Housefull 4 (2019) - Action, Comedy, Fantasy

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A set of three brothers are due to marry a set of three sisters, until one of the brothers starts to realize that they are all reincarnations from 600 years earlier and the wrong couples are about to get married.

IMDB: 3.3
Director: Farhad Samji
Stars: Akshay Kumar, Riteish Deshmukh
Length: 145 Minutes
PG Rating: Not Rated
Reviews: 93 out of 289 found boring (32.17%)

One-line Reviews (162)

Bore-fest, Headache, Mediocre, Cringe scenes and dialogue.

The worst movie ever.

If only the film actually tried to provide us with jokes that were actually funny and unique as well as giving a compelling story with fleshed out characters in the forefront rather than a bundle of cameos, references to past and current actors and illogical sequences that make you shake your head in disappointment.

Total waste of time & money.

Worst movie .

Worst movie i have ever watched .

Very boring movie, dont watch................................

Don't waste your time and money .

Worst movie ever seen in theatre .


Worst movie .

Worst movie .

No proper comedy, no story, nothing.

This movie had no story line.

There is no script, there is no story, no logic, no sense, and this movie will not get audience as well.



Worst movie #tattimovieoftheyear .

but films like these are sheer waste of time that leave audience with headaches

This was absolutely a waste of time.

Immature and repetitive .

No story, horrible acting and one of the worst comedies.

Worst movie of the year .

But guys believe me it's worth watching and again Akshay has proved singh Is king...

Housefull 4 -worst movie .

Total waste of time, money .

Worst movie ever .

This is the worst movie so far.

Consistently boring.

Totally waste of time, worst comedy movie ever seen, unreasonably added songs Totally disappointed

Worst movie .

Worst movie ever no laughter no script don't waste your time and money watching this scrap

Worst movie in the history of Bollywood .

It's so sad to see talented actors like Nawazuddin Siddiqui be completely WASTED and pointless to the film's story.

No story/ Punches are horrendous/ songs are a waste to listen even/ Altogether: please watch any Hollywood movie instead.

Entertaining .

Watch it and know yourself that this movie is hilarious or unbearable.


Worst movie i watched in 2019 i think i need to see endgame once again to refresh my mind

Worst movie ever .

Worst movie of the year.

Worst movie ever .

Worst movie ever I have seen from Akshay.

No script, no acting, only big stars and plenty of crap songs that's what make movies in India.

Total Garbage No Story No Fun No Laughter Nothing 2 nd a half of Hours of pure Crap I want my Money Back now

Manoj Pahwa, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Rana Daggubatti and Johnny Lever have their oddball parts to play in the film - though some seem just pointless.

Housefull 4 is a UNBEARABLE and TORTURE experience..Time Money and ofcourse Diwali festival ruined.. Nothing is worth appreciating.. Skip this movie even If someone offers for free.

Worst housefull with even worst jokes worst movie even worst then thugs of hindustan, mastizadde and other tati movies

Go treat yourself with something nice like a good meal or something don't waste your money on this

Akshay was over the top but it was acceptable in the first half and in parts he was funny but goes boring in the second half.

Waste of time.

Akshay Kumar and Ritesh Comedy + amazing Comedy Punches + stunning VFX Dear BOX office, get ready for the burn ....

Only Disappointment #H4 it's Worst Movie Every 1 Story line - faild 2 Direction - Useless 3 Acting - Hell 4 Comedy - Noting Equal 5 Entertainment - worst/Roast

Waste of Money and waste of time, both ate valuable .

Akshay Kumar did excellent job, special effects are good, beautiful cinematography, gripping story.

Don't waste your valuable time .

Complete waste of time and money.

Save your money.

Rubich Movie No Story not Funny Disappointing Super Flop

Worst movie ever .

Completely useless novie, a pure waste of time that too during a festival holiday.

The movie is consistent throughout the runtime, consistently boring!!

Faisaco movie total disappointment no story forcefully comedy not comedy punchlines at all not at all entertaining totally waste of time even housefull 1 & 2 were better then these

Good punch lines and great piece of acting by akshay and ritesh.. rest as expected watching the trailer , loose and predictable plot.

It's a worst movie, Sajid khan could make a better movie than this .. I don't understand how this movie making good movie , why people are wasting money on this movie.

Very exciting, entertaining and lots of fun.

Perfect example of how to waste time and money...

One of the worst movies I have seen in the past few years.

Worst movie ever made in the history of bollywood .

But the grand presentation some average music (espesicially good Bala Track) and some hard hamming make it save from boredom by death.

Boring .

Bokbaas movie.. Totally paisa waste, please don't waste your time

Don't waste your 💰 money .

The plot is basically a recycling of stale elements which serves merely as an excuse to propel cartoonish leads through unbearable scenes.

Waste of time and money.

watch once its full on entertaining...

hate it to the core Don't waste ua tym and money

This Movie is just a Waste of time and Money.

It was a great fun and entertaining.

"HOUSEFULL 4" is a super comedy and highly entertaining movie with amazing combo of comedy , romance , superb funny dialouges , entertaining songs , nice action with Royal locations and Royal sets that are eye-catchy and Mesmerizing.

Engaging plot.

Worst movie of now .

Don't waste ur money and time on this movie .

It will waste ur time and spoil your mood.

If this movie is watched as a comedy it is enjoyable thoroughly.

The fact is unbearable , torturing and hell of a crap .

This movie will make you laugh Anyways weak story line and direction But it's an enjoyable movie

Waste of money and time Direction * Acting ** Music * Story **

The 'BALA' song stands out with nice choreography and enjoyable Music.

I enjoyed it with my friends and you can as well.

Waste of money .

Don't waste your money .

Worst movie, I mean how makers can make fool of us ..Even they dont have the idea why they are making the film.. Akshay kumar is the only one who tried to save of the film and makers!!

Please don't waste any amount of money or time behind this movie.

My popcorn and drink was 10 times better than the boring movie!!

better to watch any old movie ..Too boring too lengthy No concept No laughter ..pathetic acting pathetic direction offcourse sajid is director...

Waste of time and money.

But the reviews were proved wrong it's a Amazing film.. It will be an entertaining for u and ur family.. Trust me each and everyone in ur family will enjoy the film in laugther

Don't waste your time .

Worth watching movie!.

The first half is very very boring i just needed all this to end, the second half comparitively is much much better.

Worst Movie goes to HOUSEFUL 4 .

You can watch any 90s movie at home with family but please please please don't waste your money at that kind of disgusting script honestly u wanna left the show in mid if you ignored me

They have tried to everything to make this film funny, but the sad reality is they failed totally.. It is an terrible and totally waste of money Watch it at your own risk

No story, rubbish acting.

Entertaining Film .

Boring movie totally time waste movie ever over acting dose story was very bad.

Waste of time.. Boring .

Waste of time.

plzz dont waste ur money

Totally worst and worst movie of all time .

Humshakals 2 in the name of housefull4 Don't waste your money and time,save your time and Money to celebrate Diwali festival with family...

Totally waste of the time and makes boring.

Worst movie ever .

Super boring, no concept, forced comedy, repeated puns, chewed ideas.

Most worst movie of 2019 .

Ultra disaster /unbearable .

Worst movie of the year .

Tees Maar Khan but worse, Misogynic low class unbearable.

Please save your money and do not watch it

Waste of time and money.

Lack of story...

Worst movie ever I have seen!.

Worst Housefull 4 series and waste of money ..Please avoid and donate the money to the poor and needy..

Worst movie I ever watched in my life.. Full Bogus.. Poor Direction and acting is worst

Housfull 4 is torture in the name of comedy Directions dull Screenplay dull Acting dull Only Ritesh performance was good Akshay Kumar did irritating overacting If you want headache than watch this, and if you don't want better to skip...

Unbearable Illogical what more can I say.. Save your money and get some food.

No humor, No Comedy, No story.

Waste of time .

Waste of my time and money.

Worst movie of all time.

Waste of time and money .

This is the worst movie of the year and worst movie of Akshay Kumar's career, why he had to do so much overacting!?

Worst movie done by akshay kumar

It starts to get tedious really quickly.

Totally waste of time.

Don't know why people are spreading negatiing for this movie Maybe because of the brand "House Full" This is actually an good and enjoyable movie Just leave the 'logic' behind all scenes and watch it.

All those predictable and unfunny jokes with female cast being there just for glamour sake.

But in the second half you get irritated by the same story line as in the previous film, and there are a lot of repetitive scenes.

Worst Movie of The Year .

The banal jokes & the lame PJs coupled with the muddled screenplay are clearly responsible for the EPIC mess.

Aksay sir , ritesh and jonney sir is good bt other are to much boring and especially actresses

No plot, poor direction 3 hours n 300 rs wasted , better to burn ur money, atleast that will be less painful than this TORTURE

Really to be honest, This movie is tortured and waste of money and time.

audience becomes lovable to bala and entire movie is very entertaining with different kind of storyline....

A torture.

Irritating from start, they have made crap in the name of comedy, I think it is an worst movie of this year for Bollywood.

Movie was Really Good , Was very funny and was worth watching!

really I enjoyed it

Sorry for language but its totally waste of money!!

Waste of time and money.

Please save your money and time by *not* watching this movie.

Worst movie ever!

Some dialogues and scenes are copied and tried to create laughter but it is very boring.

First Half is very entertaining especially the character of "Bala" wins your heart.

Housefull 4 has every stereotype that we are trying to eradicate whether it is with the expected size of women's waist or men's biceps or making fun of someone's name (three pigeons are named Neil, Nitin, and Mukesh) and it still reduces as a 150-minute product of unimaginative, crass humour that mostly depends on wordplay and spoofing Baahubali (2015) and still cannot be termed funny or entertaining.

Waste of Time and Money .

Don't waste money and time for this movie.

It's the worst movie of India cinema both in terms of content and acting.

Please don't waste money or time watching this movie

worst movie even worst then thugs of hindustan, mastizadde and other tati movies .

The length of the film makes it boring.