House Arrest (1996) - Comedy, Family

Hohum Score



A group of children, desperate to keep their various parents from getting divorces, kidnap them and hold them prisoner in a basement in order to force them to reconcile.

IMDB: 5.8
Director: Harry Winer
Stars: Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Pollak
Length: 108 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 4 out of 31 found boring (12.9%)

One-line Reviews (13)

Entertaining, could have been better, and cleaner .

All the actors do a good job and it's just a very entertaining movie.

The only reason why I watched this movie was because of Jennifer Love Hewitt, but I found this movie very entertaining.

Story is predictable and it praises the deviance in the conclusion.

Throw in a meddling retired chief of police across the street, and make him Ray Walston whom I think everybody loved most in "Picket Fences," and you have a film that is very entertaining, and also carries across some deeper meaning about what contributions young people and older ones can make to each other's ongoing development.

So I guess we're back to Carmenjonze's First Law of Unwatchable Movies...

While everything about the film is far too predictable and safe (even for a family film), there's an energy about the production that is impossible to resist.

This has to be the worst movie i have ever seen.

Worst Movie I have Ever Seen .

Grade: D- (the only reason it didn't get an F is because there were one or two semi-enjoyable scenes involving the parents)

And that stupid, stupidstupidstupid Brooke-Grover cliché, come on.

At least it was entertaining .

It's entertaining at best.