House of 1000 Corpses (2003) - Horror

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Two young couples traveling across the backwoods of Texas searching for urban legends of murder end up as prisoners of a bizarre and sadistic backwater family of serial killers.

IMDB: 6.1
Director: Rob Zombie
Stars: Sid Haig, Karen Black
Length: 89 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 257 out of 921 found boring (27.9%)

One-line Reviews (609)

If it doesn't, this will simply have been an interesting interlude in between the two halves of an unoriginal, overly commercial and tedious presentation.

During the first scene of this amateurish reinvention of the boring Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I knew that I would hate this movie.

Yes you heard it ladies in gentlemen, this film was pointless trash.

I just loved it, and I don't care about what everyone else says or about the hype surrounding this movie, I saw it and very much enjoyed it.

So I was curious, but I was reluctant to waste my time watching this movie.

All I can say is that I REALLY HOPE that The Devil's Rejects is better than this, because this movie probably ranks amongst the 10 worst movies I have ever seen (and don't worry, it isn't worse than The Abyss).

This had NO PLOT.

Don't waste your time.

The film lurches along from scene to scene, and features a subplot where one of the victim's fathers (Harrison Young), an ex-cop, goes looking for them, that seems to attempt to try to interject some seriousness into the proceedings, but fails miserably with cliché dialog and some rather questionable acting.

It's so contrived.

i mean, wow, it was just the most boring, stupid, and pointless movie i have ever seen.

We left after 15 minutes.

Captain scary clown made it worth watching until the end, as well as the really hot blonde psycho.

It is unwatchable.

Shame on whoever distributed this movie because it was utterly pointless.

Not original, no plot to speak of, and rather ordinary.

Ultimately, it's boring unless you like the soundtrack or enjoy watching White Zombie or Marilyn Manson videos for hours at a time.


Save your money, don't see this.

Quick plot synopsis, if there is a story: Foursome writers forget the written cliché about curiosity killing the cat and head off to "Dr.

On some level this film is entertaining and is certainly an experience - at times unsettling and horrific it can also be funny and weird.

ten minutes into the movie they were nudge-nudging me talking about the awe-some shots and incredibly intense artistic concept of the film.

This was the first movie I've ever walked out of half way through, and when someone in the group I was seeing the movie with mentioned they wanted to leave, we all agreed without hesitation.

enjoyable for the deaf and blind.

yawn", and you are left hoping for an exciting conclusion.

The villains are predictable and on the most part rather bland.

He has given us a pastiche of every horror cliche and at the same time given new life to the fraudulent horror genre as of late.

It's entertaining.

No originality whatsoever, bland and worn out subject with the script to match.

Beginning the story in a low-key manner would have also helped, as the over-the-top approach from the opening sequence kills any chance of the film being intense and horrific later on.

The early scenes in Spaulding's were great, but eventually I became bored.

By the way - Have you ever noticed that the name Rob is the word "bore" spelled backwards just by adding an "e" to the end of it?

In the end, this is a predictable, unoriginal horror flick that's worth skipping.

in fact there is a HUGE cliche ending.

Very funny, extremely entertaining.

No story, I'm just lost for words now.

However, the #1 character of the movie had to be Captain Spaulding, he definitely made most of this movie worth watching with his one liners, and his charming persona.

But to be honest I was bored I was seriously considering stopping the film half way because I was so bored which was disappointing because as I said before I love gory horrors but I did make it to the end as I will always give a film a fair chance because some films get better as they go along but this one really didn't, it wasn't even gory, scary or funny it was just annoying in most places.

Only watch if that's your only way to escape boredom.

For all I saw was a totally pointless story about four characters being murdered.

Well made but otherwise dull movie .

Long and short of it save your money and avoid this.

Anyway, this movie is worth watching.

But House of 1000 Corpses overstayed its welcome - the film got really tedious towards the end.

worst movie ever made .

It was entertaining as anything.

`House of 1000 corpses' puts a temporary end to a stream of pointless, modern American `wannabe' horror films -- Scream(s), House of the Dead, Cabin Fever, Jeepers Creepers, etc -- by paying a respectful homage to Hooper's masterpiece, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974), and reinventing a genre that the commercial demands of a downward-spiralling industry had placed on the very edge of a precipice.

This is a bit of a mess but it's a fascinating mess.

Some of them are mute and creepy, some of them are amusing, (like ex-scream queen Karen Black and newcomer Sheri Moon) and some of them are so repetitive and over the top that they go from funny to over-the-top annoying.

Worst movie I've seen in my life .

What the movie lacking the most is a sense of humour (after the relatively fun first 30 minutes) as this is one of the worst movies of recent years...

These characters are blank, boring and, in the end, less developed than anything else in the story, except, quite possibly, the very myth they are chasing, Dr. Satan.

Don't waste your time with this one.

Maybe I was too immersed in the movie to accurately observe.

Story absolutely sucked (there was no story) without one single piece of original thought.

"House of 1000 Corpses" was and actually still is a pretty entertaining movie; one that has lots of really interesting aspects to it.

I left the theater with a sick feeling as if I had watched a snuff film or child porn or something else that would disgust a reasonable person.

Pointless Trash .

They're are alot of entertaining parts, and you'll find yourself laughing as much as cringing.

All the plot holes and mischaracterizations could be set aside if the film were visually engaging -- beautiful (as Eyes without a Face, or The Ring) or compelling (Andalusian Dog, or the otherwise sad remake Thir13en Ghosts), or terrifying.

The kidnapped couples experience a variety of the surreal before their descent into a living hell of torture and murder at the hands of the Firefly family, who's banter with each other and with others is both engaging, humorous, captivating, and ultimately terrifying.

Mostly predictable.

But obviously some people enjoy this boredom that this movie is, so go ahead and spend a couple of hours with it if you must -you have been warned...

This is probably the WORST movie I have ever seen in my entire life!

No plot.

This is actually one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

This movie was so very boring and stupid that me and my companion (also a horror fan) were groaning about it the entire evening.

Could you please through in another Cliche!

The only characters that sparked any interesting in this boring adventure were Otis and Captain Spaulding, and that's because the actors actually ACTED (unlike that poor excuse of a performance by Sheri Moon).

It's misguided, pointless, and worst of all, unoriginal, one of the biggest plagues cursed upon the horror genre.

This movie is a complete waste of time, the only people who I could see enjoying it are sadistic lunatics that find enjoyment in watching people get tortured

I wasn't able to watch this movie all the way through because it was so pointless that there was no way it would be able to redeem itself in the time that remained.

I just want to comment that I am a horror movie fanatic I have seen every scary, gory, sick, thrilling, chillin, stupid film along with all the independent ones that barely get played or heard of.

I've been reading all the posts from people about this movie, and have to say I found it quite enjoyable.

The four writers should have listened to Captain Spaulding, who told them that trying to solve the mystery of Doctor Satan was a waste of time.

Really it got to be quite annoying and trite.

However, as soon as the victims are abducted, (in a very tame suspenseful scene) HOUSE goes downhill faster than the great Tobe Hooper himself.


I'm pleased to say that, for me, I found it an entertaining movie - it's very stylishly directed and has pleasing performances by the lead actors.

Because most films don't have such pedigree, i tend to find myself skipping through certain scenes i find boring.

This movie attempts to provide us with some suspenseful moments, such as a scene in which it takes several seconds for a police officer to be shot and countless scenes of things `jumping out at us' accompanied by loud noises.

What was worst was how he tried to be artsy fartsy in a pathetic sort of way which was reminiscent of "Natural Born Killers" with the cinematography.

I am not a fan of those Friday 13th, Halloween type movies, because they take themselves too seriously and they are so predictable.

I expected more, lots more, but was given a dull and utterly bad movie.

Also, there was no plot.

What it is, is dull.

he uses one cliché after another of "sick twisted s**t" from grainy flash cuts to the characters talking, to weird old men characters that "creep you out".

This doesn't count as thriller, and as a torture porn movie, it's not even that great.

Oldster cult favourite Sid Haig as an evil clown named Captain Spaulding is entertaining, but underused, while the prerequisite chowder headed teens who must try to survive in the evil house are so uninteresting you actually hope they get killed so the movie will end a bit sooner.

Too many effects, cuts in time/place, uninteresting characters and the 'standard' horror story ruins this one.

This style of cinema fits the movie quite well but becomes tiresome as the movie progresses, you almost feel that Zombie was trying to cram too many styles and ideas into an 88 minute movie; he almost seems desperate to pay tribute to all of his favourite movies.

Self-indulgence by Zombie.

Otherwise,I found it rather drab and dull.

I fell asleep.

It takes a rare movie, and a rare director, to make a film go from boring, to stupid, to boring, to annoying, to infuriating, to boring, to ridiculous (I laughed during the cyborg scenes, and was not the only one) to annoying, to boring, to infuriating in one strip of celluloid.

This is the single worst movie that I have ever seen.

I went to see this, against my will, and i swear to god that it is the worst movie that I have ever laid my eyes on.

Worst movie ever made...

I give this movie an 8 out of 10, because I think it is what's expected: A look through the window of Rob Zombie's mind and although not a classic film, a refreshing change from the boring and predictable teen horror genre we have been forcefed for the past decade.

But if not, save your money and rent something else...

If you like schlocky, grind house-style horror flicks, this twisted semi-throwback to 1970s exploitation films might be enjoyable, although it may also be a little too weird for some tastes.

Unfortunately for me this was not a new classic of horror that some people hail it as, it's a disjointed mess that's light on scares, originality, and fun.

Two dudes who are probably fans of movies like this and their bored girlfriends stumble upon a murder museum in some huckburg run by an overbearing clown.

Yesterday night, I witnessed the worst movie in history.

Instead "HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES" was such pain, such awfully boring, lagging, dead-weight, zero-loser trash!!!

I highly recommend it to all you freaks and fiends out there.

It tries to be art, but ends up becoming annoying and repetitive.

There are a few nice shots here and there, but this crazy piece of work is generally loud, and dull with bad acting and an ending that just cries out for sequel, (which the film doesn't deserve).

I highly recommend this film; it's perhaps not for the feint-hearted, or for those who like some normality and composure on-screen, however it is a unique, crazy and highly enjoyable light-hearted horror throughout.

Pretty Intense Horror Flick...

However, methinks that even your average MTV moron considers Robbie's films too dumb to waste one's time on.

After that, the film seems to spiral into a typical horror cliche.

Your film efforts are a complete waste of time.

Ordinarily I try to ignore a movie's external circumstances and go by what's on the screen in front of me but in this case it's pointless to pretend this movie has not been in limbo for three years due to it's supposedly violent content.

What happens after this takes up the next unbearable hour of blood, gore, and a cheap excuse to show young girls with words carved into their dead, naked bodies.

Lots of blood and gore, typically predictable, somewhat annoying.

No plot, no character development, no creative filming.

The set-pieces (inside and outside the farmhouse) are stunning, and some even give the movie an almost cabaret feel because of their flashiness.

it dragged.

I just about fell asleep during this crappy movie.

I would have walked out, had there have been less people there (I was trapped in a bad movie!

It isn't disturbing, it isn't scary, it isn't entertaining really, it is just very boring.

It might very well be the best and certainly most entertaining role out of his career.

****possible spoilers****** The movie spends an absurd amount of time establishing a boring and pointless backstory about some Dr Satan nonsense.

It's certainly not a film I would want to see again, probably because the plot has been used over and over again in various ways and to be honest it becomes tedious.

It's the worst kind of artsy fartsy movie; the kind that desperately wants to be artsy fartsy...

Practically plotless, Zombie borrowed too many ideas from Texas Chainsaw massacre when scripting this musterpiece (meaning is that all he could come up with,) and lingered far too long on pointless camera shots in an attempt to capture an artistic sense of suspense(?

And yet I felt somewhat empty after watching it.

Just get over this "it has to be so new and breathtaking and fantastic that my head will spin around and around" bullshit, and understand this movie was made to entertain and be "gross".

Zombie doesn't choose between a loud and zany carnival of a movie and an atmospheric and tense lost-in-the-middle-of-nowhere movie, so the result is a house full of murderous hicks in the middle of nowhere that looks and feels like a torture theme park on speed.

The biggest complaint I heard from critics was it was hard to follow.

HOOC doesn't add much to the genre in terms of originality, but instead stands on the shoulders of giants to create what is, if nothing else, the most entertaining horror movie in recent memory.

The scary parts were boring, the funny parts were boring, hell evem the girls were boring.

It just bored you.

This was the most self-indulgent piece of junk I've ever seen.

Rarely does an original, entertaining horror flick pop up these days.

But alas,how immense the letdown was when I had managed to sit through this utterly waste of time.

Worth watching the movie, especially for the Captain Spaulding-Character, less for the story.

It's slow and at times surreal & bizarre.

As it is House of 1000 Corpses is one long boring mess.

We were so bored with it we couldn't even enjoy making fun of it.

This was serioulsy a very messed up and disturbing movie but I enjoyed it alot.

Otis (Bill Molesly) the brother of the family delivers some pretty upbeat, darkly humorous lines throughout the movie and the ending, although slightly psychotic and definitely messed up, makes for some entertaining viewing.

Boring, choppy, unimaginative mess - just like Zombie's music .

don't waste your time .

) This film relied heavily on sex, foul language, and pointless gore to appeal to thirteen-year-old boy mentality.

In the commentary, Robert the Zombie keeps mentioning how funny the gags are in "House of 1000 Dull Lines Of Dialogue".

The film was very entertaining (especially compared to the horrible excuses of horror that seem to be released constantly these days) and was full of action and humor, among the blood and terror, right down to its dark end.

Eli Roth being another example of this tired, pointless trend.


And yes, captions are important in this case because sometimes it can be hard to follow what exactly was said.

In a nutshell, what I witnessed was a boring story full of over-the-top gore and sadistic trash that is too disturbing even for a make-believe movie.

But i am afraid that´s empty.

Worst movie ever .

Complete waste of time.

In fact, it kinda bored me.

Hackneyed plot, terrible editing and production values, trite effects, all combined to produce a movie that we both would have walked out of, except there were people on either side of us in our aisle.

The difference between a cliché horror film and this one, is that instead of simply COPYING, Rob Zombie actually appreciates and loves the genre and its classics and quirks, in a genuine, Queintin Tarantino-esquire way.

Many people are commenting how this is the worst piece of crap-movie, pointless, stupid, etc...

Probably the most horrific part is that the story line to this movie dies a very slow death, then the character have to finish the last 40 minutes or so without it.

Overall summary: 88 minutes of painful boring drivel.

Boring .

Fortunately, this stinker is only an hour and a half out of your life; but you could make better use of the time by getting high and engaging in drunken sex with your next door neighbor.

Main problem was that I didn't really enjoy watching it, and I grew bored with it in its latter stages.

The plot is very linear but the power of this movie is in the stunning visuals,the weird atmosphere and on the crazy direction of Zombie:Crazy colors and angles,weird characters and a crash ride through '70 atmosphere.

The editing is also very memorable and effective; even a ho-hum scene at the police station is provided a dark touch when prefaced with grainy digicam footage.

SO, right now, I will go on record as to say that HOUSE OF 1,000 CORPSES it is one of the most visually stunning horror films I have seen in a long time, and it is so damned deliciously trashy with all its images of sex and horror memorabilia that it won me over within the first ten minutes and treated me right all the way to the end!

Waste of time.

There was no plot.

This was a waste of time, energy, oxygen, film, masks, and fake blood.

It's worth watching for some great performances, though.

Just when you think you might be getting interested, the story meanders into another mindless gore scene or boring, unentertaining dialog.

there are few redeemable qualities to it, at best its clichéd, and pointless and at one point almost feels like your watching a film where the entire point is of shock and disgust.

It's got a stupid and almost non existing storyline, lousy directing, boring characters (especially the rednecks), mediocre actors, not one scary moment and almost no gore.

Zombie should stick to making music video's as this film is just an overlong music video with no story, only one character with the merest glimmer of depth, personality or humour (the gas station clown).

The problem is that all three of those movies are so much more entertaining to watch and make at least a little bit of sense.

If you like a fast paced thriller with surprises.....

The whole thing ends up amounting to little more than a long string of scary images and make- up effects with no plot to back it up.

The family unit is one of the most entertaining and fun to watch psycho families since the first TCM.

That cliché end-twist instantly took the rating down a notch for being so done to death.

Save your money or go see Phone Booth instead.

After 89minutes of movie i only realized one thing: this is, with no doubt at all, the worst movie i've ever seen.

The rest of this film is a horrible mixture of very bad acting, virtually no storyline or plot, no explanation for anything that is going on really, horrible editing, and an attempt at "cool shots" and the such, which only comes across as headache inducing.

House of 1000 Groans of Boredom .

Or a flimsy pretext for 'horror', or extreme, head-slapping boredom.

I was just bored.

The movie is unpredictable, fast paced, and the feeling of uncertainty adds tension towards the events helps to create a weird, disturbing atmosphere.

A painfully boring attempted shock-fest .

But unfortunately, while the movie does start off strong, it quickly gets stuck in the predictable plot of a bunch of freaks kidnapping and murdering a bunch of teens.

Disturbing, entertaining, sadistic, and unapologetic, this is a movie that delights in reminding us that we are meaningless, nihilism at its' very finest.

There are little hints of true inspiration hidden beneath this film's bloody exterior, but Zombie fails to make anything more than a mostly disappointing and boring exploitation flick.

After much anticipation over the past three years to see this, and all of the dates being pushed back, and the comments about the how intense it was going to be, I must say that it was quite possibly one of the biggest let downs that I have ever seen.

Lame and boring .

Don't waste your time.

Problem I had with this film was it was too sadistic for its own good (the "bunny" killing scene especially made my blood turn cold), the villains antics grew tiresome, and THAT scene where the gun was held on the guy's head was JUST TOO LONG.

It's a warped, psychedelic delve into mania that'll make you laugh out loud and keep you on the edge of your seat.

Entertaining and well-made .

Neither is doing anything new per se, but rather going back to what works instead of being bland and cookie cutter.

Horrible & entertaining - whats not to like.

The constant pointless filters and other poorly handled post- production stylistics wear thin.

the capt. spaulding character at the beginning seemed to perk my hopes for something inventive but they were soon dashed shortly thereafter when rob zombie went into his standard 'blood-is-scary' theory of movie making as he did with his boring and flat halloween remake ...

Great editing and fast paced, I especially liked the opening scenes at Captain Spaulding's.

This boring, tedious, pointless plotless snoozer is the real horror .

The only thought that this movie provoked was why did I waste 90 minutes of my life watching this.

While the film's rep may lead some to feel the final product is a let down, I for one enjoyed it very much.


this is surely one of the WORST movies i've ever seen!

1) It has absolutely no story of any "value" at all2) It is not scary at all3) It isn't even ridiculous or laughable4) It plainly sucks and is awfully boring and stupid (makes no sense)5) The "so-called" Plot is 100 percent predictable (the end is the worst of all) So if you got money to spend and don't know what to do: Don't see that movie.

All in all, an entertaining movie.

a boring flick .

But a) they aren't strong enough to warrant an entire movie, and b) those elements are outweighed and overshadowed by the film's dominating attitude of hate, cruelty, and self-indulgent violence.

Ok, So i don' t think the typical viewer goes into a movie with this title and directed by Sir Robert Zombie believing that they will see earth-shattering cinema (though the movie does have earth shattering in it) or gritty filmmaking (though the film did look gritty too, as if dragged through a Japanese stone garden as if that would purify it).

It has a great Last House on the Left feel, It seems the only thing every one actually agrees on is that the actress portraying Baby is absolutely stunning and, despite her deranged character, you just want her before Otis (Chop Top, from TCM 2) turns you into a 'fishboy'.

This has got to be hands down the biggest waste of time ever.

The acting is banal at best, and the characterization, well, let's just say that a three minute music video has more developed characters.

Rob Zombie's take on the story is rather boring than terrifying, and lacks suspense and intelligent characters.

This rubbish was a complete waste of time.

What was touted for so long as a return to the disturbing, intense horror of yester-year, becomes just another over-the-top laugh-fest, full of cartoon villains spouting numerous one-liners, and heroes that are dumber than the most avid Adam Sandler fan.

This is quite possibly the worst movie of 2003.

The movie rips off so many movies, it actually is tough to count them all, mainly because the movie is boring and pointless.

Still, an enjoyable addition to the genre.

Sadly this is offset by the stupefyingly boring plot, cast, script and acting.

The plot was a total bore, and all aspects of it had no resemblance to normal human behaviour, with character reactions being totally impossible to fathom.

I'm sure everyone is a little bored of the whole teenagers meet their doom movies....

A lot of people in the theater walked out complaining, these people obviously don't understand Rob Zombies dementia, insanity, creativity, genious, etc. These are a bunch of your typical horror fans who have been warped by countless bad 90s horror...

Though I'm no snob to trashy horror movies, this one is a bit too dull for my taste.

When I saw it at least 15 people walked out of the theatre.

Coming to the verbosity of the film, I feel DR is a very self-indulgent and self-important film, because of which the audience's needs are completely ignored.

For the rest it's more like a porn flick - where otherwise pointless sex-scenes are replaced by repeated pointless violence.

The characters are so cliche, that by the last 30 minutes of the movie you're just hoping the victims will just die or escape.

I am a movie goer, and a huge fan of the horror genre, as well as most others, and I have to say this, with true honesty, this is not only the worst horror movie ever made, It is more than likely the worst movie ever made....

Cheezy use of negative colors, slanted cameras, flash backs (and any other film cliche they could find) constantly taunt you about how bored you are.

Aside from the excessive violence and gruesome bloodshed, this film has ABSOLUTELY NO PLOT.

Even the twist at the end is entirely predictable, to the point where it is just disappointing.

If you want to see a pointless slaughterfest, go ahead and watch it.

In his attempt to breathe new life into a very traditional horror movie plot, Rob Zombie overshoots his mark and creates a movie that is simultaneously childish and pretentious.

oh wait, their was no plot.

It seemed disjointed (the negative-image sections really didn't add anything), and the acting and direction was so-so.

All in all this movie is a snoozer with an overly convoluted plot that was never really explained.

I actually found it to be extremely entertaining.

i found it totally tedious and found myself constantly waiting for the storyline to actually go somewhere....

*****SPOILER-MILD ***** In a standout scene, featuring the most stunning use of the long shot I have ever watched, the audience is drug from their watchers status and made to demand the conclusion of the "shot"(pun intended).

Worst movie ever.

The one thing leads to another and the characters are killed in boring ways, mocking other horror movies.

Some people actually booed the ending and most people over 40 just walked out.


As such it's sort of enjoyable, sort of icky, has its moments, and is ultimately unsatisfying.

I loved all of the characters, the score, the script, the death scenes (even though they aren't very gory), etc. It is extremely entertaining.

This film is truly a waste of time.

Every cliché you thought was hilarious as a preteen in the early eighties is reproduced remarkably poorly here.

Worth watching though at least one time, especially if you're a fan of Zombie or his style.

just boring.

The "characters" are pointless and, due to the director's ineptitude, tries to give his baddies a Hellraiser-type mythology and ends up over-sympathizing with his villains.

It takes an hour before the first 'murder' in this 'horror' movie, the plot line is quite predictable, the acting is poor, the quality is crap.

People suffering isn't horror, Rob, it's just watching people suffering, and after a while it gets pretty boring.

All I remember is that I had heard alot about this film before I saw it,one of the actors were "Chop Top"-Moseley,the whole storyline seemed intriguing,and of course the title itself made my mouth water in great anticipation.

Don't waste your time!!.

Films like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Last House on the Left work because of solid storytelling, unpredictable turns and steady tension.

Gory, mindless schlock that is still more riveting than "Superman IV" and "Jane White is Sick and Twisted".

I was yawning half way through the movie.


This impotent romp through the mind of Rob Zombie is dull, unimaginative, unintelligent, unoriginal, and just plain dull.

Certain segments seem pointless and even downright illogical.

You'll probably be so bored after awhile you'll be begging for the psycho hick family to start the killing already.

Anyone with a brain will find this film quite boring.

And I'm glad I did because the movie IS entertaining and I have to say that I was entertained until the last 15 minutes or so, which I will talk about in a bit.

Bottom line - House of 1000 Corpses is one of the most entertaining new movies I've seen.

The special effects sucked, I was bored out of my mind.

That being said, "Corpses" did invoke a consistent feeling of unease in my gut, and I thought the story threads introduced could have yielded an entertaining (and '70s-faithful) finished product if handled with any bit of seriousness.

Don't waste your money renting this movie, and don't waste your life watching it.

I watched the movie and I felt bored.

It totally makes you feel stupid, because there's no story.

Waste of time .

so if u have seen either TCM 1, or the sequel ( which i liked very much ), just dont waste ure time with this crap...

But, in the end, it is just plain boring.

i was more bored watching this than i was when i saw "maid in manhatten".

You'll either get bored or simply won't understand what the genius behind it is.

Waste Of Time .

Lets see the paint by number plot was uninteresting, i think everybody in the theater knew what was happening next for the entire movie.

It is a tediously long and boring journey into nothingness.

It'll be a waste of your precious time.

To sum it up, I would say, the film is definitely worth watching at least once or twice, just don't watch with any expectations.

With no character developement, no real plot, and very bad dialogue.

It's all highly predictable.

) Anyway, swings his hatchet and misses, gives slow chase, swings again, misses again, takes out a support beam and kills himself.

By the film's end, the appearance of yet more un-named nasties with axes and scalpels produce yawns, not shudders.

No plot, none at all.

This movie could have been good (I think there were some cool characters in the film), but nothing happened.

0 stars out of 5, Zombie has managed to set the horror genre back with a sub standard, boring, ill conceived outing.

I'm sorry, I generally like to be open-minded and not try to force my opinions on other people, but I have to say that this has to be the absolute WORST movie that I have ever seen in my entire life.

His film is nearly brainless in its execution and boring in its exploitation.

It's boring, not a bit scary, even interesting and, causes butt sores with all the anxious side to side switching.

However, the victims were kind of ho hum.

This movie had really no plot, no character development, and bad acting.

So, all I can add is: waste of money, waste of time, tasteless, done, ridiculously bad, airhead chicks cast and the guys aren't much better (although who else would've done this film?

The acting is HORRIBLE, the plot is hard to follow (in fact I'm not even sure there is a plot) and from what I saw, there is no horror, just visions of dead people and gross stuff every 10 seconds and naked people.

If you feel Freddie, Mikey or Jason are the epitome of terror or if you think 'Scream' is as far as you'll go for a good scare, save your money and go step into oncoming traffic.

Strange, unique and highly entertaining; I loved it .

Problems Zombie faced were more than the pleasures of attaining the sets or production values, as camera operators came and went, & studio suits(..asking for cuts upon cuts, never quite pleased with what they were seeing, eventually shelving the film altogether before selling the property back to Zombie, with the film being distributed by LIONSGATE) played a part in his film's disjointed, often uneven presentation.

The gore is tame, and the scares are few,, but the profanity filled dialog between characters is pretty entertaining.

Boring garbage .

It's obviously very different than most horror movies, mostly cuz it plays out like the offspring of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (which is pretty cool to me) It has that 70's feel to it, which makes it feel more classic and enjoyable.

worst movie ever .

Don't bother with this film, Everything about it was awful, cliché or just painstakingly obvious.

In conclusion, i would just say, dont waste your money.

) The extreme lack of plot and character motivation.

What makes this movie even more unwatchable is the fact that there's ear-piercing annoying giggling and screaming in every other scene.

Predictably, the result is a rather pathetic, totally thrill-free, boring mess, jam-packed with unfunny and cretinous humour, chock-full of horror shticks so over-used in a million other previously made movies that they can only work for people who chose "House of 1000 Yawns" to be the first ever horror film to watch.

) was dropped by Universal for being too graphic and intense, then picked by MGM only to be dropped, and finally found it's home in LION GATES trough a 2003 limited release.

And just when I can't imagine it getting any worse, there is all that pointless editing and color effects between scenes that completely distract from the movie.

Honestly, this was THE worst movie that I have ever seen, bar none.

Not dopey Scooby Doo camp, featuring silly gags and lame one-liners, and not Scream camp, which is like having a bunch of kids who are smart enough to be hip and modern but still fall prey to killers in predictable ways (though the original Scream was great).

No, sorry, more boring.

Another thing the movie lacked was breathing space - the best horror movies hit you with adrenaline, then let you breathe for a bit, then hit you again (and harder).

What a bore!

I like it anyways because it is delightfully entertaining and an outrageously fun film.

There were some fairly intense scenes and I enjoyed that he was able to create that intensity without making it seem blatant.

The rest of the movie is a fairly entertaining mish-mash of ideas ripped from other movies.

It's beside the point to say that it's derivative, predictable, or overpoweringly unpleasant.

"28 Days" was a fresh, enjoyable ride, and scary for the first five minutes (before sacrificing all semblance of suspense in favor of flashy editing.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

even if there was some sort of back story i was to bored to notice or care.

Ultimately, the film is very boring, pointless and stupid.

Wow, this isone of the worst movies I have ever seen, that is if you can call it a movie.

So I guess it's safe to say that Zombie's super-gory first outing is boring, brainless, and forgettable.

So you thought you had seen the worst movie of your life...

Many film makers looking for a quick buck throw together a quickie horror film and hope they can catch a society sleeping and lull us into the illusion that we have seen a good film.

I didn't find it scary, or entertaining, or gorey.

Frankly, I thought it was a waste of time precisely because that was an optimal characterization opportunity that Zombie missed.

Don't waste your time!!!

If the gore was actually intense in this movie, I probably would have liked it a lot, because I just love that stuff, and I think the intense gore would have queued people into watching it as a darkly comedic horror film rather than a boring, predictable film.

And even though, IMHO, this movie is a highly entertaining assemblaged stroll through horror movies memory lane, subsequent Zombie efforts have demonstrated the unrepeatability of this magic, and which has since relegated him to a sparsely populated club of unabashedly tired and overplayed inartistic disasters the likes of which hail the love guru as miserable company.

While there is a reasonable story, it just feels like more of a catalyst for some of the movie's more creepy and intense set pieces.

just watch this boring movie to find that out

I found the characters to be gruesome, sick, funny, and very entertaining.

There is no plot whatsoever and the acting is terrible, even the alleged horrific violence is nothing new and i couldn't see what the fuss was about.

House of 1000 yawns .

That's as far as the plot goes, and then it's just one tiresome attempt after another to pull a shocker on us---which fails every time.

The characters are all very uninteresting, the victims because you don't like them enough to care whether they get killed or not(a sure sign of a bad movie), and the killer family because they just don't have enough personality or seem psycho enough to really hold your attention.

This was one of the worst movies ever made.

If a group of 6 people all are thinking they want to leave a movie then something must be wrong.

This is a dead zone movie, it had a few genuinely disturbing scenes but the rest was so sloppy my overall impression was one of boredom more than anything else.

After their curiosity results in some unexpected car troubles, their desperation and ignorance leads them to a house where they are introduced into a world of hell that consists of sexually disturbed nymphomaniacs who kill them one by one after humiliating and torturing them.

It's a fast paced freak show with plenty of messed up stuff, reminding you of TCM more than once.

4 teenage kids, the predictable victims.

Save your money and time.

There's no plot remember, it just happens.

Rob, you bit the ding-dong on this f'd up waste of time.

I had to fight to stay awake through this one.

While the movie isn't as shocking or chilling as I may have liked, the slow exposition of gruesome events in an otherwise fast-paced film does well to build tension and repulse the viewer.

After sitting through it a feeling of deja vu and bland disinterest set in.

but anyway, this movie is just so pointless.

(Hosted horror movies should make a comeback because even the worst movie can be special with Ghoulardi or Commander USA hosting.

I found myself yawning halfway through the screening, and seriously considering walking out of the movie altogether.

but also long tedious scenes of violence .

He screams vulgarity at the top of his lungs and thinks he is a comedian while only a minority finds him entertaining.

Waste of time.

it was one of the most brutal movies i've ever seen and would say its far from boring.

The entire first act, including the amusing prologue that introduces Captain Spaulding (Sid Haig), is very entertaining, but the over-the-top approach starts to get dull by the middle of the picture with the overdone events at the demented Firefly abode.

A criminal waste of money!

Probably the worst movie ever....

Worst movie EVER.

No matter if it's Otis, Spaulding or Otis's family, they are so fascinating and scary at the same time.

This film was full of excitement from start to finish, and always takes a turn towards the unexpected.

I'm not saying any of this from a moral or religious point of view, the movie just blows (I was falling asleep watching Zombie's self righteousness).

There were pauses for dramatic effect that lasted way too long as well.

Worst movie I've seen in public...

I found the use of lighting distracting with flashbacks and random scenes adding to the muddled confusing mess.

If this movie makes less than "13 Ghosts", "Lost Souls" or some other boring Hollywood "horror" crap.

A waste of time.

This is a pointless, cruel, repulsive movie, made without the least bit of anything resembling intelligence.

Words that come to mind: boring, tedious, amateurish, horrible written.

It did exhibit some visually interesting parts, but on a whole it seemed to be trying too hard to include every taboo and horror cliché.

Cinematography of this film to me was fantastic, the fast paced editing and cut scenes were very entertaining and kept you in this obscure reality.

When I recently saw it, about four people of an audience of fifteen walked out-strange, you would think that with a title like "House of 1000 corpses," some violence or blood might be involved.

Overall, this film is a creepy, intense, amazing, disturbing, and darkly funny attack on the senses!!!

The laughs (or attempts at laughs) simply stopped coming and what we're left with is, unfortunately, exactly what most of the pretentious and close-minded "critics" of the genre are calling it...

A complete waste of time .

Both my companion and I thought it was a complete waste of time and money.

Still, its entertaining and if you don't get offended easily, you should watch it.

On the surface, <i>House</i> seems a trite and contrived attempt to gross the viewer out, rather than scare him.

A lot of people have called this the worst movie ever made, and even though it's a Texas Chainsaw Massacre ripp off, it not that bad.

No plot, no storyline, acting was worse then what i was expecting(i wasn't expecting much becuase i knew what the movie was trying to be.. a new version of Texas Chanisaw Masscare), I work in a school and I think 3rd graders could've come up with better dialog then what was in here.

It is bloody, suspenseful, scary, and most importantly, humorous.

Snore of 1000 Snores.

As it currently exists, "House of 1000 Corpses" is gaudy, flippant,entertaining and frantic to a fault.

A waste of time and money .

Rob's authorial/directorial debut is derivative, which is not too much of a sin in the horror genre, but it's also boring, which is a terminal flaw.

If one loves horror such as myself and loves the adrenaline a scary movie arises in oneself "House of 1000 Corpses" evoked just that.

The Firefly family (which as everyone who has seen the film knows is the family of serial killers) are some of the most fascinating villains I have ever seen in any horror film.

Now on we go I am a Huge fan of Rob I love the man and his vision and that is why I loved HO1000C it was beautiful in my opinion somewhat graphic but not even half as much as I was expecting but I also knew there was going to be cutting, of film that is, but I still very much enjoyed it.

Don't waste your time.

Supposedly this was going to be really 'big', 'gory', 'scary', and 'intense'.

With only two scenes that I can say were even supposed to be suspenseful, the majority of the movie is a game of "Can you top this" in gruesome imagery.

But Rob had to go pretentious on us.

I give this movie second place below "Wendigo" as worst movies made in the horror genre.

this will divert peoples attention to the pg-13 crap that were seeing all the time now (darkness falls, the ring) and allow us to remember the good ol days when horror movies were fun and intense which this was.

Hell, Sin City is pretty much a torture film, Elijah Wood can tell you that.

If House of 1000 Corpses slowed down the pace to give us some cliché, generic backstory about the leads having a daughter with cancer, it would ruin the entire movie.

Unbearable .

Captain Spaulding (played by Sid Haig) is my favorite person in the film because he evokes the majority of the humor and is entertaining when he does so.

Then comes House of 1,000 Corpses, and an hour and a half of pointless, nihilistic posturing and interminable chase/torture sequences.

Sadly the four protagonists play it utterly straight and come across as dull and uninteresting – even when one escapes at the climax you don't feel anything for her.

Don't Waste Your time or money .

Believe me, this is the worst movie I have ever seen.

The running time is way too long for such thin and predictable stuff; I had to work at it to stay awake during the second half of the film.

fascinating mess of craziness .

It was boring.

rob zombie may be a great musician but as a writer and director he lacks of imagination and skills house of the 1000 corpses is one of the worst movies i have ever seen (and i've seen a lot ) my advice Mr. zombie stay in your line the music .

It just felt like a boring meandering route we had to take to see these characters ******************SPOILERS************************* die.

I wanted to claw out my eyes from boredom.

In short, I found this movie a disappointment, an annoyance and a waste of good time.

Some scenes are so intense, they keep you on the edge of your seat, with your eyes wide open, and your jaw dropped.

The imagery that was supposed to be shocking, for the most part, was cheesy and pointless, (Fish boy?

Because both the dialogue and the goings-on were so deadly dull, I had to occasionally switch to the commentary track, which to my utter, total surprise revealed a Zombie who discusses his little opus with unheard of wit and intelligence.

The gore was intense!

Karen Black's the worst, sounding comical and pretentious.

Artless,pointless, worthless .

In short, this movie was a plotless crapfest.

I actually found it pretty boring overall.

Boll is just a hack, Zombie's a pretentious idiot.

PLEASE don't waste your time!!!

just sadistic and pointless.

Definitely worth the watch!

Don't waste your time (much less any money) watching this movie.

Tries a bit too hard, but still very enjoyable .

I was disappointed in this film because it took so long to come out because it was supposed to be so gory and scary, but it was long and boring.

Don't waste your time watching this.

If you watch this movie being a pillow and a soft blanket, because I guarantee you will fall asleep after the first 20 minutes.

On the debit side, while it was nice to see Karen Black getting such a plump role, her eye-rolling performance was perhaps a tad misjudged; similarly, Zombie's own wife, Sheri Moon, while certainly a visual asset, soon grew tiresome with her one-note performance and especially her irritating recurring "maniacal" laugh.

This movie has absolutely no plot, no direction, and not a single bit of sense.

Worst Movie Ever?...

There was even a release about how one of the people involved refused to work with the film because it was too intense.

The end result is a film that's visually entertaining and very different than anything most have seen before.

A horrible waste of time .

Thats all par for the course in these kinds of films, what makes HO1000C worth watching is the kooky antagonists they bump into like Captain Spaulding and the family of crazies.

House of 1000 Corpses brilliantly pays homage to the golden age of horror while still bringing something new, exciting, and unique to the table.

General mismanagement of 'shock scenes' left me yawning.

There is lots of pointless negative art, pastels, fast and repeated edits, and some pointless dv scenes.

Come to think of it, the whole film feels like a sadistic dream and I highly recommend it to horror fans.

It was full of cliché n just painstakingly obvious.

From no plot, yes let me say that again, NO PLOT, to bad acting (except Capt. Spaulding) this movie kept me checking my watch.

Hopefully Rob Zombie will continue to make entertaining (though not very original) horror movies down the line.

I just wonder why I had to waste my precious time watching this piece of garbage.

No plot, no character development, no creative filming, just blatant maiming of each of the characters one by one.

It didn't make any sense, there was no plot or character development.

Nevertheless, it's the first stepping stone in the path of one of the most fascinating and talented directorial careers in the industry, and is a completely batshit mental curiosity in its own right.

He uses this technique from the very start and after a while it becomes tiresome.

Girl is lost in an EMPTY FIELD (with crosses, knee-high though) and somehow manages to miss the other girl, IN HUGE FLOWING WHITE ROBES, AT NIGHT sneaking up on her.

My head hurt soo bad when I left the theater.

i also had no idea which girl was which throughout the movie.. terrible acting, no plot...

This is the worst movie I have ever seen in my whole life.

The injection of the four overly curious young people was the only hint of reality in the film and their injection into a completely parallel reality of some kind of carnival fun house was a stunning idea.

Characters come and go with barely any conclusion to them, there's a very bland and boring plot, and the make-up is borderline high school Thespian level.

Definitely worth watching if your a horror fan.

Don't waste your money on this one.

I'm sorry, but this reminds me so much of The Texas Chainshaw Massacre, and I hated that pointless, gory movie as well.

This is the worst movie I have ever seen( Possible Spoilers) .

If you find the hero in most horror movies boring in comparison to the killer then this is exactly the movie to see.

Disgusting, and horrid movie with no storyline, it is a disgrace to the horror genre.

The strange & perverse family here, which includes momma Karen Black (also in her prime during the seventies), indulge in pointless sadism with their victims - at least the family in TCM(74) had a rationale, cannibalism.

It is a self-indulgent and sophomoric attempt at the horror genre that fails to contain any horror at all.

Yet even more predictable than most.

Even as I'm writing this review, I'm stifling down multiple yawns.

This film somehow laced all of my fond memories of entertaining and disturbing horror in together.

Since almost all horror films post-1990 (with the necessary exception of John Carpenter's Prince of Darkness) have sucked, it's finally refreshing to see something worth watching.

It's basically a slightly more entertaining version of the first movie I ever edited--a kid playing with fancy filters.

That's just boring to me.

The writing is worse, with an incredibly simple and predictable plot, inane dialogue and an inconsistent tone as well as an unsatisfying conflict, climax and denouemont, and its not really scary either.

Even though through ludicrous proceedings at times, he always keeps everything suspenseful by never allowing any hint of predictability, something that has mostly been lost during modern times.

In closing, I really enjoyed it.

One of the worst movies i ever saw.

Thought Bats was a waste of time, brotha?

In other words one of the most enjoyable guilty entertainments in recent memory.

This movie just bored me mostly because there was absolutely no story.

It is difficult to find anything in the movie that really is entertaining, the shots of things that are supposed to be gross and disgusting are just plain silly.

But overall the movie was entertaining, some scary parts.

Well, at least that Captain Spaulding was somehwat enjoyable.

In resume, the film is so poor in creative material, full of predictable situations, with a stupid camera what can't stop moving and changing colors...

The nude scenes were even more boring.

Ho-hum .

" and so on and so forth until, thanks be to Allah, the entirely predictable ending arrives---and none too soon.

No plot, no shock, no thrills.

This movie should have foregone the 'wacky family' (which was only infuriating and boring anyhow) and gone straight Quake 2 ripoff style and had people shotgunning cyborgs in the sewers -- I mean, they do look like they got lifted from a videogame anyway, so why not go the whole ten yards, yo?

I was annoyed then really bored.

Assinine - save your money .

Writer / director Rob Zombie makes his crazed, off the wall nightmare of a movie a wonderful visual treat, and keeps it fairly unpredictable, at least in the sense that one wonders what kind of macabre creations he can come up with from scene to scene.

As far as the worst movies I have ever seen, this is in the top 10.

So I was bored during every scene they were in peril.

For the rest of the film we are subjected to every horror movie cliché in the book.

I am a fan of various types of horror films and this was a pointless exploration of a tired theme.

This leaves us with the plot and characters; both of which are trite, underwritten and cliché.

The problem was that these characteristics never coalesced into any kind of whole, and after the first half hour or so, it got pretty damn boring.

I felt that it was a total waste of $8.00 and suggest that if you ever want to see this DON'T waste your money watch it at a friends if you HAVE to.

One of the worst movies you could ever see .

Very boring in that department.

Boring .

i have heard from some people saying this movie was boring and such and i think anyone who says this movie is boring should not be allowed to walk around in public without a straitjacket.

This film had potential, but I found it too confusing to follow.

i fell asleep through most of this movie and i rarely ever fall asleep during a movie.

This movie had no plot and they tried to make up for it with excessive crude language.

A throwback to the many 70's horror films, most notably the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre," "Corpses" is such a bore that it makes some of these b-horror movies look great.

Sid Haig is so enjoyable in his role.

I had high hopes for Rob Zombie's directorial Debut as House of a 1000 Corpses did look like an quite enjoyable horror film from seeing the trailer and for some parts of the movie it is.

It was not scary, gory, suspenseful or tension filled.

If you want more than that then go elsewhere but it's an entertaining, mindless way to kill an hour or so- watch this if you like to laugh at films.

This ranks with 1492: Conquest of Paradise and Jurassic Park 2 as movies that I either tried to fall asleep during or thought about demanding my money back.

In my personal opinion, the scene where the police officer gets shot execution style after discovering the dead cheerleaders in the shed, is one of the most suspenseful and horrifying scenes in a movie ever.

Don't waste your time *contains some spoilers* .

The side-angle shots, focusing on the eyes are just plain boring and seen mainly in Japanese horror.

This is properly the worst movie I ever seen.

She was wickedly entertaining and sexy as Baby in her big screen debut.

Take a weak story, add in confusing camera work and what do you get?

one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

I just think that writer Rob Zombie needs help pulling all the craziness together into a coherent compelling plot.

And, believe me, with the way I feel about things after watching this reeking, rotting flick, the word "bore" just about sums up the predictable Rob Zombie and his stupid, little horror movie, all in one scum-encrusted nutshell.

Pointless, stupid, and by the time this all unravels you don't care in the least.

Life is too short, don't waste your precious time or money.

Well I was wrong this movie sucked,there was no story line at all.

The direction was top-notch and there were really some intense, disturbing scenes (the rabbit chase and the coffin-lowered-in-the-pit come to mind).

Tedious, boring, pointless formulaic drivel mostly copied from better works.


Literally, 80-90% of the audience I watched the film with were yawning/waiting for it to end/or simply walked out.

Number one there was no plot to this movie.

It was annoying, predictable, unoriginal and overall terribly boring.

It quickly became irritating and was neither enjoyable nor entertaining.

I would also recommend to slow down the pace a little and work on creating a lot of suspense.

House of 1000 Corpses is difficult to compare to anything else; the quirky, humorous but brutal nature it adopts is married by some unforgettable characters and an unpredictable sequence of events throughout.

For an horror movie, you must admit that shooting your victims with a hand gun is rather boring, better suited to a western or action movie.

As someone who loves horror films, from the greats to the simply gory, I have to say that anyone involved in this montage-and-xerox vomit should be ashamed for making this irritating, pointless, and pathetic thing.

The sadistic family from Grandpa, to Mama, to Baby is a fun idea but then Zombie mixes it with some sort of stylized flashback, acid trip that makes the entire film annoying and unwatchable.

It's gross in places, but given the pre-release hype about how it had been dropped by two studios because it was too intense for a general audience, I expected to leave the theatre quaking.

This film is predictable and boring.

This movie will have you on the edge of your seat or your head tucked in your shirt through out the whole movie.

As I walked out of the theater at 2am this morning I heard a guy walking out say, "The plot was kinda weak".

The result is over an hour of contrived, tedious, monotonous drivel.

This movie, like so many other horror movies, concentrated on total gore and shock to entertain, totally forgetting a good movie needs an original and engaging storyline.

I highly recommend it and hope to see more from Rob Zombie, the new B-movie king.

Be prepared to fall asleep .

This is a waste of even a fan's time.

But not since the first Hellraiser movie has a film brought gore, blood, sadistic torture, and pleasure to such a level intense ecstasy.

pretentious and childish .

possibly the worst movie ever .

Worth the watch as is the films second instalment- Devils Rejects.

It is predictable, boring and lacks any kind of thought or innovation.

This movie was so bad, I fell asleep SEVERAL times while watching this.

Had me literally on the edge of my couch right until the final scene!!!

It is only confusing and nauseating.

and the outcome is as predictable as you'd expect.

And it's also mildly entertaining and sports some pretty solid production values, although not even Zombie's somewhat artistic visual design can save his film from being an utter disgrace.

Every horror movie cliché and plot twist is present to try and make you feel as though you have watched something scary.

To pay homage to other films is one thing, but I'm not sure there was a single original idea present in the entire rambling, confused, and generally boring 88 minutes (which, incidentally, seemed like 880 minutes).

Rob Zombie simply wanted to slap something together for himself with no thought to audiences or whether it was worthwhile and he wasted some good acting talent and even a decent idea for a good horror film by stylizing it with the ridiculous flashbacks, dream sequences and pointless cut ins done in different video styles like grainy, color drained, and so on.

It has no storyline, and all copies of this movie should be confiscated and burned.

so they pull off in a small town at a gas station/museum.. how exciting!

I just found it pointless and unentertaining.

One of the worst movies ever.

Save your money for when it goes to the $1 movie theatre.

I won't lament any further on the gruesome details, I'm sure most of the sick fans of this movie already pointed them out; but in addition to being morally ridiculous, there was no real plot behind the whole thing.

OK, If you excuse the complete lack of plot, bad acting, bad cinematography...

Unfortunately House of 1000 Corpses, while certainly expressing Zombie's love for old school shock horror, is simply too convoluted, elaborate and often boring to send a single shiver up the spine.

It's not clever, funny, scary, or anything other than pointless & confusing.

"House of 1000 Corpses" can be summed up in two words: "pointless trash".

There was virtually no story other than the paper-thin plot, every level of production in the film looked horrible, was executed poorly, the film was not even remotely scary, and was all just a weak, transparent set-up to get to the torture and gore.

The plot/story is boring, not compelling, and simply bad.

A group of young adults are exploring the fascinating little places found in rural America and come across this clown fellow with a little gas station/horror ride.

Although a 9/10 seems generous when this film is compared to true classics such as Casablanca, the experience it provided me with has been dissimilar to anything else that has stemmed from other films; it's peculiarity and general craziness kept me engaged throughout and the fact it is surprisingly unpredictable ensured I was nothing short of entertained from start to finish.

Total waste of time watching this!.

Overall, I enjoyed it.

This was an incredibly entertaining film, and no high brow critic can take that away from it.

I have sat through some of the worst junk the international film community has cranked out, but "House of 1000 Corpses" is far and away the worst movie (I wont honor it to call it a "film") I have had the displeasure to sit through.

I found myself yawning thru the whole movie, I thought it was suppose to be scary???

Given the inconsistent nature of the horror movie genre which can lump together such films considered masterpieces (The Shining, Psycho, Rosemary's Baby etc.) with some incredible (but often entertaining) garbage (Plan 9 from Outer Space, Return of the Living Dead II, Seed of Chucky), House of 1000 Corpses fairs well.

Worse yet, it was boring.

In recent horror movies it seems that the loud sound and intense closeup is the way to frighten the viewers.

It is nicely drawn out and adds quite a bit of anticipation to the film.

I can't give 'House of 1,000 Corpses' enough praises for stepping outside the box of the general horror movie equation, adding both an intense plot and gruesome (not cheesy) effects.

Not particularly aware of what the film had to offer, I still enjoyed it a lot.

etc. This movie is as boring as 30 Days Of Night.

BUt i enjoyed it entirely.

After three years of being mentioned as one of the most disturbing movies ever made, HOUSE was surrounded by so much hype that after seeing it, I came to a very angry conclusion: This movie shouldn't have been held back because of how "intense" it was, it should have been dropped for how banal it is.

i mean this was like taking every great horror movie and rolling it into a ball and covering it in blood and throwing it in the pretentious face of everyone who he knew would hate it.

The running time is only 88 minutes long though it does get boring at times.

Zombie's direction is like that of his videos: abrupt, colorful (sort of), and clearly a bit self-indulgent.

This movie was a total waste of time, and the cost of the movie tickets, and hopefully shows us the bottom of the barrel in slasher horror.

At one point there is a big long drawn out chase after this one ugly girl and you just want them to catch her and play with her insides.

Unfortunately this film was slower than ha to be,I felt like it was 3-hours long,against I knew this will not be that,sorry,against all of my good feelings,I just can not really recommend this.

It's almost as if he's completely ignored the direction of modern film, and created something in his own twisted little world, a film that's entirely self-indulgent.

But it just got boring, and pathetic.

No plot, no story line, I know NOTHING about the characters.

A horror movie is one thing, but if this classifies as that, then I should die a slow and painful death.

First off let me list a few of my favorite horror films: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1 & 2, Re-Animator, Bride of Re-Animator, Night of the Living Dead (1968 & 1990), Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, Return of the Living Dead 1 & 3, Dead Alive, Zombie, The Evil Dead Trilogy, Basket Case, Near Dark, The Howling, Cannibal Holocaust, Jungle Holocaust, From Dusk Till Dawn, Jaws, Dagon, From Beyond, Society, The Excorcist, Burial Ground, The Ring, Signs, The Pit & the Pendulum (1991), Mountain of the Cannibal God, The Silence of the Lambs, Ed Gein, Last House on the Left, House on the Edge of the Park...

Either way, it's an entertaining escapade.

If only more films had this kind of imagination and obvious affection for the genre put into them – instead of being boring, soulless re-tellings of the same unimaginative story.

To sum it all up, I didn't get much out of this film, (as you probably would have guessed by now) a rather pointless exercise if you ask me.

I highly recommend it.

There was no plot, the editing was just a mish mash of a complete waste of celluloid and as for directorial nods to films like texas chainsaw....

I actually liked the mix of plotless horror,trippy visuals and drug induced color.

The final third of the film is just a confusing mess, almost like Zombie forgot all about Dr. Satan and threw something together at the end.

One of the WORST movies I've ever seen .

Mildly Entertaining TCM Clone .

Wildly entertaining.

I just call it an 89 minute waste of life.

With the exception of the make-up FX everything else was just uninteresting and unbelievably boring and annoying.

This flawed, but somewhat enjoyable horror thrill-ride is about twenty minutes too long and that's with a brisk running time of just eighty-eight minutes.

It was gory,suspenseful,funny,and fun to watch.

There was no plot and the villains were pathetic.

House of 1000 Corpses is cliché, and it knows that: embraces that.

While mostly uncreative in original content, the movie represents a highly engaging, well stylized amalgamation of some of the more interesting elements of good horror movie fare.