Hostage (2005) - Action, Crime, Drama

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When a family is held hostage, former hostage negotiator Jeff Talley arrives at the scene. Talley's own family is kidnapped and Talley must decide which is more important: saving a family he doesn't even know or saving his own family.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Florent-Emilio Siri
Stars: Bruce Willis, Kevin Pollak
Length: 113 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 43 out of 292 found boring (14.72%)

One-line Reviews (273)

Amazing and breathtaking- Bruce has returned .

However, I think it makes the movie a whole lot more intense and breathtaking.

Cliché #15.

I left the theater feeling dirty and tricked.

He was so intense and he played the dramatic scenes so good.

Its action packed and suspenseful all the way through.

) Fascinating, action-packed, great, great movie.

HOSTAGE is a psychological crime drama told in an over-the-top but generally enjoyable fashion by director Florent Emilio Siri, who likes his music and his explosions loud and often.

This simplistic, visual opening sequence, along with a thrilling score, draws you in to the world of HOSTAGE.

The movie is very intense and it is action from start to finish.

Pity, because "Hostage" had an exciting premise that could have made for a terrific B-picture.

This is a great action packed Bruce Willis thriller.

[-] Slow paced.

Apparently you have to have ten lines of text, so here's some more- I'd recommend this movie to anyone who's looking for a good action flick that isn't mindless, to get the adrenaline pumping as well as engaging the mind a little.

The sequence is exciting at the most and when I see it, I think of NID DE GUEPES.

The movie was so thrilling and so engrossing that I never once reached for it or even took a sip.

However it might be of worth to mention what makes the film worth watching for at least most of the viewing.

Boring Unimaginative Movie wasted two hours of my life .

Stupid pointless dumb noise, for mundane 25yr-old tradesmen who only go to films that see on adverts during 'World's Greatest Police Chases'.

Exciting movie with magnificent creation of action, thriller , emotion and suspense .

FINAL VERDICT: If you like action movies, then you will probably find this film entertaining.

Cliché #11.

His change in mentality is absurd, even if a little entertaining.

It's that boring.

This could have been a solid action thriller with a straight storyline, concentrating on one problem or situation, but in the end they try to put so much confusing stuff into this, completely forgetting the viewer in the end.

The duality of the situations that chief Talley has to cope with, put his character in a perpetual "on the edge" position that I love.

There is little in the way of traditional Willis action sequences, albeit for the one main hostage ending sequence, but this does little to dull the movie, in fact it strengthens it.

The part with with rugged Bruce Willis was gripping and the arrival of the three criminals was intense.

From the moment the opening credits roll you will be on the edge of your seat.

There's a brutal, shadowy, agonized aura to the proceedings, accented by intense, bulldozing performances by the eclectic cast, and a fairy tale like vibe that soars the film to epic heights.

Jonathan Tucker is extremely good here as Dennis, he was intense, and was really into his role, i liked him a lot.

'Hostage', still having been filmed very elegantly and with style, is going nowhere for the whole 2 hours of the movie.

Thoroughly engaging till the wheels come off...

Solid, sleek, and ultimately stunning .

Oh, sure, there is cliché after cliché in this stultifyingly dumb action movie.

There are also some unexpected resolutions and some even less expected symbolic shots.

I saw the Film last night, an I enjoyed it.

Cliché #13.

THE GIST Are you in the mood for a dark, intense, edge-of-your seat thriller?

But then matters take an unexpected turn when Talley is accosted in his car by men,telling him they have taken his own family hostage and that their safe return is dependent upon him bringing them a DVD (I'll have to think of that the next time Blockbuster Video's shut!

Shorty after that situation ends wrongly we pick up 2 years later as he has since left that role and settled for a boring small town sheriff's position.

while it doesn't live up to it's full potential, it serves well as an engaging ride at the movies.

Contrived and hackneyed .

Predictable but delivers the action required of the genre and is recommended for those who are just looking for exciting films .

It's visually stunning, the acting is very good and it's totally action packed.

Things start off on an intense note as we see a grizzled-looking Bruce Willis attempting to negotiate with a psycho who has locked himself and his family in their house.

I highly recommend it!

But despite all that after the first 10 minutes (and Bruces BAD facial hair) I was on the edge of the seat for the rest of the movie.

It moves relatively fast over its 105 minute running time and proves to be a thrilling enough experience.

So intense and such a good plot line.

Although the Negotiator wasn't an excellent film either, the two big names running the show managed to salvage it to a point where it was fairly entertaining.

Every time I felt that the plot was going to go down a cliché and predictable route, I was surprised, right up until the ending of the film, which had every bit as much tension and drama as the rest of the film, which is something of a departure from what I've come to expect from big budget Hollywood productions.

This bombed at the Box Office, however i can't see why , it's extremely thrilling, and very suspenseful, what's not too like?

HOSTAGE was directed by Florent Siri and this guy is a newcomer worth watching.

It's delightfully entertaining, has its share of action, imaginative and cohesive 'plotline,' its turn of dark sinister segment, along with wit, chuckles, smiles, heart-warming feelings, suspense and joy.

I seriously I Love the intense, the mystery and mostly the acting.

Well, at least for the opening tense and engaging scene.

Hostage negotiator Jeff Talley (Willis, in another one of his action packed roles) becomes involved in a hostage takeover at the Smith residence where things keep getting worse.

While at times predictable, the superb delivery by the cast does not bore you, though some might think that having "unidentified" masked men seems a little too convenient, as their motives go unexplained.

Bruce Willis is fine in his ultra-cliché role of the "damaged cop," as are most of the other actors, and the movie does begin with a few promising scenes.

Good thriller with a couple of McGuffins and some unexpected twists - and it's been six years since you could say that about any flick with Bruce Willis in it - though he has one killer brutal wisecrack which breaks the tension at just the right time and made me laugh out loud.

It has something that should leave you on the edge of your seat.

A very exciting ride .

Otherwise, a complete waste of time.

It does such a good, gripping job of establishing a suspenseful situation that it's doubly-disappointing when the whole thing breaks down into absurdity.

They seize upon the opportunity to take Willis' family hostage after piecing two and two together about Willis' past (Cliché #8) and threaten to kill them unless Willis can recover the desired materials from the house (Cliché #9).

Things get off to a gripping start as we behold LAPD star negotiator Jeff Talley (Willis) screw up a violent hostage situation through avarice and complacency, both founded on years of successes and professional achievement.

It's hard to go into Hostage expecting anything other than just an entertaining thrill ride, and that's all I went into the movie expecting.

Acting as co-producer, did he really believe this formulaic mall fodder would mark a return to his action-hero heyday?

You have your cliché-ridden 'depressive cop rising from the ashes'-story, a unbelievably ridiculous plot of three teenagers taking a rich family as hostages that eventually turns into a soap opera and - later - a hilarious 'The Shining gone Scream gone Why The Hell Is This In The Script' teenage screamfest, and finally there's the really bad-ass guys who put the cop under pressure and are of course superior to anyone.

Each title assured adrenaline, good triumphing over evil and no doubt, hundreds of millions of dollars worth of receipts.

) Too over the top, predictable, and non-intellectual Wait 5 more days for it to be on video, if it makes it that far There was NO character depth Bruce was trying for an Oscar too many times with lots of crocodile tears It was a combo of that other loser movie where the rich people get trapped in their own house by criminals and a BAD version of die-hard or rambo ...

I actually enjoyed it until I began to realize how silly it is.

The job as Chief of Police of the quiet burg seems boring until the day of the movie when three punk teenagers (Ben Foster, Jonathan Tucker, Marshall Allman) respond to their testosterone and antisocial tendencies and decide to steal an Escalade SUV from rich man Walter Smith (Kevin Pollak) and his children Jennifer (Michelle Horn) and Tommy (Jimmy Bennett) who live in a superstructure, highly guarded mansion that serves as a headquarters for criminal money manipulation (unbeknownst to the perpetrators).

We would be left with the three punks and a hostage situation that's harrowing because one of the three is an unpredictable psychopath.

His younger days saw the wild and exciting John McClane, and now he's more mild-mannered in the likes of Sixth Sense, Unbreakable and this.

Gripping from start to finish.

Instead the movie substitutes far too many scenes of Willis alone and in intense personal agony.

In conclusion, Hostage is very entertaining and if your anything like me you will certainly enjoy it.

overall - stunning performances and like i said at the beginning a totally underrated movie - if you are a parent.

A stylish, elaborate, tense, thrilling film!

"Hostage" is exciting.

Again, scenarist Doug Richardson's smartly done screenplay contains several twists and turns as well as surprises and revelations that will keep you poised on the edge of your seat.

Even the first 3/4 can't save it from it's ultimate doom--just another shoot 'em up, burn 'em up, blow 'em up Hollywood waste of time.

Other than that, there are very few great action scenes in this film and the most compelling character is the kid who crawls around in the ventilation ducts to arrange the escape of his family.

The prognosis for 'Hostage' is engaging enough, with a father and his two children held captive in their home, which lies within the jurisdiction of a small town police chief, played none other than Mr Willis.

It is compelling and a great thriller that will rattle your mind.

Instead we get two hostage situations for the price of one, and a cast of thousands which soon gets confusing and provides plot-holes big enough to fly Dennis' precious heli-chopper through (if you've seen the movie you'll know what I mean).

the writing, while allowing some rather cheap conveniences along the way, still delivers enough material for an exciting ride.

This movie is intense and you will hold your breath until the end.

The acting ranges from fine (Willis is not bad, actually) to bland (Kevin Pollak) to overdone (Jonathan Tucker, the stupid, whiny "leader" of the gang) to flat-out annoying (the precocious, plucky son of Pollak's character).

I'm talking about the "Batman Forever" kind of confusing, where you are left wondering why the characters in the movie just don't take a direct and simple approach in solving their problems, instead of making things overly complicated and unrealistic.

Nonetheless, this is a great action film and I highly recommend it.

Pulse-pounding B-movie that defies all logic yet is a guilty pleasure vastly entertaining with Willis in "DIE HARD" mode as a former hot-shot LA hostage negotiator whose seemingly tranquil attempt at being a small town sheriff takes a spin for the worst when three thrill-seeking ne'er do well teens take a family hostage resulting in Willis' own family becoming victims of a kidnapping with a decidedly serpentine plot that relies more on thrilling slam-bang action than skillful deducing.

Thrilling and Intense.

I thought this movie was an action packed intense, psychological thriller.

Most characters are a cliché along with the highly predictable storyline in which the characters function.

I heard somebody describe this as an edge of your seat thriller, but the only way I could see that being true is if one fell asleep due to the pace of this thriller and slid down to the edge of their seat.

From there the film kicks into high gear with some theatrical set pieces, jarring violence and super intense acting.

It breaks my heart to say that this will probably be one of the worst movie of the 2005, and meant it.

Mars is a true sociopath; he is very detached from everything and everyone; he is totally obsessed with Smith's daughter Jennifer (played by engaging newcomer Michelle Horn).

Bad acting by Willis (who is often good, but not here), plus a horribly clichéd and predictable plot filled with convenient contrivances throughout equals a 'no-need-to-see'movie.

Upon first glance, Hostage looks like one in the long line of Bruce Willis action flicks that are formulaic, and just a bit repetitive.

There is some forgettable fodder contained herein, where it feels like the characters are just going through the motions to get us to the end, but that is just the slight down-time, most of the film is suspenseful and action-packed, just how most of you like your Bruce Willis thrillers.

I was curious to see what would happen but very very predictable.

Most of the movie is deadly serious and very intriguing.

And then it just gets more and more complicated and more and more ridiculous as the movie becomes improbable and more of formulaic and clichéd.

The verdict: unbelievable characters in preposterous situations doing unmotivated things for far too long in a flabby, uninvolving turkey.

Then there are the seemingly pointless scenes once they are in the house.

If this movie invokes memories of Willis' earlier 'Die Hard' series, then you are perfectly right, making this the penultimate cliché.

This action thriller keeps you on the edge of your chair with a twist around every corner.

The entire movie is a played out cliché.

Aiding Willis in his predicament is the younger of the two children being held hostage, who manages to break free and runs around undetected within super fortress via the ventilation shafts, another popular Hollywood cliché, making this #10.

Now I like good action films ('Die Hard', 'Predator'), but for me to like an action film it has to be good unlike 'Under Siege' or 'Lethal Weapon', this is definitely worth the watch.

Excellent drama that literally keeps you on the edge of your seat.

, plus it's unpredictable throughout!.

Don't waste your time.

The movie starts out in a way that's starting to become cliché.

Gripping, spellbinding, and breathtaking are a few of the adjectives I use to describe this film.

Talley is at the top of his game, or so it seems , showing outrageous confidence as he grooms himself while negotiating the release of two doomed souls, in an adrenaline imbued hostage situation.

This biggest compliment I can give this movie is this: I dragged my girlfriend along with me to see this movie and needless to say she wasn't ecstatic.

Hostage is a dark, intense, edge of your seat thriller that will leave you guessing till the very end.

The novel by Robert Crais was adapted by Doug Richardson and produces a film that is entertaining and while it doesn't break new ground, it's recommended for fans of this type of movies.

That's right, Bruce, empty your clip into those celluloid corpses.

The twists and turns , while exciting don't make a great deal of sense.

The story is suspenseful, twisty and very violent (people on fire, shot, stabbed) and filled with good performances.

FINAL VERDICT: Great Crime\Thriller For Renting (5.8/10)[+] An adrenaline-pumping Thriller.

very entertaining (about 3 viewings)

It is very suspenseful.

Worst movie ever.............................

Double Plot Keeps you on the Edge of your seat.

On the flip side, the normally stunning Ben Foster is surprisingly flat.

It is a pretty good movie.. mixing many different genres that all blend well into a suspenseful action flick.

Of course, there are many clichés and scenes used in many other action movies, but many unexpected twists and turns decrease their influence.

After Bruce Willis's past films, which involved some comedy and psychological thrillers, started to become a bore to me.

The relationship between Mars (a Trent Reznor/Brandon Lee wannabe) and goth-girl Jennifer is pretty intriguing...

thrilling, exciting and keeps you out of your seat.

Tense situations, unexpected plot twists, some solid action sequences, and a glimpse of that dark, gritty, un-PC attitude that most Hollywood films run in fear from, all combine to make Hostage a treat among a sea of crappy releases.

Gripping and Disturbing movie .

The film never uses any of the traditional cop movie clichés, and there are more unexpected twists and turns in the story than in all of Bruce Willis's other movies combined.

However after seeing the actors input and abilities in this film, I really enjoyed it, sitting on the edge of my seat all the way through.

The visuals were stunning, especially in Ben Foster's scenes.

Suspenseful, twisty & dark filled with great performances .

It was just so stupid and pointless, I didn't care about the characters, whether they lived or died which I believe is absolutely integral to the plot of an action film.

Cliché #4.

Thoroughly entertaining from start to finish, Hostage offered some great action, drama, emotion and most of all some fantastic acting, mainly by Bruce Willis and Ben Foster.

The premise of this overtly confusing offering is Bruce Willis who plays Jeff Talley, an experienced hostage negotiator who is hiding from himself.

This is an enjoyable action thriller .

Minor spoilers ahead:Bruce Willis is back again in a intense clone of a Die Hard movie only not exactly as his best performance.

The result is a downbeat action thriller that's tense, fast-moving and more dramatic than most movies of its kind.

The trio of small time hoods that holds the family hostage comprises the usual green goody two shoes who is not in cohorts with the hard core hoods (Clich #2), while one of the seasoned criminals just happens to be neurotic (Cliché #3).


Cliché #1.

It's cool, it's breathtaking, it's thrilling and it's very Bruce-Willis-like.

The film needs to be tight and brooding, but Siri keeps it instead on the edge of hysteria.

Bad: The people who kidnap his family's motivations seem pointless and worthless.

An unexpected delight.

this movie is to intense for young ones so you might want to leave them at home for this movie.

Bruce Willis was excellent in this movie, the cinematography was amazing, the plot (as I said) was unpredictable and suspenseful ...

It's got some weird stuff in it that would probably cause a normal person who is experiencing it to seek psychiatric help, but it's still enjoyable.

Kept me on the edge of my seat.

The story was predictable, the bad guy wouldn't die, and the story had no moral, no message, and left a multitude of potential clues unexplored and unanswered.

There was so much thrills and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time!

This is one of the worst movies I've seen in a long time.

The movie starts off with an intense scene as we are introduced to Willis's hostage negotiator character Jeff Talley.

The director is then free to exercise his stylistic choices within the confines of a simple, but entertaining, set up.

The thriller genre' is about entertainment and Hostage is thoroughly entertaining from it's brilliantly executed opening sequence right through to its final moments.

The story and the whole thing is in fact original, a lot of self proclaimed critics say its a lackluster unoriginal poorly made cheap thriller, it is in fact the complete opposite, its very original, entertaining, shocking, and well made.

Intense action, intense violence.

this is a slightly suspenseful action movie.

It's also, however, rather formulaic and as such doesn't deliver any genuinely surprising developments.

Willis wears his usual two dimensional action hero type hat while the film swirls around him with lots of action, firefights, pyro, cop stuff, suspense, corny bad guys, etc. and a silly and obviously contrived plot sort of gluing the whole shebang together.

If I had one disappointment with the film, it's that while Kevin Pollack gets second billing in the film, after Willis, he's not in as much of the film as I would have thought, given the billing, because Pollack is an enjoyable actor to watch.

The real shame here is that if this entire "DVD bad guy" subplot is done away with, this may have been an entertaining film.

After a forgivably-predictable compound ending, (( the malevolence of Ben Foster's character alone is worth the price of admission, which was actually handled with care by this movie's stylish filmmaker )) the edge of your seat will have released you from being held "Hostage.

The menacing character that is Mars (Foster) and his unpredictable nature leads to events that quickly spiral out of control.

Enjoyable film, if you like the kind you should see it

Rating : Better than average and well worth watching.

very exciting and suspenseful.

Cliché #14.

Although reviews on the film seem to be mixed or even negative, Ebert wrote of the plot twists, "This is ingenious, and adds an intriguing complexity to what could have been a one-level story.

It is well worth watching as it draws you right into the main character, an experienced cop and top-notch negotiator played by Bruce Willis, cementing you identification with this character for the rest of the movie.

The story is too uninteresting really to relate in detail.

After the first half of the film, I was bored with the premise.

It's action packed, the longest lull is only a few minutes.

The same applies here: Willis is great again and thanks to several other great performances (Jimmy Bennett as Tommy Smith, Ben Foster as Marshall 'Mars' Krupcheck, above all) and double-layer plot this movie is quite enjoyable.

All in all, avoid in wide arcs, don't waste few hours of your time, as I did unfortunately.

The pace of the film was rather slow at times especially in the middle of the film.

It may not be the best movie you've ever seen, but it is entertaining and a nice way to spend an evening with some friends.

It dragged and in my opinion it didn't get good until the movie began to focus more on Ben Foster, who generally lacks acting ability.

Other than that it's worth the watch if you want a slightly tense action film to cure your boredom.

But its claustrophobic suspense, operatic slasher-inspired climax, and double-story make it entertaining throughout.

Sick, twisted, dull, horror movie .

So many suspenseful and frightful moments that make you jump out of your seat.

The movie was alright until they just kept adding more to it, with his family, and with all that I expected something amazing to happen, but what happens Foster's character was slightly exciting.

Lots of Drama and suspense and very action packed.

And it's so intense you will be so exited to see this film.

An intense thriller .

Visually stunning from the first second to the last.

too cliché and improbable .

He kept me on the edge of the seat from beginning to the end.

This is the WORST movie we have seen in at least 5 years And we were DIE-Hard fans (get-it?

The protagonist, Jeff Talley (Bruce Willis) is a cliché - a Los Angeles police negotiator whose wrong instincts in a crisis situation cost lives.

hands down the best intense action thriller ever made, yeah it's that good .

Things start off on an intense note as we see Bruce Willis attempting to negotiate with a psycho who has locked himself and his family in their house.


Convoluted and boring - a very silly movie .

Cliché #12.

INTENSE and a must see....

This movie was the most riveting of his.

Also the slow pace of the movie and the scarce info it gives you about the characters hurt the whole thing even more.

It's an intense roller-coaster from start to finish and keeps you gripped to your seat throughout.

Bruce Willis is always a quality mark: even if the screenplay is no masterpiece, I cannot remember any of the movie with him being really awful or boring.

I was literally on the edge of my seat for parts of the movie and not because I was falling asleep as one writer suggested.

Gripping from start to finish.

One of the most compelling elements of the film is the repeated motif of young death and of watching a person die.

Good enjoyable film .

American films have fallen into the the state of boredom, and action stars icons are almost non-existent.

If you're in the mood to be on the edge of your seat, go see Hostage!

A potentially riveting exercise sells out to the cheap-thrill crowd, leaving us wondering if there's any such thing anymore as a genuinely suspenseful Hollywood thriller.

Hostage is exciting and will keep you biting your nails the whole way through.

Big Time Entertaining!!.

I thought the action was too slow, everything was easy to guess, the playing was really bad, especially Mars.

As predictable as some of the scenes were, the movie was still well made, and entertaining.

The story itself is exciting with a lot of twists that keeps you on your toes through the movie.

The acting for instance is certainly worth watching and especially Bruce Willis does a nice job.

This film is a very effective action packed yarn.

I was kept on the edge of my seat throughout the entire movie with the suspenseful twists that I didn't expect.

Bruce Willis gets back to his heroic roots as a tough guy cop in French director Florent Emilio Siri's new crime movie "Hostage" (***1/2 out of ****), a realistic, often gripping police procedural thriller with R-rated amounts of blood, gore, and more.

But it is still a quite satisfying film that keeps an intriguing,effective story and action lean and mean.

Are you in the mood for a dark, intense, edge-of-your seat thriller?

Don't waste your money.

That means under-aged groups give away their money to meaningless movies.

It's executed in the form of an uninteresting episode of 'CSI: Miami'.

The 'Hostage' of the title ends up being not exactly who you'd expect (not to spoil it, but it comes around the time of the mid-point of the film, one of the most suspenseful parts), and because of this it brings forth some clever cat and mouse scenes involving Bruce Willis' character versus a) those inside of the large house that has been taken over by three teens, and b) those looking for a 'Heaven Can Wait' DVD.

What's starts out as an intriguing character-based thriller, ends with a preposterous and over-blown ending, completely blowing any attachments that the viewer may have developed with the characters as the movie unfolded.

The premise was great - I loved the twist on the old hostage cliché.

Thanks for the adrenaline rush.

Overall, this film may feel derivative but it's sure entertaining.

They're not bad either, certainly sufficient to support the exciting action and sustained tension.

Yes, there are subplots galore, deaths, fire, explosions, death-defying actions, and unexpected turns of events - all of which propel the breakneck speed of this film under the direction of Florent Emilio Siri.

)Life is mundane,until a group of teenagers take a family hostage in their penthouse.

Cliché #5.

Just finished a thriller that was as exciting as the Washington - Tampa Bay game yesterday.

It just becomes to predictable after a while, and gets old.

Formulaic and generic to say the least, "Hostage" is a somewhat entertaining movie of recycled bits that have been made and remade time and time again.

Every cliché in the police/hostage drama book.

Hostage is a suspense thriller with its fair share of twists and turns, and in a genre that's become increasingly predictable, Florent Emilo Siri has managed to keep his movie both fresh and enjoyable.

Hostage is breathtaking from the first to the last second.

If you enjoyed it don't miss TRAPPED, MAN ON FIRE or COLLATERAL DAMAGE.

The plots and sub-plots make this movie into a confusing mess.

But nevertheless,one may find it entertaining as it definitely fits the description of being a guilty pleasure.

The violence is very graphic,intense and unexpected.

It's an intelligent and dramatic suspense story well packed as a fast paced action thriller with lot of emotions.

The film has a superb storyline with many twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Mars is the scariest type of psycho; quiet, unpredictable, lonely and bitter, the type of kid who slips under the radar until it's too late.

There are also some unexpected resolutions and some even less expected symbolic shots.

After the "different" opening credits we jump right into the start of the usual set up – cop with traumatic past is forced to confront demons to save family etc but again I was happy with this because I like the genre and can accept cliché.

Suspenseful, smart, and well-acted thriller is a lot of fun.

If you want a fun, suspenseful night at the movies then ignore the critics whining and moaning about clichés and improbabilities and go check out Hostage.

Nevertheless, he nearly always delivers an enjoyable performance (ignore Mercury Rising and Striking Distance).

I found the plot line gripping.

The film was much darker than I had expected, but it was a thrilling and captivating darkness.

Flawed though enjoyable action-thriller .

There aren't really any surprises in store but director Florent-Emilio Siri provides enough action,claustrophobia and nicely framed set-pieces to compensate for the predictable screenplay.

If you are a Bruce Willis fan or like a movie that gets you on the edge of your seat then this is the next movie you must see.

I was on the edge of my seat, which is always good for a thriller.

It keeps on the edge of your seat.

This isn't your typical action film with guns and explosions, it's much more than that, linking action and depth to give you a very entertaining experience.

Willis has to get the guy and his family out alive or face the unexpected consequences.

I was on the edge of my seat during the whole movie.

Be honest: What more does one want of a film but to be original, exciting and well acted?

In the beginning, i felt the tense and everything, couldn't stop watching, then after 30 min things started to get more slow and boring.