I Kill Giants (2017) - Drama, Fantasy, Thriller

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Barbara Thorson struggles through life by escaping into a fantasy life of magic and monsters.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Anders Walter
Stars: Madison Wolfe, Zoe Saldana
Length: 106 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 71 out of 263 found boring (26.99%)

One-line Reviews (136)

Boring from start to finish.. Waste my time, waste my money!

I was insanely bored during this movie and the directing is so incredibly bad you end up hating all the characters and just end up thinking the girl is a psychopathic nutjob that lacks any empathy.

I watch the movie and enjoyed it.

This movie is extremely boring and has no action, the so called « giants » dont show up untill the last 20 minutes of the film.

I guess that's just plain boring movie.

I can highly recommend it.

Boring rubbish .

There are some fun stabs at folklore here but overall it's a mildly drab affair, perhaps better in premise than it is in execution.

it was a complete waste of time!!!

Seriously depressing and boring .

Some reviews state this film as boring.

Coming of age .

Wolfe is especially impressive in the lead, and she shows a stunning range of emotions in the role too.

And it started out boring as hell.

There is absolutely no plot to be followed and the actors are garbage aside from Zoe.

It's just a boring story about a delusive girl in a tiny American village.

The plot was really intriguing and original.

Don't waste your time.

A girly, boring, less plot, less twist, less CGI version of "A Monster Calls" .

It is at some level a "coming of age" movie, the main character evolving to a more mature person who can understand the reality of life and all that comes with it.

This slow moving story comes together near the end, with the epic moments you were waiting for and the resolution of our heroines struggle.

Bayona's A Monster Calls and Guillermo del Toro (any of his films really) - it's a film that will fill your heart to bursting thanks to its powerful story that will likely hit you with and unexpected wallop.

Painfully obs the girl is psychotic from 10 minutes in, yet the director drags your eyes and ears through A LOT of pointless giant showcasing and backstory and...

Boring from start to finish

And then, the director transform himself in a big ambicious giant, and procrastinates the end, so everybodies bores again....

Worst movie ever .

At the last 1/3 of the movie everything is unraveling in a very unexpected way.

It seems to follow a generic plot but the unexpected third act makes you rethink the whole movie.

What a piece of boring crap.

Rather dull and boring .

I enjoyed it as well.

Even the plot twist is boring.

A boring, predictable, poopoo-tier copycat of a much more successful big monster/ coping with loss movie.

Desaster and a total waste of time .

I enjoyed it and the heartfelt sensation coming with it.

Its cold, its miserable, and its so, so slow.

Boring and a tad pretentious .

I mean that cover is epic and got this review an extra star, but in truth it's a coming of age teen girl drama.

Another cliché).

There are some very fun parts, along with some extremely intense scenes, that I found very emotional.

I watched the trailer and by the looks of the cover it looked exciting.

Movie starts: There's a new psychologist in her high school, that left a well paying job because she wanted to make a difference (cliché), that wants to get to know her.

Boring and it's not the way to deal with things .

What promised to be a battle of a giant and a little girl , who is admant, boring and irritating throughout the movie, turns our her fight with her inner fear.

If you've not seen this movie don't bother, it's a total waste of 1hour 30 minutes of your life,

The movie is so afraid to change things that it becomes ultimately boring for those who already know the story without being a huge fans of it.

Idk what / why was going on with my fellow reviewers for this movie because I really enjoyed it.

But people like me, who felt like the original comic was kinda meh, will literally fall asleep while watching this movie.

Genre: Fantasy/Coming of Age My Score: 6.4Cast=6 Acting=7 Plot=7 Ending=5 Story=8 Imagine=7 CGI=6 Pace=4 Age=6 Message=8A pre-teen flees from reality, living in the imaginary world of fantasy and magic, where she fights with giants.

Very slow confusing movie.

VERDICT Part fairy tale/creature feature/domestic melodrama, it's a stunningly faithful adaptation that'll hit with an unexpected wallop.

The acting was very good and I honestly enjoyed it.

The story does move pretty slow throughout most of the movie.

the cinematography and artistic choices were pretty good, the story and what it wants to show is very nice indeed, but the movie, at least its first half, is boring.

The movie isn't over dramatic, bland or has terrible writing, if anything the movie is kind of relatable...


A movie that proves itself surprisingly mature, even if its appearance says the opposite, and aware of the path and the goals it wants to achieve; this is felt in different scenes that, for this, effect and in different dialogues taken from a screenplay that is not original but that can raise many questions to the viewer during the film, doing so, even if they do not always receive a gratifying answer, this last will be completely immersed in the atmosphere and spirit of the story and can only be involved in it.

This means that you really get to know the main characters and care for them - the downside is you can find yourself reaching to check Facebook as something rather mundane plays out on screen.

Giants are barely killed but your boredom is quite alive .

It's a movie that I recommend if your children watch it to sit down with them afterwards and talk about the best way to deal with problems, because the message from this movie, although rather simple, I can see being very confusing for children to understand from the muddled way it is handled and delivered to the audience.

Was really hoping for a fictional entertaining movie that wasn't sad.

The journey to find out what is really going on is horribly boring and the way this girl acts makes rejects look good.

boring .

Extremely boring movie, the story was terrible.

Slow .

Boring story.

It was a huge waste of time.

Within the first 10-15 minutes I had that dull aching feeling inside me, it felt like I was watching Bridge to Terabithia (2007) again and that brought two things to mind.

It takes this real, mundane world we live in and adds one or two fantastical elements on top to tell the story of emotions, love, loss, pain and growth.

I came out of it absolutely bored to heck and thinking the director was on meth, and here's why.

Complete waste of time....

As a film about mental illness and the awareness of it in younger people it is a very clever film however with a title such as 'I kill giants' and the description given, it leads to an expectation of an action packed funny family film where the girl kills giants.

In the first 2/3 of the movie it does a great job at keeping you on your toes, it is intense in a way.

I want my 1 hour and 46 minutes back that I spent while watching this boring movie.

And then, after 1 hour, 1 hour and a half, of nothing happens, it explode and in the last 20 minuts, everything happens.

Tops the list of the worst movie I ever watched.

Nevertheless it was an intense movie that can give you many emotions.

It might come predictable, even I can agree to that.

Boring and thy failed in many areas where it could have been amazing!

The movie is deep, sad and little bit suspenseful at times.

it doesnt has to boring story.

Boring .

It all becomes quite trite, predictable, and sentimental towards the climax though.

Don't waste your time.

Worst movie of 2018 .

Boring plot!

With a completely unexpected meaning, the movie kept you wondering and changing your mind about the plot the whole time.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Every scene does something, the plot is very strong, the acting very intense, and it touches you in many ways, it's a moving story about dealing with death and how a kid's mind tries to process that.

The actors are great, and the subject matter is engaging.

The monsters were boring.

Is better a surprised end than an story that bores the viewers....

Though the story falls into pieces at the end, the boredom and dullness that precedes the ending just spoiled the whole thing.

I'm not going to dissect this film but for those who like to see emotions explored in an expected way, this is worth watching.

Great acting and interesting and exciting story.

The film moves very slow.

5 minutes of giant fight , 2 hours of boredom.

This movie was simply the most unexpected, touching, emotional story of a teenager dealing with family trauma.

Predictable and Cringy .

Movie is a bland excuse pretending to be under the guise of Harry Potter.

The movie is falsely promoted as a fantasy movie, instead it is a coming of age film.

Boring from start to finish ...

The fantasy elements are a hodgepodge -- cultural appropriation by someone with a far more mundane story to tell.

My review is just one star because this movie is a complete waste of time!

Confusing and a little boring.

Worse and more boring as the movie goes on.

But there are many plot twists and the movie is overall enjoyable, with good performances from all the cast.

So much waste of time.

A compelling and very sophisticated protagonist brought to life by a great performance from Madison Wolfe, if Barbara Thorson was so nervy and rude that make me have less sympathy for her than I should have had.

Okay, I started with the negatives of this movie, which were manly the poorly made CGI and the confusing plot development.

Very boring movie stay away from this the worst movie of all time 0/10

Painfully slow story filled with profanity, disturbing images, and foolish adults.

It involves intriguing and poignant themes about bullying, loneliness, confidence, friendship and more.

Don´t waste your time seeing this.

Nicely done but a complicated and confusing story, not at all what I expected and not really for kids my boys got very bored.

am i watching an eleven year olds slow descent into madness, or am i capturing a glimpse into a secret world?

Take out the giants this is essentially a Coming of Age movie with a not-so-powerful message that "just because death is inevitable, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy life".

Madison Wolfe's performance and the atmospheric direction and music made this an engrossing watch.

I would rather watch paint dry .

The movie felt dull, the pace was really slow and the scenery was pretty repetitive.

Any serious bit of action managed to still be boring didn't come until 1hr 17mins into the movie - 20mins before it endsIt's a story about a child who is different in school and very snobby.

With no particular kind of expectation towards the film, I found it really enjoyable to watch it and from time to time through the movie it connected me.

A very very boring movie dont waste your time people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At first it seems like dead parent cliche.

Definitely worth watching.

The message is literally spoken out to you word for word in one of the most boring battles I've ever seen.

List boring endless and mindless drama with really bad acting.

But then the boring storyline comes back.

It's provides very weak explanations throughout while boring you to death with this girls school problems while also barely providing any backstory it's basically nonstop emotions from all characters just bouncing between pissed and sad it's not worth your time

Seriously slow, boring and disappointing.

They were wrong and the result is terribly boring and a complete disappointment.

Fair effort but lazy writing and stereotypical quotations make for a boring film.

The concept behind the movie is great and I think the last 15-20 minutes did a beautiful job of presenting that moral, but to be honest the rest of the movie was really slow and quite cheesy.

I kept waiting for some twist and turn and nothing happened.

This is the worst movie I ever saw.

Very slow movie, somewhat misleading title and poster.