I Went Down (1997) - Action, Comedy, Crime

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Fresh out of prison, Git rescues a former best friend (now living with Git's girlfriend) from a beating at the hands of loan sharks. He's now in trouble with the mob boss, Tom French, who ...

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Paddy Breathnach
Stars: Brendan Gleeson, Peter McDonald
Length: 107 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 4 out of 28 found boring (14.28%)

One-line Reviews (13)

' and 'Intermission' made these colloquial crime-capers the fashion, this fast-paced, funny and thoroughly enjoyable action movie hit the big screens.

"I Went Down" is funny, original, fast-paced and very entertaining.

I was bored to tears.

Director Breathnach goes for the slow burn approach, choosing to let McPherson's script dominate the picture.

All in all this is a very enjoyable film both for the splendid acting, non-fussy directing, and a storyline that is tight while still allowing plenty of time for the comic antics to run their course.

So far so formulaic then.

Overall, the film is worth watching and remember, "The benefit of the Doubt, can even save your life" - Mr Bunny Kelly BA

So I would prefer to do without trivial stupidities which are supposed to be some kind of comedy but which are no more than comical in bad taste, such as this pointless film `I Went Down', which, for some reason beyond me, seems bent on reaffirming those indoctrinations with which I was fed half a century ago.

I Went Down is a darkly comic, somewhat disturbing at times, but very engrossing film that comes complete with a broad atmosphere and a respectable attitude to some rather intimate ideas.

As an Irishman, I've been somewhat disappointed with the recent spate of melodramatic and formulaic films that have been leaving our shores in recent years (i.

I Went Down is simply a masterpiece of Irish cinema, and by all accounts it stands up superbly anywhere in the world as a hilarious, dark, suspenseful film with more twists than either side of Princess Leia's head.

Needless to say our attention was rivetted to the screen from then on, but that said, it was a very entertaining movie anyhow.

Well worth watching.