Horns (2013) - Crime, Drama, Fantasy

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In the aftermath of his girlfriend's mysterious death, a young man awakens to find strange horns sprouting from his forehead.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Alexandre Aja
Stars: Daniel Radcliffe, Juno Temple
Length: 120 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 28 out of 191 found boring (14.65%)

One-line Reviews (129)

Horns was hilarious, exciting, scary, different, fairly unpredictable, and jaw-dropping.

The only downside is that in the middle of the movie, the plot starts to slow down and become a bit repetitive but overall very enjoyable for me.

If you want to get scared or see intriguing twists, watch something else.

It was incredibly entertaining and I found it hard to look away from the screen.

The character development is clumsy, and the "laws" that come with Ig's horns are poorly addressed and can easily be misunderstood or missed completely, making the rest of the movie incredibly confusing for viewers who have not read the book.

Horns is a really good movie as far as the acting, comedy, visuals, and general concept goes, but it's unfortunately let down by a predictable plot that goes into ridiculous territory for the ending.

An uneven yet highly entertaining film with a pleasant balanced mix of mystery, horror, romance, and comedy genre.

It's refreshing, and enjoyable, and I liked it!

The plot begins very well, with the central character being target of an intense and anticipated social judgement.

Ruined by ill-judged dialogue and pointless violence .

Radcliffe does a fantastic American accent and is good at being both vulnerable and dark, supporting stars Temple, Morse and Graham get their good moments as well, the mystery as to who committed the murder is gripping, the mission of love element works well, and the demonic material is ingenious, especially the characters openly expressing their inner sinful behaviour making for hilarious awkwardness, and great special effects as well, this is a darkly funny and very satisfying fantasy horror thriller.

The twist aside, High Tension was an intense and wonderful ride and Aja was able to leverage the interest in the French language horror film into a gig behind the camera for The Hills Have Eyes remake in 2006.

It's just too bad that the comedy really dragged it down for me.

Thoroughly & unexpectedly entertaining, I give this fresh movie 9/10 stars.

Horns brings forth a brand new hybrid genre by telling a complex story in a gripping way.

However, my family thoroughly enjoyed it.

It was exciting, and I immediately looked up who wrote and directed it so I could find more by themI am seriously confused by the hater's ratings.

It does seem to drag in places and there are a few unnecessary scenes, but it's a good film which is entertaining in parts.

It is a bit disjointed, and it is hard to tell if it wants to be a dark comedy, a satire, a horror film, a murder mystery...

It's complex and unpredictable, making you lust for its conclusive finale, which thankfully, explains everything and does some much needed justice.

I really enjoyed it, I really did, with it's biggest lure of course being the comedy elements which I just wish there was more of.

I found the whole thing to be pretty amusing and strangely intriguing.

We get to see the improving Radcliffe in a pretty complex and intense story here.

That he is the main suspect makes the tragedy all the more unbearable.

But, while it was another murder case solving mystery, there were enough other elements added to mix to make a good stand alone film, and make it one that is worth the watch for a good time at the movies!

was that the ending was predictable since less than half the movie...

Empty Schlock .

10/10 would waste my time again.

Excellent, original start with horribly cliché final 30 minutes .

I especially liked the ending, since it was both visually very engaging and a bit emotional.

It's more of a slow building, nicely paced suspense piece.

Very intriguing story and interesting characters.

Nice story adjustments making it more intense .

Don't waste your time, go see Annabelle because Horns isn't worth your money.

But suddenly, the film took a bad turn - it went from a dark, comedic mystery to a confusing, gory film with pretty awful special effects.

I have read some moronic posts about this film, about character identification and boring and slow; well, let me tell you, I laughed a lot, the script is well written and funny.

The twists at the end were great, finding that she had cancer and that was why she wanted to leave him, really added a bit more character to the film, and when Lee shot the policeman in the head, I was definitely shocked.

Ig's character is intriguing and the question that was in my mind throughout was whether he was good or bad, the protagonist or the antagonist.

That in his films, anything goes, he is in-control and we are just helpless viewers along for the ride, which was always thrilling.

There are so many absolutely identical movies coming out all the time, so much unoriginal boring stuff, it's nice to see something different and actually interesting.

Mainly because I found the character interactions to be intriguing, sometimes humorous and because I actually cared about what was going to happen next.

The film takes a while to find its footing, overly angsty at first, and sagging heavily in the middle, thanks to over-reliance on dull flashbacks.

As movie advanced to its ending I started to dislike how the story progressed, it all happened so fast and little bit awkward, the fight seemed dull and some things in it just hadn't made sense to me.

It's both funny and enjoyable while sometimes creepy or having a lot of "what the heck" moments.

While they didn't have enough time to be as deep as I would have hoped, the movie was able to make an intriguing story, even if it was different than the original novel.

Overall: The suspense and mystery in this film was very lackluster, because Horns feel cramped and cluttered, by unfunny jokes, pointless nudity, and cartoony violence.

In the movie, punishing his brother seems out of place and the reasons Ig states are a little contradictory and confusing.

Widely panned by most who've seen it, I found it to be enjoyable throughout.

Still enjoyed it.

I thought it'd be a mildly entertaining fantasy horror comedy with a fun and interesting gimmick to spend an afternoon with, only to be absolutely blown away by this revelation.

So, while some scenes are hard to watch, while the ending may make you cringe, while it's cheesy, predictable, and every bit cliché, it's overall pretty harmless, and definitely a new guilty pleasure of mine.

This is by far the worst movie I have ever watched and possibly in the history of motion pictures.

This scene, while mildly entertaining, is delivered with no warning and no reason to even be included.

Of the three elements jostling for supremacy in Horns, the black, black strain of comedy that runs through the entire film is the most successful and entertaining.

We'll even gloss over the pointless cameo from Heather Graham as an oddball, once again on ham duty rather than acting.

After the villain is revealed it's kind of predictable after that.

This movie began with a promise, but eventually got tedious.

As for the comedy, it's not always terribly funny, but it touches upon the intriguing idea of what many of us would do if we were EXTREMELY open and honest about our wildest and darkest desires.

Now, in conclusion, this film does has a very interesting and engaging plot.

i really wanted this to end, and i kept my hopes high to the very end in which nothing happened, except the most cliché and ridiculous ending possible.

Daniel Radcliffe does a pretty decent job as Ig - his American accent is believable, and while he verges on over-acting from time to time, he generally nails the sense of confusion, desperation, and finally acceptance that Ig possesses.

Unusual but oddly compelling.

The movie is much entertaining before it goes anywhere farther.

It's also the kind of film that falls apart the more you know and think about it: this is especially true of Merrin's rather confusing role in the story after she dies.

I liked the fact that the first half introduces you to the characters whom you'd be seeing till end and each and everyone of them in the town had something off and intriguing about them.

The dialogue, while flimsy and boring, does manage to actually deliver a decent quip every so often.

The novel had great ideas and shocking comedic moments but it was a poorly written, drawn out, overly generic, tragic love story wrapped in a predictable mystery that would have made for a better short story.

So actually a movie worth watching once.

I consider this one of the better films of 2014 and I can certainly highly recommend it!

It was both comical and suspenseful.

The graphics were simply terrible and the storyline kept dropping to a mutual 'boring'.

Original, exciting, funny, amazing .

In addition, the ending is write unexpected because it's not the typical Hollywood ending.

Whereas the story should be absolutely brimming with deep character relationships and interesting observations, it instead is rather bland on that front because the focus is on the visual gags or off-beat humor.

The plot takes many unexpected and dark twists which Iggy discovers the dark side behind everyone he ever knew.

Totally worth watching .

Predictable .

Here Joe came up with an odd but compelling story.

The movie tells an intense story.

It's a dark and thrilling story, which brings an interesting feat into the movie's equation, the horns.

Max Minghella as Lee is a drab, uninteresting cardboard cutout who lacks anything redeemable about him.

Once Ig, Daniel Radcliffe, wakes up from his drunken night to find that in the mirror the face looking back it him has horns in its cranium the film takes an entertaining turn.

The casting and pacing was good, and the storyline was intriguing.

It blends various genres that you wouldn't expect to work, but the result is an intriguing and engaging movie that evokes the whole human spectrum of emotion.

He was boring.

Well acted, well written, and despite being just a tad predictable, it is just a good movie from start to finish.

The conclusion to the mystery is so predictable and cliché, the ending seems anticlimactic compared to how great and original the film began.

And i will tell you the best of this boring drama parade, in the very first scene that the "villain" appeared i said to myself "that guy did it", and you know what happened?...

Joe Anderson as Ig's brother, Terry, is almost the same, with just such a boring and cookie-cutter performance.

For Max Minghella, his character is way too nice and predictable, that the twist toward the end, didn't have the punch, like it should had.

The rest of the supporting cast which includes Joe Anderson, Max Minghella, James Remar, Kathleen Quinlan, Heather Graham and David Morse are all quite good, but this film really depended on Daniel Radcliffe's performance, which was dull.

So, if you want a review from a normal person who appreciates a movie for the emotions it evokes, the entertainment value that it gives and the quality of acting and writing that it has, then, please, believe me, this movie is worth watching.....

But most of it is Intriguing enough to Hold Attention to its Bizarreness with Outstanding SFX and Artistic Flare to Burn.

You will not feel bored throughout this film as it keeps you hooked on every scene, be it the comedy scenes, or the thrilling ones.

All the unnecessary details are changed to shorten the movie, making it the more enjoyable on the already long duration of about two hours.

There were some creepy and suspenseful scenes here and there, as well as some over-the-top blood and gore scenes for if you're a big fan of gore.

Anyway good acting, original, but predictable.

Worth Watching .

Therefore I really enjoyed it, it is something different than whats out there.

The film is fairly entertaining and original, and seeing the events go from bad to weird are pretty funny!

The bouncing back and forth in time does sometimes feel a little disjointed and you may just want to find out what's happening next, rather than see what's already gone.

"Horns" has its issues but it still was terrifically acted and pretty entertaining.

Then comes all the snakes, and organ-grinding theatrics that are just way too cliché.

I believe this film will appeal to a large audience not for the youngings though due to language and horror elements within, overall I believe it's enjoyable enough to recommend to those who want something different than than the usual trash Hollywood and its brothers deliver.

I liked how everything became clear in the book at the ending with everything tying back to the tree-house, but this just ended in confusion and horrible cgi.

This was truly a thrilling thriller which will make most viewers struggle to predict the outcome.

OK, this was fun at the beginning, but after a few times applying this trick, it gets boring.

I love that this film was completely un-formulaic and original.

By the end, something which started out as an engaging and original piece of fantasy is boring and predictable (maybe not so much predictable, but gory and pointless, certainly).

The revelations vary from unexpected to downright hilarious, and the realization is that there might not be much hope for the human race.

great movie, with some intense twists.

I found it to be bizarrely interesting and oddly entertaining.

I am usually bored easily when watching dramas.

Although it's definitely a flawed movie that could've been vastly improved by clearer explanations for the horns, the experience overall is enjoyable and unique.

There's a number of scenes that really show it, like where Radcliffe gets dragged limp across the floor by his horns, or when he tries in vain to get rid of them by smashing them into a wall repeatedly.

To me, the bottom line is this:1) I was genuinely interested who the killer was; 2) I thought the love story was rather touching; 3) The acting was good; 4) A lot of the movie was quite entertaining and some parts of it pretty funny.

OK, so this is basically a Who-Dunit murder mystery at its core - which is very enjoyable.

The most boring movie i have seen in years, no exaggeration.

The film also becomes tedious towards the end because it felt overlong at two hours.

So it's a bit boring.

This movie is not that, but it sure is worth watching.

Otherwise there are quite a few funny ideas and the fact you make a spin (horror version) of "Liar Liar" is quite exciting and nice!

That, also, coincides with the point in the movie where we start getting bogged down in flashback and pointless childhood memories.

I never even read the book, but all I see here is a non-compelling personal detective work and an unclear ambition.

It is overdone and very predictable and thus seriously undermines the quality of the film.

I believe strongly in the quality of this movie to dumbfound viewers, fully engage them, and offer a thrilling, entertaining viewing experience.

All the deep dark but honest truths spill out from those he speaks with and it's humorously enjoyable.

Think of it as a very engaging R-rated Halloween-season movie that successfully meshes several genres, murder-mystery being the leitmotif.

The premise is very intriguing.