Igor (2008) - Animation, Comedy, Family

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Animated fable about a cliché hunchbacked evil scientist's assistant who aspires to become a scientist himself, much to the displeasure of the rest of the evil science community.

Director: Tony Leondis
Stars: John Cusack, Molly Shannon
Length: 87 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 13 out of 73 found boring (17.8%)

One-line Reviews (49)

Despite some rather mundane dialogue and one-liners that feel too outdated for such a feature, Leondis takes these elements and transforms them –at times- into moments of genuine amusement.

The visual side was breathtaking, the setting is beautiful, with unorthodox character design.

This movie is worth the look, I'd just say if you're going to go to the theater for it, I'd recommend a matinée, it's fun for your kids and I will say that there are some fun laughs and despite the story's predictability, it's still enjoyable.

The story itself is not i felt something kids would relate to very well,but overall it was enjoyable enough,i just wouldn't go out of way to recommend it like i would, say, Tim Burtons nightmare before xmas.

It is great that an independent company can produce an entertaining film and we don't have to just wait to see what Pixar puts out.

Really enjoyable!

The humour can be dark and slapsticky some of the time, but there are a great deal of very entertaining one-liners.

This is an original and entertaining film.

The humor was juvenile, the characters are stupid, and the story completely predictable.

There was some intensity in the movie, and one of the main characters "turns on" the evil in the end, which can be frightening and perhaps confusing to small kids.

I didn't give this a 10 because I think happy endings are cliché.

Animated fable about a cliché hunchbacked evil scientist's assistant (John Cusack) who aspires to become a scientist himself, much to the displeasure of the rest of the evil science community.

And I quite enjoyed it!

The whole movie had a dreary feel to it.

The movie was funny and entertaining for me and the kids.

Dreamworks' new animation is perhaps mainly for kids, but I'm sure it will also be enjoyable for accompanying parents.

' When I heard this film was showing on Viva (a music and entertainment channel in the UK), I decided to give it another chance and I found it even more entertaining second time around.

Visuals of the environment are consistently stunning.

Igor has a love story as well, but it's far too predictable and contrived.

The character of Igor for me was absolutely unable to hate, and all the other characters are so intriguing as well that they make the film unable to look away from.

A very fun, entertaining, and a surprisingly dark family film .

I was delighted every second while viewing it by how interesting and enjoyable it actually ended up being.

So I saw this opening day with great hopes, but I left the theater a little disappointed, while it's a cute movie and is fun to watch at times, this was technically a failure when it comes to what I was expecting.

Really enjoyable.

Originally a 7 but after having found it more entertaining second time around, I'll give it an 8 .

It feels very boring and bland.

I expected Igor to be terrible, but it turned out to be a pretty enjoyable film.

The 7-year old I took fidgeted throughout, and fell asleep just as the climax started.

I enjoyed it in parts.

But then for some reason, they traded it in for the most cheesy stereotypical and boring ending.

This movie has something to teach while being entertaining.

It lacked a bit of depth at some times, but it is still amusing and entertaining.

I thought this was going to be funny and just a delight to watch, but it turned out to be predictable, the animation was mediocre and the humor at times was a little off key with the story.

Igor : fun and entertaining .

While this movie did get boring at times, it is just so cute and it has a lot of humorous and sweet scenes.

One Igor (John Cusack), who serves tedious-minded Dr. Glickenstein (John Cleese), is a talent inventor and aspires to be an evil scientist himself, he has already invented a re-animated immortal rabbit with a death wish, named Scamper (Steve Buscemi), and unintelligent human brain transplanted into a life support jar named Brain (Will & Grace's Sean Hayes).

For an animated film, it has exactly what you want: fantastic colors and colorful characters -most of them very funny and entertaining to view and hear - and a good story with some interesting twists to it.

Though the movie itself isn't the best movie of all time, it tries as hard as possible to be memorable, and even though it was a bit bland and mediocre around the edges, the movie doesn't fail at just having a good time.

Clever, sometimes entertaining, 80-minute cartoon.

Worth watching, at least once!

We are in presence of another pathetic animation film with a bland and insipid screenplay.

Entertaining and funny for kids and adults .

the puns were extremely predictable and lame, and many times very inappropriate.

Overall, I really enjoyed it.

In summary, Igor is a horrible animation film and an authentic waste of time.

Igor is by no means is a pretty film as such as Horton was, but the rough, jagged edges to everything; the shadows; the lighting; the exaggerated forms and bizarre creatures that occupy the world present here are more than enough to keep the eyes from getting bored.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

It was long, tedious and felt stitched together.

Don't Waste Your Money .