Ice Queen (2005) - Horror, Thriller

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While transporting a unique female species from the Pleistocene Age, a.k.a. Ice Age, a military convoy is attacked and the sample is abducted. The creature called "Ice Queen" should be ...

Director: Neil Kinsella
Stars: Ami Chorlton, Harmon Walsh
Length: 92 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 10 out of 29 found boring (34.48%)

One-line Reviews (23)

Apart from that, it is boring, boring, boring...

Add in some nice nudity from those well-off to deliver it and an effectively creepy atmosphere, this one was pretty entertaining.

The first is a rather exciting chase from a resulting avalanche through the valley and finally getting trapped by the rush of snow out on the course, which is a pretty thrilling scene and comes in the middle of nowhere and has no real horrific parts about it, making it work even more.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen.

then the giant smurf appears, and we wish it would go back to being boring, instead of just painful.

They spent way too long in the bar scene, who walks around a bar with a wet t-shirt before the contest?

After the plane has crashed, it takes a long time for the film to even get over to the creature and make it out into the slash-fest it eventually becomes, leaving a lot of time to feel quite dull.

There's a lot of fantastic action, with some nice gunfights, a great crash that leads into some nice explosions, and throw in a helicopter attack as well as the mystery over what's going on, and in the end it becomes rather fun and exciting.

There was a little entertaining T&A but not worthy of the lousy dialog, lack of plot and cheesy special effects.

But nothing happens in this movie for about the first hour, and then there's about twenty minutes of 'horror.

All in all it's a moderately enjoyable horror slice of cheese - you could do much worse and you can do a Whole Lot Better!

The film seems to go on for ages, it's boring, it's predictable, it's stupid & it's not a film I enjoyed.


I'm not going to recap every flaw in this movie, others already have and it would take way too long.

The Good News: This was a fairly enjoyable and entertaining entry.

The plot though, is hacky and takes nonsensical twists and turns (we see the main character fooling around with the blonde bimbo in the hot tub, then later she tells the girlfriend nothing happened, its just silly).

Don't waste your time .

The only time I was interested in watching these horrible actors/characters was the pointless sex scene with big fake boobs filling up as much of the screen as possible (it really is my favorite scene from the movie if I had to name one).

The script by Kinsella, producer Peter Beckwith & David Williams is boring, dull, clichéd & full of plot holes.

It's exciting and incredibly fast-paced, with a lot of damage and destruction caused to the building and making it all into an exciting and perfectly-placed sequence.

It's a very straightforward and ridiculous half-baked horror movie that's only really good for a laugh, and going into it I had no expectations one way or the other, especially after seeing the opening scene, but it soon had me chuckling at it from how joyously goofy and cheap everything about it was, and I just really got into it and found it surprisingly entertaining and a lot of fun to watch.

The other flaw is the film's rather bland and mostly-bloodless kills.

"Ice Queen" is an enjoyable and entertaining entry without much wrong with it.