I Spit on Your Grave (2010) - Horror, Thriller

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A writer who is brutalized during her cabin retreat seeks revenge on her attackers, who left her for dead.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Steven R. Monroe
Stars: Sarah Butler, Jeff Branson
Length: 108 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 46 out of 242 found boring (19%)

One-line Reviews (122)

Very disgusting and really no point to the whole thing, quite a waste of time unless you like watching a helpless woman get raped and yelled at for what feels like most of the movie.

Though it might feel a slow drag towards the gripping brutal rape scenes this gives the audience a chance to familiarize themselves with the six main characters (and a few minor ones) involved in the storyline.

I enjoyed it and will be watching I Spit on Your Grave 2 soon...

It has some boring parts that do not build up characters or plot.

However, the second part of the film is surprisingly enjoyable.

Once again, in their attempt to make the "sickest movie ever made," a group of filmmakers have succeeded only in making a movie that is trite, boring and stupid.

The plot, albeit a bit predictable, was fairly nice and the acting was okay to good at times.

Decent acting all the way around, very intense, disturbing, and the revenge scenes in this movie parallel anything seen in any of the Saw or Hostel movies.

But it was a very cliché addition, and the only aspect that makes it an improvement at all is because the officer has a daughter.

After more than 30 years and in a way could be surprising and unexpected comes the Remake of the violence of sex (I spit on your Grave).

But if you don't show it, the movie will be pointless without any impact.

After the long drawn out rape scene, the woman sitting next to me got up and left the theater.

Indeed, in my opinion, the most intense scenes had very little to do with either nudity or sex.

there's more suspense and intense drama throughout the movie which definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat ...

This is pure cliché, this movie adds NOTHING that hasn't been saw in other movies.

Look there is no story, it is ABSOLUTELY unrealistic and impossible , and in addition to that it is not scary suspenseful or sad!

The remake of a film that I found to be boring, dull and abrasive.

"I Spit on Your Grave" is a horror film that is sickening, sadistic, cynical, disgusting, depressing, revolting, maddening, dirty, empty, and eternally worthless.

The sadistic teasing is drawn out to make it exceptionally uncomfortable.

It's worth watching the first one so you can ease into the second one.

All of the performances are excellent, but Sarah Butler's lead turn is absolutely stunning.

1) If we would collectively stop watching them, Hollywood wouldn't make them anymore and 2) there exist some remakes that are truly worth watching even though they still can't hold a candle to the original.

has very hard punishments for rape, thus it is pointless and definitely dangerous to take the matters into own hands - as we see in this movie.

on suspenseful revenge by a woman horribly wronged featured in any horror movie.

The setup is very long, intense and exhausting, exactly what you need to enjoy the second part, say the vendetta sequence.

It's bad acting, bad film making, and a boring and unimaginative story.

And she doesn't seduce her rapist into the bathtub to cut off the offending member, she relies on the old Hollywood cliché of whacking him over the head with a tire iron so that he conveniently passes out for an hour without a struggle, sort of like a cartoon character does, as this frail women who was beaten and raped and has been living in the woods for a month somehow drags him away and props him up into a contraption straight out of Saw part whatever.

It also suffers from bland, unrelatable and boring characters that are impossible to invest in and incredibly over the top violence and gore.

The addition of a new character in the form of the Sheriff is very welcome, providing a nice (if a tad predictable) twist.

The first part of the movie, is in my opinion the least mediocre one even though it's full of clichés, it is still watchable through and through and even somewhat entertaining with no real boring parts.

And the way she does it literally had the men during this screening either squirming in their seats from the intense horror scenes (especially during Stanley's and Johnny's deaths) or actually walking out of the theater (waiting for their dates/spouses/girlfriends outside).

This movie is slow going.

In 1978, Roger Ebert declared I Spit on Your Grave as "The worst movie ever made".

Caution if you have hypertension or a bad heart because this film is intense.

Firstly, the rape and torture scene went on far too long.

Overall, while "I Spit on Your Grave" is a better-made film and I enjoyed it more, I didn't get that same level of intensity from it that I got from the original "I Spit on Your Grave.

I really enjoyed it!

Worth watching!

The dialogs are predictable.

Sure, I guess if you like pointless and gruesome movies like Saw, then this might be for you.

Entertaining .

It has a terrific pace and you get bored about 20 minutes in.

The other killings are imaginative and brilliant and are executed (if you'll excuse the pun) in a far more thought-out, well crafted and visually exciting way than in the original.

If you've got the stomach for this kind of thing, and you can endure the horribly unpleasant and drawn-out rape/degradation scene, you'll be ratcheted into a headspace that is screaming for retribution.

This is the usual cliché you'd see in every 80's action movie : Hit a bad guy on the head to knock him out for a while...

Acting is much better, the pacing is certainly improved, characters are more refined, sound design is crisp, cinematically it is right in your face and looks great, all the motivations of the characters make sense, and there are certainly a few unpredictable surprises.

The main flaw is that it has a really slow start that it caused the whole movie to be rushed and make the ending suck.

However, it is well worth watching.

It is utterly pointless, horridly acted trash, a good definition of pornography.

I Spit On Your Grave, the newest in a long line of horror remakes takes a cue from some of the greats like last year's The Last House on the Left and 2003's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (among many others) in changing the movie's original story into a slightly more complex but awesome gritty thrill ride with plenty of intense gore scenes and deeply intense moments to go around.

The movie is incredibly predictable and lacks in any kind of creativity or originality (which is a pandemic in the horror genre over the last couple of decades).

Just skip the boring parts and you have around 50 minutes of real action.

At the big picture, it does not look bad, i find it pretty refreshing in the sea of the bad remakes, so it is definitely worth watching.

i love the revenge of JENNIFER HILLS, she had killed each guy the way he should have been, especially the Sheriff who was supposed to protect innocent but i guess he was not expecting any girl will become what Jennifer had become, brutal, intense and extremely dangerous.

Overall, unsatisfying but still worth the watch .

I Spit on Your Grave UNRATED (as it is proudly titled) is not just one of the worst remakes I've seen, it's one of the worst movies I've seen in a long time.

The first forty five minutes are intense and quite suspenseful.

The film also wisely deviates from its moronic source material at times, and the incorporation of a few unexpected new elements provides some twists for those familiar with the original, while subsequently augmenting the bleak and misanthropic vision of the piece.

American movies have become so predictable, there is no point anymore in going to the theater.

It's less raw and rugged, but it's somehow slightly more enjoyable.

It's a waste of time and energy for all involved including the audience.

If you're going to remake an intense exploitation flick, you'd better bring it all on when it comes to the intensity.

Intense and brutal with good story-telling; you really root for the main character.

Later, this sleazy, potato chip munching moron records the drawn-out rape sequences that ensue.

Bland remake .

I, however, found the movie to be going a bit too slow.

This makes the revenge all the more satisfying and the way the violence is carried out is super entertaining.

A remake actually worth watching.

It was only a nihilistic, unpleasant mess that left me feeling empty (and annoyed, for wasting my time watching this) This is one of the worst movies ever made in the history of cinema.

You can imagine my surprise when I went to see I spit on your grave expecting to watch a coming of age film in which a woman looking for independence and romance in her life seeks out the solitude of a cabin in the woods in order to review her life and put things in perspective.

What she has forced upon her soon after arriving and adjusting to the rustic peace of a lakeside rental cabin are amongst the most disturbing scenes I have ever witnessed and I've seen many intense, horrifying films in my life.

SouthSide vividly remembers the original I Spit On Your Grave (1978) and was quite shocked and intrigued by the graphically intense subject matter.

However, it's worth the watch to see what all the hype was about.

However, I Spit on Your Grave (1978) is definitely an intense and visceral experience thanks to its semi-amateur manufacture, rural locations and realistic style.

Intense and brutal story-telling; you really root for the main character.

Disturbing,pointless, and seriously boring!!!

Frankly this here turned out to be quite the enjoyable remake with a lot to offer it.

I find it pointless to talk about the story when the film is a remake, the story is very copy-and-paste, and it just wastes a paragraph.

Regardless he knows how to put you on the edge of your seat and leave you gaping at the gory death scenes.

This is such a movie where it sounds tremendously weird and inappropriate when you would say "I've enjoyed it and it was a good entertaining film ...

The story was compelling, even though it was twisted and perverse.


the revenge part was enjoyable.

Despite this, "Spit" remains a fascinating, one-of-a-kind work, which makes the notion of a remake something even more curious: while the fan opinion of Today seems to have balanced the scales against the critical opinion of Then, Zarchi's film remains best-known as the film Roger Ebert derided as the worst of all time.

The movie is nothing more than 2 hours of long, drawn out torture scenes.

Even the menu for the blu-ray keeps you on the edge of your seat - although if you are watching the movie for the first time hit play as quick as you can because it does give you too much of a sneak peak of the movie.

Whilst the Sheriff was expanded on slightly more with the introduction of his wife and daughter, the others were completely undeveloped and bland.

This is a must see of course the nature of this is graphic but a suspenseful masterpiece of terror and heroism in one bundle.

As such, he made a film that while it had an extremely low budget and no-name performers (though Camille Keaton was the grand-daughter of Hollywood acting legend Buster Keaton), was nonetheless compelling, challenging, and shocking.

I'm annoyed, the movie took way too long to get to the revenge, and focused too much on the actual rape- it's like a 30 minute scene.

She's there to write a book and immediately has a run in with three local idiots and their slow friend Matthew (Lindberg) who obviously has never heard about women's lib or equality.

Ts a stunning movie about revenge.

Most movies we see in the theater today are predictable.

The '70s Spit never resembled a horror film, it was just horrible, but this re-imagining configures the same scenario into a tense and suspenseful morality tale that is less about a woman being repeatedly raped by a gang of goons and more about a band of cretins who participate in a reprehensible act and end up being haunted and stalked by their victim until they are forced to suffer the consequences of their horrendous deed.

Monroe, who must possess a set of brass balls the size of Jupiter to tackle such a project, and starring the equally courageous actress Sarah Butler, whose demanding role requires her to get naked from the waist down in order to suffer her gruelling on-screen ordeal, I Spit On Your Grave (2010) is an intense, raw and uncompromising experience that goes all out to surpass the nastiness of the original, and which often succeeds in doing so.

I didn't really fact the movie ending seconds after last death scenes, I wish we had bit more for ending, a lot build at start, which bored and then rushed up ending.

Horrendous and pointless with bad acting, bad writing, bad direction and bad trashy nonsense.

I was a bit bored in the beginning and when the cop arrived I could guess immediately that he's a bad cop.

This starts out competently as a formulaic slasher movie.

2) Boring scenes to fill the running time.

This movie kept me on the edge of my seat for the entire movie.

While Zarchi trafficked in predictable payoffs distinguished by geysers of gore, Morse scripts scenes of torture so florid that they border on the abstractly poetic (while hanging on by a delicate string of credibility throughout).

I for one have really, really enjoyed it.

But I'm sure a lot of people will find this enjoyable in a sense.

) The original film, made in the wake of women's liberation, was also slammed as feminist propaganda - allegedly because it features a lone female exacting vengeance on her all-male gang of attackers.

Generally speaking it was an interesting and pretty well made piece of cinematography, but which dragged at the beginning and posed too many unrealistic questions.

Absolutely Pointless Trash .

Worth watching.

Don't waste your time on this garbage!!

There is so much confusion about the connection between sex, the power of control, affection and love.

(Which I only saw few days early)I didn't think the original was great but it did have it moment in the the movie but me this remake to felt a little bland, I mostly bored though tout the whole movie.

I wanted to turn it off after the first 30 minutes.

This film is very disturbing for some but for me very entertaining this film does to people what you would want to do if this happened to you its a must watch.

A Cliche' Evil Hillbillies & Hillbilly Cop versus Revenge Filled Surviving City Girl .

The director uses the same technique of anticipation and gratification in ISOYG 2 (which is also a decent watch) but in that film there is pointless dialogue to pad the film out when it really doesn't need it.

The way in which the story unfolds also feels rushed, and subtle changes to the original storyline make it unnecessarily disjointed and less believable.

It is good to see the actors being themselves talking about their roles and what they talked about with each other and how they each handled how to do such intense scenes.

Absolutely worth watching .

Worst movie to watch!!!.

A lot more could have been made of this film, boring slasher movie style soundtrack didn't help either.

This movie has scarred me for life, it's the worst movie I've ever seen.

Overall though, very enjoyable and female empowering when the killings start kicking in.