Hustle & Flow (2005) - Crime, Drama, Music

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With help from his friends, a Memphis pimp in a mid-life crisis attempts to become a successful hip-hop emcee.

IMDB: 7.3
Director: Craig Brewer
Stars: Terrence Howard, Ludacris
Length: 116 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 22 out of 208 found boring (10.57%)

One-line Reviews (108)

Very entertaining.

Unfortunately, while "Empire" is consistently entertaining, "Hustle & Flow" builds slowly and unpleasantly.

The music(if you consider rap music) was annoying, repetitive, and completely unrealistic (gosh, that was the quickest voice lesson in history, given by a guy who doesn't even sing!

In DJay, he creates a very deep and layered character capable of brutal violence and unexpected moments of compassion at times.

In fact, the title pretty well sums up the contradictions that he somehow makes fully functional in his Sundance sensation: taking ideas and material that seem rather forced and contrived on paper and make them flow into a naturally cohesive, rousing, and surprisingly moving whole.

But even those of us who have never lived in squalor, who've generally had advantages that others do not, can appreciate the intense, gray world in which DJay and his associates live.

Don't waste your time or money .

While Terrence Howard as Dee Jay, gives a strong Oscar nominated performance in this film, his riveting depiction of a ghetto youth's attempt to make it into rap music is hurt by the continuous vile language in the film.

Terrence Howard plays D-Jay and he gives a very engaging performance.

"Hustle & Flow" was engrossing, spirited, and succulent.

This film has an excellent performance by main actor Terrence Howard whose gripping monologues throughout the film leave you captivated.

That seemed a little far-fetched, along with his "Everyone needs a dream" cliché line.

Highly entertaining film .

Story has good actors, some good points, but story is weak and empty as a whole.

and I enjoyed it.

Hustle and Flow was one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Yes, I like some of the points being made in the story, but the story as a whole was empty to me and useless.

Both films are emotional, entertaining, and completely riveting.

Oddly compelling .

Terrence Howard is Absolutey Mesmerizing, Intense, and Engaging.

If this movie were about 10 minutes shorter, I might have enjoyed it more and rated it higher!

Plus it is just plain entertaining.

Do not let the storyline put you off, this is a movie worth watching.

Instead of regurgitating the plot/story to anyone reading this, I'm going to tell you what a boring waste of time this is.

When you break it down, "Hustle & Flow" is a formulaic Cinderella story that doesn't really show us anything we haven't seen before.

This is the kind of lecture Hustle and Flow gets across in an engaging and realistic manner thanks to the final few scenes which border on tragedy at its very best when a certain someone who a certain someone else looks up to dismisses the dream in an instant after so much work.

Don't waste your money on this film.

All and all I think it was an entertaining and enjoyable film and it give me an up close and personal look to a way of life I've never experienced and really didn't know much about.

I sat in my seat with a huge smile on my face watching a guy singing a song called "Its Hard Out Here for a Pimp" and actually really enjoyed it, even the song.

This intense, underrated actor is finally getting his long, overdue share of the spotlight.

As cheesy as this may sound, they were more inspirational and engaging.

I liked Brewers direction and writing, this is a gritty film that is thought-provoking, emotionally packed and entertaining.

Interesting, engaging movie.

In the end, Brewer & company unfold a compelling story with enough grit to give it an air of authenticity.

story sort of boring.

When, people originally are told about this film, understandably the idea of rappers and gun crime can seem a little cliché, and almost annoying watching another film about idiots shooting each merely for the sake of it.

The writing and recording of the songs were the slowest parts(among many)of the film- thankfully the remote was nearby.

We then have every cliché in the book to show how hard he struggles.

And my equally old wife and I watched the whole movie and found it entertaining, funny at times, and were very appreciative that it wasn't as profane and violent as it could have been.

Mediocre, Boring, and Poorly Written .

I found Hustle & Flow to be very enjoyable and much more memorable than Batman Begins (which I saw last night!

Anderson was likable in this movie & all the characters played their roles to the tee giving it the realness that made it so enjoyable.

It starts of slow and just ends.

Much of today's gangster rap has devolved into commercial, cliché garbage.

If like me you hate overly formulaic films, films that you have seen over and over again with different titles then Hustle and Flow will be a real treat.

" It's fascinating to watch the whole process.

This led to intense performances in Crash and Ray in 2004.

All I seem to recall reading were negative comments about the movie saying that it was such a cliché.

2) Rousing rap music.

Brewer is wise to keep his focus on the characters rather than the situation as the actors deliver the goods in unexpected ways.

Taryn Manning was especially compelling in her role as D-Jay's "cheif investor".

this is an oddly compelling, very watchable film.

The premise that this ghetto hustler wants a career in rap music is interesting but the film soon deteriorates into a cliché molden atmosphere of the deprivation of his people.

If you like rap music at all, then I think you will find "Hustle & Flow" to be thoroughly entertaining, and I guarantee you'll be singing the songs afterwards.

The dialogue was wooden and trite.

"Hustle & Flow" is touching, funny and entertaining musical drama.

As for the movie, Terrence Howard's role as DJay is a remarkable one in that he becomes immersed in the character of DJay.

Worst movie of 2004.

Formulaic but completely entertaining .

Don't waste your time.

The overall conflict of the story could be thought of as bubblegum but the execution of it is engaging and heart warming.

The "somewhat happy" ending seems just a little contrived.

Good performances, a solid script, enjoyable music, and just the right amount of humor peppered throughout.

Hustle and Flow is a very compelling and very satisfying urban drama.

Although unrealistic and lacking intelligence, it is entertaining if you are looking for something that doesn't require thinking.

I've always admired him on camera - the quiet, yet intense persona, like a man who has seen life hard and this part has endeared me to him for some time to come.

This film won the Audience Award at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival and rightfully so - it's very engaging and a lot of fun.

Sometimes violent in areas you are not expecting, but overall, the direction is great, the music is riveting, and I got the feeling that I was there, in Memphis, as a fly on the wall while all of this was going on.

It's powerful, engrossing and a joy to watch.

By the same token, it is an enjoyable film to watch and laugh out loud.

I was thrilled to see this movie kept it real & they enjoyed it from the beginning to the end.

As the pimp he's rock solid, never hits a wrong note, a guy born on the wrong side of the wrong tracks suffering from being just intelligent enough to know what a waste his life has been thus far.

I am impressed by Terrence Howard's performance in this riveting film.

Otherwise it was a good drama worth the watch and rental.

Unfortunately this point is about 20 minutes before the end of the film when suddenly Brewer abandons his approach and falls back on cliché, easy options and, worst of all, an optimistic ending that sees him holding DJay up in a way that he had mostly manage to avoid doing.

I really enjoyed it this movie.

I really enjoyed it.

It just dragged on.

This film is so bad it actually becomes an inverse of itself in an enjoyable way.

It is entertaining, and fun (sort of) and tragic and triumphant in unexpected ways.

I thoroughly enjoyed this entrancing and engaging movie ...

Lately, he's been suffering from what he himself calls a "mid life crisis," as the realization has begun to dawn on him that his life is going nowhere fast.

Memphis, though, is so evocative of music, that almost every shot recalls its history, like the bridge that overlooks where Jeff Buckley drowned.

He helps bring life to the cliché.

but it is very entertaining and some great acting.

I also wish Howard had been awarded Best Actor, because in my mind he won it with this gripping performance as a pimp who didn't really want to do that for the rest of his life.

The standard underdog making it to the big time route has been bypassed and replaced with a story that hold's your attention and has an unpredictable and real conclusion.

Fully engrossing, heartbreakingly honest, entertainingly open-minded...

Intense study of human emotions .

All in all this is definitely a film worth watching.

The movie was gritty, sweaty and very entertaining.

However, the story starts off slow.

Enjoyable like Showgirls or an Arch Hall Jr. Film .

predictable MTV .

Particularly enjoyable was Djay's friendship with the people around his life.

I was very much on the edge of my seat the whole time in a film that doesn't have much edge of your seat action.

Most of it was empty, except a couple of scenes.

Oh, and leave the candy-coated, cliché, rags to riches rapper story out of it.

Good, engaging plot.

Unfortunately it gets a little formulaic towards the end with the requisite violence which we know in advance won't lead to death because at that point too much time has been invested for such a drastic departure.

An Entertaining Hip Hop Fantasy .

This all changes when a chance encounter from a most unexpected source brings music back into his life and rekindles an old dream, setting him off on a journey to reach success by both moral and immoral means.

Hustle and Flow is an inspiring, engaging and intense film of becoming something.

I thought the movie was enjoyable .

Interesting, engaging movie .

They were shot separate from the movie and just as entertaining.

In one of the most raw and intense performances of recent memory, newcomer Terrence Howard embodies D-Jay with an animal-like ferocity that will help you overcome what few formulaic clichés embody the script.

This is one of the worst movies of 2005.