Hustlers (2019) - Comedy, Crime, Drama

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Inspired by the viral New York Magazine article, Hustlers follows a crew of savvy former strip club employees who band together to turn the tables on their Wall Street clients.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Lorene Scafaria
Stars: Constance Wu, Jennifer Lopez
Length: 110 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 99 out of 425 found boring (23.29%)

One-line Reviews (236)

A Really Tedious Snoozefest, This Was No Thriller.

1/100th the length of the long drawn out Xmas gift exchange.

Uninteresting characters caught up in uninteresting events.

Way too long...

Hard pass - save your money.

Their collective moxie is thrilling, and stoked by Ramona's prowess allows them to run circles around their clientele, a rare, somewhat rewarding sight to behold until the moral scale is upended and the group's dynamic rapidly unravels.

Despite the familiar narrative, Hustlers is an incredible true story crime drama that's stylish, gripping and funny.

The movie was slow, dragging with no character development.

LIKES:Decent Pace Good Dance Numbers Funny Decent good Morals/Story Liked the Medium Told Fashion Acting J-Lo DISLIKES:Predictable Story A Bit Over The Place The Bloated Excess of Drug and Con Scenes Secondary Cast A Little Too Secondary Some Lazy Writing Moments Last Part Of The Ending Was Rushed Glorification of Other MoralsThe VERDICT: Truth be told, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this movie.

Boring, slow and very disappointing to see Jennifer Lopez, a strong, powerful woman in real life, take on this role.

This amazing and compelling experience of a slice of life is powerful and sensitive portrayal of the connections and the travails of the lives of what seems to amount to be essentially single women living in a high-stakes life in an effort to survive.

The music fitted with each scene and just made the film more entertaining in places.

but don't waste your time reading critics life is getting too short i am hustling you to see this movie right now because it's hell of worth watching.

Got up left after 45 minutes.

I feel as though I'm in an alternate Universe, reading some of these positive reviews 😳 To begin with, this film is BORING!!!!

A slow moving storyline with shallow, unlikable characters.

Boring .

About half way through this movie I started to fidget and the whole thing just became a tedious snoozefest.

Genuinely One of the Worst Movies Ever Made .

Constance Wu was enjoyable.

This movie was hands down entertaining and fun to watch.

One of the worst movie of the year.

save your money guys.

The con that's set up is a good one, but the pacing causes things to slow down too much.

The film itself is only okay- it's certainly an interesting story that could have been better, but it just seems disjointed.

The camera work earn the extra star but doing cool techniques like one takes when we think the daughter is lost only for her to be somewhere nobody cares it's so boring, it makes it obvious that this is the best you can do to create an emotional beat.


Good enjoyable movie .

And I found it fascinating to observe a lifestyle by these men and women which is so foreign to my own experiences.

Don't waste your time or money .

It just manages to work and flow into a very entertaining ride.

Jennifer Lopez makes up for repetitive pacing in Hustlers, a cross between Showgirls, Boogie Nights and The Sting .

Not a must watch, but for sure an entertaining story.

And in a game where women are told to undress and exhibit their bodies, it's only fair according to them to make men empty their pockets, there's some kind of inner poetry in that.

Thought provoking, compelling acting .

The soundtrack wonderfully complements the compelling story and all the other good things about the movie.

Charming, innovative, entertaining .

' as visually she is breathtaking in various outfits- particularly the white dress!

Hustlers is a "uniquely empowering heist drama with depth and intelligence to match its striking visual appeal, and engaging nature".

Empty Eye Candy .

Consider this a tip from a friend - DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!

Worst movie J LO ever made- period.

A waste of time and money.

Seasoned with humour - notably when Usher, playing himself, turns up and the girls go wild - it's an engrossing tale for the post-#MeToo generation.

Worst movie I seen in a long time.

Unfortunately, the film often feels disjointed and uncertain of what it wants to be.

The protagonist are unlikeable the pacing is off.

It's truly entertaining and has solid performances.

"Hustlers" is an entertaining and intelligent film about feminism and capitalism - a real surprise in the 2019 cinema year.

Somewhere between awful and boring.

Worst movies of all time....

But they each start to become empty near the end as the lack of depth and ethical stakes become too obvious to ignore.

Too boring for that.

Was a bit too long but I enjoyed it in the end.

Sunday afternoon matinee was pretty packed and the audience enjoyed it.

There are fascinating linkages consistently shown throughout the movie, particularly surrounding the flow of money.

I have seen lots of bad movies, but this one is very special among them, a complete trash, I cant trust the imdb's rating anymore, this film has nothing to offer, absolutely nothing, terrible script, very poor performance by all specially the main characters , just a waste of time (even if you have nothing else to do).


Entertaining and different than what's been going on in the past few years .

That self-made magnetism that has been finessed over years of performing still has the ability to seemingly slow down time, and writer-director Lorene Scafaria appreciates this more than anyone, rewarding such enigmatic energy with the role of a lifetime.

Entertaining and interesting .

I was delightfully surprised how enjoyable this movie was and it provided a great insight into the shady shenanigans that people get up to when opportunity and moral ambiguity collide.

(Something I had to be taught to make movie going much more enjoyable).

The movie was not what I expected, boring, and too long!

That being said, Hustlers is DEFINITELY worth the watch.

Save your money and time.

Worst Movie of the Year!!.

Another criticism for this film is that it's too slow.

Hustlers is one of the most surprising films of the year with an intriguing true story and stellar performances with a possible career best performance from Jennifer Lopez.

A suitable outlet for Hustlers might be a low budget cable channel where housewives are bored with their knitting.

Slow development.

Hustlers may feel like a predictable revenge narrative arc early on, where the women have success and get greedy and go too far, have lots of success and have it come crashing down.

Absolute garbage and a waste of time.

Yawn again.

Worst movie ever .

Worst movie ever.

Predictable and unbelievable.

The pacing was too slow for the story, and the 110 min run-time felt like 3 hours.

A Sexy, Surprisingly Compelling Film on Contemporary Society .

The scenes also were repetitive.

The remaining acts are just repetitive.

Jennifer Lopez's performance was so fascinating that had me in awe , hope she gets nominated for all the awards she deserves!

It's an enjoyable movie with certain flaws.

Colossal waste of time.

They did come, and were slightly enjoyable to watch.

Lopez Steals the Show but Solid Acting and Camaraderie Makes Hustlers Entertaining .

It's an intense jump into a world most of us don't know anything about.

Somehow Hollywood did and it is as vacuous and empty as expected.

PROS:Jennifer Lopez Ans Constance Wu's Fantastic PerformanceLorene Scafaria Stylish And Energetic DirectingSolid Supporting CastThe Visuals And CinematographyThe Fascinating StoryThe HumorA Good MessageCONS:The First Half May Be Little SlowSome Motivations Could Be A Little More Clear

Lo sports is stunning!

Slow and not much story .

Save your money and see something else.

The rest, it's pure garbage, I was falling asleep most of the movie, and also the story of the movie doesn't resonate with the audience.

I enjoyed this, Lopez and wu put in solid performances and make you care about the characters and there lives, there are some genuinely laugh out loud moments and it was an enjoyable couple of hours spent


Good acting, boring story.

Atleast we can agree that Lopez is stunning!

Eye opening but dull .

I watched last night, was absolutely stunning The Casting was great!

There's an unexpected conflict between the main character (Constance Wu) and her mentor (Jennifer Lopez) that develops from out of nothing and isn't really elaborated on screen.

I still gave it a 4 because it was intriguing enough to make me want to see it all and find out what happened.

Besides all these factors, the way they unravel the story is very thrilling and enticing.

Same steals different victims, it got boring and redundant fast.

I believe this was inspired by a true story, which gives it a bit of sympathy for the characters right away, either you are a cisgender boring man or a big feminist.

Waste of time, as usual.

Trailer more exciting than the Full Movie .

Overall this movie is hilarious, dark, thrilling, well thought out and makes you overall feel good seeing these people come together to help each other in their hard time of need, where you find yourself rooting for these vulnerable strippers that are doing the illegal activities that they are in as you just want them out of this compromising position, then to be happy overall as close friends practically family too.

Hustling Up A Dynamic Of Dance Of Entertaining Flashiness and Deeper Means .

Kids don't waste y'all time watching this at all

4 the passing is slow an needed to pick up as for the 1st half of the film it just felt like it was dragging.

Great performances but somewhat disjointed plot .

It was interesting the first few times but it got very repetitive since those scenes all followed the same setup, like same shots and setting and everything.

Worst movie ever.

i really enjoyed it this unforgettable true story film .

This is truly by far the worst movie of the year.

I felt bored in the last third of the film and I didn't care much about what happens to these girls.

Very drawn out and boring.

No plot peak, no sense of when the main events start or finish.

The girls were forced to get creative so they began engaging in some risky behavior with their wall street clientele.

Very poor, disjointed.

Entertaining .

JLo is finally stunning .

However is ultimately pointless.

It dragged on and was boring.

It was boring, and seriously, not even entertaining to watch at all.

Poor acting, poor editing, drawn-out and paper thin storyline, the movie, if we can call it a movie, is more like a feeble, dramatised whine-song from Mumsnet.

Entertaining .


Such a funny, entertaining and inspiring film.

Like watching paint dry .

After a long time I was swept off my feet by a story this engaging.

Worst movie I've seen this year.

Great start and interesting plot but found the second half strange and dare I say boring.

Overall though, I thought it was highly entertaining.

Waste of time, maybe use it as background noise to sleep.

Sure its a bit slow.

Terrible, boring, not as advertised.

Worth the price of admission and engaging enough to justify the large coke and popcorn.

save your money.

Worst movie I've ever seen, jesus.....

It was boring and overhype.

But this is definitely a movie you wait for DVD/Netflix, don't waste your money at the movies.

Justifying that they're doing what they're doing, because others have more than they do and they need to support their family etc.Personally, I got bored halfway through the movie and couldn't wait for the movie to end.

Overall, the plot FEELS like it should be entertaining, but the movie is a bit redundant - once you get into the thick of it, you're basically watching a repetitive cycle with not much movement to it.

It's my fault that I expected a fun, entertaining movie and didn't heed the user reviews that contradicted the critics' reviews.

Their actions of manipulations became more interesting as it was unexpected on the characters' part.

Entertaining (not Shakespeare entertaining) .

Because this part is so unbearable and awful, the movie only focuses on this rung of the wealth ladder for approximately four minutes.

My hubby enjoyed JLo, but aside from that this was a waste of time.

The plot was bland.

Bland and boring DESPITE J-Lo's good performance .


Don't waste your time and money

Tired boring tropes we've seen in every "all female cast" film since the 70's.

Probably one of the most fun movies of the year, "Hustlers" flows with great kinetic energy that makes it endlessly entertaining.

It's was completely boring

Waste of time .

The film manages to be fun and enjoyable while also touching on ideas of poverty and the 99%.

The characters were extremely boring, and had I could not find likable traits in any of them.

but the film isn't just about strippers showing off naked, what's good about this film is story, characters, the film is attached to you it's pretty watchable and worth watching of your time from start to middle to end it's entering to see this film ignore silly critics saying oh it's sexist it's still 2019 people are using dumb excuses irgone them like what do they know they have nothing better things to do calling this sexist all that give me a break it's film that you like it or not.

Saw an early screening and it was an amazing and entertaining movie.

Waste of time .

but don't waste your money/time.

I just thought her acting was bland.

Highly entertaining with great roles for JLo and Constance Wu.

Also there were some lull parts in the movie that almost had me nodding off.

The public relations push weeks before the movie premiered was more entertaining than the movie itself.

There were a lot of repetitive scenes in the "Hustling" itself, and the story is really by the numbers simple and mostly predictable.

Most enjoyable moments when you can here Chopin's piano works in the background.

The cliche of choosing a Slumdog profession to provide for mommy and kiddies is so redundant that I would place a dangerous bet, nearly 85% of Western women spit the same line during thier early 30s as the moment when some poor guy settled to take them home from the bar at Applebee's leaned more toward last call and the dishwasher than someone your mother would be jealous of.

Boring directing, dumb characters, zero drama, mediocre acting, meaningless ending.

So now, all they had to do was carve a compelling drama.

Unfortunately, the setup takes far too long and the movie treats its supporting cast like Christmas ornaments.

I found the lead characters either highly irritating or plain boring and can't think of anything else to say.

What makes crime stories fascinating is that we're always going to see a different philosophy on just who the real villain is.

Pointless .

Very entertaining.

Boring and redundant .

Hustlers gives a compelling look at a group of female strippers and the ripple effect of the economy for them to support themselves.

The last hour or so is frankly unwatchable.

It's nowhere near the worst movie I've ever seen, but this felt like a waste of time and money, it is extremely repetitive.

This piece of work had no script no meaning or balance.

1hr 50mins of repetitive garbage.

The film making is tragic, the photography is even worst, the acting inconsistent, the story boring.

So very dull .

The perfect music choice, the choreography of the dancers, and the blocking of the movement make it the most exciting and memorable scene in the film.

As a movie is kind of predictable.

Any lesser director or writer would have fallen in that trap but Scafaria did a solid and entertaining film with an intelligent approach, a woman-centered film that even men would enjoy, though I suspect many would for the wrong reasons.

This was a tremendously dull movie, that I simply couldn't be bothered to see through to the end.

I felt like I was taking an intro class in feminist/capitalist critique while being marveled by excellent acting, a fun soundtrack, beautiful lighting, in-depth character development, and a bunch of enjoyable 'slow-mo walking shots'/transitions with trippy elements.

This film reminds me of 1998's The Players Club, another stripper film that was equally trite, uneven and the complete antithesis of "I am woman hear me roar".

The previews made it look more fun-filled & exciting .

It was filled with boring and one dimensional characters with a mediocre plot line.

I can go on but I feel this review is getting as boring as the movie.

Best,most entertaining greatest casting of 2019 .

Very Entertaining.

I'd rather be forced to watch paint dry .

This film has no message.

I gave it a 2nd star because JLo did look outstanding, so credit to her there, but anyone trying to say she should get an Oscar nomination for this movie is either someone contractually obligated to be pushing this propaganda or someone who has a vested interest in JLo's career.

long and boring conversations...

Wanted to leave the theater the entire time , horrible movie from beginning to end .

A Energetic And Fascinating Story Led By Jennifer Lopez's Strong Performance .

The storyline and most of the dialogue are so boring, it's as if they just filmed a boring conversation through most of it, very lazy.

People out there should know that this happens and hopefully this movie will spread some awareness, apart from being a 'mildly entertaining' way to spend 1hr40minutes.

A fun and entertaining movie with a peculiar story to tell.

Entertaining Movie .

Long and boring snooze fest .

Frivolous, waste of time and money.

This movie is literally unwatchable.

It's a waste of time and money.

Entertaining to a point, as others have said, the film didn't go anywhere and the plot/writing was thin.

Otherwise, don't waste your time.

Tacky and Boring .

Its a fun yet serious film and very enjoyable.

JLO is very good in this role and the first third of the film is actually pretty entertaining, but then it begins to get repetitive and quite honestly boring.

Dragged story line bored!!.

Don't waste your money on this film, you'll thank me later.

Tortuously boring and pointless movie.

"Hustlers" is one of the sleekest and entertaining movies to come out this year.

Overall, it was far too long and repetitive.

Had issues with pacing, but really enjoyed it!

The story was entertaining despite its slow start.

The second act seemingly explaining the methods of their game through repetitive scenes of targeted customers being drugged, having their credit cards swiped and returning them home.

Ultimately completely empty .

Stay away from this bore-fest.

This movie is utter crap and a waste of time.

It started off fine and got very boring and repetitive too quick.

Though there were a few funny moments in the film, Hustlers was shot like one long boring continuous scene.

The plot is thin and contrived.


This is by far the worst movie I have seen in over 30 years.

'Hustlers' is not as groundbreaking as festival critics set it out to be, but enjoyable nonetheless.

The film is too long by about half an hour, and I left the cinema without feeling that I had been entertained.

It was an enjoyable night out at the cinema, but unsure if they crafted a totally compelling movie from that New York Magazine article...

but this is worth watching for story, for people who loves true story films well this is your ticket to see it or Netflix it if you love true story films.

COMPLETE Waste of time .