House Hunting (2013) - Horror, Mystery, Thriller

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2 families looking for a new home go to an isolated open house, but when they find a girl with no tongue, they soon discover they can't leave.

IMDB: 5.2
Director: Eric Hurt
Stars: Marc Singer, Art LaFleur
Length: 102 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 9 out of 33 found boring (27.27%)

One-line Reviews (26)

I feel that the plot unfolded too slowly with too many drawn out scenes that did little for character or plot development.

House Hunting was definitely worth the watch, especially if you enjoy psychological horror indies along the lines of "Triangle" or "The Corridor".

You quickly realize from the opening scenes that you're in for a badly acted and predictable horror flick.

The end was strong CONS it is too often slow the time-line is not believable, The story need more supporting scenes and less slow build up.

The second family is headed up by Art LaFleur who puts in a stellar performance as a gruff, over-protective father on the edge of sanity.

It had more than enough slow scenes The story line takes a few odd turns that didn't seem to support it.

Worth watching .

This movie was very interesting i'll give it that, but when it comes down to the main plot it gets very confusing, then when you think you understand what's going on you just get another twist.

I enjoyed it thoroughly, despite it not being a haunted house movie in the sense that I had hoped.

The only thing that I would fault about this movie is the lack of confusion and natural reaction somebody would have if faced with the situation that the characters did in the movie.

SUM A good idea that was not fully realized in the screen play We ended up FFWD to the end because it was so darn slow.

Despite holes and questions, this was a very satisfying trope on the descent-into-madness movie that starts from the most mundane of activities -- house-hunting -- so if you don't need everything neatly tied up at the end, I would say, go for it.

You may think this is a minor point, but it is symbolic of the lack of attention to rest of the film, which is confusing when not dull, and when we do get to the blood'n'guts, as brief as possible.

Definitely Worth Watching!!!

Absolutely mind blowing and riveting.

This one, instead, is really boring, and its length is clearly utterly exorbitant because of the really poor script.

A psychological and supernatural thriller that features a ho-hum cast: Marc Singer, Art LaFleur, Victoria Vance, Hayley DuMond, Paul McGill, Emma Rayne Lyle with Jon Cobb playing the weird Realtor.

Weird, creepy, puzzling, and very entertaining .

We enjoyed it!

The problem is that they put too much into the film that when it came time to bring it home, sort of speak, that boredom started setting it.

I liked how the characters are mischievously unbearable that you start to hope they get what they deserve.

But the actors couldn't do it, they were boring.

There's just something so horrifyingly entertaining about seeing characters get trapped in creepy settings, while bizarre and scary things happen to them until the inevitable ending.

Overall, the movie is worth watching.

House Hunting was definitely worth the watch.

Definitely Worth Watching.