In & Out (1997) - Comedy, Romance

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A midwestern teacher questions his sexuality after a former student makes a comment about him at the Academy Awards.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Frank Oz
Stars: Kevin Kline, Joan Cusack
Length: 90 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 16 out of 144 found boring (11.11%)

One-line Reviews (63)

Entertaining and simple.

(The second is the dreary "De-Lovely" in which he played Cole Porter.

The only saving grace was that I saw it with a girl, and managed to figure out something more exciting to do than wait for the movie to end ;).

But aside from the unlikely plot, the movie is entertaining and the acting is good.

The jokes and story are so damn predictable and unfunny.

Kevin Klein and Ellen Cusack turn in Lucy-and-Ricky-style performances that address serious interpersonal personal issues with a light, ironic and totally entertaining flair.

Contrived and flat .

This is a piece of liberal propaganda to be sure (it pushes the boundaries on everything in a PG-13 movie -- male-kissing in particular, something you didn't get a lot of back in '97) and that will probably turn some people off.

It admirably succeeds in the mission of being funny and entertaining.

This was, overall, an entertaining and funny movie.

Other than that, not only directing and writing are great, but the cast is also extremely professional, delivering unexpected situations all the time.

This film has many elements of goofy humor and is enjoyable if you want to laugh.

A good film, if rather formulaic.

The farce then takes a detour into a self-imposed queer-in-distress scenario for Howard in the third act after his spunky and honest coming-out, when he is fired for his sexuality and waiting hapless for the unanimous succour from his family, students and friends, which righteously secure a feel good ending to bolster the right opinion, one might appreciate the effort and motivation, but honestly speaking the entire grandstanding is very much contrived and cringe-inducing.

a lot of jokes revolve around the - untrue - thought that all gay men love Barbra Streisand) Every character is written in a routine sitcom manner, and the acting is variable (Kevin Kline is dull; Joan Cusack wildly over-the-top; Bob Newhart - as the bigot (!!!

:) All in all an entertaining romp.

This is probably one of the most prominent areas of the film, where the propaganda's on full display...

Tedious rubbish .

Pure Propaganda, Nothing More .

So corny, so boring.

"In & Out" is an instantly forgettable but entertaining comedy about a high school drama teacher (Kevin Kline) whose ex-student (Matt Dillon), now a huge Hollywood star, wins a Best Actor Academy Award and "outs" his teacher live on television.

Lighten up, people, laugh, and enjoy a enjoyable, lighthearted, and amusing film.

this movie is extremely funny and enjoyable,with suitable, funny and experienced casts.

SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERSHow this got on GLAD (Gay Lesbian Anti-Defamation League), as one of the "ten best gay movies of the century" is beyond me as this is a bit of a yawner for the gay community.

Kevin Kline and company couldn't save this, they just made it worth watching until the end.

But altogether, "In & Out" struck me as being formulaic.

Even informative movies have to have an eye towards entertaining the viewers if they want to actually be watched.

With the exception of a few inevitable flaws, `In & Out' is an engaging and amusing light-hearted comedy.

But predictable or not, none of the jokes were funny!

The graduation scene is such a cliche.

There's every bland and boring stereotype in here that you will recognize from other formulaic comedies.

*Some may view it as a spoiler but the movie is perfectly enjoyable with the spoiler- in some ways, better.

Once you know the plot, it's much more enjoyable.

Formulaic .

Congratulations to Frank Oz and the entire cast for providing one of the most enjoyable send-ups in many a year.

Worth watching .

And, this movie is entertaining.

There are a few funny moments (if only just for the scene when Kline listens and follows the audio tape instructions), but overall, it is actually unbearable, especially when considering some of the character's decisions.

In conclusion, the film was boring (I should never have to look at a clock expectantly during a 90-minute movie), offensive to straight people and gay people alike, and continually offers a very one-dimensional opinion, which looks slightly out-of-place in a film of this type.

If films in the manner of "Mr Holland's Opus" or "What Women Want" appeal, then "In and Out" may be worth watching.

Other comments about the film: boring, unimaginative, and not the least bit funny.

My wife and I have seen this movie five times, and we find it more enjoyable with each viewing.

Very entertaining.

The jokes suffer accordingly, being of the predictable 'easy laugh' variety (e.

The first half of the movie is genuinely entertaining with some funny situations.

enjoyable/goofy film .

It was a highly entertaining, and funny film.

Well, Kevin Kline and the rest of the cast produced decent performances in this movie, but the screenplay and glossy direction is pretty tedious.

The mock Academy Awards show and Kline taking a lesson on how to be masculine make the film worth watching.

Just before the rousing, if predictable, "Macho Man" finale, one of Howard's students (Shawn Hatosy) shows his support for his beleaguered teacher by coming out at the high school graduation.

The second half of the film descends into what is basically a propaganda piece - "hey gang, it's okay to be gay!

I left the theater sad and angry.

This was a propaganda piece designed to further an agenda, in my opinion.

Now--13 years later--it comes off a stupid, trite, VERY innocuous and exceptionally condescending.

Everything about the film is trite and clichéd.

What a waste of time this movie is.

altogether extremely entertaining .

Amiable, predictable, but just about enjoyable.

The biggest defect in Rudnick's contrived script is Howard himself.

Funny and enjoyable .


A coming out comedy with a few funny moments, but otherwise obvious, contrived, overacted, wishy-washy and flat.

Nothing at all like the controversial 1994 British movie "Priest," "In & Out" emerges as an engaging but labored piece of social propaganda with its okay-to-be-act message.