How to Train Your Dragon (2010) - Animation, Action, Adventure

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A hapless young Viking who aspires to hunt dragons becomes the unlikely friend of a young dragon himself, and learns there may be more to the creatures than he assumed.

IMDB: 8.1
Director: Dean DeBlois
Stars: Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler
Length: 98 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 51 out of 588 found boring (8.67%)

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Since generations the villagers and the dragons appear to be each others favourite enemies, but via Hiccup it turns out that this dragon-terror of stealing sheep happens for a more banal reason: the dragons themselves are dominated by an über-dragon (I guess the burning the houses-part is just a form of stress-release-for-dragons).

The scenes involving Hiccup and Toothless were mind blowing.

The characters of young dragon-whisperer Hiccup, his quite feisty father Stoick, of course the friendly Toothless and many others really add to the mix, the story is pleasant and easy to follow, and the special effects do create exciting and terrific scenes, a most watchable family animated comedy adventure.

very exciting movie.

The humor is funny but it doesn't focus on that as much, which i liked(Hiccup still has a burst-out loud monotone humor,though).

Not everything about this movie is dreadful, the animation is pretty good, but the idea of vikings going against everything they know and domesticating dragons is both blasphemous and dull.

I mean, I'm an adult and I enjoyed it, and so did all of my family and friends.

Awesome animation and worth watching for everyone !.

My favorite flight sequence is the one with both Astrid and Hiccup flying together, just what you see along with a wonderful score it's just breathtaking.

Some like Up and this movie How to Train your Dragon were very enjoyable for me.

Charming, sweet and an all-round entertaining adventure for everyone to enjoy.

But, in a moment of expectancy and at the same time surprisingly effectiveness (making US believe it's unexpected) Hiccup sees the anguish in the animal's eyes and drops his down-turned knife, even as the dragon had adapted a calm acceptance in his eyes and resignedly laid his head down.

But at the same time, there are many interesting twists thrown into the plot, what's predictable is cocooned in humor and even some self-irony, and even the ending has a slight surprise which I have never seen before in any movie.

Absolutely Stunning .

The movie is predictable and that's the only minus point.

Their air rides are really breathtaking.

Overall, the directors, Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders, wrote an engaging and exciting movie that is an accurate depiction of the relationship between children and parents today.

Very enjoyable, very funny, very dramatic, visually stunning and breathtaking.

The plot is exciting and beautiful, and you just can't hate this film!

Some of the one-liners in the script are unforgettable and engaging.

Dragon is probably one of the most entertaining films I've seen in the theater for a while.

On the whole, I have grown up watching Masterstorkes like 'The Lion King' and 'Beauty And The Beast' , I carry loads of expectations from Cartoon-Animated Cinema, and so why, I was disappointed by this one, thanks to the predictable script.

The voice roles are well cast, for the most part (it's easy to accept Butler as a Viking, but Baruchel's nasal whine gets a little tiresome).

Its a perfect introduction with fast paced action shots of the vikings of "Berk" defending their town from all different types of dragons, with Jay Baruchel (Hiccup) doing the voice over and telling you what being a viking is all about.

As is inevitable in films for children, there are plenty of battles and here they involve some thrilling flying sequences (I would have liked to have seen them in 3-D).

It looked formulaic and joke-ridden from the first trailer, which made my skeptical side say, 'no way, Jose!

Because they barely got any screen time, their few lines were cliche and stereotypical, and their switch to Hiccup's way of thinking at the end seemed sudden and unsupported.

And, even though the action is fairly intense, your kids will very likely love it.

Already you can tell that the story is rather contrived and predictable with the only moment of true originality and laugh out loud hilarity coming in the opening scene in which dragons are burning down a village whilst Baruchel, Mintz-Plasse and Hill narrate over the top of it as if it's a perfectly normal thing to happen and they complain about their boring lives.

The animation is outstanding, while the characters are modelled convincingly the real revelations are in the stunning flying sequences and the beautiful lavish backgrounds.

Anyway this is a fantastic film, fun for all the family, I would highly recommend it.

The ending is also extremely exciting, even by today's action obsessed world.

Yep, I said positive, as in singular, not that the movie was bad, or was dragon (ha, uh, never mind) but the story was so incredibly basic, clichéd, predictable and overdone that even though it might have had "heart" at its core, I was so overwhelmed with the same'ole'same'old'stuff that I couldn't get into the characters.

How to Train Your Dragon is an excellent and enjoyable film with Vikings and Dragons, mixed with good, pure humour, thrilling, jaw-dropping actions scenes and chases – on dragons, of course.

How to Train Your Dragon is a fun but somewhat empty animated film.

The flick is entertaining, in general.

"The film is split into two tonally distinct sections: an intimate and charming boy-and-his- dragon friendship fable, and an exceptionally dull gladiatorial adventure film.

Fantastic,mind blowing,unbelievable .

Played Christopher Mintz-Plasse, his character is very enjoyable to watch and listen to.

It's highly entertaining and the dragons are quite likable.

Breathtaking Animation, and An Inspiring Screenplay.

The vibrant colours and the stunning animation really captivated me and the music made the experience even more gratifying.

There are several animated movies of a similar nature that I liked more than How to Train Your Dragon, Monsters, Inc. and The Incredibles come to mind, but it is still a movie that is probably worth watching, especially if you have children.

this could be easily the worst movie i've ever saw!!

I've only seen two, so I'm not working off of much, but the first one I watched (Over the Hedge, for any of you who are wondering) was a waste of time.

I really enjoyed it!

It has good rhythm and action, but formulaic story full of clichés and stereotypes.

This is just quite simply tremendous animated entertainment, fast moving, thrilling and fun.

The tale is touching with enough thrills to keep you engaging although in the middle, for a few minutes, you feel that the pace has slowed a bit.

Imaginative and enjoyable .

He finds another way to deal with dragons, with unexpected results.


Even if the plot is cliché to a lot of these 3D movies about a screw up becoming a hero later on.

Toothless is adorable and I like how they make the dragons have characteristics of pets such as cats, dogs, chickens, etc. Thoroughly entertaining, though not one for everybody.

If you love sweet, fun, funny, thrilling animated movies, then go see this one.

I love the relationship between Hiccup and his dad despite how cliché it is.

Very predictable too.

This movie was pretty lame for the following reasons; The characters were crappy, annoying and forgettable (I only remember the names of Hiccup the protagonist, and toothless the dragon), the story was a boring generic fantasy viking genre, dialogue was pointless, music was crap, .

Impressing many of its audiences as well as entertaining them.

As a person descended from Vikings, I highly approve of this cute, adorable, action packed, well crafted adventure of Vikings and Dragons!

What a waste of time!

It is entertaining, funny and delicious to watch.

The flying scenes are breathtaking and will have you begging for more.

Aside from the annual Pixar films, animated pictures that are engaging for both adults and children are scarce.

Amazing story telling, stunning visuals, and ingenious characters make this one of the greatest animated films of all time .

It is moving and uplifting, thrilling and funny, and uses its fantasy story to explore profound themes of prejudice, searching for personal identity, and longing for acceptance by a parent.

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON is one of best of the lot, however, because of its excellent animation and a compelling story with themes that will resonate with viewers of all ages.

A very pleasant and entertaining film .

The moments when Hiccup and Toothless (his dragon) are together are the best in the movie; flying high into the clouds while also adding a touch of humor here and there makes it a wholly entertaining movie that makes you really want a pet dragon for yourself.

Anyway besides that everything seemed pretty original and entertaining.

Overall the result is fun and thrilling, and mix of mind blowing visuals and comedy will surely keep audiences of all ages entertained.

This doesn't mean Toothless, the main dragon, is boring, far from it.

But having said that I need to tell you: "How to Train Your Dragon" will still be worth watching.

While fairly predictable as a whole it still breathes out fiery instances of astonishment and even delivers a powerfully emotional punch or two.

A very good coming of age and companion movie, leaves you with a smile.

Overall I found How to Train Your Dragon to be great fun with a big heart – it drew me in and I enjoyed it from beginning to end.

The graphics throughout this film are truly breath-taking, and the characters are engaging and entertaining.

The effects and animation is stunning.

" Its absence, however, is evident in DreamWorks' breathtaking "Avatar"-similar story of dragons and vikings misunderstanding each other.

While most movies are predictable with their plot, this one has many loops and twists that continue to engage viewers throughout the entire story.

The effects are fantastic - the hair simulations alone are breathtaking, and watching the muscles of the dragons is absolute eye candy for a character rigger like myself.

Definitely worth the watch.

I also made my mates watch it as well, and they really enjoyed it to.

While this movie is moving and entertaining, it isn't perfect.

The visuals are stunning.

Visually and Emotionally Breathtaking .

I thought I was going to die of boredom.

Out of all cliché movies, this is the best one.

Despite the rather predictable boy-and-his-pet story one of the better computer-animated Dreamworks vehicles.

This is not the case this movie is a great film, I've seen so many films over the last few years that pride themselves on the fact that there visually stunning.

It really is entertaining from start to finish, and will produce fun for both adults and children alike.

Even though the story is a little predictable, it is still an amazing movie.

Although the idea of the movie is simple, the display and the way the movie unfolds is worth watching.

Granted, not all Dreamworks movies are bad, Prince of Egypt is one of the most stirring and evocative films let alone animated films I have seen, Shrek was very original and funny and Spirit:Stallion of the Cimarron is their most underrated I feel.

Available in 3D, but it's still breathtaking even in 2D.

The 3D is amazing and at times Breathtaking.

He is a plucky, very clumsy boy; one cliché to start with.

Visually entertaining .

During a stunning battle at the film's climax, Hiccup proves himself as a viking warrior and encourages his people to accept the dragons for what they really are.

The suspenseful attention gripping film that invokes emotion and witty humor.

Action packed at just the right times.

The story is very simple, predictable, derivative, and clichéd, and it's a total retread of basic cinema clichés, but it works, and I found it entertaining and immersive.

Nothing path-breaking about the animation given today's standards but on the whole the movie relies heavily on a good story, engaging characters, a decent screenplay and great voice acting.

Sorry… The Dragon's design heavily reflects their personalities - a bumble-bee like dragon is a bit slow on the uptake, while a sleek-designed dragon, like Night Fury, is fast and smart, kinda like a heat-seeking missile).

Visually, this film is stunning, with Chris Saunders once again creating an amazing slew of characters.

The film may be too intense, and too loud in 12000 watts of Imax sound, for smaller children.

If you love sweet, fun, funny, thrilling animated movies, then go see this one.

There's plenty of breathtaking action between dragons and vikings!

After all, in terms of bug movies, I preferred Antz to A Bug's Life, and though I'm probably in a minority here, Kung Fu Panda was infinitely more enjoyable than Wall-E, which, for all its technical mastery, felt like an artsy message movie masquerading as something more accessible and less preachy.

Another tedious animation film .

It's breathtaking, amazing and dragon-tastic!

Worst Movie I Have Ever Seen.

This film is incredibly successful in doing so by being funny, compelling, and most of all mature.

I've heard people say that the plot was boring, clichéd and predictable.

Overall, I thought that this movie was visually stunning, and I think if I would've wanted to see this movie when it was first out in theaters back in March, I would've seen it in 3D because it just would've been cool to see it in this big format.

Stoick's fleet arrives home unsuccessful, but he is cheered by Hiccup's unexpected success.

From the start of the movie, with the fast paced music, to the romantic flight scene where Astrid (Hiccups Crush) flies with him for the first time on the dragon, or my absolute favorite piece from the movie is when Hiccup flies Toothless for the first time.

Seriously, unlike the sequel's soundtrack that was borderline annoying, so excessively vigorous it was sometimes, in HTTYD we have a great mix of a whole variety of themes, from suspenseful to gentle to cheerful to really epic and fist-clenching, each of them perfectly complementing the actions we see on screen.

The visuals are absolutely stunning and a definite must see in 3D.

The opening battle scene is an explosion of action and comedy, an exciting way to discover the world these characters inhabit and witness Hiccup's ineptitude compared to his father's unrivalled prowess.

The film focuses on the importance of victory and acceptance, instead of a cliché love story that is found in most family fantasy films.

as far as what format to go see this in, I saw it in 3D because the theater I went to only offered it in 3D..but the 3D was quite enjoyable...

The story, itself is handled with care with a nice set-up and a more careful cultivation of boy and dragon and the fascinating learning curve obtained by this experience and how it is demonstrated in real practice is smartly addressed by the middle of the movie.

Original Score: 3.5/4, Movie: **** (4/5), Quality: **** (4/5)Creating a film with such an inventive (and cool) concept that will be both enjoyable and meaningful to watch, that will enthrall kids from all around the world with its breathtaking scenery, soaring music and above all: It's story.

The characters are some of the most clichéd I've seen in an animated movie, with the love interest having zero chemistry with the rather formulaic hero, although he's coolly named Hiccup.

It is stunning to look at and listen to.

However, I cannot recommend How to Train Your Dragon, because it bored me and I did not like the story.

It had a wonderful storyline and the best parts in the movie which most will agree to were the beautiful backgrounds and breathtaking scenes that we saw while Toothless and Hiccup soared over the skies.

but other than that small discrepancy, the movie is funny, action packed, has some romance, and the hero is the comic relief too!

Like Panda, there are thrilling and well choreographed action sequences to compliment the heart, and plenty of humour to keep this from becoming too much of a dramatic slog for younger theatre goers.

It is quite an enchanting and enjoyable movie for "kids" of all age.

I typically stay away from kid's movies (save classic Disney) because they tend to be overly simplistic bores that would only entertain the youngest of children.

Definitely more intense than most animated films, I think 11 + will get a lot out of this.

After squirming through some real losers like "Bee Movie", this is the most enjoyable children's film I've seen in several years.

Animation - Breathtaking; the aerial movements, the battles, the effects were all very good; not over the top, but released in appropriate doses needed to make every scene effective, memorable and entertaining.

Full of fun moments with intense entertainment, fantastic animation that complements some scenes that are quite cool and exciting that even excite the tension in an adult to see the fantastic combat between dragons.

In same ways, this movie resembles the basic human, emotional, you versus them conflict premise from THE INCREDIBLES (2004) that made that movie so powerful and compelling.

This movie was funny, touching, suspenseful, and action packed.

Boasting dazzling animation, a script with surprising dramatic depth, and thrilling 3-D sequences, How to Train Your Dragon soars.

But How to train your dragon is enjoyable every bit from the start to the end.

Conclusion: While the story was enjoyable, it does have some major problems.

Along with stunning visuals and one of the best musical scores in film history, it was even nominated for Best Original Score at the Oscars, this film delivers on everything you would want to see in a great film.

Let me think - the 3D was better, the plot more interesting, the characters more compelling and the conclusion more satisfying, in every way a better, more original movie than the "King of the World's Ferngully.

Who knows, if more enjoyable ones come out like this is the animated genre, I might just get back into them like I used too.

What this movie did was not make stuff pop out at you, it made the background really visually stunning.

Visually and emotionally STUNNING!

The Visuals are absolutely stunning and magnificent.

While it was fairly predictable (This is essentially a kids movie after all), it didn't take away from the experience and I'm a sucker for animated movies.

It isn't all fluffy cuteness either, the overarching story is intense; these vikings live to hunt and kill dragons, this is a war going on and at times How to Train Your Dragon does not pull any punches.

Oh this was surprisingly more enjoyable than I expected, especially since I had to either watch it in 3D or not at all.

This film can be related to the film Tangled; this film is about a girl Rapunzel, played by Mandy Moore, who is coming of age and wants to leave the tower that her abductor has kept her in and has raised Rapunzel as her own.

Its combination of side-splitting humor, beautiful music, fascinating storyline, heart-warming characters and events, and exciting adventure make it entertaining from start to finish.

This film is lovely and fascinating both for kids and adults (although kids might get scared once or twice ;D).

It does follow golden narrative rules, but it still offers surprises and is very engaging on an emotional level.

Of course, it's just as entertaining for adults, and along with Shrek and Kung Fu Panda, DreamWorks has struck gold with another animated masterpiece.

It had a great story that was entertaining, funny, unpredictable and often recognisable in its details at the same time.

i just loved this film and I think it is the best animated movie everi mean it beats everything else: finding nemo toy story (entire series) shrek (entire series) cars and many more of these Disney filmsI hope this film gets an award and if they are making a how to train your dragon 2 then i can't waitThe effects in 3d were epic and although i thought there was only going to be a few special 3d effects i was wrong because when you were least expecting it bang 3d effect i just loved that I could also see that my kids really enjoyed it as they didn't even try to make an excuse to stop watching itthis an amazing film you have to watch it by my opinion if you don't i guess that is your loss

While How to train Your Dragon may be a little bit cliché in it's story departement, it's also really fun, has some great characters, great animation, and clever humor.

Endearing, enchanting, and engaging, a fun movie for anyone who ever wanted to ride a dragon.

The story was entertaining to watch and it didn't really drag on like other animated films.

It is truly fascinating to watch this animated movie .

The music is stirring and emotionally breathtaking.

The characters are well rounded and wholly enjoyable, even Hiccup, with his nasally voice may poise an irritation for some.

At first, it seems that the plot is going to be a little formulaic.

A soaring animated film that is breathtaking to behold.

The 3D aspects are thrilling and the movie has a great story, amazing animation, non stop action and a positive and constructive message.

It is truly an example of how movie progress is being made in the creative and highly entertaining world of what originates as children cinema and ultimately transcends the industry as a classic for all ages and for people from all slices of life.

I had a chance to see it in 3D and it was stunning!

This is a simple story told with interesting characters and stunning visuals.

All-in-all this film is fun and entertaining while also being refreshingly emotional, with a great story, exciting action, and lovable characters.

A fun, entertaining and actually moving story about a nerdy young Viking who isn't full of macho like the other Vikings, and who befriends a wounded young dragon.

Whilst this is a film that may seem as if it's solely directed at the younger generation, its stunning visuals and well-told story means that it will keep any adult satisfied.


However, it all falls apart by being completely derivative and therefore extremely predictable.

So, while it might be a generic story, it's still a very beautiful, touching, thrilling adventure that I DID NOT regret seeing in theaters (and the 3-D was totally worth it)!

There is enough humour in this film to entertain both kids and adults, thanks to some entertaining characters (some of the dragon designs are fantastic, their emotions are believable!

It is very uplifting and so enjoyable to watch.

) and the climactic battle scene goes on way too long.

Either way, it is was fun to watch and an enjoyable side to a nice packet of crisps.

It has humour, it has emotional depth, it has engaging drama, and its action set pieces carry genuine weight, without the film having to rely on them for thrills.

Don't get me wrong, it was still enjoyable though.

Worth watching on those terms.

I left the theater, wanting a dragon of my own!

I watched this movie when it first came out, and I enjoyed it.

Objectively however, it doesn't quite know who it's trying to please, and settles for a 'some of the people, some of the time' scenario that left me intermittently yawning.

The film itself is visually stunning with beautifully drawn landscapes and characters.

The dragon training scenes and friendship alone is worth watching the movie - the other core characters and story are just "icing on the cake".

Enjoyable for all ages, genders and groups.

Great animation, excellent story, very entertaining.

Absolutely breathtaking.

Very enjoyable.

The visuals are stunning and the storyline is an outstanding achievement.

There was much enjoyment all around with acceptable (and only occasional) lulls, and the lessons that can be learned were good and appreciable both from a child's standpoint and an adult's.

Go for it and it is worth watching it.

Unfortunately, a little bit of heart is all you really get in their latest, the Norse coming of age comedy, "How to Train Your Dragon.

On an overall scale, How To Train Your Dragon is a fascinating blend of an engrossing story, intelligent script, gorgeous animation, captivating characters, excellent production design & wonderful music that promises a thrilling ride to its viewers & smoothly delivers it.

You got cool 3D effects, an enjoyable plot with humour and striking John Powell's score.

I highly recommend this in 3D; the flying scenes felt so natural and engaging that the extra $3 per ticket is very much worth it.

It's so beautiful with a wonderfully detailed look of the viking village, the forest, and the dragon cave where the Green Death eats one of the dragons alive and the character animation is so stunning and very realistic with facial expressions on them.

So all in all: Breathtaking animation and a well excecuted start of a beautiful friendship between two characters are highlights in an otherwise predictable story with many weak characters.

One is John Powell's music score, with evocative and versatile Celtic-style themes that actually stick in the mind.

The main characters especially are a highlight - the protagonist gives us a very fresh take on your standard misfit boy type and his pacey and entertaining dialogue is constructed and delivered flawlessly.

This film was brilliant, i enjoyed it more than up and wall-e!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aside from being an entertaining movie, "How to Train Your Dragon" does just that.

But for now, the shift is visible, welcome and exciting as getout.

The action scenes were exciting, and very well-animated.

The story moves on from here and is very enjoyable.

You could praise this movie so much, but what stands out for me is the constant WOW moments i experienced whilst watching this movie, the visuals and the angles just made me feel as if i was riding the dragon or fighting off the dragons, i felt immersed in the world the animators had created, and that is a very large accomplishment.

There is also a good amount of humour which makes this a very enjoyable film that one would see many times.

The story is also stereotyped, a predictable "from zero to hero" story that even a young child could predict with unerring accuracy.

But it delivers this old tale in a very entertaining way.

Frankly, based on the trailers I'd seen I thought it was going to be fairly hokey and formulaic.

If I can be immersed in this movie on a 4 by 6 screen, I can imagine how it would've been to watch this on a theater-sized screen.

As the story moves forward, Hiccup's growing friendship with Toothless along with the expectations of his tribe known really keeps a viewer on the edge of their seat wondering what will happen next.

Likable and enjoyable characters.

The story is a bit weak as it is a combination of two cliché stories, however, the execution of it can make it enjoyable, so despite being a cliché story, it is not a boring one.

* Characters: enjoyable and funny.

For the majority of the film, the viewer can find himself/herself in utter awe at the color schemes and stunning work shown.

The opening was so dark and intense and I really liked it, especially the other scenes with the dragons and the final battle where Hiccup and Toothless battle against the Green Death (changed from the named Red Dragon in the book).

The relationship between the dragon and the Hero was very well developed and triumphantly heartwarming during the action packed climax.

One of the most Breathtaking Animated Films of all time.

This is a kids flick, so adults would probably find it boring.

A scene that the black dragon were flying and fighting is very exciting.


I think anyone would enjoy this movie family, kids and even couples as i watched this with my boyfriend on a night in and we throughly enjoyed it.

People will realize that this film is both memorable and breathtaking to watch, and they will see for themselves what greatness this film has.

The characters are engaging and well-drawn (in the dramatic sense, although they also look good).

Leave it to Hiccup and his buddies to save the day by flying out to the island on board the formerly imprisoned dragons (back at the training school) and eliminate the monster in a rousing fight to the finish.

Okay, I have mentioned it a few times now, but saying it again won't hurt, and that is that this is a pretty cool, and entertaining, film.

This movie is a must see at the theater in 3D, plus the story is very entertaining which definitely makes a worthwhile movie experience(and at $16 dollars for the movie ticket that was no easy task).

While some may enjoy this 'style' it just gets incredibly tedious and predictable, allowing the audience to basically write the film 10 minutes before it happens.

Beautiful, colourful, imaginative, evocative, engaging and heartwarming .

Where this flick falters, is it's writing, which is too predictable after a point.

I had seen the trailer before i went to the theaters and i had found it quite good (i actually sometimes guide myself from trailers) and worth watching, merely because i found the animation great and i loved how the dragon looked.

Overall HTTYD is an enjoyable and entertaining family film that delivers comedy, a good story and thrills to good effect.

Touching, exciting and the mighty toothless.

A movie that is good fun and yet has some clichéd stuff that makes it more predictable.

It is pointless fun for children that will appeal to adults as well.

It is a very enjoyable family movie that has enough funny parts that children will enjoy and parts just for adults to laugh at as well,it is also very heartwarming and the animation is absolutely beautiful.

However, it's so contrived and forgettable that I really don't think Pixar need to worry.

The animation looks stunning and it really added to the realism and brilliance of this movie.

entertaining, enjoyable and funny .

Oh and the fight sequences are equally spectacular, haunting but also very gripping and almost epic.

If you cannot understand the dragon side of the movie, you never should have watched it because you were determined to be bored anyway.

And the scenes in which the characters flew were absolutely breathtaking.

It was my niece who made me watch the film in the first place, and she's 8 years old, but I actually think I enjoyed it more than her.

At some points, I tried to make myself fall asleep, while at other points, I got so confused that I wished I had those cupcake shaped, frosting flavored mints I always wanted, so I can refresh my memory.

How to train your dragon is a brilliantly entertaining piece.

There's lots of very dynamic exciting action in this movie and it's mostly done with a cheerful fun tone most of the time even though there's still danger.

Plot: It follows the underdog triumphing story in a pretty generic fashion but well, in that it gives the audience what they expect while throwing in a few unexpected and commendable surprises (especially Hiccup's outcome from the climax).

Entertaining fun romp .

The animation is stunning.

While there are obvious similarities, I must say that I found the characters in HTTYD considerably more compelling; I never came close to crying in Avatar.

The visual effects were breathtaking, especially the hidden world, and the light-fury.

It's a positive message everyone can take something from, no matter their age, presented in a film that is breathtaking to witness.

With an intriguing plot, lovable characters, and 3D effects that quite literally make you sit on the edge of your seat, this is a cinematic experience that is NOT to be missed.

And it's very entertaining.

I was not particularly excited, but I must say, as soon as the movie started, I became immersed in it till the very end.

A fun, snappy animated film about a young Viking who would rather make friends with the dragons preying on his village than hunt them.

A Enjoyable Movie for All Ages .

Worth Watching .

There have to be some special dangerous but likable and fascinating thing, and what's more kind of that than dragons ?

The growing friendship between the cute dragon and Hiccupp is something really interesting and unpredictable.

The flying scenes in this film are captivating and fun and represent some of the most engaging use of 3D technology I've seen.

The sequences with Hiccup flying with Toothless was breathtaking.

How to Train your Dragon (2010) is really an Enjoyable Movie for All Ages, and I can't stop watching it, because the story is good, and the music is very good.

If you have read the book that this is based on by Cressida Cowell a few things have changed, thankfully she was not allowed to provide any of the renderings for this movie, her illustrations in her books are horrible, the movies cinematics are excellent and enjoyable.

If your a fan of very funny, action packed, sort of emotion then go and see this film, i am serious drop what ever your doing now and get down to the cinema!

Despite the predictable storyline, this is hugely enjoyable .

This movie is enjoyable for both adults and young kids.

The story moves on from there from one exciting scene to the next, to the climax, where they battle the biggest dragon of them all.

The action scenes were exciting, and very well-animated.

As a whole, How to Train Your Dragon is more of a entertaining diversion than something totally memorable.

They incorporate cats, dogs, birds, and a small menagerie of other animals into how their dragons act, and it's a fascinating watch.

While the wonderful 3-D was missing, the film still had the nicest CGI and was nearly as entertaining as it was in the theater.

You had the usual animated movie checklist: the wimpy boy who proves himself to the father who doesn't understand him (and to the local townspeople who make fun of him), the scrappy girl, etc.One cliché after another.

Entertaining For Anyone .

It is funny and entertaining throughout and I would give a recommendation to anyone to go watch it.

Stunning job with Toothless (the dragon).

The animation is breathtaking.

I enjoyed it enough to write a review again, hoping that those who are undecided will be convinced to watch it.

As for the cast, Jay Baruchel sounds much better in a cartoon than any other films he has made, Gerard Butler's strange accent makes up for his slightly boring character as our protagonist's Viking father.

While some of the side characters are more so stock personalities, they are still of hearty stock and nonetheless enjoyable.

From start to finish how to train your dragon shows how tradition changes and the world is ever changing, there are many messages that can be drawn out of the movie such as an environmental statement, one with animals or in the case of the movie- one with dragons.

No, I don't mean the brash, but helpful Gobber (played by a highly entertaining Craig Ferguson) or the beautiful, fiercely driven Astrid (America Fererra).

No dialogue, just powerfully stunning visual storytelling that silenced me.

A cute, thrilling and occasionally humorous film with a lovable dragon, Toothless .

It is worth watching for adults as well as children.

But ultimately, How to Train Your Dragon is a highly entertaining film, full of clever ideas, lovely, fluid aerial animation, and an exciting final battle with the giant dragon Red Death.

I recommend this movie to you if you want to watch something exciting.

Shrek itself, and its first sequel, were very funny and enjoyable uses of this formula.

Even though the plot line has been used a million times before the pacing and twist on the plot supplied to us by the directors makes How to Train your Dragon all the more enjoyable.

I for one have no problem with something cliché, as long as all the pieces fit together and it's entertaining.

So, all in all, provided you still have a little bit of a kid's heart in you and are not allergic to dragons, it's likely you will have a great time watching this very entertaining movie.

How to Train Your Dragon, while including an engaging, character-driven story, is an awe-inspiring theater experience.

a good example of a formulaic family picture .

even if the accents are confusing...

There's a message of 'be yourself no matter what' that provides the lynchpin of the tale although gratefully DeBlois and Sanders don't hammer it home excessively, allowing the adrenaline-pumping action and consistent humour to flow freely.

Okay so it was predictable, we all knew the kid and the Dragon were going to become friends.

but it is very entertaining non the less.

But the clichés are few and extremely well done at that, and of course it's predictable.

In particular, the whole relationship between the father and son in this picture is so banal I had to roll my eyes every time the father character (voiced by Gerard Butler - for some reason, the major adult vikings in the movie all have Scottish accents) appeared on screen.

The movie really was entertaining, in the highest order, the plot flowed well, and really captured the audience.

" The aerial scenes are beautiful and thrilling.

It's the combination of a good story to tell; engaging characters to root for; a clever script; and maybe most important, human heart and passion.

The locations are stunning, the animation is first rate, and 3D is very well used (focus pulls, in particular, work very well in 3D).

I found it so compelling and engrossing that I signed up to IMDb just to write this review.

But boy is the concept as inventive as it is entertaining.

I found the story predictable (boy sees girl, saves everyone with the help of an unlikely foe, gets girl) and the whiny main character annoying.

It's visually stunning, the voice-over work is great, the script is really funny and the story is very touching.

Trust me, it will make all but the dullest of people laugh.

It is visually stunning in 3D.

Everything that happens is highly predictable but it fits and it makes for a more than decent base for the rest of the film - which consists of mostly great animation, some added 3D effects and fast paced action.

Trite Lukewarm Pablum Wrapped up in a Spectacular Package.

Though it has a pretty formulaic story, it makes up for it in its animation and fun voice-cast.

Despite some slow scenes in the beginning, this film was quite entertaining and I bet kids would be amazed with the dragon stuff.

I actually had an adrenaline rush whenever Hiccup rode the dragon, Toothless, and swerved between mountain and soared over the clouds.

"How to Train Your Dragon" is in fact a highly entertaining flick for all members of the family, with lots of dazzling action and likable characters.

While the soundtrack isn't "epic movie" scale, it's terribly enjoyable to listen to.

The final fight, pitting the enormous dragon against Toothless and Hiccup is beautifully shot, absolutely stunning to watch, and epic in every sense of the word.

Great message from an entertaining tale .

~ I saw this movie's trailer, and I have to admit that it seemed to come off as just another regular, formulaic, animated movie in order to get a cheap laugh, using fart jokes and toilet references as a foundation for the plot.

This is highly entertaining stuff for the family and avoids being patronizing in any way.

"How to Train Your Dragon" is a suspenseful attention gripping film that invokes emotion and witty humor.

But the whole story from beginning to end was fascinating and adults and children both will love this movie.

Plus the initial voice-over explaining all of this ties into action, and visuals, that both kick-start the narrative in high gear and mixes it with action sequences that both show what's being explained, and keep it fascinating and funny.

I enjoyed it beginning to end.

Although it is an animated movie for children in mind, adults will also find it entertaining as well.

But this one is really enjoyable.

This movie suffers from banal characters and situations.

It is the worst, trite, lukewarm, spoonfed Pablum I have EVER experienced.

These movies "for kids" sometimes turn to be tedious attempts to provide a moral and lessons for the youngsters and they finish losing the main purpose, that is what we liked when we were kids, to be fun.

 Those things plus the pretty thrilling ending will keep adults from being bored, and kids will probably be sold from the very beginning.

The CGI is absolutely breathtaking and the music even more so.

It's not among the best that I've seen, but it's certainly entertaining enough to give a shot, especially if you have kids.

First of all the animation and the way this movie is created is absolutely stunning and way ahead of its time.

Besides the absolutely breathtaking background animations the overall CGI was excellent.

It is a very well executed cliché film.

A thing of beauty and certainly this scene alone is worth watching the film on the big screen.

The film's plot also has enough in it to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Suitable for all ages without being cringeworthy, and with a story that's closer to a humorous drama than a dramatic comedy, this film deviates from Dreamworks' usual style into something, in my personal opinion, much better; the visuals are breathtaking, the dragons are fantastic, the people are believable and the script is amazing.

Combining truly stunning visuals with well-rounded characters, Dragon doesn't insult the intelligence of young viewers.

„How to Train your Dragon" is an animated film, full of heart, with a healthy emotional dose, stitched together with thrilling aerial sequences, that put 3D to it's best use – it puts you, where the action is.

There are some really thrilling sequences in this movie, particularly the opening and climax.

How to Train Your Dragon will be just as enjoyable 10 or 20 years from now as it is today.

Though it doesn't live up to Toy story 3(which everyone loved), it is still a very enjoyable animated film.

The story is very engaging; there is nothing too sophisticated for kids and nothing too childish for adults.

Boasting dazzling animation, a script with surprising dramatic depth, and thrilling 3-D sequences,it soars!!!!!!

It is visually stunning, the story plot is amazing and the characters are cute and funny and I am in love with that dragon!

Anything that seems to be a cliché only gives the story the wings to fly...

It is colorful, and visually exciting.

How to Train Your Dragon is a funny and entertaining film that captures the imagination in a way that some recent children's films fail to do.

This created a interesting but predictable twist for the audience to eat up on.

First of all, How to Train Your Dragon looks stunning.

There's lots of very dynamic exciting action in this movie and it's mostly done with a cheerful fun tone most of the time even though there's still danger.

The movie was incredibly enjoyable till the very end, filled with fun,excitement and comedy.

This is not some great ground-breaking movie, rather a relatively ordinary and to be truly honest pretty darn boring affair.

Immensely absorbing watch for fun-time with family or friends, adults or un-adults.

It's exciting, it's visually beautiful, it's heartwarming, it's atmospheric...

3d,witty,stunning visuals - What else you need?

They are absolutely stunning and look gorgeous.

It's a great family film, it's very entertaining, touching, good- hearted, and visually beautiful.

Highly entertaining, Highly recommended!!

It made the action scenes heart-pumping, the slow scenes compelling, and the flying scenes just perfect.

The 3-D effects are stunning.

it has a lot of action and exciting scenes.

The plot is predictably predictable, which would not have been quite so bad if the secondary characters had not been reduced to mere stereotypes (the disapproving father who only wants what's best for his son, the overachieving girl who eventually falls for the hero despite herself, the bullies, the comical friend/sidekick/confidant).

Rated PG by the MPAA,for some intense sequences that may frighten the very young & a bit of rude humour.

A really nice movie, great animation and an entertaining story.

Possibly a little intense for younger children, this is a great family film.

I first saw this film and I was convinced it was for kids only, but when it started going, I found it really enjoyable.

A different beast than the book, but still a powerful, entertaining film.

An entertaining, brilliant and thoughtful animated work.

Kudos to DeBlois, Davies and Sanders for bringing us this imaginative, evocative and, yes, magical film.

The animation creates endless amounts of possibilities, and makes the movie so stunning that we are immediately drawn into their world.

It's got everything I love about those films: drama, tasteful humor, intense action scenes, a sympathetic main character, and above all...

Bored by the insulting-even-to-5-year-olds script.

An exciting and amusing animation .

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

The predictable script is also a reason I never engaged with Hiccup as a character.

But it is also an exciting adventure story with a great deal of humour.

I actually had an adrenaline rush whenever Hiccup rode the dragon, Toothless, and swerved between mountain and soared over the clouds.

The plot is a little formulaic, with no demanding characters or twists.

I liked "Kungfu Panda" and loved "Ratatouille", so please note that I am not opposed to animated, heartwarming stories about underdog heroes, even if they're fairly predictable like the former is.

After watching it I realized that I fell asleep halfway through the movie due to the lack of excitement and knowing I had spent about 80 dollars for 4 people wasn't to pleasing on the ride back home.

These are all things that regular movie-goers probably won't mind, but for me they felt kind of tiresome and I felt that it didn't add a lot to the overall picture, nor do I feel that any of them were particularly funny or entertaining as characters.

And in the end, it's an enjoyable movie for all ages!

The relationship with the girl was quite token and predictable.

Also, despite the fact that all their parents speak with Scottish accents, all the kids speak with American accents (very confusing).

The action is intense and watching massive fireballs dart throughout the night sky is wonderful.

Beautifully animated with a predictable yet entertaining story.

The story is wonderfully written & is even better executed by the directors on the film canvas, the characters are quite intriguing, the dragons are vividly imagined, designed & rendered, the humour is well-timed, the animation is dazzling & meticulously detailed, voice cast suit their characters very much, the background score by John Powell is absolutely magnificent and the whole drama radiates a surprising depth & warmth throughout its runtime.

It brings depth to this story's world, and magnifies the breathtaking and exceptional visuals.

Doesn't matter; without that, there's no story.

clichés of cliché .

dragon fight scenes make the film enjoyable throughout.

Stunning animation, brilliant characters and story that will live with you forever.

It also happens to be infinitely more entertaining.

Boring voice!

Amazing action packed story with positive massage .


This is a highly entertaining, animated fantasy movie.

This is high calibre entertainment with breathtaking visuals.

The flight scenes are really engaging and are almost indescribable because of how beautiful they are.


Charming but derivative and predictable .

Predictable, yet enjoyable to watch .

Charming and entertaining .

For me, 'How to Train Your Dragon' is worth a look, decidedly for its impressive technical achievements, as opposed to its rather predictable narrative.

The action sequences are also well done and visually stunning.

First of are the cliché's, How To Train Your Dragon has a lot of cliché's particularly in its characters; you have the tough girl that everyone likes, the aggressive bully, the nerdy fat kid, the annoying 'funny' twins.

I was dragged to this by the child in my life and was both entranced and bored.

From the film's atmospheric opening, with that great piece of music and narration, the film is really engrossing and an immersive experience.

Definitely definitely worth the watch no matter what age you are contains a lot of universal themes

Ultimately as usual the two are found out and Toothless is forced to lead the vikings to the dragons nest and to what has to be one of the most intense and enjoyable action sequences I've seen in a while.

Kids will like this, children will like this, and people in between may find it quite enjoyable too.

It is another trip into cliché town from DreamWorks.

The engaging and heartwarming story (based on a book by Cressida Cowell) hits home for both kids and adults.

DreamWorks concocts a stunning animated adventure .

The 3D Was done superbly, with subtle touches to breathtaking shots at you, it really felt like you were there, so much so it was enough to rival Avatar.

The pacing was phenomenal, the humor was great, the character development and scripting made us really feel for the inanimate cartoons, the action was exciting and top notch.

This movie will make you laugh, make you cry, and it'll keep you on the edge of your seat, especially near the end.

I highly recommend it.

The plot and theme go hand in hand as they tell a story about a boy, Hiccup, coming of age and wanting to be like his father, Stock, only to realize he is his own person and to accept himself as such and so will his father; and also learns that he has his own talents that eventually benefit the entire village by training the dragons.

Indeed, the film has a very slow start, largely because there are just too many device seeds to sow in order to make the all-action climax work.

The film is heartwarming, funny, and exciting.

Overall How to Train Your Dragon is a fun fast paced film for children and adults of all ages.

The dragon battles are thrilling and the flying scenes between Hiccup and Toothless soar with joy and pulse-pounding danger, and are magnified perfectly by John Powell's fantastic musical score.

The story is straight- forward, a bit predictable, and in its climax and bit heavy.

The best part of thiz film is the flying scene which is so thrilling and exciting.

The animation is very good of course but in particular they have done the action sequences very well, making them exciting and intense without being hard to follow or see what is happening.

After a fairly dull opening, we eventually get to the main story of the film which is about a young boy befriending a dragon which is meant to be the enemy of his people.

This is propaganda at the highest level.

All characters were distinct and engaging, I could recognize modern teenagers in them.

The worst movie I have ever seen.

Worth watching at a discount theater or buy it used.

Both films are animated and tell amazing stories about coming of age with fun adventure and colorful scenery that are fun for the entire family.

The scene where Toothless takes a long flight with Hiccup is especially exciting.

It has perfect visuals, an amazing soundtrack, breathtaking scenes, a perfect story, perfect characters, and so much more.

But an enjoyable adventure nonetheless.

This college student certainly enjoyed it, and was utterly consumed.

Visually Stunning .

Overall this is a fun and entertaining movie.

For example, the 2004 movie 'Shark Tale' was an utter disaster, while 2008's 'Kung Fu Panda' was funny as well as plenty entertaining.

This really is a great, fun, engaging story that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The rest are mostly comic reliefs that despite feeling a bit cliché, can have their good moments.

The animation is amazing, breathtaking, cannot say anything better about it.

A highly entertaining visual treat!

Though, some adults may actually find it enjoyable to watch.

Have we seen this formulaic tripe before?

After a long period of mediocre products (in my opinion) that pale next to their Pixar counterparts, Dreamworks Animation finally came out with the winning formula – which contains just the right amount of relatable characters and true emotions, stunning visuals (including Nordic landscapes and various species of beautiful dragons) and a 3-D element (that uses InTru technology) that really works for a change.

The film is a breathtaking fantastical adventure full of action, suspense, and plenty of laughs.

The cinematography in this film is stunning.

Even the opening sequence where we see the village and then an attack is spatially thrilling.

Though that part seems too familiar, don't dismiss it yet; the characters, the dragons, the training, the aerial rides and battles, every single thing in this movie is uniquely fascinating.

The bond he forms with the one-of-a-kind dragon (Night Fury) named 'Toothless' and the way they grow together is really intriguing and thrilling to watch.

Entertaining remake of Woody Allen .

It's the kind of movie that gathers all the emotions together Friendship,Love,Happiness,Sadness,Exciting and fun.

This is great, solid stuff: Neatly buttoned and compelling storytelling, fine characterization, brilliant voice acting, and very well-done, crisp animation.

I am a huge Pixar fan, and therefore have an intense hatred of DreamWorks.

But in all seriousness, it's a good combination that provides for some truly entertaining scenes involving lots of dragon riding.

It is one of the most enjoyable movies I have ever seen, I loved every minute of it.

How to Train Your Dragon is a cute, fun, and exciting animated action fantasy film that adults and children will enjoy.

The story is aimed at a young audience but enjoyable for all ages.

It is also a film which is worth watching in 3D because the visuals are just incredible and at moments it feels like you are actually the person flying on the dragon's back.

In the end, How to Train Your Dragon is an exciting animated adventure into a world full of dragons and vikings.

Big yawn.

The plot was not very formulaic (if it was at all), there was plenty of suspense, there was some unexpected parts that gave it more character than other movies like this, the acting by the star-studded cast was flawless, and the animation was superb!

It is worth watching multiple times.

But to the cynical people like me who are tired of seeing the same formulas, How to Train Your Dragon is another tedious animation film.

The other thing that makes this so enjoyable is the animation itself.