I, Frankenstein (2014) - Action, Fantasy, Horror

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Frankenstein's creature finds himself caught in an all-out, centuries old war between two immortal clans.

IMDB: 5.1
Director: Stuart Beattie
Stars: Aaron Eckhart, Bill Nighy
Length: 92 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 64 out of 223 found boring (28.69%)

One-line Reviews (230)

The streets are always empty, which is weird.

Bland and Dull Despite It's Premise .

It briefly features an European nightclub with some people and one lone police officer who ventures into a movie set alleyway but after that the city feels completely empty.

I mean, they've gotten increasingly bizarre, and increasingly bland all at the same time.

I wouldn't even watch this movie again on a Bad Movie Night, it's too boring.

The actors are all very good, and the effects are mostly seamless (The gargoyles are a bit video gamy near the end though) the final battle is just riveting.

Something like most b movies were somewhat predictable in what would happen next.

On the strength (or lack thereof) of the gloomy, predictable I, Frankenstein, it seems unlikely that it will kickstart a new franchise in quite the same way.

This film is taken from the pages of the graphical novel of the same name written by Kevin Grevioux as Beattie pursues a compelling fantasy-action tale.

Thus, Stuart Beattie, director and writer, gives us one of the worst movies of this year, where neither the effects nor the actors and much less script honor the legend of Frankenstein.

With a miserable 5% on Rotten Tomatoes, it seems like I, Frankenstein is one of the worst movies in 2014 and it is only January.

it was boring the story was boring the demons were boring unoriginal and generic, the gargoyles were cool but they might as well have said they were angels no point to the whole gargoyle thing, Adam had no depth at all, i know he didn't have a soul but really he should have something to at least make him interesting.

Just a waste of time.

Overall I found the story original and the movie well-made, well-acted and enjoyable.

While it is far from a masterpiece, and not on par with action movies such as Avengers or Winter Soldier, it is entertaining.

Just a terrible movie with no real plot or story.

It's not altogether a bad picture if you go for this stuff, with commendable special effects and some exciting action sequences.

It's strangely fascinating due to the sheer insanity of it all.

This is, without a doubt, the worst movie I've seen in 2014.

The actors looked bored and uninterested all the time.

She is unfortunately sort of boring in the film.

I think the main problem is that this movie takes itself way too seriously, and while I do appreciate a good plot, I was expecting a little more fun in this movie instead of boring, unmotivated scenes.

This is a clichéd train wreck featuring boring everything and lacking enough soul or charisma to entertain a 2 year old.

The rest of the film was incredibly boring, badly paced and self indulgent.

All of the fight scenes are bland and dull with redundant, badly executed CGI.

The characters are rote and predictable, the makeup and cg (while not bad) is leftover from "Star Trek: The Next Generation", and the entire viewing experience is laborious and forgettable.

It's confusing to why they didn't create a main theme for such a timeless character.

A cleverly reimagined but lightweight horror chiller, "I, Frankenstein" qualifies as an entertaining, PG-13 rated, supernatural saga about the further adventures of the infamous monster.

All this leads to a big, over the top CGI battle at the end with a pretty predictable ending.

I fell asleep for two-thirds of it and when I awoke I was outraged and shocked I still had 15 minutes left to endure.

At points it was entertaining.

result is not surprising but the garguyns, the fight scenes, the end could transform the show in more than waste of time.

give it slight sense of self-aware humor to compensate for the ridiculous concept, slow down the pacing to give it some breathing room and explore the character of Adam a bit more, and you'll have a very fun movie.

Everything is uniformly dark and dreary.

It looks bland and very dark.

No, but its a good fun action movie and i enjoyed it really much.

Everything is pretty fast paced in the action scenes and all of the fighting is hand to hand.

sorry Adam's outrageous way of trying to explain the unbelievable explanation to a scientist, there was so much stupidity in the film that in ways it did make it enjoyable.

This pretentious movie was way over the top.

The styling of the entire script is a by-the-book, unremarkable standard, and even gut-numbing cliché of every 'Swords & Sorcery' tale ever told from the perspective of high school screenwriter who hasn't incorporated a single, original concept, or even the slightest bit of imagination into it.

But as exciting as that may sound, you'll quickly find that the burden of 'Underworld' hangs too heavily like an anchor around its neck.

"I, Frankenstein" is a waste of everyone's time.

Here's where the plot becomes more complicated and clearer at the same time: We still have a lot to learn but only the banal fighting matters.

Immature, pretentious, and moronic.

"Tomorrow, When the War Began" writer & director Stuart Beattie and "Underworld" scenarist Kevin Grevioux, who wrote the Darkstorm Studios graphic novel prequel, have forged a fast-moving fantasy that borrows from the "Underworld" franchise, "Legion," "Priest," "Batman," and "Constantine.

Instead of being just a horror movie or action flick, the film takes the dull middle ground thus turning it into a muddled film.

The only reason I am giving this three stars is because of Bill Nighy, who is always entertaining to watch.

It hits every predictable beat and hits them with the grace and subtlety of a cow walking a tightrope…awkwardly and dumbly.

I can only recommend this to fans of Aaron Eckhart, he looks quite handsome here :) Everybody else, waste of time.

Many times we could have a genuinely thrilling or scary scene and it ending up being just good, and after the very good gargoyles the look of the demons was ohh so buffy.

The film cuts from a completely uninteresting and, ultimately, meaningless chase scene to a modern-day presentation of the process of recreating life, much the way Frankenstein was given life.

As if this wasn't bad enough, the main bad guy is some demon prince looking to animate corpses so that his fallen demons can possess the bodies, AND he's launching his operation in the exact same town his enemies' stronghold is located in; A town that is either empty or inhabited by people who don't care about anything, since flying gargoyles and raining fireballs isn't enough to make someone even look out a window, let alone get a camera and start posting on YouTube.

Apart from the eye candy, this is an empty, empty film, with poor old Eckhart rattling around giving a much better performance than the film needs or deserves (which, mind you, is not saying a whole lot).

So boring - I was falling asleep throughout.

So much is wrong, I would have to rewatch it just to write down the hundreds of things that made me laugh, cringe or get bored enough just to waste time on Facebook as it continued playing.

A fine "What if" and an enjoyable movie .

I really wanted to like I, Frankenstein, but I'm sure most people will agree that this film is a dull, contrived film.

Just as full houses, ringing cash registers, star endorsing and rousing reviews do not mean a great entertainment, similarly, empty theaters, shocking lack of marketing and the absence of crowd pulling actors do not make a movie a bad one.

Maybe I enjoyed it because I didn't go into it with high expectations.

Additionally, the script was probably the most boring script I have ever heard.

Jay Courtney, he of 'Jack Reacher' and 'Good Day to Die Hard' fame, takes a smaller role as Gideon, Leonore's number 1 Gargoyle who acts more like number 2 throughout (Well Angels can be assholes too I guess) 'Underworld' veteran Bill Nighy is naturally back as Prince Naberius, though he tones down the over-dramatics this time since he is meant to be undercover as a dull businessman, which is pretty much how he is for 90% of the film, while series creator Kevin Grevioux plays a large hulking black henchman (surprise!

Does the action look boring and uninspired?

This movie is filled with what could be compelling characters so totally misused that it's a shame.

I enjoyed it and would buy this one on Blu-Ray.

Waste of time movie!!!.

it was so predictable and the dialog was AWFUL!

It's worth watching for a few giggles, it's so unintentionally funny in parts it gives Young Frankenstein a run for its money!

This is the kind of movie that will find on some minor TV network in a few years after you have just had a long, hard day and you'll see that this is playing, and you are just about to change the channel when a visually appealing action sequence strikes, you will be intrigued, and then you will watch almost rest of the movie, but you will feel bored and eventually change the channel.

Bland Underworld style Garbage .

The movie is entertaining, the acting is awesome, the music is great, and my wife loved it.

The action was decent enough to be immersed in the film for a few hours and you rooted for Frankenstein's monster.

Overall, much better and more exciting then I was expecting.

Altogether, despite some obvious weaknesses, "I, Frankenstein" is a lot of fun to watch, and I enjoyed it so much that I saw it a second time.

It's absolute soulless studio schlock from beginning to end, with awful action driven by muddy, nearly unbearably bad CGI actually providing release from its contrived plot that's delivered solely via painful expository dialogue seeming to reside on a nose as long as Pinocchio's.

There are some really great action scenes, some hand to hand fighting that is marred by CGI but nonetheless thrilling.

What a waste of money.

But overall, I found I Frankenstein to be well-crafted, energetically paced and thoroughly enjoyable.

I' Frankenstein delivers big in entertainment and with so many boring movie in cinemas I think it deserve a watch.

Between the poor script, the dull characters and the bad effects, there is next to nothing here worth enjoying.


Sure, it doesn't impress on any level but for a January movie, it is an entertaining one.

They also were smart enough to keep the length at a snappy 92 mins and not drag it out to 130 mins like Van Helsing did.

Instead of a bland one like this.

It doesn't tell a particularly innovative or interesting story, but it is at least an entertaining one.

Worst movie so far this year.

With Frankenstein portrayed stoically to the point where I couldn't give a crap about him, the head demon listless and the "gargoyles" basically existing to spell out the shallow plot, at least the film-makers had the decency to keep the hot scientist fully clothed, though even had she been naked, the cheap thrills would scarcely have raised the pulse of this incredibly bland film.

Although he's not normally cast as a lead, Aaron Eckhart does give an enjoyable performance as Frankenstein's monster.

Meantime, director Beattie stages several exciting entrances and exits by both the Gargoyles and our hero.

It's the sort-of movie that would make for good background noise on a slow day while you do other things.

True, the film boasts some fun performances, a handful of thrilling action set-pieces and slick direction...

Eckhart swaggers around with a ripped physique and crooked hard stare most of the time, delivering monotone sound bytes, usually followed by slow mo swaggering with fire balls behind him.

The only real killer for me was the fact the story gets boring after its decent, attention-grabbing start and the plot tends to get unhinged as it progresses and the final act of the film gets resolved way too quickly after very little development.


On its own merits, it provides an entertaining watch with decent special effects and action.

and i thought it was enjoyable just the same.

That was intense.

A very entertaining movie .

Lets also face the fact that things are cliché because they work.

The fast paced introduction to the film leaves little time to invest in any of the characters, and even Adam's motivation throughout the film is incredibly unclear.

Waste of time.

I am not actually a 'Fan', but his work stands out to me almost like Robert Duvall in his early years; constantly understated regardless of the depth or range, yet prevailing in the minds of the viewer with an intense, unexplainable charm and deep intellect that eventually set him apart from all of his contemporaries.

Very much in vain with the Underworld films in its presentation and story, though some may argue that this film is clichéd, bland and weak in its plot.

the movie is a waste of time

It loses you from becoming immersed in the world, well that and the terrible gargoyles effects and the goofy kids playing dress up feel of the human version of the gargoyles.

The dialogue is predictable.

The rest of the cast are as perfunctory as you would expect, the bland damsel in distress, the gargoyles who may or may not be on the creatures side, and of course the evil demons, who are obviously evil because they wear black and have red glowing eyes.

In conclusion, this movie is worth watching at least one time and perhaps even more.

Don't get me wrong, I sort of enjoyed it.

Mind you, "I, Frankenstein" emphasizes thrilling, athletic action set-pieces so our hero and heroine have no time to enjoy intimacy in a romantic sense.

the special effects were OK, but even that doesn't make a bad movie good, I had to watch this movie across 2 days because last night I had a cigarette every 10 minutes to deal with it before falling asleep, I finished watching it just to test my tolerance of laughable movies.

True, the story is contrived, but it is also entertaining.

Except for their sophisticated leader, they were quite underwhelming and even boring from lack of personality.

It is entertaining-especially with a Sony theater system that can rattle the walls and windows but so much seemed to be missing and at times I found my self wondering of in thoughts and kind of bored.

True, the story is contrived, but it is also entertaining.

A surprisingly entertaining take on the Frankenstein legend.

For people who actually still pay attention and expect more from films this is downright unwatchable garbage.

This is unabashedly a fantasy-action flick - but one that benefits from a more intriguing philosophical foundation than most.

"I, Frankenstein" is an entertaining adventure of Frankenstein in the middle of a war between angels and demons.

The whole storyline's not that complicated, and it's pretty predictable near the end.

For another, there is a distinctive choice to ensure that the entire movie is cast in shades of black, grey and otherwise very dull colours.

Some fine acting but about as compelling as "The Mortal Bones.

This one has the particularity of gathering a lot of "bad mood voters", while I really enjoyed it.

One of the similarities the two movies share is that they are big bores.

An entertaining movie that wasn't overly hyped - just like "Hänsel & Gretel".

The screenplay is also confusing and seems to be perplexed.

The cinemathography and photography are horrible, everything looks bland even if the appocalypse is coming.

Bill Nighy is a very convincing, very compelling super-villain, very good actor.

The fast paced introduction to the film leaves little time to invest in any of the characters, and even Adam's motivation throughout the film is incredibly unclear.

After all, it looked entertaining enough, right?

But it's just boring.

The ending was a little confusing though.

But, if You are a Fan of this Type of Thing it can be Entertaining in a Pop Art kind of way.

And Yvonne Strahovski(Chuck) who plays scientist who finds refuge with Adam, she was not a character, she was a cliché.

I found that this film while yes does have those detraction's is enjoyable if you have low expectations.

Although the plot sounds a little familiar, it is actually a steady paced and a captivating film which delivers mountain loads of battle scenes as well as stunning imagery.

don't waste your time, either.

this was the question when i watched this pointless sci-fi-horror-action-thriller film.

Yeah, the acting was woody in places, the plot was childish in others - but on the whole it was well delivered and believable, I enjoyed it.

Worst movie of the year .

It was painfully repetitive and lazyIn general, a boring, cliché movie that tried too hard to be underworld without any of the elements that made it interesting to watch.

But to take every single cliché in the book and cram it into one movie maybe not such a good idea.

The slow scenes were tough to sit through, tempting the average person to go to the theater restroom and enter a different cinema.

Maybe it was because I was down at Chadstone Shopping Centre and wanted to see a movie at the cinema and this was the only movie worth watching.

I think this movie is the most incredible and breathtaking Frankenstein movies that ever made.

It's at least more enjoyable than something like "The Covenant" which has the same score.

It's really, really bad and boring to boot (a stupid film that's fun is much more forgivable than something as self-serious as this).

Here he seems dazed and bored, almost as if this film was just a project to waste some time.

With so many great things in theatres right now, don't waste your time on this.

But what i mostly get is predictable and weak.

The action is good and with adding the (probably intentional) comedy it made for a mildly entertaining film.

After pointless fighting, pompous dialogues that make no sense and Eckhart killing Nighy (like that could ever happen) the movie ends up with our man on a rooftop (naturally) who takes his father's name as his own (not as a family name, more like the affectation of his full name "Frankestein's monster") and vows to protect us, mere humans, in the "secret war" that nobody is aware of except from dozens of hapless Hollywood movies.

Due to these things, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The script of the main characters is painfully trite.

I went into this movie expecting mindless action but was so bored I turned it off 10 minutes before the end.

Much better & more exciting then I was expecting.

The camera floating through various laughably uninteresting waves of dark CGI isn't exciting at all even though the deluded filmmakers seem to think it is.

There's no plot at all.

The film does contain some impressive special effects, as well as cast of reasonably well-known actors that help the audience to trudge through the incredibly predictable and uninteresting story.

The Plot:Doctor victor Frankenstein dies and gets buried by the creature he created the demons attacks the creature gargoyles save him they give the name Adam now Adam gets to know about the long war between gargoyles and the demons he just got dragged in it he prefers to stay away from it and leaves years later Adam founds out about a dark plan of Prince Naberius now how will Adam stop the evil the answers is in this film.

It's just boring stuff falling into the categories of exposition or action.

The new Frankenstein movie I, Frankenstein is very entertaining it have a lots of action and good fight choreography, I think the movie really delivers in the entertaining aspect.


Moreover, a modern take on the Frankenstein-monster that has to function in the present day would have also been entertaining.

On the plus side there are some attractive women, lots of unintended laughs, and the always-enjoyable Bill Nighy.

The story is boring and cliché.

The I, Frankenstein is a fast paced, monster(s) vs monsters movie with an amazing storyline, plenty of action and well worth a watch and it's one the kids can watch and will love!

This movie is worth watching.

There is a lot of action sequences, but it all bored me to tears.

I've seen a lot or pretentious sci-fi movies that i hated (like "cloud atlas", although a lot of people loved it.

"I, Frankenstein" is a modern re-invention of one of literature's most fascinating characters, Frankenstein's Monster.

For those who like sci-fi and thrilling action movies this is the movie for you.

Everyone seems one dimensional, predictable and eventually insignificant to the point that a nuclear holocaust that would destroy the picture's universe wouldn't shock anyone.

You cannot make a compelling story without incorporating fulfilling characters.

In my eyes it was worth watching and deserves an 8/10.

Those movies were fun, they were enjoyable!

I found it very entertaining, fun and though there are some story and dialogue issues it's easily better than average with a huge budget, a good cast that also includes Jai Courteney from Terminator Genisys, Mahesh Jadu of Marco Polo.

It can be an entertaining watch though, if you let it.

As I said, it looks astonishing, and although its story isn't, by far, groundbreaking, nor its characters, its action scenes, together with some dramatic ones will definitely create an enjoyable view.

The premise of portraying Frankenstein's monster as the objective of a war between demons and gargoyles is sophomoric enough, but the actual screenplay and dialog are really pretentious and silly.

The fighting is contrived and pointless, as is everything else about the plot.

It may be entertaining for those who do not expect too much.

The action is not only boring, it's repetitive copy-paste.

I, Frankenstein: Directed by Stuart Beattie and written by Stuart Beattie and Kevin GreviouxWeek 8: Tomatometer rating for this gem is 4%This week's wonderful offering comes from the creator of the Underworld series, an idea stolen from a mix of sources and made dull and lifeless even by schlocky B movie standards.

While it isn't great i,Frankenstein is still a enjoyable popcorn film to simply sit down and watch when you're bored.

A frenzied yet dull Underworld clone from the same writer .

After burying the Doctor, The monster is attacked by a flock of demons for some narrative reason that is dragged on and on for the rest of the film.

That made it exciting.

It is Mildly Entertaining and its Short Running Time Thankfully does not Wear Out its Welcome.

Worst movie so far this year .

The movie is entertaining, well-acted, has good continuity and a briskly paced story.

It was a great film that I actually bought after watching because I enjoyed it that much.

The dialog is boring and cliché.

The film does contain some impressive special effects, as well as cast of reasonably well-known actors that help the audience to trudge through the incredibly predictable and uninteresting story.

I enjoyed it a lot.

Overall, this movie is disturbingly bad and intriguing at the same time.

This takes a more fantastical turn for it and tries to make it as entertaining as possible.

Fun game idea: see how long you can stay awake through this movie.

The viewer looks at all this and tries to stay awake.

The movie is entertaining, well-acted, has good continuity and a briskly paced story.

A weirdly disjointed film that tried too hard to be different.

And a nice thing is that when a lot of action happens, it takes place in slower-motion, as opposed to movies that try to fry your brain with accelerated action, craziness, and destruction.

It's a cheesy sci-fi with cliché moments.

The special effect where great what makes watching the fights very entertaining.

Unfortunately, the performances only make up half of the equation and fail to redeem how dull and uninteresting the characters are.

Miranda Otto who plays the gargoyle queen soon becomes unwatchable, her poor decision at the end, made me dislike her, and she has one expression the look like she is about to cry.

But, I would have to be dragged back, kicking and screaming and possibly reanimated myself from the dead, before I see this again.

Jai Courtney, Miranda Otto and Mahesh Jadu round out the main supporting cast and they are just so excruciatingly "Ho-Hum.

) I mean this is such a pointless movies, that at one point you just want to rip your hair apart.

The dialogue and plot were predictable.

Despite the lack of development of the characters and the predictable storyline, it is an enthralling and visually arresting movie.

My main complain is the use of CGI: It was used so extensibly it actually made the movie an unwatchable mess every time there was a major battle, which was constantly.

This is an Entertaining Good Looking Goth with Gargoyles Standing (or crouching) in for Vampires and Demons Replacing Werewolves.

Worth Watching Only For Aaron Eckhart .

It really wasn't that "Bad", it was just SO unimaginably contrived, that my own creative mind just screamed at me to make it go away.

If you are looking for a cheap, un-demanding B-movie with some action and intrigue between slumming serious actors and rubbery CGI bendy toys then this is fun and entertaining.

Aaron Eckhart was good as the monster, the visuals are amazing, the plot is simple but effective, its a joy to see Bill Nighy plain the same type of villain once more, and the fights where entertaining.

but its all at the service of some of the most bland and tragically misguided writing I've seen in recent memory.

Cut from the same tattered, computer generated cloth as the 'Underworld' films, 'I, Frankenstein' manages to be dreadfully dull despite being nearly wall-to-wall action.

So very boring and predictable .

lame and boring .

To say that watching this movie is a waste of time would be unfair.

Entertaining Adventure .

Every cliché ever used in a movie is used here, so don't expect your braincells to work too much.

Let's just call this 'Underworld: Religious Borefest'.

When in the Last Scene the Monster Stands Atop a Building (Gotham/Metropolis) and Strikes the Pose, a Staff in Each Hand, and a Voice Over Proclaims (paraphrasing cliché) "I, Frankenstein am here, bring on the bad guys" with Swelling Exit Music, it is just Priceless.

This movie is worth watching.

Continuing its transparent Christian metaphors ("God is no longer the only creator") and drab Goth stylisations, this is eighty minutes of lousy fights, a cliché anti-science plot to build a monster army and derivative tokens passing for characters.

I, Frankenstein is a lifeless rendition of the classic Victoria-era monster with performances by a stellar cast who take strong advantage of their acting talent, but fail to make up for the uninspiring drivel this film is.

He was bored to death.

To say that "I, Frankentein" was a waste of time would be an understatement.