie and he made it super funny and enjoyable.

I found her as boring as I found him interesting.

FINAL VERDICT: Good, has some laughs, and is entertaining.

But it was also two hours that made you sit in your seat, become immersed in the characters, and smile.

Predictable, but I enjoyed it, and this must be will smith's least annoying film.

While the "date doctor" concept is the one thing that saves this film from being an otherwise average romantic comedy with a standard plot for the genre, I found it enjoyable enough to elevate my opinion of it so I ended up liking it a lot more than if it'd had just a mediocre plot without many twists.

Also it was a bit slow with the story and seemed to drag on a bit.

In all seriousness though, this is one of the most boring, mainstream ''been there, seen that'' kind of movies I've ever seen.

Dragged to this movie I was feeling hopeless, but this (somewhat predictable) story works.

I've seen it actually 3 or 4 times and still enjoyed it.

We know Smith will bounce back to his bland, over-muscled good looks, because there's a fat sit-com actor (Kevin James) on hand making a fool of himself.

Nevertheless, what is enjoyable is the way the movie is presented - It is well edited, slick and the story moves at the perfect pace.

Often Very Funny and Worth Watching .

This was an entertaining movie with several heartfelt laughs and a lot of chuckles.

You will know when the movie turns old and predictable.

" I almost burst out laughing, because both movies have EXACTLY the same problem: a pretty good or great first hour, followed by a whole string of false, cheap-jack scenes building to a highly predictable ending.

good but predictable .

Had Hitch been more content with being an entertaining and silly comedy, the director's style not gotten in the way of the characters and the script been a bit more adventurous (and funny!

Hitch works in the sense that it is enjoyable and likable.

"Hitch" is unpredictable, following the same pattern set down by filmmakers since at least 30 years ago.

All she managed to give was a flat, simple and boring performance.

Now this film is fairly under-whelming, a kind of predictable cheese ball that has an air of smug(I felt the people behind this think it is much smarter than it actually turns out to be).

Nobody is brilliant but the lead three do have enough charm to cover up for the fact that the material is just rather ho-hum for the majority.

My husband and I watched this movie till late tonight and we enjoyed it a lot.

" The film "Hitch" is worth watching for the embodiment of the "sprezzzatura" concept in the dynamic performance of Will Smith.

So yes some parts are predictable and some of it is just run of the mill romantic comedy style content that you've seen before, but I think that even though it has some predictability, it is still a very funny and entertaining film that deserves a watch, especially if you're a fan of the cast or a big rom com fan.

Hitch is mainstream, lightweight but thoroughly enjoyable date movie - don't expect too much and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Don't waste your time.


Rich yuppies and their love problems, with various predictable scenes thrown in for good measure.

Hitch is a very funny and entertaining film.

"Hitch" is Will Smith's romantic comedy debut smash, innocuous, crowd-pleasing drollery, yet hardly flat-out-hilarious, as I found myself puzzled by the lack of edge and energy in executing a perfectly adorable and entertaining premise...

I'm sorry, but the whole premise that ANY man can get ANY woman given the right opportunities is just unbelievable to me because I don't think love is based on magical, singular moments or a mysterious but compelling "spark.

This is one of those films that is terribly predictable and after about one hour of watching, I was kinda hoping it would end soon as you knew where it was going.

I watched this with a bunch of friends during a lull in interesting things to do.

A very enjoyable rom-com with fun comedy performances .

In general I thought that the movie was very entertaining.

Its too long and the pace of the movie is really slow.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and I rate it a 7 out of 10 for excellent direction and better than average acting, especially from Smith (who restrains his tendency to overact) and James, whose performance was excellent.



) That may make "Hitch" no more exciting than the average marshmallow that tends to float in and out of cineplexes these days, but part of the appeal of movies like this one comes from its lack of unfamiliar surprises, its willingness to remain in the warmth and safety of formulaic inspiration while other, more ambitious projects reap the benefits – and sometimes the drawbacks – of venturing out into the unknown.

"Hitch" is a predictable, breezy film that makes for a sweet, enjoyable date.


But, most movie fans will also admit that occasionally a formulaic movie can work solely on an entertainment level.

Of course there's confusion, a mix-up, some tragedy, and of course resolution all in a neat package.

Very Entertaining .

Another formulaic Rom-Com.

) but still a thoroughly enjoyable film that I'm sure any person (especially man) can relate to.

Charismatic Will Smith plays an ethically-minded, financially-upscale, Manhattan matchmaker in "Hitch," an artificial but entertaining romantic comedy about a guy who earns his keep as a love counselor.

If you're into an evening of boredom be my guest.

It was still an enjoyable film and I would recommend this film to people who like romantic films.

And what really bugs us is that they all feel totally contrived.

The ending is poor, clichéd and over done and boring, it makes it feel like the film just ran out of steam.

Formulaic, even.

I did really get bored during the second half.

Enjoyable only for the actors, nothing profound in the story.

I suppose my main complaint with "Hitch" is that it plays it overly safe as it progresses: it lacks edge and surprise in its comedy (while the rest of the audience was giggling away, I found myself completely unmoved by "Hitch"'s rather banal comedic attempts), and finds itself lingering forever towards the end in a hackneyed rehash of the same old hokum that compromises most romantic comedies, and one could figure its inevitable resolution a "hitch to the moon" away.

So yeah, if you listen to Top 40, your favorite beer is either Miller or Bud Light, you love cliché' movies with the cliché' black guy in it, then this movie is for you!

My wife and I had a great time watching and left the theater quite satisfied - there's no doubt this is THE date movie of 2005.

The movie was enjoyable up until about a third of the way through.

Should you keep that part of your brain turned on that involves paying attention or having sensitivity then you might pickup on some of the sexism, stereotyping, and formulaic processes that run amok as well as the dearth of continuity gaffes, the woeful underusing of Adam Arkin, and Michael Rappaport (who was a little more than an extra).

Romantic comedies, by their very nature, are utterly predictable.

Smith does his thing which is always entertaining.

Originality is very important here and most 'romcoms' today are embarrassingly cliché.

Surprisingly Entertaining .

Probably the worst movie I have ever seen .

Well, there are those moments in her too, but they are mixed up with some nice moments of situation based comedy and dialog, and also some nice tricks and unexpected turns.

Worth watching, at least once!

This film is definitely worth seeing, and you'll leave the theater smiling.

This film came as a huge surprise to me, its hilarious, will smith is a legend, and Eva Mendes is stunning throughout.